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t's a sad reality that no one goes through life without being wounded in some way by one’s experiences. Sometimes our sufferings reach a point where we ask the question, ‘why me?’ We see those around us who are untouched and unscathed, and we feel angry that we have been singled out for this hardship. We all desire meaning in the sufferings we endure. We want to make sense of our hardships. We need to believe that there is a higher purpose for the miseries that we experience. We all seek a deeper reason for the agony that we bear. We tell ourselves that this is probably a test. And perhaps this trial will play a part in some cosmic pattern - that its purpose is hidden deep within the grand scheme of things. •

But what if we can find no meaning?

What if no matter how hard we try, we fail to see the reason for our sufferings?

Whether or not our trials have a reason, there is no denying the truth that what does not kill us makes us stronger. This is what bestows meaning to our suffering. This fact is what gives it purpose. We draw strength from a history of difficulties that we have already overcome. And our triumphs in life are a testament that we did not give up, that we refused to surrender. Our trials may make us sad for a while. They may make us lose faith. And we may feel that our burdens are overwhelming. But it is only our fear that sometimes blinds us to another truth - that this suffering is only temporary and that this too shall pass.

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We have all been wounded in one way or another. But it is up to us to choose to learn from the scars we bear. For what does not kill us, makes us wiser as well.


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Driven and passionate, Stephanie’s strengths lie in marrying day-to-day strategies with the bigger picture. As a lover of both business and psychology, she weaves those worlds together naturally. She is an Air Force veteran, has a BS in Behavioral Science and a Masters Degree in Entrepreneurship in Applied Technologies from USF.


Enthusiastic and passionate, Wendy is a freelancer and blogger for Melanoma and patient advocacy. A Michigan native, she earned her AAS in Business while pursuing a Master's in Psychology. Her expansive professional skills range from frontline medical treatments to government and legal proficiency demonstrate the diversity in both her professional life and chosen career path. Her passion for photography and dedication to spreading love and compassion emanate from her cherished free time with her husband and their three children.


Pat, a native of Northwest Indiana calls Wesley Chapel her home for the past three years. She owned her own business for 35 years and was an Ad Junct teacher at the local community college. Pat and her husband now enjoy life and their four young grandchildren. As a Resident Magazine sales associate, Pat enjoys meeting local business people and helping them grow their successes. To get copies of Resident Magazine, text or call Pat at 219-743-1456. Page 6 | January 2018


Susan Gulash is a creative individual who loves the complete design process - from research to conception to completion. She has over 13 years experience in graphic/ web design, and is the owner of Gulash Graphics. She attended and graduated from IRSC & USF. She enjoys spending time with her husband and two girls.


Kayla is a luxury market manager and bench jeweler apprentice for an independently owned jewelry shop. She has two amazing children who are her world. She spends her free time hiking, fishing, exercising and spending time with friends. Kayla is an avid reader and is constantly on the hunt to learn new things.


Bob is thrilled to bring his passion for photography to Resident Magazine. He shoots for magazines and corporations as well as local businesses. By last count he has photographed over 40,000 people in his 23 years as a photographer! He is a dad, husband, proud Rotarian, musician, emcee, and is excited to play a part in the growth of Wesley Chapel and New Tampa.


David has been helping local businesses grow for the last 5 years in the New Tampa and Wesley Chapel area. As a PGA Member for 18 years, he has done everything from playing professionally to running both semi and private golf courses. David and his wife Kelly are new parents to Axel Stone and their daughter Kendal Victoria.


Janeth Lopez is a military spouse of over 20 years and recently relocated to the New Tampa area. She has several years experience helping military families and is thrilled to meet the local business owners in the area. She is a dedicated mother of two teenagers that keep her busy and enjoys visiting with her parents who live in Wesley Chapel.



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What Will You

Do with Your

? T

he average refund for individual income taxpayers who received one for the fiscal year ending in September 2016 topped $3,000, according to the IRS.1 If you expect to receive a refund on your 2017 tax return, will you save or spend it? While you may be tempted to indulge, consider using the money to solidify your long-term financial position. No matter the size of your refund, there are ways you can use it to help reach your current and future financial goals. Here are a variety of ways you might be able to apply a refund based on your life stage:

sudden interruption to your income or a major unexpected expense. •

Pay off student loans. If you are carrying college debt or other loans, applying your refund to the balance can help reduce the total interest you pay or eliminate the debt entirely. Once you pay off your loans, allocate the amount you spent each month on student loans to another financial goal to keep building your financial foundation.

Invest in an IRA. Think about starting a habit of investing your tax refund each year into an IRA, where any earnings can accumulate on a taxdeferred basis. While you are limited to contributing $5,500 annually ($6,500 for those age 50 and older), the savings can add up. For example, investing a $3,000 refund each year from age 26 to 65 earningseven percent annually would build to more than $640,000.

For people starting out in their careers: •

Add to your emergency fund. Consider saving enough to have the equivalent of at least three-to-six months’ worth of income in an emergency fund. This could come in handy if you experience a

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For those starting families: •

Save for a down payment

on a home. A tax refund can either replace some of your make a meaningful impact regular income or be used to as you accumulate enough fund expenditures required to purchase your first home. to get the business up-andConsider saving enough to running. cover at least 20 percent of the home’s value. Doing so will eliminate the need for For those approaching private mortgage insurance, retirement: which will cost you extra in • Increase your retirement interest payments. savings. As your retirement • Start or add to a college date and goals get clearer, fund for your children. maximizing your retirement With the cost of higher savings should take priority. education continuing to rise, Your refund can help starting early and saving you make an additional often can help you make investment towards your funding tuition a reality. financial future. If you Many options may provide are 50 or older and have tax advantages so work earned income, current tax with your financial and tax laws allow you to invest professionals to find the best extra dollars in your IRA strategy for you. and workplace retirement plan. Work with your tax • Invest your refund. professional to learn what Consider adding your refund the opportunities and to your portfolio, using limitations may be for your it to accelerate progress situation. toward your long-term goals. Your refund could • Pay down your mortgage. be used to purchase stocks, Consider using your refund bonds, mutual funds, or to make an additional other investments that are principal payment to your aligned with your goals, risk home mortgage. Erasing toleranceand time horizon. debt prior to retirement can minimize a major financial • Create or update your burden. legacy plan. Developing a will, trust, or other estate documents is important so that your wishes are clear in For retirees: the event of your death. If • Spend it on your you need to create or update retirement dream. If you legal matters, use your plan to travel or pursue a refund as a reason to take hobby in retirement, use the the next step. refund as a trigger to make your dream happen. Allow yourself to spend the money For those who have a solid without guilt – after all, fi nancial foundation: you’ve earned and planned for this opportunity • Apply to home improvements. If you • Invest in a Roth IRA. If are planning to remodel you have any earned income your home, you may want that allows you to make to use the money to fund retirementcontributions, specific upgrades, or to your tax refund can keep as a contingency fund potentially be placed into throughout the project. a Roth IRA. This vehicle allows contributions after age 70-1/2 (contributions are • Save for starting a new not possible in a traditional business. If you want to IRA) and provides potential start your own business now tax-free growth of any or in retirement, the refund earnings. can provide a cash buffer to help you get started. It can FOR RATES & INFO CALL: 813-422-5551 | WWW.RESIDENTMAGAZINE.NET



Pay health care expenses. Today’s rising health care costs are often one of the biggestexpenses for retirees. Consider applying the funds to Medicare or long-term care policy premiums. If your health care expenses are manageable, save the refund to pay for future expenses.

Review your tax withholding If you regularly receive a large tax refund, you may want to adjust the withholding on your paycheck. Decreasing your refund may increase your monthly net pay, allowing you to allocate extra income each month to your financial goals. This strategy isn’t right for everyone. Consult with your tax attorney and financial advisor before

making adjustments or decisions on how to use your windfall. 1 –, “Returns Filed, Taxes Collected & Refunds Issued,” Aug. 30, 2017. https://www.irs. gov/statistics/returns-fi led-taxescollected-and-refunds-issued.

Lauren Hopper is a Financial Advisor with Mclendon & Associates, a private wealth advisory practice of Ameriprise Financial Services, Inc. She offers fee-based financial planning and asset management strategies and has been in practice for 16 years. You may contact her at



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January EVENTS


New Years Day JANUARY 1

JANUARY 3 WIREGRASS RANCHERS KIDS CLUB Time: 10:00am - 11:00am Location: The Shops at Wiregrass, 28211 Paseo Dr #100 Cost: For more information visit

JANUARY 5 VOM FASS BRANDY & BACON Time: 5:00pm - 9:00pm Location: The Shops at Wiregrass, 28211 Paseo Dr #100 Cost: For more information visit RSVP required. JANUARY 6 FRESH MARKET Time: 10:00am - 2:00pm Location: The Shops at Wiregrass, 28211 Paseo Dr #100 Cost: For more information visit

JANUARY 11 BREAST CANCER: "KNOW YOUR OPTIONS" Deep Inferior Epigastric Artery Perforator (DIEP) Flap is an advanced reconstruction procedure offered at Florida Hospital Wesley Chapel. Time: 5:30pm - 7:00pm Location: Inspiration Place, Wellness Plaza, 3rd Floor Cost: Free to attend.

JANUARY 9 BUILDING THE BEST Time: 9:45am - 11:45 am Location: Lexington Oaks, 26133 Lexington Oaks Blvd., Wesley Chapel, FL 33544 Cost: This event is free to attend. Please RSVP and bring a Realtor!! Contact Kelly Stewart at 815-9559811.

JANUARY 13 RAISING CANE, A SWEET & SPICY Time: 12:00pm - 4:00pm Location: Pioneer Florida Museum & Village, 15602 Pioneer Museum Road, Dade City, FL 33523 Cost: $5 admission, free parking.

GETTING DOWN TO THE BARE BONES Join us for a question and answer session with our boardcertified orthopedic surgeons. Do you suffer from aching joints, arthritis, hip or knee pain? Time: 12:30pm - 1:00pm

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Location: Florida Hospital Wesley Chapel Classroom, 4th Floor Cost: Free to attend.

JANUARY 14 CRUISIN' AT WIREGRASS Time: 12:00pm - 4:00pm Location: The Shops at Wiregrass, 28211 Paseo Dr #100 Cost: For more information visit


Includes information from the following:



Ml Day


JANUARY 16 NECK AND BACK PAIN: TREATMENT OPTIONS Time: 12:00pm - 1:00pm Location: Florida Hospital Wesley Chapel Classroom, 4th Floor Cost: Free to attend.

JANUARY 20 - 21 SUNCOAST ARTS FEST Time: January 20 at 10:00am 6:00pm, January 21 at 11:00am - 6:00pm Location: The Shops at Wiregrass, 28211 Paseo Dr #100 Cost: For more information visit

JANUARY 20 LIGHT UP THE N IGHT Time: 6:00pm - 9:00pm Location: The Shops at Wiregrass, 28211 Paseo Dr #100 Cost: For more information visit

JANUARY 25 VOM FASS WHISKY & WAFFLES Time: 5:00pm - 9:00pm Location: The Shops at Wiregrass, 28211 Paseo Dr #100 Cost: For more information visit RSVP required.

FEBRUARY 3 FRESH MARKET Time: 10:00am - 2:00pm Location: The Shops at Wiregrass, 28211 Paseo Dr #100 Cost: For more information visit

FEBRUARY 7 WIREGRASS RANCHERS KIDS CLUB Time: 10:00am - 11:00am Location: The Shops at Wiregrass, 28211 Paseo Dr #100 Cost: For more information visit

JANUARY 28 COMMUNITY GRAND OPENING: FLORIDA HOSPITAL ER CENTRAL PASCO Time: 12:00pm - 3:00pm Location: 16625 SR 54, Land O’ Lakes, FL 34638 Cost: Free to attend. JANUARY 30 DO YOU SUFFER FROM THYROID TROUBLE? Time: 12:00pm - 1:00pm Location: Florida Hospital Wesley Chapel Classroom, 4th Floor Cost: Free to attend. FEBRUARY 1 WIN CIRQUE DU SOLEIL VOLTA TICKETS Location: The Shops at Wiregrass, 28211 Paseo Dr #100 Cost: For more information visit


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Beauty F

VIP Lifestyle Lashes

or some, false lashes may feel strange, sticky or pokey compared to a simple mascara technique. Nonetheless, these false lashes are big business, with an annual price tag north of 20 million from the 1960s on. As to the strange and sticky, they’ve come a long way and those long, luscious lashes are just a phone call away. That being said, it's not for all but all should try it at least once. For me, waking up with full, dark and diva like lashes was a dream. Using mascara had only darkened my under eyes, made my natural lashes frail and sparse after daily use. I'd tried serums, castor oil and each worked to a certain extent. But let’s face it, those tactics were not an easy upkeep.

Now, call me lazy but after moisturizing, applying makeup and my hair routine? I’m all about time management, especially in my beauty routine. While searching for a lash artist I was surprised to find such a wide pricing difference and even fill in options, many of which were not affordable. As with all fads, prices begin to fall as more begin to offer the service. When I contacted Cyn, my lash artist she immediately made me feel comfortable about having someone so close to my eyes. She was certified, licensed and experienced. She educated me on the type of glues that were used, as well as necessary maintenance and how to go the longest without needing constant fills.


When you're laying a synthetic lash on top of your natural lash you can have a heaviness and cause clumping if not properly done. It's important to know someone with a good eye for placement, i.e. a professional, experienced lash artist. Lash application takes anywhere from 1 to 2 hours, you lay on a warm, relaxing massage table your eyes shut while your lash artist applies each tiny hair to your own lashes. You can choose singles or butterfly style, mink, synthetic or silk, but be aware if you have an allergy to fur, mink is the fur of an animal my friends.

Angela DiLeone Vip Beauty Mobile Stylist Voted #1 photography hair and makeup artist and nominated Best of Bay consecutively, Angela DiLeone is educated in over 23 beauty brands and services. She carries dual licenses in several states and has been published in numerous books and magazines. Along with being a hair and makeup artist, Angela is also an author, educator and motivational speaker for multiple beauty brands promoting women empowerment.

Your maintenance consists of keeping them from mascara and oil based products, with false lashes shedding naturally with your own in about 3 weeks. Fill-ins are available if you’d like to keep them longer and can be much more inexpensive and less time consuming. Why not keep them!?! If you have any questions about specific beauty products or techniques, please feel free to With Christmas New Years and send me an email at Angela@ tons of parties coming up now is a great time to try! Cyn is offering Resident Magazine readers a great Questions for Vip Beauty Stylist deal for a set of lashes! Call and Angela DiLeone book today at +1 (813) 843-0340 email or visit https://www.sinfulmua. com/. January 2018 | Page 13

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SLAVERY: Any Safe Place

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f someone told you slavery still exists today with more than 4.8 million victims worldwide, would you believe them? Even more, would you believe it is individuals right here in our very own neighborhoods driving that demand? Our great nation, The United States of America, is purchasing sex from VICTIMS at a rate higher than any other country on Earth.

an adult. A commercial sex act is identified by the exchange of anything of value for a sexual act.

Human sex trafficking is still very much in existence today, both globally and throughout the United States. Traffickers use force, fraud, and coercion to control other people for the purpose of engaging in commercial sex. Sex trafficking occurs when an individual is forced, by fraud or coercion, to engage in a commercial sex act with

For a victim under the age of 18, otherwise known as a CHILD, force, fraud or coercion need not be present for the crime to be considered sex trafficking. If a child engages in a sex act in exchange for anything of value, it is considered human trafficking. A child cannot legally consent

Page 16 | January 2018

Even more disheartening, the most common age of children entering sex trafficking in the United States is between 14 and 16, although victims as young as infants have been identified. Children. Bought, sold, photographed for CONSUMPTION on an illegal market.

The hidden nature of the crime and the complexities involved

with victim identification, make it essentially impossible to know with certainty how many people are sex trafficked in the United States. While statistics vary on the number of children in the United States who are trafficked, reputable estimates determine that the number is by far in excess of 100,000 children. Conservative estimates project that 10% - 15% of sex trafficked children in the United States are boys, with some studies showing up to 50%. Much like sexual abuse of boys, sex trafficking is vastly underreported by the victims. LGBTQ youth are more vulnerable to be sex trafficking victims because they have higher runaway rates.

An estimated 1 in 6 runaway youth are likely sex trafficking victims. Florida ranks third in the nation for the number of calls made to the National Human Trafficking Hotline, and Tampa Bay consistently ranks within the top four locations in Florida. This isn’t happening in a far off third world country. This is happening in your cities, in your towns, in your neighborhood. In the Beginning In an information age, we must ask ourselves how this type of behavior begins. Surely no one sets out in life with intentions to partake in such behavior, let alone to become a consumer of something so inhumane.


Any Safe Place Continued from page 16

Something as simple and seemingly harmless as viewing online pornography can quickly spiral from a secretive habit into an all consuming addiction that one must continually feed. Pornography and sex addiction often lead to overwhelming feelings of shame, depression and sadness, only driving home the need for someone to be increasingly secretive and withdrawn when it comes to their behaviors. The need to hide these shameful feelings often pull the individual away from anyone they may normally have gone to for help or support. Again, leading to even more changes in personality and behavior as the problem progresses. During a 60 day period - just two short months - over 32,000 online ads were placed in Pasco County for the purpose of selling or buying sex. It is important to note that only two websites were used in calculating these ads, and there are hundreds of websites on any given day selling sex in Pasco County. 32,000 ads is only a small glimpse into the dark world of commercial sexual exploitation. We have a serious demand problem. The demand to purchase sex is much higher than most people know, and even if law enforcement worked every single day, running sting operations and arresting sex buyers, they’d never be able to arrest our way out of this problem. If you or someone you know may be looking for help in with addictions to online porn or sex the following resources are available: NoFap We’re here to help you quit porn, improve your relationships, and

reach your sexual health goals. Science-based, secular, and sexpositive. more information log on to XXXChurch We help men and women who are struggling with porn online break secret habits, crush shame and create a great life with a healthy view of sex through our online community and resources. For more information log on to or call 626.506.2611.

out of life, the reluctance to trust another person. But I kept going there, kept talking to the other girls. Every week, I asked about the blonde. The next time I saw her, I acted as if we’d seen each other the day before, not weeks before. I knew she had had enough shame and guilt in her life that she didn’t need any from me, simply because she was struggling with believing she could be loved by another person, by God.

We sat down again, with some water and a couple pieces of chicken we took in. If we hadn’t Fight The New Drug been surrounded by glitter and Fortify is a web-based program of pounding music, we short video lessons and activities could designed to educate and empower individuals seeking to find freedom have been from pornography — developed by ordinary friends a team of professionals including out for an psychologists, neurologists, therapists and other mental health ordinary night, except experts. For more information log on to we were having a or call 385.313.8629. conversation More Too Life RJEDE Program that was far from ordinary. (SARASOTA, FL) I started to This 8-hour educational tell her about course on human trafficking, the house in prostitution and sexual violence South Carolina prevention created by Dr. Brook that my father Bello’s Youthiasm® offers a moved us into. I comprehensive education to didn’t even have court-appointed sexual offenders a bed — my little sister and I or buyers, referred men at risk of slept on a used raggedy mattress. committing sexual violence, and One of the springs took a chunk volunteer participants. For more out of my leg, because the mattress information log on to https:// was so crappy. We would wake or call up to mounds of poop and dog 941-227-1012. urine that would soak into the old wooden floors.

Excerpt from No Safe Place by Christa Hernandez I had to walk through the projects

The blonde wasn’t at the club every week. I understood that. I understood the flitting in and


on my way home from school. Thugs would pull knives on me and I quickly had to learn to fight. I became the parent because my father and Ralph worked until late at night. It was our job to get

dinner ready and clean the nasty house along with trying to get homework done. One night, my father knocked my youngest brother in the head and called him an idiot, because he didn’t get the gravy right, just like I remember happening to Mom. Whenever we would fight, we’d call Dad at the shop. Finally, he decided he would put an end to getting phone calls at work and chained my brothers to their wooden bunkbeds, leaving only enough length for them to get to the bathroom. We were living in the worst kind of hell and there was absolutely nothing I could do to help us. I couldn’t understand how there could be a God that would allow this. All of us felt deep shame and abandonment. We felt unlovable and that we must be horrible kids to have this happening to us. My father still had that recording device on the phone and when I talked to my friends, I’d use code words. It was so humiliating to have to tell my friends why my life was so abnormal. In high school, I got my first job at a Waffle House. I

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MODERN DAY SLAVERY: Continued from page 17

worked the early morning shift on weekends and was finally able to purchase my own clothes. What a difference that made in my confidence. I hung out with some of the “in” crowd and was also in marching band, playing the clarinet.

just to win the bet and even to be accepted. Losing my virginity wasn’t really that big of a deal due to all I had been through. I was more thrilled about winning the bet. Word spread fast around school and the next thing I knew, one of the football players was inviting me to his house. I thought that was normal and what girls are supposed to do, so I had sex with him.

I felt so accepted and like I had We were deprived of food often, eating ramen noodles and government cheese most finally arrived, but all any of days. But still my father got one of the first those boys wanted was a piece satellite dishes for himself. He got all the channels, including the porn channels. There of me. were no parental controls and all of us kids I remember dating a boy from church. I was watched it. still able to catch the neighborhood bus to the Assembly of God Church from time to That sexual abuse led to acting out, as it time. On our first date, we were five minutes does for so many children. My group of late getting home. My dad was waiting in the friends at school were taking bets on who would lose their virginity first. Even though bushes outside the house. When we pulled up, he terrified that boy so bad that he went I had been sexually abused, I had not had speeding out of our driveway. intercourse yet, and was technically still a virgin. I went to the house of one of the But it was worse when I got in the house. He popular boys and lost my virginity to him, told my siblings he was pulling my pants down

Page 18 | January 2018

so he could see if I was out being a whore.When he did it, I was so mortified, but felt like it was my fault. I was a bad girl, and that was what bad girls got. The next guy I dated, Bill, was my first puppy love. He was a guitar player in a Christian band and for some reason, my father liked him. I was allowed to go to his house and for those few hours, it was as if all my worries had disappeared. He was a senior and invited me to prom. I wore a royal blue strapless dress with white shoes. My dad took me to his house, his mom and my dad took lots of pictures, then we headed off in a limo. I felt like Cinderella. Not only was I with a guy I was head over heels in love with, but the friends we were with were some of the most popular kids in school. I wondered what they would think if they knew the real me, the hell I came from and the disgusting place I lived in, not to mention the horrible events in my past. But that night was

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Any Safe Place Continued from page 18

magical and one of the best nights of my life. His mom was great. I loved her and she loved me. I’d go out to their lake property with them sometimes, and had such a great time. I was truly away from it all with a real and normal family. I started opening up to his mom about some of the things going on in my home. They wanted to protect me but didn’t know how. I think his mom called the state one time after my father beat me, but instead of it getting better, my father found out and banned me from seeing that boy anymore. I failed ninth grade for missing too many days and for how low my grades were, so my dad decided to make me pay for my own tuition at a private Christian school. He thought this was also a way to get me away from that boy, but we still snuck around and saw each other. One night, we went to the movies and my dad found out. He dragged me out of there by my hair in front of everyone. At that Christian school, I made friends with a girl named Shelly. She had a boyfriend and he had a friend, who went on to become my next boyfriend. Shelly had this cute little light blue Volkswagen that we would drive all over town in. On the weekends, I spent the night with her, and we often stayed up all night, tripping on acid while watching Pink Floyd with our boyfriends. I became more and more promiscuous. I knew I needed birth control, and tried going to the counselor’s office at school, like

other girls had done. But the office called my father and from then on, I was only allowed out of the house for cheerleading practice. I got sent home for beating up the team captain one day and for some weird reason, my dad was proud of me and lightened up on my punishments. I got caught one night for staying at a boy’s house with Shelly. My father was so angry; I was terrified he might hurt me worse than ever this time. I pleaded for him to let me go stay at my mother’s house in Florida. By this time, I was sixteen, and to my surprise, he said yes. There was no tender goodbye with my father. He made me sign over my income tax refund to him, then had his partner hand me a pile of big black garbage bags for my belongings. He stayed in his room and told his boyfriend to take me to the Amtrak station with a one-way ticket to Florida. Part of me was relieved not to have another encounter with my father, but another part was very hurt.

It seemed appropriate that my entire life was in garbage bags because I felt like such garbage on the inside. As for

God…I couldn’t understand this loving being that people in church talked about because I was feeling the opposite of love. If you or someone you know has been a victim of human or sexual trafficking, resources are available to help. In case of a suspected human trafficking incident or emergency call: National 24-hour Human Trafficking Hotline: 1-888-373-7888 or text HELP or INFO to BeFree (233733), To be directed to local resources. (SARASOTA, FL) More Too Life - With our services we aim to provide the necessary tools for young adult victims and vulnerable youth to overcome extreme trauma of all forms of human trafficking and sexual violence, crime and advancing the understanding of their life possibilities through our carefully laid out framework for providing shelter. For more information log on to call 941-227-1012. (LAKELAND, FL) The Porch Light - Opened a safe home where innocent child victims could find emotional and physical healing. The Porch Light is also dedicated to prevention and advocacy efforts to help stop sex trafficking before it needlessly devastates Continued on page 20


Churches in Town St. Andrew Presbyterian Church 5340 Primrose Lake Circle Tampa, FL 33647 813.513.8822 Bridgeway Church 30660 Wells Rd Wesley Chapel, FL 33545 813.907.1313 Grace Community 30243 Wells Rd Wesley Chapel, FL 33545 813.994.9363 New Walk Church 35008 SR 54 Zephyrhills, FL 33541 813.469.9299 St. James United Methodist 16202 Bruce B Downs, Tampa FL 33647 813.971.4790 St. Mark the Evangelist Catholic Church 9724 Cross Creek Blvd Tampa, FL 33647 813.907.7746 The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints 13510 North 42nd St Tampa, FL 33612 813.979.6051 Victorious Life Church 6224 Old Pasco Rd Wesley Chapel, FL 33544 813.973.2230


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more lives. For more information log on to or call 863.687.8811. (TAMPA, FL) USIAHT - The HERO House - Our home is dedicated to kids under the age of 18, born biologically male, and who identify anywhere on the gender spectrum. These kids are part of a dramatically underserved population of sex trafficking survivors that are in desperate need of care. To our knowledge, this boys home is one of the first of its kind in the entire United States. Log on to http://usiaht. org/safe-homes/our-safe-homes/ or call (813) 895-3390 for more information. (PASCO COUNTY, FL) Pasco Sheriff’s Office - If you would like to submit a tip to help save someone’s life go to https:// or call 727-847-8102. Help Recognize Signs of Trafficking in Your Neighborhood: • There is no single/consistent profile for a victim • Adults and children • Males and females • U.S. citizens and foreign nationals • Well educated individuals and those with no formal education Victims can be men or women, adults or children, foreign nationals or U.S. citizens. While they share the trait of vulnerability, victims have diverse ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds, varied levels of education, and may be documented or undocumented. Frequently victims are lured by false promises of a lucrative job, stability, education, or a loving relationship. Traffickers lure and ensnare people into sex trafficking by manipulating and exploiting their vulnerabilities. Human traffickers recruit, transport, harbor, obtain, and exploit victims – often using force, threats, lies, or other psychological coercion. To maintain control traffickers will use tactics such as physical and emotional abuse, sexual assault, substance abuse, confiscation of Page 20 | January 2018

identification and money, isolation from friends and family, and even renaming victims. Often, traffickers identify and leverage their victims’ vulnerabilities in order to create dependency. As a result, victims become trapped and fear leaving for a myriad of reasons, including psychological trauma, shame, emotional attachment, or physical threats to themselves or their children’s safety. One reason traffickers prey on kids is because they are more vulnerable than adults. They are more naive, and at-risk kids who have experienced abuse or extreme conflict in their homes may not only be eager to run away, but may also be desperate for the love and attention of an adult. Many kids who run away from home do so because they experience abuse, or because a member of the family is an addict, is violent, or both. If runaways have nowhere to go – no friends or other family members they can rely on and trust – they need to find food and shelter someplace else, which makes them especially vulnerable to trafficking. (

USIAHT and the Trafficking Free Zone The U.S. Institute Against Human Trafficking intends to end Human Trafficking in the United States through prevention, combating demand, the rescue of victims, and providing safe refuge for the restoration of survivors. TFZ - USIAHT’s Flagship Demand Reduction Program, TraffickingFree Zone, is a year-long modular approach based upon proven practices from around the United States. We are a nonprofit, faith-based organization anointed by God to fight against human trafficking in America with truth and integrity, showing the love of Jesus Christ to all involved. With offices in Tampa, Washington DC, Los Angeles and Austin, we are addressing the national problem, and also doing so with onthe-ground services. Our focus on the prevention of human trafficking in the United States is being accomplished through combating demand in new and innovative ways, raising awareness, educating our youth, disruption of trafficking activities, advocating a consolidation within the industry to maximize efficiencies, and Continued on page 21


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collaborating with organizations who are expert at rescuing abducted youth currently engaged in the sex trade. Our work is also done in conjunction with Federal, State and local government officials who sit in a position to influence policy on ending trafficking in America. As a non-profit organization, we are committed to operate with utmost financial accountability to our donors who provide the funding necessary to carry out these activities. The TraffickingFree Zone program’s success is credited to establishing a holistic approach; a multi-sector partnership involving law enforcement, government, businesses, schools and community-based organizations. For one year in Pasco County, the TraffickingFree Zone program will activate multiple sectors of society simultaneously, discouraging and impeding buyers from purchasing sex, while offering rehabilitation services for both victims and buyers. County-by-county the TraffickingFree Zone program is implemented in collaboration with community members and leaders, with the focus on arresting and prosecuting sex buyers instead of those who are being sold, educating people on sex trafficking and implementing numerous other demand reduction techniques. Using the principles outlined in the TraffickingFree Zone program, communities can expect to see a significant decline in demand. The 10 modules are: Baseline Research, Criminal Justice, Government and Social Services, Healthcare Community, Technology, Education, Businesses and Employers, Public Awareness, Faith-Based Community and Impact Study. How Pasco Is Helping Join the Fight The US Institute has engaged with Pasco County, launching the TraffickingFree Zone. Your friends and neighbors are joining the TraffickingFree Zone program because they are no longer willing to sit back and allow our nation’s children to be exploited at an ever increasing, alarming rate. They are no longer willing to accept the fact that the most vulnerable members of our communities are

having their innocence ripped from them for a predator’s momentary pleasure. They are choosing to take a stand, using the best practices from around the world, against sexual predators. Instead of living in fear, they are living in confidence that they are doing their part to stand for those who cannot stand for themselves. We all recognize that more must be done, yet the human sex trafficking industry is so large and so dark, it’s easy to feel like we can’t make a difference. In truth, working independently, the difference we can make is limited. For years, incredible people and organizations have worked diligently and in a large part independently to try to eradicate sex trafficking from their communities, but true and lasting change occurs when we come together and combine our efforts. Join the movement. Whether you join the TraffickingFree Zone as an individual, business, law enforcement, church goer or community leader - you will make a difference. You’ll be joining forces with one of the largest anti-sex trafficking movements in the world, and that’s something to be proud of.

Doing Your Part: Recognize and Report Indicators of a potential sex trafficking victim: • Lack of knowledge of a given community, frequent movement • Not in control of own identification documents (passport, birth certificates); • Unexplained physical indicators or abnormalities to include bruises, tattoos, and/or pregnancy • Denied contact with family & access to services • Individual owes a large debt and cannot pay it off; unpaid or paid very little • Under 18 and providing commercial sex • Few or no personal possessions or financial records • Threatened with harm, deportation or arrest if escape is attempted • Harmed or denied food, water, sleep or medical care


• • •

Untreated injuries/health conditions Is not free to leave or come and go as he/ she wishes High security measures exist in the work and/or living conditions (e.g. opaque windows, boarded up windows, bars on windows, barbed wire, etc.)

Potential Victims May: Seem fearful, submissive, anxious, depressed, tense or nervous/paranoid Become unusually fearful if law enforcement or immigration is mentioned • Avoid eye contact • Not speak for themselves • Not know where they are • Claim to be just visiting • Do not know or have an address • Be unaware of what month/week/day it is • Not be able to provide a consistent account of what has happened to them • This may be due to fear of reprisal and prolonged trauma If you see a questionable situation and are in a position to listen and to observe, collect information and call the National Human Trafficking Hotline at 1-888-373-7888 to report. The hotline staff will determine whether or not to pursue it as human trafficking and will notify the appropriate local officials.

DO NOT become involved if you suspect human trafficking. Do not approach the situation and attempt to offer help. This could be potentially dangerous not only for you but also for the victim.

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6 Steps to a

Car Restoration Projecî‚Ž

goes. It is very easy to forget a nut or a bolt and end up with a jar of spare bits. Allow enough time for each step, so you are not rushed to completion.


Ask for help. If you have never undertaken such a project before, with all the best will in the world you can still mess up. If you have questions or issues, always ask an expert for help. Visit restoration forums on the internet or join online project car clubs and get advice from other project car

lovers who have been right where you are now. Expect to take about a year to restore a classic car. Don't try and rush the project. Always take time to locate the cheapest sources for parts before you buy and do as much of the work as you possibly can yourself, but if you feel overwhelmed contact Motorhead Mobile Mechanic at 813.458.0334 or visit www. for all your restoration projects.





re you looking to restore a Classic Car on a Budget? Whether you are an expert or new to restoring classic cars you need to be prepared with simple steps to creating a budget and one awesome vehicle. Know that with restoring any vehicle especially a classic one you will spend upwards to 1,000 hours to fully restore it. You're going to need a lot of parts which won't always be easy to find and will cost significant sums of money. However, there are ways to accomplish the task without breaking the bank. Assess the car. Have you bought an old rust bucket or an accident damaged car? Perhaps it is in good running order but the bodywork has been better days. Maybe you bought a vehicle that had been off the road for a long time and needs minimal restoration. The amount of work the car needs will determine the scope of the project in time and money.


Decide on authenticity. You have a list of the parts you need for your project car restoration. How much you spend will depend upon whether you are a stickler for original or brand parts or whether you feel you can compromise on certain areas of your project. Decide which parts must be brand name or original, and which parts you can buy at a

lower price. Do it yourself. Do-ityourself projects depend on the amount of skill you have. If you are not a trained mechanic, you might have problems diagnosing and fixing some jobs on your project. Doing it yourself can save you money, but if you need a professional to fix your mistakes that will cost more than going to the pro in the first place. If you know that at some point you will need to engage the services of a professional, include the cost in your budget.

Determine your budget. Take an inventory of everything that needs to be done. Take auto parts, accessories, paints, tires, wheels, panels and doors, professional help and what each of them costs into account. When you finish assessing the assessment, you will have arrived at a budget figure. Take that final figure and add 30 percent. Most budgets over run by a small amount, but if you factor this in you will not have any nasty surprises.


Plan your work schedule. Work out the plan of your actual work. Does the project car need to be dismantled? If so, work from the bottom up. Remove the parts that need replacing and restoring. Catalogue them as you go, so you know where each piece


A 1967 Chevelle car that MotorHead is currently restoring for a client. January 2018 | Page 23

Incubators Help Florida Small Businesses



or neophyte companies, business incubators can offer economic space and experienced leadership for entrepreneurs in their critical first years. The reality is that without marketing savvy and the

Page 24 | January 2018

expertise to manage certain costs, more than 70 percent of companies will fail, according to the U.S. Small Business Administration. To combat this, one state is finding a way to help small businesses flourish. In Florida, there are more than

70 recognized organizations instrumental in incubating small businesses. Some of those include UF/Sid Martin Biotechnology Institute, which received the 2017 InBIA Top Global Incubator Award; Beaver Street Enterprise Center; The

South Florida Accelerator; and Venture Hive. The success of these programs can be seen in the numbers, with startup growth up 61 percent since 2014. Whether the incubator programs are sponsored by economic development organizations,


government entities or academic institutions, Florida stands out. “There’s a movement across the country to help startups succeed,” says Dr. Thomas O’Neal, executive director of the University of Central Florida Business Incubation Program (UCFBIP) and the president of Florida Business Incubators Association (FBIA). “There is a culture focused on it [helping small businesses] and it’s especially friendly to do business in Florida.” Small businesses are flocking to Florida because the state has a solid reputation of helping startup companies thrive. In fact, U.S. News & World Report recently named Florida number one for entrepreneurship. In addition, Florida has the second-highest density of startup businesses in the United States, with more than 100 startup firms per 1,000-firm population, according to Business Insider, which considers the state a hot spot for innovative entrepreneurs. “We [incubators] increase their chances of success,” says O’Neal. “We get that idea off the kitchen table and make it legitimate. We teach them how to work smartly. Set milestones. We help them make connections. Incubation is a process, not a place.” One company member of the UCFBIP program would agree. Alvin Cortez and Ronnie Elliott

started an Orlando-based company that places nurses at hospitals across the country, for either short- or long-term assignments. They work to provide housing, benefits and good salaries, and to build relationships with the nurses to better place them in locations that may turn into full-time work. Cortez, Elliott and Richard Manuel finished the incubation program in March 2016. They changed the name of the company from Nurses First Staffing to Nurses First Solutions, based on advice from the program to show the company as more than a staffing business. They have also grown their business from $300,000 to $6 million in the last year. “It has been nothing short of enlightening,” Elliott says. “The program introduced us to a lot a people and opened a lot of doors. We wouldn’t be where we are today if it wasn’t for the incubation process. It has broadened our horizons, and we are already looking to open our next business in Florida.” For more information on small businesses opportunities in Florida, visit enterpriseflorida. com.




New Tampa Community Park (813) 975-2792

City of Tampa Water Department (813) 274-8811


City of Tampa Wastewater Department - (813) 247-3451

Electric Power Outage/ Safety Concerns (352) 588-5115

Wastewater Emergency (813) 259-1693

Water/Sewer/Reclaimed/Solid Waste Pasco County Utilities (352) 521-4825

Tampa Electric Co. (TECO) (813) 223-0800 |

Water Department Emergency Services - (813) 274-7400 City of Tampa Solid Waste (813) 348-1146


Alligator Nuisance Hotline (813) 392-4286 Animal Services - (813) 744-5660 Sidewalk Issues - (813) 274-3101 Street Repairs - (813) 274-3101

Withlacoochee River Electric (352) 588-5115 |

TECO/ Peoples Gas (813) 247-8200

MISCELLANEOUS Pasco County Code Enforcement (727) 847-8171

Public Works Emergency (800) 368-2411 Pasco County Code Enforcement - (727) 847-8171

Tampa Police Department (813) 931-6500

Tree Hotline/Emergency Illegal Tree Removal (813) 258-8733

Neighborhood Watch Program (813) 931-6541

Fallen Tree (Business Hours) (813) 274-8615

Code Enforcement - (813) 690-4631

Fallen Tree (After Hours) (813) 931-2168

Electrical Power Outage or Safety Concern - 1-877-588-1010 Hurricane Info Desk During an Emergency (813) 274-7700 Public Works Emergency After Hours - (813) 274-3101 Tree Hotline/Emergency Illegal Tree Removal (813) 258-8733 Fallen Tree (Business Hours) (813) 274-8615 Fallen Tree (After Hours) (813) 931-2168


New Tampa Regional Library (813) 273-3652

Animal Control (813) 929-1212 Alligator Nuisance Hotline (813) 392-4286 Driver’s License & Automobile Registration – (813) 235-6020 Post Office – (813) 991-7846 Florida Hospital Wesley Chapel (813) 929-5000


Wesley Chapel District Office (813) 907-9081 New River Branch Library (813) 788-6357


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very year for more than 20 years in January, I have “completed” the past year and “created” the New Year. It has been like resetting my internal self by letting go of last year’s “stuff” and starting the New Year with a clean spirit and mind. Rather than making resolutions, which surprisingly began in 153 B.C. by Babylonians and Romans making promises to their Gods, statistics show that only eight percent of people who make resolutions achieve them. Typically, resolutions are broken by February, which is no surprise to those of us who have made and broken many a resolution.




Where resolutions occur more like goals that you can succeed or fail, the approach of “completing and creating” comes from a deeper place where intention lives. With intention comes progress and the beauty is that failure doesn’t exist in this realm. Before I begin my completing, I like to do a Yoga Nidra meditation. This is not a series of asanas (postures), but rather a guided meditation that more easily relaxes you in to the state of meditation, where the thinking mind drops in to the energy body. When you sit and meditate, it takes a lot of effort to not think, not attach to thoughts that arise and to allow your mind to quiet and relax. With Yoga Nidra, you simply lie in a comfortable position, typically savasana(corpse pose) if that is comfortable for you. In savasana, you: •

lay flat on your back

arms about 45 degrees away from the body with palms facing up

legs further than hip width apart with feet splaying out to the side

chin relaxed (not pointing upward)

Page 26 | January 2018

The point for situating yourself is to have no attention on the body. If you feel any discomfort, you can adjust your position, so that you can be completely still and at rest. In Yoga Nidra, you simply listen and follow the instructions. As the mind relaxes, you will enter theta and delta states, which occur during sleep, but you will not be asleep. You will be conscious, just very relaxed. Yoga Nidras can be anywhere from 20 – 40 minutes and give the rest that equals 1.5 – 3 hours of peaceful, rejuvenating sleep. I prefer to follow the guidance of my lineage through the Amrit Yoga Institute (AYI) Yoga Nidras on You Tube, but there are many others on YouTube available that you could try. This link will take you to a Yoga Nidra by Kamini Desai, the Director of Education at AYI who spends the first three minutes explaining what it is: watch?v=rogU4H6LlEk. After the meditation, when the

mind is clear, alert and relaxed, it is time for the completing process to begin. Write down all the answers to the following questions without comments, editing, judgments or too much thinking. Let the answers flow from within.


What regrets, disappointments, sadness, resentments or disempowerments did I experience last year?

You may shed a few tears or feel a heavy heart while answering this first question. Take deep breaths and allow the sensations to move through you.


What accomplishments, achievements, and joyful times did I experience last year?

On the flip side, you may feel uplifted and inflated after answering this question.


Who do I want to acknowledge (including myself) and for what?

If you are doing this process with a partner or a friend, you can share your answers, but without any comments from the person. Although not necessary, I like to burn the paper that I have written last year’s stuff on. It symbolizes completing the year for me and tossing it into a fire is liberating. You could also cut it up, crinkle it up or simply let it be. Once you have completely let go of the past year, the time has come to create the future. Visualizing yourself on December 31st of 2018, answer the following question:


Once you have your overall intention, for those who are of the more detailed orientation, may want to take it a step further and write an intention for different aspects of life: Family, Work, Finances, Health, Spirituality, Home Environment, Creativity, Social Life, Career, Education, Physical Activity, Home Cooking, Relationships, Joy, Travel and Fun. Remember these are not goals, so there are no quantitative results, simply an intention to expand areas of importance to you in the coming year. For example:


What is your intention for the year?

There is no right answer to this question, but a general sentiment for the year. Think of it as a cornerstone defined by Wikipedia as: The cornerstone (or foundation stone) is the first stone set in the construction of a masonry foundation, which is important since all other stones will be set in reference to this stone, thus determining the position of the entire structure. As you move through your year, the foundation will be your intention. Below are examples of yearly intentions: •

Expanding horizons

Rejuvenating business

Fun & Adventure

Service to others

Opening my heart

Being Present to joy

I nurture my body with healthy choices

I have meaningful work that provides all that I need and want

World peace, where peace begins with me

My relationships deepen and I am a supportive friend

My extra time is spent helping those who need help

The intention for my year is Spreading My Wings. How interesting is that given that over the past month I have been randomly seeing pictures, sculptures and actual bald eagles! A sign? Maybe you have noticed your own signs? Have a wonderfully, blessed and fabulous 2018!

Anandi Thompson Author and Owner

We Wellcome OM Studio for Yoga & Wellness



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It's movie



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TacoSon Mexican Grill 30056 SR 54 Wesley Chapel, FL 813.528.8892 The Great Catch by Taste of Boston 1930 Land O Lakes Blvd Lutz, FL 813-994-9797 Wolf’s Den 27607 SR 56 Wesley Chapel, FL 813.907.9124

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Winchester February 2




Scarlett Isabella Age: 7 Loves to do tricks on the trampoline and play with her friends!

Would you like for your pet or child to be featured in our Pet & Kid of the Month section? If so, please send us 2-7 sentences about your pet or child along with a high resolution image to by the 15th of each month.


Unbound (Stone Barrington Series #44) by Stuart Woods In the wake of a personal tragedy, former CIA operative Teddy Fay— now a successful Hollywood film producer known as Billy Barnett— takes a leave of absence to travel and grieve, and lands in Santa Fe in the company of his friends Stone Barrington and Ed Eagle. There, fate hands him an unexpected opportunity to exact quiet revenge for his recent loss, from a man who helped to cover up the crime. Page 30 | January 2018

Single State of Mind

The Woman in the Window

by Andi Dorfman

by A. J. Finn

Andi Dorfman, breakout star of ABC’s The Bachelorette and New York Times bestselling author of It’s Not Okay, returns with this new collection of her adventures as a still-single gal surviving and thriving in New York City.

For readers of Gillian Flynn and Tana French comes one of the decade’s most anticipated debuts, to be published in thirtysix languages around the world and already in development as a major film from Fox: a twisty, powerful Hitchcockian thriller about an agoraphobic woman who believes she witnessed a crime in a neighboring house.

The Wanted (Elvis Cole and Joe Pike Series #17) by Robert Crais When single-mother Devon Connor hires Elvis Cole, it’s because her troubled teenage son Tyson is flashing cash and she’s afraid he’s dealing drugs. But the truth is devastatingly different. With two others, he’s been responsible for a string of highend burglaries, a crime spree that takes a deadly turn when one of them is murdered and Tyson and his girlfriend disappear.



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