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Ideas for a Healthy & Fit Valentine’s Day



yoga class. It’s a great way to bond with your partner in a deeper and meaningful way. Energia is offering a special 90 minute workshop on Sunday afternoon. visit the local zipline and aerial course at TreeHoppers.


Romance across the bay. A little farther away from home, is St. Petersburg. Pack a healthy picnic basket for lunch and plan on spending the day. Take the Courtney Causeway Scenic Highway across the bay. Park at the end and get a romantic view of the bay. You can bike or roller blade all the way


etting a box of chocolates in February is a major set back for everyone’s fitness efforts. Last year I asked my husband of 16 years not to buy me any chocolate. I asked instead for a fruit basket. Knowing that most guys wait until last minute to go shopping, I tried to make things easier for him. He went to a fruit bouquet store and the sales person was puzzled. It was the first time she ever heard someone not want to dip their strawberries in chocolate. I love chocolate but I wasn’t going to let this one day put a damper on my healthy eating habits. What do women want on Valentine’s day that doesn’t include chocolate? I can’t speak for everyone but I believe it is more about connecting and creating memories together versus getting things, that we don’t really need. I surveyed a few of our local residents and created a list of ideas of places to go and things to do together

this Valentine’s Day. Indulge your sweetheart with a heart-healthy date or plan a whole day of romance that will help you stay active and bond in an uplifting way.


Hillsborough River State Park. Rent a canoe or bikes and venture down the river and trails together. There are four hiking trails to choose from, which total approximately 7.3 total miles. If it is a warm day, end the day by cooling off at the 1⁄2 acre pool which is surrounded by grassy areas to relax and catch some sun together.

across or just spend a few hours before heading to the city. Visit the 100 years old Sunken Gardens, a botanical paradise featuring waterfalls, gardens and more than 50,000 exotic plants. It may be just the right place to pop the question! On Sundays it opens from noon-4 pm. St. Pete also provides, scenic beaches, a historical downtown area with antique and tea shops.


A couple that OMs together. Take a Valentine’s day couples yoga class! Replace chocolates with a yoga mat and warm up for a romantic night with a nice couples


Charming Dade City. Stroll through the lovely roads and discover historical and unique antique stores. Stop at Hancock Groves to sample or pick fresh and flavorful citrus fruits from the groves located on the property. If you are an adventurous couple,



Ride through the sunset with your valentine. Saddle up and enjoy horseback riding while viewing your favorite scenery. Whether you choose the beach, trails or lakeside views, companies in the area offer Valentine’s day specials. In The Breeze Ranch in Tampa, offers moonlit horseback riding through 300 acres trails around a beautiful lake. The ride ends with a bonfire where you can spend the evening watching the sky light up. Bring your own healthy food, such as fresh fruit on bamboo skewers. It doesn’t get any more romantic than this! Make sure to check any admission fees and hours of operation before you go. Parks tend to close at sunset and due to inclement weather. Virna Lichter is an ACE Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Adult and Kids Yoga and Meditation instructor, and Owner at Energia Wellness Studio in Wesley Chapel. For more information, visit or call 813-973-7300.

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something goes wrong for someone else? This is the opposite of envious. • Love rejoices in the truth. And the truth is, some folks like their own opinions better than the truth. • Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things. It never ends. God loves us just this perfectly. Think about that! You are loved perfectly by the One who created you. We can return the favor and reach out to those around us in this way.

Ah, The Month of Love... February.


alentine’s Day comes with heaps of hearts and red and candy and flowers and expectation. Not to take all the romance away, but my husband calls it “Unrealistic Expectations Day.” That’s OK by me because of what he does for me every day. (He’s really not a grump at all). Actually, I like his standard. Every day is opportunity to show love in any relationship we have with others, no matter how small the gesture. It’s also an opportunity to treat strangers with as much deference. The standard bearer scripture for love is 1st Corinthians 13. It is read at countless weddings. So lovely, so melodious, so…..difficult to do, if not impossible. Paul wrote about God’s love for us, a love from which we benefit, a love that we are to imitate. I dare say that our imitation is pretty shaky at times. How often do we break these markers of love in our daily lives, even with those who are closest to us? Page 4 | February 2016

I don’t know what Valentine’s Day has in store for you. Good things, I hope, like all other days. Love starts with the self reaching out to other people, not waiting for someone to do something special for us. Seems that someone wise said to do to others as you would have them do to you. I know! Let’s practice a pre-emptive love strike on the 14th! When was the last time you handwrote a note to a beloved—spouse, child, parent,

friend—to let him or her know exactly what you love about him or her? Do it! Is there something you’ve been putting off doing for your beloved? Do it! Get creative and do something new and unexpected. Don’t reserve these kindnesses for Valentine’s Day. Make this a yearround plan. Why? Because it’s fun and terribly appreciated. Happy Valentine’s Day. Everyday.

Rev. Laurie Palmer Designated Pastor St. Andrew Presbyterian Church 5340 Primrose Lake Circle Tampa, FL 33647 813-513-8822

• Love is patient. Now’s a good time to take that deep breath and think about what we could say rather than what we want to say. • Love is kind. When could I choose to be kind, rather than right? What can I let go? • Love is not envious. Jealousy takes life away from us. Don’t suppose someone has it better than you—as if it matters. • Love is not boastful or arrogant or rude. Perhaps a closed mouth is appropriate here accompanied by an open heart. Boastful, arrogant, and rude are self-centered attributes. • Love isn’t self-centered. It doesn’t insist on its own way. Love is give and take, compromise and mercy. • Love isn’t irritable or resentful. Love doesn’t keep score or hold a grudge. It breaks open a new way of being, even in tragic circumstances. • Love doesn’t rejoice when something goes wrong for someone else. What a notion! Being glad when FOR RATES & INFO CALL: 813-422-5551 | WWW.RESIDENTMAGAZINE.NET

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Sat 5th Fresh Market at Wiregrass 10am - 2pm. Sat 19th Fresh Market at Wiregrass 10am - 2pm.

FREE Aromatherapy upgrade on one massage during the month of February only.

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About the Porter Family

Interviewer’s Note

The Porter family has been committed to Pasco County for over 60 years, developing and donating their land piece by piece in a focused effort to grow the Wesley Chapel community, all the while keeping the end game in mind. The family came to Pasco County in 1937. When World War II started, the land they lived on was condemned in order to create an Air Force Training Station. The family received revenue enabling them to purchase 14,000 acres of land (now known as Wiregrass Ranch) through the Rockefeller Land Trust. In 1941, cattle was added to the ranch for revenue, and in 1950 citrus trees were planted. In 1972, Wiregrass Ranch made its first significant land sale to Saddlebrook Golf and Tennis Center. The Porter vision was to create a community centered on family. Since that time, because of the Porter Family’s deep generational roots to the land, they continue to have a life-long commitment to being good stewards of the land and continue to be a key player in the development of Wesley Chapel and the Wire Grass Ranch community

Family values and authenticity are two phrases that come to mind when reflecting upon sitting down to speak with JD Porter of Wiregrass Ranch. One might expect someone who has been listed in the top 25 most influential business players (in Tampa Bay by Times Business Columnist Robert Trigaux and the Tampa Bay Times) in Tampa Bay to be rushed, arrogant or at least a bit elitist, but there wasn’t a trace of those inklings during our 2-hour chat. JD appeared relaxed as he arrived in a nice button down shirt and slacks, although he said that if he didn’t have a meeting after ours he would have preferred to show up in jeans and a baseball cap.

Today, the ranch is just over 5000 acres. JD Porter has recently stepped into the role of family Patriarch, since his dad, Don Porter, recently passed in 2014.

So, apart from being a businessman and philanthropist, who is JD Porter? We were curious as well, and Porter graciously answered my numerous and slightly nosey questions. During our time together in a private room at Grill Smith, JD gave us a peek into his world, opening up about family, business, recent challenges and past regrets. JD made it very clear several times that he was not here representing himself, but rather he is part of a whole, and that whole is his entire family.

Interview RM(Resident Magazine): We talked about you being highlighted as a member of the 25 most influential





business players in Tampa Bay. You mentioned how it shines the light on Wesley Chapel. Do you want to expand on that thought?

of ownership that puts a sense of pressure that no list or article could ever compete with. But it’s fun. You thrive off of it.

JD: It really signifies the growth and the recognition of the entire region about what’s happening here in our community. It’s no longer that Pasco is the stepchild of Tampa and St. Pete. Pasco County and Wesley Chapel most specifically, is now a force to be reckoned with… people are taking notice. Wiregrass Mall has more income per square foot than International Mall.

For me personally, it makes me want to be better every single day. We all are going to mess up, we are all going to make mistakes, whether it is professionally or personally, but if you don’t learn it from it, if you don’t grow, you don’t do anything. That is something I learned and I am very lucky to have been taught that at an early age.

RM: Do you feel any pressure from being on such a list being considered an influential person? How do you manage that? JD: It’s not a pressure thing, it’s more expectation. There’s no list, and there’s no challenge that could ever be thrown out there that would be more difficult than the pressure that I feel family-wise. I think that everyone in my family does feel the pressure, as we continue to raise the bar and to be stewards of the land. What I mean by that is when my dad and grandfather moved out here in the 40’s they didn’t have electricity for three years. They were cooking off a little gas top stove outside. There was nothing out here. They started off with cattle and got into citrus, and we moved into development trying to do good things for the community. There is so much blood sweat and tears, not just from me, but from every family member. There’s a pride


RM: Tell me about something you’ve done in your business in the past few years that you are proud of or that sticks out to you? JD: It’s hard to single out one thing. But I think the thing that I am most proud of is we have been through a lot of tough times, family wise. Like my dad recently passing and we lost our Uncle Tom a couple of years ago who was not that old, having two younger children. We also lost my mom a few years back as well. Grieving loss is tough to deal with, especially when you don’t have your parents. If there is one crowning achievement to the family, it is how we all pulled together and used everybody’s legacy to try to make things better. Let’s bring everyone in- let’s make sure that we are making good choices. Let’s create something that my grandfather would be proud of, that my dad would be proud of, Continued on page 8

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THE EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW Continued from page 7.

JD PORTER brought all that back together, where it should be, if not to a better level. It’s improved not only on the family side, but it has made a much more dynamic work environment to where it’s a driving force. That is the thing I would want him to know which I am sure he does know.

that my uncle would be proud of that generations from now can look back and say ‘you know what, they did a good job.’ Whether it’s internal to the family or someone that just bought their family down from New York, you want them to be proud of the job that is being done not just now but 15 - 20 years from now.

Dad was quiet in his own way. He lived such an interesting life. By default, and he did it on purpose, he was always hard on me which was great, because there is not a question that you could ask that I couldn’t roll with...There is nothing anyone could say around the community that I haven’t heard ten times worse. While that may have been tough, it is also the way the family toughened everyone up. There is nobody else out there that could have pushed me to be tougher. The fact that dad didn’t have to suffer too much was actually good. That could have turned out really, really bad.

I think another crowning achievement the family did, that I think is a testament to is the way that we operate, is the donation to the college; bringing something education wise to the community that doesn’t go away. That also sets the stage for future success in perpetuity. (Note: The Porter Family donated 65 acres to the Pasco Hernando State College known as the Porter Campus.) This is something that means a lot. That’s a donation that my uncles, dad, and my whole family did. What you see there now is only built on 6.5 acres, so it has room to grow for years to come. We were working hand-in-hand with the college to accept the vision that we have for the Wesley Chapel area. If you want to be in the right place, you have to grow vertically, there is only so much land. Now when you look out and see a seven-story building, it really sets the stage for things to come. That is something that really isn’t achieved in Pasco County. You see it in downtown Tampa, but typically here, you have your two or three story buildings maxed out. Now you have a college that wants seven. I think that public and private partnership with the college and defining something that hasn’t been done before is something that is very important to the family. Education has always been a real staple for us. Everybody wants to be in this area. We turn away 40 businesses for every business we bring in and say, ‘Listen we are just not the right community for you.’ I am not saying that Wesley Chapel is not, but at least with Wiregrass, we want you to do a better job. You’ve got to up your game. The Page 8 | February 2016

RM: How did he pass?

work we’ve done with the college gets people to start creating that sense of place- that sense of downtown, the sense of community that really doesn’t exist in a whole lot of other areas. We’ve got one chance of doing it right. It’s a matter of having the right partners and working with them. You have to work together and you have to have good relationships. RM: After your father’s death and getting back on track, what is the one thing you would want him to know most? JD: The thing I would want him to know and the thing I think he would be most proud of is the way the family as a whole came together. It was a big challenge after my mom passed. My grandmother was a great lady and my aunts are great ladies.

My mom was the oldest, so she took over the role of my grandmother. So, when she passed away, it wasn’t a void, but it was different. She was the glue that helped everybody get along. She did things that my dad could never do. The thing I that I think that he would be most proud of and what I would want him to know the most is that through his passing, that act alone, helped create that gel- that wasn’t missing, but it hadn’t really come full circle. I think aside from all the experiences, we are happy. We are happy raising cows, growing citrus, and having a good, faith-based, tight family. That’s where happiness and joy comes out of. When you get caught up with work, when you get caught up with trials and tribulations and losses, it makes it tough. My dad’s death

JD: He had Lewy Body Dementia - the same that Casey Kasem passed from which was right around the same time. I had never heard of this before, and literally, we were in a meeting on a Friday, and by Monday, he didn’t recognize us, he didn’t understand, and he deteriorated super fast. It affects the mind. My grandmother passed away from Alzheimer’s, and I think it may be in the same family. She suffered for several years. I don’t think I could have personally dealt with that with a parent. It is very painful. Dad was a strong guy, and he was by far, and I’ve heard it from so many people, that he was one of the smartest people anyone ever met. He would always challenge you. He was well read on a bunch of subjects. We would have competitions on who could read more books in a week. I could have never dealt with it if I had to sit and watch my dad suffer. You take from the bad and try to make it better for other people. That is why we donated to USF



JD: I don’t know if I ever had a dream job. I remember I had a teacher in 2nd or 3rd grade who told me I need to get a law degree and be a diplomat. I think I just argued with her a lot. The family business, as time went on, was not necessarily what I pictured, but I saw the passion that went into it from everyone. I was able to go outside and get experience and then come back and contribute. Everyone runs the business. It is something I feel determined to do and I feel passionate about it. I recognize that there is not a better opportunity, so why not dive in and take it to the next level.

Byrd Alzheimer’s Institute for my grandmother. My generation of grandkids, and my family as a whole made the largest donation there to try and help others with Alzheimer’s get through it. Hopefully it is making a difference. You try to give back. If you deal with something, you try to find a way to help others not to have to go through the same. RM: Do you have any words of wisdom to offer people who may be losing a family member or their family patriarch? Is there anything that you learned along the way that may help someone? JD: There are zero words that will ever make it feel better. If anything, rather than waiting until somebody does pass, appreciate the now and appreciate when you have them. Don’t wait for something to happen to say, ‘oh I should have done this, oh I should have done that.’ I don’t remember a single day when I was in college that I didn’t talk to both of my parents. I mean that is how it worked. I talked to my dad up until he passed, six or seven times a day on the phone. Everybody should make time for their family. Don’t wait until the very last moment to say, ‘This is how it should have been.’ No! Make it how it should be, not how it should have been. RM: What about afterwards, in the grieving process? Was there anything specific that worked for you that got you through it? I know it had to be hard.

JD: It was hard, just knowing how tough he was. We had the service and I was back at work Monday. I am not going to say that it won’t hit at some point, because around the holidays it is always tough. There will be times when I am sitting on the couch or doing emails and something will just trigger, and I will think about him. But rather than grieve it’s more about what would make him happiest. What would make him happiest is to see the family, my sister,


RM: What are a couple of regrets if any? JD: It’s hard to say. I can definitely point fingers and say ‘this was bad and this was embarrassing.’ I think from everything that has happened I have tried to learn from it. You learn that people can shift things around in certain ways that makes it very tough. There are lots of times that I wish I would have responded back to stuff vs. sitting back and being quiet, worrying about my own world.

myself, everybody take it up a notch and work harder. If he was looking down and saw me moping around, you can bet he would want to kick me in the behind so bad. I’m sure he would do something. He would give me a flat tire or disconnect my battery to get my attention. The tough country boy in my dad helps to balance me. When you think about influential people, you also have to think about their tough side. There is an element, the way it was at least for us, there was no silver spoon. I worked at Sonny’s Barbeque; I was Employee of the Month there. I worked through college while I was playing baseball. I also worked a seafood plant at night. So there were no handouts, and there will never be handouts in the family. It is that kind of toughness

that allows you to deal with diversity, and to deal with stuff in a different manner than a lot of other people. I am hoping this can help someone. I took a beat up Isuzu Rodeo as my first vehicle that I had to pay for by working in the groves during the summer, and then at Sonny’s part time. Many of the lessons you don’t appreciate at the time, but now that I look back, I couldn’t have asked for a better foundation. I had zero idea that it was being created by either one of my parents. Thank God I had to do all that stuff. RM: Looking back on your life, is this what you saw yourself doing? What was your childhood dream job?


The hardest and the toughest lessons, the things that are probably most embarrassing and that have impacted me the most that have looked terrible, have actually helped strengthen me and helped me become more aware of the people around me. There are a lot of good people out there. There are also people that no matter where you are at or where you are on top, there are people who will want to knock you off. That’s okay. That was never okay in our family, and it is something that I was probably a little bit naive to because I never experienced that life. I probably regret not taking notice of that before. But the toughest situations, the ones that you are like ‘Oh my gosh did this really happen’ you can sit around and mope and you can make excuses, or you can look in the mirror and say ‘you know what - deal Continued on page 10. February 2016 | Page 9



Continued from page 9.

with it. Be the best person you can be right now versus what someone in yesterday’s paper is saying about you.’ Don’t worry about yesterday’s paper. I spend less time worrying about how other people view me and just focus on myself. I regret tremendously that everyone in our family couldn’t see the progress that we’ve made and how this area is taking shape. I regret that on a personal level. RM: Can you elaborate on the regret you mentioned about your family unit? JD: I regret the fact that my mom and my uncle, and to an extent my dad, aren’t here to see the progress and what’s happening as it comes along. There’s so many good things happening; driving down the road you don’t really understand what’s happening until you see stuff starting to be built. And when you see stuff starting to be built you’re like ‘oh my gosh, what’s going on’. The work and effort that goes into that is a two to three year process. So there’s stuff going on now that will come to fruition that’s unbelievable, but no one really takes notice until it actually starts happening. The ones that have passed aren’t getting to see all their hard work and diligence that have Page 10 | February 2016

gone into these efforts. Even things that my dad was a part of like negotiations and sitting at the table, he didn’t get to see come to fruition. We’ve got around $16M committed for a performing arts center right now. Bringing the arts to the community is huge, and we’ve been working on it for a couple years. My dad got to sit in and see a portion of that, but he’s not going to be able to see it come out of the ground. My uncle was a part of doing everything with the college, but he didn’t get to see it open. Those are the kind of things that, you live it, you breath it, you’re a part of it – but then you don’t get to touch it. That’s like window-shopping, and I don’t want to window shop at all so that’s tough. The family’s a unit and everyone should get to see it and appreciate it and be a part of it, and some of them can’t because they’re not here anymore. RM: You’ve mentioned a couple of projects that you’re currently working on, are there any upcoming projects that you want to highlight? JD: I think one is the performing arts center. We’ll continue to work with PHSC trying to secure the funds to make that happen. I think that it’s always exciting to talk about Raymond James; we’re waiting on permits. It’ll be nice to have a million


square feet of corporate office here in Wesley Chapel. You’ve got a hospital that’s expanding within two years of opening, which is faster than any Florida Hospital in the history of its organization. I think they had planned to expand five years out and they did it in two so you’ve got somewhere that’s growing so fast it’s already happening, so that’s exciting. We’re talking with other office users right now that we have nondisclosures with that we can’t talk about, but landing another one or two office users like that – that’s huge.

they’re raising taxable value, which is good for the area. They’re all exciting projects so it’s hard to pick a favorite, but the ones that really stick out are where you’ve pushed the envelope to make somebody do something different… and it’s rewarding to start to see the benefits. RM: What prompted you to give Resident Magazine an interview at this time?

JD: Honestly, it’s all about talking about the area. My family has been here since before Wesley Chapel became Wesley Chapel. The old mail The residential side is phenomenal. that I have from my Grandfather- it Every builder wants to be here. If was sent to him in Gatorville Florida; they want to be here they aren’t it wasn’t even called Wesley Chapel going to do what they typically do. yet. That being said, being part of In Pasco County they have to get the community is something that our creative – this is what we expect. entire family does, and we all do it in We’re partnered up with Lennar different ways. We try to participate, Homes who’s doing 4-story condos whether it’s with charity type stuff or with terraces on the roof overlooking being part of the community. Being varying views. That’s stuff you’d on this top 25 list is exciting, and expect to see in SOHO and it’s it’s exciting news for everybody. It’s happening in Wesley Chapel. The a matter of trying to get it out there. Ridge on 56, GL Homes, which We want to make sure that we reach opened up in July, has about a out and talk to people. It’s fun to be hundred sales in six months. part of things that are neighborhood Fishhawk Ranch, which typically based; there’s a whole story that can was viewed as being one of the bigger be written on Wesley Chapel and the and faster selling communities in the people who are making a difference entire region, took until year two or in this community at a rate that three before they hit that number. doesn’t exist in most areas. That’s a You’ve got people who want to be neat situation to have where you can here and they’re spending money, and reach out and have a pick of a ton of


JD PORTER THE EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW people that you want to interview, and it’s because there’s so much stuff happening here. RM: What do you do for fun? JD: I love to read, love to fish, love to be outdoors. I hunt as well, but mostly I love to be outside. RM: What kinds of books do you read? JD: Anything and everything. Everything from Historical stuff to what the next trend is going to be in developing and building, and just a multitude of genres. Favorite authors are James Rollins, Brad Thor. Right now I’m reading James Rollins. What I really like is he does a lot of historical background and weaves it into today’s world, and kind of adventure stuff, which is really cool. RM: Favorite place you’ve traveled? JD: I’d have to say a tie between Bariloche, Argentina and Cape Town South Africa. Bariloche is one of the most magnificent places, and Cape Town is tough to beat. New Zealand would be a close third. When I do manage to get a little time off, I love to travel. Once my parents had kids, we were their lives and I remember my dad telling me ‘I wish I would have done this when I was younger.’ He was talking about hunting. He wished he would have gone to Africa and gotten a cape buffalo. I went and got my cape buffalo, because I learned from him that once I get to the point, if I get married and have kids, I know that I want to give whatever I’m doing 120%. So I better get some of this travel stuff out of the way. I’ve been very fortunate to be able to see some really cool spots.

RM: What music was playing the last time you drove somewhere? JD: Last music I played was definitely Country – I think Luke Bryan was the last song I had on. Honestly I listen to everything, but I spend a lot of time listening to country. RM: When you think of the word ‘successful’ who comes to mind and why? JD: Too many people to name. I think everybody is successful in their own right, in certain ways. What I think is successful, rather than think of a person, I think about ‘ok, what is the next step that I can do to continue to be successful?’ I try to learn from other people. So I’m not like ‘hey that person is successful’. I observe other people’s strengths. I want to be the dumbest person in the room, and walk out being the smartest. There are a lot of people who are successful. I don’t know that I would tag someone and say ‘hey – there’s my idol’. It’s a combination of a bunch of people. RM: Best hangout spot in Wesley Chapel?

him for a while and I’m going to be passionate about throwing that ball until he gives out, which he’ll probably be able to go longer than I will. We’re all limited on time, there are only so many hours in the day and we don’t know when that time is going to stop. Living in the present moment, and maxing it out. Rather than go about it like ‘oh, maybe I’ll do this’ – No! If you’re going to do it, do it and be passionate about it. Even if you don’t like it, give it your best. That’s what I’m passionate about. It’s life and trying to do anything that I’m doing the best that I can. There are a lot of times I know I can do better, but you know what, you learn from it and you try to be even better at it the following time. RM: If you could put up a billboard, anywhere and have it say anything, what would it say?

money. The first thing I thought about is what I could do that would benefit someone else. We’ve never done anything as a family for publicity. I think we did around 16 scholarships this year for kids around the local area. I think we’ve received a national award for Boys and Girls Club for money we raised for them. I went with my sister and my cousin to Wal-Mart and bought Christmas presents for 107 families for the Boys and Girls Club. But rather than just stroking a check, we went and picked everything out, and got everything, loaded up the bus. There are a lot of people that can stroke checks, but it’s about taking time out of your day and saying ‘you know what, we’ll handle this, we’ll bag them up for you and we’ll hand them out and take care of it.’ That’s the kind of stuff that we don’t need to talk about because you’re doing it for the right reasons.

JD: That’s actually a tough question. RM: 30 years from now, what do Honestly the first thing that came you want to be remembered for? to mind is that I would find a family whose child had a health problem or Continued on page 12. something and was trying to raise

JD: PrimeBar. RM: If you had to choose, what is your passion? JD: My passion is life. It’s about anything I do. I’m passionate about this interview. I was excited about it. When I leave here I’m going to another meeting and when I get there, I’m going to be passionate about getting this deal done because it’s going to bring more jobs to the area. When I go home I’m going to feed my dog, I’m going to play with


G E N E S I S L A N D S C A P I N G, L L C C om merc i a l L a n d s c a pi n g Resident ia l &

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February 2016 | Page 11

on the Wiregrass Ranch Foundation Scholarship Program visit www.

Closing Comments...

JD Porter, Uncle Bill, Sister Quinn and father Don

Continued from page 11.

JD: (laughs) I just hope I make it 30 years! I hope my entire family is remembered for leaving a lasting legacy and creating a foundation for a community that defines, for generations, quality and where people want to be. That allows people to raise their child from kindergarten through a 4-year degree within the community. You have all this stuff at your fingertips. Everybody wants to talk about the taglines for development ‘live, work

and play’. It’s about having a 300 bed hospital, it’s about having a hundred thousand square feet of medical office next to it, a million square feet here, a four year institution, the highest ranked high school and middle school in the county, six thousand residential units that cover every demographic. It’s setting the foundation that somebody can move here, and this is where they want to be. It’s number one on their list. I hope it doesn’t take 30 years, I hope it takes about 3. We’re getting there.

On a personal note I hope that I make a difference, or inspire, or help to change lives that otherwise wouldn’t have been affected. I hope that out of those 107 kids at the Boys and Girls Club, one of them sees this magazine and learns what we did, and that it inspires them strive for straight A’s, earning them our scholarship. We give the scholarship and they end up coming and saying ‘here is what I’m doing this with the scholarship.’ (For more information

Throughout the conversation with JD Porter, two themes kept resurfacing: devotion to the family and their values, and growing the Wesley Chapel community as good stewards of the land. One thing is for certain: JD Porter and the rest of the Porter family have big, exciting plans for Wesley Chapel and are seeing them through to fruition. (For more information about Wire Grass Ranch visit www.thewiregrassranch. com.) The people at Resident Magazine truly thank JD Porter for his time. He’s genuine, down to earth, and has shared many of his inner thoughts with us in his dedicated effort to promote, build, and help our community. Thanks JD and the entire Porter Family.

DO YOU EXPERIENCE ANY OF THE FOLLOWING SYMPTOMS? Insomnia & Depression Hot Flashes / Night Sweats Dry Eyes / Dry Mouth Fluid Retention / Weight Gain Difficulty Losing Weight / Diabetes Dry Skin / Hair Loss Loss of Energy & Sex Drive Memory Loss & Headaches REJUVA MED IS YOUR SOLUTION!

Kenneth C. Andronico DO FICS, FAARM Eye Physician & Laser Surgeon


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Mike Olsen of God’s Pedal Power Ministry.

February Speaker Schedule FEB. 5TH Patricia Kemp Hillsborough County Commission – Upcoming Activities

FEB. 12TH Andrew Rock, Tampa Bay Group Sierra Club Climate Change – Reality Strikes Home

FEB. 19TH New Rotary Club of New Tampa Members Meet Our New Rotary Club Members

FEB. 26TH Meet Our Rotary Youth Exchange Students Being a Young Person in a Foreign Land Surrounded by Rotary Friends

Individuals interested in joining are welcome to attend our weekly club meetings held friday mornings at 7:15 A.M. at Tampa Palms Golf & Country Club, 5811 Tampa Palms Blvd., Tampa, fl 33647. Rotary Club of New Tampa The Rotary Club of New Tampa’s membership represents a crosssection of the community’s business and professional men and women. Membership in the Rotary Club of New Tampa provides the opportunity to become connected to the community, work with others in addressing community needs, and interacting with other professionals in the community. New members are welcome. Club meetings are held Fridays at 7 am. at Tampa Palms Golf & Country Club. For more information, visit


February 2016 | Page 13


Highlights from December Secret Santa at Hunters Green Elementary- We were able to provide gifts and holiday dinners for 4 families.

Page 14 | February 2016

We are a volunteer/service organization serving our community! We meet the 3rd Wednesday of each month at the New Tampa Family YMCA from 12-1. Email me for more information - membership@

and check out our website www.

Holiday Party for Children’s Cancer Center - We helped turn the space at TPepin into a Winter Wonderland for 600 children and families! We also joined with our New Tampa Juniors Club to cut, sew and stuff Smile Dolls for Operation Smile medical missions!



GFWC New Tampa Junior Woman’s Club Events By Melanie Otte

VP of Public Relation and Communications At the January 11th meeting, club members made blessing bags for the homeless. Blessing bags contain a variety of non-perishable items and toiletries such as socks, toothbrush, toothpaste, comb, granola bar, hand sanitizer, packet of tuna, band aids and other items, all placed in a gallon zip lock bag. We also included a card to offer words of hope and encouragement. The bags will be delivered to Trinity Café, a local café that feeds the hungry and homeless. Anyone in the community can make blessing bags to keep on hand in your

car. The small bag may brighten someone’s day.

6:30 PM at the New Tampa YMCA (16221 Compton Dr).

The GFWC New Tampa Junior Woman’s Club’s meets second Monday of every month starting at

Please come join us as we have fun and help serve our community! If you would like to know more


about the GFWC New Tampa Junior Woman’s Club, please contact us at: or visit us at:

osewood Healthcare & Wellness Spa

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acials by Judy

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February 2016 | Page 15

Heart disease is the number one cause of death, stroke is the leading cause of adult disability in the nation. Join Dr.Khamare as he discusses the risk and symptoms that could save your life! Reservations are required and space is limited. Time: 12 pm to 1 pm. Location: Health & Wellness Center at Florida Hospital Wesley Chapel, Conference Room 2nd Floor, 2700 Healing Way, Wesley Chapel Cost: Free- Lunch Provided.

February Events

What’s Happening



Hearthealthy Cooking Demo

Celebrating American Heart Month Presenter: Executive Chef Jerry Dzialo and Denise Doman, RD. A heart healthy diet can be both delicious and nutritious. Executive Chef, Jerry Dzialo and Registered Dietitian, Denise Doman will show you how to prepare healthy dishes that are sure to please. Watch a cooking demonstration, sample the menu items, and leave with tried and true recipes that you can make at home. Reservations are required and space is limited. Time: 12 pm to 1 pm. Location: Health & Wellness Center, Conference Room 2nd Floor, 2700 Healing Way. Cost: Free. TUESDAY


Is Your Cholesterol Putting you At Risk?

Celebrating American Heart Month Presenter: Hesham A Fakhri, MD Too much cholesterol can put you at risk for heart disease and stroke, two leading causes of death in the United States. High cholesterol is a major controllable risk factor for heart disease and stroke. Learn about symptoms, preventions and treatments of high cholesterol. Reservations are required and space is limited. Time: 12 pm to 1 pm. Location: Health & Wellness Page 16 | February 2016

Center, Conference Room 2nd Floor, 2700 Healing Way. Cost: Free- Lunch Provided. SUNDAY


Starting or TUESDAY Improving Your Prepared Walking/ Childbirth, 1 Running Program day Express,


Presenter: Jacob Geisler MS, EP-C

If you cannot take the four-week series, join us for the condensed half-day version of our childbirth education series, Understanding Birth.

There’s always room for improving our skills to make walking or running more effective and more fun. Learn how to effectively start a program, plan for a new goal and deal with nagging injuries.

Time: 1pm to 5pm. Location: Florida Hospital Wesley Chapel 2600 Bruce B Downs Boulevard.

Reservations are required and space is limited. Time: 6:30 PM to 7:30 PM Location: Health & Wellness Center, Conference Room 2nd Floor, 2700 Healing Way Cost: FREE for Members of the Health & Wellness Center, $5 for Non-Members

Diabetes SelfManagement Program, 4-Part Series Join us to learn how JANUARY MARCH to manage your diabetes and mitigate its effects. May be covered by insurance with physician prescription. Reservations are required and space is limited. Please call (813) 929-5555 to reserve your space. THURSDAY


7 24

Time: All Day Location: Health & Wellness Center, Conference Room 2nd Floor, 2700 Healing Way.

Cost: Fees Apply

Cardiac Cath Lab Open House & Walk through the MEGA Heart SUNDAY


Sneak Peek: Get a first look at our brand new, 2nd Cardiac Cath Lab and get valuable heart health information Time: 1pm to 3pm. Location: Florida Hospital Wesley Chapel 2700 Healing Way Wesley Chapel, FL 33645 Cost: Free TUESDAY


Heart Attack and Stroke... Are you at Risk?

Presenter: Chetan Khamare, MD If you had a heart attack or stroke would you recognize the symptoms? FOR RATES & INFO CALL: 813-422-5551 | WWW.RESIDENTMAGAZINE.NET


2 7 4 0 Windg ua rd Circle Suites 101- 102 Wesl ey C hapel Flo rida 33 5 4 4

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All loans subject to credit and property approval. Mortgage Loan Officer is licensed only in the following states and this is not intended to solicit business from residents of other states. FL. WWW.RESIDENTMAGAZINE.NET | FOR RATES & INFO CALL: 813-422-5551 February 2016 | Page 17

R E A LT Y E S TAT E Personal Pictures – Every home show you watch says “take down all those family photos” Humbug! go into any model home and you will see those pictures of adorable fake families, why? Because these pictures warm a home. A few nicely placed pictures of your family here and there make your home feel real and cozy. A “rogues gallery” on all your walls is too much.

lemon through the garbage disposal, a basket of fresh apples, a little grated orange, make a house smell clean and fresh. Take out the kitty litter and stay away from heavily scented candle and sprays, nobody likes them. Happy selling!

LIGHTING AND FANS – Make sure all your light bulbs are working and the fan blades of the overhead fans are clear of cobwebs and dust. This is important for A/C vents too!

You Do the Dishes

Hope You Day Like It! isFather's on the way.

Getting your home in good shape for selling doesn’t necessarily have to cost you a lot of money, take the time before you start to market to really look at your home or ask a Realtor to do it for you. A clean, well kept house can make all the difference in how long it takes to sell and how much money you are offered. Also, please don’t try to The Dishes and mask odors with more odors, buyers have the nose of a bloodhound, a

Sell Your House by Forget the tie... Seeing Like a Buyer Visit You Do


recent Forbes Magazine article from Jan 7, 2016 (The US Cities Whose Housing Markets Are Likely to Outperform and Underperform in 2016) identified the Tampa-St Pete-Clearwater as one of the top 10 markets in the US to outperform in housing this year.

Create something unique for that special guy!!

it a neutral color. Sometimes just a little soap and water can make a big difference. A professional carpet cleaning can make a carpet look amazing and generally shouldn’t cost more than $200-300 depending on the number of rooms. An older clean house can be more appealing than a dirty new house.

This is wonderful news for sellers FURNITURE PLACEMENT – Look but makes no guarantees. We at the way things are placed in certainly can see the signs of growth the house. A little reorganizing in the Wesley Chapel/New Tampa can make a room look way more market all around us, so if you are spacious and inviting. You don’t thinking this is the year for you to have to throw it away necessarily, sell, well, put on your buyer glasses! just store it elsewhere ( garage can be the place if you have no where Let’s walk through your home like a else). buyer would see it: BATHROOMS – Should be CURB APPEAL - First impressions sparkling clean with toilet lid make a difference, step back and closed. really look at your home. A quick paint job on the front door, pressure KITCHEN – You don’t have to wash the exterior and or driveway if remove all the small appliances but dirty, can brighten the entire home. in general the counters should be So can adding a few potted plants clear of clutter and all appliances near the door or front walkway. and sink should sparkle too.

Brenna Eddins Realtor Century 21 Seven Oaks Realty 2740 Windguard Cir Ste. 101 Wesley Chapel FL 33544 Call me at 813-469-3450 Fax me at 812-200-1082

You Do the Dishes A paint your own pottery studio and coffee house

MAKE YOUR VALENTINE’S DAY 15357 Amberly Drive, Tampa • 813-975-1700 Come GIFT THE TOPIC visit OF CONVERSATION! & create

CLEAN CLEAN CLEAN - Entering the home, are the carpets, walls and baseboards clean? If not, make it so. If you need to paint, make Page 18 | February 2016

something unique for your sweetheart. Call for more information

WINDOWS – Let your light shine! Windows should be clean and blinds and curtains open to allow as much natural light as possible.

g Now Servrin w e 15357 Amberly Drive, Tampa B y Budd Coffee ! 813-975-1700

Hours: Monday-Saturday 10am-10pm • Sunday 1pm-10pm


CHAMBER OF COMMERCE Minoring in Economics from Shepherd University in Shepherdstown, WV. She went on to start her professional career in Washington DC as the Office Manager for a Tech Company, quickly being promoted to their Sales Coordinator. From there, her business background continued to grow with positions in Human Resources, and as an Executive Assistant.

Wesley Chapel Chamber Welcomes New Staff Member!


ennifer Reightler is the new Membership Coordinator with The Greater Wesley Chapel Chamber of Commerce. She started with the Chamber in October after taking a two year career break to be a Stay Home Mom. Jennifer received her B.S. in Business Administration,

Jennifer moved to Florida in 2013. She has found her niche with the Chamber; and is looking forward to using her diverse business background towards helping businesses grow in the Greater Wesley Chapel area.

February Events Tue. 2nd Monthly Business Breakfast.

Fri 5th WOW - Women of Wesley Chapel Sat 6th Farm Fest & Quilt Show Feb 10th Ambassador Meeting Tue 16th Monthly Coffee Social Tue 16th Networking on the Nines at Lexington Oaks Golf Club Sun 21st Florida Hospital Wesley Chapel- Community Open House and Joint Ribbon Cutting Wed 24th Membership Orientation at Chamber Office Thur 25th Grow Financial Morning Meet and Greet Mixer Thur 25th Economic Development Briefing Fri 26th Final Friday Sun 28th Economic Development Briefing FOR MORE INFORMATION GO TO WWW.WESLEYCHAPELCHAMBER.COM.

Thur. 4th Fundraiser at Wesley Chapel Nissan for the Campaign of re-election for Pasco County Sheriff Chris Nocco


February 2016 | Page 19

BUSINESS OF THE MONTH Biology from La Salle University • Aesthetic procedures, including in Philadelphia (1979), and a Botox and dermal fillers. Bachelor of Science (BS) in Visual Kenneth C. Andronico, • Osteopathic Neuro-Muscular Physiology from Salus University DO, FICS, OD. manipulation medicine (Note: in 1977. Dr. Andronico was one Osteopathic physicians attempt of the first refractive surgeons in to diagnose and treat somatic Lasik in the mid- 1990’s. He had dysfunction by manipulating a private practice at the corner of a person’s bones and muscles, S.R. 54 and Bruce B. Downs for which can address a variety of twelve years where he was the first ailments. OMT techniques are ophthalmologist in Wesley Chapel most commonly used to treat back and one of the original tenants in pains and musculoskeletal issues, the Publix – anchored Hollybrook and are less commonly used to shopping center at that location. treat systematic conditions such as He closed that practice in 2006 to Parkinson’s disease and asthma). deal with what he calls a “stressrelated illness”. He says he was taking “I also do traditional ophthalmology,” medications for the problem, but he says, “including eye exams, was gaining weight and not getting treating cataracts, and performing any better. Dr. Andronico says laser surgery.” Dr. A says, “My his personal journey of trying to varied training allows me to do understand his own illness led to an increase interest in hormonal therapy. what my colleagues can’t do.” He says his DO education leads him to practice as a “generalist” first “Stress over a period of time changes and specialist second. That means the metabolic process,” says Dr. if you’re experiencing a symptom Andronico. “People may deal like dry eyes, he doesn’t ONLY with fatigue, insomnia, or other look at the eyes to find the cause of symptoms. And they may need to make lifestyle changes, but they don’t your problem. Instead, he takes a Holistic and Integrative approach feel well enough to do so. That may to treatment. He looks at the whole be because their body is depleted of the things they need to feel well, such body in an effort to determine the cause of any symptoms. It’s not just as hormones. I can work with them acute symptoms (pain, numbness, as a coach to help determine how we can fix things so they can feel better.” etc.) that are evaluated, but the whole body – to ensure the patient experiences true wellness, not just To that end, Dr. Andronico Rejuva • Internship at Michigan Osteopathic Medical Center, Detroit Med, a practice he says he established symptom relief. to bring his many areas of interest (1984-85). and expertise together under one roof. Dr. A gives an example of a typical • Basic Sciences Certificate in experience someone visiting his Primarily, he says, his function is to Ophthalmology from Stanford office might have: “If you have treat dry eye and hormonal diseases, University Medical School, Palo Alto, headaches and you think it’s because but the center covers a wide range CA (1985). of your vision, most doctors will for both eyes and diseases related to only look at your vision for the • Residency in Ophthalmology aging. Some of the many services at solution. Maybe I’m the fifth eye at Lawndale Hospital, Philadelphia Rejuva-Med include: doctor you’ve been to, and no one (1985-88). • Consultive Ophthalomology and has figured out the problem.” He • Fellowships in Cornea-External second opinion exams. adds that beyond just treating your Disease & Refractive Surgery (1996 • Hormonal optimization and eyes he will look at the history of 97). treatments for both men and women. the headaches and the other causes • Fellowship in Bio-Identical • Diagnose and treat autoimmune of the problem. “If you’re having Hormone Replacement (2006), and an issue with your eyes, I know and inflammatory disorders of the Anti-Aging & Regenerative Medicine more than just your two eyes, and I eye. (2006-08). know that problems may be caused • Metabolic and nutritional by something beyond just your medicine. Dr. Andronico had already two eyes. You’re treated as a whole previously earned his Doctor person. I can find the underlying • Diagnose and treat headaches, of Optometry degree in 1979 problem because of my training in chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, and before earning his DO degree. In Osteopathic medicine. stress disorders. addition, Dr. Andronico holds two • Therapeutic and difficult fit undergraduate degrees, a Bachelor Practice Administrator, Amy Lerza, contact lens evaluations. of Arts (BA) in Psychology and says, “I’ve been in the medical field

Rejuva-Med K enneth C. Andronico, DO (Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine), FICS (Fellow International College of Surgeons), and OD (Doctor of Optometry), is both an ophthalmologist – which is a medical doctor or osteopathic doctor who specializes in the eye and vision care – and optometrist. He also happens to be the founder of Rejuva-Med on S.R. 54, across from Saddlebrook Resort, in the Westbrook professional Center.

In 1984, Dr. Andronico earned his DO degree from the College of Osteopathic Medicine and Surgery at Des Moines University Medical Center. Dr. Andronico takes a “whole person” approach to wellness and medicine, even with degree that makes him similar to one who holds a MD degree or physician. His education consists of two Bachelor’s degrees, the two aforementioned Doctorates, and extensive postgraduate medical training including: Page 20 | February 2016


depletion of hormones and dry eye; hormones naturally deplete with age. As people age, their bodies often produce less of the female hormone estrogen, or the male hormone testosterone. For example, they may experience symptoms that include not just dry eye, stress, fatigue, and insomnia.

Rejuva-Med August Ribbon Cutting

a long time and I’ve worked for a lot of physicians, and I like that Dr. Andronico doesn’t ‘bandaid’ a problem.” While many physicians might treat dry eye with eye drops, Dr. A prefers to look at the possible cause of the dry eye. He says he often talks with new patients who have been prescribed some type of regimen that is not actually helping the problem. That’s where he says that his innovative approach can really help people. “I will listen and try to solve the problem,” he says. “I’m here to help

my patients through whatever they are experiencing, using the variety of training I have. I will do whatever I need to help them get better. Also, a lot of what I do is education and teaching. I talk with my patients on a one-to-one basis, in order to help them understand what’s happening in their bodies and how everything all fits together. If you listen to a patient long enough, the patient will tell you what’s wrong with them. The problem with the health care system is that no one can take the time to listen.” Dr. Andronico explains that there is a direct connection between

Dr. A admits to being frustrated with the current state of medical care, which seems to be driven by insurance companies and their coding process. That’s why he offers a fee-for-service practice, where patients pay for their own care. “I decided to do that because there’s no way the system will change until patients and physicians take it upon themselves to make the changes that will help people to get well,” says Dr. Andronico. “I don’t do five minute exams.” He says that many people pay insurance premiums all year long but never actually seem to feel better. “Many people are sick of insurance. They just want to get well.”

Kay Roden, one of Dr. Andronico’s patients says,“I can’t believe it’s me! I was depressed, despondent, & didn’t want to get out of bed most days. Then... Dr. Andronico recommended hormone replacement therapy tailored to my specific needs. I am alert, think clearly, have so much energy and actually WANT to do things again. I can’t praise this practice enough. Looking forward to 2016 with renewed enthusiasm! Thank you all so much!”

For more information, contact : Rejuva-Med 28945 State Road 54, Suite 101 Westbrook Professional Park Wesley Chapel, Fl 33543 (813) 907-0950

For a Manicured Look!


Catterton’s Property Maintenance 1 FREE LAWN CUT

Call for Details

Expires 2/29/16

MOW-EDGE-BLOW Starting at





FREE ESTIMATES February 2016 | Page 21

S P I R I T UA L identify a resourceful state. In a resourceful state, you have an inner resource to help change a habit or behavior, get unstuck and most importantly, develop a new way of thinking. This new way of thinking is the path to a new way of feeling. In the Laws of the Mind, emotions will always outweigh logic. How often have you been able to identify your true, authentic greatness? The Wise Sage within is the knower. It knows who you truly are and your infinite worth. The Wise Sage can guide the inner child and overcome the inner critic, the judger, with the energy of love.

The Wise Sage Within


ave you ever felt strongly that you just intuitively know something? You don’t really know why, but you just have a strong sense about something? It is sometimes called the 6th sense or intuition, but generally, we are never guided to trust or even give such senses any credit and often times it is dismissed.

Connecting to your Wise Sage within is a path to loving you. I invite you to discover your Wise Sage within. Three mindful deep breaths, in through your nose expanding your belly out, then exhaling out through your mouth pushing your belly to your back resets your “Chi”. Chi, Universal Life Force, God, Source, is whatever you call the energy of oxygen flowing through you giving

you life. Close your eyes, take three mindful breaths reminding yourself to connect with your Wise Sage within and discover that the truth of who you are is simply magnificent.

Christine Gregory Campos Christine Marie Hypnotherapy Certified, Clinical, Transpersonal Hypnotherapist Licensed NLP Practitioner American Council of Hypnotist Examiners #615-1003 International Association of Interpersonal Hypnotherapists Office: (813) 252-1330 Cell: (201) 819-3339 christinemariehypnotherapy

It is said that 50% of our belief system is developed by the time we are 5 years old. Beliefs create our feelings, and so we can say that by the age of 5, we have established a strong basis of how we feel about ourselves.

Self esteem and self confidence are often sought after through the conscious mind. True self worth is found by uncovering the beliefs and What if within you was a wonderful, feelings of the subconscious mind. Most people are challenged to know Wise Sage? An inner resource you their innate self worth. could rely upon and turn to when needing guidance and direction? Caroline Myss, in her book ‘Archetypes Who Are You?’ “Come to know the power and discusses major archetypes authority of your graces with including the inner child, the critic and the saboteur. Carl Jung the same precision with which explains archetypes as “Universal you have come to know your patterns of behaviors that once brokenness and pain.” discovered helps people better -Carolyn Myss understand themselves.” Most times the inner critic is pretty loud and dominating, always “judging” We easily identify our weaknesses how we’ve done or haven’t done, and faults -- yet struggle when it assigning a resulting value of worth. comes to identifying our strengths The inner child is all too often a and gifts. Our faults have been well very wounded energy. drilled into our psyche. In hypnotherapy, one goal is to Page 22 | February 2016



February 2016 | Page 23





PERMIT # 3239


TAMPA PALMS 16411 Burniston Dr. 7,223 sq ft, 6/5.1/3, office, two Bonus rooms, pool $1,299K.

TAMPA PALMS 15834 Dawson Ridge, 2,743 sq ft, 4/3/3, upgrades galore, pool $449K.

TAMPA PALMS 5013 Landstar. 4,843 sq ft, 4/4/3, office, two bonus rooms and a pool $800K.


TAMPA PALMS 1521 Sterling Manor. 1,914 sq ft, 3/2.5/2, maintenance free community $220K.


8163 Stone Leaf Lane, Immaculate 2/2.5/1, 1,278 SF townhome with screened lanai in a gated community. $130K.

13504 Palmwood Ln. 2,414 sq ft, 3/3/2, rare condo, $249,900K.

HUNTER'S GREEN 9310 Huntington Park Way

SEVEN OAKS 27780 Autumn Breeze

TAMPA PALMS 16230 Nottingham Park Way

Karen Tillman-Gosselin 813-629-1502



When Integrity M atters ®








HUNTER'S GREEN 17581 Fairmeadow Dr.

Resident Magazine - Issue 10  
Resident Magazine - Issue 10