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PDS2000 Trailing Suction Hopper Dredger

PDS2000-Hopper —RESON products for accurate, efficient dredging —Velocity and Density sensors in production graph —Supports DLM and TDS computation (option) —Restricted areas function —Real-time 3D view —Support integration of Multibeam echosounder in to one package —Integrates seamlessly with other PDS2000 applications —Free network option to allow multiple Pc’s in one group

RESON is a world leader in dredge guidance systems, singlebeam and multibeam echosounders and hydrographic software. The Dredge Guidance System is designed to create high quality and fast results as efficient as possible. PDS2000 for Trailing Hopper Dredgers is designed to the requirements of the dredge operator to carry out his job more efficiently. The operator has real time an overview of the dredger with the top and side views displaying the vessel outline, suction tubes and the dredge head along with the surveyed depths, design and dredged depth. PDS2000 supports horizontal and vertical position of the suction tube. Information about the dredger, the dredge head position, the design model and dredged area are shown in various views which are updated as soon as new data is available. Alarms can be generated when the tube radius passed a pre-set bend. Multiple monitors with independent layouts are tailored to the needs of the dredge operator and helmsman. A color-coded Digital Terrain Model (DTM) highlights the high and low spots. The DTM is updated real-time registering the progress of the dredging work. The updated Real-time models supported are depth, differential and production models. The updates follow the shape of the dredgeheads. The update is immediately visible in the top, side and 3D views. 3D-Design models allows definition of highly complex designs. The position of the dredge-head relative to the design is constantly monitored and displayed. Concentration, flow, vacuum and pressure data can be displayed as well or used in the DLM and TDS options. The DLM and TDS are options to PDS2000-Hopper. DLM reports are generated automatically. A trip reporting option is available. This data can be linked to Dredge Information Systems maintained by certain Port Authorities. Trip reporting can be done automatically when PDS2000 is interfaced with the pump, valve and hopper door switches

PDS2000 Trailing Suction Hopper Dredger TSHD Guidance and Monitoring —RESON integrated Hopper Guidance System consists of: —PDS2000 Hopper Dredge software —Cabinet with RESON interface —Sensors to monitor position of vessel, tubes and dredge head —Positioning system and Heading —Veritical angle sensor —Horizontal angle sensor —Draft sensors, stand-pipe and flat hull mount types —List/Trim sensor —Hopperlevel sensor —Others on request —All equipment, software and installation are supplied by RESON as a total solution —Interfaces to other common PLC’s interfaces PDS2000 Hopper Dredge software —What you see, is what you’ve dredged —Easy to learn, operator / administrator mode —Integrates seamlessly with other PDS software for multibeam and singlebeam survey —Digital Terrain Model color-coded for high and low spots —Updated real-time, registering the progress of the dredging work —Height correction from RTK GPS or tidal correction from tide station and draft sensor —Creation of design models from 3D DXF file —Alarm on the sensors and sensor readings —Alarm for zones with access restriction —Placement functionality to return to the dredge area —Shows the horizontal movement of the dredger —Shows Production graphs —Multiple monitors can show the information —Support for remote monitoring from main or side office —Supply of long-range WIFI network systems

SENSORS —All common positioning and tidal systems —Flexible interface with sensors such as: —Inclinometers —Potmeters —Motion sensors —Draft sensors —Hopper level sensors —Density sensors —Flow sensors —Pressuresensors —Vacuum sensors —Various contact closures REPORTING —Trip report, automatic track plot of last track —Entire dredge operation can be reviewed through a replay of the data set —DLM and TDS reporting —Dredge status report for interface to Dredge Information Systems —Quick profile plots can be made using the offline plot module (option)

ALSO AVAILABLE —PDS2000 for singlebeam surveys —PDS2000 for multibeam surveys —PDS2000 for Cutter dredger, Excavator, Suction Hopper, Rockdump

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