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The Investor’s Corner Veneese Thomas Honors Legendary Father Style Chat Alix Astir: Le Reine de Rose

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Rejuvenating Your Skin 26 The Coolsculpting Guru 28 Working Out with Exude 36







44 68







Reverse Aging the French Way 32 The SKINny 34


Style de Cote d’Azur 40 Street Scenes from Paris 42


Rennes mon Amour Hotel Verdone Saint James Sebastopol 123 Hotel de Nell Mount to Mount Resuscitation Paradise by the Sea Mandarin Oriental London Sofitel LA Wynn Hotel Las Vegas Jenkinson’s Boardwalk has it All Morey’s Piers

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Le Cirque Beautique BLT Fish Tao Downtown ilili Beauty & Essex Salinas Benjamin’s Steakhouse & The SeaFire Grill Restaurant Roundup

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Lincoln Square The Adeline The Stack Stella Tower 354 Carroll

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EDITOR’S NOTE Summer is almost upon us and I, for one, couldn’t be happier! It’s the time to get together, travel and have fun in the sun. It’s also a time of life and growth – especially flowers and vegetation. And that’s the impetus behind having Alix Astir, florist to the stars on our cover. Through her love of flowers (and of things French) the love of this summer season shines through. Keeping with the French theme we have wonderfully written pieces on French towns, hotels, restaurants and even a travel piece to the French Alps. Furthermore, we’ve got Street Scenes from Paris shot by a new style photographer, Mike Adrell. We think you’ll be in a very gay mood! As our commitment to real estate deepens the amount of pages we offer on this fascinating subject, increases. We’ve got a story on Lincoln Square, new developments in Manhattan and Brooklyn and of course our interior decorating article from Kate Biddinger! Our dining section is well represented, as always. Le Cirque is one of the stars, as is, Beautique, from the old chef at Le Cirque. The food at both is worth of praise and I urge you to go! We’ve also featured Tao Downtown, ilili, Salinas and other fabulous restaurants. We’ve also started a new section for wellness. You’ll find in this section, a story on Berenice. She is one of the city’s foremost experts on laser hair removal and with personal experience under my belt; I know she can work magic! Look for this section to grow. Lastly, I hope everyone has a safe and productive summer, I’m sure I’ll be seeing you in the Hamptons.

Christopher A. Pape Editor-in-Chief Twitter: NY_Resident

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Around The Town With Columnist Joe Alexander & Photographer Patrick McMullan


ngelina Jolie confesses of her new film, “Maleficent has a wicked sense of fun. She enjoys being evil and she revels in it.” Her costar Elle Fanning admits, “I’d much rather dress like a 5-year-old than a 21 year old.”… Andrew Garfield: “As an adolescent, Spider-Man was what got me through tough times in terms of being a skinny kid.” His on-film love interest Emma Stone acknowledges, ”I’m shockingly terrible at action movies,” adding, “Drama is hard for me. Crying is much harder for me than laughter.” Jamie Foxx, who play’s the movie’s electrified bad guy says, “Guys don’t adapt as well as women do to getting their heart broken for the first time. It’s tragic.” Do Tell … One of Lady Gaga’s favorite night clubs, BPM, brought in hunky DJ Alex Cecil to spin Quiet Event’s silent headphones party in The OUT Hotel. Revelers danced to three different channels simultaneously. bpmny. com … Godzilla’s Elizabeth Olsen, “I’ve always had a complex about being taken seriously.” Adding “I get way too much happiness from good food,” X-Men’s Hugh Jackman: “I love food. If I wasn’t an actor, I

could be a completely different body shape right now.” Michael Douglas and veteran event marketer Herb Karlitz appear in Mike Meyers’ documentary “Supermensch” about Shep Gordon, Alice Cooper and the creation of celebrity chefs. … Jimmy Fallon sang at the Montauk Music Festival and was followed by the rapper Consequence, who premiered his new single “Bottle Girls,” and Consuelo Vanderbilt Costin who sang her hit “Here We Go.” TRUE Model Management’s CEO Dale Noelle hosted a talent search at Yotel Hotel, with entry fees benefitting the Center for Discovery …. Bryan Cranston on being lucky: “Luck is a component that a lot of people in the arts sometimes fail to recognize.” True! … Zac Posen has contributed his ZAC handbags to the Fashion Project’s online auction to benefit the H.O.P.E Foundation For a Better Tomorrow, which funds after school projects for inner city kids. Ben Stiller, Miss NY Teen U.S.A Corin Stellakis and Dr. Oz attended the TBDA’s Masquerade Gala for Lyme disease research.

Anna Paquin, Jennifer Lawrence, and Halle Berry @ X-Men Elle Fanning and Angelina Jolie @ Maleficent

Elle Fanning: Angelina “I can’t Jolie: “I remember my think scars life without are sexy.” movies.”

Bryan Cranston, Elizabeth Olsen, and Aaron Johnson @ Godzilla

Bryan Cranston: “I have some anger issues.”

Elizabeth Olson: “I would love to date a chef.”

Leslie Mann, Cameron Diaz, and Kate Upton @ The Other Woman

Kate Upton: “I hate exercising self-control.” 14 • Resident June 2014

Cameron Diaz: “I want a big bum, but I don’t have one.”

Anna Paquin: “I’m bisexual.” Jennifer Lawrence: “I’m a horrible dancer!”

Halle Berry: “I’m a hopeless romantic.”

Zac Efron in Neighbors

Zac Efron: “The fans make a person a star.”

BUZZ Nicole Fiore and Leesa Roland @ Slaughter Daughter

Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield @ Spiderman 2

Halston Sage @ Neighbors

Jamie Foxx as Electro in Spiderman 2 Michael Bloomberg and Elaine Sargent @ Daniel

Jamie Foxx: “I don’t know if I’m built for marriage.”

Dale Noelle, Sal Strazzulo, and Alison Cronin @ the Sanctuary Hotel

Michael Fassbender and Zoe Kravitz @ X-Men

Michael Fassbender: “I want to make bold choices.”

Elizabeth Shafiroff, Alex Donner, and Jean Shafiroff @ Pit Bulls for Pets

Zac Posen and Kim Kardashian in NYC

Resident June 2014 • 15

Aviva Drescher @ the Sanctuary Hotel

Herb Karlitz and Chef Emeril Lagasse @ Superbowl

Alex Cecil, Madame Mayhem, and Steve Stanulis @ Tender

16 • Resident June 2014

Michele Riggi @ ABT



Cameron Diaz, The Other Woman: “I’d kiss a frog even if there was no promise of a Prince Charming popping out of it. I love frogs.” Co-star Kate Upton confides, “If I get pegged as a bikini girl, that’s fine, But, I don’t wanna be doing bikini shoots my whole life.” … Neighbors’ Zac Efron: “From day one, I got addicted to being on stage and getting the applause and laughter.” Co-star Seth Rogen reveals, “I don’t even have a stalker. I’m just not the guy that people stalk.” Be thankful. Rose Byrne: “I’m in love with New York City. You can impress an Australian with a city, but you can’t impress them with a beach.”… Scream Queen Leesa Rowland at MoMA for their Contenders Film Festival where they featured her film “Return to Nuke ‘Em High” …. X-Men stars say the strangest things. Jennifer Lawrence, “I want to play a character I’ve never been before-a crazy serial killer like Charlize Theron in Monster. I’d love to have to shave my head.” Michael Fassbender: “Isn’t it more interesting if I’ve got a hedonistic dark side?” Definitely. Halle Berry, “Know when to laugh at yourself.” … The Fund for Park Avenue had a book signing for Holly Peterson’s “The Idea of Him” at Scully & Scully…. Fashion writer Michele Gerber Kline is working on a biography of the couturier Charles James …Openings - Noel Ashman and Michael Bregman’s club The Leonora on West 29th St. … For al fresco dining, try Nick Boccio’s Spanish garden La Isla Escondida at the Mulberry Project at 149 Mulberry St… Haus at 285 West Broadway serves up after work cocktails, bites and late night revelry with top DJ’s. The Hummus and Pita, Co., whose fans include Anne Hathaway and Alicia Silverstone, launched a new spot at 815 Broadway. Hoteliers Brandon Freid and Hank Freid welcomed Real Housewives of NYC star Aviva Drescher, Ralph Lauren hottie Morgan O’Connor, Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Valerie van der Graaf, Merchant Solutions Group’s Billy Morrissey, philanthropist Michele Riggi and Altaneve’s David Noto to Tender restaurant and lounge at The Sanctuary Hotel on West 47th

Consequence and Whoppie Goldberg @ The Standard

Miss NY Teen USA Corrin Stellakis @ TBDA Masquerade Gala

Stacy and Dr. Thomas Behm @ Fund for Park Avenue

Resident July 2013 • 16

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911 Park Ave, New York, NY (212) 772-7242 Resident June 2014 • 17


events that Matter events that matter By W.A. Muller


Benefitting the Samuel Waxman Cancer Research Foundation Spotlights Nicole Miller SECRET VALENTINE’S

A SHOPPING EVENT The Samuel Waxman Cancer Research

Foundation launched “Ladies Who Lunch

Margo Manhattan welcomed guests to her a private East Side landmark storefor forAaCure” SecretatValentine’s Shopping Event residence owned by aDena K. Weiner and sponsored by Altaneve, popular Prosecco David Rozenholc. The event honored wine brand. Those in attendance enjoyed Nicole Miller and showcased her Spring/ champagne, chocolates and the opportunity Summer collection beforeona private to preview her2014 jewelry collections Monday, February 10, 2014.the Samuel Waxaudience, and benefited

32nd FredM &u Adele Astaire Awards By Annual W.A. ller, Phot os Nominees Announced at Social Bar

The nominees by NY Post necklaces thatwere wereannounced made especially forcolthe show. from theatMargo Manhattan umnistPieces Michael Riedel Social Bar for the 32nd for Nicole collection will be available Annual FredMiller & Adele Astaire Awards which will soon. be held on Monday, June 2 at 7:30pm at NYU’s

Skirball Center forManhattan: the PerformingBold, Arts. Select ABOUT Margo dynamic tickets aredefine available to Margo the public priced at $425, and sexy the Manhattan $200 & $75; tickets can currently be purchased boutique which celebrates Margo’s online at philosophy of enhancing beauty from the inside out. Margo aims to create a variety ofThe looks through nominees are:mixing and matching typesMale of chains, pendants man Cancer Research Foundation. Guests different Outstanding Dancerleather, in a Broadway Celebrity guests in attendance included and necklaces which combine to display in attendance included fashionRamona designer Show: Julius Chisholm (After Midnight), Nicole Miller (fashion designer), her signature finds the Nicole Miller, Samuel Waxman, Marian Nick Corderostyling. (Bullets“The Over piece Broadway), Virgil Singer (RHONY), Jean Shafiroff person,” says Margo, who immediately Waxman, Bravo Network’s RHONY RaGadson (After Midnight), Jared Grimes (Af(philanthropist), Lucia Hwong Gordon focuses on each client’s unique features. She ter Midnight), Neil Patrickbeauty Harris by (Hedwig mona Singer, Dena Weiner, Jean Shafiroff, reflects (socialite), and Christopher Pape, (Editor-inevery individual’s custom and the Angry James Monroe Pamela Morgan, Adrienne among Kantor,others. Douglas tailoring Chief of Resident Magazine), a lookInch), and design, whetherIglehart it is for (Aladdin), Andy & Desmond Elliman Real Estate Agent Jessica Cohen everyday wear or Karl for a(Rocky) wedding, engagement While Valentine’s(After Midnight). andguests Mariaenjoyed Fishel, their among others. orRichardson other special event. themed footage The goodies luncheonthey was watched the first event of its kind to from Margo Manhattan’s most recent more information, visitin a Broadway Outstanding Female Dancer raise funding forfamed the Samuel Waxman Cancer For collaboration with fashion designer Show: Krystal Joy Brown (Big Fish), Dormeshia Research Nicole Miller.Foundation. “We are honored that Nicole Miller accepted our invitation to be

The the twofirst designers paired together forto launch celebrated fashion designer Nicole showing of her 2014 the Miller’s event. Not only will her Fall support draw collection on Friday, February 7, 2014 attention to our cause, it will raise the much during Newfunding York Fashion Week. research Nicole proneeded for our cancer Miller’s fall 2014 collection evoked a tribal grams,” said Dr. Samuel Waxman, Founder yet luxurious feeling through a mixture of and CEO of the Samuel Waxman Cancer different textures and textile patterns. Margo Research collection Foundation.featured chunky, Manhattan’s dangly black earrings and long, layered For more information:

Josh Prince, Warren Carlyle, Susan Stroman

Jean Shafiroff, Lauren Valenti 18 • Resident June 2014

Sumbry Edwards (After Midnight), Karine Plantadit (After Midnight), Gayle Rankin (Cabaret), Monique Smith (After Midnight), Heléne Yorke (Bullets Over Broadway) & Karen BEACH magazine, Luxury’s Ziemba (Bullets OverModern Broadway).


Hamptons publication, held a special cocktail soiree at Bobby Van’s Grill to Outstanding Choreographer a Broadway celebrate cover star Hilaria for Baldwin. EditorShow: Casey Nicholaw (Aladdin), Stroin-Chief Cristina Cuomo hostedSusan notable man (Big Fish & Bullets Over Broadway), Warguests including Hilaria’s husband actor Alec ren Carlyle (After Midnight), Steven Hoggett and Kelly Devine (Rocky), Josh Prince (Beauti-

Carolyn Hirsch, Ramona Singer, Felicia Taylo

AJ Calloway, Cristina Cuomo, Hilaria Baldwin & Alec Baldwin

b y L i a m M cM u lla n

Baldwin, Good Day New York’s Rosanna Scotto and Modern Luxury President Michael Dickey. Other notable attendees included James Aguiar, National Fashion Director, Modern Luxury; A.J. Calloway, Host, Extra TV; Michael Dickey, President, Modern Luxury; Andrea Greeven Douzet, New York Publisher, Modern Luxury; Douglas Hannant, Fashion Designer; Sasha Lazard, Singer; Rick Passarelli, Owner, Bobby Van’s; Carlos Ruiz, Photographer; Pamela Morgan, Jean Shafiroff, Arlene Lazare, Federman, Pontarelli RosannaWendy Scotto, Host,Jane Good Day New York; Jean Shafiroff, Philanthropist and Devra Miller, Designer of Miamica. ful), Peggy Hickey (A Gentleman’s Guide to Established in 1969, Bobby Van’s Love and Murder) & Rob Marshall (Cabaret). Steakhouses have become a staple of New

York City dining. Built with a dedication

The Awards is the only awards to to Astaire superior customer service andshow quality honor in dance and choreography food,excellence Bobby Van’s maintains the sameon high standards four decades later. With Broadway andover in film and were first started in five by locations throughout Manhattan, the 1982 the late Fred Astaire and the late DougStreet Grill for features menu lasWest Watt 50th (a critic and writer the NYa Daily of traditional American fare, classic News and The New Yorker, hisgrill 100th birthday steakhouse cuts and wood-fired pizza. The would be this year). This year will also honor restaurants’ friendly staff, warm décor and 5-time Award nomineeoptions and 2-time Emmy wideTony variety of dining make this Award-winning choreographer Pat aBirch location idealveteran for those looking for premier with its York Douglas Watt Lifetime Achievement New Steakhouse experience, with all Award and legendary dancer and dance instructhe comforts of home. tor Luigi with the Outstanding Achievement in For more information, the Preservation of Musical Theatre Award. For more information:

Susan Stroman, Lee Roy Reams

Margo Manhattan, Ramona Singer

just bulbs.

let us light up your life. 220 East 60th strEEt I NEw York, NY 10022 I 212. 888. 5707


Resident June 2014 • 19

By W.A. Muller


“The hallmark of good cinema is its ability to seduce you, to draw you into a universe. When you watch a foreign film, you enter one of these unfamiliar and exhilarating spaces. That’s what Films on the Green is about: experiencing French culture through film, while also sharing and exchanging with a community.” stated Antonin Baudry, Cultural Counselor of the French Embassy. From the silent film era, to the Nouvelle Vague of the 60’s, to the cinema d’auteur of the 90’s, French cinema has made waves in the U.S. It continues to make an impact through innovative new approaches to film and the emergence of so many brilliant filmmakers and actors every year. “It is the goal of FACE and the Cultural Services to make all these genres of French cinema known to New Yorkers.” added Adrien Meyer, Chairman of FACE. Masculin Masculin 2014 festival theme – a play on the 1966 Godard film title Masculin Feminin – presents a gamut of colorful male figures in French film: lovers, heroes, gangsters, and rebels. Screenings will take place every Friday from May 30 to August 1, and the finale screening will be on September 4 at Columbia University, in partnership with the Columbia Maison Française. This much-loved summer festival will show ten films at six major locations: Central Park, Riverside Park, Tompkins Square Park, Washington Square Park, Columbia University, and Transmitter Park (Brooklyn).

20 • Resident June 2014

Picture of Washington Park: ©A. MacAlpine

ilms on the Green is a free outdoor French film festival produced annually in New York City parks by the Cultural Services of the French Embassy in the United States, FACE and the City of New York Parks & Recreation Department. Created in 2008 with the desire to bring French cinema to American Francophiles, the festival has increasingly expanded the reach of French films and brought classic and contemporary movies to New Yorkers in some of the most pleasant summer spots: the parks! With films specially selected by the cinema department of the French Embassy, Films on the Green has become a notto-miss summer event amid the vibrant New York cultural offerings.

Picture of Alain Delon: Purple Noon © Janus Films


Calling All French Film Buffs

2014 Films on the Green Festival Schedule May 30 – Central Park: Purple Noon by René Clément June 6 – Washington Square Park: Les Tontons Flingueurs by George Lautner June 13 – Washington Square Park: Buffet Froid by Bertrand Blier June 20 – Tompkins Square Park: The Women on the 6th Floor by  Philippe Le Guay June 27 – Tompkins Square Park: La Haine by Mathieu Kassovitz July 11 – Riverside Park, Pier I: The Moustache by Emmanuel Carrère July 18 – Riverside Park, Pier I: Grand Illusion by Jean Renoir July 25 – Transmitter Park (Greenpoint, Brooklyn): Le Magnifique by  Philippe de Broca August 1 – Transmitter Park (Greenpoint, Brooklyn): 2 Autumns, 3 Winters by Sébastien Betbeder Sept. 4 – Columbia University (at 116th St): The French Minister by Bertrand Tavernier The Cultural Services of the French Embassy provides a platform for exchange and innovation between French and American artists, intellectuals, educators, students, the tech community, and the general public. Based in New York City, Washington D.C., and eight other cities across the US, the Cultural Services focuses on six principal fields of action: the arts, literature, cinema, the digital sphere, French language and higher education. The Cultural Services of the French Embassy offers a variety of events such festivals, readings, film retrospectives, concerts, all to broaden American access to French culture. To keep up to date on all our events and programs, go to and follow us on social media at @franceinnyc and






Race through East Midtown with up to four of your co-workers, classmates, family members, friends, or neighbors in the first annual Great East Midtown Challenge! Solve trivia and compete in fun and interactive challenges, across East Midtown Manhattan!

WEDNESDAY, JUNE 11, 2014 Challenge Start: 6:00pm Reception to Follow Registration Fee: $50 (per team)

Proceeds to benefit The East Midtown Partnership Homeless Outreach Program

Learn more about the challenge and register your team by visiting

A NEW WAY TO USE YOUR PASSPORT CARD The East Midtown App and the East Midtown Passport Card are now fully integrated with the release of our most recent update. The new version of the app includes a clear listing of Passport benefits and a digital passport card. You can present your card right from your phone and save. Visit to download the app today on Android and iOS!

875 Third Avenue, Mezzanine, New York, NY 10022 // 212-813-0030 //


Champagne Stocks and Bubbles By Larry Greenfield


aving worked on Wall Street since the mid 1980s through the bull market of the 1990s and 2000s before leaving in the fall of 2011 I can honestly say I have seen it all but have I? Time will tell though one thing I can do is give you, the reader the benefit of my experience. Bubbles, whether it was the stock bubble of 1987, the Technology/Internet (or “”) of the late 1990s or the 2008 housing market bubble that popped nastily in 2008 have led to many lost dreams. Two questions continue to haunt investors, firstly how to protect your portfolio and second how to detect a bubble in the financial markets. The first question is a much easier one to tackle. Most investors if they have learned anything must take a good hard look at themselves. Market data has shown that stock market participation has declined since 2008. What happened? From talking to people who work with retail investors many investors sold out into the decline as markets logged daily triple digit falls and since never reinvested leaving themselves on the outside as stock prices started to recover. Insiders will always tell you that small investors are notorious for “selling bottoms and buying tops,” in other words selling investments at a loss and paying too much for stocks at the top. People are fundamentally emotionally driven animals and often are not honest with

22 • Resident June 2014

and yes everyone should have a certain amount of cash or cash equivalent investments in their portfolio.

themselves. What do I mean? When stocks are going up you can go to your nearest cocktail party and I am sure you can find a conversation where someone is boasting about his/her portfolio. On the other hand, I can assure you that more often than not those same people will panic out of their investment positions when the market declines and their silence I am positive will be deafening at the next party. When I talk to investors I often tell them if you cannot ride out a 40-50 percent decline in the stock market (and value of their portfolio) then you are likely over invested in stocks. A good solution is to diversify, whether it is stocks, bonds, real estate, precious metals

Turning to the issue of spotting bubbles I can only draw on my personal experience on how to detect bubbles. Sometimes they are small. Even today you can see a recent break in Bio technology stocks. Usually in such a break you will see an under performance in those stocks for an extended period of time. Detecting bubbles is far from an exact science having traded through the two previous bubble environments though they did have some characteristics in common. Both were preceded by prolonged periods of upward movement in the stock market as a whole. Most intriguing to me is that both were preceded by periods of enormous volatility. For example at the top of the Nasdaq dot. com bubble in the early 2000s there was a particular day when the index declined around 10 percent only to close around the unchanged mark at which it opened that morning. The summer before the 2008 was a period of severe declines followed by snap back recoveries. Anyone who lived through the crash of 1987 will tell you of warning signs in the weeks preceding black Monday that foretold the coming crash. Bottom line is to keep a cool head when others panic. Diversify your investments and remember that nobody ever went broke taking a profit.

We define our neighborhoods as much as they define us.



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2 BR, 2.5 BATH  WEB ID: 242218  $4 M DEBRA STOTTS 646.300.6052

110 Fifth Avenue 212.633.1000

26 Astor Place 212.584.6100

730 Fifth Avenue 212.242.9900 239 East 79th Street 212.929.1400

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33 Irving Place 212.557.6500

TOWN Residential, LLC is a partnership with Buttonwood Residential Brokerage, LLC and Thor Equities, LLC. No representation is made as to the accuracy of any description. This is not intended to solicit property already listed. The number of bedrooms listed above is not a legal conclusion. Each person should consult with his/her own attorney, architect or zoning expert to make a determination as to the number of rooms in the unit that may be legally used as a bedroom. TOWN Residential LLC is a licensed real estate broker, proud member of REBNY, abides by federal and state equal housing opportunity laws and owns the following subsidiary licensed real estate brokers: TOWN Astor Place LLC; TOWN Fifth Avenue LLC; TOWN Flatiron LLC; TOWN Gramercy Park LLC (“TOWN Gramercy”); TOWN Greenwich Street LLC (“TOWN Financial District”); TOWN Greenwich Village LLC; TOWN Soho LLC; TOWN West Village LLC; and TOWN 79th Street LLC (“TOWN Upper East Side”).

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Rejuvenating Your Skin with Lasers By Dr. Michelle Henry


n years past, turning back the clock meant going under the knife. Today we have many options for tightening the skin, softening the texture of the skin and reducing skin discoloration, also known as “sun spots,” which are minimally invasive. We can now turn back the clock without ever lifting a scalpel. Today’s lasers are excellent for rejuvenating the skin. They range from minimally invasive treatments with little to no down time to aggressive to highly effective skin resurfacing treatments for scarred or highly sundamaged skin. Not only can lasers diminish many signs of aging – including fine or deep wrinkles, age spots and spider veins – more aggressive lasers and phototherapy can even treat precancerous spots called actinic keratoses. In my practice, I use a wide variety of lasers to attain the optimal outcome and individualize care for every patient. My choice of laser depends on the patient’s goals, skin type, ethnic background, tolerance for downtime and expectations. Some of my favorites are: Fractional laser rejuvenation (Fraxel Restore Dual) – Utilizing two lasers – the original Fraxel Restore 1550nm Erbium Yag laser and Thulium 1927nm laser – the Fraxel Restore Dual penetrates the skin, heating the deep dermal layer without vaporizing the epidermis, or outer layer of the skin. This stimulates collagen remodeling, gently helping to improve skin tone. It also targets superficial pigment allowing for great reduction in sun spots and discoloration. Recovery is mild and usually lasts less than a week. 1064nm/Laser Genesis (Cutera Xeo) – Laser Genesis is a cutting-edge, non-ablative skin treatment using the YAG laser. The treatment can help you look younger and more refreshed – with no downtime. It works by gently heating the skin, stimulating collagen growth and shrinking swollen capillaries that cause discoloration. My patients love the post treatment glow. Subtle improvements are usually visible immediately, although we typically recommend 4 – 6 treatments for best results. Intense pulsed light (Cutera Limelight) – Not a laser, this light therapy if often referred to as a photofacial. IPL has minimal downtime, as it does not injure the surface of the skin. IPL can improve skin texture and color by reducing brown spots, redness and telangiectasia. It can also reduce pore size and for the right patient can be used for permanent hair removal. Ablative laser resurfacing (SmartXide DOT laser) – This is a fractional CO2 skin resurfacing device that offers patients maximum skin rejuvenation and anti-aging benefits with less downtime than traditional Co2 treatments. With a single SmartXide Laser treatment, issues ranging from sun damage to acne scars are corrected. This treatment is ablative and works through heating the skin causing vaporization of the upper layers, but because it only treats small areas (dots) and not the entire skin surface, the downtime is reduced. This laser is very effective for deeper wrinkles and diminishing aging caused by years of unprotected sun exposure.

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Bi Radiofrequency (Thermage) – This is a bi-polar radiofrequency device that can perform both skin tightening on the face and body and cellulite reduction. With just a single treatment session, Thermage can help patients achieve smoother, younger-looking skin and improved body contours. Multipolar Radio Frequency (Venus Legacy) This treatments delivers Multipolar Radio Frequency and Magnetic Pulse Therapy to the skin to uniformly heat to the skin without damaging the upper layer. This causes collagen synthesis and lipolysis (destruction of fat), ultimately tightening skin and reducing cellulite over a series of treatments. I perform all of these laser procedures at our Manhattan office. Smaller areas may take as little as several minutes to treat, while larger areas can take up to an hour. I encourage any patient interested in laser procedures to always have them performed by a board certified dermatologist who can safely and effectively understand and manage your concerns.

Sadick Dermatology 911 Park Ave, New York, NY (212) 772-7242

The MulTidisciplinary MelanoMa prograM

Pick a Spot

The majority of melanoma is caused by UV light and sun exposure. The Multidisciplinary Melanoma Program at NewYork-Presbyterian/Columbia University Medical Center, located in northern Manhattan, provides comprehensive care for all forms of melanoma, one of the most common and serious of all cancers. Director Bret Taback, MD, leads a multidisciplinary team offering comprehensive, coordinated patient services including: • Screening

• MoleMap

• Radiation Treatment

• Gamma Knife Surgery

• Excisional Surgery

• Sentinel Node Biopsy • Immunotherapy (IL-2)

Best Today, Better Tomorrow To learn more, and to make an appointment at the Multidisciplinary Melanoma Treatment Program call us 24/7 at 855.CU.SURGE or call during office hours at 212.305.9676. e-mail: or visit us at


Vaneese Thomas dedicates new album to r n’b legend... her father By W. A. Muller


aneese Thomas, daughter of R n’ B legend Rufus Thomas will be launching her latest album this June 17th, 2014 with a performance at New York’s The Cutting Room – the venue that has propelled several singers to stardom over the years including Lady Gaga. Vaneese possesses one of the great voices of our time. Part of a musical royal family that includes her father - Rythum and Blues pioneer Rufus Thomas and chart-topping sister Carla Thomas, Vaneese has brought her vocal styling to hundreds of recordings. Her father Rufus’ recording career in the 1960s and early 1970s encompassed several hit records, “Walking the Dog” (number 5 R&B, number 10 Pop), in 1963. The early 1970s brought him three major hits, including “(Do The) Push and Pull” in 1970, his only number one R&B hit (number 25 Pop). Earlier that year, “Do the Funky Chicken” had reached number 5 R&B and number 28 Pop. A third dance-oriented release in 1971, “The Breakdown” climbed to number 2 R&B and number 31 Pop. Vaneese has made a career of her profound 26 • Resident June 2014

vocal talent – initially as a backing singer to well known performers and now releasing her own albums. Although Vaneese actually never expected to go into the music business as she puts it herself, “But God had a plan and I was regarded as having the talent.” Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler bows when he greets her and Aretha Franklin rarely performs without

Vaneese being on stage to provide a powerful backing vocal. This new project, the first of her five albums to feature blues shows another side to the versatile singer. She digs deep and taps into her southern heritage to bring forth a roots album that is authentic and true. Every track adds to the blues and soul legacy that is hers to claim. Vaneese dedicates her album to her legendary father whose work will never be forgotten. The album, due to launch this June 2014 and is available on iTunes ( artist/vaneese-thomas/id4417904), features collaborations with Carla Thomas, Buddy Williams, Marvell Thomas, Lisa Fischer, Kirk Whalum, Will Lee, Shawn Pelton, Paul Shaffer, Fonzi Thornton and Alan Gorrie. The album is released by Segue records. For more information concerning Vaneese Thomas please visit: For details of The Cutting Room and to obtain a ticket please visit:



MedSpa44 is a full service spa offering a full line of luxurious spa services including waxing, facials, laser treatments and variety of other services.

Body Contouring by Lila® Strawberry Laser A non-invasive & painless treatment that sheds inches off your body in minutes.

Laser Services

Skin Treatments

Permanent removal of unwanted hair and treatment of skin irregularities

Revive & restore your skin

Laser Hair Removal Cutera® Pearl Fractional Laser Cutera® Laser Genesis Skin Therapy Limelight IPL Photofacial Treatment Laser Vein Removal Spider Vein Laser Treatment

Signature Anti-Aging Treatment Restoring Oxygenating Treatment Hydrating Facial Treatment • Gentlemens Skin Treatment Foncier’ere Treatment for Severe Back Acne Express Facial Treatment ”Bright Eyes” Treatment • Peels (Based on Consultation)

Exfoliation Services

Botox and Fillers Smooth age lines and remove wrinkles

Reveal younger & healthier skin

Botox Juvaderm XC + Ultra Belotero Radiesse

Microdermabrasion Mini Peel Express “Lunchtime” Peel

Waxing Services Gentle waxing services with only the most effective products Full Body Legs Brazilian Bikini Bikini Line



Arms Underarms Stomach Face

Eyebrows Shaping Back Chest

144 East 44th St., 2nd Fl., New York, NY

Med Spa 44, a new “medical” spa recently launched in 2014, distinctively meets the demands for perfection of this nonstop market by providing numerous state-of-the-art laser and skin rejuvenation treatments in addition to standard face and body services. All skin and laser treatments are performed by Med Spa 44’s skilled team of physicians, nurse practitioners (NPs) and a Board Certified aesthetician. It is this dedicated group of highly qualified experts who make the Med Spa 44 experience a safe, secure and luxurious experience every time.





Dr. Kenneth Mark

The CoolSculpting Guru By Isaiah Negron


here have been major advances in technologies and treatments in the beauty world that are available today. People are turning to non-surgical options to look and feel their best. Today, 83% of all treatments performed are non-invasive,” explains Dr. Kenneth Mark, a leading cosmetic dermatologist and Mohs’ skin cancer surgeon with offices in New York City, Southampton and East Hampton, as well as Aspen, Colorado. “These techniques are proving to be better suited for people’s busy lifestyle, offering natural and significant results with minimal downtime, plus with the added benefit of being safer by avoiding the risks of anesthesia and surgery.” In 2013, non-surgical options made up the vast majority of the 15.1 million domestic cosmetic procedures, according the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. “Those in the New York City lead busy lives; they have events they must attend, social obligations, travel, business and family that take priority,” Dr. Mark admits. “I pride myself on bringing in the best technologies that will be game changers for my patients. CoolsSulpting and Ultherapy are two of the best options that offer real results with no downtime.” Ultherapy is the only procedure that is FDA-approved to lift the skin. It utilizes ultrasound to lift the neck, face and eyebrow in just one treatment session. Dr. Mark has become the go-to expert for anyone wanting to look their best in their bathing suit in time for summer. His offices now offer DualSculpting, the non-surgical procedure that uses cooling technology to literally freeze fat away. “Understanding my patients’ schedules and needs, I have invested in two CoolSculpting machines and two of each of the new applicators,” he remarks. “This allows for different areas to be targeted simultaneously, often reducing the treatment time in half while doubling fat loss.” In one session, the treated area can lose approximately 25% of the fat. Dr. Mark’s will be the first medical office in in the area to have two of the new CoolSmooth applicators, which has just been approved by the FDA. In addition to offering the most technically advanced options in the field, Dr. Mark has vast experience with the most effective anti-aging treatments, wrinkle reducing options and beauty enhancing treatments. He is a true injectable expert with Botox and fillers, as well as the Mixto Fractional CO2 Laser, Sclerotherapy for spider veins and chemical peels. Voted on the “Best Doctors in America” list by Best Doctors, Inc., a peer review process and survey, Dr. Mark is a true expert in all things to do with skin and its diseases, whose impeccable reputation has been molded by 15 years of post-residency experience, including a two-year fellowship to sub-specialize in these procedures.

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Dr. Kenneth Mark & Julie Henderson

The eye doctors other doctors want to see

are ready

to see you. The world-class ophthalmologists of Columbia University Medical Center are now conveniently located on the Upper West Side.

It’s one thing to practice ophthalmology. It’s another to be the ophthalmologists other specialists look to. All ColumbiaDoctors are faculty members of Columbia University Medical Center and practice at NewYork-Presbyterian, giving them access to the latest in new therapies and diagnostic methods. We offer comprehensive eye care as well as advanced medical and surgical sub-specialties such as pediatric ophthalmology, glaucoma, retina, cataract and refractive surgery, and more.



Prosenjit Sen


ave you ever been shopping online and found the must-have accessory but you weren’t sure whether it would really complement your look? Prosenjit Sen, Chief Executive Officer of ProSent Mobile and Founder of the new style app StyleChat, is here to take the mystery out of online shopping. This free app connects users with every aspect of their fashion world to allow them to become their own stylist and mix and match the latest fashion trends from anywhere online with items from their own closets. Users can create their own tailor-made collections and style looks with items they already have saved from previous browsing. “This was a grand con-

Prosenjit Sen, StyleChat CEO

cept. It’s a very interesting technology,” explains Prosenjit. “As an entrepreneur, my goal is to bring about a new way of doing things, which improves the quality of life.” With this groundbreaking new interface, users can also try on looks by using a selfie and, when happy with how they look and ready to buy, can simply purchase their selection with just one tap. Prosenjit, a serial entrepreneur with more than two decades experience on revolutionary technologies ranging from core business processes to mobile, social media, augmented reality and computer vision, earned

30 • Resident June 2014

By Isaiah Negron

his BS in Electronics Engineering at the Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur and was part of the founding team of Informatica Corporation (NASDAQ: INFA), the worldwide leaders in data integration applications. Prosenjit also worked with Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen’s think tank Interval Research, where he co-founded their first high-tech spin-off. He was also the founder and CEO of SaleMinder, a provider of CRM solutions to enterprise retail and co-authored a book on RFID technology, RFID for Energy & Utility Industries, a PennWell bestseller. Developed by ProSent Mobile, based in Silicon Valley, StyleChat is the first fashion-based mobile application to combine the advancements in augmented reality, computer vision and image capturing. “I realized this was the way technology was heading,” remarks Prosenjit. “We’ve created a new channel for the future of commerce and retail.” The ProSent team, which is led by Prosenjit, has spent three years researching and developing the StyleChat platform. While StyleChat debuts in the vibrant fashion space, its unique platform and features can be adapted to many other consumer and business spheres. This summer, StyleChat will introduce a series of strategic brand and content partnerships with a variety of fashion’s top influencers, who will each create their own personalized collections and style boards to inspire the app’s users. “Ultimately, I think style is different things for different people,” says Prosenjit. “We wanted to have a platform that democratizes style so users can express their unique individuality.” So, how will you StyleChat?

StyleChat user selfie trying on different looks on her iPhone




Reverse Aging the French Way T

By Hillary Latos

he world has always been fascinated by the alluring mystique of French beauty. From the St. Tropez tan to the enduring perfumes that trigger fond memories to their time-honored anti aging beauty products. Part of the secret behind French beauty is the natural way they age with a tendency towards noninvasive techniques, holistic methods, and chemical free organic beauty creams. Now that we are heading into summer, here are some techniques to jump-start a fitness regime, tone the body and face while combating the signs of age.

3. Clarins has always been a staple in the arsenal of beauty products French women swear by. Their suncare line not only protects the skin to tan safely but also nourishes with anti aging products.

5. For 15 minutes a day, Paul Lorenc has introduced the Illumask uses LED technology of infrared light to deliver the same anti aging techniques found in clinical offices for just $1/ day.


1. Understanding your genetics is the first step in getting into shape, with Amway’s Bodykey. Start with an individual genetic map of your body type delineating the way you burn and store fat. The report also gives recommendations on the types of food to avoid and the ones that are best for your body as well as a fitness regime to follow to meet your physical goals.


2. Though exercise alone cannot smooth away the unsightly look of cellulite, Nerium AD ReForme contouring cream harnesses the antioxidant properties of the Nerium Oleander plant along with key ingredients like caffeine, green tea and white willow bark in their body contouring cream to reduce the appearance of cellulite and dimpling while firming and tightening loose skin.

4. At the root of Caudalie’s all natural Polyphenol c15 line is inotherapy which uses the powerful anti oxidant properties of grape seed polyphenols and vitamin C in their new line that reverses the aging effects of environmental factors.

5. Jane Iredale’s latest beauty line was inspired by the beautiful floral colors found in a French garden. Enhance your natural beauty with her subtle bronzer, rosy sheer lip shades, and watercolor eye palette.


6. Sometimes SPF lotions are not enough, and Europeans have been protecting their skin orally with Heliocare’s capsules containing polypodium leucotomos extract that blocks skin damaging enzymes and builds up collagen in skin exposed to UV rays.


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From Head to Toe and IN BETWEEN Ann Lawlor’s Picks



1. Biologique Recherche Crème Réparatrice, $115 (

5. Biologique Recherche Complexe Anti-C, $102 (

2. Kiehl’s Lip Balm #1, $7 (

6. Erno Laszlo Hydra Therapy Skin Revitalizer, $85 (

3. Erno Laszlo Hydra Therapy Skin Vitality Mask, $65 ( 4. Biologique Recherche Lotion P50 Corps, $84 (

7. Kiehl’s Creme de Corps, $29.50 ( 8. L’Occitane Roses et Reines Hand and Nail Cream, $12 (usa. 9. Nyakio Kenyan Coffee Face Polish, $34 (



9 8

6 5

34 • Resident June 2014



12 11



10. Smashbox Camera Ready CC Cream, $42 ( 11. Smashbox Camera Ready BB Cream, $39 (

16 15

12. PrivateRX Cooling Pads, $15.99 ( 13. UltraLuxe Neck Cream, $78 (UltraLuxeSkincare. com) 14. UltraLuxe Enzyme Peeling Cream, $85 ( 15. Biologique Recherche Serum Matriciel, $126 ( 16. L’Occitane Verbena Frisson Ice Gel for Legs and Feet, $22 (


17. Laura Mercier Ambre Vanille Body Scrub, $50 ( 18. PrivateRX Soothing Serum, $15.99 ( 19. PrivateRX External Vaginal Moisturizer, $21.99 (




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Working Out with Exude By Jordan Gelber


ast year, Americans wasted over $60 Billion dollars on weight loss programs, diets and fitness equipment – all for one common goal – to lose weight and tone their bodies. With all the billions spent over the past year and the tons of money spent over the last 10 years, we are 10 lbs. heavier per person today than 10 years ago despite the fact that health club memberships have doubled – so obviously a dilemma exists. In 1985, Edward Jackowski, Ph.D. a student in NYC, while taking his undergraduate degree at Baruch College had an idea; start a company that shows busy New Yorkers how to make proper fitness part of their hectic lifestyle. Fast forward to today, that company, Exude Fitness is the destination that thousands of city folks flock to each year to learn the process of achieving their fitness, health & aesthetic goals.

36 • Resident June 2014

You might have heard of Exude – the company that saved Miss Universe from Venezuela from being de-crowned when Donald Trump was looking to oust her. Well, Jackowski and his team of Exude Fitness Consultants not only saved her from being de-crowned, but also helped her shed 13 pounds in 8 days on national television, and here’s the best part – without even having to go on a crazy diet! How did they do it? Well, that young, brash and confident kid has given fitness a brain as he now owns the world’s only patent on how to exercise based on body types, has written seven books, including the best seller “Escape Your Shape” and has given his life’s work to finding a cure for Type II diabetics (through his body type system) with his revolutionary fitness system. And, the best part is, you don’t have to give up your current gym membership if you belong to one and if you don’t, Exude comes directly to your home/apt/

WELLNESS with lack of time to exercise. Overall, she was very unhappy and felt that through overindulgence, her fitness level continued to decrease. This March, Terry signed up for the Exude fitness program. One of the key components to her decision was the philosophy behind Edward’s body typing assessment. The idea that she would have a program that was customized to accelerate her weight loss and fitness based on her body type, made her feel like she found the answer to her problems. Over the last 6 weeks, she has seen dramatic results, losing 15lbs. She has stated “Seeing results this fast, has motivated me to move forward…You shouldn’t be punishing yourself, as a program like this is easy to follow.” Another successful Exude client is Debbie, a 60 year-old businesswoman. She, like Terry, was intrigued by Exude Fitness’ body type assessment and customized program. After speaking to Patricia from Exude, she appreciated her attention to her needs and felt that she could help her safely and effectively workout. Patricia took the time to understand her fitness level, any injuries she might have had, and took her age into consideration. In 8 weeks, Debbie is more toned and has felt noticeably stronger. She attributes this to not only having her own “blueprint” workout but also she truly enjoys the one-on-one training experience along with the program. Debbie stated very appreciatively “to have someone with you there on a weekly basis, is very effective to oversee your progress and check that your form is correct while keeping you committed to the plan.”

gym throughout the tri-state region. Exude wants you to go to your current health club, they just want you to know exactly what to do when you go… Nine out of ten people who utilize Exude’s services have been exercising for 1, 3, 5, 10 and yes 20 years, with nothing to show for it except bigger thighs, larger arms and wider saddlebags – then they come to Exude. Jackowski, an eccentric fellow, was the first to warn women years ago that for certain body types, lifting weights might make you stronger and fitter, but also at the expense of increasing your size in specific regions on your body. Here’s what some women who I interviewed had to say about their bodies: Terry, a 37 year-old banker, came to Exude because she felt that over the last 10 years, she had gotten heavy due to a busy schedule

When asked about why should someone take the Exude Fitness Program, aside from the body typing, both women really appreciated Exude’s motivating demeanor and knowledge of fitness. Creating tailormade fitness programs, made them feel that they weren’t doing generic workouts but something that was special just for them. Each woman appreciated the fact that the program makes the most effective use of their time and it’s a comprehensive program that they can adhere to for life! So ladies and gentlemen, if you’re looking to receive that A in gym class and reap all three benefits that proper exercise has to offer: fitness, health & aesthetics, then go ahead and give Exude a try. For more information: 212.644.6559

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Slip into a Smooth Summer A

By Hillary Latos

s summertime approaches, it’s the advent of bikini season and time to remove all of that unwanted facial and body hair- whether it’s the bikini line, arms, legs, back or face. There’s shaving and waxing, but that’s just a temporary fix. Berenice Rothenberg has been in the business of electrolysis, laser hair removal and skin care for over 41 years. She uses the latest state of the art technology to offer a painless and permanent life changing solution to banishing unwanted hair forever. Long regarded as one of the best laser hair removal facilities in New York City, Berenice has successfully treated thousands of clients from all over the world. Berenice continues to be a student of her craft, constantly expanding her knowledge of the latest technologies and techniques in hair removal and beauty treatments. Here, Resident speaks with Berenice to get her expertise on the latest hair removal treatments and skincare solutions. How has laser hair removal technology changed since you started? When I first started in the business, there was only electrolysis and it was extremely time consuming to treat one hair at a time. After that, we did shorter more frequent sessions, but noticed that hair growth happened more frequently. Also, we observed that factors such as stress, hormonal changes and damage to the hair follicles were all triggers that caused the hair to grow faster throughout the cycle of hair growth. Because of this, I tell my clients not to tweeze or shave and to come in during the correct

38 • Resident June 2014

WELLNESS hair cycles. Laser technology is new, while electrolysis is a 135 year old technique. At first, I told my clients to not fear this new treatment due to this history and after seeing results; they began to trust the method. Today, both women and men are using laser treatments and 25% of those clients are men.

will grow slower. It is very simple, if you come when you are supposed to, the treatments will work. If you wait two to three months between appointments, it is not as effective. It’s very important for clients to follow what I tell them in order achieve the results they expect. I like to manage my client’s expectations and I never want to disappoint them!

Who are the best candidates for laser hair removal?

What are your first time clients most afraid of and how do you alleviate their fears?

The best candidates for laser removal are men and women with dark hair. Laser hair removal is challenging for those who have coarse or brownish/reddish hair because sometimes those hair types don’t always take. In that case, we will use combo treatments incorporating a mixture of laser hair removal and electrolysis. Prior to any treatments, I always consult with my clients to discuss their hair type and see what method will work best for them. How are the results permanent and why do you need to come in for multiple treatments? Clients need to come in for multiple laser treatments since you cannot control your body, genetics or the type of damage to the hair. Laser treatments need to be done over a certain period of time because if you wait, the hair will become very long and miss the hair cycles. Longer hair will prolong treatments and you won’t see the results you expect to see. Hormonal issues are another factor in which hair growth is affected by circulation and varies depending on the body part. If you have very strong hair patterns, the hair will grow faster, while for others the hair

First, I take the time to explain how the process works and then test the area to see what issues my clients may have. I let them feel how the laser works. I have clients who have been burned by a laser treatment and will turn to me after their bad experience. I know I can help them but I ask them to wait six months to a year depending on the damage. Laser is a very powerful treatment and you have to know how to use it or you can end up with a negative result. I treat a lot of different skin types and I know what will work. The greatest pleasure is treating someone and seeing how happy he or she is with the results afterwards. When I do something, it’s always for the better and I do my best not to disappoint anyone. To make my clients happy, I just focus on what I do best! Berenice Electrolysis 14 East 60 St. NY, NY 10065 (212) 355-7055

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The Essence of French Riviera Style By Hillary Latos


ver since Bridget Bardot descended on the charming port of St. Tropez, it was transformed overnight from a sleepy fishing town to a jetset destination associated with mega yachts, luxurious mansions, billionaire playboys, and unabashed decadent displays of wealth and style. As the French Riviera style has always been perennially chic, get the nautical themed look that exudes class and style in a subtle way which is all in the details. 1. Stripes are always in and start with a boat-neck top in a summerweight cashmere considered to be the unisex uniform of the Cote d’Azur and sported by icons from Picasso to Bardot. 2. A chic pair of nautical inspired chain adorned espadrille wedges will take you from day to night. 3. Always be prepared for an invitation on a yacht with Crocs cap toe ballerina that exudes a classic French look and can also double as a waterproof boat shoe. 4. Ramatuelle is home to the famed beach clubs of St. Tropez where tout le monde go for lunch. Turn heads in an eye catching embellished python print swimsuit and cover-up. 5. Complete the look with a bright sea inspired embellished flats 6. A vibrant romper makes for an easy post beach or brunch look. 7. Go from the beach to the shops in this summery white eyelet dress by Daisy Fuentes. 8. You would almost be naked without a pair of glam-oversized sunglasses. 9. ‘The Classic’ linen carryall has the right pop of color to carry the daytime essentials from the yacht to the beach. $98. 10. In keeping with the nautical theme of navy and silver, the Wayfarer is the perfect accent for boating stripes. 11. The Endless Summer skin infinity scarf features multiple ways that it can be worn while adding color and 50+ SPF sun protection. 12. Freshen up throughout the day with the Hermes portable perfume spritzer. 13. Glamorize any outfit with Stephanie Kantis’s matte gold chain necklace that can be worn in at least 16 different ways. 14. These embellished wrap watches by Vince Camuto are sporty and chic.

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13 10

1 14





2 3

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Street Scenes From…


Photos by Mike Adrell

42 • Resident June 2014

STYLE Resident June 2014 • 43

STYLE 44 • Resident June 2014

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STYLE 46 • Resident June 2014

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STYLE 48 • Resident June 2014

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A Force of Nature: Alix Astir Reigns as NYC’s Rose Queen By Lucy Dotson

Photos by Michael Loccisano for Getty Images


am, Chelsea. A taxi grinds to a halt, circled in streetlight. Alix Astir, the strikingly beautiful CEO of Trellis Fine Florals, steps out, her signature moto jacket draped across slim shoulders. She’s here to buy flowers, a morning ritual, and one she insists on doing herself, despite heading up one of the city’s most luxurious floral design studios.

Resident June 2014 • 51

SPOTLIGHT 52 • Resident June 2014

It’s no accident that Alix Astir became New York’s Rose Queen. She strives to be the Anna Wintour of roses: a connoisseur known for a flick of the wrist, a subtle nod to the way art beds commerce, and we all stand to benefit. “This is New York, baby. We get to choose perfection here: isn’t that incredible?” she says, with a wink that broadcasts floral runway supermodel having the time of her life. With dawn breaking, Alix returns to the studio, blooms in tow. There, she taps into her creative side. “Sometimes, I watercolor a design first, to make sure it captures the right mood,” she says. “I’ve spent full nights in the studio, and hours on a single arrangement, getting it just right.” While she oversees a team of designers, Alix takes on many of her projects singlehandedly. “It’s just me and the wellspring of the universe within me. I love to go into The Zone, where you lose time and space, and it’s only you and your masterpiece,” she says. Asked how she became a floral designer, Alix laughs. “I was raised to be conscious of the seasons, the rhythms of nature, what grows where. As a child I was fascinated by the magic of growth. When I got older, I studied the science and art of it. For me, there’s nothing else worth doing.” The formally trained florist was initiated at l’Ecole des Fleurs at l’Hôtel de Crillon in Paris, and later studied at the New York Botanical Garden. She earned the title Rose Queen a year ago. “One of my most important clients, whom I can’t name, started calling me that...and before I knew it everyone was. I’d pick up the phone at Trellis, and people would ask, ‘Is this the Rose Queen?’ I was as surprised as anyone else – but it stuck!” An understated force, Alix connects deeply with her work. “My passion is nature, and design is my respite. I don’t hear or see anything else for those hours,” she says. The

Resident June 2014 • 53


Location: Cultural Services of the French Embassy, NY. Makeup: Elizabette Quezada. Hair: Phoenix Golden.

Alix explores the corners of Manhattan’s flower district with commanding charisma. Vendors nod in recognition…and respect. She moves deftly from storefront to awning, navigating one of the nation’s most historic markets like the insider she was born to be. Alix lingers over some roses, running a manicured finger over blush-hued petals. “Fresh flowers have life in them,” she says. “They’re vibrant, strong, unbending. These have probably been in the warehouse a week. See how they are starting to goose neck?” She points at a floppy rose head, and moves on, assessing more blooms.


fundraiser. She’s slated to provide flowers for Denise Rich’s Angel Ball, the legendary fundraising event for cancer research. “When designing arrangements, perfection is something I strive for – while still enjoying the wild reality of nature,” says Alix. In art, she explains, unpredictability can complement a perfect moment – but only when it’s embraced. “I notice the divergence most when working with brides. We live in a strange society that places too much emphasis on the perfection of the wedding day, instead of enjoyment. If my brides would simply relax, they’d enjoy the floral design process more.” Alix is currently working on DIY for the Elegant Bride, her first book. “This volume will dispel all of the DIY misconceptions – that flowers can be done day of, that you’ll automatically save money, that you have to stick to the plan – and really help them pull it off.” Additionally, Alix is working on American Beauty: A celebration of fine American Floral Design, a coffee table book, and writing a memoir of her travels through France. Alix has been creating lavish visions in flowers for years – but she learns the most working within restrictions. “If the sky’s the limit budget-wise, why wouldn’t the flowers be astonishing? In my mind, the mark of a truly talented designer is when she can create something stylish on a tight budget, “ she says. “Of course, it’s best if the designer has free reign, so she can grab whatever is amazing and in season.” Floral design is much more than placing a flower here versus one there. “There are many misconceptions about what I do,” Alix says. “Some might assume I’m gracefully swanning around with my rose pruners, delicately clipping at leaves.” The reality is much messier, and requires constant discipline: in addition to 2AM flower pickups, Alix is courier, carpenter, manual laborer, and director. “I’m on my feet for hours at a time – and I oversee the total organized chaos in between.” result is inspired, creative design – tailored tabletops, lush bouquets, and cascading waterfalls of blooms. Alix’s care and talent have served her well, and her work has been lauded by the likes of international socialite and songwriter Denise Rich, Sarah Ferguson, The Duchess of York and other glamour moguls. Trellis’s bouquets are unusually dynamic and worldly: apt for a woman who has roamed the world, studied global literature, and settled right back in her hometown. Indeed,

54 • Resident June 2014

with her special flair for roses and focused customer service, Alix has penned more than a title for herself among the city’s floral elite. In the past two months, Alix has designed arrangements for some of the season’s most high profile social events: monumental arrangements in antiquated urns for the New York Mission Society’s Champions for Children Gala at the Plaza; cascades of snowy orchids at the Surgeons of Hope Gala; and 40 impeccably tailored handbags made entirely out of flowers for the New York Junior League’s Bags and Bubbles charitable

So how does the Rose Queen feel about her crown? “It’s very flattering. It speaks to a certain level of achievement, and that feels great,” she says. “But I won’t lean back, nor will I be able to. That’s the thing about recognition – the next day, you have to get up and be even more spectacular. You have to innovate, reinvent, and find new ways to approach your work. I strive to exceed client expectations, even when they’re sky high.” With an attitude like that, this Rose Queen will reign for years to come.

SPOTLIGHT Resident June 2014 • 55


Rennes mon Amour By Charles-Edouard Catherine

Photo by Daniel Catherine

56 • Resident June 2014



hen I started dating the woman that would become my wife, it was difficult to explain where I was from. In France, there is a little piece of Celtic land, looking at the ocean, filled with legends and mediocre soccer teams. Rennes is the historic capital of Brittany, France’s western most region. Brittany was at one time an independent kingdom with a distinct culture more influenced by the Celtic nations than Paris. However, now, although some street signs are written in both French and Breton, few people still speak the ancient language. When we first went together to Rennes, Alix realized that it still has a medieval feel, enhanced by its weather, which I must confess has more in common with foggy London than Paris. We started to unpack, and she looked at her bikinis with a little touch of nostalgia. Yes, Brittany certainly isn’t Provence. But my region doesn’t beg for sunshine. Indeed, the Gothic architecture, the medieval legends and hearty cuisine are more appealing on a gloomy day.

Photo by Daniel Catherine

I quickly understood that in order for her to fall in love with my region, she had to see not only our grandiose Place de la Mairie, but also our secluded streets and our medieval walls. Rennes is very diverse, and mysterious. You can find some striking “maisons à colombage” – “half-timbered” homes dating back to the XVth century, hidden against a remaining part of the ramparts that once protected the whole city. On a rainy Friday night, my parents invited their long-time friend Jean-Lou, a renowned sculptor fascinated with Brittany and its patrimony, to the house. Alix was very happy to meet a “real” Breton, who spoke our ancient language, who knew everything about our druids and ferries. As JeanLou raised his glass of cider, he taught her to say the Breton version of cheers: yec’hed mat.

But when my parents brought dessert, the famous Kouign Amann, a Breton specialty, I said proudly to Alix, this is “the fattiest pastry in Europe,” and the atmosphere quickly dissipated. This cake is a little victory for Brittany over Paris. The flaky crust and buttery interior amazes more than any Parisian croissant.

Jean-Lou owns a piece of land, north of Rennes, named Saint-Aubin-du-Cormier. On July 28, 1488, a famous battle took place there between the forces of king Charles VIII of France, and those of Francis II, Duke of Brittany and his allies. The defeat of the latter precipitated the end of the independence of Brittany from France, and remains in Jean-Lou’s subconscious as the death of a civilization. He told us everything about the Breton forces that comprised a mix of local troops with Gascons, Germans, English longbowmen and non-Breton aristocrats who were challenging royal power. When Jean-Lou pronounced the name of Jacques Galliota, an Italian captain in the French army, his face darkened. Jacques Galliota led a cavalry attack that opened a gap and caused a lot of panic through the Breton army, leading to a rout of their forces. Out of the 11,500 men that gathered the Duchy of Brittany, 5,000 were killed that day.

After this fascinating Friday night, a must on early Saturday mornings is le Marché des Lices, one of the largest markets in France. Alix loves to go there with my Dad, who knows every farmer by his first name. In a plaza once used for jousting tournaments, hundreds of farmers now sell fruit, vegetables and seafood. The two covered market halls in the center of the plaza hold even more stands, selling pastries, charcuterie and smelly wheels of cheese.

Charles and Alix

By the end of the week, when we were getting ready to go back to Paris to catch our plane for New York, I suddenly realized that we were running out of time. I couldn’t take Alix to the castle of Fougères, I couldn’t show her the island of the Grand Bé, where Chateaubriand is buried, I couldn’t show her the forest of Brocéliande and its golden tree. She would also miss Dinard and Picasso’s paintings… But on our way to the train station, she sighed. I could tell that she would come back, she was in love.

Resident June 2014 • 57


Elegant Parisian Getaway At the Hotel de Vendome By Norah Bradford T Though Paris is home to many fabulous hotels, Hotel de Vendome’s charming and convenient location make it a standout choice for visitors to the City of Lights. This exclusive boutique hotel perfectly embodies the notion of Parisian chic. Located in the heart of Paris’s most fashionable district at 1 Place Vendome, this elegant five-star luxury hotel features attentive service, fine cuisine, and a discreet atmosphere around the corner from the Ritz Hotel, which will open in 2014.

tions at the hotel. Each of the suites and rooms is uniquely decorated with antique furniture, beautiful woods, and the finest French-crafted

Hotel de Vendome has a rich and fascinating history. In 1723, the private mansion that houses the hotel today was built as a private residence for the Vendome Family. It is from this residence that Place Vendome derives its name. The building that houses Hotel de Vendome then became the Texan embassy from 1842 through 1907, a period during which France was the only nation that recognized Texas as an independent country. In 1907, the property was converted into a hotel. Place Vendome is situated at the start of the Rue de la Paix.

upholstery. Each bathroom showcases rare and beautiful marble. The hotel’s revolving door entryway leads guests into an elegant reception area that feels cozy and intimate, yet luxurious and highly professional.

Cut The Hotel de Vendome and change to: Noted for its luxury and beauty there are twenty nine lavishly appointed guest rooms and suites. It features twenty-nine lavishly appointed guest rooms and suites. Ten suites and nineteen guest rooms comprise the accommoda-

Just steps away from the hotel’s doors are the most celebrated attractions in Paris including the Tuileries... The Rue Saint-Honore is home to the city’s premier designer retail locations. The Place Vendome boasts some of the world’s finest jewelers, and the Opera Garnier and Jeu

58 • Resident June 2014

de Paume Gallery are both located very close to the hotel. The dining options available to Hotel de Vendome guests are exceptional. Inside the hotel is the exquisite One Place Vendome Restaurant, which features a seasonally-focused menu by Chef Josselin Marie, and also the One Place Vendome Bar, a perfect place to unwind at the end of a busy day packed with sightseeing, shopping, and exploring. Both the restaurant’s and bar’s interiors were designed by the acclaimed Italian interior designer Michele Bonan. Michele chose a couture-style theme for the spaces, and the result is pure elegance. Silver-studded black and white houndstooth patterned chairs, inviting silk velvet sofas, silver silk satin curtains, and pink satin cushions decorated with black and white ribbed motifs adorn the area. All in all, there is no more magical place to stay while in Paris than Hotel de Vendome. This charming boutique hotel is the perfect choice for visitors the City of Lights who seek a distinctive, chic, timeless yet modern experience. Sure to surprise and delight, Hotel de Vendome is a gem. For more information:

















THURSDAY –6 SATURDAY: DAILY:Light 11 AM – 9(casual PM (SUN. – 9 PM) PM & 8:15 PM 2 SEATINGS Fare lunch 3&PM dinner) ROOMS WITH 6 PM & 8:15 PM BATH HOUSE & HAMMAM, TREATMENT Light FareEN-SUITE (casual lunch &STEAM dinner) SUNDAY 11 AM –TUB, 2 PM SHOWER AND RELAXATION LIBRARY, TEA/TONICS BAR, SUNDAY BRUNCH: 11BRUNCH: AM – 2SOAKING PM MOROCCAN-INSPIRED NAIL SALON, FITNESS BY CENTER, STUDIO, GIFT BOUTIQUE Fine Dining (jackets preferred) Fine Dining (jackets preferred) BYYOGA RESERVATION : 845.469.1900 RESERVATION : 845.469.1900 By Appointment. / 845.469.1939 • 10 a.m. – 7 p.m. (day spa guests welcome) Spa Menu on line:


634 PINE HILL ROAD CHESTER, NEW YORK 634 PINE HILL ROAD CHESTER, NEW 10918 YORK 10918 RESERVATIONS: 845.469.1900 RESERVATIONS: 845.469.1900 Glenmere Mansion • 634 Pine Hill Road • Chester, New York 10918 (10 minutes from Woodbury Commons/Hudson Valley) WWW.GLENMEREMANSION.COM WWW.GLENMEREMANSION.COM Resident June 2012 • 1


Bubbles Set in Stone


ome meet me in the sky,” sings Lily Allen in her recent hit single Air Balloon – an escapist anthem that asks us to enter an alternate universe in which ‘monkeys run off from zoos’ and ‘ceilings turn into floors.’ Reveling in a host of exotic images, the song entreats us to partake in an elevated experience by simply stepping through a door. What door? Where? Getting directions for a place that exists solely in someone’s imagination can be quite a challenge. As with most flights of fancy, departures invariably get canceled and satisfaction rarely arrives. Still, if there were anyone who knows how to take the stuff of dreams and give it an address, it would have to be the inimitable interior designer Bambi Sloan. Listening to Lily warble the words ‘remind me where I am,’ I can imagine Bambi airily responding: “why you’re in the Saint James, darling… Surely you know it – the Parisian flagship of Relais and Châteaux” Ensconced within the posh residential area of Paris’s sixteenth arrondissement, Saint James is a neoclassical mansion that straddles the verdant grounds of what had once been an airfield for

60 • Resident June 2014

By Rory Winston

tension; it is the home of an eccentric billionaire, one who has given you free reign over his manor.

Montgolfier balloons. It is a timeless estate devoid of the markings of this century, a space where historical events run concurrently, where myth and memory mingle. Behind her high white walls, the past continues to unfold.

Napoleon III is alive and well and living in the stairwell. The ornamental chandeliers and rich drapes suggest as much. But as black and white tiling gives way to columns covered in patina book binding paper, one notes another presence. The red carpet staircase leads us to it: wall paper with themes from the 18th century – the prevalent fixation being chimps riding colorful hot air balloons into oblivion (all this before NASA’s renowned Astrochimps). So this is, after all, the knighted realm of the elusive balloon. The winding circular stairs and odd patterns of the banisters show definite lightheadedness.

Entering the vestibule is like being thrust onto a lavish set from an opera by Mayerbeer. But a step into the plush salon and the scene change is so evident that one half-expects a lascivious Marquise à la Dangerous Liaisons to pounce from the wings. Crimson velvet chairs, heavy drapes, moody lighting… Saint James is not a place for facile harmonies but one of evocative counterpoints and dramatic

Metro tiles on walls, embellished vintage furniture, chairs that stand en pointe in a ballet of cashmere, velvet and gold – each suite and room has its very own story with its own cast of characters. The monikers are enough to hint at the variations: Empress Elizabeth of Austria, La Grice (Last Queen of Scotland), The Little Madelaine (M. Castaing, notable art and antique collector). Unlike other reputable boutique hotels

TRAVEL that boast renowned collections (the Negresco or Ritz Carlton, Singapore), the art here is Sloan’s live-in installation – a juxtaposition of artifact, recherché design, and storytelling. Take the forged series of 19th century masters interpreted in the the crepuscular lighting of Jean Cocteau, or the opulent motifs with a decidedly decadent afterglow. From exterior blinds that close at the touch of a switch to expansive bathtubs and Juliet balconies, each room optimizes comfort with the finest of amenities while also making us part of a historical drama. A boudoir-styled spa with exclusive Guerlain treatments, two spacious steam rooms, a stateof-the-art fitness room with chandelier and Versailles parquet, a massage parlor – Nothing feels familiar yet, paradoxically, all of it feels like home. The darkly-toned restaurant - with its copious number of large oil paintings - is a perfect setting for the finely honed culinary talent of Michelin starred Chef Virginie Basselot. Whether one opts for the creamy but earthy duck foie gras, the succulent scallops swimming in their aromatic broth, or the fine roast duckling, the textures will remind one of Bambi’s own – good taste with a flourish. And whether or not cocktails are your thing, any excuse to get into the moody library-bar is a good one. With over

square meters, 48 guest rooms, lounges, restaurant, library, spa, and garden, it is an opulent lifestyle theater – a realized study of passionate excess. In close proximity to the renowned Champs-Élysées, it is the city’s only château-hôtel with a garden setting and just the kind of cloistered realm where you’d expect dignitaries, heads of states, Hollywood mega-stars, and iconic guests like, well, Lily Allen to be staying.

12,000 books – many from the original Thiers collection – the library-bar sports one the finest stacks of any hotel. The antique look and the capricious panther carpet prove that gravitas with whimsy make good bedfellows. Saint James is a grand proscenium where vibrantly divergent aesthetics from several epochs are in constant dialogue. With 5000

As an ultimate manifestation of panache-meetshomage, little, however, compares to the summer terrace where Saint James has found a pun (sic) way to visually rhyme history with irreverence. Think ‘Bubbly’ and then imagine some very fine bottles of Tattinger nested in arbors –each of which elicits the shape, stitching, patterns and colors of the original Montgolfier balloons. In 1782, when Joseph Montgolfier was asked to describe his invention, he proclaimed: “A cloud in a paper bag”. Montgolfier and his balloon may have disappeared; but the airy content of his dream has remained. The Saint James is a home for centuries of thought bubbles. It is a living fortress where the clouds have been woven into stone. For more information:

Resident June 2014 • 61

How much is this worth in sand dollars?

Those priceless memories are easier to create than you might think with the help of Royal Shell. Our customized service approach makes vacation planning seem like child’s play. Call today to explore our impressive array of vacation rentals including private estates, cottages, condominiums and golf course homes on the gorgeous beaches of Southwest Florida.

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VA C AT I O N & S E A S O N A L R E N TA L S 62 • Resident June 2014

Bonita Springs, Fort Myers, Naples, Sanibel and Captiva Islands

We make We make it easy. it easy. YOU make YOU make it HOme. it HOme.

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Florida: Fort Myers/Cape Coral, Florida: Fort Myers/Cape Coral, Bonita Springs/Estero, Naples, Ocala, BonitaSanibel Springs/Estero, Naples, and Captiva IslandsOcala, Sanibel and Captiva Islands North Carolina: Cashiers, Franklin, NorthHighlands, Carolina:Lake Cashiers, Franklin, Glenville, Highlands, Lake Glenville, Lake Toxaway and Sapphire Valley Lake Toxaway and Sapphire Valley

Mediterra Mediterra

3 Doors From the Beach 3 Doors From the Beach

• Spectacular 4BD Home • Amazing Spectacular 4BD Home& Lake Views Golf Course • Amazing Course & Lake Views Gourmet Golf Chef’s Kitchen, Many Custom Details Kitchen,byMany Custom Details • Gourmet DecoratedChef’s & Furnished Collins & Dupont • Decorated Furnished by Collins & Dupont $1,750,000&MLS 214025723 •Kristin $1,750,000 MLS 214025723 Cavella-Whorrall 239.821.6330 Kristin Cavella-Whorrall 239.821.6330

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Shadow Wood at The Brooks Shadow Wood at The Brooks

San Carlos Island San Carlos Island

• 3BD/3.5BA + Den • 3BD/3.5BA Den Private Lake+Lot • Private Lake Lot Harbourside “Great Room” Home • Harbourside “Great Room” Home Gardener” Beautifully Landscaped by “Master • Beautifully by “Master Gardener” $1,125,000 Landscaped MLS 214023936 •Gary $1,125,000 MLS 214023936 Ryan 239.273.6796 Gary Ryan 239.273.6796

• Beautiful Gulf & Bay Views • Beautiful Gulf & Home Bay Views 6BD/4.5BA Pool • 6BD/4.5BA Home Steps to FortPool Myers Beach • Steps Fort Myers Beach Great to Income Potential • $874,900 Great Income Potential 201336115 •Katie $874,900 Brady201336115 239.770.6061 Katie Brady 239.770.6061

Bonita Bay Bonita Bay

Shadow Wood at The Brooks Shadow Wood at The Brooks

• Rarely Available 05 Corner Location • Rarely Available Corner Location Panoramic Gulf 05 & Bay Views • Panoramic Gulf & Views 4BD/4BA; 3,144 S.F.Bay Under Air • 4BD/4BA; Under AirLanai Open Floor3,144 PlanS.F. w/Oversized • Open FloorMLS Plan214024203 w/Oversized Lanai $849,000 •Sue $849,000 MLS 214024203 Ellen Mathers 239.877.2726 Sue Ellen Mathers 239.877.2726

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Cranbrook at Bonita Bay Cranbrook at Bonita Bay

Fort Myers Beach Fort Myers Beach

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• Direct West Facing Beachfront Condo • Direct West Renovated Facing Beachfront Condo Completely • Travertine Completely MarbleRenovated Floors, Crown Moldings, Hurricane Windows Marble&Floors, Crown Moldings, Hurricane Windows • Travertine New Kitchen Bathrooms w/Marble Countertops • New KitchenMLS & Bathrooms w/Marble Countertops $619,000 214025347 •Kurt $619,000 MLS239.777.0408 214025347 Petersen Kurt Petersen 239.777.0408 Resident June 2014 • 63


A Sleeper Hit


ithout warning, the baritone voice had gone off in my head: “From the People who brought you Cannes Jury Prize winner Queen Margot and the Academy Award winner A Man and a Woman, comes an all new rollicking adventure for cinephiles and travelers alike: Sebastopol 123. With a cast of thousands, this inspired romance is guaranteed to be the sleeper hit of the decade – literally. With music by Ennio Morricone and sets by Philippe Maidenberg, Sebastopol 123 is Paris like you’ve never seen her.” Walking past the lobby’s ‘coming soon’ posters and the popcorn vending machine, my thoughts were interrupted once again. This time by that other voice – the relentless amphetamine-induced one that had plagued the last moments of every trailer throughout the 1980’s: “Rated PG. or R or anything you make it. Not coming to a city near you. ‘Winner of the Luxury Hotel Awards, 2014’ – Don’t miss.” As the bellhop grabbed our bags, I kept wondering if this hotel needed Cahiers du Cinéma – approval and what the late great Roger Ebert would have thought about an elaborate homage to films in the form of a

64 • Resident June 2014

centrally located Parisian hotel. Yes, despite the catchy title, Sebastopol 123 was not some gun-toting remake of the Billy Wilder’s 1961 classic 123. Instead, it was probably the most interesting theme-based design hotel in all of Paris – one whose address was its name. Although stars of architecture and design don’t elicit the same form of public attention as boxoffice draws in tinsel town, there’s no denying the reputation of Philiippe Maidenberg when it comes to reinventing spaces. To simplify his vision, let me begin with describing a dreamrelated phenomenon with which many of us are familiar: ‘We open the front door of a long forgotten classroom from childhood only to find ourselves in an airport terminal; we board

By Rory Winston

a boat for vacation and suddenly notice that we have entered our work place, suitcases and all.’ This surrealistic form of disorientation is something Maidenberg uses to his advantage. But his intention, as I see it, is not merely to provoke a strong emotional response. Rather, he wishes to imbue otherwise limited spaces with an unlimited number of entertaining and meaningful associations. Managing to keep the integrity of a hotel – as an idealized platform for comfort and escape, Maidenberg does the unimaginable: he creates transcendent spaces that aren’t contrived. In movie lingo: he makes blockbuster hits with an indie edge. Like any good auteur, Maidenberg relies on his choice of cast and crew. In this case it meant bringing in different collaborators for each of the floors being designed. Each floor was an independent episode, and it was up to Maidenberg to find continuity. Having enlisted Ennio Morricone for the first floor, it would have been easy to succumb to some Spaghetti Western motif. Eschewing jejune antics, however, Maidenberg opted for a designtribute to soundtracks and – more poignantly – an overture for the whole hotel. With wallpapers replicating scores (transcribed by the composer’s

TRAVEL own hand), a monochromatic scheme playing off the instruments employed and active earphones installed into the headboards, the first floor is soundscape incarnate. It prods our imaginations into accompanying decades of music, allowing us to wander between the notes. A drum roll for the legendary composer…? – How about a drum for a night table, instead. As for the second floor, it is a velvet-textured dreamscape with pinks, grays and mauve. It is a stage worthy of the César-awarded French actress, Elsa Zylberstein whose history in dance and theatre inflects the approach. A soft afterglow lends the impression of a fading spotlight. The fleeting echoes of once thunderous applause rustle the veranda’s curtains. The third floor is less ‘inspired by’ than ‘based on’ nature. It required the active participation and vision of the lauded acting/writing couple Agnès Jaoui and Jean-Pierre Bacri of Smoking/No Smoking and Under the Rainbow. Although the dark wood and red curtain ambience adhere to today’s ‘no smoking’ policies, there is a smoldering mood – one alluding to the married film couple who had spent their lives enveloped in a rainbow of love, respect and (as the script excerpts and posters demonstrate) a shared delight in theater.

meets-exacting procedure – a process greatly indicative of Lelouch. Here, our memories become celluloid on a cutting room floor and it is film, which is real. We have become screen-tested people in a world of suspended disbelief.

The fourth floor is sensuality with flourish, élan with restraint and mostly, costume drama coerced into contemporary form. In short, it is the world of Danièle Thompson, the inimitable screenwriter behind La reine de Margot and Cousin, Cousine. Chiariscuro plays an important role as light and dark tones are vividly demarked with crimson velvet and wood playing off a mosaic of photographs. Entering the 5th Floor means entering the POV of Claude Lelouch, a prolific director who’s often relied on actual locations to substitute for sets. This vividly graphic black and white world is one in which backlighting pours over screens with large-scaled reprints of dailies. Complete with director’s chair, the mood is one of improvisation-

On the sixth floor: a punching bag with red leather gloves, a Palme d’or embroidered with that odd feminine touch; the whole scene screams: Jean-Paul Belmando. It’s only fitting that the film icon who started with French New Wave cinema should be the hotel’s crowning touch. With a projection room on the lower ground floor named after the legendary director Gérard Oury and an indoor terrace overlooking an outer wall of celebrated actors done in stencils, Sebastopol 123 is an auteur’s paradise. In 2006, Emmanuel Benhiby took 20 directors, and had each make an episode for the film Paris Je t’aime. More recently, Maidenberg constructed a similar anthology without shooting a single frame. His Sebastopol 123 could easily have been called Cinema Je t’aime. It’s likely that this is one of those films that many will want to see over and over again. For more information:

Resident June 2014 • 65

The Ultimate River Cruising Experience

Order your FREE Scenic Cruises Brochure at To book your FABULOUS Luxury River Cruise, contact your travel professional or call Scenic Cruises at 1-844-788-7985


Nell’s Bells

By Rory Winston


Luxurious?” Not in that typically gauche way. “Opulent?” – Wrong track; nothing vainglorious. ‘Posh?’ Well, for a five star hotel with the finest design and amenities it’s actually more friendly than snobby. Elite…? Yes, certainly, but not in that trying-hardto-make-an-impression kind of way – nothing parvenu about it. I was confounded. I had stayed at one of the most enchanting Parisian hotels but my entire repertoire of superlatives had degenerated into vague gestures followed by oddly susurrant sighs. Even metaphors had abandoned me. The property was a seductive realm but made no spurious allusions to the Ancien régime or anything even remotely imperial; it was Parisian but didn’t contrive to reinterpret the Louvre, hint at the Bastille, or leave subtle reminders that Baron Haussmann had frequented the august establishment. In short, it was one of those rare boutique hotels that abstained from the theme-based gimmicks. There was no attempt at recreating a jewel box, a gallery, or a historical set. Although ensconced within a wonderfully ornate 19th century neighborhood, the property’s interior eschewed facile nods to late great epochs. Entirely devoid of kitsch or faux historicity, Hotel De Nell was a proscenium for showcasing the best of Paris rather than itself. When the lauded architect/designer Jean-Michel Wilmotte was asked to design the hotel, few would have assumed that the man behind anything from the Louvre’s newer wings to the apartments of Francois Mitterand, to the street lights for the Champs-Élysées (and even the Mandarin Oriental Hotel) would have opted for minimalism when it came to a property located in the 9th Arrondissement – an area famous for grandiose visions like the Paris Opera (2nd empire style) and the Galeries Lafayette (elaborately Art nouveau). No, Hotel de Nell isn’t some premeditated about-face in an attempt to jar with its surroundings, nor is it some laboratory for asceticism. Rather, it is a multi-textured tranquil world signed by understated design and highly refined choices. Exuding warmth and comfort, it creates an unobtrusive

68 • Resident June 2014

space from which to take in the surrounding area. With special wellness and treatment rooms, heated parquet floors, wheat-toned organic Swedish carpets, expansive windows that embraced natural light – there is, undeniably, a Scandinavian aesthetics at play. Even the Italian rainfall shower and Japanese marble soaking tub in each room had more to do with a constructivist bent - where altering geometric shapes unassumingly redefine space- than any contrived evocation of eastern themes. Ironically, it is probably Wilmotte’s love for period architecture – in all its pomp and flourish - that guided him to create suites that maintain a relatively monochromatic tone. Looking through the expansive windows, one begins to take in the Napoleon III style area with its spot of Gothic revival (from the pre-Belle Epoque period) in the form of church of Saint Eugène and Saint Cécile. Each suite is a room with a view, a watchtower into another world with eyes uncluttered by fake emulations. Understanding history means avoiding a fetishistic delight in antiques. It means giving the past a platform to speak for itself. No matter how long ago something was built, it must have felt inherently fresh at the time. For

TRAVEL immediately – won himself the Gault Millau’s Young Talent of the Year award. Hailing from Touraine, a region known for game, Doucet excels at fowl and wilder fare while also having mastered fish and seafood.

some, things were always changing too quickly. The moody little street on which Nell was located was no exception. Smack dab in the middle of the Grand Boulevards and a newly burgeoning bobo (bohemian bourgeois) district, this corner of Paris had a special vibe: Restaurants that would be hits in Tribeca, clubs that would thrive in the Lower East Side and hipsters that wouldn’t look out of place in either the Village or Williamsburg. A haunt for educated young marauders hitting the city of lights, night after night, the area is an oasis of popup clubs, bars and bistros. As bistros go, Hotel Nell’s very own, La Régalade, is undoubtedly up there with the best. The décor – as in the rest of the hotel – is designed to enhance the given experience. With sleek black and white chess set tiles and clean but subdued lighting, the focus is on the food. This is a good thing considering that the food is coming from Chef Bruno Doucet, a culinary virtuoso who spent two years working for Guy Kreuzer, one year with the internationally renowned Pierre Gagnaire, another with Jean-Pierre Vigato after which he came to La Régalade and – almost

Opening with a complimentary terrine (Pâté de campagne) served in a large white porcelain terrine with sweet and sour gherkins, one is quickly thrust into a rustic world of herbs and pork – a keen reminder that Paris (which once housed Les Halles) has always been the epicenter to which farmers from all regions of the country had flocked with their finest products. Swimming in a remarkable Albufera sauce, chicken breast fillets filled with foie gras and earthy black truffles beach themselves on the soft and nutty shores of turnips and Jerusalem artichokes. Soon, shellfish, mussels, cockles, a salmon steak and a remarkable selection of smart wines. The juxtaposition of an haute cuisine approach to regional cooking with savvy nouveau takes on otherwise decadently heavy traditional foods is indicative of Duce’s understanding of how far one can extend the concept of Bistro without downing out its essentially casual air. Although, for me, hotel staff only becomes an issue when they are either unnervingly obsequious or unabashedly phlegmatic, Hotel de Nell calls for a different response. Relegating the staff with mundane words like pleasant, accommodating, unobtrusive would be misleading because they are more than that – they are genuinely exciting young Parisians as interesting as they are interested. Sharp witted, urbane, and with a knack for suggesting the most amazing off-the-radar hotspots in the city, the concierge was more than adept at his job; he was positively inspiring. Like the hotel itself, the staff instinctively knows when to create space and – almost as if by telepathy – when something is missing. As I sat by my window listening to the bells of Saint Eugène, I thought: “Cultivated?” “Noble?” Hotel de Nell might as well remain ineffable. Oh well, I suppose Hotel Nell might as well remain simply ineffable. For more information:

Resident June 2014 • 69

72 • Resident June 2014

Resident December 2011 • 1

GRAND OPENING! GET HERE... Now Trading... The Concrete Jungle for Miami Beach!

Leslie Hotel in South Beach Miami After undergoing immense renovations, we are now opening our doors to discerning travelers looking for a sleek, sophisticated, yet unpretentious boutique Hotel. Situated directly on the beach, an onsite restaurant and bar, gym, business center, media and game room, rooftop pool and terrace... And if this isn’t enough, to ensure guests’ complete satisfaction, returning time and time again, Leslie Hotel is now managed by the very successful Alquimia Hospitality Group. With limited availability, book now to get your preferred dates; visit for all onsite amenities, activities, rates, packages, et cetera.


The best of family resorts: TYLER PLACE I

magine a family vacation where the bond between the two of you is rekindled and sustained. A vacation where kids learn, grow and play in Vermont – and limiting “screen time” becomes irrelevant. A vacation that inspires laughter, cultivates kinship, and refreshes camaraderie.

Located on the shores of Lake Champlain, the all-inclusive Tyler Place Family Resort is a getaway that offers the perfect balance of family bonding and unhurried time just

for you. Whether it’s a morning yoga class, a hike to new heights, a family fishing trip, or a zipline glide before evening cocktails, these moments are yours. What keeps families coming back to the Tyler Place year after year? • Age-defined kids’ programs with morning and evening activities, from toddlers to teens • One-on-one Parents’ Helper care for infants • Personal bikes for every guest • Countless sport, water, and land activities • Guided nature-based discovery and exploration • All-weather family activities • Delicious, locally-sourced stress-free meals (and kid-free dinner and cocktails for Mom & Dad) This is just the beginning of an experience that is so much more than vacation. With over 80 years of experience, expertise, and a sprinkle of Vermont alchemy, the Tyler family has perfected all-inclusive family vacations. One guest described the

formula… “How to design the perfect vacation for our family: mix one part excitement and one part relaxation. Add the familiar and the novel. Stir in wonderfully attentive staff and friendly, interesting guests and combine together in a gorgeous spot.”

This summer, the Tyler Place is open from May 23 through September 6. Be sure to ask about early and late season rates up to 40% off high season prices. Call 802-8684000 or visit to start planning your bliss.

In Nearby Vernon New Jersey! 973-827-2000

colorad o river r apids!




Mount to Mount Resuscitation

By Rory Winston


pex, summit, zenith… it’s difficult to avoid allusions to altitude when referring to outstanding events. Whether it’s the ‘highpoint’ of a journey or the ‘peak’ of one’s career, excellence is something that hangs perpetually overhead. We scale grand heights, live with our heads in the clouds, and – after a lifetime of climbing our way up from one kind of gutter or another – find solace in having a few dear friends gushing over our, supposed, ‘towering achievements’. It should come as little surprise then that we get such a high from mountains. Is it any wonder that we’ve found a way to complement this euphoria by skiing down them? After all, when going up takes no exertion and coming down is exhilarating… well, it’s hard to imagine anything better. That is of course, unless we are experiencing the aforementioned epiphany from within the apogee of comfort, the pinnacle of sophistication …okay, I’ll give the jutting superlatives a rest and just come out and say it: Club Med’s Valmorel ski resort is up there with the best. Although it may sound hackneyed, “getting there is half the fun” when ‘getting there’ is by way of Paris, while the means of getting there is Club Med’s City Stop program – a new customized package that lives up to the brand’s all-inclusive vacationing ideology. If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to be part of a royal coterie cosseted in a world of fine food and luxury, this excursion is for you. PARIS: A MENU OF EPOCHS & STYLES Upon arrival in Paris, a personal chauffer drives our group from the airport to Hotel Banke, a centrally located high end boutique property whose name is not only indicative of its former function but representative of its present sensibility. From vault to vaulted ceilings, the Belle Époque masterpiece stores treasures from Egypt, Africa, Ancient Rome and the Far East. With an impressive glass cupola, the lobby is a reminder of a time when all the riches of the colonies flowed freely into this great city. Eclectic furniture, large marble fireplaces, lavish suites with the breath of Haussmann’s vision and the conviviality of contemporary design, Hotel Banke is a panoply of impressions and influences harmonized under one roof. You can banke (sic) on it.

76 • Resident June 2014

Though I’m often keen on visiting historical sites, the words ‘itinerary’ and ‘group’ often provoke a wave of ennui that drowns my zeal in summer camp imagery. Luckily, Club Med’s tours are anything but generic. With knowledge and irreverence in equal measure, our arranged guide for Palais Garnier gives us the dirt on which architect wasn’t invited to his own opening and which unpaid artist had the ‘last laugh’ by painting his visage into an icon. Was the Phantom of the Opera still hiding somewhere between the walls? Leave that to B-movie goers. We are here for the making-of.

TRAVEL garlic butter and herbs, Pâte en croûte, artichoke salad with truffles… Given the choices, my motto becomes: ‘starters to the finish’. History is a living art form in Paris - our Discover Walks tour reinforces this notion the following day. Our Talk Show Host of a guide does comic riffs on the sociopolitical importance of macaroons and the overestimation of certain historical events. Veering from astute commentary to poetic asides, he makes us aware that we are bidding farewell to a city that has witnessed centuries of interesting personalities who - like us – had simply been passing through. Before boarding a high-speed TGV train to the Alps, we take a brief detour to the year 1900. Alongside the now unseen landscape of the great French Centennial Expo – where the largest Ferris wheel was built, the first diesel engine introduced, the largest telescope unveiled, and the first talking movie debuted - stands Le Train Bleu, the bustling brasserie at the Gare de Lyon train station. Like Hotel Banke, the ambition of the Belle Époque is etched into the space. There is naked optimism in the sprawling dinner with golden-wood panels, boundless hope in ceilings so high they seem pinioned to the sky. Uniformed waiters rush to and fro, generously conferring their bountiful culinary tradition. They are friendly, cosmopolitan, and eager to speak; but time - in this heavily ornamented world - is short. Theirs is a vision of the future that could not have dreamt of the Great Depression and the two world wars that followed. The brasserie remains a place where the twentieth century is forever about to arrive. After the Opera, we do what Maurice Ravel had likely done in 1912 after being revived from watching Wagner’s Die Walküre. We go to Benoit – one of Paris’s oldest restaurants, one presently owned by none other than the Chef extraordinaire, Alain Ducasse. Once inside the gastronomic bistro, we ascend a flight of stairs, and find ourselves in an ornate lounge overlooking the street. Among terracotta tiles, decorative panels, fireplace, oil paintings, chandelier, and one large oak wood table, we partake in a sacred Parisian rite – a traditional meal with nouveau-inspired moments and decadent Cuisine Classique asides. Veal tongue, snails in shells with

THE HEIGHTS OF LUXURY White slopes elbow their way through white clouds. At an altitude of 5000 feet, the two are indistinguishable; and we are lost between them. Because of the muscular frame and wide hips of each summit, we had not noticed the ascent. It is as if a mountain range had sprouted beneath our car, imperceptibly lifting us onto a new more silent plane – one where blue-tinted snow is all that is visible. Soon, we are weaving our way through an Alpine trail. The 4 Trident flagship resort, Valmorel soon stands before us.

Resident June 2014 • 77

TRAVEL Coiled around the pale midriff of a mountain, Club Med appears like the rural estate of an exiled monarch – a realm of stone and wood from which to plan a campaign. But what exists inside is more than mere refuge. Rife with idiosyncratic design, the property is a fully developed playground for the discerning, a place where abundance with abandon has become the norm. Understated interiors, heavy in oak, are jolted alive with capricious bursts of pinks and reds; retro-60’s and 70’s motifs drift in and out of contemporary sets; a rustic table perches on a dais where an enormous chandelier made of antlers hovers overhead. There are four dining halls – one to match each season; but since all are simultaneously in use… who knows the reason. As marvelously irrational as Alice’s Wonderland, and as lavish as a palace that provokes an uprising, Club Med is in a permanent state of celebration. One need only be aware that ‘everything is free of charge once you buy in’ to realize the level of freedom in self-indulging. Each day, regiments of French chefs serve up the much-lauded buffet. With culinary delights ranging from oysters to crabs, lobsters, prawn, sea bass, truffles, premium steaks, lamb, chicken from Bresse, game, foie gras, and regional specialties, it is virtually impossible to get bored of the ambitious and ever-changing menu. As for the pastries, deserts, fruits and Crème glacée – well, it is France, after all; the very same country where you can count on the finest wines, champagnes, aperitifs and digestifs. Clubs, spas, state-of-the-art gym, skiing lessons, swimming pools, Turkish bath, a camp for kids… Since everything is on the house, it really doesn’t take long to feel at ease with excess. The splendid silliness of it all is designed to make even the most self-conscious person let go. With a fleet of waiters, butlers, valets, caretakers and ski instructors at your beck and call, there’s an addictive level of decadence that may have one suffering from withdrawal. Since Mohammed never did go to the Tarentaise Mountains, Club Med makes sure the mountains come to their guests. The ski-in hotel means you exit the elevator, pass through the fitting room or your private locker and – as fate or Allah would decree – find yourself on the slopes. Beginners’ slopes, intermediate and ‘black’ – the pistes are as varied as they are numerous.

78 • Resident June 2014

Designed by Pierre Diener, the property exudes confidence. It is not (as architects like to say) in dialogue with its environment – it is having a torrid affair with it. Mont Blanc stares down at you through panoramic windows while you’re taking a bath. The five star suites - with their massive beds, double bathrooms – boast a VIP lounge with a self-service bar that includes

TRAVEL fine cheeses and charcuterie. Standing on your very own balcony with a glass of champagne and taking in the enormity of the Savoie region is as empowering as it is humbling. With each sip, clean crisp air rushes down your throat as though it was the mountain itself breathing with your lungs. 85 runs, 45 ski lifts; no wait when going up, no difficulty in finding secluded pistes from which to come down. The warm leathery glow of sun dipping across an unblemished ivory horizon is absolutely heady. One can sense the season-less elation as summer and winter unite in an extravagant dance whose vortex pulls you in. Valmorel’s restaurants had it right after all. Seasons do exist simultaneously. They are defined on a whim. SCALING THE HEIGHTS Like many who are drawn to climbing mountains, Club Med is no stranger to the ‘because it’s there’ brand of reasoning. Pushing onwards and up, Club Med has scaled the highest ski resort in all of Europe - awarded as the world’s best - Val Thorens and is building there. At the altitude of over 7500 feet, the season is longer than anywhere in the French Alps. With slopes reaching up to 10,564 feet, nearly 400 miles of pistes, and the most spacious cable cars each fitting up to 150 passengers - Val Thorens is a skier’s Valhalla. Since the average age is younger than at Valmorel, and is brimming with nightlife, Club Med is redefining certain priorities without sacrificing the level of service or amenities. Going by the altitude and the probable client base, hipster heaven awaits. Returning to Valmorel, I dash to the lockers alone. Tonight there’ll be that desperate farewell party. I fasten my skis, and firmly hold my poles. We’ll hug distractedly, smile uncomfortably, exchanging emails like hope. I need to escape to the heights before we go. Tinted by my goggles, the snow rises like camphor igniting the air, it glows. ’Future plans?’ they’ll ask. I make my way through the Styrofoam sounding snow. From the ski lift, air appears heavier than the slopes. Distances and heights become as vague as fast or slow. Those who never speak get a sudden urge to exchange phone numbers before they go. From here it’s Hard to tell if that’s a vulture I see or an

Alpine Chough. At the party they’ll be asking if I tweet. Looking sideways, I see the mountain that locals say resembles Jesus making a speech. I guess everything looks like Jesus when you fall and need to look up. Tonight we’ll distribute Facebook links and posts like absolution. I shuffle over to a pristine piste filled with fresh powder. ‘You ran out of business cards?’ I cling to the clarity of flight – Maybe I just ran out of reasons to do business. The vacuous mountains drown out everything but hope. Down, up – I was wrong. Skiing was neither. It wasn’t the euphoria of reaching a summit nor was it the exhilaration of speeding down it. After some time on the slopes, the notion of up and down dissipates entirely. There is only white and motion; lucid disorientation and timelessness and a feeling as wonderful silly and soulful as Club Med itself. Apex, summit, zenith… the words mean nothing when the wind on your face is indistinguishable from your skin. Tomorrow we will be leaving Valmorel, but today has taught me how to live with my feet planted firmly on a cloud. For more information: Hotel Banke: Benoit: com/en Discover Walks: Clubmed Valmorel: Club Med Val Thorens: Le Train Bleu Restaurant:

Resident June 2014 • 79

Le Vele Turks And Caicos Resort turquoise tranquility in the lap of luxury

Centrally located on the world-renowned Grace Bay, Le Vele Resort, A Romantic Rendezvous Getaway & An Extended Family Vacation Choose from among our large variety of travel packages and promotions: Family Time, The Perfect Family Escape Plan Quick Getaway, The Discerning Lover’s Route To Paradise Simply Romantic, A Romantic Triste For Sophisticated Lovers Wedding For Two, Destination Weddings Turks & Caicos Style Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information regarding our packages, amenities and availability.

Grace Bay Beach Providenciales Turks & Caicos Islands Office: 649-941-8800 Toll Free: 888-272-4406

Website: General Info: Concierge: Reservations:

Resident April 2013 • 1

THE WILDWOODS DO YOUR FAMILY A FAVOR This summer’s premiere oceanfronT resorT... now booking...

Summer Promotions: Labor Day Wknd $699

Sept. 14-19 Down By The Sea $599

Sept. 2-7 Life’s a Beach $749

Sept. 18-22 Luck of the Irish $477

June 12-16 July 6-13 Jersey Boys $499 Family Week Father’s Day Special $1299

Sept. 5-11 See You in September $699

Sept. 14-22 Jersey Daze $799

June 22-28 Jersey Devil $888

Sept. 7-11 Escape to The Cape $519

Sept. 22-28 Spectacular Sept. $699

June 27-July 3 May 23-26 Memorial Wknd OH! Bama Breeze $999 $399 May 30-June 5 May Daze $499

June 29-July 6 Holidaze Special $1299

August 22-29 Changes In L’Attitudes $1359

$20 discount coupon on reservations less than 7 nights, and a $50 discount coupon for 7 or more nights.

Granada Ocean Resort Your Oceanfront Family Resort Located Directly on The Free Beach of Wildwood Crest! Oceanfront Pool Jacuzzi BBQ Facilities Efficiency Suites with Large Refrigerators Free Wifi Free Parking Free Smiles

Visit for all SUMMER PACKAGES, onsite amenites, in-season beach activites or call – 609-522-9020 to chat with one of our reservation specialists! 8801 Atlantic Ave. & The Beach, Wildwood Crest, NJ 08260 •


3n m u r. im in offe m e n th it o get d e o t cr ge R E S a r Y ve B e de N d o a n se c U od o 0F

ts ig h

. t ay

Grand Cayman Beach Suites, Seven Mile Beach, Grand Cayman, West Indies. Ph: +1 345 949 1234 //


Paradise By The Sea B

arefoot elegance, quiet sophistication and unpretentious luxury are just a few words that could describe The Somerset Resort on Grace Bay beach in Turks and Caicos. It’s one of the most upscale beachfront properties along a

84 • Resident June 2014

By Lisa Loverro

strip of beach that has come to be known as one of the best beaches in the world. This boutique resort, 53 units in total, sits quietly along 4.6 acres of a picture perfect setting while offering its guests

all the amenities of any large scale, brand named hotel. Even when filled to capacity, the sense of privacy and space is still maintained and most units are individually owned, as is the case with many of the resorts on the island. There’s

TRAVEL no trendy scene at The Somerset; just a nice mix of families, couples and a few singles all mingling together in an environment designed to soothe and calm. It’s an ideal setting for a honeymoon or even a multi-generational family reunion. The grounds are meticulously manicured, including a croquet lawn and fragrant gardens. The architecture here is a blend of Mediterranean and Caribbean with a hint of Asian thrown in. Roman busts with seashell accents and even Thai-inspired umbrellas poolside all set the stage for what was to be one of the most peaceful and enjoyable getaways I have had in the Caribbean. And the setting couldn’t be more inviting; two magnificent pools (including the island’s longest lap pool), a powdery white-sand beach and turquoise waters were all postcard worthy. The real gem here is their Managing Director, Urmas Karner. He’s the icing on the cake of this magical resort. Upon arrival, Urmas was kind enough to meet me in the lobby to help with my luggage

(all the while nursing a broken rib). His friendly demeanor and professional attitude extend to the entire staff throughout The Somerset. They’ll get to know you by name here, a nice added touch to make you feel right at home. The oversize suites are all beautifully appointed with top of the line appliances, washer/dryers, marble floors and outdoor balconies. Their 5-bedroom penthouse suites include magnificent cathedral ceilings, and outdoor hot tub and over 5,000 square feet of pure indulgence, along with breathtaking views of the ocean. While I was expecting to eat Conch at every meal while on the island (Turks and Caicos is home of the only commercial conch farm in the world) I was taken by surprise by the variety of options at both the on-site and local restaurants. The resort’s fine dining option, Pavilion, offers a full range of cuisines from around the globe with a selection of fine wines. Steak, lamb

and an array of seafood dishes were all cooked to perfection. Their poolside “LunaSea” poolside bar and grill was the perfect spot for breakfast and lunch. Off site, The Bay Bistro, one of the finest dining establishments on the island can be found directly adjacent to The Somerset. Located on the grounds of the Sibonne Beach Hotel (one of the original hotels along Grace Bay Beach), The Bay Bistro has earned bragging rights as the restaurant closest to the beach along this strip, and it definitely offers the best sunsets! Tiki torches and lanterns light up the outdoor dinning area while its charismatic owner, Chef Clive Whent (a British transplant) meets, greets and oversees this gem of a place. The food is outstanding and the sunset views are just as spectacular. Turks and Caicos is an easy 3-hour flight from New York City making this location perfect for a long getaway weekend. For more information:

Resident June 2014 • 85


Unparalleled Comfort and Elegance L

ondon’s Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park is a luxury hotel in the beautiful Knightsbridge neighborhood overlooking Hyde Park. Widely renowned as one of the world’s most celebrated hotels, it features world-class accommodations, extremely knowledgeable concierge staff, and extraordinary dining. Guests can choose from two outstanding restaurants and a stunning bar; the hotel is one of London’s premier gourmet destinations. Dinner by Heston Blumenthal is one of the world’s most highly acclaimed restaurants and features a menu inspired by Blumenthal’s deep knowledge of and longtime enthusiasm for fifteenth- and sixteenth-century cookery. Bar Boulud is a French-style bistro and the only London restaurant of Michelin-starred chef Daniel Boulud. At Bar Boulud, relaxed ambiance meets fabulous cuisine, winning praise from both critics and diners. Mandarin Bar is one of London’s most popular nightspots. Furthermore, the Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park’s event facilities are versatile, inspired, and luxurious, making the hotel the perfect venue for everything from business

86 • Resident June 2014

By Norah Bradford meetings to weddings. The hotel’s rooms and suites offer unparalleled comfort and elegance. Exciting new developments abound at the Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park. The recently opened, stylish stainless steel swimming pool and Fitness

Centre is one. This indoor heated twin lane pool has a lap timer feature that will delight fitness enthusiasts. This feature enables swimmers to dial in a target speed that they wish to swim to and then try to keep up with the pacer light that runs

the length of the pool embedded in the floor. The new Fitness Centre is open twenty four hours a day and is equipped with the latest fitness and entertainment technology by Technogym. The soon to be opened Rosebery will welcome a contemporary chic new format to afternoon tea threading in some unique oriental touches. With the rich history of the space having formally been a tea room in the early 1020’s, The Rosebery will offer the finest of tea programmes in conjunction with the East India Company. There will be an eclectic tea list offering including a Mandarin bespoke Morning and Afternoon tea blend. Come the evening this elegant space will be transformed into a champagne bar offering premier champagnes and cordials. The Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park promises a stay that will delight and refresh visitors who seek the ultimate in comfortable and elegant accommodations in the heart of London. For more information:


Understated Chic at the Sofitel Los Angeles A

t the intersection of Los Angeles’ most fashionable neighborhoods- West Hollywood and Beverly Hills sits the Sofitel LA that embodies the chic spirit of France in the middle of Los Angeles. Upon entering the sleek lobby you’re immediately enveloped in the French vibe of the décor. For the French, pictures speak 1000 words as black and white photographs of fashion icons and supermodels shot by Gilles Bensimon adorn the lobby walls. Inside the adjacent cozy French piano lounge and bar aptly named Rivera 31, guests embark on a visual journey of the history of the French Riviera told through the lens of cameraman Edward Quinn. This hotspot features live jazz and undiscovered talent throughout the week with open mike nights every Wednesday, live indie bands on Thursdays, and DJs with live dancers over the weekend. Specializing in French Mediterranean cuisine with a Southern California twist, their signature restaurant Esterel, is named after a coastal region in Provence that shares a similar landscape and climate to Southern California. Chef Marius Blin has created a menu that combines

88 • Resident June 2014

By Hillary Latos the sophisticated flavors of France with the fresh and vibrant flavors of California cuisine as well as low calorie spa options. His flatbread selections are inspired by the regions of Southern France like Aix with artichoke, goat cheese and pistou, or Provencale with caramelized onion,

Frette linens atop dreamy pillowtop beds and unwind in their well appointed bathroom. The soothing décor envelopes the room in warm shades of ochre with views overlooks the majestic twinkling Hollywood Hills.

tomato and basil. Mediterranean specialties are enhanced with unexpected nuances like the tuna carpaccio with truffle, garlic cream laced escargots, kale Caesar salad, or sage roasted lamb, and halibut paired with prosciutto.

Fashionistas will delight in the convenient location to explore the best shopping LA has to offer. Located across the street from the the Beverly Center, the Sofitel provides its guests with the VIP Passbook packed with exclusive discounts at this shopping mecca. In just a few minutes towards the West is Robertson Avenue attracting young Hollywood, a few blocks further lies the famed Rodeo Drive and Beverly Hills, down the block is Beverly Blvd home to the top interior design stores in LA, and towards the East are the funky streetwear shops of Melrose. If all of the shopping has you worn out, take the time to relax by the intimate outdoor pool and relish in the warm Southern California sun as you embrace the celebrity lifestyle of La La land.

Live like a star in their sumptuous oversized rooms that are luxuriously outfitted with

For more information:

Martha’s Vineyard

MARTHA’S VINEYARD Chamber of Commerce Chamber of Commerce

For information on lodgings, rentals and more, please visit or 508-693-0085


Wynn Wonderland


ynn Las Vegas, a sixty four acre resort in Las Vegas, is known for luxury and distinctiveness in all the small details that make guests’ stays memorable. It is among the world’s most luxurious resorts. Built on the site of the Desert Inn (where Liberace, Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Cher, Barry Manilow and many other major stars of the last fifty years performed), this 2.7 billion dollar resort was constructed next to the Palazzo and the Venetian Hotel. The Wynn hotel’s forty-two floors contain two thousand seven hundred sixteen rooms. The Wynn and adjacent Wynn Resort Encore combined have a total of 4,750 rooms.

dining, Wynn offers something amazing for everyone. Ten fine dining restaurants, eight casual dining restaurants, plus eleven bars and lounges provide a tasty variety of choices. Amongst those, Wing Lei, the haute Chinese restaurant at the Wynn Las Vegas, is the only Chinese restaurant in North America to have ever received the distinction of a Michelin star. With its century-old pomegranate trees, and two private rooms, Wynn’s Chinese restaurant,

Industry insider Steve Wynn built both the Wynn and the Wynn Encore. An American business magnate, he played a key role in the 1990s resurgence of the Las Vegas Strip. His companies refurbished or built many of the most celebrated resorts in Las Vegas, including the Golden Nugget, the Mirage, Treasure Island, and the Bellagio. Accolades given to the Wynn and Encore include more Forbes Travel Guide Five Star awards than any other independent hotel chain in the world today. The Tower Suites at both Wynn and Encore, and The Spas at Wynn and Encore most recently received the Forbes FiveStar Award. Wynn offers an array of incredible dining options. Whether you’re looking for fine dining, bars and lounges, casual dining, or even vegan

90 • Resident June 2014

Wing Lei, embodies luxury and elegance. Designer Roger Thomas has created a restaurant interior with a unique ambience that exquisitely complements executive chef Xian Ming Yu’s creations. Known as one of Las Vegas’s most upscale and innovative restaurants, Wing Lei is a must-visit location for any visitor to Vegas and especially for hard-core foodies. Two tasting menus are available at Wing Lei, one of which is centered around the Peking Duck. Executive chef Ming Yu creates cuisine that is

By Norah Bradford

at once surprising and familiar, like dinner entrée wok-fried duck in black bean sauce. Alaskan King Crab Salad is another crowd-pleaser: with miso-yuzu dressing, mango, and avocado, it’s a gastronomic experience guests won’t soon forget. Other menu gems include Sichuan chili prawns, walnut prawns, wok-tossed scallops and wok-fried Maine lobster. Wing Lei’s sweet & sour pork, Mapo tofu, Cantonese chow mein, hand-pulled wok-tossed noddle , and Yang Chow fried rice are delicious as well. Ready to relax and rejuvenate, Vegas-style? Head to the Spa at Encore, designed by Todd-Avery Lenahan of ABA Design. The Spa at Encore features thirty-seven treatment rooms, including fourteen naturally-lit garden suites and four oversized couples’ suites for massage, body treatments, and facials. The spa also features a complete gym with two fitness movement studios which offer spinning, yoga, pilates, conditioning, and mediation classes. Personal training services are available on the gym floor, and several full-time fitness instructors are available for group classes or private instruction. The Spa includes separate women’s and men’s facilities with showers, steam room, sauna, hot and cold plunges and experience showers. Lockers with spa robes, slippers, and hair and body care amenities are also provided at the Claude BARUK Salon at Encore. For more information:





1655 County Road 39, Southampton, NY 11968, 631.283.6100.

161 Hills Station Road. Southampton, NY 11968. 631.287.0908.


Jenkinson’s Boardwalk has it all N

ew Yorkers looking for great summer family getaways have been discovering the Jersey Shore in increasing numbers. High on their list for terrific kid and adult destinations is Jenkinson’s Boardwalk in Point Pleasant Beach.

Toby Wolf, the Jenksinson’s Boardwalk marketing director, was understandably excited about her job. “Jenkinson’s Boardwalk has been greeting families since 1927,” she said. “In 1976 the Storino family bought the property and began to expand it. The reason it has been so popular is because it has been family owned throughout its existence and that feeling shows.”

Those seeking sun and fun can relax on the mile long beach of pure white sand before partaking in the offerings at Jenkinson’s Boardwalk. They’ll enjoy as near to perfection and variety as possible for families out to bond with each other.

Jenkinson’s Boardwalk sustained damage, as did so many others, by Hurricane Sandy that impacted the beach area. It was rebuilt with new attractions such as the Dark Ride, Lighthouse Point Mini Golf and the Kite Flyer.

Carousels have been a favorite for nearly two centuries and the tradition is carried on here. Jenkinson’s carousel has both moving horses and For years, There is no age requirement but to ride alone children must be at least 42 inches tall unless a taller adult accompanies them. For those who fall in between the height requirements of 36 to 54 inches the Helicopters, Elephants and Airplanes attraction will bring riders soaring over the heads of their audience. To make it even more exciting, the “pilots” can use a control stick to fly higher or dip lower at their own discretion. The more adventurous can ride the Pendolo to stir the adrenaline. Understandably this is one of Jenkinson’s more popular rides.

92 • Resident June 2014

By Bob & Sandy Nesoff

Everyone can visit their aquarium, wander through the arcades and try their luck at a game of chance. There are also three minigolf courses for budding Tiger Woods, batting cages to emulate Derek Jeter and enough sweet shops to make a dentist happy.

The park does a soft opening after the Easter/Passover holidays and then goes into full operating mode on the Memorial Day weekend. The attraction offers many free events throughout its operating season, including fireworks every Thursday evening, free movies on the beach on Friday nights, Monday brings kiddie beach shows while other times there are Doo Wop shows, a talent show, Wild West Day and Christmas in July. For more information:

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73 9 2 9 9 0 0 8 |

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Love those wiLdwood days!

ew Yorkers come from so many places that they enjoy a multitude of regional accents. Many outof-towners attempt to fit in by mimicking what they think is a New York accent. Think of someone asking directions to Houston Street. If they ask for “Hew-ston Street” you’ll immediately realize they are outlanders.

By Bob & Sandy Nesoff

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Fun for the Whole Family



In New Jersey if someone says he/she is “… going to the beach…” or “…going to the shore…” they may as well be wearing a sign around the neck declaring “Tourist.” In New Jersey you “…go down the shore.” Outsiders such as Snooki, even on a sober day, could not master that difficult challenge.

“Our amusement facilities have continuously evolved over the last 45 years, “commented Jack Morey, co-onwner of the famous pier, “More recently we have been expanding all of our offerings so that virtually no matter what your interests are, you’ll find something here that will draw you in.”

But to millions of non-gamblers, the Atlantic City area is a prime destination for fun-loving visitors for its family-friendly atmosphere, clean sand and pure water. More and more people are venturing beyond Atlantic City into the Wildwoods and finding that they have discovered a vacation wonderland.

“Our Adventure Pier has been infused with an uber gritty personality including live music, live radio broadcast studio,” he continued. “There will be artists in residence as a part of the artbox, a gallery and a shop showcasing regional art and quirky merchandise.”

Among the “Bring the family” hot spots are Morey’s Piers, offering hi-test amusement park rides, more gentle rides and attractions for the younger set, water parks, restaurants and enough activity to make it a “come again” destination. Canadians have known about the Wildwoods for generations and in warm weather literally convoys of their license plates can be seen heading south on the New Jersey Turnpike and the Garden State Parkway. More recently they have been joined by cars bearing plates from the Empire State looking for a beach and boardwalk experience not found in the Five Boroughs. The Rockaway beaches and boardwalk simply don’t offer the attractions and family events that destinations such as Morey’s Piers have.

At Mariner’s Pier on Schellenger Avenue visitors will find the traditional amusement park atmosphere. There are classics such as the Super Scooters, Teacups, Musik Express and the Giant Wheel. Mariner’s will take families on a nostalgic trip back to the turn of the century (20th Century, that is) when life was considerably simpler. “It’s also the only place where you can experience Breakfast in the Sky,” Morey said. “You can dine on the Giant Wheel with a gourmet meal, white linen and china offering one of the most unusual breakfast experiences anywhere. And that doesn’t even take into consideration the amazing views of the ocean and the Wildwoods.” OK, so it’s not AC with its table games and slot machines, but Mariner’s Arcade has some of the best games of luck and skill in one of the largest arcades in the area. Combine that with treats of pretzels, ice cream and fried Oreos.

At the water park there are two piers and beach side restaurants…and a bar with an odd name. Jack and his brother, Will (who is also a member of the Cape May County Board of Chosen Freeholders-the county legislature) could not come to an agreement on what to name a bar on the property. They argued and each stood by his favorite. The sibling rivalry continued until they agreed to name the facility “The Stubborn Brother Beach Bar & Grille.” Drinks there will also have a humorous twist with names that cover the rivalry and celebrate all sibling relationships.

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“Even though we are a privately owned business,” Jack said, “we will be working very closely with government and public agencies. “The boardwalk is public and we have no gates to our attractions. Family fun includes rides that could be a bit intense for the younger set so the policy is that is a child does not meet the minimum height requirement to ride alone on certain rides parents, can escort their child and join the fun by visiting a ticket window for a compli-

mentary wristband. Rip Tide is a classic swinging ship guaranteed to stir the adrenaline. The Ghost Ship is not only exciting but has near full access for the handicapped. Sea Serpent is a twisting, turning coaster that will either make or break you. Most riders come off exhilarated and looking for a return thrill. It is a high-speed coaster that loops its way with two 120-foot hills and turns you upside down three times forward…and then does it again in reverse. Making it more interesting, the ride zips along at 55 miles an hour.

It could be this untypical thinking that helped Morey’s Piers be named to the list of “The Top 10 Amusement Parks” by Coastal Living Magazine. Trip Advisor ratings list the Piers with top ratings and brought about comments such as “… awesome” and “…best amusement park ever.” You can’t buy comments such as those and it is a tribute to the attitude of the Moreys. For more information:

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Lake George!


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Four Seasons of Family Fun

#2 Resort for Families in America! ~ TripAdvisor 2014

800.woodloch |

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Everything Under The Sun...

In Beachfront Resort Perfection! l Coronado Resort is a beachfront full-ser vice condominium hotel located in the heart of Wildwood Crest just minutes from fine restaurants, nightlife, the world famous Wildwood Boardwalk and just a short drive to Cape May and Atlantic City. With a variety of accommodations, from single guest rooms to spacious 1, 2, 3 bedroom suites, El Coronado can meet even the most discerning traveler’s vacation needs! Enjoy breathtaking ocean views from your balcony or relax on our beachfront

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TREADYOURSELF YOURSELFTO TOTHE THEGREEK GREEKISLANDS/FRANCE/ITALY ISLANDS/FRANCE/ITALY TREAD Escapetotothetheextraordinary extraordinaryGreek Greekisles/France/Italy isles/France/Italy for for your your most most special special days. days. Escape

Destination….............. Destination….............. • US Office: 954.234.2203 • Greek Office: +30.69.747.88.888 • US Office: 954.234.2203 • Greek Office: +30.69.747.88.888 Resident December 2009 Resident December 2009 • 1 Resident December 2009 Resident December 2009 • 1


Vive La France (Quelle Horreur!)


s much as it pains me to admit, French cuisine sits at the summit of dining; so beloved a food culture the French have, that most countries emulate their technique, and flavors – even their raison d’être is influenced by the French (I’m happy to report that as an Italian we are one of the lone countries to resist such temptation).

Brennan, Alain Sailhac, Rick Moonen, Jacques Torres, Sottha Khun, Sylvain Portay, Christophe Bellanca, Michael Lomonaco, Alain Allegretti, Pierre Schaedelin, Bill Telepan, Alex Stratta and Geoffrey Zakarian to name a few. Recently, I revisited after a two year hiatus. And what a difference it is! During my first visit, I was underwhelmed by the quality, taste and preparation of the food and the service was brusque and mostly unfriendly. But this time, under the new Executive Chef Raphael Francois – coming to NYC from the two Michelin star Connaught Hotel in London – it was superlative dining experience. From first bite to last of our tasting menu (you must have the six course option) we were enthralled. The staff, thankfully, was attentive, considerate, freiendly and helpful.

So you can understand my horreur to acknowledge the fact that the grande dame of fine French cooking in our city is owned by an Italian family (okay – yes I knew this already, it’s just for dramatic effect). Sirio Maccioni, his wife and three sons own the fabled restaurant of which I speak, Le Cirque (they also own several wonderfully delicious Italian restaurants and Le Cirque in Las Vegas). Starting at the famed Colony Club as a maitre d’hotel in the late 1960s, Sirio developed his first taste for the New York restaurant business. Then in 1974, he opened what was destined to become a New York landmark – Le Cirque, which literally translates as “the circus” in French, at the Mayfair Hotel. In 1997, Le Cirque outgrew its original location and relocated to a larger space in the New York Palace Hotel under the name Le Cirque 2000. By 2004, Le Cirque was an established New York City landmark and decided to move to the prestigious Bloomberg Building on East 58th Street and finally opened its doors in May of 2006.

108 • Resident June 2014

By Christopher A. Pape

I could drone on about each dish’s use of texture and flavor (each was unique and testament to fine French cookery), but that would be boring. Trust me when I say, Le Cirque under Chef Francois is worth a visit (and perhaps several visits). You will love the décor, service and most especially the food.

Through trials and tribulations, Le Cirque has remained a bastion for New York’s well heeled, well to do and well connected. And they’ve also been the incubator of great culinary talent for the city, starting the New York careers of chefs like Daniel Boulud, David Bouley, Terrance

151 E 58th St, New York, NY 10022 212.644.0202


The Siren Song of French Cuisine

By Lisa Loverro


t’s hard to stay abreast of all the restaurant openings (and closings) in New York City but when a former chef from Le Cirque, Craig Hopson, opens a new establishment you can’t help but sit up and take notice. He’s teamed up with Frank Roberts, the former manager from the Rose Bar in the Gramercy Park Hotel to create a visually enticing restaurant with an equally enticing menu. Discreetly located next to the iconic Paris Hotel and Paris Theater, Beautique, is a sleek modern American restaurant, beautifully furnished with a mirror-lined staircase, gilded ceiling, opulent chandelier, large bar area and spacious dining room. There is a piano in the foyer and the Jean Paul Gaultier upholstery gives the entire place a French feel. If that’s not enough to entice you into this 125-seat restaurant, the menu surely will. Using only market-fresh ingredients, Chef Hopson creatively plates meticulously prepared dishes including Wild Burgundy Escargot, Spaghetti with Caviar, Mixed Grill of Lamb Five Ways and Confit King Salmon. There’s something for everyone here; from seafood and oysters to a Grassfed aged beef with bone marrow flan, which I

110 • Resident June 2014

James Beard–nominated mixologist Charlotte Voisey has created a list of cocktails just as impressive as the menu. Our favorite, the “King Of Clubs” is a potent elixir of Monkey Shoulder Blended Malt Scotch Whisky, King’s Ginger and apple bitters. There’s even a cocktail called the Gabrielle, with gin, ginger, oolong tea simple syrup, and lavender bitters as a nod to the House of Chanel from which the restaurant has drawn inspiration.

think is a “must order.” Pastry Chef, Jiho Kim, formerly from Gordon Ramsay at the London, whips up an inventive menu of desserts including Banana Bread Pudding and Mascarpone Custard that closes out the meal in just the right fashion.

8 West 58th Street New York, NY 212.753.1200


What a Catch!


he BLT restaurant group has long been a favorite with New Yorkers and all their brands, BLT Steak, BLT Prime and BLT Fish, have enjoyed a huge success. We recently visited BLT Fish on West 17th street to see what’s new and happening in this longstanding establishment. Located in an elegant townhouse, BLT Fish celebrates all things seafood with the freshest hand cut, line caught fish. There’s a retractable glass roof in the main dining room and a large, open kitchen, giving guests a peek into the hectic behind-the-scenes preparation of their plates. Downstairs, there is a seafood parlor aptly named “The Fish Shack,” where you can enjoy their highly acclaimed lobster roll, along with other fish sandwiches, raw bar and small bites. There is a private dining space on the second floor of this three-story townhouse. It’s an airy space with exposed brick and soft lighting, perfect for any business or personal celebration. The private dining space has a full service bar, DVD and ipod capability allowing for a custom and personalized experience. The main action, however, takes places upstairs in the main dining room where dishes are prepared under the supervision of Executive Chef, Luke Venner. The meal started off with a home run when their warm, cheesy biscuits served with maple butter arrived at our table. Moving

112 • Resident June 2014

By Lisa Loverro

found in the best steakhouses. Don’t miss the Crispy Whole Red Snapper, Salt Crusted Branzino or the Yellowfin Tuna and leave room for dessert because their caramelized Meringue with banana-passion fruit sorbet is as refreshing as it is filling. The wine list offers a wide selection of sparkling, red and whites along with a cocktail menu that will satisfy all those gin, bourbon and vodka lovers out there.

on it only got better as a selection of fish from wild Alaskan Halibut to New Zealand Pink Snapper, were all cooked to perfection. Add a side of grilled fennel, chestnut gnocchi and roasted cauliflower and you’ve got a little piece of heaven in the heart of Manhattan. For those diners seeking a “Not Fish” option the Chef offers roasted chicken and a 28-day aged strip loin that rivals those

The BLT family of restaurants is part of the ESquared Hospitality group that began their operations with the opening of their flagship BLT Steak on 57th Street and has grown to 22 restaurants around the world. BLT Fish, (BLT stands for Bistro Laurent Tourondel, the original Chef behind the brand) doesn’t miss a beat in the service department either as the restaurant’s attentive service has not diminished since its inception. BLT Fish will consistently deliver not only extraordinary seafood dishes but in it’s customer service as well.

21 West 17th Street New York, NY 10011 212.691.8888

We take care of you like your mother would

230 Park Avenue New York, NY

131 East 54th Street New York, NY

135 West 50th Street New York, NY

25 Broad Street New York, NY

120 West 45th Street New York, NY

120 W 45th Street New York, NY

2393 Montauk Highway Bridgehampton, NY


A Downtown Homerun T

ao Downtown is all about spectacle, located beneath the Maritime Hotel. Spanning an entire city block (approximately 22,000 square feet), TAO Downtown is the latest import to bring a touch of Las Vegas spectacle to New York City from its owners including Rich Wolf, Marc Packer, Jason Strauss and Noah Teppenberg. “We’ve spent over ten years perfecting what TAO represents,” says Partner Rich Wolf. “This isn’t just a ‘second location’ of TAO in New York City; it is the next iteration of our brand. Devoted fans will still feel at home, but there are many elements that distinguish the restaurant from its sister locations. This is what guests can expect from us moving forward.” TAO Downtown offers a distinct sense of arrival and discovery and is the first TAO venue where guests descend into the multi-level space. The subterranean restaurant is intended to look and feel as if it has been there for decades and only unearthed recently to reveal the artifacts within. Once inside the main room, a grandiose 40-foot staircase becomes the focal point of the impressive space, serving as the first “wow moment” and providing aerial views of the scene below. Specially-crafted banquettes are tucked within the grand staircase, offering prime seating amongst a diverse array of intriguing statues and sculptures sourced abroad. Custommade, beaded-tassel light fixtures and oversized lantern-like pendants provide warm lighting within the high-ceilinged restaurant. Playing off the aged, vintage aesthetic, UK street artist HUSH, renowned for his artful Eastern images of feminine beauty and sensuality, has

114 • Resident June 2014

By W.A. Muller

Every element has been meticulously planned from a menu based on culinary fact-finding trips throughout Asia to decorative items sourced during trips abroad. TAO Downtown offers a menu designed by chef/partner Ralph Scamardella and his culinary team, comprised of executive chef Yoshi Kojima and Executive Chef ooi Soon Lok. Signature dishes include offerings from sea, sky and land, such as crispy snapper in the sand, Roasted Chicken Chow Mein, served with hand pulled noodles made fresh daily in-house and Wagyu Sukiyaki. Guests can also anticipate an updated selection of sharable plates, ranging from house-made Dim Sum and traditional Yakitori skewers to an assortment of Barbeque, Tempura and small plates. hand-painted original mixed media murals throughout the cavernous space. Two custom-made Buddhas, over 16-feet in length, bookend the space and keep a watchful eye over the restaurant and its guests. The reclining Buddha greets guests immediately prior to the restaurant revealing itself, while the Quan Yin, replete with 24 hands, sits atop a koi pond, acting as the anchor of the main dining room. A floor-to-ceiling patterned screen frames the Quan Yin and accentuates the statue’s hands, which represent her ability to render assistance; she is brought to life through 3D projection mapping technology developed in Rockwell Group’s LAB, which utilizes ten animations such as a waterfall flowing down the Quan Yin’s body and blinking eyes to seemingly transform before guests’ eyes.

Desserts, include Taiwanese Shaved Ice, made on a machine flown in from Hong Kong, and Thai Coffee Custard, with mandarin sorbet and cocoa crunch. Beverage Director Keith Nelson has also crafted a menu of ten new specialty cocktails including Shiso TAO-Hito and 5-Spice Cherry Manhattan as well as an extensive wine list with over 200 varietals and sake selection featuring 30 sakes by the bottle and 25 by the glass.

92 9th Ave. New York, NY 10011 212.888.2724

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! s n pto


Bringing The Middle East to NYC T

here are plenty of Middle Eastern and Mediterranean restaurants in the city, and to be honest, the food they serve is often pretty bland: dull hummus, limp tabbouleh, and flatbread that tastes like it came off a supermarket shelf sometime last week. Ilili, in contrast, specializes in Lebanese cuisine and offers the kind of food any Beirut masterchef – or grandmother, for that matter – would be proud to serve. Instead of dull mounds of dip and mezze that taste more or less the same, Ilili produces a range of fresh, vibrant dishes that layer their flavors to create a complex and satisfying dining experience. The interior space is dramatic and original, a sign that the dining experience that awaits will challenge expectations. My companion and I found ourselves seated at a large table for two, about midway within the wood paneled main dining room. We began, on our waiter’s suggestion, with some of the Mezza, a range of small dishes meant to be shared. As I said, I am not usually a great fan of hummus, but the hommus at Ilili – yes, they spell it with an “o” – left us fighting over the last mouthful. A dish called Hindbeh intrigued us, and we both loved the way the tartness of the dandelion leaves was balanced by the sweetness of caramelized onions. The duck shawarma, the signature dish of the restaurant, did not disappoint. We could easily have eaten one each, and I made a note to order more the next time we return.

116 • Resident June 2014

By Spencer Bistricer

It took us a while to order our main courses, as just glancing around the room gave a sense of the wide range of dishes on offer. Eventually, I went for the Golden Tile Fish, a dish that complemented the robust flesh of the fish with lamb bacon and a delicate olive consumé. It was delicious, and one mouthful was enough to expel the envy I’d initially felt when I saw my partner’s Kafta arrive. The Kafta is presented with a flashiness that mimics its flavors: spicy meats, rich ratatouille and a garlic whip that brings the flavors together. It was delicious, another fresh take on a dish that is often predictable and dull. For dessert, we shared Ashta, a uniquely Lebanese dessert of clotted cream and rose water. To be honest, we couldn’t eat anymore. And for our wine, I recommend the Chateau Musar, Lebanon’s most famous vintage. It resembles French wines at their best and invariably outdoes similarly priced wines from France itself.

236 5th Ave, New York, NY 10001 (212) 683-2929


DutcHess Simple and Sophisticated. You Deserve Dutchess.

Here in Dutchess County, the Hudson Valley has its own distinct character. You’ll discover experiences you won’t find anywhere else in upstate New York. Just one hour away, and easily accessible by bus, train, or car. Settle in for not one, but two cozy nights, with time to get the most out of your getaway. Go to to plan your visit to Dutchess County with our Hudson Valley Trip Planner, and mention “Resident.”

Kayaking on the Hudson River 800.445.3131

The Fairthorne



Where luxury meets old world charm...

Intimate four room contemporary inn set in a Victorian Gothic home. All Sleep Number King beds, tiled spa baths, on site parking, bicycles and beach chairs. Sumptuous full breakfast is served daily. Complimentary snacks and beverages are available 24/7. Check availability on line at Diane and Ed Hutchinson, Innkeepers • 800-438-8742 • 115 Ocean St. • P.O. Box 2381 • Cape May, New Jersey, 08204


Not Too Cool for School D

on’t be surprised if you think you have the wrong address when your taxi arrives at 146 Essex Street. The street level mock pawnshop adorned with vintage guitars and other musical nostalgia is merely a gimmicky entrance for the surprising opulence that awaits you beyond the storefront’s back door.

type theme, you can pick your poison from Gin to Bourbon from a list of names including “The Woodsman, “The Pink Panther” and “Smooth Criminal.” Cocktails are a serious business here, almost as serious as the women trying to outdo each other. Date night was in full force this Friday evening, along with small groups of 30-somethings all enjoying the tapas style dishes. Ladies, take note, there’s free champagne in the restroom for you. Sorry gentlemen, you’ll have to buy your own.

Beauty and Essex offers a nod to the past of its Lower East Side location; an area of New York City once widely known for its dive bars and speakeasy clubs with hidden doorways with password-protected entrances. But like it or not, the Lower East Side has emerged as a Mecca for the trendy bridge-and-tunnel crowd swarming to take a bite out of the Big Apple. The design team of AvroKo has brought back to life this former Katz and Sons furniture storefront and revitalized it into a gigantic, eclectic restaurant/lounge/dance club (to the tune of 10,000 square feet). The 250-seat restaurant is a visual feast for the eyes enticing your senses with everything from peacock feathers to jewels - with a giant chandelier thrown in for good measure. The ceiling, a massive 20-foot oval skylight can’t help but take center stage as it beckoned me to constantly look up, leaving me with a feeling of playing tourist in my own city. The menu is as diverse as the décor. Roasted bone marrow,

118 • Resident June 2014

By Lisa Loverro

The music was pumping, but not too loud that I couldn’t hear my dining partner. We thoroughly enjoyed every last bite of our dinner, served by an attentive wait staff. Beauty and Essex has been opened since December 2010 and is still going strong in a neighborhood of New York City that offers a nice balance of old city grit and grime along with chic restaurants and cool lounges. lobster tacos, fried oysters, and steak tartare were just a few of the plates that arrived at my table, all deliciously executed by Chef Chris Santos of Stanton Social fame. The cocktail list is just as diverse and imaginative as the food. With a Prohibition

146 Essex Street New York, NY 10002 212.614.0146

The key to unlocking your Upper West Side experience. Boutique The key to unlocking Upper West Near Side experience. accommodations. Savvyyour meeting space. Central ParkBoutique & Midtown. accommodations. Savvy meeting space. Near Central Park & Midtown. 212.362.7700 / Resident June 2014 • 119 212.362.7700 /

Resident January 2014 • 59


Salinas’ Sublime Spanish


alinas is fast becoming the go to place for an intimate date and delicious tapas. With its dimly lit interior, tables that are tucked away and a staff that is knowledgeable and friendly, it’s a tough seat to snag. It is no wonder then, that my guests and I thoroughly enjoyed our meal there recently. From first bite to last, we were enthralled with our meal. A specialty not to be missed is the “Boquerones Ao Mojo Picon,” which delights the palate with marinated white anchovies, a guacamole oviate atop multigrain toast. These unique and complex flavors combine to create a robust culinary experience. Another highly recommended dish is the artichokes they are crispy, and accompanied by sweet candy beets, a goat cheese-lemon aioli, and toasted pine nuts. It was great portent of things to come and a truly memorable bite. The owner always seems to be always buzzing about and this is a great sign, showing how much love he puts into this spectacular restaurant. One aspect of the establishment that attracts guests is their retractable skylight. It’s a very thoughtful way to welcome the city into your meal! It is a unique feature and a lovely addition to the meal. But back to the food – the foie gras is unique as it comes with both sweet (sweet pimento) and salty (pickled garlic) sides to top off the toasted bread. Pancetta Con Albaricoques – pan seared Berkshire pork belly was one of the highlights of the whole meal. A harmonious interplay of delicious fat (but not too much!) and sweetness from the apricot, it is a dish that showed the

120 • Resident June 2014

technical skill of the kitchen and one that is universally loved by guests. I could go on like this for a while, but why don’t you thank my advice and go in for a taste yourself? With a romantic setting, proficient and friendly service and food that will knock your socks off, Salinas is a restaurant to remember. Go and I promise, you won’t leave disappointed!

136 9th Avenue New York, NY 10011 212.776.1990

By John Meyer

Robert Wallace Real Estate

Top of the World in Barnard, Vermont


Own your piece of the Hamptons A home of subtle simplicity and elegance on 35.27 acres situated at elevation 1,840 feet with uninterrupted panoramic views in all directions. Beautifully constructed in 2008 using the finest of materials. Approximately 4,000 sq. ft. of living space, two ponds and all systems are state of the art and energy efficient. One of a kind property! $1,980,000 5 Central Street / Box 630, Woodstock, VT 05091

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23 Old Timber Trail ∙ Boonton Township, NJ

Oceanfront Co-Ops from $150,000 A “year round retreat” just 40 minutes from NYC. Handcrafted details abound in this granite estate on a quiet cul-des-sac in Morris County, NJ.

Anne Fisher This home will captivate you with its handcrafted, custom details and luxurious amenities including paver circular Coldwell Banker driveway with front fountain and gated entry, 5 masonry fireplaces, Brazilian mahogany floors, media Residential Brokerage room, upper balcony, lower level with sauna, stone terrace, and spa inspired pool with waterfalls. Attend PO Box 278 award winning Mountain Lakes High School. Price upon request

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A Tale of Two Restaurants W

hen you think classic New York City Steakhouse, you think Peter Lugers. But when the owners of Benjamin Steakhouse left the iconic steakhouse for midtown Manhattan they had big plans to create a truly memorable dining experience in the heart of the Big Apple. From the moment you enter Benjamin Steakhouse, the massively long corridor leading to the immense dining area will have you wondering if you’ve stepped into a chapter of Gulliver’s Travels. And if the visually appealing décor isn’t enough to pique your interest, the welcoming staff will win you over before you even arrive at the table. The leather seating and oak paneling gives a somewhat masculine feel to this restaurant while still exuding a classy and sexy ambience. The menu is what you’d expect to

122 • Resident June 2014

By Lisa Loverro

find at any steakhouse, but with an emphasis on large. Hefty cuts of dryaged beef including a porterhouse prepared Peter Lugers style stands out on the menu as a must try. There are chops and seafood here, too. From shrimp cocktail and crab cakes to extra thick veal and lamb chops, the items on this list are not for the meek; this menu means business. Their Canadian Bacon is a must-order and the creamed spinach is the perfect side dish to compliment the beef. In addition to all this exceptional food is a wine list offering various price points. Benjamin Steakhouse 52 East 41st Street 212.297.9177

DINING The perfect compliment to Benjamin Steakhouse is their sister restaurant, The Sea Fire Grill, conveniently located in midtown Manhattan on 48th Street between Lexington and 3rd Avenues. The space is sleek, sexy and romantic. There is a faux waterfall lining the corridor and a cozy fireplace in the main dining area that illuminates the elegantly styled wine racks made of dark walnut. The seafood is seasonal, locally sourced (when possible) and prepared in a Contemporary American style ranging from a roasted whole Branzino to an American Red Snapper with Chimichurri sauce. The Sea Fire Grill is one of those places that consistently delivers on fresh seafood. There is beef here as well, dry aged a la Benjamin Steakhouse. You can’t miss with the restaurant’s Surf and Turf or the Alaskan King Crab legs

served with drawn butter (are you drooling yet?). Their raw bar is just as impressive serving East and West Coast oysters, chilled lobster, and their Seafood Sampler including clams, shrimp, oysters, and lobster. The cocktail list is perfectly crafted with gin, vodka and tequila libations along with a Pisco Sour that’s not standard on most bar menus here in Manhattan, but nice to see nevertheless. Come hungry and be sure to leave room for their Meyer Lemon Tart or Gala Apple Upside-Down Pie with Cinnamon Ice Cream. The Sea Fire Grill 158 East 48th Street 212.935.3785

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Restaurant Roundup By Hillary Latos

is the season for fine farm to table dining. Some of our most memorable dining experiences happen in the warmer months when we can enjoy fresh local produce, muddled fruit cocktails, and light main courses highlighting the herbaceous flavors of summer. From new seasonal menus at iconic NYC restaurants to farm to table menus at new hotspots, this month it’s all about fresh flavors from the greatest melting pot in the world and of course, eating well.

Le Colonial Some things just get better with age. This summer the iconic Le Colonial is celebrating their twentieth anniversary with a new tasting menu created by executive chef Ron Wing Wee Hsu who mastered his talents at Le Bernardin. The “Then and Now” six course menu offers a choice between customer favorites from the 90s in the Then section and highlights selections from Chef Hsu’s new direction in the Now section which can be mixed and matched to create a customized culinary journey. To enhance the dining experience, choose the wine pairing option where each delicately prepared dish has been paired with a handpicked wine by their master sommelier and winemaker Marie Vayron. Vacillate between then and now with Southeast Asian classics like bo luc lac- a black pepper beef, and canh chua tom hum- a tamarind sweet and sour lobster and contemporary takes on French Vietnamese like flash cured so dipe tai chanhscallop ceviche in coconut and lemongrass, and ca koh to- a caramelized braised clay pot Chilean sea bass. Relive the glamorous yesteryear of Saigon 1930s in the two story aerie that resembles a French Vietnamese villa with authentic décor and photographs from the era. Start with an Asian inspired cocktail in the lushly decorated lounge upstairs with lanterns and animal print banquettes before partaking in an unforgettable meal in the ambient dining room on the ground floor. Greenwich Project 47 East 8 St. NYC 212.253.9333

Greenwich Project Situated in a quaint townhouse in the heart of Greenwich Village is Greenwich Project created by Nick Boccio and Chef Carmine di Giovanni. Clean and chic, the new American eatery features floor to ceiling windows, a white bar, with sleek silver bar stools balanced by exposed brick walls and burnt orange banquettes. Upstairs feels like a cozy and luxurious lair with plush banquettes, chandeliers against white washed brick walls. Taking cues from Mediterranean cuisine, Chef Carmine infuses these flavors into a contemporary American menu with delectable twists like Branzino with coconut cream and kale, Berkshire pork chops with caramelized apple and endive silk, scallops with red curry and bacon, and sweetbreads with snails, bacon & garlic. At the heart of the menu is the seasonally curated cocktail selection derived from the Project Group of Mulberry Project fame. These talented mixologists seamlessly blend flavors and approach cocktail creation as a scientist creates new formulations with names as creative as their tastes. Indulge in concoctions like the Thunderbird with scotch, honey, and fire water bitters, or the Brick House with bourbon and “red hot” syrup, and an out of this world drink- The East of Eden with tequila, chartreuse, basil, ginger and celery bitters.

Tender at the Sanctuary Hotel Step back in time to the 1930s in the theatre district’s latest steakhouse at the Sanctuary Hotel. Executive Chef Dale Schnell who had previous stints at Picholine, The Setai and Burj al Arab, has created a modern American menu with premium aged steaks, as well as contemporary pan Asian fusion fare like spicy tuna crispy rice, wild ginger edamame, and black cod butter lettuce. Drawing from his experience at the Setai, he partnered with sushi chef Edwin Purnomo from Sushi of Gari to create a ten course Japanese Omakase tasting menu as well as non-traditional sushi rolls with unexpected and unique flavors. Hoteliers Hank and Brandon Freid pay a tribute to the past and modeled Tender after a private 1930s gentleman’s club with walnut paneled walls, lighting drawn from vintage Parisian table lamps and long banquettes accented with turquoise leather custom chairs. Over the course of the evening the sexy vibe of Tender evolves from casual cocktails and light bites, to supper ending in late night revelry that carries on ‘til the wee hours of the night at their underground speakeasy lounge, the Foxhole.

124 • Resident June 2014

Le Colonial 149 East 57 St. NYC 212.752.0808

Tender at the Sanctuary Hotel 130 West 47th St. NYC 212.514.6000

Bell Book & Candle Hotel Named after a 1958 romantic comedy starring James Stewart and Kim Novak, Bell Book & Candle is about a beautiful free spirited witch living in Greenwich Village who casts a love spell on a handsome publisher as an act of revenge and meanwhile falls for him and denounces her supernatural powers in the name of love. Housed in a historic townhouse, the romantic and eco friendly Bell Book & Candle exudes the quintessential charm of the West Village that will make you fall in love again. Enjoy the fresh flavors of their ‘roof to table’ cuisine where 60% of the herbs and produce are grown directly from their vertical aeroponic rooftop garden. The contemporary American menu is largely driven by seasonal ingredients, where chef John Mooney has creates delicious renditions of American comfort food. Some favorites from the summer menu include crispy fried oysters, roasted jalapeno deviled eggs, house made creamy burrata with fresh cherry tomatoes, truffled grilled cheese, Montauk yellowfin tuna with watermelon relish, and grilled hanger steak with bleu cheese and onion marmalade. Their creative cocktails have fresh and vibrant flavors like the jalapeno spiked margarita and the ‘Sorry Not Sorry’ watermelon martini with a basil infused vodka, sugar rim and lemon salt- which you won’t be sorry about drinking.

Monarch Room Monarch Room is the sister restaurant to The Wayfarer located in the Meatpacking, brought to you by Lisle Richards and Eric Marx who ambitiously opened both locations at the same time. With virtually no signage in the front, at first it seems like you’re walking into a clandestine secret society that harks back to the stark and foreboding feeling of Orwell’s 1984 novel. Concrete grey walls set the stage with dark leather banquettes lit by brass pendant lamps in a dining room balanced by a dramatic stairwell showcasing an art deco mural, which was inspired by the glamorous cruise ships of the early 20th century. Executive Chef Michael Citarella of Freemans fame displays his culinary range of delicately prepared seafood and grilled meats which is best enjoyed through his extensive selection of small plates and starters. Dabble in a selection from their comprehensive raw bar including the scallop crudo with meyer lemon and cucumber, or try the ruby shrimp with spring ramps or kaffir curry soft shell crab. The fresh pastas are some of the best in the city with red pepper gnocchi, tagliatelle with a creamy leek sauce, and ribbon pasta with braised short ribs and Calabrian chile. For their spring menu, the arctic char is light with hints of bacon and savory. Be sure to leave room for their house made ice cream in innovative flavors like rhubarb, buttered popcorn, and hibiscus pomegranate, and end the night with a drink in the fashionable hotspot downstairs- The Gilded Lily. The Wayfarer 101 West 57 St. NYC 212.691.0030

Monarch Room 408 West 15 St. NYC 646.790.7070

The Wayfarer Housed in the new Quin Hotel, The Wayfarer is just what midtown Manhattan needed- a jolt of downtown cool, a mix of a fine farm to table and seafood menu, and a stunning post modern 70s décor with lush leather and wool banquettes in a palette of heathered grey, nickel, and cocoa that would make Tom Ford swoon. In a sea of mediocre tourist traps that have besieged the area, this is a welcome breath of fresh air that can flawlessly execute a healthy breakfast and brunch to a fine seafood and steak dining experience for dinner. For breakfast, fresh cold pressed juices are made daily in small batches that can complement a peeky toe crab egg white omelet or buttermilk and ricotta blueberry pancakes. Seasoned restaurant vets Eric Marx and Lisle Richards have partnered with E Square Hospitality’s Jimmy Haber and know the elements in creating a buzzy NYC hotspot. It’s all about the food and atmosphere. Over the summer the floor to ceiling windows in the dining room are raised to give the vibe of an outdoor European bistro, while the lively oyster bar or sleek mezzanine level lounge provide a chic backdrop for light bites. For dinner, seafood is their specialty with contemporary renditions of classics like the San Francisco Cioppino with generous portions of shellfish in a rich tomato broth, grilled prawns with a spicy jalapeno salsa, sea scallops with celery root puree and prosciutto, and for carnivores grilled aged rib eyes and porterhouse are succulent and on par with NYC’s top steakhouses.

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Bell Book & Candle 141 West 10 St. NYC 212 414 2355




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MINT SALEM SPLIT – This bright and sunny home features LR/fpl, DR with sliding doors to sun room. MBR w/luxury bath and walk in closet, 2 additional bedrooms and additional new bath. Laundry Room, lower level playroom. Attached garage. New windows, CAC. $715,000

BAXTER ESTATES – Beautiful 4 bedroom 3.5 bath Center Hall Colonial situated on professionally landscaped property with pool. LR, FDR, huge custom top of the line granite and cherry EIK, gorgeous Family Room with brick fireplace and sliding doors to yard. Full basement with playroom, laundry.Attached 2 car garage. CAC.Walk town and RR $1,299,000

PORT WASHINGTON – Loads of space in this sprawling 4  bedroom 2.5 bath split level on oversized property. Cathedral ceiling LR, FDR, spacious EIK. Lower level Family Room plus large basement. Beautiful open floor plan, great family neighborhood! $888,000

BRICK C/H COLONIAL – Nestled just blocks from town, town dock, library and RR, this beautiful home featres 4 bedrooms 2.5 bath. LR/ fpl, FDR, den plus modern EIK with separate Breakfast Room with sliders to deck. Large Master Bedroom w/fpl. and bath. Lower level playroom with tons of storage. Bonus 3rd floor space. 4 zone gas heat, 2 zone CAC. Deep property. $899,000

SALEM GEM – Beautiful 3 bedroom 2 bath Salem Split. This expanded home features LR/fpl, large Formal Dining Room and up to the minute kitchen. Huge Family Room w/skylights and sliding doors to yard. Full lower level with laundry and playroom. Gas heat, CAC. Move right in! $829,000

MINT, MINT! Exquisite 4 bedroom 2.5 bath splanch totally renovated! Fabulous open floor plan with new gourmet EIK, Dining Room and Family Room w/sliding doors to gorgeous yard. Powder Room and laundry. Stunning Living Room w/cathedral ceiling. New baths. Lower level playroom and office. $829,000

From cottages to castles, Long Island’s North Shore offers the best of both worlds! Top notch schools, beaches and parks, golf courses and marinas, incredible shopping and restaurants and, best of all, just a short 35 minute direct train to the heart of Manhattan. Come check us out! ACCENTS ON REAL ESTATE 917 PORT WASHINGTON BLVD. PORT WASHINGTON, N.Y. 11050 516-944-7171



COCOA VILLAGE, FLORIDA Direct Indian River/ICW location. Northeast corner condo with over $175K in upgrades to include hickory floors, central vacuum,ultra violet a/c filter system, custom crown and baseboards, custom cabinets, tile, granite counters, high end appliances, custom lighting and built in office. Versatile floor plan with wrap around tiled balcony. Private under building garage included. The complex has pool/ spa,sauna, community center and exercise room. Located within walking distance of restaurants, shops and city park of Historic Cocoa Village.

Offered at $595,000.

130 • Resident June 2014

Celebration, Florida

Celebration, Fly & Buy

Florida ArtisAn PArk

• 6 Bedrooms + 7.5 Bath • Guest Cottage/Pool/Spa $1,248,888

• Travel expenses of up to $1,000 uSD** towards your Closing Costs • Many home designs available, including NEW Construction! • Watch a VIDEO of Celebration at www.ImaginationRealty.Net ** A minimum purchase price of $200,000 is required. sArAtOgA

• 3 Bedrooms + 2.5 Bath • Custom Library & Fenced Patio $404,088


• 5 Bedrooms + 4 Baths • Conservation & Pool Oasis $1,395,000

ArtisAn PArk cOnDO

• 3 Bedrooms + 2.5 Bath • Penthouse Full Water View $448,000

Kathleen S. Carlson 407-361-7653

Kathy@ImaginationRealty.Net 617 Celebration Avenue Celebration, FL 34747


• 3 Bedrooms + 2 Bath • Newly Renovated One Story $462,888


• 4 Bedrooms + 3.5 Bath • Includes Full 1 BR Apt. $729,000

View Celebration Video @


Welcome to


Offering a pleasant, friendly atmosphere

Pocono real estate?

WHEN YOU NEED On-premise pool and tennis, attractive rooms and efficiencies — each offering many amenities. Free access to a neighboring boat ramp and plenty of parking for your boat and trailer. Complimentary wash-down service available, too! Tel: 631.668.2511 371 West Lake Drive, Montauk, NY 11954


WE’LL HELP WITH YOUR ESCAPE. Depart from the ordinary and arrive at the home of your dreams. Whether you are looking for a vacation home, a primary home or a vacation rental property, CENTURY 21 Select Group will find the right community for your lifestyle. When you’re ready to escape to the Poconos, CENTURY 21 Select Group will put you in the perfect setting.

“The Only Name You Need to Know in The Poconos” KIT TY HAWK, NC • 252-261-4444 VACATION RENTALS • REAL ESTATE SALES • RENTAL MANAGEMENT 877-538-2100


WYE RIVER WATERFRONT: Large brick home on private lot includes beautiful details throughout. Owners suite with attached den, custom bar, basement, sunroom, wrap around screened porch, pool, deep water pier has multiple slips with lifts. Loaded with features. $1,495,000

LUXURY WATERFRONT: This immaculate 5 bedroom, 4 bath home has incredible gourmet kitchen with granite counters, first floor master suite, bonus room, waterside pool with patio, 3 car garage with RV bay plus outbuilding. $1,475,000

TOP OF THE LINE WATERFRONT: Pristine 4,600+ sq. ft. home on 38+ acres with broad water views. Gourmet kitchen, double waterside porches with immaculate views, pier and huge 2 bay outbuilding. Don’t miss this incredible buy! $1,295,000

MILES RIVER ESTATE: Well-built brick offers world class views, first floor master suite, living room with fireplace and second floor family room. Deep water pier, pool & gazebo. Minutes to Easton & St. Michaels. $1,250,000

EASTON WATERFRONT: Immaculate Cape near Talbot Country Club offers wood floors, spacious kitchen, waterside sunroom, family room with fireplace, waterside pool and with lift. Gorgeous sunset views. $950,000

EASTON CLUB WATERFRONT: Custom built four bedroom home loaded with upgrades. Gourmet kitchen with island, first floor master suite, deck and screened gazebo. Pier and three car garage. Community pool and tennis court. $850,000.

Barbara Watkins, Associate Broker Benson & Mangold Real Estate 27999 Oxford Road, Oxford, Maryland 21654 410-310-2021 CELL 410-822-1415 OFFICE

WELCOME TO LAKERIDGE, LITCHFIELD COUNTY’S BEST KEPT SECRET Lakeridge is a unique year-round gated community just 2 hours from the city, with amenities you won’t find anywhere else. What’s your style? Athletic? We have indoor and outdoor pools, indoor and outdoor tennis, a gym, kayaking, even cross country trails and downhill ski runs with snowmaking. Got kids? We have tennis, ski and riding camps. Got a green thumb? We have community gardens. Got a horse? We even have stables. Want to just relax? Soak up the sun by the pool or pond, relax in the Jacuzzi or take a yoga class. Lakeridge has it all, right in the heart of Litchfield County, near Tanglewood, the Yale-Norfolk Music and Art School, Music Mountain, Infinity Hall and the wonderfully restored Warner Theater. There are loads of golf courses, antique shops, bike trails, boating, hiking and fishing. Nestled in 235 private acres, our homes have 2 to 4 bedrooms, all with fireplaces and private decks. Outside maintenance is taken care of. There’s never been a better time to rent or buy a place of your own. Come see what Lakeridge has to offer; we promise you’ll want to stay. Call 800-796-8929 or visit

2014RegesNYResidenthalfpg_Reges WW Chamber 2002 1/2 pg 3/10/14 12:32 PM Page 1

Children stay free with paying adult!

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You can have it all at “The Jewel of theCrest”… TM

From surfside, to poolside, to bedside… our guests enjoy casual, elegant oceanfront accommodations and resort amenities at an affordable price. All rooms are oceanfront with private balconies and panoramic views. Experience our newly decorated “Signature Suites” and new and expanded wireless high speed internet in all rooms and public areas.

On the Beach at 9201 Atlantic Avenue, Wildwood Crest, N J 08260 • 609.729.9300

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Twin Pines On Trout Lake

Killingworth Country Estate $1,800,000 Newport, RIfor / Cape Cod and The Islands Looking a Country Home? This stately home is not a cookie-cutter colonial! Over 3100 square feet of living space on three floors with a wonderful flow. Four second floor bedrooms include a large master suite with a huge walk-in closet. An additional guest room with full bath and office/hobby room is located on the third floor. Screen porch, beautiful stone patio Hundreds of properties available & landscaped lot complete this special home. Offered at $530,000.

Find your place in the sun on the beach with One Call

Only minutes from Lake George

(Ocean, River , Lake Front)

Aggressive & Experienced Representation for Real Estate Buyers

A family resort on pristine Trout

Lake, high in the Adirondack Mountains. Vacation rentals, fishing, sailing, sandy beach and more. The perfect opportunity to escape from the bustle of everyday life!



Connecticut Retreat - Killingworth on 3.6 pectacularCountry five bedroom country estate in ruralAntique Killingworth, CT Acres

nestled a quiet cul-de-sac acres of private, wonderfully Peaceful andon secluded, this 2600 with sq ft20+ home is truly something special. manicured land. Enjoy beautiful craftsmanship and details throughout With four bedrooms, 2.5 baths, three fireplaces, formal living room, Take a drive outfeaturing a spacious 12 rooms and 6600 square feet of rustic space, dining room and family room, the homeliving is spacious with that “rambling sunken living room with beamed, vaulted ceiling, soaring to Killingworth – stone fireplace, on” feeling antiques can have. The grounds are spectacular....a first floor master suite, heated saltwater pool, off game room, a gourmet located Route 95,plus beautiful meadow, a lightly wooded heated inground pool, kitchen with breakfast bar, island and area, high-end appliances. This vast exit 63 – and see perennial gardens, trees,Forest stonewalls, large teak deck, twoPark, car property abuts 700+flowering acres of State and Chatfield Hollow State wonderful our want garage... twosite hours from Afacility. retreat you won’t to leave! making itOnly an ideal for an equestrian An additional 10 acre parcel littleabuts Community is! can be sold for made up of three approved building lots the land and MLS # M9140426 • $575,000 an additional $450,000. MLS #: M9141314 For more more information, information, call 860-391-2747. For callShelly ShellyCumpstone Cumpstoneat at 860-391-2747.

Chace Real Estate Co. & Summit Auctions

EfficiEncy units 1, 2, 3, & 4 bEdroom cottagEs hEat/ac picnic tablEs and bbq grills 1200’ sandy bEach dock/launch rowboats, kayaks, canoEs and sailboat tEnnis courts rEc room with cablE tv 2 champ tEnnis courts vollEyball, shufflEboard and baskEtball

One Hour North of New York City EAST HAMPTON TO Cold Spring, NY MONTAUK

Own your piece of the Hamptons

Country chic shingle style custom built contemporary situated on 8+ acres with mountain views and stream. 3512 sq. ft.including a Living room/Dining room with fireplace, Library, country Kitchen that opensour to screened Master Suite with Visit websiteporch. for accomodations balcony, three additional bed rooms and and pricing: three and a half baths. Hardwood floors throughout, 10' ceilings, full basement 520 Trout Lake Road • Diamond Point, NY 12824 and two car garage. $935,000. Tel: (518) 644-2161 • Toll Free: (800) 735-6135

Shelly Shelly Cumpstone (Office) Cumpstone 401-592-0146 (Cell)Brokerage 401-965-3259 Shelly CumpstoneColdwell Banker Residential Coldwell Banker Residential Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage Brokerage 752 Boston Post Road, Madison, CT 06443 752 Boston Post 752 Boston Post Road, Road, Madison, Madison, CT CT 06443 06443 (cell) 860-391-2747 · (fax) 203-245-9548 (cell) (cell) 860-391-2747 860-391-2747 ·· (fax) (fax) 203-245-9548 203-245-9548

The Fairthorne Your Real Estate Connection Panton & Co.

To New Jersey’s Outstanding Beach Communities Realty, Inc.

C O T TA EDoorsBSinceE1971D & B R E A K FA S T ServiceG Opens Fort Lauderdale, FL. 33316-33301

14 Isla Bahia


2430 Laguna Dr.


2571 Del Lago Dr.


2518 Sea Island Dr.


Where luxury meets Callworld or e-mail us today for a key to your new shore home! CONTACT old charm... Barbara Panton

Built inDonna 1892 byFahy-Waters a whaling captain, the Fairthorne Bed &Linda Breakfast in the heart Romano c: 954.980.5675 of historic May, is just steps to the beach, shopping and dining. Broker Associate Broker Cape Associate h: 954.467.1479 BicyclesCell & beach chairs await your Cape May romantic Ask about our Cellgetaway. 908-872-3907 908-601-0645 special Pamper, Romantic & Babymoon packages. Panton & Co. Realty Inc. E-Mail: 1554 Cordova Road, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316 Office: 954-527-1948 • Fax: 954-527-1952 • Toll Free: 1-888-221-0666 Diane and Ed Hutchinson, Innkeepers • 800-438-8742 • 1122 Third Avenue, Spring Lake, New Jersey Office (732) 449-2777 Email: • Web: • 111 Ocean St. • P.O. Box 3482 • Cape May, New Jersey, 08204 ©2013. Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC, Coldwell Banker is a registered trademark licensed to Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC. An Equal Opportunity Company. Equal Housing Opportunity. Owned and operated by NRT LLC

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Mary Ann Mitchell


hether you’re interested in golf, tennis, fitness, or just lounging poolside Hunters Run Country Club has it all.

• 3 Championship Golf Courses • 21 Tennis Courts • 7 Restaurants (from pool side snack bar to fine dining)

Richard Ralston P.A., GRI Lang Realty Direct: 561.702.4241 Office: 561.853.2300 3700 Clubhouse Lane Boynton Beach, FL 33436

• Spa & Salon • Lodge • Fully Staffed Fitness Room • 23 Communities totaling 1649 Homes

It is undeniably country club living at its finest.


Lincoln Square By Linette Semino Associate Broker The Corcoran Group


onsidered the gateway to the Upper West Side, the neighborhood of Lincoln Square begins at Columbus Circle and cuts off at 72nd Street, stretching from Central Park West to the Hudson River. It gets its name from a small park located at the intersection of Broadway and Columbus Avenue at 65th Street. This dynamic neighborhood is best known as the home of New York’s finest cultural and entertainment center. From the New York City Ballet to the Metropolitan Opera to the New York Philharmonic, Lincoln Center offers superb performances for just about everyone. Throughout the years, I have worked with buyers who want to move to Lincoln Square to have Lincoln Center nearby. Even if you aren’t a lover of the performing arts, the streets surrounding Lincoln Center have everything you might crave; fine dining restaurants, luxury shops, cosmopolitan hotels and acres and acres of beautifully landscaped grounds to explore in nearby Central Park. Lincoln Square even offers dazzling residential properties with views of Central Park or the majestic Hudson River and some residences enjoy both views. In past years, this sought-after area has seen remarkable real estate development. Today, Lincoln Square is famous for its celebrity residents and ultrahigh-end properties. While you would think that these multimilliondollar homes come with orchestra seats to Lincoln Center’s popular performances, they do afford you the ability to live steps away from the world’s leading presenter of artistic programming. The splendid 15 Central Park West currently offers a glorious 5 bedroom condo of 6,000 square feet at a price of $65,000,000. Lincoln Square’s other luxurious condominiums include The Trump International Hotel and Tower, located adjacent to 15 CPW, where a tony 4 bedroom condo of 4,850 square feet is for sale at $43,000,000. Across the street, the lively Time Warner Center offers a smaller, yet still very lavish 7 bedroom condo of 3,582 square feet listed for $42,500,000. These three condominiums have only one thing in common; they all offer breathtaking views of our almighty Central Park. Whether you are looking for Art Deco or quintessential pre-war details, you can find a beautiful home on Lincoln Square’s Central Park West. While becoming known for its soaring real estate prices, Lincoln Square still has nice-looking apartments in every budget. Last year, I represented the sale of a mint condition junior one bedroom coop at 61 West 62nd which sold for $925,000 to a long-time resident of the area. In the neighborhood, bedroom coop buyers should expect to pay from $479,000 up to $999,000 and for a two bedroom coop from $1,325,000 up to $9,850,000. One bedroom condos list from $825,000 up to $2,000,000 and two bedroom residences from $2,000,000 to $12,000,000 at 15 Central Park West. At the moment, there are about a dozen striking houses for sale and the least expensive is

138 • Resident June 2014


Has It All going for $6,950,000. Located at 42 West 71st Street, currently listed for $23,500,000, a gorgeous new construction townhouse is ideal for those people fancying a single family home on a tranquil tree-lined street in close proximity to Central Park. As Lincoln Square continues to evolve into Manhattan’s most esteemed neighborhood, more real estate development is foreseeable. Riverside Boulevard which expands from West 71st Street to 61st Street is possibly the best example of how Lincoln Square has developed in the past decade. A secluded waterfront community, this enclave of modern buildings was originally developed in 2001 by Donald J. Trump and Extell Development Company built three additional luxury condominiums named Avery, The Rushmore and The Aldyn. Extell is now constructing a fourth condominium named One Riverside Park. It will contain 219 refined apartments with amazing river and city views ranging in size from one-bedroom to seven-bedroom layouts. According to, two bedroom residences start at $1,910,000. As it has become the norm in Lincoln Square, a 7 bedroom residence of 5,739 square foot is listed for $25,750,000. This quiet community also offers a couple of luxury rental buildings where leases afford you unobstructed views of Hudson River and a residence away from the bustling Columbus Circle and Broadway. Riverside Boulevard is a 5 minute walk to Lincoln Center and is easily accessible. Lincoln Square is surely a hard neighborhood to leave and one to easily fall in love with. It feels like the center of New York; walking distance to Times Square and only a short ride to Fifth Avenue. There is so much to do in the surrounding streets with parks, arts, culture, shopping, restaurants and hotels. “Today’s Columbus Circle – dominated by the gleaming towers of the Time Warner Center, with its chic shops and restaurants – functions as a gateway to the Upper West Side”, according to The New York Times.

All information furnished regarding property for sale or rent or regarding financing is from sources deemed reliable, but Corcoran makes no warranty or representation as to the accuracy thereof. All property information is presented subject to errors, omissions, price changes, changed property conditions, and withdrawal of the property from the market, without notice.

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800-598-0155 92 Summit Avenue Summit, NJ

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The Adeline Launches in Flourishing Harlem T

By W.A. Muller

he Adeline is a stunning new condominium development located in the burgeoning heart of Central Harlem at 23 West 116 Street. The 12-story, 83-unit condominium generously pairs one- to fourbedroom luxurious residences with traditional touches, high-end finishes and a full-service amenity package. Each apartment at The Adeline pairs crisp, modern elements with traditional touches while beautifully oversized windows allow for sun-drenched interiors. Three expansive penthouse homes feature open staircases detailed in metal and wood that lead up to their own private rooftop terraces. Developer by prominent L+M Development Partners and designed by the famed Perkins Eastman, The Adeline is graciously designed to include customized accents including marbled surfaces, Herringbone tile, wide-plank oak floors courtesy of DuChateau, Ceasarstone countertops and backsplashes and top-of-theline appliances. Impressive master bathrooms are filled with Grohe rain showerheads and faucets in addition to Restoration Hardware lighting and all living spaces include floor-toceiling windows. Stunning master bedrooms have glass enclosed walk-in showers with Grohe rain showerheads, oversized mirrors and custom vanities with ample storage. Porcelain floors are tiled in a contemporary herringbone pattern, complimented by Carrara porcelain wall tiles and polished chrome Grohe bath accessories.

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Generous storage opportunities including bike storage, refrigerated package delivery, private storage and on-site parking for purchase, are also available.

The Adeline’s impressive amenities make it the ultimate new development in the New York market. The building is surrounded by lush green, open spaces, including three levels of outdoor areas encompassed by a 5,800-squarefoot central courtyard and a 2,300-square-foot landscaped roof deck. The Adeline also offers a 24-hour doorman, fitness center, residents lounge, screening area, playroom and more.

The Adeline is on the same block as the 2 and 3 subway stations with easy access to the B, C and 6 trains. It is mere blocks from Central Park, Marcus Garvey Park and Morningside Park, along with world-class museums, cultural institutions, galleries, shops, children’s playgrounds and culinary destination that populate the neighborhood. Occupancy is expected in Fall 2014 with an anticipated 421-a tax abatement. One-to fourbedroom homes are available from $830,000 to $2.75 million. For more information: 212.486.3916



A Glenwood Property. Exclusive Marketing And Sales Agent: Corcoran Sunshine Marketing Group The artist representations and furniture layout are provided for illustrative purposes only. Sponsor reserves the right to make changes in accordance with the terms in the offering plan. The complete terms are in an offering plan available from Sponsor. File No. CD-13-0167. Sponsor: 60 East 86th Street Owner LLC, c/o 60 East 86th Street Manager LLC, 1200 Union Turnpike, New Hyde Park, New York 11040. Equal Housing Opportunity.




he Stack, New York City’s first modular multi-story housing development, has opened its doors to renters. The seven-story prefabricated steel and concrete development consists of 28 studios, one, two-and three-bedroom homes. Douglas Elliman Development Marketing is exclusively handling the marketing and leasing for this project. Developed by Jeffrey Brown and Kimberly Frank and designed by GLUCK+, the Stack is located at 4857 Broadway in Manhattan’s neighborhood of Inwood. “Inwood remains one of the last undiscovered neighborhoods in Manhattan - a hidden gem,” said Clifford Finn, Executive Vice President at Douglas Elliman Development Marketing. “The Stack is modern in its modular approach and speaks to an audience that appreciates its innovative design. We expect to have tremendous interest among renters with this property.” According to Brown and Frank, the developers, “this project exemplifies the opportunity to create an exciting design for living while enjoying the benefits and efficiencies of controlled, offsite fabrication. As builders and developers, we are intrigued with this methodology and its application on a multitude of new projects. And, while the construction is innovative, the completed building provides a well-designed, efficiently built, modern structure incorporating 28 beautiful, comfortable, light-filled homes.”

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The approximately 38,000-square foot building was fabricated off-site in Pennsylvania by DeLuxe Building Systems before being shipped to New York City as 56 separate modules. The foundations and the concrete first floor were built traditionally at the site. Additional work included erecting the building and completing the mechanical system connections, creating a seamless interior finish and, as a final step, installing the exterior façade. All residences feature high-performance aluminum windows and tenant-controlled heat and air conditioning. Highly stylized kitchens boast solid surface countertops with under-mount stainless steel sinks, maple kitchen cabinets and stainless steel appliances. Mosaic bathroom tiles, contemporary bathroom vanities and grace each bathroom. Residents will have a choice of integrally colored concrete floors or a more traditional, yet also environmentally friendly, wood flooring design. Select units offer private outdoor space and washer/dryers. Additional amenities include a virtual doorman, private tenant storage, bicycle storage, an on-site laundry room and a common outdoor landscaped terrace. Leasing will begin this month, with an expected date of occupancy in June. Rental prices will begin around $1,750. For more information: 212.303.5301

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eal estate developers JDS Development Group and Property Markets Group, in partnership with Starwood Capital Group, the visionary team behind the exceptionally successful Walker Tower luxury conversion project in Chelsea, are once again bringing a Ralph Walker architectural masterpiece to the residential market. The newly launched Stella Tower, located at 425 West 50th Street between Ninth and Tenth Avenues, is an 18-story, 51-residence tower located in Manhattan’s Hell’s Kitchen neighborhood.

Ву W.A. Muller

The residences have custom hand-laid oak flooring; fine custom millwork; Nanz hardware; custom lighting packages by Buro Happold; custom paneled solid 8-foot doors; premium air conditioning systems; Nest learning thermostats; and Bosch washers and dryers.

“Stella Tower is poised to transform the Hell’s Kitchen market the same way Walker Tower transformed Chelsea. Stella Tower will set the bar for refined design and quality in this neighborhood,” said Elliott Joseph, a principal of Property Markets Group. Originally designed in 1927 by preeminent Art Deco architect Ralph Walker and completed in 1930 for the New York Telephone Company, Stella Tower soars above its neighbors and offers dramatic 360-degree views. The one- to threebedroom residences range in size from 1,000 to 2,200 square feet, with current asking prices from $1.8 to $6.2 million. The penthouses are as large as 3,600 square feet and are slated to fetch between $10 and $14 million. The original Art Deco ornamentation and brick façade are being painstakingly restored, and the building’s iconic crown, removed in the 1950s, is being refabricated and restored. Stella Tower features oversized tilt-and-turn windows, with ceiling heights ranging from 10 to nearly 14 feet. Select residences boast fireplaces and some include private outdoor space. Cetra/CRI Architecture PPLC is the project architect.

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The lobby at Stella Tower includes artfully restored detail in patterned terrazzo floors; marble finishes; hand-carved millwork; coffered ceilings; custom lighting; and bronze trimwork.

Kitchens include custom Smallbone of Devizes cabinetry with solid European oak frames in natural finish; custom-polished concrete countertops; Waterworks R.W. Atlas fixtures; and Miele appliances.

“We’re keeping the integrity of Ralph Walker’s vision, concentrating on the façade and Art Deco ornamentation that made him famous, while also adding custom-designed, quality finishes and amenities,” said Michael Stern, managing director of JDS Development Group. Vickey Barron and Michael Graves of Douglas Elliman Development Marketing are the exclusive marketing and sales agents for Stella Tower. Barron was responsible for the spectacular success at Walker Tower.

Master baths feature steam showers; radiant floor heating; Black Zeus marble in a chevron mosaic pattern; cabinetry including Nanz hardware; custom glass shower enclosures and walnut washstand blackened steel vanity mirrors; Waterworks R.W. Atlas fixtures; and handheld showerheads with thermostatic controls. Secondary baths offer custom marble mosaic floors and the powder rooms feature polished limestone herringbone floors. Stella Tower will have a 24-hour attended lobby; fitness center; a resident’s lounge with pantry and bar; a bicycle storage room; temperature controlled grocery storage; and an outdoor garden lounge. For more information, visit For more information:

INNOVATIVE, MODULAR ARCHITECTURE Beyond The Stack’s eye-catching modular façade, 28 luxury rental residences await. Offering a suite of amenities and highly stylized interiors appointed with contemporary finishes, The Stack brings a new elevated level of living to Inwood, Manhattan. Thoughtful layouts and spacious interiors facilitate easy, comfortable living. Large windows filter natural sunlight into each space, while many residences offer private terraces and outdoor space. Stainless steel Energy Star appliances offer all the conveniences of modern living, and washers and dryers in select units. The Stack features a virtual doorman and building-wide video intercom system, a central laundry facility outfitted with washers and dryers, and a magnificent landscaped courtyard with multiple seating areas for residents’ daily relaxation. Private storage and bicycle storage are also available.





The New Brooklyn


urrounded by magnificent brownstones along tree-lined streets, Brooklyn is about to welcome a new ground-up condominium to Carroll Gardens, one of the borough’s most treasured neighborhoods. Designed to fit contextually with its surroundings, 345 Carroll Street will introduce a new level of service and amenities to this charming neighborhood.

345 Carroll Street’s rich design is also captured in its 32 custom-crafted residences, ranging from two-to-four bedrooms, including seven penthouse residences and six garden duplex residences. Many of the apartments

“345 Carroll Street will offer prospective buyers a full-service building with thoughtfully-designed, spacious residences within Carroll Gardens,” said Gregory Katz, Partner of Sterling Equities, which is developing the building in partnership with Cogswell Realty, LLC and Westbrook Properties. “This will be a rare opportunity to benefit from the charm of brownstone Brooklyn, while residing in a newly constructed condominium with a full roster of amenities.” Bringing its award-wining architectural design to its first Brooklyn development, Manhattan-based architecture firm GLUCK+ has designed a five-story condominium adorned with a distinctive bluestone and glass façade. 345 Carroll Street’s welcoming lobby will feature floor-to-ceiling glass on both sides, giving the indoor space a unique connection to both the street and rear courtyard.

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By W.A. Muller

walls, double vanities, separate oversized showers and radiant heated floors. One of the most appealing features of the building is its expansive landscaped courtyard and private gardens designed by GLUCK+. The expansive courtyard features a pastoral wildflower meadow with reading nooks, edible herb and culinary gardens, vegetable plots and a bocce ball court. Indoor amenities include a children’s playroom, fitness center, bike storage, a dog washing station and private storage for every home. Additionally, the condominium will offer a finished rooftop, entertaining and lounging areas, as well as available private cabanas.

are corner units with multiple exposures offering views both up and down Carroll Street. Residences will feature rift-sawn white oak floors, custom kitchen cabinets with wood panel doors that have elegantly thin reveals and integrated pulls. Master bathrooms feature marble countertops and

Residences range in size from 1,215 square feet to 2,899 square feet, with prices starting at $1.5 million. Occupancy is slated for Fall 2015. The sales and design center is located at 396 Court Street (between Carroll Street and First Place). For more information or to schedule an appointment, For more information: 718.338.0345

212.557.7330 ♌


Block It Off!

Color blocking is nothing new in furniture and interiors. It also has been an element in art and design for decades, yet we are still inspired by the way color combinations affect our mood and represent our style. Here are the hot options that will pop in any space.

By Kate Bidinger

Poet Sofa Design Within Reach $8500

Neutral Grey with a pop of red, combined with organic lines and button tufting. Designed by Finn Juhl.

’ Mategot Kangourou Coffee Table Horne $439 This highly functional and beautiful coffee-sized table is ’ actually 2 tables in 1. Designer Mathieu Mategot’s organic forms and lightness of touch create a sense of joy.

Ro Chair Suite NY $3272 The extra-wide Ro™ chair has a shell with exaggerated wings, allowing for privacy and a soft place to rest your head. Designed by Jaime Hayon for Republic of Fritz Hansen.

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Double Cross Dining/ Console Table Horne $1390 A hugely practical table. It folds in half to push against the wall as a console, a breakfast bar or a desk, and just bring it out for when you have more to feed.

Tardi Sofa The Future Perfect $7660

Neon and Neutral, the sofa’s grounding framework allows the cushions to be an element of surprise. Designed by Lindsey Adelman.

Modu-licious #3 Blu Dot $899

Perfect storage cabinet whether it’s for a bedroom, entry, or playroom. Each square can be a different color, another customizable yet versatile furniture piece.

Stuff Cabinet Suite NY

This system consists of stackable light-weight modules. All units can be stacked to your own desire, making it a highly personalized piece. Several color options and endless configurations. Designed by Studio Parade. Selections by Kate Bidinger founder of BID Home Design.

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at Maurice Badler Fine Jewelry on Park Avenue. My sources tell me that Laurence will launch a new collection of fashion jewelry with colored gem stones later this summer...


y colleagues over at the Confidential column of the New York Daily News are reporting that Solange Knowles’ elevator attack on her brother-in-law Jay Z at a Met Gala afterparty in the Boom Boom Room at the Standard Hotel in the Meatpacking District was ignited because the rap mogul had plans to head to Rihanna’s after-party without Beyonce’. Jay and Solange had already exchanged words over her D-list friends dropping his name to gain access to the party. He allegedly snapped at her: “Don’t use my name.” When Solange found out about Jay’s after-after party plans, she reportedly asked him: “Why can’t you go home?,” then asked Beyonce’: “Why does your husband need to go to the club right now?” Then Jay allegedly told Solange: “You’re one to talk.” Then, they stepped on the elevator and the rest is history. All was well a few days later when Bey and Solo flew together on a private jet to Costa Rica for former Destiny’s Child singer, Kelly Rowland’s wedding. The following week, the entire family including Jay Z, Beyonce’, Solange, her boyfriend Alan Ferguson, both sisters’ children and their mom, Tina got together for lunch at the Ritz-Carlton in New Orleans...

Philanthropist Jean Shafiroff has been on a whirlwind of charity work lately. The Chairwoman and Honorary Board Member, and Patrick McMullan, Honorary Board Member, hosted the “Pit Bulls as Pets” cocktail party to raise awareness for the adoption of pit bulls for the Southampton Animal Shelter Foundation, at the Shafiroff, Park Avenue residence. Bella, Jean’s pit bull greeted guests. The kick-off party was held to celebrate the Southampton Animal Shelter Foundation’s 5th Annual Gala, which will take place July 19 in Southampton honoring Georgina Bloomberg. A few nights later, along with Kevin Hughes of Edwards Lifesciences, Jean was honored at the Surgeons of Hope

NARAL Pro-Choice New York and the National Institute for Reproductive Health honored the legacy of pro-choice advocacy in New York and the future of reproductive rights at its Annual 2014 Champions of Choice luncheon recently at 583 Park Avenue. Former NARAL Pro-Choice New York Board Chair Barbara Shock was honored for her leadership in growing the organization. Cosmopolitan Magazine editor-in-chief, Joanna Coles was honored for her role in promoting women’s reproductive health and rights. Supermodel Christy Turlington Burns was also in attendance...=

Chris Latrobe, Laurence Bruyninckx and Sam Gevisenheit

ICG Brand Services executives Chris Latrobe and Sam Gevisenheit joined Belgian designer Laurence Bruyninckx at the U.S. launch of her LX Collection of couture bridal jewelry. The LX Collection made its debut to an exclusive group of industry insiders, journalists and tastemakers at a private luncheon held at the Finn Partners showroom on Sutton Place. Stylish brides-tobe and their fiances can find the LX Collection

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Solange Knowles

The adorable Bellamy Young, who portrays First Lady Millie Grant on “Scandal” rocked the Red Carpet for the Entertainment Weekly and ABC Upfronts bash wearing a Marisa Webb dress, Alice & Olivia shoes, earrings Kevin Hughes, Jean Shafiroff by Dana Rebecca Designs and a Graziela and Charles-Eduoard Catherine Gems ring. The shindig was held at Tiro in Manhattan. Other Gladiators at the party Charity Gala at the Art Deco classic included Tony Goldwyn, who plays Bellamy’s Brasserie Ruhlman in Rockefeller character’s husband, President Fitz Grant, Katie Center. The event raised $200,000 Lowe, Guillermo Diaz, Darby Stanchfield and from the chicsters gathered to Joshua Malinia. Noticeably absent was the show’s support the foundation’s goal of leading lady, Kerry Washington, who is home providing lifesaving heart surgery to taking care of her new baby girl, Isabelle. “Scandal” infants and children in developing will be airing on Thursdays at 9 pm, instead of 10 countries around the world… pm, for the 2014-2015 premiere schedule…=

“James Bond” star Daniel Craig is doing it up in the Big Apple. The handsome actor was spotted wearing aviators while shopping for a new motorcycle at the Ducati Triumph store. He also looked dapper in a sharp suit at the 2014 Museum of Modern Art’s Party in The Garden held at the Museum of Modern Art in midtown Manhattan...=

A star-studded group, Dylan McDermott, Erykah Badu and Christine Seidel helped kick off the first-ever Vulture Festival at Nevehouse on East 25th Street. Television host Jackie Muranne, Dave Holmes and DJ Beverly Bond also attended the event. The Vulture Festival aims to bring the witty, in-depth, critical coverage found on the web to life with two jam-packed days of events…

W W W. N I C O L E M I L L E R . C O M

44 Gramercy Park North 12th floor 85 ft of Park Frontage 490 ft Terrace Price: $7M Exclusive Agent: Joyce M. Jackson 917 710 1277 Licensed Real Estate Salesperson

The Lombardy Hotel E 56th St /Park Ave Luxury Suites for Sale and Rent

The Alwyn Court 180 W 58th St Offering 1 to 4 bedrooms up to 2600 sq ft $1.3M to $4.4M Exclusive Broker: Stephen P. Wald

The Next Move is yours...

On Site at The Lombardy Hotel 111 East 56th Street Between Park & Lexington Avenues (212)-750-WALD (9253) One of New York’s Best Kept Secrets! Condominiums - Cooperatives - Townhouses - Commercial - Investment Properties

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NEW yORk, sOhO: 77 gREENE st | NEW yORk, UPtOWN: 780 MADIsON AvE

GRAND OPENING GLENWOOD’S NEWEST LUXURY RENTAL OVERLOOKING LINCOLN CENTER • Breathtaking Lincoln Center, Park, River & Skyline views • Full size washer/dryer in every residence • Elegant 24-hour attended lobby • Fully equipped, state-of-the-art fitness center • 50' lap pool, spa and children’s playroom • Impeccable services Studios from $3,320 • 1 BRs from $4,655 2 BRs from $7,435 • 3 BRs from $18,500 NO FEE

160 West 62nd Street New York, NY 10023


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