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hat New Year’s resolutions have you made for this year? The New Year always signifies an opportunity to create resolutions, which are promises of change. Resolutions signify hopes, dreams, and a deep desire for a different experience, a driving inner force to be the best we can be. Webster’s definition of resolution is: The act of finding an answer or solution to a conflict, problem, etc. : the act of resolving something The words that stand out are finding an answer and the act of resolving. The top 2015 New Year Resolutions reported by Nielson’s included:

TOP 10 NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTIONS Stay fit and healthy. . . . . . . . . . 37% Lose weight . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 32% Enjoy life to the fullest . . . . . 28% Spend less, save more . . . . . . . 25% Spend more time with family & friends . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 19% Get organized . . . . . . . . . . . . . 18% Will not make any resolutions . 16% Learn something new . . . . . . . 14% Travel more . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14% Read more . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12% The article also said “old habits die hard”. Herein lies the insight as to why making a commitment to make our New Year’s Resolutions one of a transformational journey instead of a goal with a deadline. Deadlines and dates are motivators, but they are also stoppers. If a deadline comes, and the mark has not been met, the natural response is well it’s over, I’ve lost, I failed. Life Coaches impress upon the importance of having dates on goals, however habits are part of the subconscious mind. So while the


conscious mind can logically deal and reason the need for deadlines, the subconscious mind runs a whole different program. The subconscious mind does not use logic. It is the emotional mind. In the Laws of the Mind, the Law of Dominant effect says “the strongest emotion will always win.” Even though logic indicates great reasoning for your New Year’s resolutions, if your subconscious mind is not onboard, you will find yourself landing in inner conflict. Deciding to make your resolutions a transformational journey immediately impacts the energetic intentions of the resolution. Webster defines transformation as: A complete or major change in someone’s or something’s appearance, form, etc.

New Year Resolutions Or Transformational Journeys

The butterfly symbolizes transformation It transforms it’s form from the inside out. If we think of transformation as a journey, we realize the journey is finding the new path. Making New Year resolutions transformational journeys allows for stops along the way. It allows for grace. It takes away the “all or nothing” aspect typical resolutions imply. The desire for change is from within. The key to understand is that your conscious mind is the logical mind, but habits are part of the subconscious mind. Changing a way of being is a transformation within your subconscious mind --changing from the inside out. You can make your New Year’s resolutions a transformational journey by committing to the journey, not an end date. By being willing to fail, yet being brave enough to recognize and accept any current limitation. Using strategy

and support you can discover the paradigm shift within that is needed to take the next step in your transformational journey. Failure is only a decided conclusion, not a fact. Finally, adding the element and energy of love into your journey adds incredible fuel for your transformation. Our bodies are 99.999% frequency. Our emotions are energy in motion. Failure is one of perception and judgment. Patience is contained in love. Deadlines limit the amount of patience we can bring to our goals. However, with patience, brings acceptance and acceptance brings love. The power of accepting yourself where you are on your journey, combined with the continued willingness to stay on your journey,


has the highest promise to deliver you to your highest and best version of you. Christine Gregory Campos Christine Marie Hypnotherapy Certified, Clinical, Transpersonal Hypnotherapist Licensed NLP Practitioner American Council of Hypnotist Examiners #615-1003 International Association of Interpersonal Hypnotherapists Office: (813) 252-1330 Cell: (201) 819-3339 christinemariehypnotherapy

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LOCAL SERVICE - RELATED BUSINESSES At Your Service, In Your Community!

Dog Grooming


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Murphy’s Pet Parlor

30120 State Road 54, Wesley Chapel Call Today To Schedule! 813-528-8977


Piano Player

Available for your next event! James A Williams is a young and very gifted piano player, classical who is able to create the ambiance for your next event! He is available immediately for bookings and would love to make your special event a memorable one! All that remains is to hear him play.


First Full Service Dog Grooming



EVERYONE DESERVES LEGAL PROTECTION With LegalShield, you’ll have access to a high-quality law firm for as little as $20 a month. From Real Estate to Document Review, Speeding Tickets to Will Preparation and Identity Theft Protection, you can get advice on any legal matter! 813-322-3892 •

Stephanie Stevens, Independent Associate

JANUARY Sat 2nd Fresh Market at Wiregrass 10am - 2pm Sat 16th Suncoast Arts Fest 10 am - 6 pm Sun 17th Suncoast Arts Fest 11 am - 6 pm


FEBRUARY Sat 6th Fresh Market at Wiregrass 10am - 2pm

January 16 & 17th

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BUSINESS OF THE MONTH sure that their location offered a wide range of fashionable eyeglasses, updated contact lenses products, and a top-notch comprehensive eye examination for the community.

Get to Know the Independent Optometrist at Wiregrass Optical LLC

Wiregrass Optical Your Local Eye-Care Professionals


he name “Wiregrass Optical” was chosen because wiregrass, which is various grasses or rushes, having wiry roots, culms or leaves. These plants are a part of the Wesley Chapel/New Tampa community it’s history. Mr. David Wood and his business partner have lived in the Florida area most of their lives and appreciate the community in which they live in. They wanted to include the community in every aspect of their business - even down to the company name, Wiregrass Optical LLC.

The Journey of the Owners and Your Neighbors Mr. David Wood is a 4th generation Optician with 40+ years of experience in the optical industry. David grew up watching his father working as an Optician, learning to fit eyeglasses using handcrafted multi-dimensional adjustments. This included touch and feel procedures, such as reshaping the frame components to make a direct but light form-fitting contact of the patients frames, so they can have the luxury of long-term comfort and wear ability. He started working in the family optical business at the age of 15 years old and became conscious of the fact that he wanted to be a craftsman Optician. David realized that he respected the optical industry

so much that he started teaching continuing education to his fellow Opticians in the optical field in 1982. As of now, David has 2400 Opticians that takes his course structure from states such as Florida, Georgia,North and South Carolina,Tennesse and Ohio. However, David did not want to forget about his community! Therefore he wanted to open an optical establishment with a family atmosphere. He searched for a fellow Optician to partner with in the optical field who cared about the community’s vision needs as much as he did. David and his partners wanted to bring the neighborhood the optical establishment that the community deserves! David’s business partner, Mrs. Smith has been in the optical industry for 20+ years and has always been interested in peoples’ eyes - even as a little girl. Therefore, this field was the perfect industry for her. She has worked with various corporate companies to hone her Optician skills, by learning every aspect of the field from using different types of product lines, specialty techniques, to multi-level management in the industry. Yet, Mrs. Smith still wanted to do something for the community in which she lived in. Mrs. Smith is excited about the opportunity to do a joint venture with a like-minded Optician, such as Mr. Wood. They wanted to make

Dr. Toni Licata O.D., began her career in the optical field as a licensed Optician from 1980 until 1998. While maintaining her Optician license she became a board certified Optometrist in 1994. Her education background includes AA and AS degrees from H.C.C. As well as an undergrad minor in chemistry from USF. Dr. Toni Licata was the Optician and a co-owner of Optical Concepts in 1984. She was a primary care Optometrist within an ophthalmology practice, from 1994-2009 at Guggino Family Eye Care. Currently, Dr. Licata is in such demand that she works as the Optometrist for Wiregrass Optical LLC, Wesley Chapel,Florida Designing Eyes Boutique and Value Optical. Dr. Licata specializes in ALL types of contact lenses products and fits, such as astigmatism, gas permeable, multifocal, and CRT correction. Her primary care expertise includes diabetic evaluations, glaucoma evaluations, cataracts, strabismus, allergies, infections, and dry eyes. Dr. Licata, O.D. enjoys collaborating with independent opticals such as Wiregrass Optical LLC because they give value to the community and offer specialized customer service.

Welcome to Your CommunityOriented One-stop Optical Resourse At Wiregrass Optical, they pride themselves on providing each individual with a personalized


David Wood Optician

Dr. Toni Licata Optometrist

experience. Their customers are the most important part of their business and they work tirelessly to ensure they’re completely satisfied, from the first consultation…and as long as they are a part of the Wiregrass Optical Family. Wiregrass Optical would like to encourage everyone to come in with their vision benefits, so that the experts at Wiregrass Optical can help them to use their insurance for their BEST financial advantage. However, Wiregrass Optical LLC offers special promotions which could be up to 60% off complete pair of eyeglasses. Even on brand names such as Ray Ban, Perry Ellis, Vera Bradley, Harley Davidson, Fendi, Kate Spade, and so much more. For those individuals who are interested in updating their lenses in their own frame, they can receive up to 30% savings. Even on products such as Varilux, Crizal, and Transitions. Outside doctors prescriptions, all major credit cards, flexible spending and health savings are welcome at Wiregrass Optical. Come in and join their family. Your neighborhood optical resource is now open…where service and quality are their top priority at a price that will make you smile! For more information, contact:

Wiregrass Optical

2533 Windguard Circle Wesley Chapel, Fl 33544 813-991-6060

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Unmistakably Called A Local Family’s Divine Journey to Wesley Chapel By Camille Turner, Staff Writer Cover Photo By Thompson Brand Images


ver ten years ago Joe Jackson, his wife Jennifer, and their first child had just finally moved back “home” to Indianapolis, Indiana after a series of job promotions moved them with the Hershey Company to multiple cities in the Midwest and Northeast. Life for the first 10 years out of college for them had been a ride up the corporate ladder while Joe was establishing himself as a hard working leader in sales management. Six weeks earlier Jennifer had just had their first baby, and they began to Page 6 | January 2016

get settled in their new home so moving all over the country could finally cease. But God had a different plan for this family that would unfold over the next ten years. Joe and Jennifer had both graduated from Ball State University in Indiana in the mid 90’s. Jennifer had begun teaching and worked in several elementary schools during the relocations. Jennifer was now committed to staying home with their children, at least until the kids were in school. Joe had now received 4 promotions,

5 relocations, and had a 6 figure salary to show for it. Finally back home in Indiana, doing well financially, raising a beautiful family…things were just right, at least in their own plans. In 2005 Joe began to sense a calling on his life and was worried about telling Jennifer, but did anyway. Although they had never once spoken about anything that absurd, even in jest, she immediately said “I already knew”. Joe enrolled at Wesley Seminary several months later, completing classes at

nighttime, but continued in his role at Hershey. He got a new boss at work and things began to shift. A major communication to affect the rest of their lives was about to happen. That exact same month, in a one week period, five different people mentioned to them about a new church that had started. So, they decided to check it out that coming Sunday. But, before that day even came, a barely noticeable dream happened on Friday night. By now, the Jackson’s had a second daughter and were learning how to


Unmistakably Called balance 2 young children. Hardly a big deal at the time, he mentioned the dream to Jennifer on Saturday morning: “I had a crazy dream that we had a third daughter last night, and her name was Savanna.” The only reason that was relevant was because the Jacksons all have first (and last) names starting with “J”.

Moving into Florida.

The Jackson kids.

Photo by Bob Thompson.

Early days in the Ministry Center.

The next day at the new church when Jennifer was taking their two very young daughters to the children’s program, a young girl walked right up to her, looked her in the eye, and said “Hi, my name is Savanna.” That still seemed just coincidental until when they stopped afterwards at their favorite restaurant nearby, Texas Roadhouse, their server walked up to the table and was, indeed, named Savanna. Now, just a little unlikely turned Twilight Zone-like when leaving that parking lot onto the highway the car directly in front of them had



A Local Family’s Divine Journey to Wesley Chapel

a vanity plate with the license plate with the letters “SAVANNA” on it, they had to admit God was trying to say something to them. And it wouldn’t be clear for a long, long time, but eventually it would be clear in an instant. Less than one year later, after a series of events pushing him to make a change, Joe resigned from the sweetest job and with his eye on God’s will, he walked into a new job four months later. His pay was cut in half and it would be cut in half again when they moved to Florida to plant. But that day when he walked into the new job the first sentence out of a guest speaker’s mouth for a special presentation that day was this: “Today, I’d like to tell you about Savanna.” Less than one hour on the job and Joe knew he was exactly where he was supposed to be. But God wasn’t finished speaking through that word yet, in fact He had only just begun.


That fall, Joe’s new employer assigned him to work at an event in Orlando, where he met a man named Walter who was a retired pastor. Joe explained to Walter that over the last several years he and his family had been helping plant, simply as part of the congregation, new churches and it was the hardest thing to do, but also the most gratifying work when lives were transformed. Walter heard that message and introduced Joe to a leader in the area who represented churches in the state of Florida, and who had a big heart for planting new churches. Patrick was his name and he said he wanted to consider them as candidates to start a new church, which would be a long process. Back home, Joe had been hired as a part-time staff pastor at their home church and had gained a couple years of valuable experience after helping start several new churches. On a subsequent trip, Patrick asked Joe Continued on page 8.











BRAND NEW FITBIT! Call today to schedule your FREE session.

813-973-7300 exp. 01/31/16

GETENERGIAFIT Energia Wellness Studio 3836 Flatiron Loop, Ste.101 Wesley Chapel, FL 33544














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Temporary Meeting Location

Newly purchased church building!

Unmistakably Called Continued from page 7.

and Jennifer if they would drive to a specific area in Florida to discern if that might be a place God might be calling them. He then gave them a map drawn on a napkin for directions to a place called Wesley Chapel. He directed them to drive north on I-75 from Tampa and pass a couple exits that mention Wesley Chapel. Get off on Highway 52 and go east to a road called Curley, then turn south. He said “Eventually, you’ll begin to see the development and as you go further south (Curley, 54, BB Downs, etc.) you’ll be in the highly developed area.” Along the route Jennifer prayed out loud for the Lord to show them if this is the place that they are to be called to. Well, about the time the development began showing up going south on Curley Road (passing Watergrass approximately) and after having passed thousands of acres of grasses, Jennifer said “Oh my.” Joe replied “what is it?” Then, she said “we’re in the midst of a huge savanna.” And in that instant chills went down his spine, goose bumps and raised hair on his arms, Joe knew

Selling their home In Indiana.

Page 8 | January 2016

instantly this was exactly where God had been preparing them to come for years. The northern part of Wesley Chapel, which hadn’t been built up yet, and underneath all the rest of the massive development that has buried the savanna that makes up Wesley Chapel, was the savanna that God began speaking to the Jackson’s about in the fall of 2006. This was no accident and no coincidence. Upon arrival back home in Indiana just a day later Jennifer searched online for the definition of this word savanna, and after clicking on this is first definition she found… (And to this day this definition exists online) Full Definition of SAVANNA 1 :  a treeless plain, especially in Florida. (Used from This is what they were. This is what they were called to. The savanna that Wesley Chapel is built upon, especially in Florida. If you take a joy drive using some weekend spare time and go north on Curley Road and look out your windows to enjoy the countryside, you too will see the true meaning of the word savanna.

A Local Family’s Divine Journey to Wesley Chapel

The next day after returning home Jennifer was having an unrelated conversation with their oldest daughter Julia, who was 7 years old at the time, and asked her what she wanted to be when she grew up. Julia responded swiftly that she wanted to be “a missionary in Florida.” The only thing that Julia knew at that age about Florida was that was the home of Disney World, and the only thing she knew about missionaries were that they were people who go somewhere else to tell people about Jesus. Julia was confirming our call and knew ABSOLUTELY NOTHING of even the possibility that we had been praying about. Soon after, the Jackson’s became missionaries themselves, speaking in 30 churches over the next 18 months to raise enough funds to begin to plant Savanna Church in Wesley Chapel. About that time, a young engaged couple heard of the amazing story of the Jacksons and joined them in their endeavors. Danny and Tori Vegueria were the first team members to join the church and began the hard work that would become starting this ministry. Three years later

Family Living In Camper For Weeks Upon Arrival.

they are leaders in the church and beginning to see the fruits of this time of pouring out. Joe and Jennifer and their whole family were not just called here, but sent here to this very community specifically to serve and love Wesley Chapel in the name of Jesus. The very first week here, Joe attended the Wesley Chapel Chamber of Commerce breakfast and met the leaders at Avalon Park West (a master planned community on Hwy 54) that borders the exact spot where the call came on Curley Rd. This was literally a divine appointment, and since then, Savanna Church has been constantly involved in the great activities Avalon Park West hosts including monthly family movie nights and large events throughout the year. No accidents, just God incidents. Avalon Park West is an incredible community that believes in real “community”, and connecting their residents to each other through relationship. What a gift they have been to Wesley Chapel and to Savanna Church, who also aspires to help people do the same

Ministry Outreach At Avalon Park West.


Unmistakably Called

A Local Family’s Divine Journey to Wesley Chapel Ribbon Cutting.

chance to share with it a message that is eternal. They work tirelessly at the work of outreach and love. They give far more than they have yet received and have left behind a life of high incomes and power in the midst of struggling economic conditions. Even to the point of selling their house in Indianapolis when the recessions was at its peak, at a huge loss to their equity. They haven’t come for what they can get, but for what they can give.

contribute to the remodel for this awesome new start, please contact Pastor Joe Jackson directly or go to the website. It’s an exciting time of changes and growth happening at this new church that’s having a lasting impact on Wesley Chapel through transformed lives for the better. For information about Savanna Church and its ministries go to

Recently, the church celebrated its grand opening on September 20th 2015 at its current location at 30052 State Road 54 in the Freedom Plaza. But a very exciting development is that early in 2016 they will be moving to their recently purchased building at 3758 Maryweather Lane in Seven Oaks Redfern Professional Park just north of the hospital behind Dunkin’ Donuts. A beautiful building that will house them requires renovations that are underway converting the office building to a church. If you would like to help or can

Delivering donuts on Christmas Eve to Florida Hospital.

Monthly Free Family Movie Night Outreach.

Vacation Bible School 2015.

thing and relate to God through His son. The faith and trust that it takes to pick up an entire young family up and move them 1,000 miles to somewhere unknown in a land of strangers is staggering. Not to mention, they even lived in a camper for a few months until the house they bought closed late in 2012. Two days before the scheduled closing, while in a 310 square foot camper with a family

of five, they received a call that Jennifer’s father had fallen off of his own roof and was in the ICU in the hospital. They raced back to Indiana just in time for his death from that tragic accident. Grieving for loss was how this journey began, but someday they will look back and see the tapestry that God has weaved through their lives of joy and hope. This family has offered up all they have to this community for the


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Successful Pasco Business Pitch Competition Returns

SMARTstart Challenge applications will be evaluated on measures relating to important elements about the economics of the business and the ability of the applicant to be successful. Other important elements Page 10 | January 2016

Quality Service At The Lowest Prices In Tampa!

• Bring your insurance plan • Quality at prices you will love • Over 60 years optical experience • No rush experience • We accept RXs from all doctors • We accept all credit cards or cash

· JANUARY 20th – Application review. The review team will evaluate the applications according to the preapproved measures and select up to 10 businesses for oral presentations which will are scheduled to be given on February 10, 2016.

2533 Windguard Circle, Wesley Chapel, FL 33544

· FEBRUARY 10th – Oral Presentations, 5 minutes with Q & A From Judges. The contestants will have 5 minutes to present their business/idea to a panel of judges. The judges will evaluate the business plan/idea and the quality of the presentation and question any aspect of the presentation within the categories identified for the completion. Five or six finalists will be selected for the final competition on February 25, 2016.

SUNDAY SCHOOL 9:30 A.M. SUNDAY SERVICE 10:30 A.M. Rev. Laurie Palmer 813.513.8822 •

· FEBRUARY 25th - SMARTstart Challenge Finals.0 During the finals, which will be open to the public, the five to six finalists will present their five-minute pitch to a panel of judges. The grand prize winner and runners up will be announced at a reception following the presentations. Applications are available online now at For additional information about the 2016 SMARTstart Challenge, call the SMARTstart Pasco Business Incubators at 352-437-4861 or email

Bring Us Your Quote From Any Optical Competitor.

G lorify and Enjoy God; Live Christ’s Lo v e . 5340 Primrose Lake Circle Tampa FL 33647

Primrose Lake Cir. A


ce CR B. 581 Do wn sB lvd .

“The SMARTstart Challenge is a perfect complement to our business plan completion” said Dr. Lorrie McGovern Assistant Dean, MBA Director Saint Leo University. “It will be exciting to have students interact with entrepreneurs from the community.”

Deadlines for the event include: · JANUARY 8th– Applications due



“The SMARTstart Challenge is a great opportunity for entrepreneurs to present their companies to the market, get valuable feedback on their presentations, and to earn capital to help them grow,” explained Krista Covey, Program Director for SMARTstart Pasco Business Incubator Program. “We are pleased to partner with Saint Leo University, which helps engage students that are involved with the business plan competition portion of the event.”

will include; market potential and research, unique dynamics of the business/idea, evaluation of potential partners, financial considerations and attractiveness of business/idea.

Commerce Park Blvd.


pplications are now being accepted to take part in the Pasco Economic Development Council’s 2nd Annual SMARTstart Challenge business pitch competition. During the competition, which will be held February 25, 2016 in conjunction with Saint Leo University’s student business plan competition, local entrepreneurs will compete for a combined $10,000 in prize money. The first place winner will also receive a six-month, on-site membership in one of the SMARTstart Pasco Business Incubators.

Eyeglasses • Contact Lens • Eye Exams

alms pa P Tam d. W. Blv





December Ribbon Cuttings MUNCHIES PET OF NEW TAMPA, INC.

1722 Bruce B. Downs Blvd.


24400 State Rd. 54


Ambassadors are highly visible, prestigious volunteers who serve as the Chamber’s primary liaison to new Chamber members. Considered the goodwill arm of the Chamber, the Ambassador committee plays an essential

role in member recruitment, communication and retention, and each Ambassador is charged with conveying member needs, questions and concerns to Chamber staff, keeping our Chamber in line with our members’ desires.

Cheryl Visalli, Time for Wine

Charane Groeller, Grow Financial Credit Union - Wesley Chapel

Cathy Bickham, West Florida Health Home Care Beatriz Cardon, Sign-A-Rama of New Tampa/Wesley Chapel Mike Prenderville, Scene on Glass Media Troy Stevenson, Wesley Chapel Nissan Guy Ward, Moonlight Cleaning Services, Inc. Valerie Rudmin, Everlasting Beauty

2553 Windguard Circle


Eddie Ruiz, Pilot Bank Gemma Carr, New York Life Lisa Moore, Springhill Suites by Marriott Tampa North Ryan Luzod, CFP®, Raymond James & Associates Terri Williamson, The Laker Lutz News James Carner, Central Payment

Kristin Muslin, Avalon Park West

Jason Cantino, Suncoast Business Solutions

Mandy Stephens, Tampa Bay Insurance Center

Jennifer Pence, Colonial Grand At Hampton Preserve

Albert Verile, Sharpline Investigations, LLC

Barbara Hoffman, Aflac

Kirby Lavallee, Sharpline Investigations, LLC

Craig Miller, Full Throttle Intermedia Cindy Ross, RP&G Printing

Audra Eldridge, The Waiting Game

January Events

Tampa Premium Outlets


Wed. 6th Spa Moritz Ribbon Cutting and Open House.

Wed. 27th Membership Orientation at Chamber Office.

Fri. 8th WOW - Women of Wesley Chapel.

Thur. 28th Grow Financial Morning Meet and Greet Mixer.

Wed. 13th Ambassador Meeting.

Thur. 28th Economic Development Briefing.

Wed. 13th Spinner Law Firm New Year Open House

4610 Pet Lane Suite 105

Tue. 19th Networking on the Nines at Lake Jovita Golf Club.




Rosewood Healthcare & Wellness Spa

Sheryl A. Ballinger

Chiropractic Physician

Chiropractic Services • Chiropractic Care • Therapeutic / Neuro Muscular Massage • Ashiatsu Massage • Pregnancy Massage • Needleless Acupuncture

Services, Including Massage, are covered by MOST INSURANCE!

Our major project for December involved the RICH House. The Tampa Police Department RICH (Resources In Community Hope) House is a safe haven for kids in poverty and each is run by a TPD officer. There is a RICH House in the Sulphur Springs neighborhood and one in the Roble’s Park neighborhood. The RICH House is designed to give the kids a safe haven and keep them off the streets and away from drugs and violence.

Please come join us as we have fun and help serve our community! If you would like to know more about the GFWC New Tampa Junior Woman’s Club, please contact us at: or visit us at www. April Simon and Christie Barnes working on Snack bags for Ronal McDonald House.

Page 12 | January 2016

acials by Judy

Judy Matheson, Licensed Aecthetician

For an appointment call 813.495.3107

Sam’s Club


Best Authentic Mediterranean Food in Wesley Chapel

30056 SR 54 Wesley Chapel 813-501-4994 On State Road 54, 2 miles east of I-75, just before Curley Road.

First dinner at regular price. Second dinner of equal or less value. EXP: 1-31-16.

d oa yR




CHICK & PEAS GRILL 30056 FL-54, Wesley Chapel, FL 33543




County Line Rd.


Meadow Pointe Rd.

The GFWC New Tampa Junior Woman’s Club’s meets second Monday of every month starting at 6:30 PM at the New Tampa YMCA (16221 Compton Dr).





Cu rl

Our club’s president, Jennifer Lee, received a GFWC One Voice for Children grant for $750. The money will provide a healthy holiday meal for each of the families at the RICH House

2142 Ashley Oaks Circle Wesley Chapel, Fl 33544 Bruce B. Downs

ur project at the December 14th meeting benefited the Ronald McDonald House of Tampa. Many families travel great distances to get treatment for their seriously ill or injured child. The Ronald McDonald House provides a place for the family to stay close to the hospital as well as a warm meal. Club members made snack bags for these families. The snack bags contain healthy treats and encouraging words of support for the families in their time of need.

Robel’s Park. Donations were then used to purchase jackets, shoes, socks, underwear and toothbrushes for the kids. Club members also donated toys for the kids in each of the families. All of the items will be delivered to the RICH House in Robel’s Park on December 21st. Club members will then have a holiday celebration for the kids with lunch, games, cookie decorating and crafts. The parents will take home the holiday meal and the gifts they can then wrap and place under the tree. We hope to bring a little joy to these deserving families!


VP of Public Relation and Communications



Sheryl A. Ballinger D.C.

By Melanie Otte

813.991.5450 Rosewood

GFWC New Tampa Junior Woman’s Club Events

Like Us On



Rotary Club Of New Tampa

8th: Dr. Jennifer Bugos The Effects of Music Training on Cognitive Performance in Aging.

January 2016 Speaker Schedule

15th: Cody Fowler Davis The Humorous Side of Writing Books.

1st: No Meeting New Year’s Day Holiday.

22nd: Travis Malloy, TraileBail Farms Small Scale Farming Benefits for Humans and Animals. 29th: Amanda Aufiero Rotary Walks The Walk: Walk of Life Preview.

Individuals interested in joining are welcome to attend our weekly club meetings held friday mornings at 7:15 am at Tampa Palms Golf & Country Club, 5811 Tampa Palms Blvd., Tampa, FL 33647.

The Rotary Club of New Tampa’s membership represents a crosssection of the community’s business and professional men and women. Membership in the Rotary Club of New Tampa provides the

opportunity to become connected to the community, work with others in addressing community needs, and interacting with other professionals in the community. New members are welcome. Club meetings are held Fridays at 7:00 am at Tampa Palms Golf & Country Club. For more information, visit

DO YOU EXPERIENCE ANY OF THE FOLLOWING SYMPTOMS? Hair Loss Hot Flashes Dry Eyes/ Dry Mouth Fluid Retention Difficulty Losing Weight Dry Skin Loss of Energy Memory Loss REJUVA MED IS YOUR SOLUTION!

Kenneth C. Andronico DO FICS, FAARM Eye Physician & Laser Surgeon


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R E A LT Y E S TAT E Did you know you may have to sell your home twice? Most Sellers do not realize that they need sell their home twice, once to the Buyer, and once to the bank by way of the appraisal. The reality of today’s market where home prices are rising is that appraisals are often falling short of contract price. If the appraisal comes in below contract price the bank may not be willing to authorize a mortgage for the amount required by the buyer to complete the sale. In these cases a successful sale will require that the Buyer agrees to bring more cash to the closing table, the Seller adjusts price or a combination of both. One way that you, as the Seller, can help minimize the possible impacts of a deficient appraisal is to document those items that make your home special. This can be done as simply as creating a list of major improvements if any, that have been made. Remember to include dates for those new(er) roofs, A/C’s, kitchen and bath rooms among the items that could

Knowledge Is Power

provide the appraiser a basis to value your home higher than they otherwise would have. I have often found that a Seller who employs an experienced Realtor, is well prepared will minimize or possibly eliminate the impact of a deficient appraisal and result in a successful and smooth closing.

Karen Tillman-Gosselin Realtor Smith & Associates Real Estate Cell 813-629-1502.

Basics To Know When Buying or Selling A Home in Today’s Market


he New Year brings a multitude of things that new homeowners realize that need to be done. If you purchased a home, which will be your primary residence in the last year you need to make sure that you have filed for your Homestead Exemption. In addition to the standard exemption some will qualify for additional exemption based on personal status including but not limited to widow, widower, disability, and service connected disability. In addition you may be able to transfer part or all of your assessment portability difference if you are upsizing or downsizing your primary residence. The great thing Page 14 | January 2016

is that approved exemptions will generally renew annually. You can find out more information or apply for homestead exemption at for Hillsborough County or at www.appraiser. for Pasco County. Failure to file could probably cost you hundreds of dollars in additional taxes and you will miss out on the limiting of future increase of the tax basis of your property value. If you have not filed by March 1st you will miss this year’s deadline and not be eligible until next year. FOR RATES & INFO CALL: 813-422-5551 | WWW.RESIDENTMAGAZINE.NET

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Living a Healthy, Balanced Life Presenter: Meredith Bartolomei, MA, CEP, EP-C, CREATION Health is a faith-based program based on eight guiding principles that will form healthy balanced lives. Learn great tips on improving your overall health so you can live a longer, healthier life. Reservations are required and space is limited. FREE for Members of the Health & Wellness Center, $5 for NonMembers. TUESDAY

January Events


What’s Happening

Bellies, Bladders and Bowels...Oh My!

Glaucoma, A Silent Thief of Vision

Presenter: Lynn Deang, DPT Did you know that 10% of men and 25% of women suffer from a pelvic floor disorder? These can range from incontinence to pelvic organ prolapse. Join us for an informative discussion about these issues and advances in treatment options. Reservations are required and space is limited.

Presenter: Gretta Fridman, M.D Glaucoma is a leading cause of permanent blindness in the world. Tens of millions suffer from glaucoma and thousands are blinded by this condition each year. Join us to learn about the symptoms and treatments of glaucoma. Reservations are required and space is limited. Free- Lunch Provided.



Time: 6 pm to 7 pm. Location: Health & Wellness Center at Florida Hospital Wesley Chapel, Conference Room 2nd Floor, 2700 Healing Way, Wesley Chapel. Cost: Free. Time:

Optimizing Fat Loss Presenter: Matthew Luckie, MS, CSCS, EP-C. Get ready for the latest research-backed strategies to kick fat loss into high gear. Strategies include the current best practices in fitness, nutrition and lifestyle to help you shed unwanted pounds. Reservations are required and space is limited. FREE for Members of the Health & Wellness Center, $5 for Non-Members. TUESDAY


Time: 6:30 pm to 7:30 pm Location: Health & Wellness Center, Conference Room 2nd Floor, 2700 Healing Way, Wesley Chapel. Cost: FREE for Members of the Health & Wellness Center, $5 for Non-Members. Page 16 | January 2016



Time: 6:30 pm to 7:30 pm. Location: Health & Wellness Center, Conference Room 2nd Floor, 2700 Healing Way, Wesley Chapel Cost: FREE for Members of the Health & Wellness Center, $5 for Non-Members.

Diabetes SelfManagement Program, 4-Part Series Join us to learn how JANUARY MARCH to manage your diabetes and mitigate its effects. May be covered by insurance with physician prescription. Reservations are required and space is limited. Please call (813) 929-5555 to reserve your space. THURSDAY


7 24

Time: All Day Location: Health & Wellness Center, Conference Room 2nd Floor, 2700 Healing Way.

Time: 12:pm to 1pm. Location: Health & Wellness Center, Conference Room 2nd Floor, 2700 Healing Way, Wesley Chapel.

Got Something to Celebrate? Schedule an event at

You Do the Dishes

Cost: Free.

A paint your own pottery studio and coffee house

Better Breastfeeding (1-night class) Learn the basics about the most natural form of feeding your baby. Recommended to be completed prior to the birth of the baby. This class covers: anatomy and physiology of the breast, benefits of breastfeeding, how the breast makes milk, solving and avoiding problems, basics of breastfeeding and special circumstances. TUESDAY


Birthdays, team building, bridal showers, fundraisers, and good family fun! Don’t forget GIRLS NIGHT OUT! Enjoy our coffee, dessert, & ice cream bar! Weekly & monthly Specials!

Time: 6:pm to 9pm. Location: Florida Hospital Wesley Chapel - 2600 Bruce B Downs Blvd Wesley Chapel, FL 33544 Cost: Fees Apply.


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How to Kick Start a Healthier and Happier New Year


he new year brings a sense of unlimited possibilities. A time to leave the old behind and start anew. For most, it is about making healthier choices, eating better, losing weight, and exercising more. For others, it is to find a new relationship, a new job or retire. We all want different things but we want those things for the same reason because we want to be happy. All our life choices are intertwined and has an impact on our health and happiness. But how do we make these resolutions go beyond January? The solution is simple, but not easy. Instead of resolutions, create attainable goals. Meditate on what you want - Find a quiet place without TVs or other distractions. Sit comfortably with your eyes closed. Take a few deep breaths, then allow your breathing to find its own natural rhythm. Then mentally ask yourself the question “What do I really want?” There are no right or wrong answers. This can be tangible on intangible things. Just let it flow. Once you find your answers, write them down. Then write down which steps you are going to take today to accomplish those goals. Read this list every morning when you wake up before starting your daily activities. Cross out the goals attained and write new ones, if you wish. The Weight Loss Dilemma - No matter if you are only losing a few pounds gained during the season or several pounds gained throughout the years, you will be losing a pound at the time. Set a realistic timeframe. Instead of losing too much weight quickly just to gain it all back and some more later, create a plan that you can actually keep. Page 18 | January 2016

Let’s say, your goal is to lose 10 pounds in a month. After those 10 pounds are lost, what happens? Life happens. The job we really wanted has us sitting for 12 hours a day, the new partner is a great cook, retirement has reduced our activity level and the result is inevitable: weight gain. If our goal is weight loss, we not only need to lose the weight, but we need keep if off - for life. You will need not only a plan to lose the undesired weight but a maintenance plan. Write down your short term goals for 1 to 3 months time period and your longer term goals 6 to 12 months. Time Frame


1 Month

Lose 4 - 8 lbs

3 Months

Lose 12- 24 lbs

6 Months

Lose 24 - 48

12 Months

48 - 96 lbs

As you can see in this example, even on the more conservative approach, of losing 1 lb. per week (considering a month having 4 weeks). It is very much attainable to lose 48-96 pounds in 12 months. That sounds pretty good, right?

HOW TO LOSE & KEEP IT OFF One pound of fat equals 3,500 calories, so if you want to lose 1 pound per week you need to average a caloric deficit of 500 calories per day. Burn Fat with Cardio - Plan on being active most days of the week. Whether you walk, jog, bicycle, bench step, climb stairs or perform low-impact aerobics you will need to be consistent. If you are new to exercise start by exercising for 15-20 minutes and increase the time each week, or as often as needed until you are able to exercise for a period of 60 minutes. Your exercise intensity should be within a comfortable range. A way of measuring intensity

is by using ratings of the perceived exertion chart. By becoming familiar with the RPE scale, you can continually assess your exercise intensity. The recommended RPE range for most people is usually between 3 (moderate) and 5 (strong). Exercising at a lower intensity will use more fat as fuel. However, working at a higher intensity level has shown to burn more calories during and even after your workout session is over. Start slowly, and when you are able to exercise for 60 minutes increase the intensity. Besides your formal exercise session, keep moving throughout the day. Everything counts! Burn Fat with Strength Training Add strength training to your fitness regimen at least twice per week. As a trainer, I work with my clients by teaching them how to exercise using their own body weight and dumbbells. Examples of body weight exercises are squats, lunges, push ups, dips, etc. Strength training is important for weight loss because muscle tissue burns more calories than fat tissue, and building muscles uses a lot of energy. As you increase the amount of muscle you have, you will also increase your resting metabolic rate which means you are burning more calories while you rest. Start with 15-20 repetitions 1-2 times. It is always a good idea to check with your physician before starting any exercise program. Proper Nutrition - This is about making a change that can last. Small changes go a long way. It is about finding balance. Making sure you are getting the right amount of foods that will have a positive impact on your health and limiting those that don’t. Your body needs carbohydrates, protein, fat, vitamins and minerals. A good way to start is to reduce your portion sizes by 10 to 15%. This shouldn’t be a diet with an end point; this is a new approach to healthy living. The Maintenance Stage - By moving slowly and steadily towards your goals, you are in control. You are more in tune with your body and know much food it needs. You will learn how to eat by taking cues from your body. Weigh yourself weekly,

learn to cope with stress to avoid emotional eating, stay active and continue to eat healthy. A study with 1,500 people who lost and maintained their weight after a year, found the following strategies helpful: Weight Maintenance

Weight Loss

Eating plenty of low-fat protein.

Participating in a weight-loss program.

Exercising regularly.

Limiting sugar.

Rewards for staying on track.

Eating healthy snacks.

Frequent reminders about motivation for keeping the weight off.

Not skipping meals.

Whatever your goals are, remember that life happens, (thankfully!). Just give your best 80% each day and keep an eye on your goals. Happy and Healthy New Year! RATE OF PERCEIVED EXERTION 10. Max Effort Activity.

Feels Almost impossible to keep going. Completely out of breathe. Unable to talk.

9. Very Hard Activity.

Very difficult to maintain exercise intensity. Can barely breath and speak a single word.

7-8. Vigorous Activity.

On the verge of becoming uncomfortable. Short of breath, can speak a sentence.

4-6. Moderate Activity.

Feels like you can excersise for hours. Breathing heavily, can hold short, conversation.

2-3. Light Activity.

Feels like you can maintain for hours. Easy to breathe and carry a conversation.

1. Very Light Activity.

Anything other than sleeping. Watching TV, riding in a car, etc.

Virna Lichter is an ACE Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Adult and Kids Yoga and Meditation instructor, and Owner at Energia Wellness Studio in Wesley Chapel. For more information, visit or call 813-973-7300.



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at helping girls assimilate business lessons than the cookie program. To drive the cookie business into the future, Girl Scouts launched Digital Cookie which adds an online layer to the cookie program. The Girl Scout Cookie presale is currently underway. Customers can expect to see Girl Scout Cookie booths beginning on February 19 through March 13. To search for a nearest cookie booth, customers can visit or download the free Girl Scout Cookie Finder app for iPhone or Android devices.

Girl Scouts

It’s More Than Just Cookie Sales!


n today’s world, the issues girls face are staggering and it takes a combined effort of everyone in society to develop young girls into successful women and future leaders. Luckily, there is one program that has been focused on the potential of girls for over a century. Girl Scouts is the premier organization working to develop girls into future leaders. Though they are known for the “3 Cs” - cookies, crafts, and camp, the truth is that Girl Scouting is fundamentally a leadership development program for girls—and the perfect opportunity for parents searching for the right place for their daughters to learn new skills and gain confidence in their abilities. So what makes Girl Scouts so special? They take their cues directly from girls – they are girl-led and girl-centric. The all-girl environment creates a safe space that gives girls an opportunity to experiment and try new things. While Girl Scouts is continuously changing to stay up with the latest modern programing to engage with girls, many traditional activities are still a core component of the Girl Scout program.

Page 20 | January 2016

Girl Scouts has a long and proud history of building future leaders dating back to over a century ago. Girl Scouts was founded in 1912 by Juliette Gordon Low in Savannah, GA. She was a firm believer in the potential of all girls and the importance of fostering their individual growth, character, and self-sufficiency. Juliette is credited with establishing and nurturing a global movement that changed the world. The Tampa Bay area is deep-rooted in Girl Scouts history. Just one year after Girl Scouts was founded; the second troop in the United States was led by Jessamine Flowers Link, a friend of Juliette Gordon Low in Tampa at Hyde Park United Methodist Church. That troop of nine girls went on to earn badges, go camping and help others – just as Girl Scouts do today. Today, Girl Scouts of West Central Florida serves over 19,000 girls and nearly 8,500 adult members in Citrus, Hernando, Hillsborough, Marion, Pasco, Pinellas, Polk, and Sumter counties. There are an estimated 59 million living alumnae who can be found across the country

and throughout the ranks of women leaders. In fact, nearly one in every two adult women in the U.S. was a member of Girl Scouts as a girl. Just to name a few famous Girl Scouts: Katie Couric, Hilary Clinton, Sandra Day O’ Connor, Martha Stewart and the list can go on. Many Girl Scout programs are so successful that they have become iconic pieces of Americana. For instance, everyone knows about Girl Scout Cookie Program—but did you know that it’s the largest, most successful girl-led entrepreneurial program in the world? Last year, Girl Scout troops in west central Florida sold over 1.8 million boxes of Girl Scout Cookies. That is literally millions of Thin Mints and Tagalongs! The money raised from all of those boxes of cookies has goes on to pay for troop supplies, field trips, overnight camping, and service projects to benefit their communities. The cookie program does more than any other to teach girls basic business skills including goal setting, money management, decision making, people skills, and business ethics. There is no other program on earth more successful

Many other programs have undergone substantial enhancements in order to bring Girl Scouting into the 21st century. Today’s Girl Scouts participate in program activities that range from video game design to robotics competitions. Girl Scouts is committed to increasing girls’ involvement in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics). They offer badges in fields like science, technology, and digital arts that connect girls to STEM topics they love. In addition to modern programs centered on STEM, Girl Scouts also has a long tradition of outdoor fun and exploration that serves as one of their foundational cornerstones. Camping is one of the most popular activities in Girl Scouts. There are five camp properties located throughout west central Florida and each property offers unique experiences, whether it’s horseback riding or water sports. Girls that visit these properties have the opportunity to try new activities, gain independence, and explore the great outdoors. Through participation in Girl Scouts, girls have the opportunity to explore the world around them while developing essential life skills to become future leaders. For more information on how to join, volunteer, or reconnect to Girl Scouts of West Central Florida, visit or call (800) 881-4475.


Real Peace. Real Hope. Real Transformation. Real People. MEETS: Sundays at 10am 30052 State Road 54. Wesley Chapel, FL 33543


(Inside Brickhouse Cardio at the Freedom Plaza 2 miles east of Walmart)

Spruce up your home for the holidays with tree trimming, pressure washing, etc.


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I N S P I R AT I O N A L What gems does January offer? What does this day offer? Be in the moment. Of course I don’t mean that we don’t plan for what’s coming. We do, to the best of our abilities. But there are so many times that we just have to stop and notice. To paraphrase Alice Walker from “The Color Purple,” it must make God mad when we walk by the color purple and not notice.

Being in the Moment

Where will paying attention land you in 2016? Will you figure out that there is something you must do? Or not do? Or quit doing? Whatever it is, may you find a blessing along the way. When the road is difficult, may you find sustenance. When you are wrapped in joy, recognize it. When bad happens, rush to help. When you see beauty, embrace it. All of that and more is inside of you. Happy New Year!

Be in the moment. Listen to someone instead of formulating what you’re going to say next. Pay attention. Perhaps the best response is none at all. Be in the moment. What is that child who is trying to get your attention want you to know?


reathe in. Deeply. Smell that? It’s a new year! 2016. The rush of the holidays is over. Some greet this with great relief, while others are sad to see such a special time of year once again in the rear view mirror.

By now the Christ child is a couple of weeks old and the difference between expecting Him and having Him home are different things: He requires care and attention that we cannot forego. He’s not on our schedule, we’re on His. He cries, no matter what the second verse of “Away in the Manger” sings, and we must respond. He requires our time, our resources, and our talents. He needs our hearts. Perhaps in this New Year we could resolve to treat each other as we would that new baby at home, no matter our faith or spirituality tradition. This discipline is in need of exercise, building up, and strength. Great spiritual traditions proclaim its basic wisdom, and it’s one that is in most need of practice these days. It’s simple enough in words: love neighbor as you love self. The daily news tells us that we find it difficult to live out in a faithful way. Page 22 | January 2016

Resolutions are tough. They are made and broken. Many don’t make them because they figure it’s a pointless venture. Others begin the year with good intentions, then slip back into old ways. Still others do very well with theirs, making new and better habits in their lives. Or maybe they fall, but determined they get up and start again. It’s possible!

Be in the moment. Attention. That’s what that’s about. Paying attention. Somehow I think this would make us better people, more empathetic and interested. More outside of our own selves.

Rev. Laurie Palmer Designated Pastor St. Andrew Presbyterian Church 5340 Primrose Lake Circle Tampa, FL 33647 813-513-8822

I’m a resolution-maker and I welcome January—the beginning of something new. I am hopeful at the beginning of the year. Be in the moment, that’s what I resolve on top of loving neighbor as self. It’s so contrary to how we live. I went to a chain craft store on December 11 to pick up some Christmas items. Guess what? Everything had been moved to the aisle with drastic mark-downs. December 11. They were getting rid of it! Two weeks before Christmas and you’re moving on? In this case, it was a benefit to my pocketbook but it got me to thinking about how we’re always straining ahead to the next thing and not paying attention to what is plainly in front of us. Since Easter is early this year, there is little doubt that along with the Valentine’s Day offerings, stores will be stuffed with Easter merchandise by now. But they’re in February and March. FOR RATES & INFO CALL: 813-422-5551 | WWW.RESIDENTMAGAZINE.NET


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PERMIT # 3239


TAMPA PALMS 16411 Burniston Dr. 7,223 sq ft, 6/5.1/3, office, two Bonus rooms, pool $1,299K.

TAMPA PALMS 15834 Dawson Ridge, 2,743 sq ft, 4/3/3, upgrades galore, pool $449K.

TAMPA PALMS 5013 Landstar. 4,843 sq ft, 4/4/3, office, two bonus rooms and a pool $800K.


TAMPA PALMS 1521 Sterling Manor. 1,914 sq ft, 3/2.5/2, maintenance free community $220K.


2105 S. West Shore. 1452 sq ft, 2/2, cancel access to bay $359K.

13504 Palmwood Ln. 2,414 sq ft, 3/3/2, rare condo, $269K.

HUNTER'S GREEN 9310 Huntington Park Way

SEVEN OAKS 27780 Autumn Breeze

TAMPA PALMS 16230 Nottingham Park Way

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HUNTER'S GREEN 17581 Fairmeadow Dr.

Resident Magazine - Issue 9  

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Resident Magazine - Issue 9  

Faithfully Serving the Wesley Chapel/ New Tampa Community with informative articles.