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MENU OF SERVICES & PRICING Resort to Laura Madrid fees include professional travel advice, first hand recommendations, and personal opinions from travel advisors who have been there! our time is spent researching, planning, and leveraging our worldwide travel contacts in order to provide you with the travel experience to which you aspire.



Domestic Flight

$65 per ticket

International Flight

$125 per ticket

Frequent Flyer/Reward

$150 per ticket


$50 per ticket

Hotel or Resort

$50 per Room


$100 per person

Packaged Tour

$100 per person

Car rental

$50 per Booking

Customized Itinerary (including hotel, tour, ground transportation, & concierge services)

$250 per adult (no charge for children)

Friends (Couples retreat, Golf Groups, Girl’s LEISURE GROUP COORDINATION

Weekend) Wedding & Milestone Event Multi-Generational Family

General research

$100 per person

From $300 From $500

Research, quote preparation, and planning

$40 per hour

in lieu of booking fee Dedicated Travel Advisor


including unlimited access and all services


(excludes ticketing fee) Credit Card

Agency cc fee


Menu of Services June 2011  

Resort to Laura Madrid's Menu of Services