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sound consultancy is part of resound media ltd

In 2010, resound media launched sound consultancy, an initiative dedicated to helping Artist’s take their music to the next level. Having had an overwhelming response to the artist development program in its first year, sound consultancy is broadening its services & offering artist mentoring for aspiring artists who want to take things a step further.


how does it work? You are assigned a Mentor who will offer practical & creative input to help you take your music to the next level. They will be able to give feedback on your material, recommend individuals & organisations to approach, suggest effective strategies to implement, answer your questions & fill you with confidence for the journey ahead. The contact you have with your Mentor will take place in the form of a consultation. These can be done face-to-face or via the phone or Internet. The length & regularity of the sessions will depend upon your requirements & which package you opt for. Each of our Mentors is part of a wider team of specialists at Resound Media who are on hand to offer advice & assistance. We have specialists in Songwriting


Music Production


CD Design & Duplication

Video Production

Graphic Design

Systems & Planning

as well as

Advertising, Marketing & Promotion.


the benefits of have someone with relevant skills & experience to bounce your ideas off

1. You

2. Sound

Consultancy is part of Resound Media, a growing organisation with access to a wide range of services & contacts assigned mentor can refer you to experts in our team to aid your development

3. Your

can help you with planning, forecasting, budgeting & feedback

4. We

can be arranged to suit your schedule & you can do them wherever you might be‌ all you need is a phone or Internet access

5. Consultations


artist mentoring 6. We

are happy to meet with you face-to-face

regularity of consultations is flexible. They may be weekly, fortnightly or monthly

7. The

8. The

input we offer is tailored to suit your

needs & requirements can learn from our success stories as well as our struggles

9. You

10. Through

creative thinking, we can help you to develop new income streams

11. We

want to help you succeed!


the mentors philippa hanna andy baker As the director of Resound Media, Andy divides his time between creating music, developing the Resound team & promoting the Artists they represent. Having developed artists such as Philippa Hanna & The Gentlemen, Andy has a rare gift in identifying what artists really need & helping them move forward.

Having recorded 3 critically acclaimed albums, enjoyed radio play in many territories, written with some of UK’s top writers & travelled the globe sharing her songs & stories, Philippa has gained valuable experience to pass on to aspiring artists. A sought-after vocal coach, Philippa spent several months in Hong Kong in 2010 working as the vocal coach for Asia’s latest pop-sensation Blush. Alongside her artistic career, Philippa also works as an advocate for the international children’s charity Compassion, recruiting hundreds of sponsors each year.

With a vast experience in producing records & music tuition, he is able to develop an artist’s technical abilities whilst identifying & encouraging their unique qualities


what makes philippa an effective mentor?

what makes andy an effective mentor?

• Philippa is an outstanding songwriter & collaborators, able to help develop your material.

• Andy has managed several artists, enabling them to transition from music being a hobby to a full-time vocation

• Experienced vocalist & vocal coach who can pass on the techniques which enable you to reach the top of your game.

• Award-winning record producer, helping many artists refine their material with excellent results • Andy is a creative thinker, both entrepreneurial & motivated

• Philippa has been a successful fulltime artist & can relate to majority of challenges that artists will face when trying to take their music further.


andrew sutherland (AJ)

peter nevland Peter started as a lead engineer for Motorola on Apple’s G4 chip. Then he left corporate life to travel the world with Spoken Groove, the unique brand he created, sold over $100,000 in merchandise & recorded 7 albums, 2 live DVDs & 1 book.  In addition to his writing & performing he now also creates marketing strategies for small businesses looking to sell more of their products.     His creative writing curriculum takes school kids around the world from hating writing to loving it & producing their own work in as little as 45 minutes.  That kind of creativity inspires beginning performers to go for it. Justin Bieber is just one of the many artists who have benefited from his advice & encouragement.

When he’s not travelling the globe working in concert production, AJ spends part of his time at Resound Media HQ in Sheffield, developing His willingness to get stuck in & natural ability to make himself incredible useful opened up the opportunity to work with internationally renowned artists at the age of just 18. Having recently toured with The Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Snoop Dogg & UK artist Chipmunk, AJ is well connected & offers artists valuable insight into touring & the logistics that come with it.

what makes peter an effective mentor?

what makes AJ an effective mentor? • AJ is a natural connector & is keen to impart his proactive & practical nature

• With an incredible gift with words, Peter will help you supercharge lyrics & frame your message for your audience

• With experience in live sound, lighting & pyrotechnics, AJ is able to advise on the what, when & how of concert production

• Peter will teach you how to engage any crowd & unlock your true performance potentials

• With an ability to see both the big picture & small details, any aspiring act looking for a manager should seriously consider appointing him as their Artist Mentor.

• A true pioneer, Peter knows what it takes to bring your art to the masses


with 12-month artist mentoring contracts starting from just ÂŁ60 per month, please get in touch to find out more call us +44 (0) 114 327 9464 email us

sound consultancy is part of resound media ltd Company No. 07320697 Brincliffe House, 59 Wostenholm Road, Sheffield, S7 1LE +44(0)114 3279464 //

Sound Consultancy : a guide to Artist Mentoring  

Sound Consultancy is helping a growing number of artists to make great records, reach new fans & build partnerships with key players in the...

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