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Student Mail & Mailing Information

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Welcome Fellow Panthers, The pineapple serves as a symbol of hospitality and a warm welcome. We have adopted this as our departmental mascot (see the photo of Spike, a real pineapple growing in our office!) because it represents our goal for you as a member of the residential community. Our caring, dedicated, diverse, and well-trained professional and student staff work tirelessly to provide a safe and enriching environment where you will live, learn, and grow. Recognizing that each student has unique needs and goals, Residential Life & Dining Services is committed to enriching the student experience beyond the classroom through a holistic approach that emphasizes self-authorship, growth through critical thinking, and engagement with an inclusive community. Students who actively participate will have a strong foundation for success as community members of Plymouth State University and on the path that takes them further. Here are just a few of the ways you can actively participate in your community: Get to know your Community Advisor (CA) Attend a Community Experience (activity on your floor or around the community) Join RHA (Residence Hall Association) Take ownership and pride in your community Hold your peers accountable when they act against community standards Living on campus wouldn’t be complete, however, without a place to eat-- but PSU Dining is more than just great food. It is a community experience centered on culinary expertise, fresh ingredients, healthy options, and a shared sense of environmental and social responsibility. Our partners in PSU Dining are continuously striving for excellence—if we miss the mark, please let us know so we can best meet your nutritional and engagement needs. Whether you are a new or returning student, a transfer, or an international student, the Residential Life & Dining Services team is looking forward to working with you to make your experience on campus a successful and positive one. Welcome Home! Amanda Grazioso Director of Residential Life & Dining Services

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Move-In Schedule New Students

August 26th

Returning Students

August 27th

New Student Move-In

Check-in begins at the Ice Arena Parking lot on the Holderness side of campus. New Student Move-In is scheduled for Friday, August 26, 2022 from 8:00am – 3:30pm. The specific schedule for student arrivals is as follows: Last Names beginning with letters L – P: 8:00am – 9:30am Last Names beginning with letters Q – Z: 10:00am – 11:30am Last Names beginning with letters A – D: 12:00pm – 1:30pm Last Names beginning with letters E – K: 2:00pm – 3:30pm The above timeslots have been designed to help expedite move-in for all new students. Arriving outside of an assigned block, while not be prohibited, may cause a backup throughout the process.

Returning Student Move-In Check-in begins at the Ice Arena Parking lot. Returning Student Move-In is scheduled for Saturday, August 27, 2022 from 8:00am – 5:00pm. The specific schedule for student arrivals are as follows: Last Names beginning with letters V – Z: 8:00am – 9:30am Last Names beginning with letters A – F: 10:00am – 11:30am Last Names beginning with letters Q – U : 12:00pm – 1:30pm Last Names beginning with letters G – K: 2:00pm – 3:30pm Last Names beginning with letters L - P: 3:30pm – 5:00pm The above timeslots have been designed to help expedite move-in for all new students. Arriving outside of an assigned block, while not be prohibited, may cause a backup throughout the process.

Early Arrivals If you are affiliated with a group, team or campus employment experience that requires you to return campus before your respective move-in date, requests for early arrivals must be coordinated with the sponsoring office directly to Residential Life & Dining Services.

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10 Tips Before You Arrive


Talk with your roommate(s) about what shared items to bring.

Review your family's insurance policy or obtain renters insurance to protect your belongings


Pack your belongings in reusable crates and storage containers labeled with your name and room number to avoid waste and make move-in easier

Check out our On-Campus Dining Facilities and make a plan to eat on campus when you are here for move-in day. Campus Dining information can be found later on in this guide on page 13.



7 important

Make sure you have had your ID picture taken prior to move-in day or be prepared to have it taken when you arrive to campus for move-in

Be sure to share your on-campus mailing address with family and friends. See page 19 for more information on student mail.

Check your PSU email daily for

2 5 Read the Residential Life & Dining Services Lease Agreement, Policies & Procedures, and the University's Student Rights and Code of Conduct


updates and information


Share your photos of move-in day using the hastag #PantherMoveIn

Follow Plymouth State Residential Life & Dining Services' social media, each Residential Community has a dedicated Facebook page that you will be able to join as a Resident of that Community to learn about events, Early Arrivals activities, and other important information If you are affiliated with a group or campus employment experience that requires you to return campus before your respective move-in date, requests for early arrivalsPg. must be 6 during your time living on-campus


coordinated with the sponsoring office directly to Residential Life & Dining Services.

Move-In Day At-a-Glance

Move-In Day Steps Once you have checked in on the Holderness Campus you will be directed to the main part of campus to begin moving in to your assigned Residential Community, where you will be greeted by a Residential Life Staff Member.

Movers & Groovers These handy helpers are Plymouth State Students, Staff, Faculty, and Town of Plymouth Community Members. They are available to help you carry your belongings in to your new space.

Cooling Stations Need a break? Cool off at one of our designated cooling stations in each residential area for move-in. Use these stations as an opportunity to slow-down and allow the welcome team to do the move-in work.

Unloading Zones Most residential communities will have designated unloading zones for the day. Individuals directing traffic will guide you to the unloading zone. After unloading, you will be directed to a parking location for the day.

Unloading Passes Vehicles that will be actively unloading for move-in, will receive an unloading pass that will include a direction map. This pass will have a spot to provide a cell phone number to contact in case the vehicle obstructs others trying to move in.

Patience Move-In day is a process. While we try to move through all steps as quickly and efficiently as possible, there may be delays and lines throughout the process. We will work quickly to prevent this but appreciate patience and understanding.

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Move-In Day

Unloading Expectations To the left you will find a sample of an unloading pass. Each pass is specific to an area of campus as they are color coded to signage to direct students and families where to go once they have checked in on the Holderness Campus. Once the pass has been given to the vehicles that will be actively unloading at the designated residential community, it is expected that each vehicle write in: Full Name Cell Phone Number Students Building & Room Number

N Do


o tC


Once the vehicle has finished unloading it is expected that the vehicle will be moved from the unloading zone to another spot on campus to allow other students and families the opportunity to unload in a timely manner.

As stated above, each pass is color coded. Please note the breakdown of colors and locations below: Green Yellow - Pemigewasset & Belknap Halls Light Green - Blair & Mary Lyon Halls PSU Green - Geneva Smith & Grafton Halls Light Yellow - Merrill Place & University Apartments Black - Langdon Woods On the back of each unloading pass is a map specifically designed for each area of campus. These maps correspond with signage in the same color that also includes a specific traffic route to ensure a quick and effective move-in process. The unloading pass is designed to be hung from the rearview mirror with the vehicles owner information facing outward for University staff to see. Pg. 8


Step 2

Head to the Ice-Arena Parking lot on the Holderness Campus during your assigned Move-In date and time.

Once cleared for the next part of movein at the Ice-Arena Parking lot, you will be directed to the AllWell Center.

Step 3

Step 4

At the AllWell Center, you will remain in your vehicle to have your student ID scanned and to receive your Residence Hall Room Key.

You will be directed to your Residential Community on the Plymouth part of campus.

Step 5

Step 6

Once at your Residential Community, students should exit their vehicle and enter the residential community to connect with Residential Life Staff.

While students are in the Residential Community, families can begin unloading and preparing for the student to return.

Step 7

Step 8

Once the student has returned to the unloading zone, everyone can begin moving items into the student's assigned room. Once vehicles are unloaded they need to moved from the unloading zone.

Once unpacked and settled, go to the front of the Hartman Union Building (HUB) to collect your PSU Parking pass or sign-up for a PSU Parking pass and check-in with the Student Life Team.

Additional move-in information (campus maps, parking, and driving routes) will be sent by email to students’ PSU email prior to Move-In Day.

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What to Bring CLASS




DVD/Blu-Ray Player

Area Rug


Cell Phone


Desk Lamp



Thumb Drive

Gaming Console

Photo Albums



Memo Board(s)



Full Length Mirror


Surge Protector


Book Bag

Coaxial Cable (10+ feet)


Sticky Notes

HDMI Cable



Ethernet Cable





Drivers License



Medical Insurance Card

Laundry Detergent


Bank Cards

All-Purpose Cleaner


Financial Aid Information


Shower Caddy

Prescribed Medication

Paper Towels

Shower Shoes

First Aid Kit


Personal Products


Trash Bags

Laundry Basket





XL Twin Sheets


Hand Sanitizer

XL Twin Blankets






Pillow Cases



Mattress Pad



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About Your Assignment Finding Your Assignment To find your specific assignment simply navigate to: https://www.plymouth.edu/studentlife/housing-dining/ and Apply for Housing.

Bed Size Information The size of the mattress that will be on your bed is 36”wide by 80” long (Twin XL). The height of your bed is adjustable and at its highest can be 33.25” and at its lowest can be 12” from the floor to metal box spring. Most can be adjusted to fit the dresser underneath.

Once in the Housing Application go to the Status page to locate your assignment and who your roommate(s) will be. Click on “Send Message” and start planning with your roommate(s).

Desk Dimensions

If you are looking to have your bed bunked with your roommates, there will be information at move-in to assist with this process.

Dressers and Wardrobes

Each student is provided a desk and desk chair.

Spaces will be assigned a dresser and

The typical dimensions for the desk are 42" Wide x

wardrobe/closet space. Typical sizes for the dressers

24" Deep x 30" High. The typical dimensions for the

are 30" Wide x 24" Deep x 30" High. Wardrobes are

desk chairs are 20" Wide x 24" Deep x 33" High

typically 30" Wide x 24" Deep x 73" High.

Room Condition The condition of your room is assessed by Residential Life Staff prior to Move-In, however, students will be given an opportunity to make note of any issues up to 48 hours after move-in. Residential Life recommends taking a picture of your room/suite/apartment prior to unpacking to show the layout and condition of your space at check-in for the end-of-the-year move-out process.

Bed Height, Bed Lofting and Bunked Beds All beds are set to the campus standard height at move-in. The campus standard includes the bed being at middle height which means that 4 metal pegs can be visibly seen on the inside of the bed frames. Beds are adjustable, it is important to note that all beds need be returned to the campus standard at checkout to avoid being assessed an improper checkout fee. Here is a video on how to adjust your bed on move-in day: https://tinyurl.com/BedAdjustment If you are looking to have the beds in your room/suite/apartment bunked, please complete a request using the following form: https://tinyurl.com/BunkedBeds The only way to loft your bed is to rent a loft kit for your space from Plymouth State. Residential Life, in collaboration with PSU Physical Plant, is pleased to offer this for $175 a semester. In order to have your bed bunked prior to move-in day, the following form must be completed by August 2, 2022: https://tinyurl.com/BedLofting Pg. 11

On-Campus Expectations What Not to Bring We are excited about your arrival and all of the items you will bring with you while you live on campus. It is important, however, to note that there are some things that are prohibited for several reasons. A comprehensive list of all prohibited items can be found in the Residential Life & Dining Services Policies & Procedures. The link to this document is as follows:

The Benefits of Living with a Roommate Opportunity to build a lifelong relationship, including but not limited to: Interesting debates and laughter. Late-night conversations and early-morning cereal. Build social & problem solving skills as residents work through the various experiences. Learning to respect the diversity someone else brings to a situation.


Learning to approach difficult situations in a mature and constructive manner.

The list of prohibited items begins on page 8 and includes the following categories: Fire Safety & Electrical Items Appliances Furniture/Decor Miscellaneous Weapons Please review this list prior to packing to move into your on-campus assignment.

Newly Prohibited for 2022-2023 Residential Life is always reviewing and assessing items brought to campus. In the past couple of years, we have noticed an increase in wall damage in all Residential Communities. When reviewing what has been

Tips for Living with Another Person Hopefully, this relationship will be positive and rewarding, but it can also be challenging. While most roommates get along very well, it is natural to have some issues arise during the course of a year. It is not necessary for a roommate to be a best friend; it is necessary that every student respect one another. It is essential that lines of communication be developed and remain open. Stand up for individual rights without violating the rights of others. Initiating and participating in any

causing this wall damage we found it to be

conversation becomes easier.

the adhesive on the back of LED light strips.

Communicating personal expectations becomes easier.

Moving forward, LED light strips are no longer permitted in on-campus spaces. If you are unsure what this item is, please use the link below to review: http://tinyurl.com/LEDLightStripsPSU

Share relevant personal experiences to develop a working relationship. The more effort a student makes to spend quality time with a roommate in discussion, the easier it will be to mediate conflict if it arises during the year.

Pg. 12

Roommate/Living Agreements The Community Advisor will provide roommates/suitemates with the necessary Living Agreement Form and instructions at the beginning of each semester. The Roommate/Living Agreement is considered a binding agreement. Should one roommate violate the Roommate/Living Agreement, the residents of the unit may be asked to participate in a roommate discussion hosted by the Community Advisor, Community Director, or a mediation program. If resolution cannot be reached through mediation, the resident in violation of the living agreement may be administratively reassigned to a different room. One of the first steps in building an effective roommate relationship is for students to talk about expectations for behavior regarding the room. This can help avoid potential problems and conflicts. Discuss religious beliefs and personal values that might impact your expectations. Discuss ways to resolve conflicts before they happen. Before completing your Roommate/Living Agreement, fill out the Roommate/Living Agreement Self-Assessment http://tinyurl.com/RoommateSelfAssessment

General Topic Areas to Consider Housekeeping duties - decide how you will divide duties such as taking out the trash, cleaning the room, etc. Phone use - discuss how late people can call so it doesn’t wake the other person or issues related to phone use. Ideal sleeping and studying conditions - talk about when lights should be turned off, when it is okay to make noise, etc. Guests - Decide how you want to handle non-PSU guests and what overnight guests will look like for your room/suite/apartment. Remember to follow the Guest/Visitor expectations outlined in the Residential Life Policies and Procedures. Computer and electronics usage - discuss how late people can watch TV or listen to music and if you want to share computers/printers. Health concerns - if a student has a medical issue it is helpful for that student to share it with their roommate so the roommate is aware of the condition/concern in the event of an emergency. Other issues - discuss any issues that seem important that might need to be clarified—use of personal items and asking permission, etc.

Pg. 13

Amenities & Services

Pg. 12

Study Rooms & Lounges

Bicycle Storage

Need a quiet place to study or want to hang

Bicycle racks and/or bike rooms are provided in close proximity to each living area. To use the bike room in your community connect with Residential Life Hall Staff when you move in. The University suggests a U-bolt style lock to secure a bicycle.

out with friends? Check out our study rooms, located in each residential community. Lobby and floor lounges are provided to residents and their visitors for studying, meetings, programs and community-building activities.

Laundry Facilities

Maintenance Requests

Located in each building. Washer prices are at $1.75. Dryer cycles may be purchased for $.60 per 20 minutes. Pricing is accurate as of July 2021 and subject to change.

You can submit a maintenance request within the residence hall with just a click of a button. SchoolDude is available 24/7 and is your go-to online resource for submitting nonemergency work requests.

Laundry services are paid for and controlled through the use of the Speed Queen app available on the Android or iOS app stores. This service requires funds to be deposited by students or families using credit, debit, or Apple Pay. The machines do not take cash or coin. All washers are high-efficiency, front-load machines. Please use only detergent designed for this style machine.

Cable TV Enjoy our Cable TV package and catch all your favorite entertainment, news, sports, and educational channels. Remember to bring a co-ax cable with you at Move-In.

Recreational Equipment Most communities come equipped with a billiard table and/or table tennis table (ping-pong table). This equipment needs to be used as the design intends. Students looking to use the Recreational Equipment should visit the front desk of their community when it is staffed to use the equipment.

Kitchenettes Community kitchens located in residence halls must be cleaned by the resident after each use. Pg. 14

Dining First year students are assigned the unlimited meal plan. In addition, all students residing in a residence hall are required to purchase a meal plan - those not required to live on campus are eligible for the restricted meal plan. Those students who fail to make a self-selection will be placed on one and billed accordingly. Students living in University Apartments are not required to be on a meal plan.

FlexCash & Panther Bucks FlexCash is a debit account that can be accessed at a variety of locations around campus with a PSU ID card. FlexCash can be used at all food service areas and campus vending machines. Panther Bucks can be used as above as well at the Bookstore and several local businesses in the downtown area.

FlexCash and Panther Bucks FlexCash - comes with all meal plans and expires at the end of each semester. Panther Bucks - can be purchased online or at any campus-value machine and do not expire.

For more information, visit Dineoncampus.com/Plymouth

Pg. 15

Connecting With Your Community

Introductory Floor Meetings

Getting Involved

This is the first formal opportunity for you to connect with your Community Advisor (CA) and other Residence Hall staff members who will help you throughout the year. In these required meetings, you will be introduced to community standards, leadership opportunities, and much more useful information.

The Residential Community Association is a great way to get involved in your residential experience. The Residence Hall Association is a student group that put on both social and educational events in their halls and loosely grounded in the programming model of the department. If you are interested, email residential life for additional information.

Connecting with your Roommate/Peers

We believe in building inclusive communities in each residence hall. Within the first few weeks, you will have the opportunity to sit down and discuss how you and your roommate(s) will live together in a fun and engaging environment. This process will have each room/suite/apartment complete a Roommate Agreement Pg. 16

People to Know

There are lots of people from Residential Life & Dining Services to get know while living on-campus. Here’s a brief look at who they are and how they can support you! Community Advisors (CAs) Students that are employed by the Department of Residential Life & Dining Services as para-professional staff. CAs live in and are responsible for an assigned residential community to serve as an immediate resource for students. CAs support and enhance PSU's mission through hosting social and education events, community accountability, and establishing meaningful connections with each resident in their assigned community.

Desk Attendants (DAs) Students hired by Residential Life that receive Federal Work-Study. Desk Attendants represent the Department of Residential Life & Dining Services while working at the front desk of campus Residence Halls. Desk attendants report directly to the Community Director and work on a variety of tasks and assignments during assigned shifts. If you are interested in becoming a Desk Attedant, please email Residential Life.

Community Directors (CDs) Full-Time, Live-In Professional Staff that are responsible for the direct supervision of Community Advisors and Desk Attendants assigned to work in the community. Community Directors actively engage with residents to support them during their time residing in the residential communities. Community Directors are responsible for the overall daily operation of an assigned residential community.

Pg. 17

Habits of Mind through On-Campus Living Purposeful Communication The understanding and sharing of ideas, information, and experiences.

Problem Solving

Integrative Perspective

The ability to think creatively, adapt, and extend one's thinking to develop effective solutions.

The ability to distinguish the identities you and others hold to bring together experiences, ideas, and beliefs. It is discouraging the singular viewpoint.

Self-Regulated Learning Encourages students to intentionally take ownership of their own learning & experiences by setting goals & selfreflecting to navigate obstacles.

Educational Priority Recognizing that each student has unique needs and goals, Residential Life & Dining Services is committed to enriching the student experience beyond the classroom through a holistic approach that emphasizes self-authorship, growth through critical thinking, and engagement with an inclusive community. Students who actively participate will have a strong foundation for success as community members of Plymouth State University and on the path that takes them further.

Community Engagement The First-Year Residential Experience (FYRE) promotes student success by helping to create connections for students to peers, faculty/staff, support services, and ultimately the University as a whole. The entire program is structured to stimulate intellectual curiosity and help students more easily find their niche, feel a part of the PSU community, and be engaged in our cluster-based learning model. Plymouth Upper-Level Student Experience (PULSE) aims to serve the upper-level students at Plymouth State University by continuing the education and development started within the First Year Residential Experience. By creating unity and continuity between First Year and Upper Division students, Residential Life can ease the transition and further prepare students for their later years of college and life after Plymouth. Pg. 19

Engage at PSU Clubs & Organizations

Student Life oversees over 80 student clubs and organizations, which promote robust cocurricular engagement outside of the classroom. The office is committed to providing intentional experiences that contribute to academic, career, and personal goals as well as cultivating a sense of belonging and purpose to our students. Student Engagement advises the Student Government Association, as well as the Plymouth Activities Council for Students (PACs), and supports campus-wide events and programs such as Fresh Check Day, Student Activities Fair, First Fire, Ski Day, Spring Fling, and Senior Week events.

New for 2022

Get Fit @ PSU

We are also pleased to announce that come Fall 2022, we will be providing weekend programming each week, Thursdays through Saturdays. These programming events will include movie nights, bingo and trivia nights, and our newest addition, Plymouth Saturday Night Life (PSNL) which will include live music, karaoke, and open mic nights. Clubs and organizations will have the opportunity to co-sponsor events to strengthen their presence on campus.

Campus Recreation offers FREE Fitness Opportunities for all students. Located on the first floor of the HUB is the Fitness Room ,where students can come with their Student ID. Staff is trained to help show students how to use the equipment and how to properly adjust it for their body. Additionally, Group Exercise Classes are offered FREE of charge to all students – typical classes offered are Yoga, Spin, ZUMBA, and much more!

Popular Events & Traditions

On the second floor, you’ll find the Courtroom, which houses Intramural Sports, Sport Clubs, and Open Recreation where students are often seen playing pickup basketball, volleyball, soccer, and much more! Our intramural sports season is expecting to start up with Flag Football, Soccer, and volleyball and is a great program to get involved with to meet other students on campus.

Fresh Check Day Monday, August 29th: 1-3pm Student Activities & Job Fair Wednesday, August 31st, 3-5pm Choose Love Event Saturday, September 10th, 11am-2:30pm Parent & Family Weekend September 23-25 First Fire October 26 11:30am-12:30pm Winter Carnival February 12th – 17th Ski Day Wednesday, February 15th Spring Fling Saturday, April 29th

Campus Recreation is also excited to be launching an eSports Program this fall which will be open for competitive, casual, and new gamers of all kinds. Pg. 19

Your Student ID For all New Incoming Students, your Plymouth State student ID will be provided to you on move-in day Be sure to get your ID Photo taken on campus prior to move-in day or at move-in

For more information on Student IDs visit the ID Website: https://campus.plymouth.edu/ids/

Summary of Services Available with a PSU ID Card Borrow materials from the Lamson Library

Access to residence halls

Gain admission to PSU athletic contests

Use of meal plan

Use PSU Physical Education Center facilities

Use of vending and other cash-to-card devices

Use Hartman Union/Recreation facilities

Ski Package

Please note that you will need your PSU student ID to collect packages at Mail Center

Parking & Transportation First Year Students will only be allowed to purchase a parking permit for the Restricted Ice Arena Parking area (Lot 603). Click here for the Parking Map To purchase a parking permit: Click Here The University does run a campus shuttle throughout the week. For specifics on Shuttle Routes, Times and Locations Click Here

Click Here for Information about Parking on Campus

Pg. 20

Student Mail & Mailing Information Where is the Mail Center?

How do I find my Suite Number?

Located in the Hartman Union Building at the center of campus, the Student Mail Center is the place to go to send or receive letters and packages of all sizes, from USPS, FedEx, and UPS. All undergraduate students have their own

1. Go to MyPlymouth 2. Click on the Services tab at the top 3. Navigate to My Profile Section

mailbox here at the Mail Center which is accessible any time the HUB is open.

What is my Mailing Address?

What is my Suite Mailbox Combination

Your Name

1. Go to MyPlymouth

19 Highland Avenue Suite ______ Plymouth NH 03264

2. Click on the Services tab at the top 3. Navigate to Personal Information 4. View HUB Mailbox Combination

Mail Center Hours of Operation Fall & Spring Semesters Monday – Friday 9:00AM- 4:00PM

How To Contact the Mail Center Email - psu-mailcenter@plymouth.edu

Phone - (603) 535-2223 Pg. 21

Campus WiFi Information

EDUROAM Username: your PSU username @plymouth.edu (ex: abc1234@plymouth.edu) Password: your PSU account password

Game Consoles, Smart TVs and other entertainment devices 1. Using a computer or tablet browse to https://networking.plymouth.edu 2. Click on Non-Browser Device Registration 3. Follow the onscreen instructions to register your device (users will need to provide device type and MAC address) 4. Wait a few minutes for registration to complete 5. Connect your device to PSU-Open Pg. 22

Panther Days Friday, August 26 – Sunday, August 28, 2022 Beginning after move-in, Panther Days is your opportunity to build your community by meeting your classmates, faculty, and staff, learning more about PSU policies and resources, and adjust to living on campus before classes start! You will be assigned to an Orientation Group. Your Orientation Leader, a PSU upperclassman who has been in your shoes, leads each group. Together you will move through the Panther Days experience together!

Please make sure to check your PSU email regularly for orientation updates!

Pg. 23

Residential Life & Dining Services 17 High Street, MSC 42 - Plymouth, NH 03264 Phone: (603) 535-2260 - Fax: (603) 535-2726 - Email: reslife@plymouth.edu

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