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Create the Life YOU want! 10 Wardrobe must haves this season! Spring Cleaning includes your body A Nutritionist's tips for optimizing your body's detoxification.


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to the inaugural issue of Resilientista Magazine! Spring 2017

Resilientista, Spring is upon us, the flowers are poking through the soil and our gardens will once again come alive with colour.  Even though we had an usual mild winter here in Toronto, I'm ready to put away the winter boots and slip my feet into open toe shoes - How about you?  To me spring has always symbolized a time of new beginnings, so it seemed fitting that the inaugural issue of Resilientista - be launched in spring. It has been both an exciting and overwhelming time, here at High Heeled Life headquarters, as we prepared for the launch. I want to thank all the wonderful contributors in this issue and everyone who helped pull it together: for your belief in me, your words of encouragement and passion to share your expertise to help others. I'm still in awe that my vision to create a publication connecting women from around the global on their journey to creating their best life, has come to fruition. As an added bonus, according to numerology, 2017 is the Universal Year of 1 ( 2+0+1+7 = 10 = 1), the start of a 9 year cycle (20172025). Therefore, 2017 is a time to plant the seeds of intention for the forthcoming cycle – your deepest heart centered desires, dreams and visions for every area of your life – relationships, health, finances, career/(retirement), lifestyle, spirituality etc. Whether you are looking to take your life satisfaction up a little, or ready to create the next chapter of your life, check out Debra Jones article on using the power of spring to set your intentions. (pg. 3) Until next time, Take Care of YOU!

Celia M.







Setting Spring Intentions

Spring Clean Your Body

10 Wardrobe Must Haves This Season

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no matter how long the winter,

Spring is sure to follow!  By Debra Jones

We’re thawing out from winter’s deep freeze, the snow is giving way to fresh green grass, and gray skies are clearing to blue. ‘Spring Fever’ can be felt everywhere, but don’t jump into spring cleaning with this new energy, instead, harness your enthusiasm and newfound clarity and put it towards real, lasting changes in your life. Before you tap into spring’s potential, it helps to understand that each season has its own intrinsic energy. By looking out the window and observing what’s going on in nature throughout the year, you can better harness the different energies of each season. Spring is the time to set your intentions for the year. It’s the time to decide which direction you want to go, and follow it up with a commitment to yourself.  This is where the idea of a New Year’s resolution came from.  Recent studies have shown that 50% of those surveyed, did participate in the New Year's resolution tradition.  It’s worth noting that 46% were successful in manifesting their intentions.  From this, it can be concluded that aligning with the rhythm of mother nature, setting intentions with the support of Spring energy, can help you manifest your desires.


In nature, we trust Since the beginning of time, nature has cycled; day has always followed night; spring has always followed Winter. Daily, seasonal, lunar and tidal cycles regulate much of life on Earth. Our bodies are the most obvious link to the natural world.   It’s a system that works and if we can align ourselves to it, we can create a SUSTAINABLE LIFESTYLE too. But our modern lifestyle often prevents us from living in alignment with nature.  Everything is available to us 24/7. Harvesting food stores for winter hibernation, scrimping in the spring until the plants start to grow again, frolicking (does anyone use that word anymore?) in the summer sun or spending lazy, hazy days picnicking in the meadow, only evoke nostalgia.  It matters not, that the sun is begging 


us to take a play day – we get up, go to work and behave much the same way, day in, day out, season to season, but at what cost? Neuroscientific studies show that misalignment with nature is having a marked impact on our health, exacerbating, for example, cardiovascular disease, cancer, obesity and mental health problems. Mother Nature to the rescue!

But what happens if you ignore the energy of spring? What happens if you start nothing new?  Consider yourself like a dormant seed – full of potential but living the status quo until activated with a clear intention.

“We trust nature to know what it is doing, but we are not nearly so kind, understanding and trusting of our own rhythms and cycles. It's ridiculous that we are so hard on ourselves. Can we not trust that the very same forces that created the rhythms and cycles of nature created our own? Of course, we can. We often don't, but we can, if we remember.”

Spring energy gives us the power to eliminate obstacles. Just like a shoot coming out of the ground that has the potential to be something big, it starts with vibrant spring energy to push through the darkness, moving forward into the unknown, trusting that it will find light. That can be you, and if your intent is clear and your commitment firm, you’ll make it!

- Jeffrey R. Anderson, The Nature of Things Navigating Everyday Life with Grace

Cosmic Support We have additional support in manifesting our desires every single month too! The perpetual cycles of the moon are another way to align with nature.   Every New Moon harnesses the energy of new beginnings and anything initiated, or planted, on the days surrounding the New Moon will be met with rapid growth; a business venture, a relationship, a creative project.  You decide. Making NEW MOON INTENTIONS – writing your desires on paper the night of the New Moon helps to manifest your desires.

‘Manifesting with the Moon’s cycles as a cosmic timer dramatically boosts our chances of becoming accomplished conscious creators and deliberate manifestors.’ – Yasmin Boland, author Moonology

Debra Jones is a speaker, author, healer and teacher. passionate about being a catalyst for change, harmony and peace, she’s excited when she sees the light shine where there was once only darkness. Helping you navigate and ‘master’ your major life changes, she empowers and reconnects you to your authentic self, where you can access your own higher wisdom.  She sees herself as a bridge to help you get from where you are, to where you want to be. When she’s not healing or teaching, she’s using Feng Shui and space clearing to harmonize the environment, or creating new ways to help the world become a better place.



Essentials for Optimizing Your Body's Detoxification ... By Sandy O'Shea Spring is almost upon us and what better way to start the new season than with detoxifying your body.  There are actually many ways of accomplishing this but let me break down my favourites for you.

supplementing. That means raspberries, cauliflower, beans, lentils, avocados and peas to name a few.  And did I mention water? Which brings me to the subject of food.  Leafy greens are great for just about everything and beets (I know, I know, you hate beets) are fantastic for your liver!  Try making a juice with beets, carrots (more carrots will cut the earthy flavor of the beets), an apple, juice of a lemon and some ginger.  Have that every morning and combined with the lemon water, you won’t be worrying about being constipated any longer.  Ideally you want to eat organic produce as much as possible; however, it’s better to eat  fruits and vegetables even if they’re not organic than to not eat them at all.

First and foremost, water, water, water. Did I mention water?  It is probably THE single biggest change you can make to your lifestyle to help detoxify your entire system. It cleans your kidneys, liver, skin and organs and keeps these pathways moving.  In order to get your organs and digestive system moving in the morning, have a glass of warm water with half a lemon squeezed in it before you eat or drink anything else.  Regular bowel movements are critical to detoxification. Speaking of bowel movements, in order to keep your digestive system moving along, you need sufficient hydrochloric acid (HCl) in your stomach.  One tablespoon of good quality apple cider vinegar (the only one I recommend is Bragg’s due to its superior quality and presence of the “mother”).  Another critical component to good digestive health is sufficient fibre and I’m always going to recommend getting fibre through whole foods rather than 

Probiotics are one of the most important aspects to keeping healthy levels of beneficial gut bacteria in your system. Supplementation with a good quality, clean brand (no fillers) is essential to a strong immune system, good digestion and a healthy diet.  So what about probiotic food like yogurt, sauerkraut, kimchi and the like?  They’re great additions but in order to get a sufficient level of probiotics, 



supplementation is recommended.

Sleep, you know that wonderful, sometimes elusive, essential thing you're supposed to do at night. I know not all of you have an issue with sleep but many do for various reasons. Your body performs hundreds of tasks every night, many of which involve the detoxification process. Depending on the individual, 7-8 hours of solid sleep is ideal. If you wake up in the morning, dragging your butt out of bed because you stayed up too late and only got 5 hours of sleep, not only will it make you more hungry; you'll be more likely to caffeinate more, and likely not stick to your healthy meal plan.

Dry skin brushing does an amazing job of detoxifying your system by stimulating your lymph system which is part of your detoxification system. The best tool for skin brushing is a long handled brush, although a hand held brush will do, start at your feet and work your way up your body in circular motions.  Don’t forget your, legs, torso, butt, back, arms (starting at your hands) and neck.  Do this every morning before your shower to start your day off invigorated! Exercise!!!  I can’t stress this enough.  We need to MOVE our bodies in order to keep everything moving from our bowels to keeping our energy high to keeping our joints lubricated and our muscles in good tone.  Exercise also helps us get a good, restful night sleep.  Does this mean that we need to work out like fiends 7 days a week?  Absolutely not.  You can go for a walk every day, but vary the speed by walking at a moderate pace some days and power walk others.  Or spice up your exercise by doing yoga one day, walk another day, do some moderate weight training or body weight exercises.  Yes ladies, weight training is essential for us to stay strong, capable and healthy.

So there you have it. Water, fibre, probiotics, plenty of whole, fresh foods, exercise, sleep, skin brushing, and probiotics are all essential to giving your body its best chance of detoxification.

Stress causes toxins to accumulate in our bodies and meditation helps to release that stress. So even if it’s only 5-10 minutes per day, or even just deep breathing, your stress levels will lower with regular practice.  If you struggle with meditation, find a quiet spot and sit comfortably. Inhale through your nose to a count of 5, hold for 10 then exhale through your mouth to a count of 5.  Do this for 2-3 minutes several times a day and you will notice that your energy goes up and your stress levels go down.  Not only will you feel better, your body will detoxify itself more efficiently.

In 2011 I was 46, fat, tired and unhappy. All those things I didn’t want to be.  I underwent a massive life transformation, completely changing the way I ate in order to balance my hormones and get the weight off finally.  The effect on me was so profound that I knew it was my calling to help others take their health back.  So I went back to school at The Institute of Holistic Nutrition in Toronto. As Certified Nutritional Practitioner, my focus is helping other women balance their hormones, get rid of excess fat and get their energy, joy and sexy back.  I help women take their power back to live their best life on their terms.



Change Your Motivation ...    Ignite Your Fitness!

By Susan Sommers EXAMINE INTERNAL AND EXTERNAL MOTIVATION It is important to understand the differences between internal and external motivation and to know which one is driving your motivation and your decisions. External Motivation involves pleasing others, looking good, being accepted, and taking no risks. Internal Motivation focuses on pleasing yourself, looking and feeling healthy, being a leader, and taking risks. EXAMINING YOUR MOTIVATION To understand the role of motivation in your health and fitness journey, ask yourself the following questions: “What do you want to achieve by creating a healthy lifestyle? Can you picture where you want to be? Do you believe that you can attain your health and fitness goals? Have you taken the time to plan the path to get there? Once you understand WHAT you are striving to achieve, look at WHY it is important that you achieve the goals that you have defined. Be clear on your reasons for specific goals,  since your WHY will create a solid foundation. It will fuel your desire, determination and dedication as you pursue your goals.

“Why enter the second half of my life in an aging decrepit vehicle when I could train myself into a younger zippier sports car? While my project was almost entirely physical — run a fast marathon, lose weight, kick the social smoking habit, eat better, get stronger and faster — I also wanted to get happier. I wanted to haul myself out of a mid-life malaise and charge into the second act of my life with the wisdom of my years but the piss and vigour of my twenties.” Margaret Webb, Older, Faster, Stronger, (New York, Rodale Books, 2014)



7 Tools to ignite and sustain your motivation for health and fitness, adapted from Susan's new book, Love Your Body…Embrace Your Life! CHANGE TOOL #1: EMBRACE YOUR PASSIONS AND IGNITE YOUR INNER STRENGTH AND POTENTIAL Tap into and explore fitness activities you love, both today and in the past. Learn new things to keep your mind and body active throughout your life, including perseverance, self-discipline, and flexibility. CHANGE TOOL #2: BUILD A SUPPORT SYSTEM Create your own network of people who will support you in your commitment to health and fitness and keep you motivated on an on-going basis. Keep in touch with them on a daily or weekly basis: in person, by phone, through e-mail, on Facebook, or through Twitter or Skype. CHANGE TOOL #3: SET REALISTIC AND BLUE SKY GOALS Write down specific goals for physical, mental, and emotional health and make them measurable. Take your big goals and break down into smaller, achievable goals. Identify where you want to make changes. Think about what success would look like for you.


Today, at 72, I describe myself as ... “A well-oiled machine, sagging in parts and creased in others – but it is all mine.”

CHANGE TOOL #4: CREATE DAILY HEALTH AND FITNESS ROUTINES Set your own daily intentions. Develop simple habits and routines to incorporate into your life that are directly tied to your goals. Think about when, where, and how you will work out, eat, meditate, and stretch. Stop, breathe and take a moment to fully experience the emotion of gratitude.   

Define specific steps to move ahead. Functional fitness – the simple act of walking, taking steps, stretching, and doing things at home or at the office – are part of your FIT Action Plan. Spiritual fitness – breathing, meditation, and Mindfulness - are key elements to include in your plan to reduce stress and keep you relaxed. CHANGE TOOL: #6: ACKNOWLEDGE CHALLENGES AND STAY MOTIVATED Challenges can relate to lack of money or time, physical problems, or emotional issues. Identify your expectations and adjust them to allow for “small wins”. CHANGE TOOL #7: CELEBRATE SUCCESSES AND INSPIRE OTHERS TO COMMIT TO HEALTH, FITNESS, AND SPIRITUALITY Include immediate and long-term rewards as incentives to keep you motivated. Create a variety of ways to celebrate. Stand in your own power. Motivate and become a thread.

Susan Sommers: Co-authored Power Source for Women: Proven Fitness Strategies, Tools, and Stories for Women 45+ in 2010 and Love Your Body…Embrace Your Life! in 2016. A dynamic speaker, Susan was featured at a celebration for International Women’s Day in Jaipur, India, in March, 2015. She has delivered inspirational workshops on women’s fitness and health in Canada and in the United States. She also has been featured on television and radio shows and in fitness and women’s magazines, including LIVESTRONGFOUNDATION blog, the Globe and Mail newspaper, Canadian Running magazine, Active Adult Magazine, Rogers Daytime Toronto, and Susan is a tour leader for the Womens Travel Network and she has co-led trips to Provence, France and to India.



"Think of the magic of that foot, comparatively small, upon which your whole weight rests. It's a miracle, and the dance is a celebration of that miracle." Martha Graham

Foot Exercise: curl your toes, fan out your toes, roll the bottom of your foot over a tennis ball, raise your heel and balance on the ball of your foot, roll feet out to the outer edges then the inner, do ankle circles.



"Keep Calm and Ask Your Angels..." If you love the idea of using Angel Cards but are not sure what to ask them … try borrowing a page from my nightly routine of pulling a card that will recap my day, and a card that will give me insight for tomorrow. I use a different deck that I consult asking questions for clarity or guidance on specific topics as things come up in my day or week. You may also simply ask “what do I need to know for today” Like with most things spiritual, as long as your intention is pure, then so too is your practice. I like to remind everyone that before connecting with your higher self and the divine realm it is always a great idea to ground yourself, ask that the highest good be served and take a moment to connect to your breath and connect to your intention.

 Angel Cards By Jennifer Cobb

There is something very rewarding and inspiring in picking up my trusted Angel Cards and asking for clarity in my day or week. It is like gaining counsel from an unbiased friend who always knows just what to say and how to say it.  Only I do not need to share my inner most turbulence with any other person, I simply ask the Angel Cards my question and I am divinely guided to the card that holds powerful words of wisdom. Words that will point me in the right direction, but will still leave room for free will to direct my actions. Your Angels are there for guidance in your life and are eagerly awaiting your request for help. You see, there is the aspect of our human lives called ‘free will’.  If we were always told what the right decision was, there would be no evolution, no growth, and no lessons learned. Therefore, the Angels do require you to ask for their guidance. Remember though that the actual answer must come from within you.  

Have fun developing your Angel Card routine and you will see that the Angels are very excited to be part of your practice as well. Find time to be still and be mindful of all that is happening around you, for the Angels when invited to help, go out of their way to send you messages regularly. It is a true blessing that you will not want to miss!

So, how do I use Angel Cards? They are an extension of your intuition and divine team.  Angel Cards come in many different sized decks and even in tarot decks as well.  On each card, there are messages which relate to different aspects of self.  As you shuffle your deck, you infuse your energy and your question into the cards. Using your intuition to know when to stop shuffling the cards you will pull the top card, or cards depending on what type of reading you are doing.   When you feel drawn to use your Angel Cards for guidance, think about discovery questions as a place to begin. Perhaps you are conflicted about a career change, rather than asking is this a good decision move for me, you can ask questions such as “what do I need to consider regarding this new career?”  

Jennifer Cobb is a Reiki Master & Teacher, Reflexology Practitioner and Medium who is passionate about helping others to find ways to heal themselves~ body, mind and soul. As a busy mom she understands the struggle to find time to put yourself first. As a healthcare provider, and as an awakened soul she urges you to see just how much more alive you will feel when you do put yourself as a priority, even if only for an hour at a time!  

This is often difficult, however once you have asked a question of the cards, trust that you have been given the answer that is most valuable to you in that moment. Sometimes you will understand the meaning immediately while other times you may need to walk away, let it soak in and come back to it.   11


The 10 Spring Must Haves for Your Wardrobe On Monday March 20th, spring will be sprung upon us. Is your wardrobe spring ready? Are you stuck on what to pull out for the upcoming season? Or are you looking for key essentials to stay on budget? Whatever your spring wardrobe worry is that have you stuck in a rut, we have the top 10 wardrobe must haves for your closet, leaving you feeling ready for spring. By Caryn Parchment

Must Have #1 – Statement Sleeves From coats, to dresses, to your classic white shirt, all are being updated with a statement sleeve to add a wow factor, and standout from the norm. When choosing a statement sleeve, make sure that you choose one to suit your arms.

Must Have #2 – Laced-Up Separates A trend for spring that may turn into a classic item is a separate piece laced-up. Whether on a shirt, skirt, or dress, laces are making a comeback as an accessory that adds a bit of a wow factor to your outfit. As a recommendation, don’t match the top the bottom if you purchase two of the same piece. Keep them as a separate to create new looks with basic tees, pants, jeans, etc.   


Must Have #3 – Stripes All of the stores, and runways are featuring stripes for spring. Whether vertical, asymmetrical, or horizontal you’ll definitely want to feature stripes in your spring wardrobe. Some style suggestions are to wear one piece with stripes, such as a dress or jumpsuit, or incorporate it into your wardrobe as a pant, skirt, or shirt. Trying to mix two stripes patterns together won’t make your outfit cohesive or pop.


Must Have #6 – Structured Handbag Every season always has a statement handbag. The structured handbag is the statement piece for spring 2017, that’s a definite must have. You can find these at many boutiques. However, I recommend you purchase one that is leather to last you for years to come, to get more bang for your buck. Must Have #7 – Khaki Khaki has been around for ages. However, it’s making a big statement in spring wardrobes this year. Runways and stores a like are showing how you can incorporate khaki into your wardrobe easily. One recommendation is to not use a khaki colour too close to your skin tone, as you may look washed out. Must Have #8 – A Little Pink Dress “LPK” Everyone knows about the LBD and the LWD, but this year designers have brought the little pink dress to the table. In blush pink or magenta, this is the dress that every woman will want to wear this season. 

Must Have #4 – Trench Coat Update For Spring 2017 the trench coat has been updated. If you too have a trench coat from years prior, it’s definitely time for an update. Trench coats now feature prints, designs, and come in a variety of colours. Based on all the ideas, my recommendation is to pick a trench coat the suits your personality and wardrobe for easy pairing. Must Have #5 – Stacked Heel With every great outfit, must be a great shoe, and the stacked heel while definitely bring your outfit together. There is a great variety to choose from, so make sure you choose a shoe that suites your wardrobe and is comfortable for you.  

Must Have #9 – Jumpsuit The jumpsuit made a big comeback in 2015, and has stayed around ever since. If you don’t already have one, this is a piece you’l l want to invest in. You can dress it up with pumps and a clutch, or dress it down with ballet flats and a wide brimmed hat. The one style tip I suggest to you is to make sure that it is tailored to your body type in all the right ways. Must Have #10 – 2-in-1 CrossBody Belt The latest belt accessory is the 2-in-1 crossbody belt, known as the Heldin Belt. This accessory cinches you in at the waist, and defines your bust, when worn together. This accessory is great for dresses, tunics, or worn over coats. 

Caryn Parchment, is a city girl that has been a Fashionista before the term existed. From the tender age of 8 years old, growing up watching Jeanne Becker on Fashion Television, Caryn always knew that she wanted to parlay into the Fashion world in her adult years. She started off by sketching a fashion line at the age of 16, and then headed off to Ryerson University to study print and marketing looking to work for the likes of Fashion or Flare Magazine. As Caryn, graduated during the recession, she transitioned her career into the food industry working with the likes of LCBO, Canadian Tire, and KFC to name a few. However, her heart strings have always tugged at an opportunity in Fashion, and thus, she left the food industry to emerge into the Toronto fashion industry as a budding wardrobe stylist, and blogger working with designers and personal clients. She is constantly looking to grow her fashion empire, such as leader and co-founder of DivaGirl Fashion Toronto, which launched in November 2015. 13



things you can do in spring to transition from winter to summer makeup By: Tracy McLaughlin Spring is here; the days are getting longer and thankfully, for most of us, much warmer! While we still have a few weeks left before we really get into those lazy, hazy days of summer now is the perfect time to transition your makeup and skincare from winter to summer!  We all know that hydration from water intake is the key to the fountain of youth when it comes to skincare in every season.  There are also a few great things in addition to your 8 glasses a day that you can do for your skin to maintain that healthy youthful summer glow!   1 - Quality SPF Daytime Moisturizer It is so important to not only make sure that your face is moisturized but also protected against the sun’s harmful UV rays.  I strongly recommend a high-quality daily moisturizer complete with a minimum of 15 SPF to ensure your skin is ready to “face” the day! 

2 - Moisturizing Tinted BB Cream replaces heavy foundation As we get older, the rule of “less is more” rings very true, especially in the summer!  Wearing a light weight, moisturizing tinted BB Cream is a great way to add a bit of coverage and colour while still hiding those unwanted beauty marks and fine lines.  Transitioning your shade can be done by mixing your colours. Start deepening your winter colour by adding a drop or two of your summer colour for a natural and gradual change.  3 – Bronzer for that natural sun kissed glow There are so many ways to achieve that natural looking sun kissed glow without ever stepping out into the sunlight!  Quality selftanners, bronzers or my favourite, the bronzing powders are great ways to achieve the natural look you desire without the harmful effects of the sun.     4 – Mascara is ALWAYS in season! Lash drama is always the look I want to achieve, regardless of the season!  There’s nothing more youthful looking than a little bronze shimmer on the lid with those BIG gorgeous lashes…careful though, this may cause you to be mistaken for a woman half your age ;)    5 – Lightly coloured Lip Balm You’r e definitely going to want to keep your lips kiss ready for those hot summer nights! My go-to summer lip product is a quality, paraben free tinted lip balm.  Try to get one that not only achieves the splash of colour you’re looking for but tastes great too! So many makeup products can be used for dual purpose. I often use my powdered bronzer as a blush and eye shadow.  You’l l also want to put away your matte colours until fall. While these may look stunning in the colder months, when it comes to summer, you will want that clean, fresh, sheer look. Matte’s tend to make your skin look dull and aged in the sun.  Summer is all about that natural glow! .    

Now you’re ready for some fun in the sun!

Tracy McLaughlin has a passion for inspiring others to live the life they want to live, without limitations. Her life’s journey has shifted her from tragedy to triumph. Redirecting her energy from negative to positive has allowed her to live a life that she sincerely loves. Tracy truly believes that age is just a number. She is thriving at age 46, living life better than she did at 36 and is influencing other women to do the same. Tracy has enjoyed building successful online businesses for the last three years and loves sharing her beauty tips with others! 



Whether you drive about town or use public transportation, this spring don't let rainy days leave you feeling all damp and soggy ~ with a few essentials you will stay dry and looking chic! Rain Coat: From trench coats to parkas you can keep dry and looking fabulous whether going to work, dinner out or just running errands.

Gloves and Scarf: Your hands can get pretty cold when the rain is pouring and wind blowing- A pair of gloves in your tote just in case and a scarf can help keep the dampness from settling in.

Rain Boots: Don't take a chance stepping in a puddle and having to walk around with wet feet. With so many styles to choose from, rain boots can really be a way to have fun, add a little punch to your outfit and let your personality shine.

Tote or Cross Body Bag: When the rain hits, juggling your handbag and umbrella can resemble a circus act - especially if wind is involved.Keep your hands free with a tote/or cross body bag!  Waterproof Mascara: Wind and rain are not a good combination, to keep raccoon eyes away - turn to water proof mascara. 

Umbrella: Just like rain boots use an umbrella to show off your personality! A handcrafted Pasotti umbrella with beautiful patterns will make any rainy day a little less gloomier. Hat: Sometimes there is just enough drizzle to frizz your hair, a hat will help keep your hair dry and reduce the frizz factor.     15

FOOD & DRINK |  SPRING 2017 19



FOOD & DRINK |  SPRING 2017 19

This recipe is from: Laduree: Sucre The Recipes by Philippe Andrieu, one of my favourite French dessert recipe books. Ingredients: 2 lemons, unwaxed 3/4 C. + 1 tbsp. granulated sugar 1 1/3 C. + 1 tbsp cake flour 2 1/2 tbsp. cake flour for moulds 2 tsp. baking powder 12 1/2 tbsp. butter 1 1/2 tbsp. butter for moulds 4 eggs 1 12/3 tbsp. honey

Create the Magic: Prepare the madeleine batter one day ahead. Using a grater remove the zest from the lemons. Mix the grated zest with the sugar in a large bowl. Sift the flour and baking powder together in an other bowl. Melt the butter over low heat.

Place eggs in a bowl, add the sugar and lemon zest mixture, and honey. Whip until pale and frothy. Fold in the flour and baking powder mixture. Add melted butter and combine. Refrigerate batter in a closed container for minimum 12 hours. Pre-heat oven to 390 °F .

Melt the 1 1/2 tbsp. of butter and brush the moulds, chill moulds for 15 minutes so the butter hardens. Lightly dust with flour , be sure tap excess flour by turning upside down. Fill moulds 3/4 to the top with batter. (I used a tablespoon scoop) - Place in oven bake: min madeleines 5-6 minutes; individual madeleines 8-10 minutes. Remove from oven when golden - letting cool slightly before removing from moulds. Best served after they have  cooled and are slightly warm. Madeleines are the perfect accompaniment for an afternoon cup of tea... but I have discovered it is equally delightful with a morning cup of coffee. Allow to cool completely and store in an airtight container , so they remain soft and moist ( I stored mine in a zip lock bag - and they remained mosit and tasty for 3 days). 


FOOD & DRINK |  SPRING 2017 19

Coconut Flour Waffle Submitted by: Maggie Chilton, RHN Adapted from Bill Staley & Hayley Mason


Create the Magic:

1/4 cup coconut flour 4 eggs 1 tbsp coconut milk (full fat) 1/4 tsp baking soda (aluminum free) 1 tsp maple syrup (or opt out for a lower glycemic index) Banana Nut Topping 1 tsp coconut oil 1 banana 1/4 cup pecans, chopped

In a medium bowl, blend all ingredients with a hand mixer or hand whisk. Brush coconut oil onto the waffle iron. Heat waffle iron and wait for light to show it is ready. (or follow instructions for your particular waffle iron) Waffles usually take 3-5 mins depending on your waffle iron. With ours the light goes off when the waffle is done.

Notes Waffle iron used, makes 4 individual waffles (or 1 large circle with 4 segments) sufficient for 1 adult and 1 child. This recipe makes only 1 waffle so if you are wanting more than 1 you will need to double or triple the recipe ahead of time. 18

"One of the most courageous things you can do is identify yourself, know who you are, what you believe in and where you want to go." Sheila Murray Bethel





"pack your bags with strength, hope, curiosity, creativity, humour, patience..." By Shirley J Gossack

Moving Forward ...  YES ME!! 

The situation is still the same; it’s the mind set of no longer allowing the voice in your head to talk you down instead of up. I have compiled a list of negative thoughts and I invite you to add your own: ·      Why me? ·      I just don’t have the strength to deal with this anymore! ·      All I want to do is scream, I am so frustrated! ·      I just want to cry. ·      Will this ever end? ·      Other people are doing exciting things and I am stuck. ·      What is going to happen next?

Welcome to my world. Something has happened to you or someone close to you and consequently your life as you know it will never be the same.  It may have evolved slowly over a long period of time, a few weeks in the making or just a few hours ago.  The reality is -- it really does not matter as the end result is the same; you find yourself adrift without the usual signposts.  It’s also possible that your life was not necessarily better before, but the reality of what was normal will no longer be normal again.

When these thoughts start --counter with the following and I invite you again to add your own: ·     I am strong! ·      I am ready and capable. ·      I will deal with whatever happens next. ·      I will find the humor and laugh. ·      I will no longer allow what has happened to define me. ·      Failure is not an option ·      I am ready to move on.  

I have come to believe that everything is OK until it isn’t and then you are trying to manage the spiral of what’s next. So what to do when the normal no longer exists?  It’s a question that does not have an easy answer.  I’ve been there dealing with cancer; an ongoing chronic medical issue; ill parents and changes in my professional life and it does not matter who you are, as most likely, you too were unprepared for what to do next.  

It starts with small steps and understanding that the process can and will take time. That’s OK.   There will be ups and they are so amazing and invigorating as well as downs which are a downer.  Change is a process and even people who don’t have issues also have ups and downs. So tell yourself that this is normal and accept it for what it is.   Find something funny or ridiculous about the situation and do something to make yourself happy and start all over again.  It might seem slow -- but you and I are moving in the right direct again.

What I realized earlier on is that there are two choices -either give in and allow this situation to take over and drown in it or take control and find the new normal or normals as it is ever evolving. I told myself -- ‘Failure is not an option[1]’ take the resources you have and turn this around.  Yes…You can do it! By trial and error (probably more error), hope, humor, perseverance and a whole lot of passion, I continue to charge ahead. Are there days that I become frustrated?  Yes, and I remind myself that this is part and parcel of grieving for what was the ideal of the before and dealing with the uncertainty of the future. Remember that holding onto anger and frustration does not help the situation and it is better to harness all of that energy into moving forward. As I see it -- the starting point is when one no longer sees oneself as a victim of what happened, but a strong and capable person who will take this experience to a higher level. 

So pack your bags with strength, hope, curiosity, creativity, humour, patience and the best wishes and support of family and friends and look out world here we come!! Excerpt from a book Shirley is writing about her experiences in moving forward.

Shirley J Gossack MSW CSFC is a Certified Solution Focused Coach living in Toronto. She has a background in higher education and supporting people of all ages and stages.  You can reach Shirley through her email at 20

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For Spring 2017 by Jennifer Cobb Firm Foundation (4) This past season has been a time of establishing a solid foundation in the material world. Using good judgement and heeding lessons from the past concerning financial matters have assisted you in laying a firm groundwork; by doing so, security will grow stronger in the future. The material power that has been

Spiritual Strength (9) Heading into Spring 2017 this card comes forth to give you encouragement and remind you that you have an inner strength to complete whatever you’ve been working on. This final Spirit Card represents courage, discipline, stability, and persistence. You may be tired or weary from the struggle, but now is not the time to give in. Instead, tap into all of your inner reserves for

been around you was either an advantage or disadvantage, depending on how you have responded to it.  You have not let your current position determine who you are and you have been more effective in weighing what serves your highest good, and what can be purged. You have been more aware and mindful to give back and prime the pump of prosperity, for true spiritual and material wealth is as much about giving as it is about receiving.  

that one final push to achieve the desired outcome. You’ve been through so much to get to this point; and even though you may have acquired some scars along the way, you’re wiser and stronger for it. The enlightenment you’ve gained will be an invaluable resource. You may also notice that you’re experimenting with different things in your life at this time, all of these experiences feed your spirit and offer you knowledge for the future.   The Angels also brought you the number 9 to say get to work, lightworker – now! The number 9 means that you’ve completed all of the prerequisites to achieve your life purpose. Stop procrastinating, as its time to start taking action steps. Even baby steps are useful. 

You have been re-accessing your investments and realizing that you don’t have to hold onto your possessions too tightly – but to be flexible and allow things to continue to flow. In this period of time you have become more grateful for what you have and in doing so has set forth a motion to allow for more abundance in your life. In addition, the Angels have sent you the number 4 ~ signifying they’ve been with you and reassuring you that they have heard your prayers and are helping you.  The answers, clarity and solutions to your concerns have begun to come more easily and naturally into your path.  21


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Resilientista Magazine is for women who want to thrive in their life. It's filled with inspiration for practicing self care, self love on th...

Resilientista Magazine - Spring 2017  

Resilientista Magazine is for women who want to thrive in their life. It's filled with inspiration for practicing self care, self love on th...