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VI71 Ice

FL51 Neutral Transparent

VX41 Ghiaccio Frosted

BT61 Two Tone White and Transparent

VC61 White Opaque

FL57 Fume Transparent

FL58 Petrolio Transparent

VX48 Black Frosted

BT68 Two Tone Black and Transparent

VC68 Black Opaque

FL56 Red Transparent

FL54 Orange Transparent

FL59 Cola Tranparent

Zo Finishes

C10 White Leather

P01 White Soft Leather

EP03 White Soft Eco- Leather

EC07 White Eco- Leather

C18 Graphite Leather

P18 Graphite Soft Leather

EP18 Graphite Soft Eco- Leather

EC18 Graphite Eco- Leather

C09 Nero Leather

P02 Black Soft Leather

EP04 Nero Soft Eco- Leather

EC08 Nero Eco- Leather

C04 Ivory Leather

EC13 Corda Eco- Leather

Zo Finishes

P12 Coffee Creme Soft Leather

EP145 Coffee Creme Soft Eco- Leather

C30 Coffee Creme Leather

P11 Mastice Soft Leather

EP14 Mastice Soft Eco- Leather

EC12 Mastice Eco- Leather

C11 Moka Leather

P10 Moka Soft Leather

EP13 Moka Soft Eco- Leather

EC09 Moka Eco- Leather

C26 Steel “Metal” Leather

C27 Titanium “Metal” Leather

C29 Rusted “Metal” Leather

C15 Red Leather

Zo Finishes

PZ61 Matt White Open Pore Laquered

PZ72 Oak Light Veneer

PZ50 Walnut Veneer

PZ46 Ash Grey Elm Veneer

PZ80 Oak Grey Veneer

PZ97 Oak Tobacco Veneer

PZ99 Oak Wenge Veneer

PZ98 Heat Treated Oak Veneer

ML35 White Open Pore Melamine

ML36 Oak Light Melamine

ML37 Oak Tobacco Melamine

ML33 Oak Wenge Melamine

Zo Finishes

LO61 Matt White Lacquer

LL61 High Gloss White Lacquered

LG61 White Microgoffered Lacquered

LO61 Matt Coffee Creme Lacquered

LL63 High Gloss Mastice Lacquered

LL68 High Gloss Black Lacquered

LA03 White Climb Laminate

LA02 White Stone Laminate

LA01 Grey Stone Laminate

LA04 Natural Stone Laminate

Zo Finishes

CR09 Mark Less White Glass

CR01 Extra White Glass

CR16 Coffee Creme Glass

CR04 Anthracite Glass

CR15 Mark Less Mastice Glass

CR03 Mastice Glass

CR10 Stop Sol Glass

CR18 Mark Less Graphite Glass

CR13 Mark Less Moro Glass

CR05 Moka Glass

CR11 Mark Less Black Glass

CR08 Nero Glass

Zo Finishes

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