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With the 690 & 890 Series Samsung Hospitality Displays give your guests a premium and comfortable experience when they are travelling for either work or leisure. Give your guests the opportunity to enjoy innovative features such as LYNK™ SINC, Smart Hub, Samsung TV Apps and more.

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The Samsung Screen mirroring function enables guests to share the screen of their compatible mobile devices on the TV, so they can enjoy their content on a larger screen.

^Internet connection required. Data and subscription charges may apply. AUP00089001_AN0114

Smart Hub^ Give your guests the opportunity to explore your properties facilities, access the internet and social media pages and share content wirelessly from a mobile device.

• Soft AP / AllShare (Powered by DLNA) • Screen Mirroring / Smart View • Wireless Audio Dock / Soundbar compatibility

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Levelling the playing field

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THE LATEST BUZZ PHRASE IN BUSINESS TODAY SEEMS TO BE LEVEL PLAYING FIELD. APT AS IT MAY BE IN MOST SPORTS, IN 50 YEARS OF BUSINESS I HAVE YET TO SEE A LEVEL PLAYING FIELD IN WHICH TO CONDUCT COMMERCE. Qantas chairman Leigh Clifford believes the Qantas Sales Act contributes to an unlevel playing field. He says, “Australia is one of the most open markets in the world for airlines to operate. You can be 100 per cent foreign-owned and operate in Australia.” So? Is Australia the only country this happens in? Clifford reconciled his views with the cries for help from Qantas boss Alan Joyce by saying the aviation industry is ‘’a little different … A purist can say let the market rule, but the airline industry is a little different and it is vital to Australia that it has a national carrier.’’ The problem with this argument is it smacks of vested interest. The car industry, grain industry, mining industry and manufacturing all believe they are ‘’a little different’’ and should be treated accordingly. In other words, turn to Canberra for a helping hand. Qantas and aviation are not different from other industries. In Europe, many countries have realised the era of national carriers is over as the European Union has emerged. And the same principles have been applied in most parts of the world. And for how long has Qantas put the Australian focus a priority - look at its Jetstar investments in Asia, most of which are still grounded because management failed to ensure operating approvals were in place.

But that is aviation. What about accommodation? The Accommodation Association of Australia is very concerned about the rapid emergence of accommodation options outside of traditional accommodation providers. “Specifically, companies such as Airbnb allocate rooms for visitors in private homes. While some may see this as part of healthy competition and expanding Australia’s accommodation offering, the consequences could be quite negative. Although AAA is still in the process of seeking advice on this issue, there is a possibility that some companies offering these options are contravening local and state government law. This is because some of these options have very few, if any, public safety measures in place for guests that traditional accommodation operations have. Such safety measures include public liability insurance, evacuation and emergency procedures and higher building standards, among many others. Safety of guests must be paramount at all times,” stressed AAA chief Richard Munro. Global IHG boss Richard Solomans is on a similar attack world wide, so this is not just an Aussie phenomenon. Maybe Joyce has a point and the Qantas Sales Act should be scrapped - after all it is hardly the “national” carrier any more. Or is all this merely an excuse for poor corporate performance?

Graham Vercoe Editor

front desk


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Guest Satisfaction: Seventeen guest room pet peeves


Insurance: Superannuation comes of age


Sales: Are you ready to start your hotel reservations quest?

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Digital Signage: Many advantages in digital signage systems


Guest Internet Access: Guest wifi summary 2013 – the year it was


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Case Study - Quest Geelong: Quest Geelong benefits from a $250,000 refurbishment


External Building Rectification: Act quickly to prevent future expense when it comes to concrete repair

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Furniture: The key to successfully replacing guest room furniture & fixtures Case Study – Pullman Melbourne Albert Park: A stunning transformation unveiled

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Increasing Online Bookings: Online credibility and you: how to manage your online presence


Boutique Hotels: Unique management option for small operators

Guest Room Ironing: Smoothing out the wrinkles


In-house Laundries: Careful consideration essential when installing or upgrading inhouse laundries


Outsourcing Cleaning: There’s more to it than just saving costs


Trolley Technology: Choosing the most suitable housekeeping trolley


Ethically Sourced Amenities: Guests want ethically sourced, sustainable amenities

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Guest Amenities: Keeping things simple!

Guest Security: Terrorist threat - in Australia?


Barbeque Maintenance: Icons but they can be real pains

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Case Study - Varsity Towers: Campus accommodation reaps benefit of prepaid meters

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Commercial Dishwashers: Need for care when purchasing dishwashers

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m management Guest Satisfaction:

Seventeen guest room pet peeves THE GUESTROOM IS THE CRUX OF THE ACCOMMODATION EXPERIENCE AND THERE ARE MANY SMALL THINGS THAT CAN SET A GUEST OFF BUT ARE OFTEN OVERLOOKED. Call this my pet peeve list but see if you don’t agree. This list is not in priority order. 1. Complex wifi set ups. It is bad enough that I have to pay for wifi but what’s worse is trying to set up a complex wifi connection. Headache! Even with my MacBook Air, there are connections that just don’t seem to work, no matter what you attempt. 2. Poor wifi signal. I am differentiating this point from the set up and cost. What I am referring to is insufficient bandwidth to operate the basics of the business: loading the Internet and downloading basic files (let alone movies or anything of that magnitude). 3. Pay for wifi. Give me a break. I’m paying $550 per night for the room and now you want another $13.95 for wifi? What’s wrong with this picture? I pay $5 for a coffee at Starbucks and get all the wifi I need (which, by the way, is where your consumers are going instead of your restaurant because of this). Also, don’t you ever notice that that the economy segment accommodation providers seem to have free wifi while the luxury products do not? 4. In-room coffee that’s in un-openable packets. Unfortunately, we airline travellers no longer carry scissors. So how do we open these space-proof foil packs? I once phoned down to the front desk to ask a bellman to bring up a pair. 5. Shampoo amenities not large enough for two users. If my wife is with me, we need to execute our own shampoo-rationing plan. Don’t you think that someone could increase the size in anticipation of two designated occupants? 6. No decent TV channels, except if you go to the pay section. As an older guest, it would really be nice to be able to watch an hour or so of high quality television without commercials. I’m talking getting up to code by offering a little HBO or Showtime. 7. Small water bottles that are not free. Single-serve water bottles cost just a few cents each, maybe at most 25-35 cents from a wholesaler. Include a few and price your room up by just a buck. 8. A larger bottle of water with a $5.95 ‘warning’ neck tag. Come on now. Does that water bottle really dictate that price? Better to have no large water bottles than to feature a price incongruity that might upset guests. 9. Too many tent cards. I arrive in the room and I’m bombard with brochures telling me about the great chef, a promotional food offer somewhere in the hotel or the drink specials. Yet, surprisingly, these offers are not available in room service. 10. Complex lighting controls. Some even require putting the glasses back on to figure out how to use them. Worse is trying to close the lights to get a night’s sleep and you can’t figure out how to shut off that one hallway light that cannot be accessed from bedside.



11. TVs that cannot be seen easily from the bed. I have been in rooms where the TV is opposite the bed, but the room is so large that you are out of remote control range. And if the remote control can’t see the TV, imagine how you, the viewer, can see it! I have also been in rooms where the TV has to be rotated to be viewed from the bed and in doing so the remote no longer functions. Larry Mogelonsky 12. Noisy AC units. In fact, some are so noisy that when the compressor clicks on, it might wake those in the next room. Sorry but I expect a quiet room, especially in the luxury class. This one may require a heavy upgrade cost but for guest satisfaction, it is a must.

13. Drapes that don’t fully block sunlight. Often, black out drapes just aren’t sized properly, leaving gaps. Amazing how sunlight dances through badly matched seams. 14. Quirky alarm clocks. We’re talking the ones that do not set easily or those tied into a radio and not a buzzer. I’ve given up on this one and just use my iPhone. 15. Lack of accessible outlets for rechargers. This one is especially bad when it comes to bedside rechargers. How do you plug your phone in to recharge it and still have it handy by being within reach of the bed? I realise that most guestrooms were configured and built well before the advent of smart phones, but this might crop up as a pesky problem for your guests. 16. Soap packaged in plastic shrink-wrap. You know what I’m talking about: the packaging that requires real effort to remove. You need long finger nails and lots of patience (and your glasses on). Test a random batch from your supplier. If you can’t open it easily, replace the batch... or get a new vendor! 17. Bathrooms with poor lighting. This one tops the list as my wife’s biggest complaint. It’s added in here as she definitely had a few things to say about accommodation rooms she will never visit again (along with those that do not have make up mirrors). Now, here is my recommendation with all these minor points: spend a night in your property and see if anything on this list comes up. Each one is like the proverbial ‘straw that broke the camel’s back’. Sooner or later, one of these will be the deciding factor for guest satisfaction, positive online reviews and return visits. Most are easy fixes, so do something about it. Larry Mogelonsky - is the president and founder of LMA Communications Inc, an award-winning, full service communications agency focused on the hospitality industry (est 1991). As a recognised expert in marketing services, his experience encompasses Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts and Preferred Hotels & Resorts, as well as numerous independent properties throughout North America, Europe and Asia. Larry is a registered professional engineer and received his MBA from McMaster University.

m management Insurance:

Superannuation comes of age THE SUPERANNUATION SYSTEM IS NOW OVER 20 YEARS OLD AND ITS UNDERLYING INFRASTRUCTURE IS SHOWING ITS AGE. However the super industry is now on the cusp of a major modernisation program and hospitality employers will need to comply with the reforms. The Australian Taxation Office has written to approximately 100,000 employers around Australia to help explain their obligations under a new approach to making superannuation contributions. From 1 July 2014, businesses with 20 or more employees will start using the Data and Payment Standard for making contributions. For businesses with 19 or fewer employees, the standard will apply from 1 July 2015. The new data and payment standard will herald a new era of efficiency and standardisation for a sector that is, in some cases, still demanding payments by cheque. Employers are going to be central to this transition, as they will need to make employee super contributions in line with the new electronic payment standards.

This month the ATO is writing to 100,000 medium-to-large employers (20 or more employees) to explain that by July next year, they need to have systems in place for the change. In many cases, this will be as simple as upgrading their payroll software. (smaller employers with 19 or less employees have another year to get ready). Employers in the hospitality industry with 20 or more employees will need to do the following to comply with the data standard by 1 July 2014: • Start preparing now: Employers should speak to their default fund or service provider • Find the best approach for their business in order to adopt the standard: This could involve upgrading payroll software, engaging a tax agent or bookkeeper or using a clearing house The ATO explains that there will be a range of solutions available to

“...Employers are going to be central to this transition, as they will need to make employee super contributions in line with the new electronic payment standards...”

help implement these changes. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to adopting the standard. Employers can choose the one that best fits their business, such as upgrading payroll software, engaging a tax agent or bookkeeper, or using a clearing house. Super funds will also have a range of ways they can help employers make the change. The ATO is working with funds and service providers to develop a transition-in plan which provides flexibility for employers on their startup date.



Tickety boo It’s great when you have one less thing to worry about. New superannuation changes arrived in January, meaning you need to ensure you’re making contributions to a MySuper approved fund if your employees have not chosen their own fund. HOSTPLUS takes the worry out right away, because

our current Balanced Option is already fully approved. That means its simple, low cost features meet the new MySuper rules. So it’s all tickety boo. For more information on changes to superannuation visit or call 1300 HOSTPLUS (1300 467 875), 8am – 8pm, Monday to Friday.

The information in this document is general in nature and does not consider any of your objectives, financial situation or needs. Before acting on this information, you should consider obtaining advice from a licensed financial adviser and consider the appropriateness of this information, having regard to your particular investment needs, objectives and financial situation. You should obtain a copy of the HOSTPLUS Product Disclosure Statement and consider the information contained in the Statement before making any decision about whether to acquire an interest in HOSTPLUS. Issued by Host-Plus Pty Limited ABN 79 008 634 704, AFSL No. 244392, RSEL No. L0000093, MySuper No. 68657495890198, HOSTPLUS Superannuation Fund ABN 68 657 495 890, RSE No. R1000054. For further information on Chant West ratings visit HARDWIREAGENCY HOST7738/AMG/TB

m management Sales:

Are you ready to start your hotel reservations quest? WHEN IT COMES TO INFORMATION, THE BALANCE OF POWER HAS SHIFTED TO THE CALLER’S SIDE OF THE EQUATION OVER THE LAST DECADE OR SO. In the past, most had very little information from a brochure, directory or tourism guide book unless they had visited before. That’s why back then we trained front desk and reservations agents to find out of the caller was familiar with the hotel and then if not, find out the primary purpose of the trip. Then based on a “business” or “leisure” reason for travelling, agents were trained to offer-up what we would today call a “30 second commercial” or “elevator speech”. Now with all of the information available online at the hotel’s website and others such as TripAdvisor, Facebook and other social media, many of today’s callers have done extensive research prior to calling. What they don’t want to hear is a scripted list of the same basic features they have seen online. That’s why it’s important to find out what it is they do want to hear in order to finalise a decision to book. While it’s still a good idea to determine familiarity and reason for travel, there’s an important new QUESTion to ask for circa 2014: •

“As I’m checking those dates, are there any questions I can answer for you about the area or our amenities and services?”

This QUESTion will help “unmask” the caller’s “story” and prompt them to reveal the question or concern that caused them to call instead of just booking online. The guest will then let you know if they have read conflicting reviews or negative online postings and need to be reassured. Or they might let you know they are confused about all of the available accommodations and rate options (especially for upscale hotels and destination resorts). Or they might reveal Doug Kennedy themselves to be a “value-driven deal seeker” who just wants to verify that the rates they see online are in fact the lowest, and/or to make sure they understand the “final” overall cost including taxes and fees. Having “unmasked” the caller’s “story” or situation, now agents need a sales model that will help them understand the importance of conveying the value of the overall experience of being a guest. At KTN we call this the Hotel Value Pyramid. There are three levels on the Hotel Value Pyramid. The foundation, which is the location and area; the mid-level, which includes the amenities, services, and outlets in or nearby the hotel, and finally, the accommodation itself to top-off the pyramid.

Bartercard is a business and lifestyle opportunity for investors/owners within a holiday letting pool who want better value and returns from their investment from their property

Accommodation Strata Owner/ Investor

> Create higher OCC levels for owners




unsold room nights low season, at short lead


What to do with Barter Funds > Property enhancements, renovations & repairs

> Use empty, unsold room nights

to accumulate Barter dollars to be re-invested into an additional asset > Enhance personal lifestyle/leisure pursuits

Intermediatry/ distribution system/ channel


Contact: Mark Ferszt Hospitality Product Manager M: +61 424 469 141 E:


> Generate a secondary income stream for owners > Opting in does not have any effect on the owner’s current CASH income stream > Managers can increase the value of their management rights business via higher OCC performance

management m

To get the most calls converted into confirmations, today’s agents need to establish value at all levels before topping off the pyramid with a price tag. Unfortunately, too many reservations agents these days build upside down value pyramids. These are the agents who start off by checking dates and quoting rates. When and only when callers ask about the location, amenities, and services do they offer such details. Their value pyramids easily topple over with the slightest objection. Instead, if the value of each level is established before rates are quoted, chances are less that an objection will occur and if so, the odds are higher that it can be overcome. The amount of information you potentially need to provide about each level will vary according not only to the “call story” you are fielding but also to the type of accommodations and experiences you are selling. For example, many mid-market accommodation providers do not have restaurants, bars, nor recreational activities to talk about. Instead, such services are located nearby in the area. Other properties, such as full service hotels and luxury resorts, have a multitude of services that could be of interest. Similarly, some accommodation providers have only a few room categories, while resorts and vacation home rental companies have a multitude of options. So the amount of information you provide at each level of the Hotel Value Pyramid will vary according to what you are selling, and according to who you are selling it to.

STAT STA ATE E-OF-THE-ART T IN N-ROO -ROOM DIGITAL T S TAL SAFES AFES • European designed, engineered and manufactured, JSH safes offer quality, security and reliability whilst still remaining cost effective • Over two million JSH safes have been installed in over 70 countries over the past 30 years; including over 30,000 in our region • Battery powered with internal light. Available in a variety of models, sizes and colours • Unparalleled user-friendly interface and unique security and audit features

Some call stories are no doubt easier to sell to than others. For example, most regular, repeat guests just want to talk about the rooms and rates. They have stayed before and know about the amenities and services; that’s why they are coming back. They already know about the location and area too. For these callers you need only focus on the top level. Other callers might be familiar with your area and location, but they have questions about the hotel, resort or community amenities, services, dining options, as well as the room or suite. For these callers you can start from the mid-level and build up from there. Still other callers have never been to the area before, and in these cases you have to build the Hotel Value Pyramid from the ground-up. After training your staff on how to identify where callers are at in their decision making process by asking the right QUESTions, they will then know how to determine what guests want to hear. By training them on the concept of the Hotel Value Pyramid, they will be better prepared to go beyond just quoting rates and to instead convey the overall value of the experience of being a guest at your hotel or resort. Doug Kennedy - is president of the Kennedy Training Network, and has been a fixture on the hospitality and tourism industry conference circuit since 1989, having presented over 1000 conference keynote sessions, educational break-out seminars, or customised, on-premise training workshops for diverse audiences representing every segment of the lodging industry.


Rated Class A+ & Class A+++ in energy efficiency by EU standards Italian-designed with over 500,000 in service throughout the world Energy consumption over 70% less than standard minibars Ability to save approximately 5% of annual hotel energy costs Electronic timer with remote control operation and optional wireless remote door locking system • Available in 20-60 litre models – with or without glass door • Bartech automated minibars allow for dramatic increases in revenue through loss minimisation, automated stock control reporting and improvements in labour efficiency

Ph: +61 2 9472 2000 SUMMER 2014


m management Training:


can manage check-ins and outs, obtain customer payment data and assign rooms. They may be able to multi-task phone calls and guest inquiries so there is not Hard may mean strength such as “hard as a rock” versus soft that much wait time. They may have good job may seem weak as in “don’t be a softy”. Apples taste better hard and knowledge and be able to handle several to many peoples’ tastes, so does cheese. There may be lots of things job duties leading to smoother operations. that work or seem better when they are hard but when it comes to But... if they seem rushed while doing those service, it’s the soft skills that will enable the most memorable results, check-ins, if they not the hard ones. seem more focused Don’t get me wrong... hard skills are essential on getting the Roberta Nedry and important and will get the job done. But, service done versus it’s the soft skills that will make the emotional making a service “...Soft skills are the connection and inspire the lasting impact most connection while doing it, and if they seem behaviours that directly hospitality leaders desire. indifferent or insincere, their excellent hard impact guest impressions skills are diminished and may result in a less In service and even in hospitality curricula, and feelings...” than excellent guest experience and/or a poor hard skills are often the focus for training review. and education to deliver effective job performance. Hard service skills include efficiency, responsiveness and accuracy as examples. They include the technical and operational actions needed for any one job role or task. They include the procedures and responsibilities in job duties and descriptions. They consist of the established systems and processes to deliver services and amenities to guests. This includes things like the system used to take reservations, the procedures followed to check-in a guest, the processes followed to maintain the property, the workflow of preparing for a banquet, and the like. Hard skills focus on the systems, tools and methods used to deliver your products and services to guests. For instance, front desk agents may have outstanding hard skills; they



Soft skills are the behaviours that directly impact guest impressions and feelings. These behaviours have the opportunity to cause positive, negative or indifferent reactions. These behaviours include communication styles, both verbal and non-verbal, attitudes, teamwork, awareness, authenticity, empathy and even leadership amongst others. Soft skills showcase the personal side of service and how team members use their attitudes, behaviours and verbal skills to interact with guests. The personal dimensions of service are the way employees greet guests, the manner in which they listen to their needs and requests, and the care they take in each touch point. It’s the emotional experience that they create for guests! It’s how they make them feel!


management m 1


5:25 PM

ESTABLISHED FF&E BUSINESS FOR SALE Soft skills in service go directly to the right side of the brain and trigger the neurotransmitters that produce reactive emotions to any one service touch point or service experience. Hard skills will get there too but they will take the indirect “logical� route via the “left brain� and not be as powerful for making the emotional connection. The right brain features abilities such as reading emotions, expressing emotions, intuition and creativity. Understanding how to tap into this side of guest and even employee brains presents strong opportunities for stronger experience connections. Consider soft skills, the behaviours and personal side of service, as a train, headed for an emotional destination - the brain. The Heathrow Express in London can get you to London in 15 minutes, with no stops. Other forms of transportation such as buses, the tube, limousines and taxis will also get you there but they will take longer with many stops and traffic. Soft skills take guests right to the brain’s emotional reflex. They are the express train for service, especially exceptional service! Hard skills will get them there eventually but may be with less impact C and possibly more aggravation. They will also not yield the rewards that M the triggering of positive emotions will do via this direct route. Recently, my newspaper was delivered with the following message on the outside of the bag. I had never had any message from my newspaper delivery person so this was a startling first message to receive: “If your water is on, I’m not going to walk through that.�



Specialising in complete A - Z turn-key furnishing solutions, this established Australia wide FF&E business is for sale for the mSTUUJNF Catering to the property, developer and designer market, this business has many established and long term clients and a solid foward order workbook over UIFOFYUZFBST



The newspaper was delivered on time and to the right destination. CMY The hard skill of efficiently and promptly delivering my newspaper was achieved. However, this abrupt, scolding message counteracted K that and caused me to feel annoyed and displeased with this delivery person’s attitude and communication. He did not understand a key behaviour in communication style, even using only a few words. His intent may have been to inform and alert me to how he could be better with his service. Instead, he caused a negative reaction and in turn a poor reflection of the newspaper. He could have definitely learned more about the “soft touch� in both service and newspaper delivery by simply wording this message differently and communicating a positive message resulting in a win/win for both of us.

Our client has completed ''&mUPVUTGPSIJHIQSPmMF hotels, resorts, apartment hotels and private properties throughout Australia and PWFSTFBT

So, if soft skills have the power to penetrate and create memorable service experiences much more than hard skills, why are they neglected or less emphasised in hospitality training and accountability? It is the soft skills that will generate guest loyalty and positive reviews. How guests are treated will yield a greater impact than what they were treated with during their stay or their experience.


How often do accommodation providers spend time training their employees in how to treat guests and how various emotions are triggered and each touch point and contact opportunity? Do hospitality leaders understand those soft skills themselves and are they able to demonstrate those behaviours in their daily actions and management with employees? Employees need to be on the receiving end of those soft skills as well so they can “feel� what it’s like in their own brains and be able to better relate to guests wanting the express train to positive emotions.

For more information please contact Phill Mussett 0417 113 473 QIJM!CJ[BVTDPNBV

Roberta Nedry - is president of Hospitality Excellence, Inc, leaders in guest experience management. Ms Nedry has developed a unique 3D Service methodology to take guest service to the next level. Her firm focuses on guest, customer and client service, the concierge profession and service excellence training for management and frontline employees. SUMMER 2014


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m management On-line payments:

Security is paramount IF YOU OWN OR RUN AN ACCOMMODATION BUSINESS IN THE DIGITAL AGE, YOUR GUESTS WILL EXPECT TO BE ABLE TO BOOK A ROOM ONLINE. The realities of the Internet age demand that your business has a way to accept payments from customers without asking them to leave the comfort of their computer, mobile or tablet. Lack of an online payment system not only deprives guests of a convenient way to pay but also detracts from your accommodation business’ credibility as a modern institution. Security is paramount - First among any consideration should be the security of your clients’ information. In the age of rampant identity theft, your guests must know that they are safe entering their private financial data into your system. Be sure to get a thorough explanation of the type of encryption that will be used to keep your customers’ credit and debit card data safe. Straightforward pricing - A good deal isn’t very good at all if it comes littered with hidden fees or other cost add-ons. Once agreeing upon a (usually monthly) payment, be sure to demand disclosure of all applicable fees upfront.



Not if but when it breaks - Your fancy new payment system is worthless the moment it goes down. Chances are, your in-house IT guy is not going to be able to remedy the problems that will inevitably arise with this online electronic system. Twenty-four/seven tech support is a must, and be sure that phone support is coupled with physical visits from a technician when necessary. Flexibility for your guests - The whole reason you’re spending capital on a new online payment system is to offer flexibility to your future guests — make sure the company that provides you with that system doesn’t fall short. Make sure your customers will have the option of using a credit card, debit card, checking account, or even a third-party payment system like PayPal. Package deal - Make sure you’re buying a complete package. Everything — from web support to customer invoicing to auditing to the ability to create an online store — should be provided to you. You’re paying for your customers’ convenience but the service should also be convenient for you. Accepting reservations and payments online is a must for accommodation providers. Internet payment is no longer considered a novelty or amenity, but an expectation in the booking process. Modern, savvy guests expect it, and it will make your business more streamlined and profitable in the long run.

t technology Digital Signage:

Many advantages in digital signage systems DIGITAL SIGNAGE CAN ADD CONSIDERABLE VALUE TO AN ACCOMMODATION PROVIDER, BOTH THROUGH ITS PROMOTIONAL AND ORGANISATIONAL POTENTIAL. Changing advertising, venue information and conference information on an appropriately placed LED display panel can dissolve the queue at reception, ease pressure on staff and promote an establishment’s best features. Content can be changed as required which does not happen with static signs. Digital signage can show RSS feeds of time, date, weather news and hundreds of other live feeds. The hotel can show video formats, still images or Powerpoint presentations with banners all on one display with multiple windows. Marketing and venue management teams can adapt the displays to work with the daily audience. Digital signage may well offer superior return on investment. The accommodation provider can meet with suppliers or nearby attractions and businesses to sell advertising space within the accommodation complex, creating a new income stream whilst advising clients of nearby facilities or things to do. Carefully considered decisions must be made if that signage is to achieve its maximum potential in achieving two separate functions: 1) a daily notice board/information display and 2) an eye-catching still or video imagery with up-to-the-minute information. Even a simple digital signage system can be set to fulfill each of these functions, in one full screen display or on a multiple window display. In an accommodation centre context, where many visitors with different purposes are trying to find relevant information, this dual purpose is crucial. A large screen in a foyer area can be set to display particular information when visitors arrive for meetings or accommodation, then revert to a more general information and advertising format slides. This could be a split display – one side listing the booked venue rooms for the day and for what company has made the booking, while the other side can display a map of the complex to assist visitors to find the correct room. This would be on a rotation with other signage and the display time can be extended on this to allow people to read the information. From a management perspective, making full use of digital signage necessitates both events management and marketing people talking to each other. Combining the signage of both departments exposes the accommodation business to new clients and visitors every day. A visitor for

a conference may not be aware the property has an award winning restaurant and may return to have a meal at a later date. Or it can advertise special events, such as a Melbourne Cup or Mothers’ Day lunch. A digital signage program displays information to LED screens connected to the hotel’s network. While a large foyer screen might display one campaign, a smaller screen situated outside a particular function space might only display the part of that information that is relevant to its location. And when that space is closed for the night, the panel has on board timers that can be set to turn off and on each day automatically. An advantage of digital signage is that it can be managed on-site or remotely from a standard computer. Each screen can be accessed on an individual basis or screens can be grouped together to display common information, all from a single location. In the case of increasingly common web interface control, it can be managed from anywhere that Internet access is available. Managing an accommodation establishment entails juggling a set of routine tasks (such as bookings) and more unexpected events (like fire drills). The flexibility of digital displays can help in both cases. Displays can be planned days, weeks or months in advance to carry scheduled advertising content for instance or updated live. There are, of course, many other features that can add value to a digital signage system and the possibilities are expanding rapidly. Some of the more interesting ones include the use of triggers that enable content to display when a local action, such as a movement near the screen, is performed. In the context of these developments it is important for potential clients to be clear about what they want from a digital signage system before purchasing. Understanding the basics - There are many different configurations for digital signage networks. Some companies will provide a complete offthe-shelf system but often not all of the components will suit a customer’s requirements. It is likely those components will come from different manufacturers and integrating them can be tricky. For anything other than a very simple single screen system, it would be sensible to discuss requirements with a reputable local company.



Digital Signage made easy! The New Samsung Solution Displays Line–up with Smart Signage Platform The new Samsung ME-C, PE-C, UE-C and UD-C series LED*BLU offer great new features for digital signage applications, video wall set ups and information sharing. The Samsung Smart Signage Platform (SSSP) is designed to eliminate the need for external PC media players, helping to streamline display and content management. Combine with MagicInfo™ Premium S software, to create, schedule and deliver content to either a single display or multiple displays over a network. **^ New features common to the ME-C, PE-C, UE-C and UD-C series include: • DP1.2 Daisy Chain for sharing content to compatible displays.# • HDCP support thru DP1.2 for up to 7 compatible displays# • DP1.2 UHD Loop Out for 2 x 2 video wall configuration^^ • Auto Source Switching and Recovery • Content/ Image Rotation • MagicInfo™ Premium S**^ software • Magicinfo™ Videowall S**^ software • Onboard Memory for Content

Share HDCP Content to multiple displays with DP1.2 Loop Out

the new SSSP, streamlining content and display management.

Easy content rotation

Create, collaborate, communicate

Images used for illustration purposes only. # DP cable required, sold separately. ^ Internet connection required. Data and subscription charges may apply. Usage may be subject to third party service provider agreements. ^^ DP1.2 cables sold separately. Content delivery device must be able to deliver UHD content via DP1.2. * Samsung LED BLU Commercial Displays use LCD display panels with LED back or edge lighting. ** MagicInfo™ Premium S software is included with displays for stand-alone applications only. For network applications, server licenses are required at additional cost. MagicInfo VideoWall requires one licence at additional cost per display in video wall plus console software at additional cost.

Contact Paul Yardley to discuss your Digital Signage Display options T 1300 659 053 M 0412 974 878 F 1300 659 063 E W Delivery for all Samsung commercial display panels is freight free to all Australian metropolitan areas and major regional cities.

t technology Digital Signage:

Before doing that however, it would pay to learn something about how digital signage systems work. Generally they consist of three key hardware components plus the content management software that runs the system. The technology involved relies on a variety of hardware to deliver the content. The components of a typical digital signage installation include one or more display screens, one or more media players and a content management server. Screens: There are panels designed to run from 16 to 24 hours a day. A standard TV is rated at eight hours per day. The key considerations are: brightness and size. Even the cheapest modern screens will provide hidefinition resolution but may lack the connectivity to be managed remotely – that is no RJ45(lan) connectivity. Screen size will be dependent on its location and the type of content to be played, for instance, what size is the area the panel will be mounted, where will the viewers be entering the area and what they will be looking for? Will they need to read text and if so, how much? If the answer is that they will be far away, then obviously the screen and any text will need to be larger.

Server: Content for digital signage is stored on a server hosting a display management system. The server can be part of an existing network or hosted elsewhere. The server receives instructions over the Internet or via an internal network on how and what content to display, and sends them to the players. In some smaller networks, the server also functions as a player for one of the screens. ACCOM MANAGEMENT GUIDE

A company with considerable experience in providing digital signage systems for the accommodation sector within Australia is Yardley Hospitality that specialises in systems by Samsung, a recognised world leader in digital signage solutions. Managing director Paul Yardley says his company now has four offerings in Samsung’s MagicInfo suite that are designed to meet the requirements of hotels, resorts and motels.

“...Carefully considered decisions must be made if that signage is to achieve its maximum potential...”

Players: Tucked away behind each screen is a small media player PC. The player requests content updates from a server and drives it through the screen via locally installed display software. When looking at players, robustness is really the key factor, particularly as it is likely to be difficult to access. Compact, fanless devices are highly recommended. Small windows 7 ce devices with solid state drives can be the best option, such as Samsung’s SBB series which mount onto the back of the LED panel. Samsung’s commercial panels have an on board media player eliminating the additional cost. Functions required by the client determine if an external media player is required.


Display management system: The display management system is the most crucial part of a digital signage infrastructure because it is the software that controls the digital signage system. The software is installed on a client’s computer, managing deployment and scheduling content for each player supplying content updates, deploying current media files (RSS feeds or web pages) and providing status updates for each screen back to the user.

“It’s very important to choose the correct system to maximise your advertising space. This can be with existing panels on site and by implementing additional hardware or by rolling out a new solution,” he said. “Magic Info Digital Signage has three formats – Magic Info Lite (included 25 free licences per location with all Samsung commercial LFD panels); Magic Info S Premium and Magic Info I Premium. Magic Info S and I Premium require licences and additional hardware. Samsung has developed these three different programs to supply a solution based on the requirements of the user.”

Mr Yardley says Samsung developed the Magic Info Digital Signage software to work with the range of commercial grade panels. “These panels have a three year on-site warranty, can run 16 hours or 24 hours per day and range from 81cm to 190cm currently with a 240cm due in early 2014. They have an on-board media player which processes the S Premium version, providing the client with a cost-effective advertising platform with RSS feed, banners, still images, power point, video, flash and many other formats all supported. All it requires is a network connection to reach into the controlling software. “Magic Info server software is designed to run on any current model PC within the location or remotely. It will use the network to distribute the content to the panels and the media player attached. All content is stored at the point of display with Magic Info. This means there is no live streaming and this does not slow down the hotels network infrastructure. Live streaming is massive files, especially when video is added,” Mr Yardley said. By Brent Leslie, Industry Reporter

Slim and adaptable displays designed for hospitality environments

The Samsung HG890 and HG690 series displays help to create a luxurious guest room experience, with Samsung Smart Hub1, Soft Ap, Samsung TV Apps2 and 3D capabilities3 on the HG890 Series. Highlights • • • • •

Help create a sophisticated viewing environment with designs that compliment premium luxury suites or rooms. Offer an enhanced guest experience with wireless connection to compatible personal devices. Customise important hotel content using the Samsung LYNK™4 Internet Protocol (IP) network.4 Help to protect content with Samsung LYNK™ Digital Rights Management (DRM) technology. Offer guests a wide variety of channel selections with the built-in DVB-T2/C/S2 tuner without the need for a head-end system.


Images used for illustration purposes only. Samsung HTV utilise LCD displays with LED back or edge lighting. 1. Certain features not available without express consent regarding the collection and use of personal information. Some features may require additional peripheral devices which are sold separately. Certain advertised features, applications and services may not be available on all models and regions and are subject to change without notice. Internet connection required. Data and subscription charges may apply. Certain features require RF signal and only work on Free to Air channels. 2. Applications may need to be downloaded from Samsung Apps. Internet connection required. Data, subscription and other charges may apply. Usage may be subject to third party service provider agreements. 3. 3D glasses required to view 3D content. 3D glasses sold separately. 4. Internet connection required. Data and subscription charges may apply.

Contact Paul Yardley to discuss your Hotel TV options Delivery for all Samsung Hotel TVs is freight free to all Australian metropolitan areas and major regional cities.

T 1300 659 053 M 0412 974 878 F 1300 659 063 E W


t technology Guest Internet Access:

Guest wifi summary 2013 – the year it was AT THE BEGINNING OF 2013 IN THE SUMMER EDITION, I WROTE ABOUT GUESTS PAYING FOR INTERNET ACCESS AND IT BEING A ‘THING OF THE PAST’. Year 2013 has seen many accommodation providers move to offering some free wifi to their guests and selling additional data for a cost effective fee – this has proven to be very successful and feedback from guests has been very positive. My research has shown that the bigger players and major chains are still not getting it and want you to be a member or join their club to get the privilege of access to their wifi systems. Free guest wifi is not a privilege, it is a must have. Let’s hope that 2014 sees them getting with the times and giving guests what they want. The article in the autumn edition about Wifi vs Foxtel - what does your guest want, stirred up many a debate about the inept Internet infrastructure in many areas of Australia and the necessity of the NBN to be able to ditch Foxtel and start streaming movies on demand. It did get accommodation providers thinking though, which was my main goal and the mention of smartTVs is becoming more common in conversations. The dream of ridding your business of a monthly Foxtel bill is getting closer, although the change of government and their NBN vision may see us have to wait a tad longer before Foxtel is a thing of the past. Winter came along and so did my article Free guest wifi can make your business money. About 90% of our clients are offering an amount of free data per room per day to their guests and offering cost effective data plans the guest can purchase if they require more data. The sales our customers are making are fantastic and guest feedback has been positive. No-one wants to be ripped off and what’s the point of charging an over-priced amount for data when you can bring your own Telstra dongle and mortgage your home to cover its cost. You want your guests to buy your wifi and they will if you get your pricing right. Accommodation providers are becoming savvier in regards to Internet and data technology; however there are many that don’t understand what it all



means and my spring article explained the differences and pros and cons of Internet connectivity, bandwidth and speed and what it all really means to us here in Australia. Australia is definitely behind when it comes to Internet infrastructure and the NBN (if completed) will be the messiah we have all been waiting for and will open up so many business opportunities and move our country forward. The demand for free guest wifi grows every holiday period and these Christmas holidays will have seen usage levels like never before. Once your guests have gone home and you have time to breathe again, there are a few questions you may want to think about: •

How did your guest wifi system cope?

Did you get many complaints about your guest wifi and if so, what were they about?

- Internet speed?

- Was the system difficult to access and use?

- Was it hard to connect as signal strength was poor and there were black spots?

Did you have enough data to run your business and offer guest wifi?

Should you start considering an unlimited data plan this year?

Does your guest wifi system have the flexibility to offer some free wifi and sell more data at the price you want?

Does your guest wifi system comply with data retention obligations so that if someone does something naughty on your internet connection you can prove it wasn’t you and not be accountable?

I hope that everyone had a wonderful Christmas and New Year period and that Santa brought you what you asked for. My Internet envy continues and I’ve asked for fast reliable Internet - aka the NBN. I know Santa can make dreams come true, but I think he will say “you’re dreaming” this time round! By Judy Senn, Director, Time Out Internet

technology t Trends:

Coping with the BYOD and BYOC phenomenon IT’S IMPOSSIBLE TO TALK ABOUT TECHNOLOGY, WITHOUT MENTIONING THE WORD TRENDS. The two are super glued together and none more so than when we talk about smartphones and the current craze revolving around the iPhone5. But honestly speaking, accommodation providers are not always so trendy when it comes to tech, often erring on the side of caution. They have painfully realised that trends and associated items come and go, and a current example of that pain is something the whole planet is now experiencing - the Lightning connector which Apple has thrown our way. It has definitely put a spanner in the works... and once again - five years on (is that a cycle I wonder), iOS has become a disruptive technology we all have to deal with. Having said that let’s look at two of the key tech trends now affecting us: BYOD - With such a great percentage of the population owning some kind of smart device (phone or tab) the BYOD (bring your own device) phenomenon is having a tsunami effect in the workplace and hotel. Staff want to use and connect their devices to company systems and guests want to use them in the hotel/resort/motel for all manner of reasons. Both of these bring about a whole host of issues surrounding security, bandwidth, risk and cost. First, when a staff member brings his or her own device into the workplace - you have to consider the security aspect of this. It’s an expensive and desired object - maybe $500 and small enough to be stolen. Whose responsibility is that? Also, when connected to your network or systems, how do you lock down sensitive materials (like we used to do with thumb drives or portable hard disks) and stop them walking off property? Another issue is tracking bandwidth usage when you can’t easily monitor what traffic is being down/uploaded. There is of course an upside to this and that is if the employee has personally expensed the item, then you have saved the $500 cost. Perhaps you have helped the cost burden to the employee by offering some sort of monthly rebate into their salary package, providing they stay with you for a period of time. Whatever the case, it’s something that needs to be addressed and offset against the benefits you may be able to realise from their ownership of said unit. And when we talk about the guest, there comes a whole new game we have to play - and there are, as of now, no rules - we are making them up as we go along. Don’t for one minute underestimate how in love the guest is with their device - it’s become an extension to their anatomy - and I’m sure you’ve observed the new way of walking we’ve adapted to over the last five years as we hold the device in our hand at about a 30° angle from our face so we can see it and it can be seen. Some people are even more in-your-face as they strut their stuff - holding tabs and notes up to their ears or in front of their faces to have a phone call or Face Time chat - you can make your own judgment as to how you feel about that. But seriously, the guest has yet again become disruptive and we have to deal with it. This one unlike a few specks of dirt cannot be swept under the rug in the hope it will go away. I know for example that the organisation Hotel Technology Next Generation has set up workgroups to specifically deal with “devices” and how they can be managed on the network. It’s got a few very smart

“...comes a whole new game we have to play and there are, as of now, no rules - we are making them up as we go along...”

folks scratching their heads as to how to best get around this. But apart from the fact the guest wants to control everything about their stay in your complex, like access control, lights, air-conditioning/heating, TV, DVD/BluRay, DND/MUR, order room service and other tasks, they also want to stream the content they have brought with them - and that’s the BYOC (bring your own content) part of this.

Terence Ronson

BYOC - Not quite as complex as the BYOD scenario, BYOC is when the guest brings their own movies, TV shows, music or other items that they want to playback on the devices in the room - mostly the TV, which you have so kindly provided. Traditional methods were to dock the digital device into a standalone player (now defunct thanks to Apple’s Lightning connector unless you or your guest has a US$30 adaptor which will not function on 100% of devices) or to plug it into a jack pack or aux panel - usually found on the desk which is not always where people want to stream from. But in the true fashion of trends, we now want to be un-wired and stream wirelessly to whatever is the playback unit of choice - be it speakers or a TV, and so there’s the rub. Now you have to have Airplay or similar enabled devices to cope with this, and unless you are going through a refurb cycle (which maybe should coincide with Apple’s fiveyear cycle), then you are going to have to find a fix, to cope with this other trend. Good luck! Terence Ronson - began his hospitality career over 30 years ago as a chef and has held various management positions with prominent hotels, both in England and Asia. In 2000, Terence started Pertlink, a hospitality IT Consulting firm headquartered in Hong Kong that specialises in helping hotels differentiate themselves through the effective use of technology. SUMMER 2014


Welcome, Guest


19:30 PM

Android based,

Cloud managed Local








Nimbar | Thai Cuisine

Happy Hour at the bar 17:00-19:30...More


Introducing Viggo Cloud-Based Smart TV for Hotels

Viggo® hospitality Viggo is pioneering cloudbased media services for hotels, for the ultimate guest experience and a point-of-sale in every room. Viggo lets you custom fit hospitality information, recommend local attractions and extend unlimited media choices for guests. All delivered directly to in-room TV’s. The Viggo team brings together the latest in Internet media and cloud managed services to meet all star hospitality needs.

With Viggo you get Interactive Android-based hotel media, including hotel services, local promotional information, eConcierge picks, Internet, web applications, games, streaming movies, Internet music and more. Plug and play media solution leveraging existing, in place universal TV channels and Wireless Infrastructure – WiFi or CAT5, COAX, IPTV or DVB-T (Minimum TCO). Cloud-based managed service for anytime, anywhere remote hotel content management and delivery. Always updated, no upgrades required. Swipe simple media sharing from devices to TV, lets guests enjoy personal pictures, music or videos from mobile phones or tablets on in-room TV screens. Targeted in-room marketing and endless revenue generating opportunities, inside and outside of your hotel. Scalable, room by room growth, future proof. 3 minute setup, 12-month equipment warranty, tiered services as well as do-it-yourself and remote upgrades.

The Viggo Advantage

No wires, No Servers

r Personalized hotel guest experience r Low Cost, managed cloud service r Android Smart Box & motion remote r Local hospitality, at a click r Web-based hotel content management r Unlimited media choices updated from the Viggo Market

No Wires, No Ser vers

Its Viggo Simple

For friendly advice or to arrange a hotel demonstration please contact Proel at: 1300 0 PROEL (1300 077 635), 0418 133 580 email: Š 2013, Viggo BV All rights reserved


refurbishment Case Study - Quest Geelong:

Quest Geelong benefits from a $250,000 refurbishment

QUEST GEELONG WAS THE QUEST SERVICED APARTMENTS AUSTRALIAN FRANCHISE OF THE YEAR IN 2012. Quest Geelong is very conveniently located regional serviced apartments that has just completed a magnificent $250,000 refurbishment. It is a fantastic property that has large studio, one, two and three bedroom apartments an eight-year-old complex that, until this refurbishment, needed no major improvements. Shirley and Paul Dodds are the franchisees and Paul explains, “Everything here was original when Shirley and I took over the business on July 11, 2011 and our plan from that moment on was to have the property completely refurbished within two years.” Happily their goal has now been reached and the Dodds are very proud of this achievement. The ambitious project has included a remarkable refurbishment of all the apartments, comprising a sparkling fresh paint finish, lush new carpets and fabulously comfortable mattresses. A full refurbishment of the reception and lobby area is a stunning showcase to this Quest classic. Quest Geelong offers a range of large, stylish and comfortable serviced apartments that allow more freedom and choice for their guests, whether it’s for work or a break away. These apartments have always been extremely comfortable Paul says, “Our one two and three bedroom serviced apartments are fully equipped with a very functioning kitchen with dishwasher, laundry facilities with washing machine and dryer. There is a separate living and dining area, separate bedroom/s and a balcony for our guests to enjoy.” The studio apartments on the other hand are open plan and contain kitchenette facilities including microwave, hot plates and all eating and cooking utensils.



All the apartments offer reverse cycle, climate control air conditioners, Foxtel, a direct dial phone with voicemail, DVD players, iPod docking stations, a work desk and Internet access.” But he admits that although they were always clean, well equipped and comfortable they had become a little tired and really needed a clean sweep. First and foremost “a freshen up” was the main reason for the work, explains Paul. A slight change to the colour scheme was chosen to create a more modern look and feel, along with the new paint finish, any damage to the walls were filled and scratches were repaired and all this made a huge difference to the overall look. The hotel had old wool carpet throughout and in places it was stained; it had begun to look tired, worn out and dirty even though they were actually clean. Paul says, “The mattresses were replaced simply because we are in the business of sleep, regardless of how good the apartments, look if the bed is substandard and the guest has an uncomfortable night’s sleep then we have not provided adequate accommodation.”

Quest Franchising Take your business dream to a new level As the largest and fastest growing serviced apartment brand in Australasia, with 25 years of proven industry success, Quest is seeking a new generation of talented and energetic franchisees to join our thriving network.

Current opportunities Current Opportunities exist in CBD, Suburban and Regional locations across Australia t Melbourne, Adelaide and Brisbane CBD & Suburbs

With over 150 properties and rapid expansion underway, Quest offers a range of exciting franchisee opportunities and a winning business formula to inspire personal achievement and professional growth on every level.

t Victoria, Queensland, NSW and WA regional t Tasmania t Northern Territory

To learn more visit or call us on 1800 334 033

Your perfect travel companion


refurbishment Case Study - Quest Geelong:

The old mattresses were considered okay but the Dodds felt that okay is just not good enough and with the importance of providing great beds was inherently obvious from guest feedback, they decided that beds should be a huge priority. The refurbishment process, Paul admits, was not an easy task and involved two months where they had up to a fifth of their property offline. “Managing the in-house guests,” he says, “was a priority so as not to have the work impact up on their stay with us.” However it has all been worthwhile, according to Paul and, judging by all the fantastic feedback they have received, he is most certainly correct. Paul notes, “Our regular guests and clients have all commented on the changes, particularly commenting on how much fresher the whole place looks.” A huge compliment has come from several new guests who have asked how old the property was, thinking it was only a year old! These guests were very pleasantly surprised when Paul explained that they were nearing eight years old. He says, “It was these comments that made the work worthwhile as it confirmed our initial need and the reasoning why we undertook the work.” With the Dodds deciding that their top priority was to provide guests with an excellent sleep, they decided to turn to the experts. No one other than Sealy would do, this company has earned a remarkable reputation as a leading partner to the Australian accommodation industry for over 40 years. Sealy considers that a comfortable bed and a quality sleep are the most important aspects of accommodation for guests, and that investment in the right bedding solution will help you to keep your guests coming back.

Australian hospitality industry, “Wholly Australian owned and operated, all Sealy beds are hand crafted in one of five Australian manufacturing centres. The performance of every component is rigorously tested to meet commercial requirements.” When choosing a company to complete the fresh new paint finish the Dodds turned to AG Professional Painting. Andrew Gazos is the managing director of this company that was singularly responsible for this magnificent freshen up! With over 20 years experience in the painting industry, Andrew’s qualified team of painters understand what their clients needs are and they have the technical know-how to advice their clients. They have the experience to assure the quality of their work, Andrew explains: “We were asked to paint the apartments, common areas and exterior and this involved the installation of a handrail system, a scaffold and access equipment in order to paint the exterior in the safest possible manner.” They were able to use their expertise in new construction, repainting and maintenance with the bodies corporate to complete the refurbishment to an excellent standard.

He says, “The property was discerning in selecting from the Sealy Performance Collection, a range specifically designed to provide great comfort, support and durability.”

The successful refurbishment needed the team to apply excellent skills in communication and cooperation and required Andrew to talk with the local council and traffic management in order to safely access the busy roads around the hotel. Andrew also worked with Paul of Quest Geelong Apartments to create a schedule/sequence of painting that ensured that the property could run as smoothly as possible for all its guests due to it still being in operation throughout all of the refurbishment. Also all of the work completed was fully guaranteed. Andrew stresses the importance of having a positive working relationship with all of those who were involved with the management of the Quest refurbishment. The team at AG Professional Painting didn’t forget anyone - they even remembered the carpet fitters!

Sealy offers a range of beds but their new Sealy Performance Collection offers the perfect balance of engineered support and superior comfort. Sealy’s PostureTech coil is specifically designed to provide the correct support Sealy is famous for, to ensure all guests enjoy sound sleep, stay after stay. This is a great choice for Quest Geelong.

Andrew is very proud of the results that have been achieved at Quest Geelong. The finished look is fresh and stylish and the work was completed on time. This he says, “allowed Quest Apartments to function at an optimum level throughout, considering the amount of refurbishment and this result not only benefitted the franchisees but also greatly benefited their guests”.

Norbert explains that high quality Sealy beds are a natural choice for the

By Mandy Clarke, Industry Reporter

With its in depth experience, Sealy worked closely in partnership with Quest to find and provide the best sleep solution for their properties and ensure Quest’s guests experience great comfort and support. Norbert Heinl is product manager for Sealy and comments, “Sealy of Australia is very proud to have supplied Quest Geelong with bedding from Australia’s leading bedding brand.”

AG Professional Painting specialises in all aspects of painting: • All spray painting applications including airless and conventional • All brush and roller applications and decorative finishes & techniques • Access specialists • Mobile scaffolding • Boom/scissor lifts • Swing stages

0417 322 335 • Our painters are trade qualified and our work is fully guaranteed • We are a professional organisation that is fully insured & compliant with work safe and OH&S requirements 28


Launch NEW Sealy Posturepedic Range

Sealy Commercial Beds are Designed specifically Resorts, Hotels and Motels A comfortable bed and quality sleep are among the most important condiserations for your guests. Investing in the right bedding solution will help to keep them coming back. The New Sealy Posturepedic Dynasty collection is at the forefront of technological advances, for ultimate strength and stability to help guests sleep soundly, stay after stay. With a wide range of comfort and support options, Sealy can provide the right solution that meets your requirements and budget.

For more information about Sealy, add us on Facebook and Twitter

AAA Rated - Excellent

Choice of Comfort Systems

SRx® Titanium Quality Innerspring-Coil

Commercial Heavy Duty Shock Abzzorber® Foundation

Full Perimeter Edge Support

10 Year Commercial Warranty



Exclusive Introductory Offers Tailored Bedding solutions to suit YOUR quality and budget requirements. Don’t compromise on Quality, buy direct from Sealy. Australia’s Number 1 bedding brand# # Quantum Market Research, July 2013

Sealy of Australia has manufacturing centres in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth. *Used under license from the Trademark proprietor by MADAD Pty Ltd trading as Sealy of Australia. ABN 57 009 678 344.


refurbishment External Building Rectification:

Act quickly to prevent future expense when it comes to concrete repair EXTERIOR CONCRETE CRACKS ON YOUR LARGE APARTMENT BUILDINGS SHOULD NEVER BE IGNORED. Even seemingly insignificant concrete cracks or areas of blistering paint can actually be masking a larger problem of concrete spalling – which can become more complicated (and as a result, more expensive) the longer you put off remediation work. Concrete cracks are a normal occurrence but must be repaired immediately. It is the very nature of concrete structures to crack to a minor or major degree. Cracking indicates that the structure has been forced to absorb the energy of some form of stress. It does not mean the structure has failed, in fact on the contrary, any cracked concrete structures can be repaired effectively and, most often, permanently, provided the structure has not been wholly deformed and the original cause of cracking has been mitigated. However, it is important that even the smallest cracks are repaired immediately, as they can result in the ingress of chlorides and other minerals that will lead to concrete spalling (also known as concrete cancer). Many resort owners and managers believe that it’s sufficient to apply a flexible sealant to the cracked area but this short-term fix certainly isn’t effective, and will lead to serious problems in the longterm. Instead, best practice is to identify the cause of the cracking so that the most appropriate remediation solution can be proposed.

“...Concrete cracks are a normal occurrence but must be repaired immediately...”

Examples of areas with extreme concrete cracking and spalling.

Early concrete crack detection is positive prevention. Rectifying repairable cracks will: • Restore structural and/or design strength to the cracked concrete structure • Eliminate serious spalling of concrete initiated by cracking and aggravated by temperature cycling • Prevent corrosion of reinforcing steel and pre-stress tendons by encapsulating them against moisture or water contact • Prevent water ingress through concrete structures • Repair concrete architecturally without any of the unsightly surface marks caused by standard surface crack repairs There are usually two causes associated with concrete cracks and spalling: the first is close proximity to coastal areas and the second is pressure on the concrete. Identifying and preventing concrete cracks and spalling in coastal environments is important. Concrete spalling is a common issue in coastal environments due to carbonation and chloride levels and it regularly affects large apartment blocks. It is especially common when a breakdown in an area of concrete’s protective coating has occurred, since the concrete is then exposed to the elements.



Every occurrence of concrete spalling in this type of environment is unique and must be examined by a professional to determine the right course of action. One option for the mitigation of concrete spalling is ensuring that your building has the correct coating for the environment. If you currently have areas of concrete spalling, then make sure that the appropriate coating is re-applied when the spalling has been repaired. Pay attention to the coating manufacturers’ guidelines.


refurbishment External Building Rectification:

Typically, exterior coating lifespan is around 10 years but each brand differs slightly, so you need to know the exact details of your chosen type. We always encourage our clients to pay close attention and strictly adhere to the manufacturer’s guidelines: for example, if they advise you to have the coating checked after seven years, then do it. The exterior surface may look problem-free but there could be issues that aren’t visible to the untrained eye and these could turn more serious as the coating gradually gets less effective over the years. Additionally, coatings can only protect against the elements while they are completely intact – so if any movement cracks appear during the period then the coating will need to be repaired. Cracks and spalling are caused by pressure on the concrete. Concrete deterioration and spalling on large residential buildings can also be a result of cracks and water ingress, from constant pressure on the concrete.

accommodate this movement and reduce the risk and pressure on the

This pressure can be the result of a number of factors, including movement of the building, temperature cycling or energy being absorbed in places that haven’t been designed to take the pressure. These are all common factors, especially in Australia where temperature extremes can have a significant effect on concrete buildings.

concrete – thus minimising the chance of cracks or areas of spalling

If a building experiences a lot of movement, then it must be designed and rectified to enable this movement, otherwise more cracks can appear over time.

This should be done by a professional company who have the skills to

One solution for this is to install articulation joints that help to

By Scott Jensen, Sales Manager, Roof & Building Service



forming. Minimise disruption to your staff, residents and guests. The remediation of concrete cracks and spalling is extremely important, and should be carried out as soon as you see any visible cracks beginning to form. effectively identify and rehabilitate the issue, and will also carry out the work with minimum disruption to your staff, residents and guests.

refurbishment r supplier profile MINIKITCHENS

MiniKitchens make a big impression


Space Enhancing

ustralia is well known for the quality of its tourism sector and a MiniKitchen will enhance any client’s stay. From the humble ‘tea station’, through to a fully functioning kitchen, MiniKitchens Australia can offer a product to suit… especially where space is a challenge.

Successful accommodation operators need to provide clients with everything they need for a comfortable stay, without compromising space. MiniKitchens’ contemporary design recognises space is a premium commodity and even the smallest models are able to house a fridge, rangehood, cooktop and microwave, to make meal preparation a breeze. Larger models will also support an oven and dishwasher.

Refurbish or New Build Whether you are refurbishing, or adding on additional rooms, your installation needs to be quick and efficient. MiniKitchens Australia offers a range of flatpack kitchenettes that can be constructed with ease by owner operators, or professional installers.

Fully Accessorised

The smaller units can be fully installed in as little as half a day, so your occupancy will not be affected by prolonged fit-outs.

When pricing kitchens it is the extra accessories that add up. MiniKitchens pricing includes all the accessories – tap, sink, stainless steel splashback and utility rail, rubbish bin, drainage racks, handles and hardware. Competitively priced appliance packages through Fisher and Paykel are also available on request.

Contemporary Flair

Guaranteed Quality

MiniKitchens offer your clients contemporary Italian styling and flair with great functionality. All MiniKitchens Australia kitchenettes are designed and manufactured by Mobilspazio in their custom-built factory in Ancona, Italy. Mobilspazio have been providing their high quality kitchenettes to top accommodation developments in Europe for over three decades and their high quality kitchen selection is now available in Australasia for the first time.

When investing in your business you want names you trust. MiniKitchens Australia uses quality Blum hardware for all their kitchenettes. We also offer a two-year commercial warranty on all our cabinetry. So whether you’re a small motel, hotel complex, international resort, or homestyle B&B, MiniKitchens Australia can help. Call MiniKitchens today on 1800 789 223 to chat about your latest project.




refurbishment Furniture:

The key to successfully replacing guest room furniture & fixtures

REFURBISHING GUEST ROOMS MAY SEEM LIKE A REASONABLY STRAIGHTFORWARD PROJECT. HOWEVER SUCCESS RELIES ON WORKING WITH A TEAM WHO CAN COLLABORATIVELY AND SEAMLESSLY BRING YOUR VISION TO LIFE. From design to product selection, the logistics of shipping to staff engagement and keeping it all within budget, tight coordination and communication is the key to smooth sailing. Success is dependent on the quality of your team, with everyone playing an important role. The people involved in bringing your vision to life may include: a project manager, an interior design or architectural firm, furniture suppliers and manufacturers, lighting and soft furnishings suppliers, and your operational staff.

A good design and interiors team will be able to select and design bespoke pieces for every type of budget and match your brief. This is where the furniture suppliers play a crucial role. They liaise with the designers and architects to ensure furniture is sourced and custom manufactured to their specifications. With so many key players it’s vital everyone communicates regularly and transparently to avoid delays and a budget blow out. Weekly meetings can help ensure everyone and everything is on track and any issues can quickly be identified and addressed. As budgets for refurbishment vary significantly, they must be clearly set at the beginning of the project. Furniture can be sourced locally or offshore and quotes generally include the options of Australia made, European and Chinese manufactured furniture. Budget doesn’t have to compromise vision. Working with your preferred supplier who understands your financial boundaries provides an opportunity to offer alternatives in fabrics and finishes giving the same look and aesthetic at a lower cost if necessary. Test with those who know best. It’s your staff that best understand how your business is used and maintained. Their input into the refurbishment process cannot be underestimated. Cleaning staff should be engaged in the design phase and the selection of materials and finishes to ensure cleaning and maintenance is easy. Operational staff have practical, yet invaluable, knowledge that is also important in the design phase. Their understanding of the hotel and all its access points is essential. Imagine having selected a new lounge that was 10cm higher than the goods lift. The labour costs of carrying 200 plus lounges up a stair well would be significant. Operational staff also understand the loading dock, delivery hours, busy and peak times, noise restrictions and numerous other ins and outs of your operations. They play an important role in the logistics of the delivery process running smoothly.



refurbishment r

A major obstacle in refurbishing projects can be getting the furniture from the supplier to your accommodation, particularly if manufactured offshore but there are ways to minimise potential issues. Any delays must be communicated from the supplier to the client. Suppliers need to have any internationally sourced furniture in the country before delivery. This gives you a contingency plan as strikes on the docks or wharfs could delay the roll out program. Attention to detail can make the difference between a good and bad experience at the other end. All shipping details must be 100% correct and packed to last the distance to prevent damage in transit. An experienced team will even make sure the labels are placed in a position to make it easy for the installation team unpacking at the other end to identify the contents. Additional items should also be shipped in case of damage in transit or installation. To minimise the impact to revenue the refurbishment roll out needs to be a finely orchestrated affair. Generally rooms are worked on in sections. Carpet layers are in first, followed by joiners, electricians, painters and

“...A good design and interiors team will be able to select and design bespoke pieces for every type of budget and match your brief...�

then the furniture supplier installation team to place furniture. Once a section is complete the next section starts. Everyone needs to ensure they are all communicating and working at the same pace. While there are many moving parts involved in a refurbishing project tight coordination is easy to achieve. Working closely with the architects, designers and all other team players means everyone is on the same page and working towards the same goal in unison. By Ashleigh Allen, Senior Account Manager, Prototype Furniture




refurbishment Case Study – Pullman Melbourne Albert Park:

A stunning transformation unveiled PULLMAN IS KNOWN AS THE UPSCALE, INTERNATIONAL FACET OF ACCOR, THE WORLD’S LEADING HOTEL OPERATOR. IT IS PRESENT IN 92 COUNTRIES, WITH OVER 4400 HOTELS AND 145,000 EMPLOYEES. Located in the main regional and international cities and in prime tourist destinations, Pullman Hotels & Resorts is principally designed to cater for the requirements of cosmopolitan, seasoned travellers. The brand’s five-star establishments provide an extensive range of tailored services, access to groundbreaking technologies, including a new approach to organising meetings, seminars and upscale incentive events. The Pullman network has more than 60 hotels across Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Asia-Pacific and Latin America. In five short years, Pullman has established itself throughout Australia as a leader in the five-star hotel sector. Pullman hotels can be found not just on the east and west coasts but also in the mythical heart of the ‘great southern land’. The 11 Pullman hotels in Australia provide immediate access to the country’s urban and natural wonders. The remarkable Pullman Melbourne Albert Park is perfectly designed for discovering Melbourne’s rich restaurant, shopping and cultural scenes. The hotel overlooks the picturesque Albert Park, but what is most special about this hotel is that for one week of the year, the view is transformed into one of the world’s most exciting Formula 1 racing circuits and provides guests with a front row seat to enjoy all the action and excitement through the window from the comfort of their very own sumptuous room. With 28 event spaces under the one roof, Pullman Melbourne Albert Park is one of the largest and most comprehensive hotel event venues in Melbourne. Hosting functions for up to 1600 people, the stunning ballroom formed the final phase of an extensive renovation earlier this year: new LED colour control lighting and pin-spot technology has been installed, as well as new curtains, operable walls and carpets. Other facilities on offer at Pullman Melbourne Albert Park include Windows restaurant, Atrium Bar, Espresso Bar in the hotel lobby, a fully equipped gymnasium, an indoor heated swimming pool, as well as a spa and sauna. Having long held its reputation as one of Melbourne’s premier hotels, this former Sebel recently received a dramatic five-Star Pullman makeover. The stunning multimillion-dollar transformation is now complete as the highly anticipated and exceedingly striking refurbishment was revealed on September 1, 2013.

“...The hotel overlooks the picturesque Albert Park, but what is most special about this hotel is that for one week of the year, the view is transformed into one of the world’s most exciting Formula 1 racing circuits...”

Gillian Millar is the general manager of Pullman Melbourne Albert Park and the results of the refurbishment have soared well beyond her expectations. “As Pullman is now Australia’s largest and fastest growing five-star hotel brand,” she says, “it was only a matter of time before Melbourne was home to a world-class Pullman.” This extensive transformation has taken advantage of the hotel’s grand entrance; the lobby has been completely redesigned and transformed into an upscale, contemporary space. The 169 Pullman guestrooms have received a sophisticated makeover in keeping with Pullman’s five-star standards, a warm executive lounge was introduced on the ninth floor. The Pullman Executive Lounge is a hallmark of every Pullman hotel and the lounge at Pullman Melbourne Albert Park is no different. It has been designed to create a serene space to do business or simply relax. Access to the lounge is only available exclusively to guests staying on executive floors of the Pullman Tower; this adds value and convenience to any stay. With a stunning new marble refreshment station, plush sofas and LED televisions, the lounge is a comfortable and a stylish home-away-from-home for discerning business and leisure travellers. The new lobby with its stunning spiral staircase and striking light feature creates an exciting first impression and notable sense of arrival for guests. Both the lobby and the executive lounge have obviously been created for optimum guest comfort and the use of the comforting chocolate, glamorous gold and heartening flame red/orange hues with 1960s retro shapes against a striking white background is modern and dramatic, yet warm and welcoming. The designers have managed to create a fabulously funky yet easy and comfortable space here; a very rare combination indeed. The very plush furniture promotes an overall feel of effortless comfort and the room is cleverly separated with soft shapes and curves to create a feel of uncomplicated privacy.



refurbishment r supplier profile SLEEPMAKER

Sleeping easy at Pullman Hotels & Resorts


leepmaker is extremely proud to be the sole Bedding Supplier for Accor in Australia & New Zealand, and as such we work very closely with Accor in developing specific product for each Hotel Brand within the Accor Group.

The gel particles move closer together under pressure providing greater support and preventing the foam from bottoming out under heavy loads. Heat dissipation properties of the gel provide superior regulation of body temperatures.

One such Bed is the Pullman Hotel Bed, which Sleepmaker & Accor started to jointly develop in the latter part of 2012 when the decision was made to roll out the Pullman Hotels & Resorts branding across Australia.

The result is an extremely comfortable Bed which has been receiving extremely positive feedback from both guests and the Pullman Hotels & Resorts alike.

The need was identified for a specific bed to help differentiate the unique Pullman brand from their other Hotels.

It’s easy to talk about being the top performer in commercial bedding, but the results speak for themselves, and Sleepmaker Commercial is very proud to be associated with Accor, and Pullman Hotels & Resorts.

A brief was taken from Accor following a conference of Pullman Hotels & Resorts General Managers, and the Bed was developed over a number of months with major input from Accor.

Gillian Millar, General Manager for Pullman Melbourne Albert Park said: “Following our recent renovation, we have received excellent feedback from our guests regarding the Pullman Bed designed by Sleepmaker Commercial. Many of our guests are visiting for business so the importance of a good night sleep is paramount. The addition of the Pullman beds has been a high-quality investment and has added value to the overall guest experience and level of comfort.”

As Accor surveys had shown that the Bed is, in the opinion of most guests, the single most important feature in a guest room. With the brief in mind, Sleepmaker set out to design and build a bed that would stand up to high usage, and provide the best sleep possible for their guests. We developed a Bed offering maximum comfort without the heat buildup typically associated with Pillowtop beds, in essence a “Great Bed”. For this we turned to Dunlop Foams’ revolutionary FusionGel.

To discuss all your Bedding requirements, please don’t hesitate to contact Sleepmaker Commercial on 1800 425 903, or email:

A unique Memory Foam in which advanced gel particles are infused evenly through a superior memory foam during manufacture.

Congratulations Pullman Melbourne Albert Park. support & or




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All our beds are proudly manufactured in Australia across five locations nationally, allowing us to minimise our carbon footprint when compared to imported products.

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Revolutionary DreamFoam™ is made using cleaner production methods and the latest European technology. There has never been anything like it in Australasia before. Winner of the Green Ribbon Award 2010.




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Advanced sleep technology for the ultimate night’s rest utilising FusionGel™. Heat dissipation properties of the gel particles provide superior regulation of body temperatures.






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Sleepmaker® Commercial congratulates the Pullman Melbourne Albert Park on the completion of their refurbishment using our new Fusion Gel Pillowtop Beds developed specifically for Pullman Hotels & Resorts.

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refurbishment Case Study – Pullman Melbourne Albert Park:

the programming and scheduling of works to ensure a smooth and coordinated transition of old guestrooms to newly refurbished rooms. According to Christopher Donohue at Reward Hotel Projects, “The newly transformed Pullman Melbourne Albert Park was a challenging refurbishment.” This refurbishment included a full demolition of the existing bathrooms and a reconfiguration to effectively maximise the final resulting bathroom space. In addition to the bathroom transformation the guest room and corridor work included new carpet, joinery including wardrobes, TV units and bed heads. There was extensive painting required, numerous electrical fittings, window furnishings and furniture to construct and place. Christopher says, “Reward was only able to achieve the highest quality refurbishment expected of a prestigious hotel like the Pullman Melbourne Albert Park, given the tight program time frame, through their vast expertise and effective integrated project and site management team approach.” Upon entering the lounge, guests will instantly feel at home and have an insatiable urge to order a cocktail from the marvellous, marble bar. They will want to find a private corner and sink into one of the lush chairs to sit back and soak up the remarkably relaxed and informal Pullman Melbourne atmosphere. In addition to the lobby and lounge refurbishment all of the 169 Pullman guest rooms have also been gloriously transformed using the very same contemporary colour palette with the ongoing theme of ultimate comfort and funky modern style. Each guest room is filled with the features that guests now expect as standard in all of the very best executive hotels. The 52 sq m classic family rooms offer two king beds or four single beds, a LCD TV, en suite bathroom with walk in rain shower, tea and coffee making facilities, wifi, multmedia connectivity panel and iPod and iPad docking station, a multimedia connectivity panel, a glass work table, lounge chair and well-appointed Roger&Gallet bathroom amenities. All of these guest room facilities are ideal for the modern family and obviously they meet the needs of both their business and leisure guests. In order to get the best possible results it was very important to employ only the best people for the job. Therefore Reward Hotel Projects was engaged by the Pullman Melbourne Albert Park owners Ascendas to carry out the significant refurbishment of the guestrooms and corridors due to their outstanding reputation for delivering numerous successful projects exceeding client expectations. Reward Hotel Projects has been an industry leader for over a decade, they specialise in the fit-out and refurbishment of Australia’s leading hotels. They have a consistent track record of delivering innovative and cost effective solutions, they have a reputation for not only transforming hotels but also focusing on the provision of high quality solutions and high standards of client service. Over the same time period as this Pullman project Reward Hotel Projects was also busy with the refurbishment of other Accor/Ascendas partnered Pullman properties in Hyde Park Sydney and King George Square Brisbane. The experienced and professional project team at Reward led by industry leaders Christopher Donohue and Jimmy Lee was able to deliver a wellmanaged and quality refurbishment of the Pullman Melbourne Albert Park and by working in unison with all stakeholders and the internal management team of the hotel they ensured that the project was achieved on time with most importantly - minimal guest disturbance. The hotel owners’ representatives and hotel management team were continually involved with



As Australia’s largest hotel refurbishment company Reward have also recently successfully completed the refurbishment upgrade of a number of prominent hotels around Australia including the major refurbishment and upgrade to the Citigate Central Sydney in Thomas Street rebranded to the four-star Novotel, the Novotel Parramatta and the Novotel Rooty Hill. Reward in recent times have also completed the refurbishment of the Holiday Inn Brisbane now the Traders Hotel Brisbane, the Novotel Melbourne on Collins Street and the 563 room Marriott Sydney Harbour recently acquired by Malaysia-listed Starhill Real Estate Investment Trust. Every lucky Pullman Melbourne Albert Park guest enjoys the contemporary rooms that are both comfortable and classy. The rooms with the luscious beds and linens, ultra warm colours with a touch of arousing red and cool classic lines are relaxing and inspired but the modern bathrooms are also a total hit. Guests love them - the space for all the top end amenities and of course, the amazing rainwater shower. Gillian Millar, general manager of the Pullman Melbourne Albert Park is delighted with the incredible transformation and says, “Being such an iconic business and events hotel, particularly with the grand prix racetrack directly opposite the hotel, we’re excited to see the hotel flourish under its new internationally revered banner and mixing business with leisure – a key Pullman identifier, certainly prevails here.” By Mandy Clarke, Industry Reporter

Australia’s largest and most diverse hotel refurbishment company successfully delivering cost effective and innovative design and refurbishment solutions to Australia’s leading hotels


safety & security Guest Security:

Terrorist threat - in Australia? GUEST AND STAFF SECURITY TOP THE ACCOMMODATION MANAGER’S STRESS LIST. BUT FEW CONSIDER TERRORISM A REAL THREAT IN AUSTRALIA. Also, far from terrorism being a major concern for the average guest, intruder invasion, property larceny and ID theft are more of a worry than any politically-motivated bomber. But terrorists are increasingly targeting hotels because of the worldwide attention such attacks receive. It is the fear of accommodation providers worldwide and, in particular, where major events are underway. So should it be of major concern to the average Australian accommodation manager? Certainly when the G20 comes to town or one hosts an event like the Commonwealth Games, the answer is most definitely yes! The G20 - costing taxpayers more than $400 million - will see 4000 delegates jet in for the talkfest and will include the likes of Britain’s PM David Cameron, Russia’s Vladimir Putin and Chinese president Xi Jinping, plus 3000 international media people. Brisbane has seen $23.5 million in room bookings locked down for the event that will see the CBD resemble a virtual fortress as more than 5000 police provide security and deal with expected protests. When terrorist attacks occur, security becomes a very serious priority. When peace resumes the focus comes off security. When an accommodation complex is violated by a major crime, the focus switches back to security factors. Accommodation security is not simply a necessary financial and time engulfing burden that most be paid for but, if used properly, security is a powerful marketing tool that can bring people to one’s accommodation complex, location, attraction or community. Security in accommodation complexes is multi-faceted. First you have the guest security as paramount - entry, public areas (especially car parks), front desk (ID) and guest rooms need ultra protection. Secondly, accommodation managers need to ensure staff and other visitors are adequately protected. Thirdly, there is the security of the premises and administrative functions that need to be secured. How the achieving of security in an accommodation complex is managed depends on the size of the property, the avenues available for a crime to be perpetrated and the amount of risk due to locality, history and criminal activity potential. Obviously a smaller six-unit motel in a quiet suburb or in regional Australia poses less of a problem than a 500 room international hotel in a CBD when G20 leaders are among the guests. But the principles are the same - just a matter of scale. A guest in a smaller sixunit motel in a quiet suburb has just as much chance of being violated in some way as one in an international hotel in a major city. Security - do you do it yourself (hoping the police will arrive in an appropriate time), employ security staff or outsource to security professionals? The former should be a no brainer - no! The problem of using your own security staff largely comes down to training. Many of them are given nothing more than a uniform and told to go out and meet the public. This lack of training is clearly not the way to handle hospitality security and often causes more problems and nightmares than help. Accommodation security is just so multi-faceted: different people, different cultures, different languages, different understandings... and



“...Accommodation security is not simply a necessary financial and time engulfing burden that most be paid for...”

worse, different circumstances. There exists a belief that security personnel should be neither seen nor heard in some quarters, yet today’s savvy guests appreciate the need for such obvious protection and are generally grateful for their presence. Indeed, it can be quite a marketing tool if applied subtlety. The reality is that guests are more likely to be subjected to acts of petty crime, personal violation and violence in an accommodation complex than from terrorist acts. Accommodation providers must be aware that tourists are lucrative targets - they are on vacation, relaxed, focused on enjoyment and carrying large sums of cash, credit cards and other valuables. They are in unfamiliar territory and present themselves as perfect targets for crime. Tourists are less likely to report crimes, thus crime figures do not reflect reality. What they will do is turn to social media, thus creating a marketing nightmare for the place in which they were victimised. Visitors rarely are willing to return to the crime’s location to testify. Guest security is more than merely having police patrols pass by once a night or a burly bloke in a uniform on site. Security depends on professionals who are well trained, who understand the importance of customer service and how to differentiate between the security for individual guests and for visitors attending functions, conventions and events. But management and staff play a huge role in guest security. Housekeepers, those employees who spend a considerable amount of time in hotel hallways and guestrooms, need to be trained to keep an eye out for suspicious behaviour. Housekeepers should not be afraid to challenge people they see in hallways to show room keys. Housekeepers need to keep their eyes open for suspicious activity in guestrooms like noticing something unusual about a piece of equipment or luggage. This also applies to front office staff who may notice a bag left unattended for an unusual length of time. Anticipating risk in the accommodation security field is an imprecise art - one that’s grown increasingly difficult with the introduction of new technologies, regulations and global threats. No matter how big your complex is, seek professional assistance. It’s fine when things are going well - it’s when a security breach occurs that your problems start. And the outcomes can be formidable.

safety & security ss supplier profile VINTECH SYSTEMS

Wireless control that simply works


oteliers are challenged to keep abreast of both new and future initiatives. In-room wireless networking is an important innovation. Accommodation facilities that use Zigbee Alliance vendors are well placed to benefit from: •

Energy Management – The incorporation of intelligent energy management systems can reduce in-room energy consumption by over 25%.

Enhanced Guest Experience – Online systems allow for guest interfaces with HVAC, lighting and room automation. Guest profiles can be stored and set in advance. Guests can be notified via room TV or personal devices of events or messages.

Staff Management – All interfaces can be controlled remotely, saving resources. Staff efficiency is improved through real-time notification and automated reporting, so that, for e.g. If a guest checks out early or unexpectedly, Housekeeping can schedule changes quickly.

Automated Reporting Capabilities – The most important application from Management’s point of view is the statistical information and reports that can be generated and customised to assist with planning and Management; for example in relation to occupancy, energy usage and minibar sales.

A well-known brand of electronic locks is part of the ZigBee Alliance and utilises a ProStack standard in their locks to incorporate the Messenger™ system. Messenger™ converts stand-alone, battery-powered door locks into a real-time, bi-directional wireless access control network. The advantages of the Messenger™network is that it allows for seam-

less, high-level lock integration with a variety of third-party ZigBee Alliance compliant devices such as Zigbee intelligent thermostats to control HVAC, lighting controls, automated minibars and other wireless sensors to create greater room automation and customisation. This level of complete wireless interoperability between electronic locks, intelligent HVAC and lighting controllers, remote controlled curtains and sound systems, automated minibars and overall room automation has been undertaken numerous times with renowned reference sites such as the ARIA Hotel, part of the City Centre Complex in Las Vegas, NV (4,004 rooms) where over 120,000 ZigBee devices communicate wirelessly and Sydney’s Star City. What is the Zigbee Alliance & why use vendors that belong to it? Utilising vendors that are part of the ZigBee Alliance enables high-level, bidirectional interfacing with globally recognised manufacturers. By utilising Zigbee devices on existing fittings such as lights, sound systems, curtains, etc. a standard hotel room can be fully automated in around 2 hours. This eliminates the need for cabling and saves labour costs. If Hoteliers choose vendors that are all part of the ZIGBEE Alliance, they have full flexibility when it comes to using vendors and getting commercial quotations. They will then NOT be locked in to companies that have their own proprietary Zigbee protocols - and thus full control of price in the open market.

Electronic Door Locks

• Over five million locks installed globally • Contactless RFID technology using MIFARE Classic proximity communication • All locks manufactured in North America. BHMA, UL & ANSI Grade 1 certified; your assurance of quality! • Latest wireless communications technology such as NFC, RF, IR & ZigBee ProStack for full integration

• Messenger™ Wireless Lock Access Network System for real-time lock event notification and centralised access control • Proven high-level interface with leading third-party PMS, energy management and room automation technologies • 5900 event lock memory, Concealed MKO and durable materials including 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel on select models

Ph: +61 2 9472 2000 SUMMER 2014


m marketing Increasing Online Bookings:

Online credibility and you: how to manage your online presence WITH THE RISING TECHNOLOGICAL AGE, ACCOMMODATION MANAGERS AND CUSTOMERS ARE MORE CONNECTED THAN EVER. Managers today need to establish and control their online presence or risk losing valuable business. With all the different services available it’s easy to get confused so here is a quick and easy guide to managing your online industry presence. In 2014, there’s no such thing as an accommodation business without an online presence. Even if your bookings are done offline, you do not have a website or even a social media account, there will be some sort of outlet for customers to review your performance. There’s a reason the comedic premise of John Cleese’s Fawlty Towers is lost on a younger audience. The frequently verbally abused patrons of Basil Fawlty’s hotel would, today, post scathing reviews on TripAdvisor, putting the bumbling Basil out of business. Sure, back in 1975 it was all about impressing hotel reviewers to achieve higher star ratings, but now, anybody can be a reviewer, and managers must be vigilant in their self assessment and self improvement.

“Review and other social media sites are now essential tools for many travellers who are increasingly using them to share their customer experiences online and to research future trips. According to the TripBarometer by TripAdvisor, 93% of travellers said that online reviews have an impact on their booking decisions and 96% of hoteliers indicated that online reviews have an impact on travellers’ booking decisions,” said Brian Payea, TripAdvisor’s head of industry relations. According to those statistics the idea of an unconnected traveller is all but extinct. But TripAdvisor can be used to a hotelier’s advantage, or has Mr Payea puts it “the vast majority of consumers will expect hospitality businesses to have a presence online, and they will have a netter overall impression of the business if owners are able to demonstrate that they are listening and taking guests comments to heart.” Just because TripAdvisor is an outlet for consumers to communicate their opinions, does not mean that a modern hotelier cannot respond and react to what they are saying. “According to a ProCusWright study,” says Mr Payea, “78 per cent of travellers said that seeing a hotel management response to reviews makes them believe that it cares more about their guests.”

“...This means commenting on as many reviews as possible, thanking them for taking interest, visiting, and addressing all concerns and criticisms...”



Has reaching your customers become too complicated? The above may look impressive but in reality it’s not. The more bends or add on pieces in a pipe increase the risk of a blockage.

With HiRUM, all you get is one straight pipe. No third parties to stem the flow along the way, no sneaky bends to catch you out.

So why expose your business to these unnecessary risks?

One pipe, connecting your front desk straight to your customer.

HiRUM…We invented simple.

OS SO S OFT HOSPITALITY HOSPIT HOS H OSP PITALITY ITA IT ALITY LITY SOFTWARE SOF SOFTWAR TWAR WARE Call us now to discover why HiRUM is fast becoming everyone’s product of choice.

07 5574 4990

m marketing Increasing Online Bookings:

This means commenting on as many reviews as possible, thanking them for taking interest, visiting, and addressing all concerns and criticisms. Larger hotels may even want to create an employable role dedicated to Social Media Liaisons, so that there is a constant modern presence. Mr Payea adds that, “Of the Australian accommodations listed on TripAdvisor, 66% of at least one registered owner in the TripAdvisor Management Centre, this is where business owners need to be in order to take advantage of the wide array of tools and resources we provide to help them manage their reputation online and respond to the reviews they receive on TripAdvisor.” However, it is his belief that there is, “Room for growth as only 13 per cent of the accommodations listed on TripAdvisor have responded to traveller reviews in the last 30 days according to [his] data.” TripAdvisors stance is that Australian hospitality businesses need to harness and engage with the 260 million travelers which visit TripAdvisor each month if they want to use the site to “drive sales and manage their properties’ reputations online.” But let’s say you have handled sites like TripAdvisor in such a way that you are using your communication to drive sales. Let’s say it has gotten to the point where you have to set up last minute online booking systems and internet revenue channels. You have now penetrated the online market, but want an easy way to increase your hotel’s occupancy and generate a higher volume of online bookings without requiring a staff member to handle all the proceedings. You’re connected to last minute sites like Wotif, Expedia, Agoda and but often it’s difficult keeping up with all of them at once. You now have two options: You either need a channel manager or channel management software, or you need to increase your rate of direct website enquiries. Whilst marketing your website for increased traffic is a viable long term option, a channel manager will typically provide a range of benefits for an accommodation manager in the short and long term. It updates rates and availability information from each provider website, it automates internet revenue into one channel, it increases your sales presence allowing you to maintain more distribution channels and allows you to manage all hotels at once. But how can you choose the right interface for you business? Each system will provide a range of benefits and drawbacks, so this guide will outline two very different systems. Michael Kinloch, head of sales at SiteMinder, agrees with the notion that, “Hotel customers are increasingly booking rooms online.” For an accommodation provider that has increased its use of last minute booking sites, he would suggest using SiteMinder as a channel manager to your business to “maxi[mise] impact” and “give hoteliers the flexibility to list on more OTAs globally while eliminating the risk of over bookings and raising your hotel’s online revenue.” SiteMinder has a few unique advantages such as a, “Unique pooled inventory model”, “complete two-way integration to leading PMS/CRS” and “effectively and efficiently manage online inventory from one place, saving hours updating multiple websites.” SiteMinder also boasts reasonable pricing, with a free two week trial, no lock in contract and prices ranging from $59-$319 depending on the size of the hotel. SiteMinder has grown exponentially in the past few years, and Christopher Cooper, group director of revenue for Rocco Forte Hotels and long time client of SiteMinder has noticed. “I continue to be a strong ambassador for SiteMinder driven by their unrivalled, interfaced technology, which plays a significant part of the seamless distribution infrastructure at Rocco Forte Hotels. Additionally, SiteMinder’s strong



focus on customer service and account management is a recognisable USP to their business operation. Finally, the commercial model offered by SiteMinder simply makes absolute sense, offers real value and is a 100 miles ahead of any rival organisation. These consistent ‘ahead of the game’ deliverables is a clear reason why SiteMinder have enjoyed such a rapid explosion of growth across the globe.” But are there any other rivalling systems that are worth consideration? “Five years ago property management giant HiRUM developed the channel management software, HiSITE.” HiRUM’s Sylvia Johnston, explained that it was created when, “HiRUM recognised the need for a comprehensive yet simple tool to allow managers to update multiple online booking sites from one access point.” Ms Johnston points out that, “At the time there were only one or two products on the Australian market, neither of which really covered all of the features required by operators to simplify their daily tasks. HiRUM was able to determine very early on that the solution needed to provide functionality rather than connectivity, selecting only the channels that were truly yielding bookings to Australian properties.” HiSITE, she says, differentiated itself from competitors by, “Creating a channel manager so seamless that properties are able to input their rates and availability for anywhere up to 24 months in advance. Once loaded they can focus on servicing their guests, never needing to manage their inventory and pricing again for at least 12 months or more.” For Ms Johnston, the focus was on having a real time solution that “allows the software to think and act like the manager would” and it is her belief that “no other channel manager has been able to come close in matching [their] product.” In terms of the pricing, HiSITE comes with an overarching package from the company that developed the software. It is “still the most affordable channel manager product on the Australian market today,” that “comes down to the design of the end product, which in essence is an extension of HiRUM, so clients are able to benefit from multi product discounts when choosing their solution.” Customers will also get their money’s worth with HiSITE’s, “Direct to property bookings which are invaluable for repeat business.” Ms Johnston has big plans for the future development of HiSITE for property managers to look forward join the world of online reservations this year that the HiSITE team has spent five months planning for. Ms Johnston says “12 months from now the online space will be a very different market place and if you’re not using a solution that invests heavily in research and development then your business will be caught out and you will miss out on great money-saving opportunities.” Ms Johnston certainly does not believe that all channel managers are the same: “Now is the time properties should be reviewing their solutions and determining whether using third party add ons is really the best option for the long term. The additional costs involved with this method along with the technical issues which are a direct result of having lots of pieces of different software trying to talk to each other, are certainly outweighed by using one simple end to end solution.” Whatever your solution may be, a manager needs to establish and control online presence or risk losing valuable business. With the hospitality industry constantly under review and enquiry, it’s a hotelier’s responsibility to handle their online presence in a way that puts their hotel to the forefront of innovation within the industry. By Henry Clarke, Industry Reporter

marketing m supplier profile SITEMINDER

Little Hotelier. Everything you need to run your hotel


ittle Hotelier is an all in one accommodation management system specifically thought about, designed and built for B&B’s, guesthouses and small hotels. It’s packed full of clever technology without the hefty price tag.

many more. By advertising your property on these global travel sites you can significantly increase the number of qualified travellers viewing and booking your hotel.

Little Hotelier combines a Front Desk, Booking Engine and Channel Manager, to provide you with everything you need to manage your guests’ stay from reservation to check out and everything in between, and it can all be done seamlessly from one easy to view calendar page.

The great thing about Little Hotelier is that it is also mobile friendly, with the ability to take bookings from Facebook and mobile devices. It also offers your international guests multiple language translations, currencies and time zones to help them book with ease.

Increase Your Revenue

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With an increase of traveller’s booking accommodation online, it’s critical that you maximise your revenue potential, whilst also reducing the risk of overbookings. Little Hotelier’s 2-way Channel Manager will ensure that as soon as a booking is made, either online or through your front desk, your available inventory is updated in real-time.

One of the greatest benefits of Little Hotelier is that it is a cloud-based system. This means that you can access the system anywhere, at anytime with an Internet connection and you never have to be tied to your reception desk again!

This means that you can increase your revenue without the fear of an overbooking! And because Little Hotelier includes an Internet Booking Engine, any booking taken directly through your website will not incur a commission or a fee.

Easily login to your secure system from a remote location even when you are on the golf course or while getting a manicure!

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Little Hotelier connects directly to the world’s leading Online Travel Agent’s (OTAs) such as, Expedia, TripAdvisor’s TripConnect and

Little Hotelier is powered by SiteMinder; a brand trusted and used by 11,000+ properties worldwide.

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Everything you need to increase room bookings and generate revenue!

EVERYTHING YOU NEED to increase room bookings and generate revenue! All-in-one accommodation management system

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“Little Hotelier has simplified and streamlined our booking process. Gone is the need for huge amounts of paperwork with the guest database stored securely online. Inventory seems to manage itself and the risk of double bookings is all but gone.”

- Heritage Trail Lodge



m marketing Boutique Hotels:

Unique management option for small operators

The McCracken Country Club

OWNING AND OPERATING A SMALL (10-100 UNIT), INDEPENDENT ACCOMMODATION BUSINESS MAY BE EXCEEDINGLY REWARDING BUT IT CAN ALSO BE A SERIOUSLY CHALLENGING. Mum and Dad owner/operators in particular face very long hours doing everything from check-in through housekeeping, maintenance and front office to marketing, many without staff to ease the burden. Dad may be lucky to get a half-day to play golf once a week and Mum the same to catch up with the girls – otherwise it is a 24/7 hands on lifestyle.

compounds the health issues of the owner operators. The alternatives are taking on a partner, selling up or seeking help. Partnerships are fine but the business needs to be able to sustain two incomes. Selling up is an option taken by many but, if there is no capital gain there is not much point. Many owners bought during the peak times and to sell now would not realise the true value of their investment. This is especially so in the 50+ unit motel category.

Seeking help by joining with a recognised brand is always an option; one that can take over reservations, marketing, purchasing and social media. But many small accommodation businesses are built around a unique feature that does not fit in with the unswerving image Even those that can afford to employ staff are then Andrew Bullock that is dictated by a brand. Even the owners themselves confronted with WH&S issues, taxes, superannuation are part of the USP of a B&B, motel, resort or farmstay. payments, training, penalty rates, rosters, sick days – not And the cost of being part of a brand can be prohibitive for a small exactly a stress free life. operator. The economic climate, though better now that the GFC has ended, is Often the big brands don’t specialise in management for smaller still incredibly difficult for boutique accommodation providers. This can accommodation providers while the owners themselves feel their unique be compounded by insurance problems resulting from natural disasters businesses get dissolved into the sameness of the brand model. and the like, the ever increasing burden of compliance with the constant There is a company that hails from South Australia that specialises in the avalanche of legislation that pervades today – and that is before one management of smaller accommodation properties – mostly in the 30tackles local government intrusions. Not to mention social media 150 room range - on behalf of owners. In operation for over 20 years, you engagement, reputation management, sustaining quality workers or may have heard of them as Country Club Hotels & Resorts but last year worrying about online bookings and channel managers… they changed their name to 1834 Hotels [see box article] to better reflect There is little wonder that smaller accommodation operators regularly its diversification ambitions – both by business type and geographically. face the tired-manager or burn out syndrome. Once that infects, the business suffers as well as the health of the individual. It becomes a treadmill - tiredness and apathy means guests do not receive the special attention they need and expect so the business suffers and that, in turn,



Centered in South Australia, the company has now moved into the Northern Territory and is looking at operations in Victoria and New South Wales.

m marketing Boutique Hotels:

The Clare Country Club

Its formerly accommodation only focus has now diversified into other modes of hospitality, notably RSL clubs.

1834 provide an experienced management team with specialties in a diverse range of areas so that all functions of the business therefore benefit.

1834 Hotels - the accommodation arm of 1834 Hospitality - has established experience with both regional and city based locations and manages a network of individually owned motels and resorts on behalf of their owners.

Founder and CEO Andrew Bullock is deeply involved in the day-to-day individual management operations as well as the big picture administration of 1834 Hospitality. In doing so he stays regularly at each managed property, has fortnightly group conference call with General Managers to share information across the network as well as daily contact with his management teams to ensure smooth, quality management delivery.

These include properties as diverse as McCracken Country Club at Victor Harbor, the Adelaide Meridien Hotel & Apartments, Naracoorte Hotel and the John Pirie Motor Inn in Port Pirie. 1834 Hospitality provide hands-on, holistic management of the entire business (often using a general manager to run the property on owner’s behalf), including staff recruitment marketing, revenue, strategic planning and other areas of accommodation management.

Mr Bullock explains, “Smaller boutique properties are not really a market that is targeted by the larger hotel franchises. This is where 1834 Hospitality can step in and offer access to a skill set that these properties would not normally have ready access to. What we can offer is the reassurance and support of a network of properties that are all being managed by experienced operators and the marketing opportunities that go hand-inhand with a network such as this. “In addition, smaller hotels are then afforded additional resources and expertise from 1834’s industry specialists, such as a group executive chef, which they may otherwise not have been able to access. Under the management of a company such as 1834 Hospitality they (owner operators) are able to utilise an array of top class consultants to implement measures across their operations which can really make the difference in terms of business success.” Managed properties also enjoy an independent, outside perspective – some owners find it difficult to take a step back and look at their own business from another perspective – 1834 not only provides advice for changes but then actually works to implement them. The company helps owners to stay in front of the game – what new trends are out there, new technology as well as the experience to implement technology or practices that have been previously tried and tested.

The Apartments on George



And, being a smaller management company, it is nimble and opportunistic


so changes can be implemented much quicker as market influences dictate.

What’s in a name?

“By choosing to be managed by 1834 Hospitality, accommodation owners no longer have to worry about the day to day operations of their business. 1834 can run their property while they retain a passive income and are able to take a step back and virtually retire,� sys Mr Bullock.

Formerly known as Country Club Hotels & Resorts, the group decided to change this in mid 2013 under the direction of chief executive officer, Andrew Bullock, who felt that the Country Clubs brand no longer reflected the diverse portfolio of properties that the group now encompassed.

One example of such an arrangement is the Apartments on George with seven serviced apartments in Norwood that were being let by the owners with minimal online presence. Now 1834 Hospitality has started managing the complex, so owners no longer have to worry about reservation processes or meeting guests which is currently being administered in conjunction with the Adelaide Royal Coach in Kent Town, another 1834 Hotels property.

1834 Hotels is a company with a proud South Australian heritage. In deciding on a name, the company wanted to think a little outside of the box and searched for something that was truly reflective and representative of it’s humble South Australian beginnings. And what could be more representative than the very establishment of South Australia? Actually the first ships didn’t arrive to settle at Kangaroo Island until 1836. But well before South Australia was proclaimed in 1836, the British parliament passed the South Australia Colonisation Act in 1834, empowering the monarch of the time to erect South Australia as a British province and the plans for the New Colony of South Australia were released to the public. 1834, is therefore, a significant and symbolic year for the origins of the state and a fitting name to represent this growing and most successful company into the future.

Adelaide Royal Coach reception staff handle all guest reservations and guest key collections as well as provision for servicing and maintenance of Apartments on George. Essentially all the day-to-day operations are managed by 1834 Hospitality, so owners no longer have the operational burdens and can simply enjoy the financial benefits of their investment. As a result, Apartments on George also now has a far more efficient online booking facility, improved web presence plus exposure through other online distribution channels, meaning the owners’ investment continues to be enhanced.

Knowing what your guests want

has never been more important!


SMART GUEST REWARDS provides full guest reward management solutions, including:

! "*

• • • • • • • •

Guest Registration Direct Mail, Card Issuance Data Integration with existing systems, live or via upload Stand Alone Rewards websites Custom Reward Catalogues Email, SMS and Guest CRM Member Surveys and Profile Building Points or Cash Back Rewards

With over 15 years of loyalty experience ... you’re in safe hands! 1300 651 924 SUMMER 2014



m marketing supplier profile SILVERNEEDLE HOSPITALITY

Aligning with a successful franchise brand


ilverNeedle® Hospitality is one of Australia and New Zealand’s largest growing hotel networks with more than 60 managed and licensed properties, and two more under development. This network includes the NEXT Hotels®, SilverNeedle® Collection, Chifley®, Australis®, Country Comfort® & Sundowner® hotel brands which currently account for more than 4,000 keys across Asia Pacific. The innovative and progressive Singapore-based investment, management and development company recently announced the relaunch of one of Australia’s most iconic hotel brands, Country Comfort®. Since its inception 28 years ago, Country Comfort® has become recognised for offering genuine hospitality and providing business travellers with a home away from home. The new refreshed Country Comfort® builds on this identity and focuses on only providing the amenities and features that matter most to the time-pressed road warrior. The announcement of the Country Comfort® rebrand also included the launch of SilverNeedle® Hospitality’s new franchising platform, giving owners an additional arrangement for the brand alongside the current management and licensing options available. “Since franchising was pioneered in the 1960s, it has progressed a long way, becoming a very well-understood business model used globally in many sectors,” explains Sean Flynn, Executive Vice President, Brands at SilverNeedle® Hospitality. “Through its evolution, the single biggest change in the franchising industry around the past decade is the realisation that franchisors must align their interests with the franchisees’. Many “old-time” franchise concepts operate legacy structures that do just the opposite, ultimately causing immense friction with the franchisee community that they serve.” “A case in point is profit these “old-time” franchisors often obtain is from the capital expense incurred by the franchisees through rebates from suppliers mandated by the franchisor. For example, some franchisors require franchisees to purchase all the furniture, fixtures and equipment from a particular supplier, who, in turn, passes a monetary benefit to the franchisor. The franchisor stands to earn a substantial amount of money even before the franchisee’s business is open and operating. The franchisor can earn the same rebates on the operating consumables, such as F&B and stationery products. This is a major cause of friction in the franchise relationship.” “Modern franchisors like SilverNeedle® Hospitality with its Country Comfort® franchise business have been very careful to build a model that perfectly aligns the franchisor’s interests with the franchisees’. With Country Comfort®, SilverNeedle® Hospitality does not earn any fee or rebate from the capital expense or the purchase of any furniture, fixtures or equipment. As a franchisor, we negotiate the best possible pricing from suppliers, passing all the savings to the franchisees.”

Modern franchisors like SilverNeedle® Hospitality with its Country Comfort® franchise business have been very careful to build a model that perfectly aligns the franchisor’s interests with the franchisees. “Smart franchisors are satisfied with earning their income through the upfront franchise fee and subsequent royalty fees, while helping franchisees keep their opening and operating costs as low as possible. That makes for a happy and successful franchisee with whom a long and mutually beneficial relationship can be enjoyed.” Over the next 12 months, SilverNeedle® Hospitality will be actively engaging with current owners of the Country Comfort® properties as the brand undergoes its transition. The group will continue to pursue brand licensing opportunities yet will be increasingly selective of the properties signed to ensure that they meet the new brand standards. Once the transition is over, all Country Comfort® hotels signed thereafter will carry the new brand identity and logo. The new Country Comfort® brand features a new logo that pays homage to its origin, with the addition of a stylized feather as a nod to the original that features the Kookaburra bird. The new brand promise, Rest Today for a More Productive Tomorrow, acknowledges the demands on today’s road warrior, delivering what these busy travellers need most. What they don’t require will be removed so they will avoid incurring unnecessary expenses. The goal is to create an environment where the modern business traveller can recharge and refuel for the next leg of their business trip, starting the day with a highly productive mind set. “The refreshed Country Comfort® hotels will focus on delivering convenience, quality and value,” explains Flynn. “We promise the bestin-category sleep experience with quality amenities and an excellent shower experience, akin to a luxury experience in midscale hotel.” The new product offering includes a high-quality bed with 1,200-thread count sheets. With a hassle-free check-in and check-out, as well as productive working spaces, SilverNeedle® Hospitality believes that the new brand offering will ultimately cost its Country Comfort® franchise owners less to manage. The rebranded Country Comfort®, together with the new franchising business it will drive, will make a substantial contribution to the SilverNeedle® Hospitality’s goal of operating 100 properties by 2016.




housekeeping Guest Room Ironing:

Smoothing out the wrinkles IRONING EQUIPMENT AS A VITAL ASPECT OF A GUEST’S ROOM IS VASTLY OVERLOOKED BY MANY ACCOMMODATION PROVIDERS. Yet no matter how proficient one is at packing clothes into a suitcase, creases, folds, wrinkles and other unsightly effects are guaranteed. A quick iron before one heads off to an important meeting can restore scrunchedup clothes into high class looking garments. But if there is no iron in the guest room, it requires obtaining one from reception - if one is lucky - or, worse, abandoning any plans of looking at one’s best. It is also very annoying to find an iron but no ironing board! One then resorts to using a towel (often wet) on any flat surface to de-wrinkle one’s shirt or skirt; trying in vain to hold the towel in place, the garment on the towel and the iron in one’s hand. Not an easy task. Although ironing of garments had long been practiced in China, the electric iron was not invented until 1882, by Henry W Seeley. In 1858 W Vandenburg and J Harvey patented the first commercial ironing table and a truly portable folding ironing board was first on sale in Canada in 1875, created by John Porter. Irons and ironing boards are relatively low-cost items but accommodation providers should be beware of cheap, consumer models - they simply will not stand up to the attrition of an accommodation property. Investing

in good quality ironing equipment not only improves longevity, it is an excellent way of promoting this sense of final care and consideration to all guests. Furthermore, business guests have a more particular need for irons and, as a benefit to the hotel, if impressed by the consideration of the hotel, motel or resort for their needs, they are more likely to become frequent, well-established guests. The business customer needs to be catered to with quality garments needing quality care after the rigours of the suitcase packing process. The importance of quality, in terms of ironing equipment, is paramount for the success of an accommodation complex. Libby Sharp, executive housekeeper of 30 years, insisted “the biggest complaint from most hotel guests is ‘the iron left a rust stain on my clothes’, then it is a cost for the hotel to send it to the cleaners and have it cleaned”. “My professional experience [with ironing equipment] has always been a thorn in my side, I have always worked for five star properties and everything in the room is luxury till you open the cupboard and there is a cheap iron and Teflon ironing board cover with the strings hanging down and burnt foam underneath.” Accommodation providers need to purchase good quality irons that are maintained well. If an iron burns a guest’s clothes before a meeting or function due to poor maintenance the guest will look elsewhere in the future. Safety issues are important: for example, an auto-off iron switches off after a certain amount of inactive time - ideal when a business guest interrupts ironing for an important call or simply leaves and forgets to turn off the appliance. Keep the cord out of the way - many ironing boards have special lead holders that prevent ironing over the electrical flex or accidentally pulling the iron off the board. Wattage is also very important, as most accommodation providers today are mindful of their energy consumption. Ironing board covers need to be selected with care. Many cheap varieties are prone to sticking, tearing and simply slipping off the board. Go for quality. A reversible feature is perfect, when one side of a cover is worn the housekeeper can simply turn the cover over before needing to replace it. An all in one cover that provides padding is also essential, that way accommodation providers don’t need to be worrying about purchasing ironing board covers and under-foams or felts. But multi-layer covers do give the best results: thick 100% heavy duty cotton, supported by foam and felt layers or quality fabric like Dacron, with a snug fit will offer smoother gliding and better finish. Going one step further, consider an ironing board with shirt ironing ‘wings’, they do make shirt ironing easy. A hanging rail attached to the end of the board makes for convenient, safe place to store ironed garments while ironing. Top range accommodation providers should also consider having the hotel, motel or resort logo embroidered on the corner, this really helps with branding.

“...Accommodation providers need to purchase good quality irons that are maintained well...”



Accommodation providers should be wary of cheap imitation products. Long lasting quality products are what guests demand and save the accommodation provider both time and money in the end.


housekeeping In-house Laundries:


chemical and detergent supplier is also important. General advice is:

An efficient laundry system is one of the most important functions in an accommodation complex but may not be given the priority it deserves. Yet it should provide the little touches that guests will remember when returning to their room after a long day of sightseeing or business meetings – that feeling of soft, clean towels and freshly laundered sheets. Small features like that can leave a lasting impression. So, which system to choose? Processing laundry in-house means an accommodation provider retains control and consistency, while outsourcing to a reputable laundry company would avoid the initial set up costs. Some accommodation providers choose to do a bit of both however. For instance, a property might send its flatware out and launder towels, facecloths and robes in-house. Done correctly, an inhouse laundry system can be one of the most beneficial and cost effective investments a hotel, motor lodge or motel owner can make, contributing a substantial improvement in a property’s bottom line. Ancillary benefits of an in-house laundry include the greater flexibility to use high quality linen, matching the colour and décors of the establishment and less likelihood of being caught short of clean linen stock during busy periods or holidays when deliveries may be slow or non-existent from a linen rental company.

Have sufficient floor space for a well-planned layout, allowing for laundry pre-sorting areas.

Allow for an adequate installation and service area around the machines, plus room for a table for folding and sorting.

Separate clean and unclean sides, preventing the possibility of cross contamination.

A practical step is to match the dryer to the washing machines. The dryer size should be determined by the size of the washing machine. For instance, a medium sized motel might use a 20kg frontload washing machine, and then match that with a 20kg dryer. (Note: the dryer drum size is roughly 2½ times that of the washer) The reason is that if a wash cycle takes 30 minutes, it makes sense to have a dryer that takes less than 30 minutes per wash load so a bottleneck is not being created in the system. And when purchasing equipment, the old adage applies – you get what you pay for. It is always well worthwhile to pay a little more for good quality equipment, which could save thousands of dollars over the life of the machine. Miele is one of the best known German manufacturers of commercial and industrial laundry equipment. For over 100 years it has enjoyed a reputation for manufacturing some of the best equipment on the market, including: •

High spin speed washing machines from 6.5kg for personal linen right through to 32kg

Matching tumble dryers

Barrier washing machines

Flatwork ironers

If a coin-operated laundry is chosen, it can be a useful stream of revenue. They are upgrading their image. Latest trends in America are showing them becoming far more pleasant, relaxing places for customers than they used to be.

Steam, electric or gas heated rotary ironers

However, whatever system is chosen, installing in-house laundries in accommodation properties needs a great deal of consideration before expensive equipment is purchased. Those in the business agree that an in-house laundry system must be well designed, equipped with correctly sized quality equipment supported by the supplier, and operated by well trained staff. The assistance of an experienced

“Before setting out to install or upgrade an in-house laundry, those in charge should consider choosing quality appliances with a great brand reputation and excellent service back up and support. This will ensure that the laundry care processes runs smoothly in the background so that you can deliver the experience your guests are looking for, says Miele’s head of professional in Australia, Cliff Thompson.

You can also provide an extra in-house service for your guests’ shirts, outer-wear or sport wear if required.



All Miele laundry appliances are tested to the equivalent of 30,000 operating hours that equates to around 15-20 years usage if used for eight hours per day, for 250 working days per year.

It takes a machine this tough to produce a towel this soft

Miele Professional washing machines, tumble dryers and rotary ironers are the perfect partner for your inhouse laundry. Miele Professional laundry machines are engineered to keep on running – wash after wash, year after year. Simple to use, all machines meet the most important guidelines and legislation in Australia. So you get outstanding results for years to come. Call 1300 464 353 Visit


housekeeping In-house Laundries:

“ in-house laundry system can be one of the most beneficial and cost effective investments a hotel, motor lodge or motel owner can make...”

He advises them to be careful to make sure that the equipment they choose not only washes and dries the laundry efficiently but does so with maximum economy. For instance, he said some modern equipment is capable of saving considerable amounts of staff time, energy and product usage on what was available just a few years ago. “With continual improvements in water and energy savings, the very latest laundry machines can be run using electricity, gas, steam – or in some cases alternative energy sources such as solar.” He points out that as part of a new Miele laundry range, a unique Honeycomb drum ensures thorough cleaning combined with maximum textile care, whilst giving the user the ability to change programme parameters such as wash rhythm, wetting and drenching, and spinning. The washing machines can also be operated with water recovery systems if required for additional water savings, and the dryers are equipped with an air recycling system which re-uses 60 per cent of the warmed air in the drying process for additional energy savings, he said. And with pests such as bed bugs becoming a major problem with accommodation providers internationally, Thompson says an onpremise laundry with a customised Miele solution offers perfect cost benefit efficiency combined with total infection control. “Hygiene and cleanliness is the key to welcoming appeal for your guests. Bedding and towelling is vital for first impressions, and there are no second chances for first impressions.” Speed Queen is the largest and oldest manufacturer of commercial laundry equipment in the world. The company began in 1908 in Wisconsin, where it is still based. It produces a wide range of equipment, from home models to coin operated front and top load washers that a motel guest would use, up to large industrial washers and dryers designed for high volume hotel operations. Speed Queen Australia supplies equipment throughout Australia including spares and service back-up. Business development manager Mark Stathakis, says when considering the purchase of new on-premise laundry washing machines, the two main decisions are the size (output required) and whether a ‘hard mount’ or ‘soft mount’ machine would be best. “The size of the equipment is important to ensure the laundry runs efficiently. The biggest cost in an in-house laundry over time is labor. If your new equipment is too small to handle the volumes generated, the laundry will be operating longer than it needs to, creating additional



labor costs. Hard mount machines are the workhorses of the laundry industry, they have a more attractive price point and are usually more than adequate for small to medium hospitality laundries. Soft mount machines are more specialised pieces of equipment with the main advantage being much higher extraction speeds. This really comes into play if a property is processing large amounts of towels or heavy terry items, such as robes. The extra moisture extracted from a soft mount machine can significantly reduce drying times, saving both labor and energy costs. “The other advantage of soft mount machines is their relative ease of installation over hard mounts. A hard mount machine has the outer drum fixed to the frame and, as a result, must be installed on a sound concrete floor using structural anchors. Soft mount machines need only be lightly affixed to any rigid floor surface and can even be installed on the upper stories of larger buildings.” But the lower purchase price of a hard mount machine is usually the deciding factor for most owners, Mr Stathakis said. David Bampton, technical sales manager added, “The choice of dryer for your new laundry is more often than not a simple matter of selecting the right size to match your new washing machine. The correct size is a dryer that can process a full load from your washing machine in the same time it takes to run a wash cycle.” In addition to washing machines and dryers, Speed Queen also offers hotels ironing machines for serviettes and table linen, another way to make the in-house laundry operate efficiently. “Pre planning is also a crucial part of ensuring your new or refurbished laundry will work efficiently and cost effectively. Speed Queen does as much pre-planning as possible, using customised laundry design software, ensures the work space is utilised efficiently and that all technical aspects, such as ducting, drainage etc are all in the ideal place,” Mr Bampton says. In summary, when considering a laundry upgrade or new install, it is essential to do extensive research, drawing on advice from those who are most knowledgeable in the industry. Use innovative technology and design that not only makes life easier for your guests but is better for the environment, reduces utility costs, and also has the potential to not only save money but increase passive income. How well you plan can make a huge difference in the long term in overall profitability. By Brent Leslie, Industry Reporter

džĐĞĞĚŝŶŐĂůů ĞdžƉĞĐƚĂƟŽŶƐ͘ Beyond delivering the best equipment* available for your laundry, we’ll provide you with complete laundry design# ĂŶĚŚŝŐŚůLJĐŽŵƉĞƟƟǀĞĮŶĂŶĐĞŽƉƟŽŶƐ+. A few of the ŵĂŶLJǁĂLJƐǁĞĐŽŶƟŶƵĞƚŽĞdžĐĞĞĚLJŽƵƌĞdžƉĞĐƚĂƟŽŶƐ͘ * Speed Queen has delivered quality laundry equipment, renown for durable and reliable long-term performance, for over 100 years. η KƵƌƐŽƉŚŝƐƟĐĂƚĞĚƚĞĐŚŶŽůŽŐLJŽƉƟŵŝƐĞƐůĂƵŶĚƌLJĚĞƐŝŐŶƚŽƐƵŝƚLJŽƵƌƐƉĂĐĞ͕ŝŶĐůƵĚŝŶŐ ƵƟůŝƟĞƐ͕ǀĞŶƟůĂƟŽŶĂŶĚŽƉĞƌĂƟŽŶĂůĞĸĐŝĞŶĐLJ͘ н EĞǀĞƌĐŽŵƉƌŽŵŝƐĞŽŶƋƵĂůŝƚLJ͘EĂƟŽŶǁŝĚĞĮŶĂŶĐĞŝƐĂǀĂŝůĂďůĞ͕ǁŝƚŚŚŝŐŚůLJĐŽŵƉĞƟƟǀĞ rates on 36, 48 and 60 month terms, customised to meet your budget and requirements.



housekeeping Outsourcing Cleaning:

There’s more to it than just saving costs TO MANY ACCOMMODATION PROVIDERS THERE IS AN AVERSION TOWARDS OUTSOURCING OF HOSPITALITY FUNCTIONS, LIKE REVENUE MANAGEMENT OR CLEANING DUTIES. It seems acceptable to outsource reservations or land and building maintenance functions, why not other areas? There are very real advantages that come with outsourcing. Outsourcing cleaners can take the hassle out of ensuring a property is well maintained. But how do contract cleaning companies, for example, guarantee quality control, flexibility of staffing levels and a strong working relationship? Accommodation complexes are particularly suited to outsourcing activities, given the high labour content and the volatility of occupancies against economic cycles. Benefits of outsourcing may include achieving and profiting from the following: specialisation – that is to say an outsourced company solely concentrates on those activities in which the company has an established capability; flexibility – or the ability to adjust the scale and

scope of production upwards or downwards at a low cost and rapid rate; and, ultimately, cost savings. One of the main benefits accommodation managers discuss is that a fixed cost per room allows for accurate profit forecasting against occupancy as they are not subject to variable or higher costs due to slow production rates or staffing issues. Outsourced suppliers only charge for the number of rooms returned and not for the number of hours taken. Outsourcing also removes the risk of non-productive labour being added to the cost of the room as the price per service is fixed for the room cleaning component of the contract. It should be noted that gains in efficiency don’t automatically lead to lower quality and that’s a commitment your outsourced service provider has to make and deliver on. Most accommodation providers have a standard mechanism that regulates the minimum (or consistent) level of cleanliness and presentation that all guests should expect. Site-specific manuals are developed jointly between the accommodation manager and outsourced service provider to ensure the brand integrity or property standard is maintained.

George, Henry & Hetty. Vacuum is their middle name.

They come from the well-known family of Numatic. So you know they have the best pedigree and are as tough as nails. When you take on a famous name like Henry, Hetty or wet’n’dry George, you’ll be smiling too. Call the experts on 08 9410 9588 or visit us at



The cleaning solutions people


In the event the accommodation property experiences extremes in high and low season occupancies, careful consideration is given to the ratios of permanent versus casual housekeeping personnel. Most experienced outsourced operators run ongoing recruitment promotions to ensure adequate staffing levels and maintain a resource pool for changes in occupancy. Customers are demanding, and getting, more attention to the problems and issues they see or perceive, and commercial cleaning is in the spotlight more than most. With a single glance anyone can tell whether a carpet has been thoroughly vacuumed or spot cleaned, bathroom or kitchen surfaces cleaned and sanitised. Other benefits from outsourcing include: • All training is conducted at the expense of the cleaning contractor and therefore saves the accommodation provider on training costs. • Support of a trained team flexible with changes in occupancies. • All costs that affect the accommodation provider’s premiums such as workers compensation, public liability, payroll tax etc are all reduced. Outsourcing when done correctly can provide an accommodation provider with an efficient housekeeping team. While the same benefits of training, meetings, quality cleaning can be achieved.

“...a fixed cost per room allows for accurate profit forecasting against occupancy...”

The main benefit obviously is cost. When you outsource there are no costs of superannuation, sick leave, compensation and annual leave. Housekeeping is a labour intensive job, so you are going to have compensation claims and sick leave can be high. Outsourcing saves time as an accommodation manager can budget the housekeeping department based on occupancy. Time saved as there are no recruitment costs or time for training. The contract cleaning company does it all. The quality is maintained by the contract company; the executive housekeeper will be experienced and dedicated weekly inspections to ensure 100% quality and support are the norm. Housekeeping can only be successful if the team work and support the accommodation manager, hotel team and industry.

Housekeeping Solutions

Other Services:

Naks Property Services P/L can provide housekeeping services with minimal guest disturbance using the latest modern equipment available.

• • • • • • • • •

Naks housekeeping services include hotel room cleaning, vacuuming, window cleaning and polishing. Hotel carpet cleaning can be provided throughout a complex. Health spa and fitness facilities can be cleaned on a scheduled basis, including washroom, spa and treatment rooms. Naks can remove hotel waste and provide regular or ad-hoc overnight deep cleans in hotel and restaurant kitchens. And our clients' properties are cleaned to an outstanding degree of cleanliness and can provide flexible plans depending on guest numbers and most suitable times.

Tile & Grout Cleaning Carpet Steam Cleaning High Pressure Cleaning Vinyl Strip & Sealing Upholstery Cleaning Roof Cleaning Window Cleaning Water Damage Repairs Kitchen Detail Cleaning

NAKS Provides: • Staff Training & Certification • Quality Control & Assurance • Occupational Health & Safety Reports

• Human Resource Management • Environmental Management • Safety & Risk Management Assessments

For more information contact 1800 727 903 or SUMMER 2014




housekeeping Trolley Technology:

Choosing the most suitable housekeeping trolley IT IS DIFFICULT TO IMAGINE OPERATING A HOTEL OR LARGE MOTEL WITHOUT GOOD HOUSEKEEPING TROLLEYS, WHICH THESE DAYS COME IN A WIDE VARIETY OF MODELS AND MATERIALS AND FOR A WIDE VARIETY OF USES. Chosen and used wisely, they can be enormous time savers for staff and contribute greatly to their job satisfaction. And those factors can make a huge difference to the cost-effectiveness of the business. Chosen badly, housekeeping trolleys can lead to staff frustration and waste a lot of time and money. At the most basic level, there is little that is more annoying than a trolley that is heavy to push and does not steer easily in the direction you want it to go. Ergonomics is another important factor here. Housekeeping staff might be using trolleys all day every day and any form of strain or injury is something any competent manager will be keen to avoid, particularly if it involves difficult to cure back problems. And yet a trolley must be spacious enough to comfortably carry the items the staff member will need for the job at hand. If it is too small to carry all the mops, brooms, buckets and other cleaning utensils and products they will need – meaning an annoying return to the cleaning cupboard – the trolley’s cost-effectiveness will rapidly go out the window. Another consideration for a trolley should be the material it is made from. Steel may give greater strength but also increased the weight in comparison to plastic, wood and aluminium. Durability is a major factor. Even after several years’ usage, trolley downtime and costly repairs can rapidly alter housekeeping economics. In short, they should be robust enough to give many years of service but not so large and heavy that they become a burden to use. Where a trolley is being used to carry cleaning products and chemicals, some form of spillage is inevitable. How will the product react with the surface material it comes into contact with? A thoroughly tested design is also important. Staff will want their tools and products all stored in a single, highly mobile trolley fitted out with shelves and waste receptacles for convenient transporting of cleaning equipment and materials to wherever they are required. There should be specific shelves for cleaning products, cleaning cloths, dusters, polish, scourers, bin bags etc. Ideally there will be a bin bag holder for waste material and space for mop bucket, wringer and vacuum cleaner. Where removing waste is one of the duties of the staff members concerned, pedal operated lids help prevent odours and insect problems. These lids can be colour coded to identify types of waste required to be kept separate. Multiple storage options, optimisation of space, quality of finish and user comfort must all be blended seamlessly into the one piece of equipment. Inevitably, trolleys will need to be cleaned from time to time. Easy to clean surfaces with no difficult corners to harbour germs and bacteria will make this process much faster and less of an irksome chore. Yet, although the housekeeping trolley should fulfil quite a number of practical factors like these, aesthetic considerations are also very important. While guests will not normally be in their rooms when a housekeeping trolley is wheeled in, they will certainly pass them in corridors or see them in other guest rooms with open doors as they pass by. That trolley’s appearance will help form their impression of where they are staying. If it looks untidy or dirty, it will not reflect well on the



“...they should be robust enough to give many years of service but not so large and heavy that they become a burden to use...”

establishment concerned. If it looks neat and modern, guests will notice. Matching trolley colours with the overall colour scheme of the premises would be wise. As with any form of room service, housekeeping should be discreet, efficient and tidy. Where storage space is at a premium, models that are capable of being folded up may be a sensible choice as they can become significantly more compact. Cleaning products and chemicals - Maintaining housekeeping standards in any reputable establishment is going to entail the use of quite a number of cleansers and applicators, all of which will need to be carried on the same trolley. Although ‘green’ cleansers are much likely to be used these days, it would still be wise to make sure that they are safely shut away out of sight and, more importantly, out of harm’s way. While it might be unlikely that small children would ever have the chance to gain access to a chemical that could harm them, it is at least theoretically possible and the consequences would be devastating. Make sure it cannot happen by having locking cabinet doors on both sides of cart. While each housekeeping manager will have their own rules and systems, there are some accepted international guidelines when it comes to cleaning guest rooms which give a good idea of what a trolley should carry. Bathroom: Use several rags to prevent cross contamination. Spray the bathtub and shower walls with bathroom cleaner, and wipe them down with a rag.


Rinse with water if the chemical you use requires rinsing. Change the shower curtain if it is dirty. Spray the toilet and seat with bathroom cleaner, and wipe it down with a different rag. Spray bathroom cleaner in the sink bowl and on the vanity surface. Use a new rag to wipe the vanity surface first and then wipe the sink bowl. Spray glass cleaner on the mirrors and wipe with a new rag. Replace rubbish bags, toilet paper, towels and other amenities provided by the hotel. Guest’s room: Clean the mirrors, windows, TV and phone in the guest room with the glass cleaner. Wipe down any hard surfaces of furniture such as the desk, dresser, nightstand, lamps, headboard and inside of drawers. Remove stains from the carpeting or upholstery with a cleaning product made specifically for carpeting and upholstery. Replace rubbish bags and all other items provided by the hotel, such as laundry bags, laundry slips, do-not-disturb signs, in-room guest guides, and chocolate for the pillows. Remove all rags and cleaning products, vacuum the carpet, and spray the room with air freshener. If this system is properly followed, guest complaints should be very few. Still, it adds up to quite a load that has to be routinely fitted onto an average housekeeping trolley. By Brent Leslie, Industry Reporter

Neat on wheels.

There are many reasons NuKeeper housekeeping trolleys are renowned. For one, they’re incredibly clever, with massive storage and cleverly designed compartments. Add this to their heavy-duty 200mm soft ride castors and all round bump protection and you’ve got – hands down – the best-performing housekeeping WUROOH\DYDLODEOH1RWWRPHQWLRQWKHUHDUHDUDQJHRIVL]HVDQGFRQÀJXUDWLRQV available. The neat trolley, available from the clever cleaning people. Call the experts on 08 9410 9588 or visit us at

The cleaning solutions people





housekeeping Ethically Sourced Amenities:

Guests want ethically sourced, sustainable amenities AS INCREASING NUMBERS OF TRAVELLERS BECOME MORE ENVIRONMENTALLY AND SOCIALLY AWARE, ACCOMMODATION PROVIDERS ARE FINDING THEY NEED TO MEET THE GROWING DEMAND FROM GUESTS FOR ROOM AMENITIES THAT ARE ETHICALLY SOURCED AND SUSTAINABLY PRODUCED. Accommodation providers are able to access ethically sourced products thanks to the activities of Fairtrade International that runs a unique certification system that includes minimum prices ensuring the costs of sustainable production are covered. The system helps to reduce poverty and empower producers in developing countries to improve the quality of life in their communities. A spokesperson from Fairtrade Australia and New Zealand, which is a full and active member of FLO, told AMG the unique, independent Fairtrade system benefits more than six million people from 77 countries – farmers, producers, workers and their families. Fairtrade provides farmers and others in these developing countries with a fair price (the Fairtrade price) for their produce, helping to protect them from fluctuations in world market prices. The farmers also receive a sum of money, known as the Fairtrade Premium that they are able to invest in various community development projects such as educational and medical facilities. By using Fairtrade products, accommodation industry operators are providing a new and developing supply channel for the farmers that, in turn, expands the market for the products and the benefits their sale provides. The benefits to operators of using Fairtrade products is that it provides them with a credible way to ensure their trade and the consumers purchasing their services will have a positive impact for farmers and workers in developing countries, the Fairtrade ANZ spokesperson said. The range of product categories has increased in Australia and New Zealand and now covers 19 product categories, and recognition of the Fairtrade mark has continued to grow since its implementation in Australia and New Zealand 10 years ago. As the principles of Fairtrade become more widely understood and accepted, operators across the accommodation sector have access to an increasing selection of ethically sourced and sustainable products. New Zealand-based company Health Pak Ltd, for example, produces a full range of Fairtrade beverage sachets as well as guest hair and body care products that create a revenue stream for NGOs in the area of conservation and work with indigenous youth. According to Health Pak’s Jimi Kennedy-Grant, it is currently the only manufacturer that produces a full range of Fairtrade products. “We have been producing our One Fairtrade range for almost three years; however, we have been developing ethical products for well over a decade in the form of organic and locally sourced products. Likewise, our boxed items, shower caps etc are all made using 100 per cent recycled cardboard and have been for over a decade now. When you make one million products a day, like we do, you have a responsibility to ensure you do everything within your power to minimise the impact that has on the environment.” Mr Kennedy-Grant said the One Fairtrade range had proved extremely popular as it offered accommodation providers the opportunity to get Fairtrade certified products into their rooms at a very low unit cost. “One Fairtrade started out with motels and hotels taking one or two Fairtrade items to add to their existing beverage offering to be seen to have something



Fairtrade in the room but more and more we are seeing properties making a stand and ditching the non-Fairtrade products and going exclusively with the One Fairtrade range.” The increase in guest demand for such products has dramatically raised awareness of ethical and environmental issues in the supply chain for hoteliers, Mr Kennedy-Grant said. “Guests are very aware of the issues around child labour and the carbon footprint of products shipped from overseas and are looking more and more for a locally made alternative.” In New Zealand, Health Pak’s Forest & Bird range of guest hair and body care products have seen unprecedented growth since they were launched just over two years ago, Mr Kennedy-Grant said. The popularity of these products with guests has an environmental spin-off as well, with 5 per cent of all sales going to the Royal New Zealand Forest & Bird Society. The society’s development manager David Bellamy said like most charities in New Zealand, F&B had to work hard to fundraise for the income it needed to protect the environment, support the conservation of endangered and vulnerable species and “to advocate on behalf of all that makes New Zealand such an amazing place to live”. “We have a broad income base that includes support from a range of corporate partners that share our values. The income from Health Pak is really valuable as it helps to support our work across a range of issues, habitats and species,” Mr Bellamy said. “I think relationships like the one we have with Health Pak are absolutely essential. Beyond the financial dimension, it is important that environmental and conservation organisations such as F&B work with the corporate world to support them to develop good corporate citizenship practices. It is also about educating the corporate sector that the pursuit of a healthy bottom line and good corporate environmental responsibility are mutually reinforcing concepts and not mutually exclusive. “It is about educating the public as well that many businesses really do care about their impact on the environment and are actively taking steps to be as environmentally sustainable and sensitive as possible. Health Pak is an excellent example of this ethos and a great case study,” Mr Bellamy said. One organisation that has opted to offer ethically sourced and sustainable products in its properties is Staywell Hospitality Management Ltd.


housekeeping Ethically Sourced Amenities:

When the company converted five hotels to its Park Regis and Leisure Inn brands, it approached Health Pak looking for locally manufactured products with an ethical focus. It chose to provide its guests exclusively with Health Pak’s One Fairtrade beverages and Forest & Bird hair and body care products. Staywell’s sales and marketing director Melanie Ranoa told AMG that where the company had a choice when working with suppliers, it believed in promoting sustainability and supporting developing countries. “It is giving back support to local communities and raising awareness in the global campaign of promoting good practice in international trade. Guests support and recognise our own contribution in this social responsibility program, with some corporate entities we partner with as clients requiring that we enlist with a similar certification of participation,” Ms Ranoa said. Australian guest supply company Swisstrade has recently launched a range of hotel toiletries with Fairtrade ingredients, in response to what it saw as a discrepancy between the growing number of Fairtrade food and beverage products and the much more limited offering in toiletries, principal Roland Funk said. “Fairtrade products in the food and beverage sector are becoming more and more popular. Interestingly, however, they do not yet have much of a presence in the hotel bathroom,” Mr Funk said. The new Swisstrade body care range, branded as Fair Trade, was launched in Australia in November 2013. Mr Funk said his company had identified an increasing demand for ethically made products in the retail sector and wanted to expand this trend to the hotel industry. “The fair treatment and provision of fair payment to farmers and workers in third world countries is a global issue, which filters down to many facets of our daily lives. Many consumers here in Australia as well as the rest of the first world want to consciously contribute to the fair treatment of disadvantaged people around the world, and rather than donate money that often never reaches the intended recipients, accommodation providers now have the choice of doing the right thing and contribute their part by using products with an emphasis on fair trade ingredients. “This commitment resonates strongly with today’s guests and reaps rewards in various ways, such as favourable feedback on travel websites, word-of-mouth recommendation as well as return guests,” Mr Funk said. The company’s Fair Trade brand of toiletries contains ingredients with the focus on fair pay, social commitment and organic farming, he said. “The shower gel and shampoo contain raw sugar cane from Mauritius, the formulations of the body lotion and conditioner includes Brazil nut oil from Bolivia and the soap boasts avocado oil from Kenya. “The production of the raw materials used in our Fair Trade toiletries range is guaranteed to comply with international standards. Furthermore, the farming families who grow these raw materials receive an assured minimum wage, irrespective of the world market price. The added value is then used to improve the local infrastructure, education and health. “Thus, the new Fair Trade series is a true alternative for hotels whose top priority is quality while operating with economically and socially sustainable methods. Needless to say, we have also refrained from using colouring



agents, parabens, silicone oils and formaldehyde releasers. Alcohols such as diethanolamine (DEA) and triethanolamine (TEA) with the potential for skin irritation are not used either. The pH-neutral formulations are very well suited for people with sensitive skin due to the natural composition, and it goes without saying, they are not subjected to animal testing.” Health Pak Ltd has worked closely with Corporate Connect AB in Australia to develop Ritual Australia, a range of guest hair and body care products made from more than six different indigenous botanical ingredients – one each from different geographic locations around the country, the company’s Jimi Kennedy-Grant said. “But most importantly, through a percentage of sales, the products will contribute directly to the work of Corporate Connect AB in linking the corporate sector to Aboriginal community projects, which seek to achieve economic independence at the local level.” The company also produces a Ritual New Zealand range, which contains botanical ingredients from around New Zealand. “The Ritual ranges were introduced in early 2013 and we have found that hotel guests love having local products that contain ingredients that come from close to where they stayed,” Mr Kennedy-Grant said. “This is true of both international and domestic guests. They just love the idea of using something from the region they have chosen to visit and the products invariably make up an integral part of their stay.” Within the next few months Health Pak plans to launch a new range of Fairtrade bathroom amenities.“Not only are these certified Fairtrade, but the plastic bottles are also 100 per cent made from milk bottles that are collected, ground up and then we produce brand-new cosmetic bottles out of them,” Mr Kennedy-Grant said. Both Mr Funk and Mr Kennedy-Grant note that the Fairtrade and sustainable products offered by their respective companies are slightly more expensive than standard products but say the quality of the products, guest response and the ethical standards underpinning their production makes the extra cost worthwhile. “If you are comparing them to the cheapest imported products, then yes they will be more expensive,” Mr Kennedy-Grant said. “If, however, you are comparing them to a quality product of similar features, advantages and benefits, then the cost differentials will be very small. There will always be a premium placed on these products by guests and the small increase in price actually represents outstanding value for money for the accommodation provider as the guest perception is far higher than the minimal increase in cost.” Mr Funk said that like organically grown vegetables or eggs from free range chickens, Swisstrade’s Fair Trade toiletries carry a slightly higher price than standard amenities. “However, with the inclusion of the Fairtrade ingredients and the German-based production of this range, the hotel guest is getting pampered not only with an absolutely top-quality product, but will also appreciate the ethically conscious attributes of this beautifully fragranced and presented amenities range.” By Christine de Felice, Industry Reporter

housekeeping supplier profile SWISSTRADE PTY LTD

Make the ethical choice and pamper your guests with FAIR TRADE toiletries


air trade products are already very popular in the food industry and the retail sector, but do not yet have much of a presence in hotel bathrooms. Now, Australia’s leading hotel supply company Swisstrade has launched the all new toiletries line FAIR TRADE, the first hotel range to contain fair trade ingredients. Fair Trade means focus on fair pay, social commitment and organic farming. The production of fair trade products is therefore guaranteed to comply with international standards. Furthermore, the farming families receive an assured minimum wage, irrespective of the world market price. The added value is then used to improve the local infrastructure, education and health. Thus, the new FAIR TRADE amenities collection is a true alternative for hotels whose top priority is quality while sending the important message to their guests that they are supporting an economically and socially sustainable world.

Furthermore FAIR TRADE toiletries do not contain artificial colorants, parabens, silicone oils or formaldehyde releasers. Alcohols such as diethanolamine (DEA) and triethanolamine (TEA) with the potential for skin irritation are not used either. As a result the pH-neutral formulation is therefore very well suited for people with sensitive skin due to its natural composition and – it goes without saying – not subjected to animal testing. The new FAIR TRADE range is now in stock and available. Call us today for an obligation free quote and samples. Alternatively please visit or call us on 02 9979 1500.

The Shower Gel and Shampoo of our FAIR TRADE range contain raw Cane Sugar from Mauritius, the Body Lotion and Conditioner includes Brazil Nut Oil from Bolivia and the Soap boasts Avocado Oil from Kenya. These intensely nurturing ingredients make a strong argument for this purely plant-based hotel cosmetics line.


Ethical choicE

in Body carE.

PO Box 553, Newport Beach NSW 2106 Tel: +61 2 9979 1500 Fax +61 2 9979 2555





housekeeping Guest Amenities:

Keeping things simple! ALONG WITH FRIENDLY AND PERSONALISED SERVICE, WHAT CAN SET YOUR ACCOMMODATION APART FROM ITS COMPETITORS? For one thing, the range and choice of amenities that you offer to your guests can have a serious impact. Guests love amenities: they like to discover surprises when they open the door to their room and they crave luxury. To keep your guests interested you need to make an effort to provide more of they want and less of what nobody will miss. You can do this most effectively when it comes to choosing the right amenities. High-end guests expect to be spoilt and pampered; nothing says indulged more than being offered a beautiful array of complimentary soaps, shampoos, cosmetics and other personal items. A clever choice of luxury products can make even the most ordinary accommodation feel more luxurious as the more indulged a guest feels when using the products, the more memorable their experience will be. The most discerning guests expect more than just a home away from home experience when visiting a luxury accommodation: they demand sophistication, quality, decadence and even something unexpected. Can upgrading to fancier toiletry lines really help you boost your accommodation’s appeal to travellers and enhance its reputation? Some popular accommodation chains believe that it can. For instance, a hotel that partners with an exclusive salon brand of hair care product can offer guests the confidence and familiarity of their favourite brand. Guests increasingly expect much more from their amenities package and a familiar branded amenity can make a huge impression on those travellers who already stock their bathroom with high-end brands.

de Cheri range from Healthpak

However, branding is not just about providing your guests with familiarity and confidence, it is also about how you project your accommodation’s social and corporate accountability. Providing the right brand of amenities can go some way toward showcasing the philosophy of your business. When choosing the perfect brand match for your amenities, it is a good idea to make a list of which brands reflect your business philosophy, then cross match those against a profile of a typical guest’s brand preference. Finally, you must look at what your closest competitors are offering and go for something a bit different or, ideally, more superior. Most importantly, you need to find a trustworthy industry supplier. Generally, most high-end accommodation providers are very conscious about the choice of amenities and brands they offer their guests. You should aim to use premium brands in order to keep your guests happy and ensure their return, time after time. However, when it comes to mid-market or boutique hotels, this may not be the case, due to the current economic climate. The cost of gifted products may well be an issue for less-expensive providers and it may be necessary to reduce the quality of the amenities range on offer or indeed provide nothing at all. From my recent experience as a guest travelling in Europe, down grading amenities is a huge mistake.

The 1 Skin Solution amenity range



I recently stayed with two large budget hotel chain competitors - both guest rooms cost exactly the same amount and both were clean and comfortable but one hotel chain provided basic good quality natural products in refillable containers: a natural body wash, a conditioning shampoo and small quality toothpaste; the other provided nothing but a small bar of soap.

housekeeping supplier profile SWISSTRADE PTY LTD

AVEDA – pamper your hotel guests with the famous Cult Brand

TRUSSARDI – Italian Elegance for the luxury hotel bathroom



Offering AVEDA products in your hotel bathroom, lets you pamper your guests at the highest level with a world famous retail brand and most importantly a guaranteed ‘Wow-Effect’. AVEDA uniquely supplies identical products in their hotel toiletries range as you would purchase in a retail store or hair salon. Aveda’s Hotel Collection offers beautiful naturally derived fragrances and luxurious formulations that appeal to both men and women. Ingredients include Aloe Vera, Witch Hazel and Grapefruit seed, Coconut, Jojoba and many other organic ingredients and fragrances.

TRUSSARDI’s hotel range is everything a discerning guest could desire. The modern formulations of this skin-friendly line include the finest, vegetable based raw materials and truly pamper hair and skin. The Shower Gel and Shampoo even contain natural skin-identical lipid replenishers. All products have a skin neutral pH level and no synthetic colouring agents, parabens, mineral oils or silicones are used.

VEDA is a world renown hair & skin care brand, which is built on the finest quality ingredients and environmental responsibility. The AVEDA brand was founded with the goal of providing the beauty industry with high performance, botanically based products that are better for the consumer, as well as for the planet. Today, AVEDA’s plant-based hair care, skin care, makeup and lifestyle products are available in exclusive AVEDA stores around the world and in close to 7,000 professional hair salons and day spas in 24 countries.

wisstrade’s latest designer line TRUSSARDI offers your hotel guests a luxurious sensorial experience. Its fragrance, its superior ingredients and sophisticated bottle design reflect the glamour and style of this luxury brand. Italians are known around the globe for their sophisticated elegance and outstanding design. The TRUSSARDI brand in particular, is famous for its luxury fashion accessories and leather goods that effortlessly combine contemporary and traditional style. The iconic fragrances of this world-renowned couture label are now also available for the hotel bathroom.

AVEDA and TRUSSARDI products are now in stock and available. Call us today for an obligation free quote and samples. Alternatively please visit or call us on 02 9979 1500.

THE ART AND SCIENCE OF PURE FLOWER AND PLANT ESSENCES Pamper your hotel guests with a truly international brand that represents hair and skin care at the highest level. AVEDA is a world renowned brand which stands for natural ingredients, eco-consciousness and quality. • AVEDA products are free of Artificial Colourants, Parabens, Mineral Oil, Formaldehyde, Paraffin, Petroleum Products, Silicone Oils, Diethanolamine, Sodium Lauren Sulfates. • AVEDA products are formulated with green ingredients sourced from organic, sustainable or renewable plant-based origins. • AVEDA products are available only to first-class and luxury properties which meet Aveda’s requirements and standards.

PO Box 553, Newport Beach NSW 2106 Australia Tel: +61 2 9979 1500 Fax +61 2 9979 2555





housekeeping Guest Amenities:

The Trussardi range from Swisstrade

Which hotel do you think I then chose to return to again while on my touring holiday? Good quality amenities equal customer satisfaction and in a competitive market, keeping your guests happy will most definitely make the most difference to your bottom line. When considering what type of amenities to provide for your guests, it’s not always about luxury. Guests want good quality products, not necessarily the most expensive and they are increasingly more aware of their impact on the environment.

The Natural Essence range from Expresso Services

Modern guests are also generally more health conscious and aware of the dangers of chemicals that lurk in some products. Therefore, they tend to look for natural, organic, sustainable ingredients as well as recyclable packaging.

The Pure range from John Batman Group



housekeeping supplier profile 1 SKIN SOLUTION “...most high-end accommodation providers are very conscious about the choice of amenities and brands they offer their guests...”

Your skin, One Solution

A growing expectation from guests is that more ecologically friendly products should be provided. A study by Gilchrist & Soames, a leading luxury hotel amenities company that services properties around the globe, identified toiletry trends in 2013. According to Tim Kersley, senior vice president with the company, “Hoteliers will be continuing to focus on packaging, formulations and options for sensitive skin.” They discovered that guests want greener packaging options, natural ingredients and credible formulations form their toiletry collections and cosmetic ranges. As the industry follows its guests’ ever evolving tastes and comes to realise the accommodation point of difference may be showcased through its amenities collection, the companies supplying amenity products will have to continue providing more varied and exciting choices. The opportunity for accommodation providers to select, change and upgrade their amenities package is essential. So you have done this, you have made a change, you have identified your “matching” brand and you have provided your guests with more green choices but you are desperate to stand out from the crowd. How do we stand out from the crowd? I hear you cry. You could implement some more unusual amenity ideas... Perhaps you could introduce a soap concierge to provide your guests daily with a choice of fresh handmade soap. Or perhaps you could employ a sleep concierge to provide different types of pillows and essential oils on demand to aid your guests’ sleep. Alternatively you could provide a range of unique locally handmade potions and lotions to surprise and delight. Then, there is my personal favorite idea, the gift of antimicrobial, eco-friendly, and all-natural neem twigs like those that are handed out at hotels in India, for guests to brush their teeth. No? You aren’t convinced by these very unique ideas? Perhaps there is a simpler solution. You can stand out from the crowd simply by providing that extra special high quality choice in your amenity range; you know the one your guest really wants! Perhaps that old acronym KISS applies here, Keep it simple stupid, and simple is exactly what your guest is looking for. By Mandy Clarke, Industry Reporter


Skin Solution is an Australian made and owned skincare and lifestyle brand. We are all about eco friendly and cruelty free.

Hotel guests associate hotel toiletries with being pampered and expect a luxurious experience when using the products provided. At 1Skin Solution we therefore believe that the reputation of any hotel or resort spas is influenced by the quality and presentation of their bathroom amenities. Our selection of hotel toiletries includes beautifully presented bath and body products for selected hotel and resort spa’s. We also have a retail range of the products for Spa or gift shop to complement the range. All of our products are eco friendly, vegan, certified cruelty free and made in Australia. Products include natural shampoo, conditioner, body wash, natural soap, body lotion and bath crystals. All of the products contain fresh natural botanicals and essential oils. We also offer 100% customized lip balm and candles for promotional corporate gifting.

Hotel guests associate hotel toiletries with being pampered and expect a luxurious experience when using the products provided. At 1 Skin Solution we therefore believe that the reputation of any hotel or resort spas is influenced by the quality and presentation of their bathroom amenities. Our selection of hotel toiletries includes beautifully presented bath and body products for selected hotel and resort spa’s. We also have a retail range of the products for Spa and Salon to complement the range.





Lime Thyme Body Wash 30ML, Bath & Shower Crystals 50G, Vanilla Bean Body Cream 30ML, Vanilla & Cinnamon Hair Shampoo 30ML, Vanilla & Rosewood Hair Conditioner 30ML & Bar Soap

1800 033 082 • The London range from Amenities Australia







supplier profile HEALTHPAK




ntroducing Ritual guest hair and body care products, proudly made in Australasia by Health Pak Ltd exclusively for CorporateConnect.AB Pty Ltd (Supply Nation Certified). With indigenous active botanical ingredients sourced from virtually every part of the country, Ritual is a totally new concept in guest hair and body care products for domestic and international guests wanting to experience the very best that Australia has to offer. Revenue generated via Ritual sales enables Corporate Connect.AB (CCAB) (a Supply Nation Certified organisation) to work with businesses, government agencies and Indigenous communities. Our mission is to take practical approaches, tailored to business and community needs, to provide ongoing support to achieve sustainable outcomes.


his delicious cocktail of fruit scented hair & skin care products is inspired by the decadent delights of fresh fruit sorbets.

Light, natural and very moreish. The scents of lemon, apple, tangerine and vanilla. Like all our products, we use the same base in Sorbet as we do in our Kennedy-Smith salon exclusive range, so you know your guests are simply going to love it.

De Cheri Classic


ot only have we reinvented the design, we’ve also reformulated the products to include botanical extracts of Bergamot and Neroli to leave your hair and skin smelling wonderful, and feeling unbelievably smooth and nourished. The new range includes all the old favourites, plus a few exciting new extras... such as a Bath Bag Infusion, Exfoliating Body Scrub, and a Thermal Mud Mask.

Natural Earth


ecycled and recyclable packaging combine with salon grade formulations containing AMH Manuka Honey to bring you an environmentally conscious range. We’ve decided to make our Natural Earth range even better. Not all honeys are created equal, and we’re upgrading our formulations to contain only the very best there is, AMH! In what we believe to be a world first, we are manufacturing our Natural Earth hair and body care products using Active Manuka Honey.

For samples and pricing, please contact your nearest Bunzl representative or Health Pak on 1300 652 282, or visit




housekeeping supplier profile JOHN BATMAN GROUP


printing on the boxes, the plastic bottles are recyclable and the tubes are manufactured using D2W.

Enriched with a special combination of mild cleansers, natural ingredients, subtle fragrances and soothing properties, along with classic and contemporary designs, the collections emanate effortless style for any establishment size and decor. All of the John Batman Group amenities collections have been created with a strong environmental focus. The liquids and soaps are biodegradable. The boxed items are made from a blend of virgin and recycled paper, vegetable based inks are used for the

Wastage has a huge impact on the environment so various sizes of liquid items, soaps and multi packs are available and each of the bottles and tubes feature a hygienic security seal, which provides excellent cost savings and reduced waste benefits. In an industry where presentation and quality is everything, your guests are sure to be impressed with the JBG Hotel Guest Amenities collections.

ure Vitality, Tranquille Essence, Everydae Essentials, Revitalise Naturals – these renowned hotel guest amenities brands are synonymous with luxury and quality. John Batman Group’s guest amenities collections have been carefully considered and developed with a focus on the needs of both the accommodation provider and the end user.

The Pure Vitality collection features clean lines, contemporary tubes and classic styling. Emanating effortless style for any establishment size and décor, the Pure Vitality collection provides guests with simple, stylish and luxurious offerings. The Pure Vitality soaps and liquids are enriched with natural ingredients and chamomile renowned for its moisturising properties. With a warm soothing fragrance and a hint of coconut to indulge the senses, the Pure Vitality collection makes a statement. The Pure Vitality collection includes: 30ml liquid tubes, sachet & boxed soaps, boxed accessory items.

The Everydae Essentials collection combines cool fresh colours with a soothing and calming fragrance. The economical Everydae Essentials collection includes the option of Conditioning Shampoo and Shower & Bath Gel in compact tubes and bottles, or in cost effective sachets. Combining natural ingredients, aloe and vanilla extracts, renowned for its soothing properties, the Everydae Essentials range leaves the hair and body feeling refreshed and lightly fragranced. The Everydae Essentials collection includes: 10ml liquid sachets, 15ml liquid tubes, 20ml liquid bottles, sachet soap, sachet accessory items.

Presenting classic bottles and a contemporary design, the Tranquille Essence collection is aqua inspired with ocean blues for relaxation and rejuvenation. The Tranquille Essence soaps and liquids are enriched with natural ingredients and chamomile renowned for its moisturising and enriching properties. With a cool, fresh fragrance and a hint of melon to indulge the senses, the Tranquille Essence collection is sure to impress. The Tranquille Essence collection includes: 30ml liquid bottles, sachet & boxed soaps, boxed accessory items.

Inspired by the calming colours and fragrance of lavender, the Revitalise Naturals range has a warm and relaxing effect. The Revitalise Naturals soaps and liquids are enriched with natural ingredients and Vitamin E to nourish and revitalise, leaving the skin delicately fragranced. The collection includes stunningly presented amenity items in high gloss white tubes along with classically presented accessories which exude elegance and style. The Revitalise Naturals collection includes: 30ml liquid tubes, pleat wrapped soaps, boxed accessory items.

For more information on any of the John Batman Group guest amenities collections, please visit the website at or Freecall 1800 339 439




John Batman Group’s hotel amenity ranges include a selection of liquid care products in eco-friendly biodegradable tubes, bottles and sachets. Various sizes of liquid items and soaps are available and coordinating accessories complement each collection. Security seals minimise wastage and offer peace of mind to guests. Enriched with natural ingredients, subtle fragrances and soothing properties, the fresh and exciting ranges have been tailor made to please the most discerning guest without the discerning price tag. Bulk cartons cater for mid to large size venues. John Batman Group also caters for venues that do not use sufficient amenities to purchase in bulk quantities.

The exclusive Multi Packs containing small quantities of five in demand items (shampoo, conditioner, body lotion, soap and shower caps) are perfect for small accommodation providers. An Australia wide distributor network provides accommodation operators the opportunity to buy locally to support their community and economy. Free delivery, customer reward programs, superior customer service, an online store and a host of other room collateral, backed up by over fifty years in the industry, makes John Batman Group the only choice for guest amenities.

ADDRESS: 48-50 Charter Street, Ringwood, Victoria, Australia, 3134 Postal: PO Box 726, Ringwood, Victoria, Australia, 3134 Phone: +61 (03) 9879 8588 FREECALL: 1800 339 493 Facsimile: +61 (03) 9879 8688 Email: Website:


housekeeping Amenities:

Trends in hotel amenities CHANGE IS INEVITABLE, ESPECIALLY IN THE HOSPITALITY INDUSTRY AND THE HOTEL AMENITY TRENDS IN 2014 MIGHT LEAVE HOTEL GUESTS FAMILIARISING THEMSELVES WITH AN ENTIRELY NEW HOTEL EXPERIENCE. Recent news reports indicate that some hotels are no longer providing traditional in-room amenities, like the mini-bar. ABC News reports the first mini-bar made its debut in a Washington DC hotel but the home of the expensive and tiny bottles of alcohol might be a thing of the past. A recent TripAdvisor survey found that only 21 per cent of participants listed the mini-bar as an amenity they care about. Popular accommodation chains like Hilton, Hyatt and Marriott have announced they are phasing out the mini-bar, deciding the cost of the mini-bar is greater than the benefit. Other in-room amenities might be going the way of the mini-bar. The Wall Street Journal global trend reports show that certain hotels may now offer basic toiletries, such as shampoo, conditioner and soap or body wash as a luxury, not a standard. That means future hotel guests might have to pay for something that was once considered a complimentary staple in a hotel room. Logic would suggest this is a cost saving strategy however, when you consider the cost at room level per night, eliminating bathroom amenities is often a saving of less than $1. Unlike the mini-bar, I predict many accommodation providers will weigh the saving against the cost to the guest experience and ultimately come to the conclusion

that eliminating or even reducing guest amenities from hotel bathrooms isn’t logical. While tiny shampoo bottles might be gone in the New Year, guests will likely come across new in-room amenities such as dumbbells or jump ropes. Hotel brands from Kimpton to JW Marriott are increasing their health and wellness options that guests can enjoy in the privacy of their rooms. Omni Hotels’ Get Fit Kit offers exercise equipment such as stretch cords and kettle bells to loyalty guests who have made this request in their profile.

Michael Matulick

Today, the hotel guest is increasingly seeking a health and wellness experience and that extends into traditional amenities as well. Bath and body products are no longer just about nice bottle shapes and pleasant fragrances. Shampoo, conditioner and lotions must also appeal to the guest’s overall experience and make the guests feel their wellness is better off because they’ve used the product. The importance of health and wellness extends beyond hotel guests themselves. Recent surveys find that guests prefer hotels that appear to contribute to the Earth’s well-being and sustainability. Accommodation providers all over the world are going green in the amenities they offer.

Hotels want eco-friendly amenities, with earth-friendly packaging and formulations. Featuring Eartherapy by Concept Amenities.



housekeeping supplier profile CONCEPT AMENITIES

Six tips to choose bathroom amenities


oncept Amenities, an Australian market leader with 30 years of industry experience, shares what to look for in a supplier:


“...Bath and body products are no longer just about nice bottle shapes and pleasant fragrances...”

High quality products Seek paraben-free formulations; RSPO soaps and a dedicated quality control team Competitive pricing A larger, experienced company can offer lower prices through longer established supply relationships and volume purchasing Innovation Offer the latest in amenity trends Team players A supportive team interested in long-term relationships A conscience Doing something positive for the world. A good reputation… “For many years, Concept Amenities have worked directly with our corporate office and our Franchisees nationally on the importance of environmentally sustainable amenity products which we launched to our many hotel guests. Their passion, knowledge, support and charity work sets them apart from their competitors and we look forward to working with them for many years to come.”


3. 4. Some accommodation providers now supply free parking to guests who arrive in hybrid cars. Amenities in guest rooms are also becoming more eco-friendly, sourced from natural ingredients and with earthfriendly packaging.

5. 6.

Choosing accommodation complexes that are environmentally conscious is more than just about feeling good. Hard facts show 95 per cent of bathroom amenities waste will end up in local landfill. With this clear understanding, a handful of guest amenities suppliers support new biodegradable packaging that has replaced regular plastic materials.

– Vince Coffano, Supplier Partner Manager, Choice Hotels Australasia Pty Ltd

However, guests wishing to do their part for sustainability should proceed with caution. As the industry continues to improve its awareness and education around eco-friendly products, hotel guests can continue to expect a “green wash”. Many accommodation providers have unsubstantiated claims that they reduce their negative impact on the environment. They do so to bring in responsible hotel guests but never back up their claims.

S I M P L E • S O P H I S T I C AT E D • S T Y L I S H

Product claims should continue to be better validated and tested. It is the responsibility of the hotel guest to ensure hotels validate their claims to keep them accountable. It is also the responsibility of the accommodation provider to be 100% transparent in their sustainability efforts. Product development will continue to be driven by the true innovation and leaders within each respective product category. It’s no longer just about the product but about the packaging materials, the supply chain footprint, the waste mineralization, and the carbon impact, among other environmental factors. Environmentally conscious guests might be happy to know that the newspaper delivered to their door every morning might not have to be printed, since it might be replaced with an iPad. Some accommodation providers are offering guests tablets loaded with daily newspapers, hotel information and the ability to make reservations to on-site hotels. It’s part of a tech savy trend that makes free wi-fi a given. A SmartBrief survey in September 2013 shows that nearly 57 per cent of travellers will not book a hotel if it doesn’t include free wi-fi. Another 26 per cent said they would only do so if they can write it off as a business expense.

Michael Matulick - has been at the helm of Concept Amenities as CEO since 2009. He is part of Australia’s new generation of business leaders and has more than 15 years of experience in the global hospitality industry.

Toll Free 1800 810 476 AMG_ECO_150114

In 2014, hotel guests can expect greener and leaner hotel amenities. In the changing landscape of hotel amenities, the challenge is not just to embrace that change, but to champion it.

Exclusively from C O N C E P TA M E N I T I E S . C O M





housekeeping supplier profile EXPRESSO SERVICES


Natural Essence



The unique feature in the range is the exfoliating oatmeal soap, which is available in a sachet or presented as a ribbed bar with paper collar. All of the packaging used on Natural Essence is recyclable and the shower caps and sanitary bags are presented in unbleached cardboard pillow packs. The earthy colour palette and tea tree scents used are sure to leave a lasting impression with your guests.

The updated tubes with gold flip caps complement the classic style of the Beaumont wrapped soap products with the timeless white accessories rounding out this renewed range. Beaumont features plant based soaps and in addition to being completely recyclable, the tubes are now also 100% biodegradable. Beaumont pampers your guests with lemon grass and green tea scents in the hair and body products.

Natural Essence range includes: Ribbed oatmeal soap (20g), Flow wrapped soap (15g), Pleat wrapped soap (20g), Shampoo tube (30ml), Conditioner tube (30ml), Conditioning shampoo tube (30ml), Bath gel tube (30ml), Body lotion tube (30ml), Conditioning shampoo sachet (10ml), Boxed Shower Caps, Sewing / Vanity Kits and Boxed Sanitary Bags.

Beaumont range includes: Flow wrapped soap (15g), Pleat wrapped soap (20g &40g), Shampoo tube (22ml), Conditioner tube (22ml), Conditioning shampoo tube (22ml), Body wash tube (22ml), Body lotion tube (22ml), Conditioning shampoo sachet (10ml), Bath gel sachets (10ml), Boxed Shower Caps, Sewing Kits, Toilet Seat Seals, Sanitary Bags, Shoe Shines, Dental Kits, Shaving Kits and Vanity Kits.

Vacchii Signature Collection


he Natural Essence herbal product range is formulated to cleanse and hydrate your guest’s hair and body.

ou called for it and we answered. The Beaumont range has now been revitalized by a new range of easy to squeeze tubes.



This contemporary collection features silver paper wrapping around the high quality Australian made soap. The silver caps on the uniquely shaped 30ml bottles and the matching silver boxes for accessories complete the look, while fresh floral scents are pleasing to the senses.

The striking teal and white cardboard packaging, soap packaging and clear tubes feature illustrations of sea shells, fish, sea horses and other marine creatures. All of the Marine packaging is recyclable. The Marine tubes feature a refreshing tea tree scent.

The Vacchii Signature Collection includes: Pleat wrapped soap (20g &40g), Shampoo bottle (30ml), Conditioner bottle (30ml), Conditioning shampoo bottle (30ml), Bath gel bottle (30ml), Moisturiser bottle (30ml), Boxed Shower Caps, Sewing / Vanity Kits, Sanitary Bags and Dental Kits.

The Marine range includes: Flow wrapped soap (15g), Pleat wrapped soap (20g), Shampoo tube (30ml), Conditioner tube (30ml), Conditioning shampoo tube (30ml), Bath gel tube (30ml), Body lotion tube (30ml), Conditioning shampoo sachet (10ml), Boxed Shower Caps, Sewing / Vanity Kits and Boxed Sanitary Bags.

acchii Signature Collection is a sleek and stylish range of hair and body products that will impress your most discerning guests.

arine is a bright and refreshing range for properties that embrace their coastal location.

For more information and to see the extensive product range contact Expresso Services, Freecall 1800 656 612 E or visit









LE 0A D% AB 0 GR E 1 D BIO













elegant & sophisticated

For information on products or distributors in your area

FREECALL 1800 656 612 Email:


housekeeping supplier profile AMENITIES AUSTRALIA

Sprout Out




sophisticated approach to nature-inspired bath and body products, the BeeKind™ Collection delivers iconic branding, clever copy, and an environmental alternative to plastic bottles.

ith wit and whimsy, Sprout Out® will surely captivate your every guest. Hand-drawn type and fanciful prose impart not only a personal touch, but personality.

The BeeKind™ Collection features Gilchrist & Soames’ Signature Formulations, which contain no parabens, phthalates, petrol-derived ingredients, mineral oil, urea, DEA, TEA or propylene glycol. They do contain food-grade, naturally derived USP glycerin, and natural conditioning agents from honey and the brassica plant. The BeeKind formulations are also free of any artificial colours or dyes.

The Sprout Out® Collection features the Gilchrist & Soames Naturally Kind™ Formulations combined with certified organic extracts of rooibos, cardamom seed, yarrow and ginseng to gently care for the skin and hair.

With a fresh lemon verbena fragrance and extracts of honey and certified organic extracts of red clover, calendula, lemongrass and chamomile, BeeKind is as soothing as it is stylish. A portion of the net profits of this product supports honey bee and sustainable pollination research.

The green citrus and herbal fragrance perfectly captures the scent of a leisurely stroll through an English garden. Indulge and delight in products that are good for you and good for the environment. Gilchrist & Soames’ Naturally Kind™ Formulations contain no sulfates (SLS/SLES), parabens, phthalates, petrol-derived ingredients, mineral oil, urea, DEA, TEA, DMDM hydantoin or propylene glycol.


Spa Therapy



Antioxidant-rich botanicals—red tea, soy, gingko biloba, grape seed, and milk thistle, renowned for their beneficial attributes, combine in a dynamic blend to restore and revive.

Infused with marine extracts of Japanese sea kelp, sea fennel, sea lettuce, sea salts, and aloe vera, your guests will turn their bathrooms into personal spas. These botanicals are recognized for their moisturizing and emollient properties as well as anti-inflammatory, soothing, and antioxidant benefits, combining to impart a healthy glow to skin and hair.

ophistication and style are now encapsulated in a complete package of understated elegance; crisp, clean, and tailored to fit the needs of today’s genteel traveler

The London Collection features Gilchrist & Soames’ Signature Formulations, which contain no parabens, phthalates, petrol-derived ingredients, mineral oil, urea, DEA, TEA or propylene glycol. They do contain food-grade, naturally derived USP glycerin, natural conditioning agents from honey and the brassica plant; and soybean and cottonseed oil, instead of petrochemicals. We’re also committed to cruelty-free development and vow to never test our products on animals.

ater, the essence of life; cleansing, moisturizing, purifying. Immerse yourself in the purities of Spa Therapy

The Spa Therapy Collection features Gilchrist & Soames’ Signature Formulations, which contain no parabens, phthalates, petrol-derived ingredients, mineral oil, urea, DEA, TEA or propylene glycol. They do contain food-grade, naturally derived USP glycerin, natural conditioning agents from honey and the brassica plant; and soybean and cottonseed oil, instead of petrochemicals. We’re also committed to cruelty-free development and vow to never test our products on animals.

For more information and to see the extensive product range contact Amenities Australia Tel 02 9620 9888 E W




energy & resources Case Study - Varsity Towers:

Campus accommodation reaps benefit of prepaid meters THE TOP NOTCH ESTABLISHMENT, VARSITY TOWERS PROVIDES PURPOSE BUILT ACCOMMODATION FOR STUDENTS AT BOND UNIVERSITY ON THE GOLD COAST. All 328 fully self-contained studios and apartments are designed to optimise stress-free student living with their stunning views of Lake Orr, golden beaches and city skyline. The 350 plus students who live at Varsity Towers are very lucky to have Rex Fitzgerald as their building manager.

“...There has been a 35% reduction in energy consumption by residents” and “the body corporate are overjoyed with the 30% reduction of their yearly $300,000 electricity bill...”

Rex is a problem solver, a very forward thinking and proactive manager who had a problem with the increasing amount of electricity being used at Varsity Towers. Motivated to reduce power consumption, decrease the ever-increasing electricity bill and increase the building’s environmental efficiency, he searched for a solution. At first Rex felt helpless; the residents were using unlimited electricity as part of their rent and not being mindful of their usage. According to Rex, “walking along an empty corridor in the middle of the day, you would need a jumper to keep warm because the cold air from the air conditioning units pumped out from under the doors of each empty room”.



He looked at several solutions in an attempt to address this issue but ultimately chose Prepaid Meters Australia to install meters because they offered a holistic, tamper proof and educational experience as well as a guaranteed usage reduction. First of all, Rex needed to work out what a fair allocation of electricity would look like for each student. With the notion that each student who moved into Varsity Towers would be given a yearly allocation of electricity as part of their contract, paying for any extra electricity used. A trial was undertaken to decide on a fair allocation figure, this was done by recording the electricity usage of an “average”, energy mindful, resident over a period of three months.

In February 2012 Dimitri Katsimberis at Prepaid Meters Australia installed the prepaid meters to each room and he noted, “The process was easier than expected”. The biggest challenge for them was to get approval for the system from the body corporate - this required establishing a good working relationship, effective communication and a system demonstration. He explained that prior to installation, the body corporate had one meter and one bill that they paid a percentage of and they distributed the remainder of the bill between lot owners.

Managers – Have you given away the ownership of your water and electricity rights? Body corporate and owners unite and reclaim the utility rights to your building today whilst reducing living costs and ensuring that all owners, residents and tenants live hassle free from rising utility prices.

✔ We will bring all owners and residents together to buy electricity as a group which means: 1) Better pricing of utilities than in other buildings (up to 20% cheaper than the retail rate) 2) Levies will come down 3) Living costs will come down 4) No need to join any other buying groups 5) All owners and residents will stand together as a group to buy bulk electricity 6) The building’s utility manager can constantly look for a good deal on the residents’ behalf to help them hedge against rising prices

End User Benefits

What will we do to help put the power back in your building’s hands?

1) Each lot will have a visible display so that owners and residents are able to visualise how much they are using at any point in time and hence monitor, measure and manage their consumption 2) Each owner and resident will save up to 20% off their normal consumption as they are able to control their utility destiny 3) Owners and residents can budget easily by buying electricity upfront 4) No more surprise bills 5) Owners and residents will only pay for the electricity their lot uses using the fairest billing system on the market 6) All owners and residents will live together in a harmonious, happy and healthy living environment where there are no disputes over utilities ✔ We will provide all residents with a fair pay as you use utility solution which means: 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6)

No more unfair utility consumption bills Owners and residents will not receive a bill Owners and residents only pay for the utility they use Heavy users will not be subsidized by conservative users No more billing disputes over usage No more arrears

✔ We will empower all residents by giving them access to a user friendly online utility portal which means: 1) Owners and residents can transparently check and manage their utility destiny at any time from anywhere in the world

How will we help you? At your building we will help the owners corporation or body corporate to: 1) Buy electricity at a bulk rate and on-charge these costs to the owners and residents at a discount by owning the metering infrastructure internally 2) Increase savings which means more money to go to maintenance and improvement of the building 3) Charge less levies as less money will be required to compensate for body corporate costs 4) Lock in an energy rate for a certain period and hedge against future price rises 5) Avoid administration and legal costs associated with chasing delinquent users of utility 6) Accurately measure the common area and lot usage 7) Avoid disputes

Body Corporate Benefits

✔ We will equip all owners and residents with their very own energy monitor which means:

Ultimate Solution

Type 1

Type 2

Type 3

No Bills


Behaviour Change 20%*



Paying 20% Below Retail*



Reduced Kwh Used/Day




Reduced Cost/Kwh


Reduced Overall Service Fee Cost/Day


Knowingly pay for what you use




Reduced Admin Fee Cost/Day




Meter Owned



In-House Usage Display




Transparent 24/7 Online Account Access




No Signup Fees




No Deposit


Reduced Cost Kwh


Reduced Overall Service Fee Cost/Day




No Arrears



No Office Collection Costs



Reducing Body Corporate Levies


Bargaining Power


Reduced Admin Fee Cost/Day




Type 1: Multiple Electricity Supplier (ES), Electricity Supplier has installed individual Lot Meters, Electricity Supplier is billing. Type 2: One Electricity Supplier (ES), Electricity Supplier has installed Bulk Meter, No individual metering. Type 3: One Electricity Supplier (ES), Electricity Supplier has installed Bulk Meters, Privately Owned (PO) Individual Metering. Benefits after Implementation of the Prepaid Meters Solution for all Building Types.

So what do you have to do?

Call 1300 880 375 for a FREE 1 hour consultation (Valued at $450)

* These are indicative figures and may be subject to change


energy & resources Case Study - Varsity Towers:

After the implementation costs, there’s still one bill but due to each room having a prepaid meter, individual usage can now be monitored and charged fairly. The system, Dimitri explains, is beneficial for all multi-dwelling building types those with or without meters and includes meters that are privately owned or provided by the energy retailers. The system offers many advantages, it removes all bills, meter reading costs, arrears and administration required to invoice and collect funds, this completely removes the financial risks associated with collections and arrears from the body corporate and it improves cash flow. The $100,000 plus savings it created, he points out, can now be used for reducing levies and or adding further value to the building. All utility billing disputes are removed as the system offers each resident transparent access to their bill, putting the power back in their hands. The building’s carbon footprint will also be reduced, he advises by more than 30% thus demonstrating the residents’ commitment to a cleaner and greener environment. A very clever monitoring system was put into action then, where all tenants are given a 20-digit token code that activates the meter upon arrival and are each credited with 4.5kWh for each day of their stay. This means that for a 15-week lease or 105 days, the figure totals 472.5kWh of credit.

On top of his or her allocation, each resident is given a 5kWh emergency reserve. Credits can be purchased at any time via a web-based portal, phone or a payment kiosk. The meter located in the room has an LCD screen that counts backwards from the credited amount. It clearly shows the current electrical usage and the balance remaining. The meter will warn guests when it is low by displaying an exclamation mark (!) giving the tenants time to purchase more credits. A red LED light flashes in accordance with the tenant’s energy consumption, so the more electricity they use the more it will flash. This immediately alerts the residents to any excessive usage. This is a clever reward system that effectively changes guest behaviour. The results, according to Rex, have been outstanding. For him, the aim of this project was never to curb the comfort or lifestyle of the residents but to educate and increase awareness of their energy usage and 18 months later, Rex is proud to confirm that the installation has been a huge success. He explains that when the prepaid meters were first introduced, a proportion of the residents were in uproar. They assumed it was a revenue raising exercise but within a very short time they realised that the electricity allocation was very fair and they liked that they could clearly visualise their personal electricity usage and could self regulate. He says, “It took one week for the residents behaviour to change, they became much more energy conscious and they started to turn things off!”

• Bathroom mirror light U/L tested and compliant to AS/NZS Standards • High quality waterproof long life LED and power supply • Vinyl backed safety mirror plus demister pad • Features aluminium frame - mirror with polished edges • Standard and custom sizes available Visit our website for further information

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The figures speak volumes for this intervention he says, “There has been a 35% reduction in energy consumption by residents” and “the body corporate are overjoyed with the 30% reduction of their yearly $300,000 electricity bill”. Due to the installation of Prepaid Meters Australia, Rex is now exceptionally proud to manage a much more environmentally friendly, energy efficient building. Rex highly recommends Dimitri and the team at Prepaid Meters Australia. He says, “Dimitri is a legend because he listens. The installation process from beginning to end was seamless, Dimitri was willing to trial the system, customize it and the whole system was installed within 10 days.’ He adds, “The Prepaid Meters representatives are always helpful, professional and have integrity.” By Mandy Clarke, Industry Reporter

As used in Varsity Towers


energy & resources Lighting:

Show your true colours LED LIGHTING HAS EMERGED AS A VERSATILE TECHNOLOGY FOR ACCOMMODATION AND HOSPITALITY APPLICATIONS, ABLE TO SHOWCASE AMBIENCE IN ITS TRUE LIGHT WHILE DELIVERING SIGNIFICANT ENERGY SAVINGS. Today’s LED technology offers far higher levels of brightness and energy efficiency than seemed possible just a few years ago. And that is part of the challenge – even for an experienced designer, the wealth of LED lighting options now available might seem overwhelming. The decision to invest in a new or different lighting technology is of huge importance to accommodation providers and designers. Because of the energy- and cost-saving potential of LEDs, facility managers are taking such matters very seriously too. LED lighting experts agree that it is difficult to find a lighting application with aesthetic standards higher than those of hotels, motels, resorts and restaurants. Colour, intensity, beam angle and light distribution must all be given due consideration. With the ever-wider variety of LED options becoming available, selecting the best source is not getting any easier. Here are five tips to help make that choice:

1: Low intensity LED lighting might have made giant strides in terms of brightness over the past few years, but that is not necessarily what a accommodation and hospitality environment needs – particularly when it comes to creating mood and theme emphasis. But one of the key benefits of good LED lighting is that it delivers only visible light, cutting out the damaging ultraviolet and infrared elements.

2. Bring out true colours Creating ambience in the form intended for their guest is the ultimate aim of the accommodation and hospitality lighting designer, but is harder than it sounds. LED lamps allow designers to select a CCT level that best matches each mood. Simple changes like adapting CCT from 2700K to 3000K made blue tones more vivid if that is desired to create a mood or enhance a theme. Bringing out that “true colour” depends upon both the chromaticity of the source and its colour rendering index. As an example, Verbatim’s Vivid Vision directional LED lamps tap into this need and are designed to meet the specific requirements of the accommodation and hospitality industries. Using proprietary VxRGB technology developed by Verbatim’s parent company, Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation, Vivid Vision ensures that colours and fine details of objects are rendered accurately. Such high contrast lighting is being deployed to bring out the subtle differences needed in features such as artworks and unique displays that are generally focal points in lobbies, guest rooms, bars and restaurants.

3: Beam angle The availability of lamps with different beam angles represents one of the key elements of control for a designer. For a given beam angle, LED lighting tends to offer a greater intensity in the centre of the beam profile. And while the combination of a small filament and precise optics in halogen lamps means that they are good for very tight spotlight distribution, LEDs featuring a wider beam angle can also be advantageous.

4: Set up a test Because of the specific nature of individual accommodation and hospitality requirements and the wealth of LED lighting options, a large hotel will likely need different sources for different public areas and rooms. Of course, there is no substitute for a practical evaluation of LED lamps rather than relying on the performance claims of data sheets. Experts recommend mocking up light sources with similar light levels with similar paint finishes and such in a test first.

5: Intelligent distribution It isn’t just about the total lighting intensity. In a nutshell: put the light where you want it, and take it away where you don’t. This approach also cuts out unwanted shadows and light spill, while glare can be reduced by pushing lenses further back in the luminaire. But watch out for ugly “scallop” shaped spots on the wall – these result from circular lenses, and switching to asymmetric optics offers a solution. By Jeanine Chrobak, Business Development Manager LED EUMEA, Verbatim



Yearly power consumption is calculated as Power per light x (365 x hours per day) = Yearly KWH Yearly power cost is calculated as Yearly KWH x .21 c/KWH = Yearly Power CostKWH


energy & resources Hot Water Systems:


water and so adequate ventilation must be allowed for if installed within a plant room. This cold air can be used to effect as needed. By the same token, locating the heat pump near any heat dissipating equipment will be beneficial to the heat pump performance and efficiency. It should be noted that commercial heat pump systems are not eligible to generate STCs.


The amount of energy consumed in maintaining the ring main hot, the heat loss from other sources and the temperature of the hot water supplied should be considered for both energy savings and customer safety.


David Micallef

Two methods available to reduce domestic hot water energy consumption are centralised solar water heaters and heat pump. Commercial solar systems with in-series gas or electric boosters can supply as much as 55 – 80% of the hot water needs depending on geographic location. Centralised heat pump plant with sufficient storage capacity to meet the peak demand period is useful in reducing energy consumption as heat pumps produce up to 3.5 times the energy as they use in generating hot water. In other words, they are up to 350% efficient. To take advantage of solar and heat pump, the energy must be stored for use at a later stage and space must be available to house the required storage capacity. How much storage is required is dependent on the amount of energy savings required which will be governed as much by available space for plant as budget constraints. Solar hot water - Solar installations are eligible to generate small scale technology certificates (STCs) that helps to reduce plant capital cost. How much hot water is able to be produced will largely depend on the amount of available unshaded roof space with a northern aspect and plant space for storage tanks. Consider the shading that neighbouring buildings will provide during different seasons. Depending on building vintage and design, the heat loss from the central ring main can be relatively high as a percentage of the total energy consumption of hot water. Rheem now offers solar systems with the ability to measure the amount of solar energy available and use this energy in preference to the gas or electric boost plant to maintain the building ring main at temperature, maximising the use of solar energy and reducing total running costs. Collectors should ideally be inclined at the latitude angle, however setting them up to 15° off the latitude angle in either direction will result in only a minor loss in performance. It is recommended solar collectors do not lie flat on a roof to reduce their visibility above parapets. In locations prone to overnight frost, indirect and drain back solar systems that provide inherent freeze protection should be installed. Heat pump hot water - Heat pumps are particularly useful when replacing resistance electric water heaters, where the existing three phase infrastructure can be used to power the heat pump. Whilst recovering quicker than solar, heat pumps are still considered a slow recovery water heater and for this reason sufficient storage must be made available to meet any peak demand requirements. Heat Pumps generate noise and while there is plenty of other equipment in a hotel or motel that generates noise, their location away from accommodation is recommended. Heat pumps generate cold air as a by-product of heating



3.50 Running costs relative to HP 3.00 CO 2 relative to HP 2.50 2.00 1.50 1.00 0.50 0.00 Electric Continuous

Nat Gas


Heat Pump Solar/Elec Continuous Continuous



Type of Water Heating Plant

Lowering running costs - The graph shows relative running costs and CO2 emissions for various fuel types, heat pump and solar combinations. Where hot water systems rely on LPG or electricity as the primary source of energy, both solar and heat pump options have the potential to offer significant running cost savings. Operating the system at excessive temperatures increases the rate of heat loss. Water heating equipment should be turned down to a minimum of 60oC to maximise efficiency and comply with regulations. Alternatively a centralised warm water system (such as Rheem Guardian) which circulates tempered water at 50oC can be added to existing water heating plant to reduce energy losses even further whilst providing scald protection for guests. Case study - Southern Ocean Lodge is Australia’s first true luxury lodge, offering a unique and exclusive travel experience on Kangaroo Island in South Australia. Floating atop a secluded cliff on a rugged stretch of coast, the lodge commands peerless views of the wild Southern Ocean and pristine Kangaroo Island wilderness. Sensitive, intimate and sophisticated, Southern Ocean Lodge is a sanctuary of refined comfort and luxury, Kangaroo Island style. Hot water requirements: Southern Ocean Lodge features 21 guest suites with a hot water load of 2400L over a 1 hour peak demand period. The lodge is 80% powered by two Cummins M11 diesel gen sets and 20% PV solar and an efficient means of hot water generation was required. Solution: Rheem provided two commercial heat pumps and six 410 litre storage tanks. Due to the remote location and potentially cold climate an electric back up was included to supplement the heat pumps to ensure hot water was available on demand. By David Micallef, Rheem Australia P/L

for naturally efficient savings


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buy better guaranteed of breed invest in savings savings best projects technologies change behaviour and use less

visibility of use


competitive advantage


food & beverage Commercial Dishwashers:

Need for care when purchasing dishwashers FACED WITH A MYRIAD OF STUNNING CHOICES IN THE MODERN MARKET, WOULDBE PURCHASERS ARE ADVISED TO SEEK EXPERT GUIDANCE. It seems hard to believe that hotels, motels, restaurants and other dining establishments once had to wash and dry all their dishes by hand. Who could imagine being without a commercial dishwasher now? No one looks forward to cleaning up. Yet it is only in the 1970s that even domestic machines began to appear in any numbers and sophisticated commercial varieties even later than that. These days, there are probably several machines available to handle any task. We are fortunate to be living in an age when such reliable labour-saving devices are readily available. But there is much more to purchasing an appliance than just ordering one over the phone. There are numerous factors that should be taken into consideration – among them, the amount and type of dishes that it will mostly be required to wash, the space it will take up, how much noise it will make, how easy to operate, how quickly it does its job and how much power it will consume. A premise that has to wash a high percentage of glassware may need a different machine from one that will largely wash dirty dinner plates and pots. A larger establishment may require both. If the machine is efficient and cost effective but its noise could annoy guests or staff, it will not be a wise choice. And no matter how well it achieves these targets, if it is inefficient in power usage, wash/dry cycle and water consumption, it could make a big difference to that business’s bottom line. For instance, newer machines may have a built in high-efficiency energy saving device that transfers the heat captured inside the dishwasher to the incoming cold water before entering the boiler, saving considerable energy. Over a year, the cost savings can be substantial. Complex decision - These days, it can be quite a complex decision when purchasing a commercial dishwasher. The increasingly wide choice will be from: Front loader, pass-through, glass, rack conveyor, utensil polisher, glass polisher and cutlery polisher. And as these all come in different brands with their own characteristics in performance and looks. Should it be under-counter, pass-through, upright or conveyor or perhaps a high capacity rack system? And even when that choice is made, a prospective purchaser will need to divide those again into several different variants. And of course, there are the factors of reliability and back-up. Whatever system is chosen, any down time at all could have enormous repercussions. An owner/manager will want to be assured that when a breakdown does occur, the manufacturer or accredited agent will be on the job rapidly to have the machine quickly back to full operation. Thorough research essential - Fortunately several companies are only too happy to guide potential customers in making their choice. One is Lawrence Hickey, sales manager at Meiko Australia Pacific Ltd, a subsidiary of Meiko Maschinenbau GmbH in Germany. He agrees that the choice has become increasingly complex in recent years and advises prospective purchasers to look at other factors than price. Mr Hickey says recent advances in dishwashing technology have brought marked improvements, not only in the standard of cleanliness these machines can achieve, but in cost savings from the amount of water, chemicals, electricity and staff time required to run and operate



them. Taking a little time to investigate what equipment is currently on the market and what it can achieve, can pay off considerably in both efficiency and economics. But he says most commercial dishwashing products now available on the market have reached a very high quality. As an example, he points to the new generation of MiQ Rack Conveyor and Flight type machines from Meiko that, he says, ensures efficiency on one hand for the employer and a lighter workload for employees. “Every model of this range shows a clear step into the future, with advantages that have been developed through systematic rationalisation. These machines are amongst the most efficient commercial machines on the market today. Not only can customers expect to use the appliance satisfactorily in even 15 years time but they should also be able to make use of the numerous advantages that are incorporated in them.” Dishwasher history - It is a little difficult to grasp that all this technology has appeared so recently in our history. Although patents were granted to two unsuccessful, wooden, hand-cranked American dishwashers in the 1850s and ‘60s, it was not until 1887 that the first reliable (handpowered) dishwasher was invented in 1887 by Josephine Cochrane and unveiled at the 1893 Chicago World’s Fair. Mrs Cochrane’s friends liked her dishwasher and soon she was receiving orders from restaurants and hotels around Illinois. She patented the design and went into production. Her company is now the well-known upscale kitchenware corporation KitchenAid. Other companies made dishwashers for restaurants and caterers that were powered by steam. They worked by passing the dirty dishes under jets of hot water using an inefficient conveyor belt or spinning basket system. In England, William Howard Livens invented a small dishwasher suitable for domestic use in 1924. It was the first modern dishwasher and incorporated most of the design elements that feature in the models of today; it included a front door for loading, a wire rack to hold the dirty crockery and a rotating sprayer. Drying elements were even added to his design in 1940. Despite this, Liven’s design did not become a commercial success, and dishwashers were only successfully sold as domestic utilities in the post war boom of the 1950s, albeit only to the wealthy. It was only as they became cheaper and smaller that they caught on with the general public. By the 1970s, dishwashers had become commonplace in domestic residences in North America and Western Europe. By 2012, over 75 per cent of homes in the US and Germany had dishwashers. By Brent Leslie, Industry Reporter


Since 1996, we have been designing, manufacturing & distributing a range of specialist commercial furniture to the Australian and overseas hotel and hospitality markets. After 16yrs of supplying quality commercial furniture to leading hotels and hospitality companies, we know a thing or two about what’s required in demanding environments.

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food & beverage supplier profile MEIKO AUSTRALIA PACIFIC PTY LTD

Commercial dishwashers


hoosing the right dishwasher is not necessarily an easy task in this day and age when there are so many brands on the market. Many things have to be taken into account whether it be for an under counter machine right up to the large conveyorised Flight type machines. Many factors can come into play not the least being price, cycle times, warranty, ease of installation, service backup just to name a few. It can be a mistake to simply make a decision based on price or taking the easy path of this is the one we have so just buy another one the same. Like so many machines over the past years dishwashing has made some very real progress in reducing the amount of water, chemical, energy and labour required to run and operate them. So it can be very profitable in the long run if you invest a little time into what is out in the market and what does it offer to help improve my bottom line. Meiko Australia Pacific Pty Ltd was formed in April of 2007 and is a fully owned Subsidiary of Meiko Maschinenbau GmbH & Co in Germany. Meiko was established in Germany in 1927 and now has 3 Factories around the World the largest being the Factory in Germany. This Factory employs over 1,000 people alone and there are over 1,800 in the group World Wide including Australia. Since being formed Meiko Australia Pacific “MAP” who only import from the German Factory has found many owners, managers and operators have become interested in the operating costs and the advanced features our machines offer. It is quite easy to fall into the trap of its back of house and it’s just a dishwasher so let’s just get the cheapest unit we can. In today’s world this is not always the best choice. With the costs of chemicals, electricity, water and labour rising and the concern for the environment affecting decisions we make advanced technology in dishwashing is gaining more and more interest. Consider one of the first things a guest will look at when they sit down to dine at your restaurant, the glasses and the cutlery. Knowing this you will probably have instructed your wait staff to polish every glass and piece of cutlery before it goes out to the table. Then consider how much time this takes and the hourly rate you are paying your staff and then multiply it by the amount of days per year your restaurant is open. It soon adds up and the larger the restaurant or function centre the larger that cost. Now consider what if I could reduce the need to hand polish all those items by as much as 90% if there was a machine on the market that could help you achieve that. Meiko offers such a glass washer with inbuilt Reverse Osmosis which filters the rinse water so well there is no need to use rinse aid and the water is so pure most of the cutlery and glasses come out without mineral staining. Just give it a quick check and place it on the table. In function centres where you are catering for hundreds of people this has the potential to save thousands of dollars and therefore quickly pay for the initial investment and then you pocket the savings. All Meiko machines have advanced features which make the machine cheaper to run, easier to clean and easier to service. All the machines have self-diagnostics built in to make service easier. All



Meiko under counter, hood type dishwashers and pot & utensil washers will monitor the rinse temperature and if it is not reached then it will not finish the cycle and it will bring up an error code. An important feature for those operators that wish to be HACCP compliant. For the larger operators who have a conveyorised dishwasher these machines can be quite expensive not only to purchase but also to run. Our experience has shown us that purchasing a machine from our german factory with the in-built advanced technology can save you tens of thousands of dollars each year in running costs alone. Meiko has recently introduced to the Australian market our new MiQ conveyorised dishwashers. These dishwashers have been in development in Germany over the past 6 years. They are the most advanced conveyor dishwashers on the market in the World today. Some of the features they offer include. •

Inbuilt water filtration and disposal of food soil from the tanks.

Reverse air extraction thereby retaining the heat within the machine and reducing the amount of electricity required to heat the machine.

Colour coded components to help the operators with the cleaning process.

High pressure wash systems to save energy and reduce the amount of rejects from the machine.

Inbuilt flushing of the entry section to assist with Hygiene.

Inbuilt Cleaning Cycle just push the button and the machine will do the rest.

Inbuilt flushing of the condenser to maintain efficiency and reduce maintenance.

The MiQ dishwashers use less energy, water, chemicals and further they expel less air than any other machine on the market and as mentioned earlier whilst they may cost more initially they have paid for the difference in cost whilst they are still under warranty and then you keep pocketing the savings for the life of the machine. For more details on any of the products listed above or the many other products distributed by Meiko Australia, call today on 1300 562 500 or visit the website

guest facilities


Barbeque Maintenance:

Icons but they can be real pains


Patrons not cleaning after usage

Gas left on after usage

Broken control knobs (users turning knobs the wrong way)

Ignition failure (users getting flame flashback from gas build-up)

Oil fires from char grills

Gas cylinders connected and not tested for leaks

Patrons not knowing how to operate the BBQ.

Saturday and Sunday running out of gas when the manager is trying to relax.

All of these problems can be alleviated with the right type of commercial grade BBQ. Let’s look at some of the types of BBQs. Amazingly, the most common type of BBQ installed in resorts is a domestic type. These usually have a hotplate and char grill (hard to keep clean oils and fats drip into a sliding tray and usually catch fire. The gas rail cocks (controls) are light pattern alloy type and will not sustain the vigorous wear and tear of everyday use in a commercial type situation. The ignition system (usually piezo type) and is not suitable for consistent everyday usage and consistently fails causing gas to build up and ignite causing an explosion. The supporting frame for the BBQ is usually made of light pattern sheet metal and rusts out very quickly causing burners to drop out and creating a possible gas explosion. Control knobs are plastic light pattern and break easily. The gas regulator supplied with these types of BBQs does not have



over pressure protection in the advent of a flexible hose breaking. If this describes your BBQ then you are skating on very thin ice in respect of a serious injury happening to one of your patrons and possible litigation that may send you to the wall. Ask your insurance broker would you be covered for litigation claims if a serious injury with these types of BBQ occurred. It is the responsibility and duty of care, of the body corporate and the resort manager to provide a safe working appliance for their patrons.

Ken Adams

It is good practice to have your gas system checked at least once a year possibly twice a year by a licensed gasfitter. The licensed gasfitter can provide you with a gas safety certificate a copy of which can be forwarded to your insurer. It is also advisable to erect a sign at the BBQ informing your patrons on how to operate the appliance. It is disturbing, from experience, how many people do not understand how to operate a BBQ correctly. This signage would also show a duty of care. Unfortunately body corporate personnel are usually not aware of the issues that can occur by installing domestic type BBQs and when purchasing a new BBQ dollars and cents usually foregoes commonsense. Please consider the following: There are commercial grade BBQs available that have the following features. •

One single hotplate and no char grill, there is a usually a drain from the hotplate that disperses into a concealed drum that is locked away from the public. The hotplate is cleaned quickly and the drum is removable for easy cleaning. No mess no fuss takes minutes to maintain.

guest facilities


Barbeque Maintenance:

To light the BBQ a one button push operation automatically lights the main burner. The main burner is concealed and has a flame failure device that shuts the gas down if the main burner does not ignite correctly (explosion proof)

The BBQ has a timer which can be adjusted (usually 20 minutes) and automatically shuts down (prevents BBQs running on when patrons forget to turn off after cooking).

Manufactured of high grade steel and stainless with a heavy duty supporting frame.

Very low maintenance.

Simply phone your gas supplier who will deliver and change over the cylinder for you. The initial installation cost will be recovered with what you save in the cost of gas. When changing a gas cylinder, always after connecting the regulator to the cylinder use a soapy water solution, brush the solution around the connection to test for leaks bubbles will appear if the connection is not gas tight. Never use thread tape or jointing compounds on the thread that connects to the cylinder (POL connection left hand thread) as the connection is compression type fitting and if installed and tightened correctly will self seal.

A quality commercial type of BBQ can cost approximately $2,500 to $3,500 that, over the long term, will save you money. It is advisable to consult a recognised supplier who understands the products available and can recommend the correct type for your needs.

Natural gas is lighter than air and disperses into the atmosphere unless in a confined space or a large volume leak occurs then an explosion is eminent.

Where natural gas is not available instead of using 9kg cylinders (and using gas exchange cylinders from service stations which is very costly) consider having you BBQ installed with a twin 17kg cylinder system with an auto changeover regulator. This system will ensure that you never run out of gas. The automatic changeover regulator will switch from one cylinder to another and a red indicator bar will tell you that one cylinder is empty.

Liquefied petroleum gas (LPG or propane) is heavier than air and disperses downward and usually leaking gas cannot be detected until an explosion takes place. Always treat gas with the highest respect and use commonsense when handling gas cylinders or changing cylinders over. When transporting cylinders always secure the cylinder in an upright position and ensure that a sealing plug is inserted in the outlet valve. Never store cylinders in confined spaces or with flammable materials. Keep cylinders away from naked flames. By Ken Adams, K W & M W Adams Plumbers & Gasfitters

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hr human resources Apprenticeships:

What a waste of time! BASED ON REPORTS FROM THE NATIONAL CENTRE OF VOCATIONAL EDUCATION RESEARCH OVER MANY YEARS, IT HAS BECOME CLEAR WITH SOME EXCEPTIONS, A NUMBER OF BUSINESS FACTORS APPEAR TO INFLUENCE THE OUTCOME OF APPRENTICESHIPS. Those employers that have been in business for 10 or more years are far more likely to retain their apprentices and get them through to completion. Those employers who have been in business for less than five years are more likely to achieve low retention rates. Why? Experience as a boss with apprentices matters. The reality is that the more experience they have had and the more positive it has been, the more likely they are to keep getting good results. They learn from their mistakes and listen to advice. But whereas over 95 percent of interviewed employers rate themselves as a good boss; unfortunately apprentices don’t agree – less than 75 percent say they have a good boss and in some groups this is as low as 49 percent. Current apprentices don’t respond well to employers who say ‘I learned that way so that’s how you’ll learn’. In some cases, it seems to lead to bad work practices and it doesn’t fit with GenY notions of contemporary employment. However, personal experience as an apprentice – the boss who started out as an apprentice himself – can be both a positive and negative influence. Some of those who trained as an apprentice retain the lowest number of apprentices; in fact those employers who report low retention rates with apprentices are most likely to say that’s how they got their start and to think of themselves as a good boss. Attitude as a boss also matters. The attitude of the employer can greatly contribute to the cause of apprentices not completing. GenY apprentices are quick to pick up the clues from their employers; they feel that they are already sacrificing wages in exchange for training and respond negatively to employers who harp on about profitability and costly mistakes. The time you spend mentoring matters. Some 80 percent of apprentice bosses not only run the business but also look after the apprentice’s pay and conditions. That puts enormous time pressures on employers who want to help their apprentice complete their qualification but who feel they just can’t find the time to mentor. That can put an apprentice in a difficult position if they want to talk to someone about a work problem, a pay rise or their working conditions. However, the employers with good retention rates, even if they are in small businesses, tend to have someone looking after or helping out with HR matters. Successful employers also take the apprenticeship relationship seriously and make sure that they are doing what they are supposed to do for the apprentice; they stick to the deal in practice as well as on paper. GenY doesn’t respond well to an old fashioned, authoritarian boss or hierarchical workplaces; most want a mentor, someone who will be interested in them rather than bark out orders, someone they can talk to, someone who treats them fairly. Not surprisingly, those employers that have a positive attitude to their apprentices, who appear to like and value them and are willing to listen to them, get the best results. Interestingly, some of the most traditional and authoritarian employers also get good results some of the time – their ability to retain an apprentice through to completion appears to be related to the match in personality and work style between the two; some young people are more able or willing to work with a tough boss than others. But research suggests that they are a minority.



Retention and completion Low:

12% of the employers sampled achieved a 0 to 49% retention rate; less than half of the apprentices who started with them in last five years, stayed to complete their apprenticeship

Medium: 21% of the employers samples achieved a retention rate between 50% to 69% High:

30% of the employers sampled achieve a 70% to 89% retention rate

Highest: 37% of the employers sampled achieved a 90% or more retention rate Source: NSW Board of Vocational Education and Training A Fair Deal November 2011

Learning from other employers matters. The larger businesses, with the best track records, are most likely to say that they have been influenced by their industry body; whereas our research indicates low retention rate employers don’t take advice from anyone. The more successful employers have also established some guidelines for recruiting workers and apprentices and most importantly, take input or advice from others – partner, colleague, industry association – about recruiting, employing and managing apprentices. Matching the apprentice to the trade matters. Not only are one in three apprentices likely to leave their apprenticeship in the first year, of the 55 percent that complete their course, some leave the trade immediately after they qualify. That means you’ve just wasted four years in getting them up to speed. Why did that happen? Feedback from apprentices is that they were dedicated to finishing and had a good work attitude. But they never did like that particular trade. Carrying out some type of testing to see if the job seeker is right for your trade, is clearly well worth doing. By Linda Nall, MEGT Recruitment & Management Services

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preferred suppliers

Preferred Supplier Programme assisting the industry



Control your aircon Costs! the remote

FOR OVER SIXTEEN YEARS IN AUSTRALIA THE PREFERRED SUPPLIER PROGRAMME AND DIRECTORY HAS BEEN AN EXTREMELY VALUABLE AND EFFECTIVE TOOL FOR ACCOMMODATION MANAGERS. It allows managers to access industry specialists who are committed to the highest levels of service and dedicated to the accommodation and hospitality industries. This is extremely helpful for all accommodation providers but especially new managers as it allows them to benefit from the positive experiences other managers have had with their suppliers.

The Ultima II remote gives you more control over your air conditioners. Programmed for you to save you money! BEDS & BEDDING

Listed below are the stages of the process that ensure only the best industry suppliers can participate in the Preferred Supplier Programme: 1. All suppliers must receive a nomination from a property currently using their services that is completely satisfied with their levels of service and are prepared to recommend them to another complex in the industry (ie. if asked by another manager they could comfortably recommend the required supplier). 2. All nominations received are then qualified through a secondary questionnaire process to ensure nominated suppliers are able to provide the highest levels of service required and expected by managers.

HotelsApart Window Treatments, Bed & Bath Linen, Only WA Distributor For Hotelhome Western Australia -South Australia E: sales@hotelsapart W: Ph:(08) 9240 6656 Fx:(08) 9240 6657 Mb:0409 916 470


3. Suppliers that still qualify are then asked to commit to the required levels of service for the next 12 months guaranteeing their commitment to the industry.


4. Subject to the satisfaction of these processes and commitments suppliers then go on to the Preferred Supplier Database. Only Preferred Suppliers in this database have the opportunity to utilise the Preferred Supplier logo and make their contact details available to managers via the Preferred Supplier Directory, located in every issue of the Accom Management Guide (and online at accomnews.

Your Project, FF & E supply & refurbishment specialists

Curtain & window covering design specialists Catering to the accommodation industry Western Australia only

P: (08) 9240 6656 F: (08) 9240 6657 E:


5. Preferred suppliers have their status reviewed every 12 months to ensure they still qualify and that their commitment to the industry is being met. With these criteria in place it means that you as a manager have access to a complete range of specialist suppliers who are actively seeking to improve their services to the accommodation industry. For your own peace of mind when dealing with any supplier ask if they are a Preferred Supplier. This can be verified by viewing a Preferred Supplier logo – made available for use in any of their stationery or marketing material or more simply by locating them in the Preferred Supplier Directory. So when looking for products or services give yourself the peace of mind that you are dealing with a recognised industry specialist and support these suppliers who are committed to servicing your needs. 98


CLEANING CONTRACTORS Brit Cleaning Services A Professional Service for Resort & Body Corporate Cleaning NOOSA TO MOOLOOLABA E: Ph: (07) 5474 3299 Fx: (07) 5474 3099

preferred suppliers ps Access to your recommended ‘local’ suppliers.


Whatever, Wherever, Whenever!




For all your hospItalIty needs SINCE 1950


- Reducing Your Living Costs Billing You Fairly - Saving You Money

freecall 1800 339 493

Call 1300 880 375 FURNITURE

Economical, Effective 100% Organic Essential Oils


Ph: 1800 045 001

Polesy Commercial has been a leading supplier of bedding & bathroom Manchester to the accommodation industry since 2002. With the widest range of towels, sheeting & bed products, along with our in-house refurbishment services Polesy Commercial covers all your needs from the one supplier.

Specialising in:  Hi-Rise Repaints  Large Complexes  Interior and Exterior  Hi-Pressure Blasting  Concrete Spalling Repair (Concrete Cancer)  Waterproofing & Roof Membranes


Ring for you FREE catalogue or visit our new web site or call us on 1300 765 379

Ph 5520 1256 BSA Gold Lic No 1050861 NSW Lic No 179886C


Hisco Hospitality And Healthcare Beds, Bedding, And All Kitchen, Dining & Bar Equipment Servicing The Whole Of Western Australia E: W: Ph: (08) 9388 3400 Fax: (08) 9388 3411

INSURANCE Body Corporate Brokers

1800 650 019

Australiaís Premier Strata Insurer AUSTRALIA WIDE Ph: (07) 5668 7800


LINEN HIRE SERVICES Valitel Commercial Commercial Dry Cleaners Specialising in Valet and Linen needs SERVICING THROUGHOUT SYDNEY E: W: Ph:(02) 9557 7677 Fx:(02) 9557 7688

Depend on us to put the power of MAYTAG® to work in your



Freecall: Website:

1800 629 824 au u

NOW distributing in Australia & PNG

The sign of an Industry Specialist


The sign of an Industry Specialist

Nominations are now open. Reward your best suppliers by nominating them for the Preferred Supplier Programme. Simply send their details with a short testimonial to: or nominate them online at:

They’ll thank you for it! CALL US TODAY

(07) 5440 5322 SUMMER 2014


New Quick Cap Bedspread

Boxed end for quick and easy fitting, Fire Retardant woven Jacquard outer, Microfiber backing and 270gsm microfiber fill, Double stitched with self-edged seams and washable. Introductory sizes: Single, Queen and King

Single ..................... $99.50 Queen ..................... $129.80 King ........................ $139.95

ROYALTY BEDDING BI FOLD BED 170mm Fully Coil Sprung Mattress Dimensions: Open 1930Lx900Wx490, Closed 900Wx1150Hx560 Heavy Duty Steel Frame Easy to manoeuvre

inc GST

.82 $531 + GST Product Code: SP1031




1800 656 612

inc GST


• • • •

inc GST


Accom Management Guide - Summer 2014  

Issue: 46

Accom Management Guide - Summer 2014  

Issue: 46