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Argentina Cycling & Vineyards October 2012

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BackRoads Cycling & Vineyards , Argentina-October, 2012 3-25-11

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Cycling & Vineyards Trip Highlights Ride through amazing high-altitude valleys, canyons, subtropical forests and a cactus national park Experience gaucho culture, based on horse riding, farming, maté drinking, wine and folklore Savor world-renowned wines from the Cafayate region Connect to Andean indigenous culture and sample asado, a local specialty Remote haciendas that appear like a mirage amid the rugged landscape

Cycling & Vineyards Route Map

Cycling & Vineyards Itinerary:

Days 1-2 From Salta, bike through amazing high-altitude valleys, canyons and subtropical forests on dirt and paved roads Varied vegetation - from algarrobo (carob) trees to lush bromeliads and ferns - lines our route Got on your dancing shoes? Let's chacarera!

Days 3-4 Experience gaucho culture and its horse riding, farming, maté drinking, wine and folklore From an 11,000-foot summit, descend past giant cardón cacti through Los Cardones National Park Watch for llamas and guanacos The hilly ride to the quaint town of Payogasta offers views of the snowcapped Nevado de Cachí After taking in a treadle loom demonstration, it's time for live Andean music In the beautiful Cachí Valley, learn to make empanadas with a local family.

Days 5-6 Remote haciendas appear like a mirage amid the rugged landscape A challenging ride ends at Estancia Colomé, set amid some of the world’s highest-altitude vineyards Explore the 96,000-acre property on two wheels, then tour its impressive bodega and renowned James Turrell Museum.

Days 7-8 Savor acclaimed wines from the Cafayate region Ride along the famed Ruta 40, which stretches the length of Argentina Pedal amid multicolored canyons with otherworldly landforms like the Toad and Devil's Throat.

Cycling & Vineyards LODGING

Routes For All Abilities Activity Level 1 2-3 hours Biking 10-20 miles Walking 2-5 miles Activity Level 2 2-4 hours Biking 21-30 miles Walk 5-7 miles Activity Level 3 3-5 hours Biking 31-40 miles Walking 7-9 miles Activity Level 4 4-6 hours Biking 41-55 miles Walking 9-11 miles Activity Level 5 5-7+ hours Biking 56-75+ miles Walking 11-13+ miles

Cycling & Vineyards On-Trip Support When you're out on the road or trail with Backroads, you may welcome some time to yourself, but when needed we will be there. We pioneered on-trip vehicle support and we continue to perfect it. Our support vehicles sweep the biking routes or intersect at regular intervals with the walking/hiking routes, always ready to offer a cool drink or energy-boosting snack. And on any trip, of course, you can always catch a lift back to the hotel if you feel like you've had enough activity for one day (or the pool is beckoning). Custom Titanium Bikes We provide the best bikes available, custom-designed especially for you— and included in your trip price. Your titanium bike passes through many expert hands. Founder & President Tom Hale gives each model several rigorous test rides. Our mechanics tune your designated bike before you depart and during the trip adjust it specifically for each rider.

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Back Roads Cycling Argentina October 2012  
Back Roads Cycling Argentina October 2012  

Resort to Laura Madrid's exclusive group departure features a back road cycling tour of Argentina