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Urban Missions: Answering the Call There is literally nothing more life changing than leaving our comfort zone and heading out to the mission field. If you have ever gone on a short term missions trip, then you know! Suddenly, you find yourself surrounded by need. Suddenly, you are the expert and are being pulled on to pray and teach and play and build. Your eyes are opened, and you can see the harvest that’s been talked about for so long in all those church services. You can actually see that the fields are ripe for harvest. And the most amazing thing of all, you can see that God is actually using you.

Resound School of Ministry began as a hands-on training center for those who felt called into some aspect of ministry. Our goal was to replicate the discipleship method that Jesus Himself used to raise up the apostles and early church. First of all, He spent time with them. He taught them. He prayed with them. They did outreach together. And eventually He sent them out! We figured if Jesus considered this method the best means to raise up the leaders of the early church, it would also yield the best result for the end-time church. After all, Jesus believed in “on-the-job” training! And so do we!!

I want to share with you something that quite possibly you have never considered before. Are you ready? Those same mission fields are actually right here! That same need is right here! God will use you right here! Over the years I’ve heard so many people share their stories about being absolutely transformed on a missions trip, and then slowly watched them lulled back to sleep by the grind of everyday life. The good news is this… You don’t have to sleep between missions trips any longer. You can labor now! You can be effective now!

You don’t have to cross the ocean to be used by God and to be impacted by the great need that surrounds us. There are people right here who have no hope. There are children right here in our neighborhoods who have been terribly abused through mistreatment and neglect. There are people right here who have lost everything and are at the end of their rope. They are all looking for a sign. They are hungry. They are thirsty. Will you open your eyes to them? Will you consider laboring in this field?


RESOUNDMISSIONSBASE RESOUND MINISTRY TRAINING SCHOOL Our passion at Resound is to raise up men and women who are called to hear and declare the word of the Lord. We have a 10-month certificate program that begins in September and goes through May of every year, as well as offering a three-year ordination program. It’s intense… It will challenge you to go deeper in God. The school is made up of four basic components: Corporate prayer and worship, discipleship, daily classes and instruction from the Bible, and daily outreach to the community. Resound School of Ministry will provoke you to go deep in God and through living in real community will help expose those character issues that keep us from being effective for the Gospel. It’s set up to be more than an academic seminary, but a hands-on training school that will definitely equip you for works of service. Come spend ridiculous amounts of time with Jesus! You will not regret it!! SUMMER SESSIONS Every Summer we run two 3-week Summer programs. We are calling all middle school, high school, and university students to come spend a few weeks of their summer with God. Everything that we do in our fulltime training program we do in the Summer Sessions. Whether you’re wanting to go deeper in God, get trained for ministry for your school or church, or test the waters on jumping into our full-time training school…being a part of Summer Sessions will be life changing! PRAYER All of our prayer meetings are open to you! Sometimes we spend time just enjoying the presence of the Lord, and sometimes we spend time in intercession as the Spirit leads us. And then every Friday night at 7pm, we run a prayer meeting focused on the City of Orlando and revival. Join us! If you can’t make it to Resound Missions Base, you can always join us online at OUTREACH One of our values as a ministry base is to give all our students a chance to try absolutely everything. Many people come into our programs thinking that they know exactly what they want to do in ministry and what they don’t want to do. But what we have found is that many times, we have no idea what God has in store for us. I could fill up pages and pages with testimonies from our staff members who discovered their true passions in a field that they never imagined! So my suggestion to you is simple… try everything. Go to all the outreaches and see what God does in you!

RESOUNDMISSIONSBASE RESOUND COMMUNITY CHURCH November 2009, we launched Resound Community Church and are so glad that we did. We had a growing base of people who were committed to the core values of Resound Missions Base: Prayer, Discipleship, Outreach and Biblical Instruction… And after some time we realized we had built a community that simply needed a name. About 30 of us were gathered for breakfast on a Thursday and a conversation arose, “What if we launched a church…?” The presence of God pressed upon us that He was directing us for a new work. That Sunday we launched Resound Community Church, and we haven’t looked back. It’s an amazing thing to build community around God and the values of really doing life together. If you are looking for a community or just in town for a visit, please join us on Sunday mornings. You will be loved here. EVENTS Stand4LIFE- In 2009 God gave us a vision to see every abortion center in Florida covered with prayer on the same day at the same time. After all, abortions aren’t happening in the Supreme Court; they are happening in our own neighborhoods. In its first year, we had 1,800 stand shoulder-to-shoulder across Florida! Last year Stand4LIFE went semi-national with 7 states joining us for prayer at the same time on the same day. We believe in 2012, Stand4LIFE will be a national movement with every abortion clinic in America being covered in prayer. When the church prays and repents, God moves!!! For more information go to


RESOUND ORLANDO Our new baby! Resound Orlando is still in its infancy, but we expect a growth spurt. For years we have had it in our heart to be a community resource center, including a thrift store, feeding program, job-placement program, English classes, and adoption- and parenting-resource center. We are in the process of creating a separate 501c3 to do just that. We currently run an online eMagazine called AMPLIFIED, which we will use to educate the public on social justice issues and challenge the church to get involved in their community. Under Resound Orlando, we will also be more involved in lobbying and advocating for social justice within the legislative process. IN-HOUSE TRAINING Resound does travel locally and even globally. We are set up to run conferences on how your church can become a missions base in your region or nation! We can help you get started right where you are. Whether you want to launch ministry-equipping classes, prayer meetings, outreaches… or everything, we can help you! HOW TO GET INVOLVED We would love to have you join us at Resound Missions Base! God has placed us in here in the heart of Orlando to see His Kingdom come and also be established here in the heart of our region. Our Resound Partners “keep the fires burning” in a very meaningful way! Gifts given through the Resound Partners Program fund operations, intercessory missionaries, worship leaders, and singers. Our Partners pledge to give on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis, and one hundred percent of these funds directly benefit the Missions Base. There are no other offerings or revenues dedicated solely to outreach and prayer; our Partners heroically keep the fire upon the altar each and every day. In grateful appreciation of those who help financially sustain this movement, we like to treat our Partners as family. For more information on Resound, please visit our website at, or email us at You know you are called; it’s time to jump in. Your city needs you!!!

RESOUNDMISSIONSBASE OUTREACHES LOVEwalk- Taking the gospel to the streets…literally. God has provided a place for Resound in one of the darkest regions in Orlando. Our street is known throughout Florida and beyond as the red-light district. This region is littered with strip clubs, pimps and prostitutes. We are surrounded by the destitute and hopeless. LOVEwalk is just what it sounds like… Twice a week we send evangelism teams out to minister to those who walk the street. Some are hopeless and some are homeless. God has called us to be a light in the darkness. This is where He positioned our ministry base, and so this is where we shine! Bound4LIFE- A Silent Prayer Siege, where we come and stand in the gap before the Lord on behalf of unborn children. For the last 5 years, we have led teams twice a week to stand for those who have no voice. "I looked for a man among them who would build up the wall and stand before me in the gap on behalf of the land so I would not have to destroy it, but I found none." Ezekiel 22:30 We want God to look on America and find someone who will stand with Him. His heart is for LIFE, especially the children. Our goal is to see every abortion clinic turned into Crisis and Adoption Centers...not empty buildings...a heart change in our community. We believe a person is a person, no matter how small. We will stand for justice. We will stand for the little ones in the womb. LivPURE- Birthed out of a desire to see purity in our generation, a team of young people decided to take a stand in front of a local strip club. They blindfolded their eyes and prayed for the dancers, managers and patrons. After a year of weekly prayer meetings, we had made inroads with the management. Several employees came under conviction and found a new avenue of employment. And at the end of our first year, the strip club closed their doors… out of business. And even better, over 2 years later, it has not reopened!!!

RESOUNDMISSIONSBASE OUTREACHES The ByWay- In Matthew 22, In Jesus’ parable about a wedding feast, he sends his servants out to the highways and byways to fill the banquet hall. We took this commission seriously… and this is what we found. Jesus hides some of the most profound treasure in some of the darkest corners. We asked the Orlando Police Department for a listing of the highest crime-rated neighborhoods, and then we went to those places. We started children’s ministries and churches, and this is what we know…God loves the inner cities of our regions. After 4 years, the neighborhoods that were once known for crime and darkness are now known for peace. A few months ago, the Orlando Police Department called us and asked if we would adopt 11 more neighborhoods. The gospel changes everything!! CityARTS - It's time for a generation to be captivated by the Gospel more than MTV. God is fascinating! So why does the world decide what kind of music is good, what dance will be "cool," and what colors or style make a painting phenomenal? Our desire is to raise a generation who is unashamed of the Gospel and will set the standard in the arts. It's about showing the full expression of God to a lost world. Often times, the best artists have come from the inner city. This is where we have decided to start. We give participants as young as 5 an opportunity to discover who God is and express the revelation they get through song, dance and painting. iHOPE- There are so many people in our city walking around in hopelessness and despair. The only solution is Jesus. When He shows up, He brings hope to any situation. We want to live like Him on the earth. Our team chooses an area of town to extend the kindness of God to and pray for people, put coins in someone's meter, bring worship to the streets, and be a shoulder for them to cry on. It's about pointing the lost to Jesus and leading them to Him. Campus Ministry- Jesus told us that the “fields are ripe for the harvest.” And we know that Jesus is right! Every week we send out teams to local high schools, middle schools, and university campuses to do outreach. We lead school assemblies and small groups on the front lines. We are believing for another Great Awakening like in the days of Charles Finney! Our prayer is that revival will start in the darkest corners of our region…

RESOUNDMISSIONSBASE STUDENT TESTIMONIES Abby Pritchard Three years ago I joined a program called Resound. It was a 6week summer internship that I decided to do. I had no idea what to expect, and I absolutely didn't have a clue that it would turn out the way it did. Three years later and I'm a completely different person! Not only that, but I'm still in it! I have now done two summer internships, one year of full-time ministry school and am planning on returning this Fall for another year! Resound changed my life completely. Nikko Sangalang Resound Missions Base has marked my life with the finger prints of GOD. Never have I met a group of people who live in a way that provoke the lives around them to change for GOD's glory. The staff and leadership have become dear family to me as they each stood by me through the struggles and successes of chasing JESUS. I have learned many things while being part of this unique group of believers, but one lesson burns bright in my memory still today... I can hear GOD and resound HIS voice in the earth!

Kendall Thorsell I entered my first year of Resound School of Ministry hoping that God would reveal to me what His calling was for my life. I had no idea that He would show me more than that, but invite me into His heart. Now, over four years later... I'm on staff here, doing things I never would have planned for myself... but even more... I am still learning every day. You will never regret giving your life to know God's beautiful heart. Xavier Gonzalez Jesus has used Resound Missions Base to remind me to run after God with all my heart! This life consists of one thing ... to be a lover of God. I’ve realized several things at Resound: The Word of God can be taken at face value in application. Also, God is still fully aware of His people and speaks today the very things that are on His heart. At Resound I’m surrounded by a team that fully comprehends the Great Commission. We walk out our calling together. I've determined to partner with Jesus' heart concerning our inner cites. With tears, sweat, and compassion, I’ve faithfully been ministering in some of the poorest neighborhoods by simply bringing church to them. Here, with this team, I always remember that Christianity isn’t a building or good sermons, but rather being known by and knowing a man named Jesus.

Resound Missions Base  

Resound Missions Base is located in Orlando, Florida.

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