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Your property management system options By Rosie Clarke, Industry Reporter

“I wandered lonely as a Cloud, That floats on high o’er Vales and Hills, When all at once I saw a crowd.” – William Wordsworth, 1804 Day-to-day business operations for accommodation providers up and down the country have continually evolved with the digital age. Traditional pen and paper recordkeeping that Wordsworth himself would’ve been familiar with even in the early 1800s has slowly been replaced with automated computer software programs. In 2017, few aspects of business across all sectors are not managed, recorded, saved, designed and organised by computer programs. Accommodation providers are no exception to this; however, the innovative sector boasts further evolution with the godly omnipresence of the modern property management system. Marketing, security, accounts, guest records, bookings, staff management and pretty much any other aspect of operating an accommodation property you can think of, can now be collated and carried out through a property management system (PMS). More incredibly, the advancement of cloud computing has meant that PMS systems are more flexible, usable and spacious than ever before. Starting out as what was in the 1990s quite revolutionary, a digital database for management data and guest information, the


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PMS has become an integrated kit for accom business operations. Ascending far beyond use as a simple reservation system, PMS are complex, comprehensive and customisable software programs built to interact with all areas of property management in as seamless a manner as possible. The addition of cloud computing has also made their storage capabilities quite unrivalled by previous technological incarnations. The multiple functions of a PMS will vary from supplier to supplier and will often depend on which (or, if any) third-parties are integrated into, or interact with, the software. Channel management, yield management, and energy management are a few examples of things a PMS can incorporate. The key is to assess what each individual property manager needs and wants from a PMS, then look for a solution that will provide all of that uncompromisingly. PMS govern the wifi-ridden border that separates managers from guests. A good property management system is the gatekeeper, the bridge, the handy little satnav on the road to stress-free occupancy. Whereever you go about your daily business, your PMS goes too, aiding each department in a quest for happy guests. This goes a step further with cloud computing as you can hook up infinite devices to the software and carry out your daily management operations on the go.

Like Wordsworth intimates in his famous poem, the cloud can lead you to your crowd. Nothing feels better in business operations than working a clean, intuitive interface that maximises not just your personal efficiency but efficiency in every section of the business itself. Having an up-to-date property management system that takes all your needs into account will save time, provide more avenues for revenue, and ultimately provide the foundation for increasing profits. Isn’t that what we all want from technology at the end of the day? We want it to work for us, not be a hindrance. We want to be able to use it without spending wasted hours trying to learn a new system. We want instant gratification and long-term benefit. We’re so easy-to-please in 2017, aren’t we? Here are the basic elements you should take into account when looking at options for getting exactly what you want from a PMS without compromise:

FRONT DESK SOLUTIONS This is a huge consideration for all accommodation providers, big and small. The tools required to smoothly manage a front desk reflect on both the establishment and customer service. It’s arguably the part of managing accommodation that’s most visible to guests. Accom Management Guide, Autumn 2017

PMS product overview Designed to be Mobile-First, HiRUM Anywhere offers Property Managers the opportunity to work from anywhere, anytime, even without the internet or power. HiRUM Anywhere is the complete end to end solution in one easy to use package. From the initial guest enquiry, right through to the post guest review, we have you covered. Our innovative solution ensures your business not only receives More Bookings resulting in More Profit; but frees up your valuable time to work ‘on’ your business rather than ‘in’ your business. Make sure your solution is ‘Mobile First’ providing you true freedom!

Support overview When the going gets tough and you need a partner to help you through, or simply need someone to be your sounding board – we are here to support you. Our team of highly skilled industry professionals value your business as if it were their own and step in as your ‘Go To’ partner when you need them to. With a consistent 4.9 out of 5 customer review score, it’s clear our clients appreciate the extraordinary effort our support team goes to, as much as they do our product. A product without service is like a heart without a beat – lifeless.

PMS product overview We specialise in Central Reservation Systems for small/medium property groups. RezExpert Central drives increased revenue & delivers efficiencies across your businesses as you manage all your properties from one interface. With RezExpert, each property can retain its unique rates and rules. RezExpert’s Call Centre Grid allows operators to easily switch between Booking Grids with one click. A shared Client Database across all properties allows for improved client relationships, reservation history and marketing opportunities. RezExpert is designed to evolve with the latest technology, security and customer interaction, supporting your business growth in today’s hyper-competitive market. RezExpert Central brings your businesses together.

Support overview All our clients are unique, our training and support staff are industry people who get to know you and your business, emergency support is available 24/7. Context help is available in RezExpert and our comprehensive Support website includes FAQ’s, “How To” pdf’s and YouTube tutorials. Enjoy your own personalised training system that mirrors your real business, drastically reducing the time required to train new staff.

Pricing structure overview

Pricing structure overview Had enough of hidden costs and sneaky add-ons? HiRUM Anywhere includes the complete end to end solution at one low price. Our Smart Solutions, Simply Delivered, afford us the opportunity to deliver more than you expect for less than you anticipated. Whilst price is secondary to the solution – price transparency is crucial.

RezExpert sets a new price point for Central Reservation Systems for small/medium property groups, hosting on the Amazon cloud allows us to deliver reduced IT cost year on year to our clients. Monthly licence fee includes all updates, support and low online booking fees on a 30 day rolling contract, no exit fees. Every business is unique, so is our pricing, call to discuss your requirements.

Features at a glance

Features at a glance • • • • • • • • • •

Comprehensive Front Desk Mobile PMS for all devices Powerful Trust Accounting (optional) Insightful Reporting Capability Comprehensive Marketing Tools Housekeeping Management Maintenance Tools Group Reservations Scheduled Back-ups Staff Security Auditing

• • • • • • • • • •

Channel Manager Responsive Booking Form Yield Management ID/Document Scanning Tour/POS Integration Creditor Accounting Owner’s Portal Apps for mobile and tablet Asset Management Review Management Tools

Channel Management/Integration Automation, Seamless Integration and ‘Set & Forget’ are the only elements you need look for when choosing a Distribution Solution for your business. With the giant share of reservations being made during the evening, you need a solution that keeps working even whilst you sleep. Seamlessly adjusting your pricing, offering upsells in peak times and closing channels when needed, ensures you maximise your yield while delivering the bookings straight into your property’s front desk. HiRUM Anywhere offers you all of this and more. Relax whilst HiRUM Anywhere keeps your business moving.

Contact information C HiRUM Software Solutions P 07 5574 4990 E W

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• • • • • • • • • •

Reservation Management Online Bookings Dynamic Pricing Channel Management Controlled Employee Access PCI Compliance Multi Property Management Customisable Design Automated Pre/Post emails Online Owner/Agent Access

• • • • • • • • • •

Real Time Financial Reporting Membership Management Track Marketing Short and Long stay capable Resource Management Ticketing and Event Sales Owner Revenue Share Image and Document Storage Account Management Your Map is a Booking Tool

Channel Management/Integration The RezExpert Booking Button is mobile responsive and allows our clients to choose from 5 different booking screen formats: Maps, 2 Week, 2 Month, List & Mobile views to suit their business requirements. Fully integrated with Tourism Exchange Australia (TXA) and Siteminder allows for maximum flexibility that opens up more distributors and avenues for businesses. With over 150 distributors available, RezExpert’s Channel Management will increase your revenue and bookings with less work. RezExpert automatically keeps all your inventory, availability and bookings up to date.

Contact information C DigitalRez Australia P 07 4925 4400 E W

Accom Management Guide, Autumn 2017


PMS product overview Starfleet Property Management Software provides a value for money solution for Motels, Hotels, Resorts, Serviced Apartments and Backpackers . The software can be installed on the client premises or in the Cloud. We currently service properties from under 10 rooms to over 700 rooms. These properties can be stand alone or part of a group. We also integrate with MYOB, QuickBooks or Xero for accounting data. We also integrate with most of the popular major Point of Sale suppliers in Australia / NZ as well as having our own touch screen POS software.. We also have a number of optional modules for different client requirements.

PMS product overview NewBook’s cutting-edge PMS software will revolutionise your online services and back-office operations by streamlining your processes and automating tasks. Industry-first features, such as Auto-Upgrade and Stay Extensions, 2 Way SMS and Paperless Check-In have significantly increased productivity for over 90% of clients within their first year of using the system. If you are looking for a reliable and easy-to-use PMS, NewBook will arm you with the tools you need to efficiently manage your business and achieve your goals.

Support overview

Support overview Starfleet Software offer several levels of support from business hours only to extended hours or 24 hours depending on client requirements. Support is available by phone, email and for overseas countries by Skype. We also have Remote PC connection facilities for client assistance. Training can also be provided either remotely or on site. We currently provide support for clients in 10 countries including Australia, New Zealand and Indonesia.

NewBook’s Training and Customer Support Team is vital for the ongoing success of our clients worldwide. With new features automatically released every 6-8 weeks in the same system version, NewBook’s Support Team works tirelessly to ensure our clients are kept up-to-date and maximise the extensive range of features and integrations on offer. NewBook takes it upon themselves to provide you with the best possible guidance so you can become a system super-user. Support is offered over the phone and via email and NewBook is proud to uphold one of the fastest customer support access times in the industry.

Pricing structure overview

Pricing structure overview

Pricing varies according to the size of the property and the optional additional modules that may be required as well as the level of training required.

NewBook’s comprehensive range of tools, features and enhancements can easily be tailored to suit any business size and complexity. We customise NewBook to be as simple or as sophisticated as you would like, meaning you’ll only pay for what you need. Since NewBook is a cloud solution you never have to pay to update any software or keep manual backups – it’s all automatic. For further information, demonstration or personalised quote please contact the NewBook Team.

Features at a glance Features at a glance • • • • • • • • • •

Front Office Back Office / Debtors Many reports Handles large groups Housekeeping reporting On site or Cloud installs Channel Manager Links PABX charging link Internet data charging link Pay TV charging link.

• • • • • • • • • •

Gift Certificates Email to client capabilities SMS to client capabilities Bulk email marketing Link to third party POS Touch screen POS software Conference Manager Tour Desk Owner Accounting Door Card Link

Channel Management/Integration

Starfleet integrates with Resonline, Siteminder, STAAH and UseROSS channel managers to provide Channel Management and also direct bookings.

• • • • • • • • •

• Online Booking Engine Dynamic Tariffs & Accommodation • Specials • Automated Upgrade and Stay • Extensions • Paperless Check-In • Activity and Tour Management • 2 Way SMS and Email Inbox • Email Marketing • Extensive Reporting • • Facility Management

Channel Management/Integration NewBook offers a simple and effective way to integrate direct connections with Agoda,, Bookeasy, Expedia, TripAdvisor, Turu and so you can control and monitor your tariffs in one place on one screen. If these aren’t enough, NewBook’s Integrated Channel Manager allows you to connect to Siteminder, Resonline and Netroomz to link to hundreds of other OTAs and maximise your exposure without increasing your workload. Integrations allow you to manage realtime data in NewBook to save time and make more informed decisions. Whether you’re looking for access control, accounting, guest Wi-Fi, online payment gateways or POS, NewBook’s integration opportunities are endless.

Contact information

Contact information C Starfleet Software E P 03 9428 4333 W


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Direct Connections Automated Surveys and Reporting Google Analytics BPAY Gateway Integrations eSignature Documents Quote and Availability Emails Loyalty Programs Event Management Promo Codes and Discounts Human Resources Early Warning Network

C NewBook P 1300 744 458


Accom Management Guide, Autumn 2017

PMS product overview ResBook allows you to manage bookings, customer profiles, OTA distribution (including Airbnb) and all of your marketing from one cloud-based system. It’s the answer for any small to medium size accommodation provider, from a single room B&B to a small hotel. Work anywhere, any time on desktop, laptop or tablet. ResBook also integrates with more than twenty first-class systems like Xero, Properly and TripAdvisor, offering solutions to easily manage your business needs.

PMS product overview RMS Property Management Software can help you run your business better and gives you more time to concentrate on servicing your guests. Our easy-to-use, fully integrated system takes care of every crucial front and back-end detail, from bookings to payments and beyond. Our complete property management system incorporates channel management, offers integrated revenue and yield applications, and reservation and booking modules. It’s cloud based for flexibility and security and offers a number of other useful features, outlined below.

Support overview

Support overview Support is a key component of ResBook’s DNA. With offices in Auckland, New Orleans, and a new office opening in Sydney late 2017, we understand the importance of having a real person answer questions. Our support is available at no additional cost, seven days a week. Extensive online tutorials, ResBook Community forum, workshops and webinars ensure you get the most from ResBook. Saving you time and increasing bookings is what drives us!

We’ve been a leader in hospitality technology for over 30 years and help service over 5,000 properties in 25 countries. We can help you 24 / 7 through our online customer portal, email, phone or live chat – whatever works best for you. We also provide resources, online videos and tutorials, webinars and face-to-face training. Our in-house capability means we can quickly and proactively respond to changes in the industry and keep you up-to-date.

Pricing structure overview

Pricing structure overview You choose how you want to pay! Choose a low, flat rate fee per month or choose to pay per transaction. It’s your system so you choose how you want to pay. Choose one of our easy to purchase ResBook packages or design your own system. No sign up fee, no contract. You can also trial ResBook free of charge to ensure it is the right system for you.

Our competitive pricing is based on your needs. A large chain of hotels will obviously have a different pricing structure to an independent resort. Our pricing is benchmarked frequently to ensure we are offering real value for money. If you want to know more, simply contact us for a quote for your business.

Features at a glance

Features at a glance • • • • • • • • • •

Reservations & Front Desk Management Virtual Rooms/Room Linking Gift Vouchers and Discount Codes Upsell Extras on Checkout Group booking management Display special packages & Hot Deals Travel Agent bookings management Automated emails plus pre/post stay marketing Mailchimp Newsletter integration Customer Profile Management - CRM

• • • • • • • • • •

Advanced Reporting Chronify & Xapier integration DPS, Paypal & InnPayment PCI Compliant Payment Gateway options Multi user login & security tracking Xero, MYOB & Quickbook integrations Kounta POS integration - optional SMS Communication - optional Housekeeping Management optional Competitor Analysis – optional ResBookVR for Multiple Vacation Rentals management

Channel Management/Integration ResBook integrations with Australia’s two channel managers SiteMinder and ResOnline or you can choose to distribute directly from ResBook on, TripAdvisor and AirBnB. ResBook’s booking engine is fully responsive so whether your guests book on a large screen or mobile phone, in three quick steps a booking is confirmed. ResBook’s booking engine can also be customised to suit your brand and website’s style.

• • • • • • • • • •

Complete Property Management Channel Management Online Bookings Automated Correspondence Guest Marketing Trust Accounting Yield Management Event Management Guest Relationship Management Pre, post & in-stay messaging

• • • • • • • • • •

Point of Sale Dynamic Pricing Scheduled Reporting Preventative Maintenance Manage Multiple Properties PCI Compliance Tour Desk Guest Portal Individual Owner Login Housekeeping Management

Channel Management/Integration RMS seamlessly manages availability, dynamic pricing and inventory on your website and through to online travel agents and the GDS. There is no need for third party channel management or the associated costs. Through defined, automated, business rules RMS helps you manage rates, yield, inclusions, stop sells, minimum length stays and more.

Contact information

Contact information C ResBook W

P +64 800 842 957 E

Copyright 2017, Resort Publishing • Phone 07 5440 5322

P 03 8399 9462 C RMS W E

Accom Management Guide, Autumn 2017


hat takes w f o te o n a “Make r what o o d to t s e g you the lon your day in e m ti f o ts takes up lo e things th re a e s e th because and made d e is v re e b n that ca t...” more efficien

Things a PMS can do to improve your front desk service include creating interactive reservation calendars, making booking amendments, changing room rates, moving bookings, invoicing and checking in/out, and making and updating guest logs for returning guests.

CHANNEL MARKETING This refers to the way you want your inhouse system to interact with booking channels like OTAs. The reality of the market is that lots of guests book exclusively through OTAs as much as accommodation managers want them to book direct. To reach this pool of customers, it is convenient to have a PMS that doubles as a channel manager. Having a PMS with this capability reduces the risk of double bookings as it updates your availability in real-time across a variety of booking websites. It also enables you to manage your presence on these booking sites, control your inventory and get tracking reports on each channel. The automatic nature of the beast frees you up substantially so you can even focus on trying to capture more direct bookings.

GUEST COMMUNICATION PMS offer a simple solution for standardising a personalised experience. What this refers to, is the idea that you want each guest to feel special and favoured. Carefully crafted emails sent out pre- and post-stay are a great way to make connections and increase the rate of guest return. Many PMS can customise emails to individual brands as well, for a more professional finish. Making these connections; inviting guests to let you know of any requests or cautions before they arrive, as well as providing an outlet for feedback post-stay that doesn’t involve a public forum, is hugely important. In


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a similar fashion, you can also curate extras for guests that might bring in more revenue. Some popular choices include late check out, laundry, food or spa packages, etc.

left behind in rooms, communicate with each other while working on different floors about which rooms need cleaning or have passed inspection, etc.

Some more extensive extras could involve collaborations with local businesses, perhaps leisure activities your guests could partake in during their stay. Onsite restaurant bookings and babysitting services are other things guests might like to book pre-arrival.

It also provides a method of in-house communication between housekeepers and the front desk so they can converse on guest enquiries or emergencies. Usually PMS that offer this feature provide secure logins for all users.

TRACKING EFFICIENCY This is a great additional feature on any PMS as it gives you tangible insight that you can use to your business advantage. Particularly useful, this element can help with budgeting as you will be able to see what areas are worth investing in and where you can make cutbacks. PMS can track which booking websites (including your own) are performing best at which times and in which locations, etc. They can also provide reports on your direct booking process (is it too time-consuming or tricky for guests to use?) as well as your rates, occupancy levels, finances and the success of any marketing endeavours or sales. The benefit of a PMS in this instance is also that it will automate all these reports for you to read within the software interface so you no longer need to mess around with calculators or complicated spreadsheets.

CUSTOMISABLE FEATURES There is an array of added functions property management systems can offer that range from incredibly useful to aesthetically pleasing to a bit of fun. One terrific feature that a PMS can have is housekeeping access. This involves housekeepers and cleaning staff using the software to organise and monitor schedules, keep track of productivity, make notes about inventory and log items

Another handy feature is the ability to capture signatures electronically via tablets or smartphones. Not only is this a more environmentally conscious endeavour, it’s also useful for record-keeping and permits faster guest check in. Other features might include audiovisual control of guestrooms and public spaces; access to property surveillance; door locking control is a popular feature, as is card payment authorisation. One of the other major features that could prove useful is food and beverage management. Similar to the housekeeping scenario, this could help onsite café/bar/shop/restaurant staff communicate, log hours, keep track of inventory, etc. It could even integrate seating, and provide reports on which items are more popular or most frequently requested.

ARE ALL THESE FEATURES NECESSARY? Well, is the internet necessary? Yes and no. One can cope without it but in the modern age it feels quite essential. Of course, it all depends on what you need. Every manager will have different priorities when it comes to features but ultimately everyone has the same goal. According to a recent survey by Starfleet Research, 94 percent of respondents cite improving guest satisfaction as the biggest benefit one can expect to gain from the right property management system. Accom Management Guide, Autumn 2017

2016 Winner Newbook - Innovation in Tourism

Award-Winning Property Management & Reservations System

Engage. Evolve.


Choose from newbook’s extensive features AND Only Pay For what you need.

online booking engine

powerful reporting

Activity & Tour bookings

Dynamic Tariffs

Paperless Check In

AutomatED Upgrade & Stay Extensions

2 Way SMS & Email inbox

Email Marketing


Our whole experience with NewBook has been exemplary and I would recommend this very comprehensive system and the team to anyone looking to implement an online booking system. )URPWKHWLPHΖȴUVWVSRNHWRWKH1HZ%RRNVDOHVWHDPWKH\KDYH bent over backwards to assist me in understanding and applying NewBook to our business.



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Likewise, 96 percent of respondents indicated that PMS integration with different technologies to create a ‘command and control centre’ with a 360-degree view of operations was ‘important’ or ‘very important. This suggests that features, or rather the capability to customise or build features, that promote operational omnipresence and maximise guest satisfaction are absolutely the goal.

WHAT ARE THE DIFFERENT TYPES OF PMS AVAILABLE? Property management systems can be split into three main types: there’s the tiered model, pay-per-room, and the one-time licence. They each have their pros and cons and differ slightly in price. Pay-perroom is an extremely popular choice for accommodation providers looking to install some new software. It generally has a oneoff installation fee and after that, the cost is monthly and usually generated based on the number of rooms in the property and/or the number of users who will need to be trained to access the system. While this sounds fairly reasonable, it can quickly add up if you have lots of rooms. However, discounts are usually available for very large properties. Things get far more expensive when combined with a tiered model that brings in extra features and customised benefits. Here, prices jump up per room per month: obviously a much larger investment but one with visible returns.


Copyright 2017, Resort Publishing • Phone 07 5440 5322

The tiered model is a type of PMS structure that can tie into the pay-per-room model. It usually targets a range of rooms rather than a specific number. Subscription-based, this is a middle-ground option bridging the gap between pay-per-room and a one-time licence fee. The various tiers add a plethora of different functions and winning features like bonus storage and other data capabilities. Obviously the higher the tier, the higher the price. There are also cloud options available with this model, which lessens the expense yet again. A monthly subscription generally shapes up to around three-times the previous pay-per-room model price and also has a one-time installation and training fee. A more generic subscription, eliminating cloud-based solutions will be much cheaper but again it depends on how many rooms are catered to. Prices with the tier model fluctuate so widely due to added functions and rooms that sample costs are hard to pin down. It really depends what your specific property needs are, so it might be worth getting a few quotes from companies offering the different models. One-time licences have no long-term commitment or subscription cost. Providers simply pay a one-off fee to install and use the software and that is it. However, the initial fee will obviously be much higher, depending on the company and type of offering. The benefit to this model is obviously that it’s a one-time payment, so depending on how long you plan to keep it, this could work out cheapest in the long run. There are also usually no contracts

involved. However, the downside to this model is that there might be restrictions or extra fees in the fine print so it is important to do your research. PMS are the centrepiece of every accommodation provider. In a sector increasingly governed by the interaction between humans and technology, where the main thing separating a property from potential guests is the internet, they sit right on the precipice of profitability. As technology evolves beyond what we can imagine today, it is a priority to try and land on a system that will evolve along with it. An archaic management system or old-school daily operations routine might feel like a well-worn comfort in such a rapidly changing world but there’s no match for cutting edge technology when it comes to meeting the standards required for optimised success in today’s hyper-competitive market. At the same time though, because it is such an important asset to your business, purchasing a PMS or upgrading your existing setup should definitely not be an impulse move. Take your time: write down any daily annoyances and grievances you have, make a note of what takes you the longest to do or what takes up lots of time in your day because these are the things that can be revised and made more efficient. There’s always room for improvement, especially in today’s vast, cloud compatible, virtual world.

Accom Management Guide, Autumn 2017


is my By Sylvia Johnston, Senior Executive, HiRUM Software Solutions

Think back to when websites were merely an imaginary idea, rather like the concept cars of the future, considered impossible by the masses. Most couldn’t even visualise Google; it was just a funny word, spoken but rarely understood. Most of us couldn’t picture in our minds how a customer in the United States might be able to tap a few keys on his keyboard to book a hotel in Australia. How could that possibly happen without a phone or a fax? And just what was this thing called ‘the internet’ that none of us could see but was creating immense wealth for those smart enough to jump on board the train as it left the station? Fast forward 15 years or so, and now we are giving birth to a generation with Google and the internet ingrained in their DNA. This leads us to the following question: why are hotels still using a traditional PMS system? Why are staff standing behind a front desk while their valued guests struggle across the foyer with luggage and kids in tow? Why Copyright 2017, Resort Publishing • Phone 07 5440 5322

tech? “Mobile fi rst te allows yo chnology u to acc critical P MS infor ess mat even wh en the in ion ternet is down. ..”

does the room attendant who greets me as I exit my room still call me madam and not by my name? Why has hotel technology not changed in all this time? Well, now it has. It’s called ‘mobile first’ technology: technology that is designed for mobile, not just adapted for it. Mobile first technology allows you to access the critical aspects of your PMS while on the go. Some property managers think they have this capability; however, when they lose internet connectivity, they soon realise they are on a cloud-hosted service only, not a mobile first service. Cloud to most suppliers means their customers can access their system through a

browser, but once the internet or power goes down, their customers are in strife. Mobile first technology allows you to access critical PMS information even when the internet is down. This would have been perfect for those affected by cyclone Debbie in Australia, or those who experience power outages due to subsequent flooding in New Zealand. By going mobile first, you are able to take your business wherever you go, leaving the shackles of your front desk behind. With peace of mind knowing you can access your business on the move, even without access to the internet, you have the confidence to do the things you need to do in your every-day busy schedule. You can run to Bunnings to get the pool part you need, or head down to the basement to fix a leak without a worry. Or, more importantly, giving you the freedom to spend more time with your customers and family. Service is the number one request from guests around the globe, and if you’re tied to your front desk for fear of losing visibility over your business, then you can’t deliver the most important thing your guests want – service. Efficiencies in your business and great customer care are only possible if your business is truly mobile, so don’t risk missing this train as it leaves the station again, it could prove costly to your business! Accom Management Guide, Autumn 2017


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