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A unique collection of stackable, interchangeable and buildable rings that come together in infinite combinations to tell your own love story.


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Call of the Wild 36 Fall Beauty Must-Haves 38


Unleash Your Inner Picasso 40 Tips for Successful Dating 42 Deron Williams: On Point 55


What School is the Right Fit 44 The Ideal School 46


A Subversive View of Pop Culture 48 Charles James: Beneath the Dress 50 Following the World’s Elite Film Festivals 52





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Luxury in the Sky South African Grandeur A Zest for Zambia Opulence on the Zambezi MalaMala and Its Land of Wonder The African Adventure Nixon Chimuka, I presume Beauty and the Beach London’s 21st Century Grand Hotel The Ultimate in West Coast Glamor College Tour

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Infinity on New Jersey’s Gold Coast 22 Central Park South 53 Greene Street You are My Wonderwall West Village Modern Bohemia

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EDITOR’S NOTE It’s September and that means it’s our New York Issue! We are so excited to present all the wonderful pages on New York, but also our newly designed look. I think you’ll find these pages fresh, clean, modern and easy to navigate. To celebrate New York, who better than Deron Williams, star point guard of the Brooklyn Nets, to feature on the cover? Our exclusive interview and photo shoot took place at his breathtaking Tribeca loft (what views!). He was generous in his time and spirit and I know that you will glean much from the in-depth article written by our own savant, Rory Winston. From Beauty in the City to Dainty Dining (you’ll see how many articles on restaurants we have this month) to New York Fashion Week, we’ve got Manhattan covered. We’re honored to work with Getty Images on a behind-the-scenes look into two famed fashion brands, Nanette Lepore and Nautica. Take a ride through these photos and learn more about the process!

12 • Resident September 2014

Riveting real estate is also on our agenda. With content that spans new construction to home decorating trends and an interview with top interior designer, Inson Dubouis Wood, we’ve fully embraced this genre and we promise to bring you even more on this enthralling subject! Travel, as always, is heavily represented. This month, we went African! This was my first safari and trip to that magical continent. The articles are meant to inform, but also to inspire. Get out there! Travel! See the world! Lastly, we’re having a party for Deron’s cover on September 11th at Ben and Jack’s Steakhouse on 28th and 5th. Email me at the address below for more details! Hope to see many of you there.

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Naughty but Nice By Rob Shuter


ell, what a month it has been. Being on hiatus from my morning show, “The Gossip Table” on VH1 – the network that’s home to ‘Love and Hip Hop,’ ‘Dating Naked’ and me, this whiter than white, fully clothed British cheeky chap – has been exhausting.

Not having to pop out of bed like a piece of toast five days a week at 5:30am has meant I have had time to sashay from event to event, without falling asleep into my vodka soda, and boy did I ever! Diving Right In! So, let’s get right to the dish! I saw Cher fly. Literally. My dear friend Elvis Duran - the most powerful man in music, (sorry, Clive Davis) – got amazing tickets, eighth row center, at the Barclays Center to watch the Diva and her 200 costume changes. I swear that girl spends more time off-stage changing outfits than she does on stage performing. However, never ever in my life have I had such great seats! I never knew this, but you can actually see the singer’s face, without looking at those huge screens on each side of the stage, when you sit in a posh seat. Liza Minnelli sat behind us, yes, behind, and was looking surprisingly like Kris Jenner.

Cyndi Lauper

No 2nd Fiddle Cyndi Lauper was the warm-up act, and was forced to perform on four-feet of stage in front of a giant curtain that was covering Cher’s massive production behind it – no fireworks or half-naked backup dancers for Cher’s opening act! But what Lauper did have was Rosie O’Donnell, whom she brought up on stage to sing along with her fab anthem – ‘Girls Just Want To Have Fun!’ – even girls who wear Crocs, apparently. Rosie dragging Liza up too, who didn’t know the words to the song but with those jazz hands, who needs lyrics?! Diva’s Moment Finally, the moment had arrived and the lights went down for Cher. Only then did the ever-so-grand Andy Cohen from Bravo arrive. He was ushered in, escorted by security guards, as if he was Angelina Jolie rather than the man who gave the world a plague of Real Housewives, and the show began!


16 • Resident September 2014

Cher didn’t disappoint, even at $500 a ticket! We knew we were going to have a great night after she sang her first hit and stopped to ask, “what’s your granny doing tonight? “ Funny – I love a legend that is in on the joke!


The Domestic Goddess Additionally, I spent time off from my show to fly to LA for meetings, meetings darling, and managed to upset Martha Stewart on the plane. Observing Martha letting it be known that she was thoroughly disgusted with the limited wine options in first class was a hoot. But you have to give her props when it comes to folding a blanket. She left her seat in much better condition than she found it before she exited the plane. * Note – her two travel companions were pushed back into coach after Miss Stewart was comfortably settled. I made the mistake of tweeting her every move and tagging her. She saw them when she was met by LAX security, and let’s just say, ‘its was not a good thing!’ NY vs. LA Did I mention that she was sleeping when we landed and no one had the nerve to tell her she needed to put her seat back in the upright position! Never wake a sleeping beauty!

Liza Minnelli

In New York I often make the mistake of believing I’m gorgeous. LA has the habit of making me feel like Shrek. Do they even serve desert in that town? In Other News Well, I’m back now in NYC, feeling gorgeous again, thank-you for asking. I just bumped into Suri Cruise walking Katie Holmes on 23rd street – Suri is all business! Plus, I bumped into Daniel Radcliffe in the green room at The Today Show – he is even smaller in person, but totally charming. He was engaged in a conversation with Ian Ziering about making a guest appearance in the next Sharknado. Harry Potter said he would love to do it, but only if he got killed in a spectacular manner, which I guess would involve a shark eating him and his magic wand. “I will tweet you,” Ian said to which Daniel responded, “I’m not on twitter,” – so I guess that isn’t going to happen! Gotta dash, I’m heading up to CNN to be a guest on The Nancy Grace Show. I don’t know why I say yes, she always shouts at me saying, “You are not from these parts, are you dear!’ But she loves a good murder. The joke in the building is if anyone goes missing during sweeps, check her basement. It’s always fun strolling around CNN--you never know whom you might bump into. Last visit it was Anderson Cooper, who is very pale without makeup. He was leaving the bathroom and rubbing Purell on his tiny hands. I love a man that goes to war zones and uses hand sanitizer! Until next time you can catch me on Twitter @NaughtyNiceRob – and check out my website Naughty But Nice Rob

Martha Stewart

Obbessed Saw Sarah Jessica Parker shopping at Whole Foods on 23rd street who bought so little food that she didn’t even need a basket! WINK.

Resident September 2014 • 17



With Columnist Joe Alexander &


carlett Johansson, who stars in the intriguing sci-fi movie Lucy, “I definitely believe in plastic surgery. I don’t want to be an old hag.” Megan Fox in “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles”, “The guy I’m attracted to is the guy in the club with all the tattoos and nail polish.” Sex Tape’s Cameron Diaz, “I did all my heavy partying before I turned sixteen” ….In the Hamptons: Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Mark Consuelo, Kelly Ripa, Demi Moore and Tom Cruise are all fans of the Malliouhana Hotel and Spa in Anguilla. The resort, situated on top of a cliff, has undergone a stunning 20 million dollar renovation. To celebrate its reopening this fall, Auberge Resorts’ Mark Harmon and AJ Capital’s Ben Weprin gave a preview party at Richie Notar’s Harlow East in Sag Harbor. Douglas Elliman’s Neal Sroka was overheard talking about the sale of five multimilliondollar homes that will be built on the property.….. Georgina Bloomberg, Amanda Hearst, Prince Lorenzo Borghese, Jean Shafiroff, Andy Sabin, Dr. David T. Crouch and sisters Brittany and Ariel LaValle were all given Pet Philanthropy Circle’s Pet Hero Awards by Jewel Morris for their animal advocacy. …. Unik Ernest hosted Edeyo’s Hamptons for Haiti benefit. Supporters included Morgan O’Connor and Merchant Solutions Group’s CEO Billy Morrissey. This year at the spectacular Liberty Theater Edeyo honored iPark parking mogul Bill Lerner for his organization Billy4Kids, which provides shoes for those in need in Haiti and Harlem... Plan ahead: Celebrity chefs Todd English, Charlie Palmer and Masaharu Morimoto will be at Flavor! Napa Valley food from November 19 to 23rd. This fun food and wine festival was co-founded by veteran event marketer Herb Karlitz of Karlitz &. Company. Over 100 Napa Valley wineries and 25 restaurants will be featured. Proceeds from the event support scholarships at The Culinary Institute of America’s Greystone Campus in St. Helena. Herb Karlitz also co-founded Harlem EatUp! with chef Marcus Samuelsson that will debut in May of 2015.

Scarlett Johansson stars in Lucy

Bill Clinton, Bill de Blasio, Marcus Samuelsson, and Herb Karlitz @ Red Rooster Alex Cecil at Sanctuary Hotel

Julia Stiles and Noel Ashman @ The Leonora

18 • Resident September 2014

Cornelia Guest @ Humane Society

Megan Fox @ Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles premiere

Wendy Diamond and Leesa Rowland @ Humane Society of NY


The Town

P h o t o g r a p h e r Pa t r i c k M c M u l l a n


lanet of the Apes” cutie Judy Greer, “I’d been dating my husband for about a year, and I’d already kissed George Clooney, Ashton Kutcher and Gerard Butler. “ …. Julia Stiles celebrated the opening of her play “Phoenix” at Chelsea’s newest hotspot, The Leonora whose owners include Noel Ashman, Michael Strahan, Michael Bregman, Luis Guzman, Joey McIntyre, Ethan Browne, and Simon Rex. Sylvester Stallone heads up the pack in the star-studded and campy “The Expendables”: “I am not the richest, smartest or most talented person in the world, but I succeed because I keep going and going and going.” costar Ronda Rousey: “The bigger my chest is, the more it gets in the way.” Bruce Willis: “Hair loss is God’s way of telling me I’m human.” Antonio Banderas: “I wouldn’t want my daughters to date a guy like me. I was dangerous around women in my twenties.” ……. Mariano Rivera and Michele Riggi hosted the opening of the Mr. & Mrs. Michele and Ronald A. Riggi Theater at the National Museum of Dance’s “Dancers in Film Gala” in Saratoga. …. What’s Happening in September: Over one billion dollars worth of treasures will be shown at The New York Art, Antique and Jewelry Show, which runs from Sept 18th to Sept 21st at the Park Avenue Armory said Scott Diament C.E.O. of the Palm Beach Show Group. The opening night committee includes interior designers Campion Platt, Ton Ingrao, Randy Kemper, Scott Snyder, Ellie Cullman and Lisa Jackson ……… Guardians of the Galaxy”’s Zoe Saldana said, “There’s not enough sex in movies.”……. “What If ”’s Daniel Radcliffe: “Some people think I am gay, which I think is awesome.”……. The H.O.P.E. Foundation for a Better Tomorrow and the Fashion Project will host a party at The Leonora on September 18th . The $50 ticket price will benefit inner city after school programs said Executive Director Nicole DiCocco. Hosts include Natalie Glaser, Dale Noelle, Leesa Rowland and Joe and Jane Pontarelli.

Malliouhana fan Uma Thurman

Malliouhana fans Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie

Cameron Diaz @ Sex Tape premiere

Morgan O’Connor, Nicole DiCocco, and Unik Ernest at Edeyo Gives Hope Ball

Cassandra Seidenfeld, artist Bentely Meeker, and Patricia Field unveiling his “H in Harlem”

Resident September 2014 • 19 Resident September 2014 • 19

BUZZ Bill Lerner at The Leonora (swing picture)

Dr. Toscano and Sharon Bush @ The Leonora

Malliouhana fan Kelly Ripa with Michael Strahan

Joe Alexander, Jill Rappaport, and Jewel Morris at Southampton Animal Shelter Gala

Natalie Glaser, Stephen Baldwin, and Nicole DiCocco @ Edeyo Gives Hope Ball

Michael Bloomberg and Elaine Sargent @ Lincoln Center

Georgina Bloomberg and Amanda Hearst @ Humane Society

Ronda Rousey @ The Expendables 3 premiere

20 • Resident September 2014

Michele Riggi and Mariano Rivera @ National Museum of Dance Megan Park, Daniel Radcliffe, and Zoe Kazan @ What If premiere

Michael Bregman and Malin Bray @ The Leonora

Photo Michel Gibert. Special thanks : Juan Antonio Sánchez Morales - - - TASCHEN. *Conditions apply, ask your store for more details.

l’art de vivre by roche bobois


$8,495* instead of $11,260

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Visit us during our 8 Exceptional Days event from September 13 to 21*

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CITY CIRCUIT Scenes from New York By Clara Morgan

The World Premiere of Dreamworks Pictures’ “The Hundred Foot Journey:” Oprah Winfrey and Steven Spielberg ©

New York Premiere of Magnolia Pictures’ “Frank:” Carla Azar and Jack White ©

Sony Pictures Classics with The Cinema Society & Grey Goose Host the After Party for “Love is Strange:” Alfred Molina and John Lithgow ©

BBC America’s “Doctor Who” Fan Screening @ Ziegfeld Theater: Jenna Coleman and Peter Capaldi ©

22 • Resident September 2014

Jason Binn’s Party For Du Jour Cover Star Sylvester Stallone: Sylvester Stallone, Jason Binn and Kellan Lutz ©

The World Premiere of “The Giver:” Brenton Thwaites, Katie Holmes, Odeya Rush, Taylor Swift and Cameron Monaghan ©

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BEACH CIRCUIT Scenes from The Hamptons By Clara Morgan

A Special Hamptons Drive-In Movie Premiere of “Innocence:” Jill Stuart and Sophie Curtis ©

Avenue on the Beach July/August Cover Party at 75 MAIN: Aleksandra Haralambieva and Zach Erdem ©

Mpule Kwelagobe, Kenny Loggins and David Koch ©

Margo Manhattan’s Warrior Collection For Nicole Miller Fall 2014: Nicole Miller and Margo Manhattan ©

24 • Resident September 2014

Sir Ivan’s Celebration of his New Hit Single “Here Comes the Sun:” Sir Ivan and Mina Otsuka ©Getty Images

Bonnie Pfeifer Evans and Julia Koch: The 10th Annual Charles Evans PCF Pro-AM Tennis Tournament ©

Resident September 2014 • 25


The World of Josie Natori

By Hillary Latos


imeless and elegant yet eclectic and vibrant best describes Josie Natori. Launching her career over 37 years ago, Josie has changed the rules for lingerie and brought her East meets West sensibility to rise to the top of her peers. Here we get a glimpse into the world of Josie Natori who bridges the generations with her more serious grande dame Natori line characterized by rich prints and exquisite fabrics and her jeune fille Josie brand that’s all about the unexpected fresh looks from mixing and matching eclectic graphic prints. Between opening new stores around the world and launching a new fragrance, Josie, this fall we caught up with this dynamic and legendary designer. For your fragrance how did you choose your notes? Fragrance is something that is very connected to our brand and I love fragrance, it’s the DNA of what our brand is - East meets West. As this is under the Josie brand it has to appeal to a younger crowd with a lightness and energy that’s not so serious. The floral notes uses sampaguita, a sweet jasmine derivation from the Philippines that’s tempered with amber and citrus notes to give it effervescence. How have your travels inspired your collection? My travels have always inspired my collections over the last 37 years. I’m very drawn to the East and have collected a large archived collection of textiles and antiquities, which has been a great deal of inspiration over the years whether it’s been from Istanbul or Shanghai. We just opened a store on Elizabeth Street. It’s eclectic and fun. We have 6-7 shops in Japan; there’s a fun attitude of mixing graphic prints and layering pieces and the lingerie has an element of sexiness. Which fashion icons have you met that you’ve been most impressed by? There are so many great ones, I’m particularly drawn to European designers like Azzedine Aliaia, Alexander McQueen and Sarah Burton; there’s so much talent. I’m also so happy to see so many AsianAmerican designers today too. Before it was a rarity and it’s great to see more assimilation and diversity, it shows you how much the world

26 • Resident September 2014

has changed. It’s a hard business, and I think everyone has something to contribute, and I have so much respect for them. How have you felt the industry has changed since you started? 180 degrees! The Internet changed everything, people are shopping 24/7 which is a big game changer, when I started there were 100 department stores, there are 5 today. I was very fortunate that I started in a small pond in the world of lingerie, I was a big fish, but today I’m not sure if I would’ve lasted if I started in the big pond. If you have a good idea there’s always room, you have to stand apart. We were fortunate to have carved our identity long before because today the price of entry and sustainability is not a joke even when you have a brand. Thank God I still love it and have a passion for it. For more information:


Wonderment in the Flatiron A

By Hillary Latos

Enter the world of C. Wonder, a sort of adult version of Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium, which is opening a third NYC location in the Flatiron. Known for bringing its preppy Hamptons chic, charming yet rarified lifestyle to the masses with graphic bold prints in women’s accessories and clothing, housewares and home décor, C.Wonder’s aspirational world has a maximalist approach to design with an environment full of luxurious surprises at every turn.

elements of the building with C. Wonder’s signature touch of whimsy. The wrought iron façade of the building will remain intact while the interior features large columns and limestone finishing; all original details that are representative of the Beaux Arts style of architecture that the Flatiron district is famous for.

For fall 2014, C. Wonder mixes on trend direction with their playful mix of whimsy and prints in a versatile collection that can go from the office to a night on the town. Safari motifs and graphic color themes are used in a variety of silhouettes, quilted outerwear and sleek A-line dresses as well as the introduction of a new premium 4 way stretch denim line which are accessorized with over the knee boots, novelty loafers and statement jewelry.

The C. Wonder experience is designed to inspire, engage and entertain our customer whether she is in one of our stores or shopping at

Here Resident speaks to the dynamic serial entrepreneur Chris Burch, the CEO and founder of C. Wonder who is excited for his grand opening during New York Fashion week this September. What do you love about the Flatiron district? It has great energy, and it has some of the city’s best shopping and restaurants. For fall, what are your key themes? The safari theme in rich hues is important for the season and we are also very excited about denim, as we are launching our new premium denim line, C. Denim. Will you be incorporating elements from the neighborhood into the store? The new 3,335 square foot store located at 155 Fifth Avenue will marry the landmark

28 • Resident September 2014

How would you describe the world of C. Wonder and how do you bring it to life?

C. Wonder is chic, charming, cheerful, colorful and is brought to life by our beautiful products that are of outstanding quality at an astonishing value. Delivering happiness to every corner of our customer’s life is integral to the C. Wonder brand. After all, the C in C. Wonder represents the customer!

C. Wonder 155 Fifth Avenue NY, NY 10010



Sketch-to-Street Style by Getty Images P

roduced in partnership with IMG during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week’s Fall 2014 New York Collections, Getty Images photographers had exclusive access to document the creation and consumption of women’s looks from Nanette Lepore, and men’s looks from Black Sail by Nautica. Hot off the runway, the outfits were reinterpreted by two of today’s important fashion bloggers in their own personal style.

30 • Resident September 2014

FASHION STYLE Resident September 2014 • 31

FASHION 32 • Resident September 2014

FASHION Resident September 2014 • 33

FASHION 34 • Resident September 2014

FASHION Resident September 2014 • 35




Brahmin Hudson Satchel Brown Morrison

Call of the Wild A

1 Leopard Print Watch

s designers look to the great cats and exotic animals of the African plains for runway inspiration, these fierce leopard and reptile prints are anything but ferocious and reign as fashion staples this fall. These majestic patterns are seen on everything from coats to gowns and separates, and stilettos to satchels from bold and textured to subdued and tonal. While animal prints can be considered the new neutral, it can n make a solid outfit pop, together p or layered togethe er for a walk alkk on the wild willd side. d


Bramin Hudson Satchel Creme Muse

Steve Madden Bboxerz

By Hillary Latos

1. $59 2. $415 3. $395 4. $178 5. $445 6. $72 7. $70 8. $30 $100 9. ste $88 10. ste $1,190 11. ma f

6 Olivia & Joy Selene Crossbody

11 Marie France Van Damme Embellished Printed Silk Satin Bou Bou

8 Sole Society Oversized Leopard Print Scarf


9 Steve Madden Galleryl

Sole Society Sheila

36 • Resident September 2014

3 Brahmin Hudson Shoulder Bag Brown Morrison

4 C Wonder Leopard print belted dress

Resident June 2014 • 37


1 Brazilian Begonia Beaded Bracelet – $65 available in October at




NARS Jardin Perdu Duo Eyeshadow, $35

Estee Lauder Sumptuous Infinite Daring Length + Volume Mascara, $26, om

Glitterati Safari Animal Print Slant Tweezer $25 5 essie in style cartel $8.50

Fall Beauty Must Haves

Ann L a w l o r ’s Picks

10 9 Aerin Rose Lip Balm $30

Estee Lauder Modern Muse Eau de Parfum, 3.4oz/100ml: $100 8 Glytone Exfoliating Body Wash - $30

4 6 Klorane Dry Shampoo with Oat Milk - $19.50

38 • Resident September 2014

7 LiftLab Lift + Perfect Total Rejuvenation - $250

Mixed Chicks Hair Silk $14.99 Available at select salons, beauty supply stores, Ricky’s in NY and retail locations nationwide

Resident September 2014 • 39


Unleash your Inner Picasso By Peter Elston pice up the standard Happy Hour experience and get on board with New York’s newest and most unique social nightlife craze, Tipsy Crafts™. Combining cocktails, creativity and crafts, these one-ofa-kind art classes held at some of Manhattan’s hottest restaurants and bars are redefining the meaning of ‘arts and crafts’. During two hour workshops, engaging and passionate artists take their students on a stepby-step journey in creating exciting works of art. All the while, guests will be sipping cocktails and dining on horse d’oeuvres in restaurants and bars including Tribeca’s Manhattan Proper Bar, Mad River Bar & Grill, Lower East Side’s Victor & Spoils, where ‘intimate art studios’ are set up. Socializing and cocktails are the only inspiration Tipsy Crafts’ guests need to unleash their inner Picasso and make a masterpiece they’ll be proud to take home. Each of the four programs on offer have their own Tipsy spin; from watercolor and acrylic painting, to jewelry making and kitting – and for each you’ll take an original painting,

40 • Resident September 2014

jewelry or knitted piece to take home with you. Events are held almost every night in Manhattan and are the perfect, out-of-the-box alternative for a night out – whether it’s a girl’s night, a first date, or just a meet up with old friends. You will be immersed in a completely new, unconventional and non-judgmental environment and have the chance to meet some new people too.

is needed to enjoy a Tipsy Crafts class. And if anything can improve your artistic prowess, it’s wine! Talented and experienced teachers, who double as entertainers, are not only there to guide guests but to ensure they receive the full Tipsy experience – filled with laughter and good times. Classes are capped at 30 people, allowing for artists to pay personal attention to each and every Tipsy Craft guest.

It makes no difference whether you’re an amateur or an advanced artist – no experience

Tipsy Crafts also specializes in private events – whether it’s for a bachelorette party, a birthday, or corporate gathering, Tipsy’s professional event planners will make sure it is memorable experience. For groups of 24 people or more, Tipsy will work with you to create an event customized to meet your specific goals; from the venue, to the food and drinks. It’s time to great your creative juices flowing, break some old stereotypes and get crafty – go online and book your Tipsy Crafts event today! For more information:

Resident September 2014 • 41


The Most Important Traits of

Successful Daters By Carly Spindel Be Open Minded It’s essential to be open minded. Being narrow minded and choosing to only date a certain type of person won’t help you fall in love. You should give everyone a fair chance.

Kindness is Contagious Everyone deserves to be treated with kindness. Being polite is important. You want your date to remember you as being well mannered. So, say please and thank you whenever necessary!

Love and Appreciate Yourself When you realize you’re fabulous, other people will too. Appreciating yourself helps project an attitude of happiness which is a turn on to both men and women. Remember that you’re a catch and you should be with someone who agrees.

Punctuality is Key Being on time is always necessary. It shows the person you’re meeting that you respect them. Being on time starts every date off with a positive vibe.

Don’t Settle Don’t put too much effort into someone if you know in the end they’re not going to make you happy. Be true to yourself. If you want a serious relationship but you’re spending time with someone who can’t commit, don’t go out with them again. It’s a waste of your time and theirs.

Be Passionate People who are passionate are automatically more attractive. You should be enthusiastic about whatever hobbies and interests you have. Being passionate gives you an edge. Stay Positive Having a positive attitude is needed when you’re dating. Sometimes it can be discouraging but you can’t let it bring you down. You have to remember to have faith and stay positive. Listen Pay attention to what people tell you. If someone says they aren’t looking for a relationship, listen to them. Don’t turn someone into your pet project. Make the choice to date someone who really wants to be with you. Own Who You Are It’s imperative to be yourself, all the time. If you’re a little bit quirky or OCD, that’s okay! Own who you are and you’ll meet someone who likes exactly the person you are. Be Responsive Being available is significant in developing a relationship. When someone contacts you, it’s nice to respond to them in a timely matter. Don’t worry, you don’t have to be glued to your phone or be available for a date every night of the week. But, you should make sure that you’re not so busy that you need to be booked weeks in advance. Scheduling a date and getting ahold of you should be an easy task. Be In The Know Both men and women are attracted to intelligence. Everyone wants to date someone they can have a conversation with - a real conversation. Whether you’re giving your opinion on current affairs or talking about the newest restaurant that’s opening in your area, being informed is sexy. Have Confidence Confidence is key. It’s a quality that men and women are drawn to. When you’re confident, people are enamored with you and think positively of you.

For more information: 42 • Resident September 2014



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All of our physicians specialize in the art of BotoxÂŽ facial sculpture. Our experts will help you design a safe and effective treatment plan that works for you to give you the best wrinkle removal treatment available! Our BotoxÂŽ plan is simple, nonsurgical and physician-administered. BotoxÂŽ is one of the safest, most effective treatments for dynamic wrinkle removal available.

We provide the VDIHVWIDVWHVWDQGPRVWHIˉFLHQW BotoxÂŽ NYC can offer. With us, you’ll obtain expert BotoxÂŽ treatments and/or LQMHFWDEOHIDFLDOˉOOHUVLQDVDIHPHGLFDOVHWWLQJLQ30 minutes or less. No appointments needed! We are the new Gold-standard in the administration of BotoxÂŽ. Wrinkle removal was never easier! ,WČ VVDIHIUHVKOHVVH[SHQVLYHDQGPRUHHIˉFLHQW

111 East 59th Street New York, NY 10022 (Between Park & Lexington) 212-371-7666

BotoxÂŽ is a registered trademark of Allergan, Inc. Important Safety Information and Full Product Information, including Medication Guide has been provided to your doctor.


What School Is The Right “Fit”? LJ:ĞŶŶŝĨĞƌƌŽnjŽƐƚĂŶĚsŝŵŵŝ^ŚƌŽī The New York City metropolitan area offers hundreds of excellent educational choices. Some of the oldest private schools in the country are located in your city. An amazing aspect of living in New York City is the opportunity afforded to parents who have the privilege to apply to a wide array of top-notch independent schools. You may learn that there are too many terrific schools from which to choose, as opposed to not enough! Many families often begin their school search with the assumption that they know the best fit for their children. But, inevitably, they are in for a surprise. We have advised all parents over and over to keep an open mind when looking at schools.

realize the range of schools that are out there).

• What You Have Learned

Ask yourself:

This might sound like a lot of work, but after touring and interviewing at ten different schools, it all becomes a big blur.

• Do you want a small or a large school? • Would you be comfortable in a traditional or progressive setting?


• Do you prefer single sex or co-ed?

Once you’ve toured all your schools and your chart is completed, this is the time to narrow or amend your list. Add schools to your top three or eliminate the ones that no longer appeal to you. You will have a clear feeling of schools that resonated with you. It’s a combination of your research, homework, and instinctive reactions. You will walk into certain schools and feel like you are “Home.”

• Which special subject areas are important to your family? • What do you value most? Community service, diversity, academics, social/emotional development?

You will discover that each school has a unique culture and style. The good news is that most families will relate to the cultures of many schools, not just one.

Remember, it is important to do your own research and to ask the questions that are most important to your unique family!

Use these suggestions to narrow your choices:

Categorize each school in your list under three headings:

Prior to visiting schools, think about the ‘ideal’ educational environment for your family. (This may change as you complete your tours and

• What You Know About Schools

44 • Resident September 2014

• What You Would Like To Know

Some of your pre-conceived notions will be what you expected and some will be tossed out the window. Be open and ready for some delightful surprises!

For more information:

Feel Confident Ask for a second opinion

We’ve made it easy for you to get a second opinion. It’s easier than ever to make an appointment with New York’s top adult and pediatric surgical specialists. Seeking a second opinion may help you: s(AVEABETTERUNDERSTANDINGOFYOURCONDITION s2EMOVEDOUBTS s5NDERSTANDTREATMENTOPTIONSFORYOURCONDITION s-AKEANINFORMED EDUCATEDDECISIONASTOWHATTREATMENTISBESTFORYOU

To learn more, and to make an appointment with one of our Columbia surgeons, please call: $6463(&tXXXDPMVNCJBTVSHFSZPSH #().!4/7.s-)$4/7.-!.(!44!.s).7//$s7!3().'4/.(%)'(43s15%%.3 2)$'%7//$ .*s4%!.%#+ .*


The IDEAL School

Unified Diversified Learning

By Isaiah Negron


estled on a quiet side street on the Upper West Side in New York City sits the IDEAL School, one of the city’s most innovative, inclusive and prestigious private schools. The school’s mission is to create a diverse community that supports and recognizes the various identities of all people and creeds while encouraging academic excellence, self-expression and aspirations to design a more fair and equitable world. “It’s the only private school in the city that is an inclusion school. About 30% of our students have learning differences and 70% are typically developing kids, but everybody is in the same classroom,” says the IDEAL School’s Director of Communication and Institutional Equity David Byrnes. ““I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to work in a school with this very unique mission and one that I really believe in. An inclusive education benefits all learners, from the gifted and advanced students to those with special education needs.” It all began when Michele Smith could not find an integrated elementary program

46 • Resident September 2014

that wasn’t only for special needs children for her son, who has Down’s syndrome. After meeting Audra Zuckerman and Julia Harquail, who have children with the same genetic disorder, they decided to create this integrated, unbiased, all-encompassing educational offering. The school is based on three pillars: Diversity, Acceptance and Excellence. Through inventive programming, The IDEAL School treats the students as a whole, not singling one out for special attention or help. “One of the founding principles of the program is to not pull out students who need extra support, which is usually what happens in a public school program,” explains Byrnes. “Every student is getting the same curriculum. They’re just getting it at their level.” The school aims to create an atmosphere that reflects the global community, encouraging all races, learning levels, genders, sexual orientations, religions, family structures and economic levels. By offering comprehensive academic classes with widely ranging elec-

tive programs like musical theater, chess, life skills and yoga, The IDEAL School teaches children not only math, science and language, but an array of subjects designed specifically for each student. And with more than one teacher in each classroom, small student-to-teacher ratios allow for more comprehensive and effective learning. With a core promoting diversity and inclusion coupled with stimulating, content-rich curriculum, The IDEAL School has already witnessed groundbreaking success in their students, so much so that their first high school class, containing the school’s original four students, will begin this fall at IDEAL Academy. ”We want to help other schools integrate inclusion practices,” concluded Byrnes. “If we think we can help schools better serve a broader population of students long term, we definitely would love to become a resource for educators across the country and the globe.” For more information:

We’re dedicated to

Pediatric Ophthalmology because the littlest eyes

have the most to see. The world-class ophthalmologists of Columbia University Medical Center are now conveniently located on the Upper West Side.

There’s a lot more that’s different about a child’s eyes than just size. Whether it’s cataracts, glaucoma, dyslexia, or other conditions — our doctors are dedicated to helping the smallest patients. That’s why we have specialists like nationally recognized pediatric ophthalmologists Dr. Steven Brooks and Dr. Lauren Yeager. Even our ground-floor, child-friendly waiting room is designed with little ones and their parents in mind.


Resident September 2014 • 47


A Subversive View of Pop Culture By Hillary Latos


ne of the most influential and highest paid visual artists of the post war generation, Jeff Koons, is taking over the entire Whitney Museum to display a retrospective culminating 35 years of work from the early beginnings to the present day. With his unique ability to bridge the gap between high and low brow, luxury and mass, artist and celebrity, he became a cult figure himself and has collaborated with pop icons such as Michael Jackson to Lady Gaga to even fast fashion retailer H&M and Dom Perignon. Similar to Warhol’s rise to fame of taking everyday commercial objects and iconic pop culture figures and elevating them from the banal to the exceptional, he too has pushed the boundaries of industrial fabrication with overarching themes, forcing us to examine the culture we live in and art’s place in that culture. Whitney’s Associate Director of Programs Scott Rothkopf remarks, “Koons is widely known as the maker of a handful of iconic objects, but this retrospective will for the first time take the full measure of his art. Never before have so many of his works been on view together, nor has the Whitney ever devoted so much space to a single artist. We felt that it was a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the closing of our uptown building with an exhibition of great scholarly rigor that also promises to be a major international cultural event.” This comprehensive look at his incredible body of work exhibits some of his most well known studies starting with the One Ball Total Equilibrium Tank from 1985 which suspends a basketball in a per-

48 • Resident September 2014

fect balance of salt and water in a tank which was a monumental task to achieve. His famous works such as Rabbit, Michael Jacson and Bubbles, Made in Heaven, Balloon Dog, Popeye, Inflatables, PreNew, The New, Equilibrium, Luxury and Degradation, Statuary, Banality, Easyfun, Celebration, Hulk Elvis, Antiquity, and Gazing Ball will sit alongside new, never been seen works like PlayDoh in the exhibit. Perhaps his most controversial body of work was Made in Heaven series which depicted nude images of Koons and his former Italian porn star wife Ilona Staller, which critics felt bordered on pornography at the time. While his

most popular and recognized works are his gigantic renditions of colorful childhood objects and icons that represent a childlike innocence like Popeye, Scottish Terrier Puppy Topiary, inflatable water toys, and shiny metallic balloon animals that have even melted the hearts of the most jaded critics. On view at the Whitney Museum of American Art from June 27 to October 19 before travelling to Centre Pompidou in Paris and the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao. For more information:




Black and White Four-Leaf Clover Ball Gown by Charles James

The Average Client Awaiting the Miracle in the Fitting Room by Charles James


Charles James Beneath the Dress

50 • Resident September 2014

The Designer’s Never-Before-Seen Drawings on display at The National Arts Club

By Joe Alexander


don’t believe in homosexuality. I believe that people are sexual or they’re not,” said designer Charles James in a 1977 documentary conducted by writer R. Couri Hay and filmmaker Anton Perich. The statement is a fitting leadin to a surprising new exhibition at The National Arts Club, September 29 through October 5, featuring James’ mixed media fashion and erotic drawings. “Charles James: Beneath the Dress” will include 60 works by James from Hay’s private collection; many of the works in the exhibition, being organized by The National Arts Club club’s Office of Fine Arts under the direction of Dianne B. Bernhard have never been seen before. “The drawings are very explicit,” says Hay. “Beneath the Charles James dress, the one thing you find is sex.” Also included in the exhibition will be drawings of many of James most monumental works, such as the sculpted white satin eiderdown evening jacket regarded as the first puffer coat and the black-and-white Four-Leaf Clover ball gown that James considered at the time as the last dress he was ever going to make – both of these masterworks were featured prominently at the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s recent exhibition, “Charles James: Beyond Fashion,” that closed August 10. “Gertrude Lawrence once said, ‘I have never worn anything so proper and so indecent at the same time,’” recalls Hay of the English actress’ response to a James ball gown that folded down the middle, much like a vagina. “There is always a point of tension both in the drawings and in his clothes and there was a line between vulgar and taste, between haute couture and scandalous. Charles walked the line to that little point.” “Dressing them was a vicarious form of making love, so that they could make a great impression on the men. I wanted that,” James told Hay in the 1977 documentary of his famous female patrons. “I will say that dressmaking is the most vital if it carries with it a form of lovemaking from the man who doesn’t want to make it with the woman.” James, who passed away in 1978, has experienced renewed interest in his work after the acclaimed Met exhibition, curated by Harold Koda and fashion historian Jan Reeder, displayed inside the Costume Institute’s new Anna Wintour Costume Center. The exhibit included a sampling of Hay’s

In the documentary, James even confessed to considering going on welfare to help pay his medical bills. “I helped take care of him in a friendly way,” says Hay, who first met James at the designer’s 60th birthday party at Max’s Kansas City. Their friendship until James’ death even caused Hay’s breakup with another icon of fashion at the time – Halston – with whom James had a very contemptuous relationship. “Instead of just giving Charles money, I started to buy these drawings from him,” says Hay. “James’ drawings were more powerful and more to the point than any of the work submitted by so called ‘regular artists’,” said Robert Motherwell of James when he received the Guggenheim Fellowship for his dressmaking techniques in 1975. “I have never met Charles James, I don’t particularly need to, but I think that Charles James is a genius.”

White Satin Eiderdown Evening Jacket by Charles James

Yet, despite his many groundbreaking creations for the wealthiest women in the world, including Millicent Rogers, Marlene Dietrich, Babe Paley, Gypsy Rose Lee, Elizabeth Arden, and Gloria Vanderbilt, James suffered from financial hardship in his later years and was near ruin financially but not spiritually, when Hay made the documentary featuring more than 24 hours of interviews, done over three years, before the designer’s passing. The series, “The Charles James Story,” is currently being shown on Time Warner channel 56 on Monday nights, though January 5, 2015. Said James in the film, “I don’t think Americans have any sensitivity, as far as the arts go. We have all sorts of foundations but we hand out money to the wrong people… I move forward with difficulty, but I move forward.”


private collection of drawings and artifacts from the designer’s atelier, donated by James’ protégé, Homer Layne, as well as many of James’ most famous sculptural gowns, worn by women in high society and Hollywood’s leading ladies.

Following the Met exhibition, this current showing of this archive of James’ designs, and Harvey Weinstein and Georgina Chapman’s recent purchase of the rights to James’ name, nearly 30 years after his death Charles James is finally receiving the acclaim he long deserved and never received. “Charles once told me, ‘I remained a myth because there’s not enough evidence of my work because I don’t have the workers to create the clothes,” recalls Hay. “I would wish for other who would one day influence fashion, and have the guts and ability to do so, to live through me when I’m gone.” For more information:

Rear View by Charles James

In addition to the mixed media drawings, the exhibition at The National Arts Club will also include a short film crafted from the footage from the Hay-Perich documentary as well as 24 of Perich’s photographs of James taken inside the designer’s multiple suites at the Chelsea Hotel. “I met Charles when I first came to New York and had an interest in fashion and famous figures, people who had contributed to the culture of the nation,” says Hay, who is currently working on a book detailing his close relationship with James, the first American fashion designer to show in Paris. “He helped in my own fields as a writer and reporter and was an invaluable mentor to me… He was almost a father figure for me in New York.”

Resident September 2014 • 51


Following the World’s Elite Film Festivals Norah Bradford Picks Her Favorites ndustry watchers set your calendars – While there are over 2,000 annual film festivals in the world, only a handful are truly renowned. Attendees have the opportunity to critique each film and gain insight on the latest developments in the industry. These elite festivals also provide access to financing, professional advice, and access to some of the world’s most famed celebrities and celebrations as well. Here are ten of the best to consider as destinations in 2014/2015.

41st Telluride Film Festival (August 29 – September 1, 2014) A short but prestigious film festival set in a tiny village in America’s Rocky Mountains, Telluride showcases some of the best in the industry. The bulk of the program is made up of new films, which has led to Telluride being associated with the discovery of a number of important new films and directors. Last year’s festival was attended by some 4,000 film enthusiasts who enjoyed a 100 film program, representing 25 countries. Organizers do not reveal the program until everyone lands onsite – yet regular attendees trust that a unique experience will unfold. For more information:

71st Venice Film Festival “La Biennale di Venezia“

Sundance Film Festival, Hong Kong

(August 27 – September 6, 2014)

(September 19 – 28, 2014)

The Venice Film Festival was originally created to raise The famed Sundance Film Festival is expanding its global reach to Hong Kong awareness and promote all aspects of the film industry this year, offering the premieres of eight new films from the 2014 Festival in – offering retrospectives and reverence to major players Park City, Utah. The program will be announced in mid-August, followed by throughout the history of cinema. This year’s event indicates the commencement of ticket sales near the beginning of the festival season and awards calendar. It the end of the month. The eight films, will include screenings, ceremonies and celebrations with a accompanied by a delegation of filmmakers 20-strong competition line-up that includes Iranian-American and festival organizers, will be screened at director Ramin Bahrani’s drama 99 Homes and Alejandro The Metroplex, a newly opened cineplex in Gonzelez Inarritu’s Birdman or the Unexpected Virtue of Hong Kong’s Kowloon Bay. Ignorance. On the final day a jury led by composer Alexandre For more information: Desplat will award the Golden Lion for best film along with seven other prizes. For more information: The Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) (September 4 – 14, 2014) The Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) in Canada is among the most successful public film festivals in the world. World premieres, galas and parties comprise this illustrious event where stars, directors and industry supremos make the rounds. If you are a cinephile or simply just love to experience new and innovative films, TIFF is the event to attend. In this year’s festival, look out for crowd favorites like Wild, directed by Jean-Marc Vallee and starring Reese Witherspoon, and The Equalizer by Antoine Fuqua and starring Denzel Washington. For more information: 52 • Resident September 2014

South by Southwest Festival (SXSW Film), Austin, Texas CULTURE

(March 13 – 21, 2015) Every March, creatives of all stripes gather in Austin to witness, inspire, and share industry and media delegates, as well as thousands of fans attend the SXSW Film For more information:

27th Tokyo International Film Festival (TIFF), Japan

Dubai International Film Festival (DIFF)

(October 23 – 31, 2014)

(December 10 – 17, 2014)

by the International Federation of Film Producers Associations (FIAPF), TIFF industry and cultural scene. Established in 1985, TIFF aspires to be recognized as one and in the same league as Cannes, Venice and Berlin, which now stand at the summit of the more than 2,600 international air screenings, voice-over screenings, and special appearances by actors. For more information:

Dubai International Film Festival stands as the leading its inception in 2004, the festival has served as an international level, by spearheading the cinema movement in the region. DIFF’s pioneering initiatives such as the Muhr Awards, Dubai Film Connection and Dubai Film Market have enriched professional experiences in the the world stage. For more information:

Palm Springs Film Festival (January 2 – 12, 2015)

Sundance Film Festival, Utah, United States (January 22 – February 1, 2015) A winter time classic, the annual Sundance Film Festival stands as an ideal way for

Next year Palm Springs will celebrate the 26th year attend to experience the line-up of new and celebrated California is known as a good place to show foreignlanguage movies, with a history of screening the most foreign Oscar nominees. It’s also known for its annual Black Tie Awards Gala, honoring the best achievements

For more information:

Hamptons International Film Festival

and George Clooney. For more information:

(October 9 – 13, 2014) attracting roughly 18,000 visitors annually at the end of Long Island, some two hours from New York City, in theater venues from Montauk to Southampton. It

maintaining a local, small-town feel. Local resident, Alec Baldwin, has become a For more information:

68th Cannes Film Festival The Cote d’Azur (May 13 – 24, 2015)

For more information: Resident August 2014 • 53

54 • Resident September 2014


Deron Williams On Point By Rory Winston Photos by Andrew H. Walker for GeƩy Images

arger than life: for both a literal and figurative translation see under ‘Deron Williams.’ Entering his high ceilinged Tribeca home is like walking onto an installation by Jeff Koons where a contemporary god wrought of cast iron and aluminum stoically stands with hands extended in greeting. That this threetime NBA All-Star and two-time Olympic gold medalist, is as unpretentious as his (6 ft. 3 in. 209 lb) figure is imposing, is a testament to D-Will’s integrity both on and off the court.


Resident September 2014 • 55

SPOTLIGHT 56 • Resident September 2014

is familiar with societies beyond US borders and one who sees women as perfectly capable role models for boys. The latter quality is in great part due to Deron’s own mother, Denise Williams, a woman who had not only singlehandedly raised him and his younger brother, Kendall, but had been a basketball promise in her own right, having played Point Guard (!) for West Liberty State College. Moving from West Virginia to a Dallas suburb at an early age, Williams rose quickly from the ranks of gym rat to genuine contender in everything from tennis to wrestling to basketball. By high school, he’d embarked on a course that would shape his future: he’d met bride to be Amy Williams; and he started playing the game that would lead him from Dallas to the Fighting Illini (University of Illinois) to NBA’s Utah Jazz and finally to our very own Brooklyn Nets. SWISH OVER SWAG Eschewing flashy moves, Williams is the solid player you can always count on. As a Starting Point for Utah Jazz, he was the ‘quiet conductor,’ ‘the instrument of choice,’ ‘the underlying score for scorers’ and the player most noted for his captain-like qualities. By the time Williams was traded to the NJ Nets in 2011, he had become the first in NBA history to record 20 points and 10 or more assists in 5 consecutive playoff games. Aficionados suspected they were watching the all-time best Point man. In March 2012, Williams surpassed the Nets ‘single game high’ by scoring 57 points. By July of that year, he signed a 98.7 million dollar contract to stay on. This was just as the team left Newark, moving back to NY for the first time since 1977 (the occasion prompting minority franchise owner and native Jay-Z to announce the rechristening of the Brooklyn Nets). Playing in Barclays Center, Williams was now in close proximity to Maimonides Medical Center – the team’s official hospital and as fate would have it, the very place where the son he adopted in Utah, DJ, was born. JUMP BALL No referee, one-on-one. Ball’s in my court. Williams betrays no signs of hubris. He forgoes mentioning achievements I forget to bring up. Not one for hype or gratuitous attention, his responses are terse and marked by a desire to get the job done. A BUZZER BEATER Like many of the more conscientious superstars, Williams is about giving back. I bounced around some questions: clothes, luxury items…Questions blocked. I’m dribbling in place. I ask what he likes doing in his spare time. Williams steals the ball, bypasses the subject of hobbies and responds like a man on a mission, “Amy and I are very much

Resident September 2014 • 57


Known as the Point Guard with a deceptively shy manner and a killer instinct, Williams is a new breed of American athlete; one who – having played for Besiktas in Turkey during the infamous 2011 NBA lockout –


autism head on. I understand what these families are going through because of my own history. Twenty years ago, few people would have spoken about it. Lots of kids had it but there wasn’t much in the way of help. Today, it’s easier to do something relevant – we can raise awareness, get it diagnosed, we can respond and find ways to tackle some of the symptoms.” Hosting a dodgeball tournament on Monday, September 15, 2014, at Basketball City - Pier 36, Williams hopes the charity receives much needed attention and garners financial contributions. “It’s called Dodge Barrage,” announces Williams eagerly, “This is the fifth big fundraiser. We did a golf-related event before and a lot of similar stuff in Utah. This is the second one in NY. We’ll have celebrities, create a team and I know it’ll raise awareness for this underfunded cause. Those who came last year, really enjoyed it.” THE ANNUAL TIMEOUT “Yeah, Tribeca is a great area” Williams reflects, “Mr. Chow, Nobu… an endless number of great restaurants, night life and young families. It’s quieter than Soho where I stayed the first year.”

into growing the Point of Hope Foundation. We started it nine years ago and at the time, we had our first child and both felt there’s something we can do for less fortunate kids.” “Our causes range from juvenile diabetes to autism, to cancer clinics,” Williams says, moving up court. “We give scholarships, host youth clubs and try to help low-income and homeless families. Once we had this Christmas dinner for single moms and that really got to me. Don’t forget, I grew up with a single mom… a remarkable woman, a phenomenal mother.” When Williams realized that his third (of four) child, DJ, suffered from a form of autism, raising awareness became a personal crusade. “We adopted DJ and the two of us got very close. Actually, from all my kids, he’s the one who always liked being with me most - a real daddy’s

58 • Resident September 2014

boy. Anyway, at 18 months he gets diagnosed with autism and I’m like wow! I heard of it but what exactly is there to do?” THE REBOUND After some effort, a choked up Williams drives on, “With autism, families live through different stages… first, there’s denial. ‘Not my kid!’ You know, so many refuse to have their kid tested. But that’s the single most important thing to do. They need to get in there and give it their all.” Williams looks up as though a ball had frozen midair: “The earlier people know, the faster they can do something positive.” When I tell Williams that I’ve heard he’s an ambassador for Autism Speaks, he smiles bashfully and concedes, “Yeah, ambassador – it’s what they call it; but mostly what’s important is that the message gets out. People need to face

Williams stares at his shiny door, then glances at the ceiling; next, he boldly rejoins the conversation as if set on a man-to-man defense. “I’m not going to lie. I don’t really feel so much like a New Yorker. I grew up in an apartment in Texas where you could send your kids outside like ‘yeah, go play in the sun.’ Here it’s more challenging. The process of getting them into school is a nightmare. Even private schools where you pay are an ordeal. In Utah, you just send your kids to the first public school in the area because they’re all great. Truth is, we enjoy getting away from the hustle and bustle and going back to Utah every summer. It’s a relief to take that timeout. No traffic. No crowds. My daughters still have their friends there. There’s a big backyard. They go to the pool; the playground and they jump on the trampoline. Kids running wild and free here…? I don’t think so.” PICK AND ROLL “What constitutes a New Yorker?” Williams gives way to a wonderfully open smile and says: “Taking the subway… which, by the way, I love to take.” He anticipates my move and intercepts: “Yes, of course I have a chauffeured car but the subway is way faster.” Eyes on the invisible basket overhead he continues, “Second thing is the New York/Brooklyn accent - which I don’t have.” Then looking me in the eyes his words seemingly jump beyond my reach, “Third thing is New Yorkers are tough. Or at least they think they are.” Slam dunk!

SPOTLIGHT Resident September 2014 • 59


Luxury in the Sky By Christopher A. Pape


hile the thought of a 16 hour flight can be a bit daunting, South African Airways whisks you in style with a direct flight from JFK to Johannesburg. With their premium business class enjoy the best of South African hospitality in the sky with seats that recline 180 degrees to fully flat beds, five course meals designed by celebrity chefs, award winning South African wines, and world class entertainment. Relax and refresh in the comfort of their first class lounges with luxurious amenities including showers upon departure and arrival. The long flight hours will literally fly by as you experience gastronomic delights prepared by renowned celebrity chefs, Chef Reuben Riffel and Chef Benny Masekwameng who have recreated a five star dining experience serving classic dishes with a South African flair. Chef Reuben honed his culinary skills as the Executive Chef at the award-winning Monneaux Restaurant in Franschoek and later opened the highly lauded Bruno’s Brasserie in Cambridge, England. Cooking since he was a child, Chef Benny Masekwameng has worked his way up to become the Executive Chef at Tsogo Sun and also a Masterchef South Africa judge. Whet the appetite with tempting starters that lead to the exquisite main courses and finish with a sweet finale for a satisfying meal. Each course is paired with award winning South African wines and imported champagnes selected by their Group Sommelier, Bongi Sodladla to enhance the chef ’s creations. Enjoy entertainment from around the world on screens ranging from 10” in economy to 12” in business class. With over 100 movies to enjoy on demand from the latest blockbusters to timeless classics there is also a wide selection of international African, Bollywood, and Asian titles as well as 100 TV features, including the latest full-season series, comedy shows and family programming. Gamers will never be bored with 15 games to choose from to show your competitive streak as you play against fellow passengers. To address all the necessary medical requirements for entering South Africa, SAS also provides a network of SAA netcare clinics that provide specialized travel healthcare services including all vaccinations including yellow fever, preventative medications including malaria, international inoculation certificates, and post travel diagnosis, treatment and care to ensure a safe and healthy trip.

60 • Resident September 2014

The best way to visit this fascinating part of the world is on South African Airways where you can leave the urban jungle of New York City and embark on an adventure of a lifetime. For more information:

Martha’s Vineyard Come discover autumn on Martha’s Vineyard 508-693-0085



South African Grandeur By Christopher A. Pape and Jennifer Pelaez


et in the tranquil and exclusive tree-lined ambassadorial suburb of Sandhurst, on the northwestern slope of Johannesburg, the Saxon Hotel, exemplifies five-star elegance and unparalleled South African hospitality. Nestled on ten acres of beautifully landscaped gardens, this all-suite boutique hotel provides a peaceful retreat for all travelers, whether on business or en route to an exotic safari adventure. Elegant and luxurious, the sense of serenity and grandeur of the manicured grounds set the stage for the impeccably designed and exquisite interior. Originally built as an estate for Douw Steyn, one of South Africa’s most successful entrepreneurs, the 23-year-old property has welcomed heads of state, foreign dignitaries and countless celebrities — Bill Clinton, Kevin Spacey, Oprah Winfrey and Lady Gaga to name a few. However, the Saxon’s most celebrated and proudest boast is the history within its walls, as it became home to former South African President and Nobel Prize Winner, Nelson Mandela, after he was released from prison. The Saxon became his sanctuary where his autobiography “Long Walk to Freedom” was completed.

62 • Resident September 2014

All history aside, upon entering the reception area, it is quite evident why this award-winning hotel has been so well recognized. The entrance and lobby exude flair of quiet majesty showcasing a glass dome, lavish staircase and grand chandelier. The inviting decor is an elegant fusion of contemporary and traditional African, balanced by its airy and spacious interior. The warm and neutral shades reflect the tones and textures of Africa offset with novel Eastern accents and African artifacts. Art is an integral part of the Saxon experience and is displayed throughout the hotel and its gardens. The Saxon Hotel is home to the inaugural Saxon Art Affair which is a unique celebration of contemporary South African art and represents a wonderful combination of different styles, genres, mediums and techniques. Artwork by acclaimed local artists including realist painter Dean Simon are displayed in the guest rooms. The 53 luxury rooms and suites are generously appointed, with oversize writing desks, featuring large bay windows covered in magnificently crafted latticed shutters overlooking the delightful gardens or pool

area. Whether guests choose to stay in the Luxury Room, the Executive Luxury Room, the One Bedroom Suite or the most exclusive Nelson Mandela Presidential Suite, they are assured a luxurious and comfortable stay


even for the most discerning guests seeking privacy and exclusivity. As hard as it may be to leave the palatial rooms, the impressive infinity swimming pool is one of the central features of the hotel. Bask in the sun on one of the luxurious loungers or relax by the pool terrace which offers guests the ideal location to admire the abundant birdlife or stay until later to take in the spectacular African sunset. Not to be missed, the Koi Terrace has a heated pool that plays underwater music. At the hotel’s state-of-the-art spa, treat yourself to the signature Sound Therapy treatment which incorporates Tibetan gongs, bells, cymbals and singing bowls, performed on a heated waterbed for the ultimate rejuvenating experience. The spa offers a cultural journey around the world, featuring a stunning African-Byzantine styled mosaic Rasul Chamber and full range of heavenly treatments that use a holistic approach using aromatherapy, color and scent to promote all over wellness of the mind, body, and soul. If the endless relaxation and pampering have opened up your insatiable palate, head over to the Dining Gazebo, an ideal setting for leisurely lunches or High Teas. The Qunu Saxon Grill, named after former President Nelson Mandela’s country home in the Eastern Cape of South Africa, offers the ultimate African grill experience. For a truly delectable and experiential dining, ‘five hundred’ which celebrates the synergy between wine, food and art promises an unforgettable gastronomic adventure. Executive Chef David Higgs

has over 20 years of experience and pours his energy and creativity into creating a menu that reflects his emotions, passions and inspired ideas. Individually presented to guests by the hotel’s celebrated chefs and sommeliers, every course at this fine dining restaurant is paired with the finest local and internationally renowned wines and carefully thought out using only the finest and most fresh ingredients. The seasonal menus are meticulously planned and each day’s ingredients are handpicked from the vegetable garden. To be one with nature, dine at the al

fresco Terrace open from dawn to dusk and bask in the glorious South African sun as you are serenaded by the abundant birdlife. Merging the finest culinary experiences, outstanding accommodations and an inspirational setting complemented with the best of African hospitality, the Saxon Hotel Villas & Spa will take you on a journey that will leaving a lasting impression of stately elegance. For more information:

Resident September 2014 • 63

Š‹•‘–Šǯ• ‡ƒ–—”‡†‡•–‹ƒ–‹‘



ͳǦͺͲͲǦʹͶͺǦ͵Ͷͺ͹ •‡–Š‹•Ž‹ˆ‘”•’‡…‹ƒŽ‘ˆˆ‡”•ǣ™™™Ǥˆ‹––‘—”•Ǥ…‘Ȁ”‡•‹†‡– ‘”ƒŽ‘•––Š”‡‡†‡…ƒ†‡•ǡ ‘”‡‹‰ †‡’‡†‡–‘—”•Šƒ•„‡‡†‡†‹…ƒ–‡†–‘’”‘˜‹†‹‰–”ƒ˜‡Ž‡”• ™‹–Š–Š‡‡š’‡”‹‡…‡‘ˆƒŽ‹ˆ‡–‹‡ǤǤǤ‘‡ˆ‹ŽŽ‡†™‹–Š‡š…‹–‡‡–ǡ…‘ˆ‘”–ǡŽ—š—”›ǡƒ†‰”‡ƒ– ‡‘”‹‡•Ǥ‡‘ˆˆ‡”ƒƒ””ƒ›‘ˆ‡•…‘”–‡†•ƒŽŽ‰”‘—’–‘—”•ƒ†˜ƒ…ƒ–‹‘•ǡƒ†™‡•’‡…‹ƒŽ‹œ‡‹ ’”‹˜ƒ–‡…ƒ”ƒ†…—•–‘–‘—”•Ǥ 64 • Resident September 2014


A Zest for Zambia By Christopher A. Pape


eep in the heart of the southern African country of Zambia, in the South Luangwa National Park, quietly exists two very special safari camps: Camp Chinzombo and Luwi Camp of Norman Carr Safaris. What makes these camps so special is the area in which they’re located. South Luangwa is a one of Zambia’s premier wildlife reserves, if not one of the finest in all of Africa. We’re not talking about a wildlife reserve stocked with game, but a natural, unspoiled lush park with one of Africa’s major river systems, the Luangwa River, sustaining life to the abundant amount of vegetation and game that thrives in this region. The park is also home to the largest concentration of hippos in the world, over 5,000 of them. In fact, the park itself is the playground for over 60 different animals species, including lion, leopard and elephant as well as 450 different types of birds; needless to say, the wildlife here is plentiful.

Part of the Norman Carr Safari portfolio, Camp Chinzombo and Luwi offer their guests a high level of service and luxury in, quite literally, the middle of nowhere. Norman Carr is the leader in walking safaris, having been the first to introduce them in the region. Both camps have walking safaris that you should take full advantage of while visiting. Walking gives an entirely new perspective from the more traditional jeep safari. You become one with the earth; footing is difficult as the elephants leave gapping holes in the ground making for uneven terrain. But whether encountering a herd of elephant or a group of zebras, your ground level view will give you a new perspective on the animal’s habitat. Camp Chinzombo was newly opened to the public in 2013 and is set on the banks of the Luangwa River with 60 acres of private land. Designed by the award-winning architect

team of Silvio Rech and Lesley Carstens, it’s a departure from the more traditional safari camps normally found in Zambia and offers a heightened level of luxury and is a standard-bearer for properties in the whole of the country. The Chinzombo Camp is environmentally conscious and designed with minimal impact to nature. The camp utilizes the surrounding Msikzi trees to shade the accommodations and the buildings use recycled or recyclable materials with interiors of locally produced leather and floors of recycled composite timber. There are six villas here, five private villas and a larger family villa with luxurious bathrooms and private plunge pools overlooking the Luangwa. The decor is simple and minimal, utilizing raw linen, timber, copper and handmade crockery. Each villa is equipped with wireless Internet, a yoga and exercise area, as well as a spa facility. The villas are connected via a footpath that eventually leads to a lounge and dining area.

Resident September 2014 • 65


Its riverside location allowed for us to view the wildlife up close. A few nights at Chinzombo will have you yearning for a return from the moment you leave. Luwi Camp is opened seasonally from 20th of May to the 31st of October. It’s a small and intimate camp with four thatched roof huts with polished mud floors, all having ensuite bathrooms. There’s a small bar area and all meals are served al fresco. Mahogany trees surround this camp situated on the banks of a permanent lagoon. It’s deep in the heart of the National Park and extremely remote from other camps and Luwi is South Luangwa National Park’s first remote safari camp. Although considered rustic, it’s still true luxury in the middle of the African veld, where the service and meals were as close to perfection as could be when you’re in the middle of nowhere. The location is off the beaten path, and by that I mean really off. There are few roads running nearby to the camp so you’ll be experiencing primarily walking safaris. The Luwi region, an area famous for its lions, make the walking safari experience quite unique, not to mention a bit frightening. And on a typical night here you’ll here the sounds of these lions,

66 • Resident September 2014

which will at first keep you wide awake throughout the evening, but as the second night rolls around you’ll come to welcome the orchestral serenade of the lions and accompanying hippos in the lagoon.

The seasonal changes are extreme in this area of Zambia. The dry season begins in April and builds through October, which is the hottest month. This is also the time when game viewing is at its height. Warm




sunny days and chilly nights typify the dry winter months of May to August. The wet season starts in November, when the jungle becomes lush and green and this rainy season lasts up until the end of March.

To access the South Luangwa National Park you’ll need to catch a flight from Johannesburg to Lusaka, the capital of Zambia. From there, an approximately one-hour flight will land you in the town

of Mfuwe where you’ll be picked up and whisked away for the vacation of a lifetime. For more information:

Resident September 2014 • 67


Opulence on the Zambezi By Christopher A. Pape


hat wondrous feeling must he had, when David Livingstone, the Scottish missionary, and explorer set out onto the broad land of Africa and discovered the marvelous Victoria Falls? The discovery of the glorious site, viewed from a first-person-ever perspective, must have left Dr. Livingstone in such paralyzing wonder, since the site continues to do so for millions of visitors to The Smoke that Thunders. What better way to personally discover this incredible wonder than to follow Dr. Livingstone’s footsteps with a stay at Tongabezi? The gorgeous and luxurious lodge boasts an amazing location and offers opulent luxury, perfect for Manhattanites filled with wanderlust. Tongabezi Luxury Lodge rests calmly upstream of the legendary Victoria Falls, on the banks of the winding Zambezi River. Being some 10 miles away from the Mosi-oa-Tunya, or Victoria Falls known indigenously as the Smoke that Thunders, Tongabezi gives its guests the perfect opportunity to intimately

68 • Resident September 2014

encounter the World Heritage site. The magnificent Victoria Falls stretches over 5,604 ft. and has a height of 354 ft., which crowns Victoria Falls as the largest stretch of falling water in the world, and deservingly one of the world’s Seven

Natural Wonders; and the best place to experience this spectacular force of nature is on Livingstone Island, where Dr. David Livingstone first discovered this superb site. Tongabezi offers convenient daily Livingstone Island trips five times

TRAVEL daily, which is itself a thrilling journey as passengers swiftly pass through the fast-moving channels of the Zambezi on a twin-engine boat, ensuring the perfect sighting experience. At Tongabezi, travelers are greeted by a wide array of accommodation choices, as lodges are located at Tongabezi, Tangala House or Sindabezi Island, all on the banks of the Zambezi. Founded in 1990 by Ben Parker and the late Will Ruck-Keene, pioneers of eco-tourism in Zambia, the lodge is privately owned

and run. Individual houses are all furnished with high-end amenities and are individually attended by a valet who takes care of guests throughout their stay and acts as a private concierge. One of the several gorgeous houses is the Dog House, located at the furthest edge of the Tongabezi garden. Three beautiful decks made by sustainable pine are connected to create a private world of its own at the location; they are raised high to not only provide all rooms with incredible views, but also to support the houses with great security. The open plan central deck is intimately created with community,

relaxation and luxury in mind. It offers a private infinity plunge pool and a double-sided fireplace facing onto both the lounge and dining room. Tongabezi puts an incredible focus on building an eco-friendly luxury lodge community, and extends that same focus and dedication to evolving the surrounding community towards positivity. With that specific goal in mind, Tongabezi gives back to its neighbors in a generous manner. Vanessa Parker, wife of Tongabezi founder Ben Parker, established Tongabezi Trust School in 1996 and has worked valiantly to grow the school. It now provides good education to staff children as well as children from the local community in a place where it is desperately needed. At Tongabezi, guests can do as much or as little as they wish, with game drives, bush walks and boating trips available. The majestic Victoria Falls can also be viewed on foot in the national park, from inside the gorge, from Livingstone Island and from the air. With all the beautiful natural resources and a tranquil yet opulent space to return to at the end of the day, Tongabezi is undoubtedly worthy of a visit.

For more information:

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Palmetto Point




Exclusive Direct Access Bay Front

Bonita Bay



Jose’s Hideaway

Sanibel Island


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Catalpa Cove

Shadow Wood at The Brooks

s"$"! $EN s"OATIN9OUR"ACK9ARD s0OOL(OMEIN'ATED#OMMUNITYY s*UST-INUTES!WAYFROM4HE'ULFOF-EXICO s$775,000 MLS 214041949 $ , Fischer Group 239.777.7500



800.656.9111 Florida: Fort Myers/Cape Coral, Bonita Springs/Estero, Naples/Marco Island, Ocala, Sanibel and Captiva Islands North Carolina: Cashiers, Franklin, Highlands, Lake Glenville, Lake Toxaway and Sapphire Valley

70 • Resident September 2014

How much is this worth in sand dollars?

Those priceless memories are easier to create than you might think with the help of Royal Shell. Our customized service approach makes vacation planning seem like child’s play. Call today to explore our impressive array of vacation rentals including private estates, cottages, condominiums and golf course homes on the gorgeous beaches of Southwest Florida.

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VA C AT I O N & S E A S O N A L R E N TA L S Resident September 2014 • 71 Bonita Springs, Fort Myers, Naples, Sanibel and Captiva Islands


Mala Mala and its Land of Wonder By Christopher A. Pape

frica is big. Breathtakingly, groundshatteringly big; and it’s giant in more than just the incredible expanse. The ruggedly charming continent encases history of thousands of years like fine wine with each sip revealing more secrets; along with cultures so diverse and rich it’s practically dripping in elegance. Africa is still the prime ground for one of humans’ oldest known activities - exploring. While space was crowned the final frontier years ago, Africa, along with those amusing and ravishing safaris, is jagged and wild as ever, and worthy of discovering further. One game reserve in Africa offers just the exploration and discovery lusted by savvy Manhattanites. It is wild and fierce yet puts such impressive emphasis on luxury and elegance. MalaMala Game Reserve, for its stunning presentation of the luxury safari experience, is easily the destination for this season’s opulent getaway.


72 • Resident September 2014

Located in South Africa’s Northern tip, MalaMala Game Reserve reigns as the largest private Big Five game reserve in South Africa. Its 33,000-acre territory shares a 12-mile long border next to Kruger National Park, and sits between the worldrenowned National Park and the Sabi Sand Reserve. The expansive land at MalaMala is the perfect ground for wildlife enthusiasts and those ready to fill up rolls of film, as

the reserve takes pride, deservedly, in being the largest Big Five reserve. The Big Five is respectively lion, leopard, elephant, buffalo and rhino, the most sought after big game. As the 19th century progressed, cameras and photos replaced guns and fire, and photography replaced hunting; and it is in reserves like MalaMala where this search for the perfect shot takes place. The thrill and exhilarating search for the Big Five is augmented by being in an open Land Rover, giving guests the perfect opportunity to experience the intimacy with nature. MalaMala also offers an exclusive game viewing area with no shared traversing and the highest land to guest ratio in the region, which in turn provides its esteemed guests the thrilling experience of witnessing the Big Five in fierce action. For this, MalaMala Game Reserve is praised as the safari industry’s blueprint to the luxury photographic safari.

TRAVEL Only a world-class accommodation is worthy of accompanying the world-class wildlife sighting at MalaMala. Three camps on the reserve continue the signature Rattray atmosphere, offering discreet, classic and elegant African opulence. The Main Camp on the reserve exudes the spirit of MalaMala, as experienced throughout the guest’s stay. It flows through the massive Jackalberry tree, standing as the witness to the beautiful changes happening at MalaMala. It’s reflected in the sepia photographs in the safari bar, radiating historical significance. The camp offers 8 luxury suites, 10 luxury rooms and 1 single room; all of which furnished with five-star amenities and insect repellent prepared carefully by the welcoming staff. The Main Camp is the perfect choice for families as the camp accepts children of all ages, though restrictions are in place for safety reasons. Young children from 4 to 12 are treated as Junior Rangers and are able to participate in a holistic program perfect for youngsters to explore and be entertained. The program is individually designed upon arrival. Professional rangers looking after the family will assess the enthusiasm and level of independence of the children, and in col-

laboration with the parents and guardians; various activities will be designed to fill their next few days in the bush. The Sable Camp embodies the soul of MalaMala on a more intimate and discreet manner. It is the choice for those seeking a more private and intimate safari as it accommodates a maximum of 14 guests. The camp is situated at the southern end of the reserve; its elevated position provides an excellent platform from which guests are given the gorgeous view of the Sand River and the surrounding veld. Sable Camp offers 5 luxury suites, which are decorated individu-

ally, creating the spacious and comfortable suites under traditional thatching. Rattray’s on MalaMala lets guests peek into the past, when travelers from all over the world would come to Africa and see the magic of the wild, then be charmed by the elegance and refinement on the camp. It is the epitome of regal colonial safari-style as well as a culmination of over 40 years of experience within the Rattray Family. It bears the style of crystal and leather, and furnished in accordance with world-class standards. The campsite offers 8 luxury khayas, Zulu for home, providing accommodation for up to 16 guests. On a continent as big as Africa, the only thing bigger is the culture, the thrill and the excitement contained within this beautiful land. MalaMala utilizes the best across the land, assembling a peculiar yet precious jewel. With wildlife encounters and luxurious khayas reediting rich history, MalaMala is indeed the destination of choice for the most discerning New Yorker. For more information:

Resident September 2014 • 73


The African Adventure By Christopher A. Pape


and white-water rafting. Whether you are seeking five star luxuries with an extravagant bungalow and private pool or more rugged earthy camp settings, your ideal experience is available which can be planned to your specifications.

s Africa is the second largest continent on the planet occupying 20 percent of the world’s landmass, planning a safari for the first time can be a bit daunting. To navigate through the myriad of possibilities of creating an ideal itinerary whisking you to small reserves around the continent to become one with nature is the Africa Adventure Company, one of the leading travel specialists for Africa.

As climates can vary wildly while out in the bush from blazing hot days to wintry cool nights, it’s important to have the right clothing on hand when far away from any conveniences of modern civilization. Designed with the safari adventurer in mind, Mark Nolting who has spent years in the bush developed a line of clothing that can adapt to these changes, ensuring comfort on every level. Set in a jungle ready neutral palette of hunter green, stone and khaki the Africa Adventure Company developed a range of safari ready polo shirts for men and a v neck pullover style for women in a 60/40 cotton/poly combination to ensure moisture wicking and breathability. For chilly mornings and nights, they also offer zipped fleeces for layering.

Offering more than 75 safari trips to over 14 African countries they tap into hundreds of game reserves and parks with an abundance of safari activities. Every trip can be tailored to your travelling style with the opportunity to see large and spectacular wildlife in their own natural environment that have remained basically unchanged for millennia with expert guides and camps that support local communities and the environment. Mark Nolting, the President of the company has even penned the definitive guide on travelling to Africa, “Africa’s Top Wildlife Countries,” carefully exploring every camp and providing detailed information on each country’s specialties. To ensure an authentic safari experience, it’s important to explore the entire ecosystem to capture the essence of the African wilderness and landscape. Depending on your agility level, adventure awaits and ranges from leisurely game drives and thrilling hot-air balloon

74 • Resident September 2014

Pack for your adventure with their sturdy duffel bag that can fit as a carry on, and for daytrips their lightweight backpack has a waist and chest strap for long hikes with plenty of outside pockets for a water bottle, binoculars, and a camera to carry all your essentials. rides to rigorous activities like walking in the bush, horse-back riding tours, or adrenaline induced mountain climbs

For more information:


Nixon Chimuka, I Presume By Christopher A. Pape


n Africa, migration is everything. ‘Birds do it, gnats do it, even caribous and elks do it…’ Without breaking into song, let’s just say that corporations and people also do it; and that’s why the upper echelon of animal kingdom relies on airlines. So what are the majestic airborne creatures provided by Corporate Air, one of the most outstanding chartered flight companies in Africa…? To start with there’s the Cessna 401 that seats six passengers, the Hawker 125-700 that seats 8, and finally, the King Air – 350 for 9 passengers and 2 crew members. Joining this fleet of 3 in the upcoming months is an executive twin turbine aircraft that will have the advantage of being able to fly all the way from Zimbabwe to Johannesburg without refueling. As the enthusiastic manager of Corporate Air, Nixon Chimuka says, “at 2 dollars per kilometer, we’re likely the cheapest charter airline on the continent” – a fact that is hard to dispute when the cost being referred to is by planeload. Corporate Air focuses exclusively on getting the most appropriate plane for a given mission. As an assurance of quality, the company owns no planes. Instead they lease them from trustworthy mining and milling companies. In so doing, they have absolutely no desire to overlook possible safety issues simply in order to keep on good terms with a partner company. With security being a primary

76 • Resident September 2014

focus, they pick from among the best and most modern planes available and are likewise very discerning about their choice in pilots. Chimuka himself knows a lot about the concerns of high end tourists and corporate executives. Before coming to Corporate Air, he spent years working for Ngwazi Air Charters, a similarly strong but far less elite company in Lusaka Zambia. Prior to that, Chimuka – who hails from Zimbabwe - spent 18 years of his life studying aviation. Offering a wide range of safari tour packages, the company he heads uses its planes for a myriad of tasks. It transports tourists to special destinations and does drop-offs and pick-ups of groups at national parks and safari sites. In addition, it is a veritable tour bus for the skies doing flybys at low altitudes, giving close ups of exotic terrains. Zambia has are over 18 national parks with 10 massive ones whose range includes everything from savannas to world renowned waterfalls and woodlands. Kafue National Park is the oldest and boasts nearly 1400 miles of park, safari and camping sites. The area is rife with wildlife. Another park, Kasanka, is filled with everything from rivers to lakes to lagoons to dambos. Its meadows and wetlands contain swamp-dwelling sitatunga, reedbucks, waterbucks, rare blue

monkeys, elephants, puku and over 330 species of birds including rarities like Pel’s fishing owls, pygmy geese, Ross’s loerie, ospreys, wattle cranes and shoebill storks. As for Mosi-oa-Tunya National Park bordering Zimbabwe, it sports the largest waterfall in the world, Victoria Falls. With Leopards, lions and rhinoceros, it is easy to see why tourism in Zambia has grown from 400,000 to over a million in the last ten years. As authentic bush paradises with air conditioned lodges go, nature remains the country’s calling card. “May to July is often the best season,” advises Chinuka, “since by August it is very hot and by December way too wet.” Still, with planes ready to carry you to any destination on the continent, there’s always somewhere to go no matter what the month. In the mid-1800’s, the renowned David Livingstone had trekked from river to bush to lake to jungle, wandering the planes of Zambia. Today, these same remote areas can be had simply by boarding one of Corporate Air’s fleet. As for finding the most capable person to lead you to Livingstone’s Monument, it’s ‘Nixon Chimuka, I presume.’ For more information:

Now Trading... the Concrete Jungle for a Home away from Home... This Orlando Florida resort is the perfect environment for guests looking for Orlando vacations with a home away from home feel, combining a wide array of activities and relaxing amenities with the privacy and spaciousness of your very own Vacation Home rental or Town Home.

Visit Call 1-877-477-2567 Email us Resident September 2014 • 77


BEAUTY AND THE BEACH By Ann Grenier ith summer officially drawing to a close, many are dreaming of heading out to Long Island’s East End to make the most of the remaining sunshine and enjoy the beautiful beaches. To ensure you’re packing the very best beauty and grooming products, Travel Beauty – an online destination dedicated to offering the best in travelfriendly beauty and grooming products from around the globe – has partnered with two of the Hamptons’ most luxurious hotels to offer an exclusive service to its guests. When you place your reservation with the breathtaking Panoramic View Resort & Residences in Montauk or the gorgeous Ocean Dunes Resort & Residences in Amagansett, you can enhance your stay with a custom-curated Travel Beauty travel kit, filled with your favorite luxury travelsize toiletries.

78 • Resident September 2014

Simply visit to create your own travel kit. Fill your kit with exactly the products you’ll want and need during your stay at these spectacular ocean-side hotels.

You can choose from Travel Beauty’s exclusive collection of luxury beauty and grooming products for men and women including skin, hair and sun care as well as bath, body and shaving and grooming products from Philip Kinglsey, Institut Esthederm, Taylor of Old Bond Street, Heaven Skincare, Neova and many more. Guests can opt to have their kits delivered directly to the hotel so that it is waiting for them upon arrival. Now you can enjoy the serene waterfront landscape of the Hamptons with all the beauty and grooming products you’ll need without the fuss. For more information:











1.800.941.1126 Resident September 2014 â&#x20AC;¢ 79


London’s twenty-first Century Grand Hotel By Norah Bradford orinthia Hotel London is rated amongst London’s finest 5-star luxury hotels. Combining traditional grandeur with modern freshness, the luxuriously redesigned Victorian destination is ideally located in the heart of London, a short walk from many of the city’s major attractions. “Corinthia Hotel London is an intricately restored grand hotel with a 21st century approach,” says General Manager Matthew Dixon. Its modern elegance is defined by a blend of classic Victorian architecture with outstanding craftsmanship and contemporary art, mirroring the energy, style and history of the area. Guests are offered all the modern luxuries whilst enjoying an authentic experience in a hotel and location with heritage.” Corinthia Hotels’ flagship hotel features two world-class restaurants and a bar. The Northall restaurant celebrates the best of British artisanal produce, including Cumbrian short horn cattle, together with an extensive selection of organic and biodynamic wines by the glass and by the bottle. The hotel also serves modern Italian cuisine at Massimo Restaurant & Oyster Bar. Bassoon, the musically inspired bar

80 • Resident September 2014

designed by the award-winning David Collins Studio, serves both molecular cocktails and colonial inspired drinks from its boutique spirits library. The heartbeat of the hotel is its Lobby Lounge. The space offers a residential feel enhanced by an eclectic mix of furniture and bespoke artworks. The soaring dome in the centre is adorned with the pioneering Full Moon chandelier created by Parisian designer Chafik Gasmi and produced by Baccarat, the prestigious French crystal manufacturer. The Full Moon, composed of 1,001 crystal baubles, is the grand focal point of the main hotel area. Lobby Lounge guests

can take a traditional afternoon tea or enjoy an evening cocktail. Award-winning international spa company ESPA partnered with the hotel to launch its flagship ESPA Life at Corinthia. Spanning 3300m2 and on four floors, this magnificent spa features 17 treatment rooms, a private spa suite, nail studio, indoor pool, vitality pool, amphitheatre sauna, ice fountain, marble heated lounges, private sleep pods, a stateof-the-art gym and Daniel Galvin hair salon. ESPA has enlisted exceptional therapists, naturopaths, acupuncturists, osteopaths and physiotherapists offering guests a new level of spa and wellness in a five-star luxury setting. Corinthia Hotel London offers ‘The Seven Penthouses of Corinthia London’, a spectacular collection of exclusive two-storey penthouse hotel suites, heralding a new era of luxury accommodation for the city. The opulent guest residences are built within the soaring turrets of the grand Victorian building, each with its distinct style and unique hand-crafted bespoke finishes and furniture. For more information:


Five-Star. All-inclusive.

True Luxury European River Cruising Sailing the Rhine, Main, Danube,Moselle, Seine, Rhone, and Volga

The newest fleet of ships in European River Cruising • Unlimited drinks - including premium liquor

All Scenic Suites have a private balcony

All shore excursions are included

Personal Butler for every guest

Exclusive Scenic Enrich onshore events and much more

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Ultimate in West Coast Glamour By Norah Bradford he Four Seasons Los Angeles, known as the epicenter of West Coast glamour and luxury, is the perfect place to stay in Southern California for business and leisure travelers alike. Recently renovated, this fivestar luxury hotel is nestled in a vibrant and leafy residential enclave between Beverly Hills and West Hollywood. During the early year awards season and later in the year for The Emmy TV Awards the Hotel transforms into a focal point for celebrity guests and media. The hotel is ideally positioned for convenient exploration of LA’s attractions. In close proximity is one of the world-famous trend-setting shopping destinations Rodeo Drive, the Pacific Ocean, major business centers, and cultural attractions such as the J. Paul Getty museum and the Santa Monica Pier, the hotel is perfectly situated to please all visitors. With all this in mind the hotel has a exceptionally resourceful, multilingual Concierge team on hand to assist guests with making the very most of Los Angeles and to ensure that every stay is memorable. The glamorous hotel’s two hundred eighty-five guest rooms and luxury suites are decorated in warm hues inspired by

84 • Resident September 2014

the sunshine of Southern California and all feature French doors to a step-out balcony with breathtaking views of the gardens, Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, or the Hollywood Hills. Each room or suite also features a lavish marble bathroom. Outstanding dining opportunities abound at the Four Seasons Los Angeles - two restaurants plus a lounge offer sumptuous fare. At Cabana Restaurant, guests can enjoy MediterraneanCalifornia cuisine in an intimate casual dining setting adjacent to the hotel’s rooftop pool. Culina, Modern Italian - feted as one of the

nation’s best new restaurants by Esquire magazine - features LA’s only crudo bar, an expansive patio, two lounges, a contemporary dining room and two private rooms for entertaining. A stunning indoor-outdoor restaurant design blends simplicity with elegance. As an alternative, Windows Lounge features a newly spacious outdoor patio and live entertainment three days a week. A menu offering delectable appetizers from around the globe, specialty martinis, in addition to an extensive wine list is complemented by the lounge’s plush atmosphere. Once you have rested in the room and tried the range of dining choices perhaps it is time to explore the hotel’s amenities. The hotel’s outdoor pool is brand new and offers gorgeous elevated city views. Six poolside cabanas are available for spa treatments or a shady poolside respite. Furthermore, a number of complimentary services and amenities are provided free of charge to every guest. These include inroom wireless or wired internet access, luxury car transportation within a twomile radius of the hotel. For more information:

( / 4 % , s 2 % 3 4! 5 2 !.4 "/ Ă&#x160;Ă&#x160;UĂ&#x160;Ă&#x160;, -/1, /Ă&#x160;Ă&#x160;UĂ&#x160;Ă&#x160;-* 6/4%$2/-!.4)#()$%!7!9).4(%7/2,$&/2()$%!7!93).4%2.!4)/.!,

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COLLEGE TOUR By Ann Grenier housands of new graduates from the nation’s leading universities flock to New York City every year with dreams of making it big and enjoying some of the best nightlife the city has to offer. Events planning company College Tour brings these talented young graduates together for alumni reunion parties at some of the best and most-exclusive venues in Manhattan. The company’s CEO & founder Phil Zelonky, who is highly experienced in hospitality and events-planning, recognized the need to bring together a community of newly-graduated academic and intellectual powerhouses in New York. “Many may have just started their professional life in the city and wish to network and have fun with like-minded friends,” he says. Since launching last year, Zelonky has cemented College Tour Events as the go-to party planners for many Ivy

86 • Resident September 2014

League Colleges and their alumni associations, pulling off highly successful and memorable events for some of the world’s most talented and dynamic individuals. They have worked with large universities like Yale University, Cornell, Princeton, as well as many smaller schools like Union College.

Hoping to avoid tickets and cover charges, Zelonky looked for other options. He secured sponsorship with transportation service Uber to provide complimentary transportation to venues, and offers a one-hour open bar at most events, making the parties virtually cost-free for guests. Working closely with venues, university officials and student representatives during the organizational process, College Tour with the technical skills and creativity to ensure a smooth-running process. The boutique nature of the company allows planners to connect personally with its clients creating the best experience possible. Social responsibility is of the upmost importance to College Tour and they have an excellent reputation for producing sophisticated and wellmonitored events.

The key to unlocking your Upper West Side experience. Boutique accommodations. Savvy meeting space. Near Central Park & Midtown. Resident September 2014 â&#x20AC;˘ 87 212.362.7700 /

Ocean City’s Most Historic and Prestigious All Suites Boardwalk Hotel 609.399.1000

The Flanders Hotel’s Elegance and Historic Charisma will leave you Breathless. Located on the boardwalk just steps from the beach, The Flanders Hotel ensures hospitality of yesteryear with the luxury of todays finest amenities. Only the finest accommodations and luxuries will be enjoyed while being a guest in one of our suites, penthouses or promenade suites.

Our High Tea is popular among the most fashionable tea connoisseur down to the novice teetotaler. Enjoying Gourmet tea sandwiches with homemade savories and decadent desserts throughout the year.

Enjoy the Perfect Vacation & Seaside Celebration Destination in

America’s Greatest Family Resort Luxury Suites * Penthouses * Heated Outdoor Pool * Elegant Wedding, Banquet & Conference Facili es * Full Service Restaurant * Fitness Center * Three Unique Clothing & Specialty Shops * Salon & Spa * Wi-Fi Business Center * Coffee Shop * Daily Maid Service

719 E. 11th Street OCEAN CITY, NJ 08226

88 • Resident September 2014

By Norah Bradford

Four Seasons of Family Fun

#2 Resort for Families in America! ~ TripAdvisor 2014 800.woodloch | Nestled in the picturesque Pocono Mountains





M O N T A U K ,












/…ÀiiÊ>LՏœÕÃÊ,iÜÀÌð°°Ê"˜iÊÀi>ÌÊ6>V>̈œ˜ ROYAL ATLANTIC BEACH RESORT “On the Ocean” Standard and Extra Large Hotel Rooms

ROYAL ATLANTIC NORTH “All Suite Resort” One and Two Bedroom Suites

ROYAL ATLANTIC EAST “Oceanfront” Luxurious Two Story, Two Bedroom Townhomes

The only thing we overlook is the Atlantic Ocean... £ÓÈÊ-œÕÌ…Ê “iÀܘÊÛi˜ÕiÊUÊ*°"°Ê œÝʙÎÈ]Êœ˜Ì>Վ]Ê 9Ê££™x{ÊUÊ/i\Ê­ÈΣ®ÊÈÈn‡x£äÎʜÀÊx£ä{

œÕLiÊÊ>˜>}i“i˜ÌÊ œÀ«œÀ>̈œ˜

Not your typical “Zip in the park”


ather than zipping through the forest canopy like most traditional zipline tours – the SkyRider tour at Hunter Mountain mostly abandons this approach and seems to ask the question “how can one get from this mountain to that mountain (which incidentally is over a ½ mile away) in the scariest way possible?” Obviously the logical answer is – “string up a cable, attach a pulley to it and jump!” (Now, for full disclosure here – they do make you wear a safety harness and a helmet – they’re not crazy (at least that’s what they kept telling me). The first of the 5 different ziplines on this course is the longest, highest and fastest – stretching over 3,200 feet across the valley that separates two mountain peaks. As you can guess, some that approach the first take-off platform never actually take that daunting first step. Confronted with the reality that they will soon be hanging 600 feet above the valley floor below and that they will have been placed there by someone they just met, is a bit overwhelming. For this reason they developed “Zipline Pilot Training School” at the start of each tour. As much a confidence building - get to know the guides who will have your life in their hands for the next 3 hours – session, as it is a training session in proper zipline technique. According to Bradd

Morse though who designed, built and runs this impressive facility “The training school is an essential part of the tour experience. We get people who are completely out of their element here, and it’s a way for us to calm them down & get them ready for what’s coming...most of the time we succeed” That “most of the time” is why they don’t recommend starting off with the Skyrider tour if you have never ziplined before, or have a fear of heights. “The SkyRider tour is definitely not for everyone and honestly the Mid-Mountain tour is more than enough excitement for many and a perfect intro to ziplining” says Morse. “We don’t want to scare the crap out of people, we just want everyone to have fun...well, maybe a little of both” Tours run throughout the winter months also and foliage season is absolutely spectacular. For more information on this world class BUUSBDUJPOKVTUUXPIPVSTGSPNUIFDJUZt (518) 263-4388

New York Zipline Adventure Tours is also becoming more and more popular with ‘Boomers’ who Choose to Stay Active with this mix of adrenaline rush and physical workout.

92 • Resident September 2014


(914) (914) 631-1980 631-1980

We invite the youunparalleled to experience the Experience service, unparalleled service, comfort to and comfort, and luxury that continue be amenities that continue to be the the hallmark of hospitality hallmarkatofCastle hospitality the Castle. Hotel & at Spa.

Featuring 31& newly renovated guestrenovated rooms Castle Hotel Spa features 31 newly and suites reflecting a renewed luxuryreflectand and refurbished guest rooms and suites ing a renewedTHANN luxury Sanctuary and sophistication. sophistication. at Castle THANNâ&#x201E;˘ Hotel & Spa The is theTHANN first of itsSanctuary kind in theSpa Castle Hotel & Spa isis the first of its the EQUUS Restaurant acclaimed by kind The in New United States. EQUUES Dining the ZagatYork Times as â&#x20AC;&#x153;EXCELLENT.â&#x20AC;? rated winner of Five Stars by The American Book Your Escape Today! Academy of Castle Hospitality Sciences.





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Sanibel Moorings offers fully furnished 1, 2 and 3 bedroom vacation rental condo suites all feature a living room, dining area, full kitchen and a large, private screened lanai. Reserve your Sanibel Island vacation at Sanibel Moorings and experience the best vacation rentals that Sanibel Island has to offer!


Dobkin’s Rainbow By Rory Winston


y life like a rocket makes a parabola,” wrote Andre Voznesensky in an early ballad that describes how artists often get to their intended destination but not in the way they imagined. At a symposium, the renowned poet admitted to his own life’s unique trajectory: As a student of architecture, he created blueprints for a museum’s wing. But the school of architecture caught fire, his thesis and plans went up in flames, and he soon gave up his studies, embarking upon a new career as a fulltime poet. Many years and publications later, he was awarded a prestigious prize. The ceremony in his honor was held in a newly inaugurated wing of a museum. It turned out to be the very wing he had once attempted to design. Although his drawings had burnt, and it was another architect who designed the wing, Voznesensky was being celebrated in his predestined location.

94 • Resident September 2014

one of the five restaurants in the borough to receive a Michelin Star. This distinction was in great part due to Chef Dobkin’s talent. His unwavering dedication ensured that the honor was bestowed six consecutive years in a row.

Spaces have their stories, and, whether by sheer coincidence or subconscious emotional attachment, certain people are drawn to certain spaces. In the case of Chef Polo Dobkin, his venue of choice is the one that formerly hosted Dressler and now hosts his Meadowsweet. Under the ownership of the late Colin Devlin – the generous restaurateur whose untimely death made headlines – Dressler made Brooklyn history by being

Despite culinary recognition, Dressler eventually closed. Devlin was in financial straits and the restaurant was unsustainable. But something about the venue ate at Dobkin; and in less than a year, he returned to the site. Not as a hired gun this time, but – together with his wife, Stephanie Lempert (of Al Di La Vino) – as the owner. The venue needed light, light and more light. Dressler’s patina look was expunged; a new airy feel of rustic tones, wood, baquettes and blanched brick wall would now prevail. A small herb garden was inserted – its contents perfect for piquing the house cocktails created by Jerry Adona and Stephanie.

DINING Meadowsweet sports an eclectic menu with a ‘raw and cured’ category – this includes treats like smoked trout accompanied by crepe, bitter greens and horseradish. Likewise, scallop ceviche arrives with avocado and cilantro and makes for an enticing opener. As for the ‘snack’ group, try bourbon infused ribs – the dish swaggers between zesty, sweet and balmy, and confers a heady sensation.

shrimp, piperada and aioli is a seasonal ode to Catalan cuisine. Black sea bass with artichoke, baby carrots, fennel and labneh is another signature dish that owes as much to American playfulness as it does to a Mediterranean sensibility. Let’s just say, many of these belong to international waters. For landlubbers,

pistachio brittle, or refreshing ones like Pain Perdu with blackberry compote and coffee ice cream, it doesn’t take long to understand why Jared Rubin is Dobkin’s pastry chef. Both are perfectionists as much as they are matter-of-fact in presentation and neither distracts with unnecessary flavors or embellishments. Meadowsweet is Brooklyn – the Brooklyn of hipsters, the Brooklyn of immigrants that first came there from all over Europe, and the Brooklyn of today that seems to smack ever more of Manhattan. Okay so it might as well be a view from the bridge, with the bridge leading from Brooklyn to just about anywhere in the world.

As is often the case with appetizers nowadays, they are an archipelago of choices, making a convincing case for jettisoning the entrees and spending the evening islandhopping between flavors: A Spanish octopus glistens in basil oil lying across pebble-smooth white beans alongside a crisp chorizo shoreline draped in piquillo peppers. For another approach, try the ivory world of hand-rolled cuscino – it’s entrails like a cavern filled with fresh ricotta surrounded by an underwater lagoon of buttery parmesan with floating peas and pea shoots. But whether you head for the sea with day boat scallops or hop ashore with braised rabbit on a meadow of fava beans, it’s unlikely your palate will get bored.

there’s the sumptuous roasted chicken with gnocchi, escarole, roasted tomato, maitake and pancetta; and for fuller fare, the grilled hanger steak with Jerusalem artichoke, spinach, onion jam and – that final note punctuating the earthy texture – chanterelles and bordelaise.

When it comes to entrees, plancha marina with seared scallop, seppiolini,

With tantalizing desserts like lemon thyme panna cotta with grilled apricots and

Is Dobkin on his way to earning yet another Michelin Star for Williamsburg? Well, with or without the designation, it’s evident that his restaurant is a rarity in its own right. As trajectories for parabolas go, this one looks very much like the end of a long and beautiful rainbow. MeadowSweet

149 Broadway Brooklyn, NY 11211 718.384.0673

Resident September 2014 • 95


The Latest Tessa on the Block By Hillary Latos malade and Esplette pepper. All the pasta is made in house and the lobster spaccatelli is perfectly balanced with chanterelles and laced with a tarragon emulsion, and the grilled shrimp bucatini shines with the fresh summer flavors of corn puree, yellow squash and piquillo peppers.

hough the ancient Greek definition of Tessa is “harvester” or reaper, over the years the urban dictionary slang for tessa is asset spelled backwards meaning the beautiful and perfect female embodiment that everyone loves and cherishes. Judging by the scene at this latest UWS hotspot we couldn’t think of a more perfect name. The fresh and delicately prepared Mediterranean cuisine is only matched by the stunning décor.


Tessa is one of those places that incorporated the elements of a trendy destination restaurant- the décor is industrial yet warm with exposed brick and reclaimed wood lined walls, gunmetal furniture, and lighting diffused by accordion style security grates. It’s helmed by a buzzworthy Alsatian chef, Cedric Tovar from Bobo and Rosemary fame, who has married the best of French and Italian to create a rustic Mediterranean menu. Start with a cocktail at the ground level bar which is populated with well heeled denizens of the neighborhood. Upstairs is the inviting 75 person dining room. For an intimate experience choose the skylit wine cellar room surrounded by wines curated by sommelier Drew Shields formerly from Daniel and David Burke who selected the best of the Mediterranean vineyards for their 60 plus bottle wine list. Start with the hand cured charcuterie board or classic Mediterranean provisions like homemade

96 • Resident September 2014

While nothing speaks of perfection more than fresh grilled Mediterranean entrees, their specialty is the classic cote de boeuf for 2 with an Angus bone in rib eye and bone marrow, and the Berkshire pork chop which is tender and ladled with a savory pork jus. Chef Tovar also displays his Alsatian culinary techniques with the sumptuous and rich braised Berkshire pork cheeks with pecorino polenta, steamed striped bass tagine, and roasted monkfish loin with the classic French mustard agrodolce. Finish your perfect meal on a sweet note with the luscious lavender and ginger panna cotta with a prosecco sabayon and amaretto pizzel tuile or for a light refresher try one of their house made infused sorbets like apricot Riesling, lemon basil, or raspberry earl grey. burrata, or smoked eggplant dip. For appetizers each dish is presented like art, such as the razor clam escabech with the piperade and mignonette marinating in the shell, or the perfectly grilled Atlantic Rouget complemented with a fennel mar-

Tessa 349 Amsterdam Avenue NY, NY 10024 212.390.1974


La Bella Cucina By Christopher A. Pape were the highlight of the meal. Entrees are exceptional as well, but more expected. For meat lovers, be sure to order the Veal Chop or for the seafood-obsessed try the Mediterranean Branzino with a side of the Rosemary Garlic Tuscan Potatoes. There’s a brunch menu that offers baked eggs, pizzas and pastas along with a cocktail menu offering Bloody Marys and Bellinis.

he latest restaurant to grace the iconic Pierre Hotel, part of the Taj Hotel Group, is Sirio, from legendary restaurateur Sirio Maccioni, best known for Le Cirque. But unlike Le Cirque, Sirio Ristorante is a casual, yet sophisticated eatery with to-die-for cheeseburgers (with Fontina cheese) on the lunch menu and Tuscan-inspired dishes for dinner. The restaurant’s décor, renovated by hospitality interior designer Adam Tihany, was inspired by Fellini’s film La Dolce Vita of Italy in the 1950s and 1960s. This Fellini-esque décor uses warm tones with black and white images of Italy adorning its walls. Along with the impeccable service and some of the best selection of Italian wines in New York, Sirio Ristorante is a throwback to old-world Italy in a glamorous setting.


The cuisine combines both contemporary and traditional dishes, all inspired by Tuscany. The menu offers a variety of pastas and appetizers; all were served up to perfection the night we were there. You’ll see monogrammed plates (as also seen in Le Cirque) and the same gracious service you would expect from such a renowned restaurateur. Antipasti dishes include platters of cured meats, Buffalo Mozzarella and Venison Car-

98 • Resident September 2014

The diners here will remind you of a jetsetter crowd, those who love the finer things in life. Sirio Ristorante brings together an older NYC society crowed mixed with a younger and hip crowd, offering some great people watching. The bar is a great place to stop in for a glass of wine where you’ll be sure to strike up an entertaining conversation with a fellow patron. It’s a mod atmosphere that Sirio infuses with memories of his youth, both in his dishes and décor. Sirio Ristorante New York is the restaurateur’s seventh restaurant and third in New York City and hopefully there will be more to come from this talented man. paccio. There’s a caviar menu and a chef ’s tasting menu not to be missed. The pasta dishes range from a delicious Pappardelle with a Lamb Ragu to a squid ink Risotto. Suffice to say the pasta dishes were outstanding and

Sirio Ristorante 795 Fifth Avenue New York, NY 10065 212.940.8195


Handmade Excellence By Peizhao Sun


the menu that includes exciting dishes like the asparagus and ricotta ravioli to the lobster mezzaluna; while dishes like the tagliatelle limone and the cappelleti al prosciutto showcases true Italian authenticity, all are guaranteed to please. To create this incredible taste, Rana makes some of its pasta with doughs flavored with interesting ingredients such as chiles, curry and cuttle fish ink, or even using lentil flour.

he idea of food product brands opening flagship restaurant isn’t new; however, when Italian pasta giant Giovanni Rana opened its first restaurant in the bustling Chelsea Market amid the delightful chaos that is lower Manhattan, something was noticeably different. Maybe it’s the quaint interior design, maybe it’s the glass-encased open kitchen; but it’s definitely the delectable pasta, along with the other alluring dishes, that sets Rana apart. The restaurant not only brings Italy to New York with its authentic taste, but also with the many Italian artifacts that add to the charming atmosphere as well. Producing hearty yet elegant, handmade pasta, as well as providing welcoming and dedicated service, Rana by Giovanni Rana is a spot worthy of a visit. The family owned and operated restaurant finds its beginning all the way back in the year 1962, when Giovanni Rana first set out to make fresh, handmade pasta in his kitchen. The pastas Giovanni created were so unique and delicious, local residents recognized his brand and Giovanni himself became well known. Now, the brand has brought its authentic Italian menu and incredible pasta to Rana in New York City with Chef Giancarlo Perbellini and Chef Francesco Berardinelli, both of whom keep the Rana family tradition alive by creating handmade, fresh pasta daily. The carefully crafted menu includes a variety of appetizers, pasta and antipasti. Though

100 • Resident September 2014

Upon arrival, guests are greeted with the simple yet traditional interior decor. While the 140-seat restaurant is mostly occupied by wooden chairs and table heights, details within the restaurant still manage to tell the story of the Rana, as graters hang above the bar and vintage cooking tools arranged all around the restaurant. It even includes the pasta-making machine and Mr. Rana’s red motorbike, on which he first delivered his handmade pastas. With the combination of unique and traditional pastas, and a focus on continuing the hand making pasta tradition, Rana in Chelsea Market is the spot that won’t disappoint true Italian cosine enthusiasts. Rana specializes in filled pastas that highlight the extra thin and gossamer wrapper, the restaurant offers about 30 different pastas, which aren’t all, filled. As Rana takes pride in its variety, there is never a dull tasting meal with

Rana 75 9th Avenue NY, NY 10011 212.370.0975

SPOTLIGHT 60 • Resident July 2014

Resident September 2014 • 101


Brazilian Indulgence By Peizhao Sun merica’s fervent pursuit of juicy, thickcut and grilled meat is a long-established tradition - a celebration of the carnivorous. Whether it’s a get-together barbecue, a college graduation or a wedding, the insatiable urge to bite into perfectly seared ribs and Italian sausages do not discriminate; forget about the occasion, as long as meat is present, it’s a party. This American hunt for good and hearty meat, however, is becoming more excitingly ethnic. As the new trend of meat-eating blooms, meat lovers wipe the pizza grease off and rush to their local Brazilian steakhouses to have a taste of this unique style. Among all the existing Brazilian steakhouse brands, Texas de Brazil stands out for its excellence in quality and service. Striving to continue the same excellent experience, Texas de Brazil in the Upper East Side is a worthy spot for a night of indulgence.

salads include 50 to 60 items that range from appetizers, gourmet vegetables, soups and salads. The salad bar also provides four freshly made in-house salad dressings, gourmet artisan breads, imported cheeses, fresh buffalo mozzarella, steamed asparagus with strawberry sauce among many other unique and elegant small dishes perfect to enjoy before guests indulge in the gorgeous cuts of meat.

The gorgeous restaurant strives to present New Yorkers who cherish enjoyment of fine dinning with a new and exotic experience. The restaurant, an authentic Brazilian-American “Churrascaria,” or steakhouse, combines the cuisines of Southern Brazil with the generous spirit of Texas. It’s specialized in slow-roasted and perfectly seasoned cuts of beef, lamb, pork, chicken, and Brazilian sausage. The cooking technique, foreign to American cooking ways,

With its variety in selection, combined with a gorgeous interior, Texas de Brazil offers an elegant dinning experience that’s worth a visit in Upper East Side.


102 • Resident September 2014

Texas de Brazil also uses one simple rule to make sure the dinning experience is smooth, convenient and seamless. Upon arrival, guests are greeted by the two-sided card in front of them, one side painted green, the other red. Whenever the guest is ready to enjoy the full Texas de Brazil experience, the green side is turned up to notify the servers, making the ordering process painless and swift.

comes directly from Brazil, where Gauchos, or cowboys, prepare their meals over a campfire. While guests are served with their meat, they are also presented with traditional side items and house-baked Brazilian cheese bread. The variety of meats is matched with the large selection at the salad bar. The seasonal

Texas de Brazil 1011 3rd Avenue NY, NY 10065 212.537.0060


Villagio is not your regular Italian Brasserie. Bringing together a unique blend of spectacular cuisine, impeccable service and dazzling ambiance. A wood-burning oven for traditional thin-crust pizzas forms the heart of the restaurant, while antipasti, fresh seafood and family-style dishes fill out the extensive menu. Executive Chef Paul Johnston uses an abundance of fresh produce. Choose between varieties of excellent mains,

such as the Atlantic salmon baked to perfection, grilled tuna in a white wine and lemon sauce, veal scaloppini, traditional meatballs, or house-made ravioli stuffed with chicken and porcini mushrooms â&#x20AC;&#x201C; all generously portioned and reasonably priced.

40 Central Park South 212.369.4000


Restaurant Roundup By Hillary Latos


rom the quaint cobblestone lined streets of the West Village to the Upper West Side, this month we focus on the thriving restaurant scene of the West Side of Manhattan. Heading into fall there are plenty of reasons to celebrate the great outdoors, the Indian summer weather, glorious fall foliage of Central Park and of course the ethnic diversity of Manhattan’s dining options.

Blossom on Carmine While fine vegan dining may seem like an anomaly in NYC, Ronen Seri and Pamela Blackwell have filled that void with Blossom on Carmine to promote a healthy lifestyle that encompasses compassion on every level. This charming West Village eatery serves gourmand, organic, cruelty free, health conscious cuisine that could convert even the most die hard carnivores. Meat and dairy free options have never tasted so good. Their delicious marsala pan seared seitan cutlets have the same texture and flavor as tender veal cuts encompassed in a full bodied velvety sauce. “Salmon” created from beet marinated tofu is topped with a creamy and savory dill sauce and served with lobster scallops made from mushrooms. Their “non-dairy” pasta is made with a truffled cashew pesto cream creating a rich sensation without the guilt while the soft roasted pumpkin and sweet potato gnocchi is perfectly balanced with golden beets and sautéed kale. Touching on sweet and savory notes is the garlicky grilled kale and honey glazed baby bok choy. For a tasty elixir, try the spicy jalapeno margarita or the juicy fruit infused sangria which is perfect for a Indian summer night. Mokbar 75 Ninth Avenue NYC 646.964.5963

Mokbar Bridging the popular street food concepts of Japan and Korea is Mokbar in the Chelsea Market. As ramen has been a staple in Asian cultures, this exciting concept is recreated stateside by Chef Esther Choi who grew up cooking traditional Korean food with recipes passed down from her grandmother. Korean comfort dishes like ramen in kimchi bacon broth, braised pork and stewed kimchi or the mokbar classic with pork broth, braised pork and vegetables exude bold flavors in a satisfying broth. For spice lovers the spicy tofu features a spicy garlic paste with minced pork that will satiate the craving. The popular black bean, bacon, and pork belly dish is full bodied and tasty on many levels. One of the most well known Korean dishes is the classic bulgogi which is a thinly sliced, marinated, and grilled ribeye served with kimchi and a poached which is easy to understand its popularity with every mouthwatering bite. Over dinner enjoy the seating around the open air kitchen as the wafts and savory aromas of Korean cooking enhance the dining experience.

Savoury For over a decade Surya was a beloved West Village Indian favorite, which has now been resurrected into Savoury on the Upper West Side. Chef-owner Lala Sharma who has worked at some of the top restaurants in India brings his culinary expertise to NYC where he adds his signature flair of integrating contemporary Western techniques into classic Indian dishes representing the diverse regional flavors of the country. Some of the specialties of the house are the crispy vegetable samosas, spicy shrimp with chili masala sauce, and savoury scallops with a tamarind coconut chutney. Choose from the classic tandoori featuring succulent meats that have been marinated and baked in a clay oven to perfection, or reasonably priced chicken or goat main courses. Other New Delhi favorites are the chicken korma with a saffron laced almond cream sauce or the famous curry stewed from garam masala, tomatoes, onion and cilantro. The lamb or goat rogn has been carefully slow cooked in an aromatic cardamom, saffron and carmelized onion sauce which literally melts in your mouth. Housed in an intimate townhouse setting, Savoury is destined to become a neighborhood favorite just like its downtown predecessor.

104 • Resident September 2014

Blossom on Carmine 41 Carmine Street NYC 646 438 9939

Savoury 489 Columbus Avenue NYC 212.875.1400

Mirch Masala ΀ŵƵƌͲĐŚŵࠧ।ढ़Ɛࠧ।ů࠯΁

Mirch literally means Chillies, the red spicy peppers. But it also has many other meanings when used with different sentences & occasions; it could mean spice, spice of life, happiness or pungent, jealousy and could also mean oomph & much more! Masala , is a word of Indian origin, meaning mixture of spices. The term “garam masala” literally means ‘hot spices or a “ mixture of hot spices” It is generally a combination of ground roasted cumin seeds, coriander seeds, cardamom, cloves, black pepper, cinnamon & bay leaves... The term “masala” is commonly used to mean many things; when used in a slang fashion, it may connote “an interesting mixture of things”.

95 Macdougal Street • 212.777.2888 •

Resident September 2014 • 105


BLT’s Newest Venture By Lisa Loverro


as Vegas is filled with glitz, glamour, gambling and lots of good food. While there are a multitude of restaurants from which to choose, the new BLT Steak located in Bally’s Hotel and Casino on the Vegas Strip is one of the best bets in town. BLT Steak, which first opened in New York in 2004 and has a sister restaurant BLT Burger at Mirage just a little further North on Las Vegas Boulevard is a welcomed addition to an already bustling restaurant scene. The size of this restaurant is 7,000 square feet and filled with almost 250 seats. A sexy bar with long curves and filled with beautiful people, greets guests as they enter the main dining room. The rich wood and neutral tones are accented with stainless steel, amber and tangerine colors. There is also a huge fireplace lighting the way for a meal that is second to none. It’s in a prime location, once home to the famed Bally’s Steakhouse. BLT kicks it up a notch with their award-winning list of 300 wines including Old World selections from the regions of Burgundy, Bordeaux, Piedmont, Tuscany, Rioja and many others. BLT Steak is an American Steakhouse with traditional dishes served in a bistro setting. The brand has graced the streets in some of the most

106 • Resident September 2014

DINING demanding cities, including New York City, and has always come out a winner. BLT Steak, Vegas is owned by ESquared Hospitality and their gamble of opening in Las Vegas has paid out in spades. The energy of the Vegas Strip action has spilled into this restaurant, offering its patrons not only a delicious meal but also an atmosphere of excitement. Those of you who have dined at BLT Steak in the past will again be lured in by the familiar smell of their scrumptious popovers, laced with warm Gruyere cheese (gratis with every meal). The tuna tartare (dressed with soy-lime atop a generous portion of avocado) and chopped veggie salad never disappoint and, of course, their steaks are always cooked to perfection. Don’t miss out on the Dover Sole and their 28-day, dry-aged steaks and bone-in rib eyes, they are the best choices on the menu. All your favorite sides are here from Creamed Spinach to Caramelized Brussel Sprouts. For dessert, save room for our favorite, Peanut Butter Chocolate Mousse although the Warm Chocolate Cake with Pistachio Ice Cream will not disappoint. The restaurant pays homage to its predecessor’s 30-year Sterling Brunch run, re-imagined with champagne and a fine dining menu. A buffet line allows guests to feast on endless amounts of Alaskan king crab legs, lamb, lobster tails, prime rib, sushi and fresh-shucked oysters. There’s also melt-in-your-mouth truffle

mashed potatoes, banana bread pudding, French toast, yogurt parfait with granola, a custom omelet station, a charcuterie plate; we could go on and on but you get the picture. If you’re looking for a happy hour drink, head over to BLT Steak for their nightly half-off drink specials from 4-7pm. So, whether you need to celebrate a winning

streak or drown your sorrows after a gamble that didn’t pay off, BLT Steak in Las Vegas will certainly fit the bill.

BLT Steak – Las Vegas Bally’s Casino 3645 S Las Vegas Blvd Las Vegas, NV 89109 702.792.7888

Resident September 2014 • 107


Turf to Surf By Rory Winston


t seems almost sacrilegious to settle for terms like ‘surf and turf ’ when referring to the nonplus ultra in steak and seafood fare. Distinguished establishments like Benjamin Steakhouse and its illustrious spinoff, The Sea Fire Grill, have earned culinary reputations the likes of which are usually reserved for haut cuisine. This is in no small part due to the caliber of their respective chefs, Arturo McLeod and Ted Pryor – the first of whom is a scion of the Luger dynasty and the latter of whom attended the renowned École Ritz Escoffier prior to being catapulted from executive chef at other well-known, New York City establishments to the Sea Fire Grill. To fully fathom the vision behind each restaurant, think: ‘The Benjamin Boys’ – a feature film starring McLeod and Pryor. For both chefs, this is a blockbuster sequel. Split Screen:

108 • Resident September 2014

McLeod, a man with a wide smile, sits holding court. He is ensconced within a leather upholstered oak paneled world; Sinatra heard crooning. Screen Left: Pryor treads across the ivory tiled floor of a more contemporary set, fillet knife in hand. Soft blue lights wash over the mirrors. “The best cuts are those with marbling,” says Arturo preparing a New York Strip while eying the Rib eye. “Fat factors into the tenderness and juiciness. 3 minutes on a hot grill for each side is perfection. Those with a ‘reputation at steak’ (sic), we go to the meat markets ourselves. I dry-age all six cuts right here.” His large hand continues to stir a spinach roux. Pryor prepares Yellow Fin Tuna with Sesame Soy Vinaigrette and Baby Bok Choy. “Quality is no mystery,” he says: “It’s all about how we source our

fish. We have 10 different companies scouring the markets to find the freshest seafood. Then, it’s mostly about searing at a high heat. I recommend Tuna to be eaten rare; with most others medium or just undercooked.” Pryor sets some prepared asparagus with Buerre Blanc alongside the East Coast Halibut and says, “Yeah, it’s a popular dish.” McLeod gives way to a laugh, “What’s our most popular dish? Our sizzling Porterhouse – it combines both filet and sirloin and can be served for parties of two and up. It’s a Benjamin classic.” Cut to: Sumptuous Lobster Bisque, varied oysters, Jumbo Lump Crab Cake, Pan Roasted Scallops, Alaskan King Crab Legs, and Organic Scottish Salmon. “As far as non-seafood goes,” says Pryor, “I’d have to say my favorite dish is our Colorado Lamb Chops. In terms of steak, it’d have to be NY Strip.”

DINING “Of course, I enjoy fish,” admits McLeod. “Chilean Sea Bass served with our creamless (sic) cream spinach is my number one choice. Earlier you asked

about changes to the menu… As far as that goes, most nuances are the result of seasonal flexibility. Keep it fresh; keep it solid.”

Pryor enthusiastically chimes in, “I’m looking forward to Wild Black Sea Bass as it heads back up our coast.” The right half of the screen is filled with close-ups of customers. “We’ll be pairing it with heirloom tomatoes and sweet bi-colored corn,” continues Pryor as he prepares Cornmeal Crusted Calamari. Both sides of the screen are now entirely filled with the respective diners of each venue. Over the hubbub, McLeod’s voice resumes, “It’s the energy – the energy that’s exciting. The energy in the kitchen as my amazing staff pulls together for prime time and seamlessly pulls off a perfect meal. Lunch, dinner, day in day out, the rush, we’re always on our toes. It’s challenging, but very rewarding.” Close ups of satisfied faces, as McLeod’s voice crossfades with Pryor’s, “Oh it’s tough alright. Modern chefs have to wear lots of hats beside the toque. There’s PR, kitchen maintenance, delegating… the one thing that doesn’t change, however, is cooking what you love and sharing the experience.” For more information:

Resident September 2014 • 109


Mirch Masala Spices up Greenwich Village By W. A. Muller he trendy neighborhood of Greenwhich Village in Manhattan recently welcomed their newest neighbor, Indian restaurant Mirch Masala. Mirch, which means chillies, and masala, meaning mixed spices are combined to serve a flavorsome ‘Mirch Masala’. The restaurant specializes in serving popular Indian food as well as a large array of traditional and regional Indian dishes. Executive Chef Gopal Singh mastered the art of Indian cuisine before moving to the U.S. in 1990. After working in some of the best restaurants in the New York City area with over 30 years of varied experience, Gopal is an acclaimed chef and specializes in traditional Indian food. Known for his meticulous roasts and grinds, Gopal makes all the spice mixtures (masalas) in-house, taking the food at Mirch Masala to another level of authenticity.

110 • Resident September 2014

chicken on the bone in a marinade of ginger and garlic, strained yogurt, Kashmiri red chilies and Tellicherry peppercorns. With impeccable customer service and perfectly flavored dishes, guests have already begun to frequent the new Indian restaurant, unique for the fresh ingredients and authenticity in traditional Indian dishes. Some of Mirch Masala’s most popular dishes include ‘Paratha Rolls’ - whole wheat flat bread rolled with a choice of filling topped with red onion, cilantro, mint chutney; an on the go wholesome snack; Dal Makhni - black lentils slow cooked with tomatoes, ginger, garlic, spices and tempered with cumin seeds; Bombay Fish Masala - fillets of seasonal fresh fish, simmered in a tangy sauce of coconut, ginger, garlic and spices and Tandoori Chicken - an all-time favorite Tandoori preparation;

“I think we’ve got something really special here,” said Shekhar Gowda, Consultant & Manager of Mirch Masala “I’ve seen so many familiar faces; it’s gratifying to know that we already have such a loyal base of customers.” •

Mirch Masala 95 Macdougal Street New York, NY 10012 212.777.2888

We take care of you like your mother would

131 East 54th Street New York, NY

135 West 50th Street New York, NY

25 Broad Street New York, NY

120 West 45th Street New York, NY

120 W 45th Street New York, NY

2393 Montauk Highway Bridgehampton, NY


230 Park Avenue New York, NY


La Vie en Rose By Hillary Latos


ven if you can’t make it to St. Tropez this summer, it doesn’t mean that you can’t live like the Tropeziennes. Nothing resonates with summer more than a chilled bottle of dry Rose. While the different shades of blush tones are determined by the grape, climate, vinification temperature control and grape skin contact time, these refreshing Mediterranean “wines of terroir” pair so well with the delicate flavors of fresh summer fruits, vegetables or seafood. Here is a roundup of some of the best roses to beat the heat and truly indulge in the joys of summer whether you’re in the city or the Hamptons. If you happen to remain in the city over the weekend, popping into the Francocentric Bagatelle for a boozy brunch is the next best thing to being in St. Tropez. Enhance your experience with a bottle or magnum of Domaine Bertaud Belieu located in the heart of St. Tropez. Served in all of the most famous beach clubs on Ramatuelle like Club 55, Voile Rouge, and Nikki Beach- the crisp flavors of their 2013 Rose Prestige pairs well with the classic French bistro dishes like tuna tartare or paper thin chicken paillard.

Because of his deep personal love of rose wine, British businessman Stephen Cronk gave up his career in the UK to move his family to Provence in 2009 to produce the best rose he’s ever consumed. Thus, Mirabeau was born. Though made in small batches he has scoured the region to source the best rose grapes and has created an outstanding rose which is a well balanced blend of Grenache, Syrah and Cinsault garnering numerous accolades.

Franciacorta is Italy’s equivalent to the France’s fine champagne and was introduced to the world in 1957 by Guido Berlucchi. Hailing from the Brescia region in Italy the DOC maintains stringent standards amongst their producers using 100% Franciacorta grapes and is 100% made in the Champagnoise “metodo classico.” Berlucchi is the original producer of this fine sparkling wine and their effervescent 2009 Franciacorta Rose pairs perfectly with summertime flavors.

Charles Heidsieck is one of France’s top champagne producers dating back to 1851 and a household name amongst champagne

112 • Resident September 2014

connoisseurs. Their Rose Reserve NV has rich warm notes of gingerbread and cinnamon with luminous glints of wild rose, strawberry and blood peach.

For a budget friendly rose, try the full bodied dark rose from Chilean winery Concha y Toro that is robust enough to serve with a picnic or BBQ.

Key West Old Town Treasure Two classic Conch houses, joined around a lovely pool with lush mature trees, off street parking, large roof deck. Only a block from Duval Street but a quiet world away. This Grand Dame is ready for her next update but totally comfortable in her present skin until then. For this beauty and any other Key West or Florida Keys properties, call Dawn Thornburgh, Principal Broker. Dawn Thornburgh


Beach Club Brokers, Inc.

305.294.8433 800.545.9655

RADISSON FORT GEORGE HOTEL AND MARINA The Radisson Fort George Hotel & Marina in Belize overlooks the turquoise water of the Western Caribbean Sea, offering a unique get-away for relaxation or adventure. We have 102 nicely appointed guest rooms, some with balconies and garden view, and others with a view of the sea. Our hotel features two restaurants, two pools, a bar, tour GHVN FDIp ZKLUOSRRO Ă&#x20AC;WQHVV FHQWHU marina, and gift shop. 2 Marine Parade Belize City, Belize


V i v i a n â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s R e a l E s t a t e , I n c .


re you looking for a second home, maybe a country retreat or beach cottage? Connecticut has so much to offer, VRFORVHE\6KHOO\FDQKHOS\RXøQGWKH perfect getaway along the Connecticut shore in wonderful towns like Branford, Guilford, Madison, Killingworth, Clinton, Westbrook, Old Saybrook and Essex. Antiques to new construction and everything in between. Call or text for prompt and individualized service.

Shelly Cumpstone, Realtor Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage 752 Boston Post Road, Madison, CT 06443 860-391-2747 |

This 8 bedroom 5 bath home was built in 1820 as the home of Sea Captain Andrus Bearse. This antique colonial home is just steps from famous Craigville Beach. Relax on the deck or in the screen porch and watch the wildlife frolic all day long. View gorgeous sunsets over the river while eating dinner in the dining-room. Launch your small boat or kayak from the yard. This historic home is presently run as a successful licensed B&B known as the OLD HUNDRED HOUSE but would be the perfect summer retreat for the extended family. It has been completely updated from the ground up with new energy efficient windows, 3 zone gas heating system with central air as well as a welcoming kitchen with granite countertops and a gas fireplace. Choice of first or second floor Master Bedroom. Meticulously maintained and ready to enjoy!!!!

Vivianâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Real Estate, Inc. 627 South Main Street, Centerville, MA 02632 508-775-0158


Rooftop Roundup By Hillary Latos


hile summer is preparing for its big finale and head on its way out, New Yorkers can still catch the sizzling summer heat and passionate sunshine before fall makes its return! Whether it is to tend to some sexy summer flings, or to simply gawk the Empire State’s sun-lit beauty, lounging on landscaped rooftop terraces against the breathtaking New York skyline is never a lackluster. From the Hudson River to the East River and the financial district to Central Park, we searched the city for rooftop bars and lounges offering a unique vantage point of the city, creative libations, and a good excuse to take celebrate New York Summer.

The Roof at the Viceroy High atop The Viceroy on Midtown Manhattan’s latest shining beacon on West 57 street, sits Rande Gerber’s latest venture- The Roof. On the outdoor terrace enjoy unsurpassed 180 degree skyline views of Central Park from the Hudson to the East River while lazing on plush chaises and lounge chairs offering a perfect spot for a sundowner. The interior décor was inspired by the luxury yachts of the Riviera or a well appointed private jet, with walnut wood interiors, brass lighting, and chocolate leather banquettes and photos of sunsets in the Hamptons. Small bites like avocado & crab toast or the shrimp tacos pair perfectly with craft cocktails that describe the attractive crowdthe Trouble Maker- a muddled strawberry and cucumber sweet martini or classic Manhattan or Sidecar. Open from 4 pm until 4 am, the scene evolves depending on the hour of day with the after work crowd arriving for Happy hour, hotel guests arriving post theatre, and the late night trust fund set who live on Billionaires Row below arriving for a nightcap in the wee hours. Loopy Doopy Rooftop Bar 102 North End Ave. NYC 212 945 0100

East & West East meets West at Jeffrey Chodorow’s latest eatery atop the terrace at the West side’s futuristic Yotel. Known for his creative nomenclature, Chef Bradley Day has created an extensive menu that bridges the gap of these distinct cultures through a selection of comfort favorites from Asian and Western cuisine with a signature flair thrown in resulting in a lot of delicious options to choose from for light bites to full meals. Modeled after a business class lounge inside, the outdoor terrace offers tree top views of the West Side where you can enjoy creative renditions of familiar favorites like crunchy spicy tuna rolls, seared wagyu beef tiradito with truffle, sambal crispy chicken wings, carne assada, pork belly steamed buns, grilled fish sliders with remoulade, and crab dumplings. Open from breakfast to late night, this all day dining destination is perfect anytime of the day.

114 • Resident September 2014

East & West 570 Tenth Ave. NYC 646 449 7700

The Roof at the Viceroy 124 West 57 St. NYC 212 707 8008

Loopy Doopy Rooftop Bar Cool off with a boozy People’ Pops popsicle at Loopy Doopy’s rooftop bar on top of the Conran Hotel in Battery Park City, and after enough of these this is how you may feel. Favorite summertime popsicle flavors like peach vanilla are spiked with bourbon, blueberry peach with St. Germaine, and yellow plum and mint are mixed with 10 cane rum that melts to a refreshing fruity slush. Catering to the after work crowd, it’s a relaxing spot to watch the sunset along the Hudson River amidst the glittering downtown skyline and Statue of Liberty in the distance. Enjoy light tapas by Danny Meyer and craft cocktails with a twist like the lime in coconut rendition of a pina colada with Absolut Vanilla and the sunglasses at night with bourbon, honey, lemon and basil.

Mad 46 Rooftop Lounge Step back in time to the Mad Men era high above the Grand Central Station to Mad 46 on top of the historic Roosevelt Hotel. Offering one of the best 360 skyline views over Midtown Manhattan, this gorgeous landscaped rooftop terrace is consistently filled with tourists, locals, and the afterwork crowd who enjoy the cosmopolitan space that retains its historical landmarked architecture such as goblins atop carved stone terraces, terracotta brick floors, and wrought iron seating. Over the summer Mad 46 is launching Summer Movie Nights showing seven classic movies from Rocky to Little Shop of Horrors to recent hits like Man of Steel and Skyfall where guests are encouraged to dress in theme and enjoy decade appropriate music and sip specialty themed cocktails against the glittering landscape of Manhattan.

Skylark Resembling a billionaire bachelor’s seductive lair, the Skylark exudes that urban sexiness that would be found in a multimillion-dollar full floor duplex penthouse in the clouds. Set 350 feet above the ground in the middle of the fashion district this sumptuous lair features floor to ceiling glass windows with 360 degree views of the glittering skyscrapers in Midtown and iconic landmarks like the Empire State and Rockefeller Center, supple leather banquettes, Cassina arc lamp mood lighting, polished wood walls with chrome accents, zebra skin rugs, and an outdoor terrace to take in the view and surround yourself amongst the warm breezes of living up on top of the food chain. The light bites menu has been created by Abigail Kirsch with exclusive cocktails using seasonal ingredients. This is what living well is all about.

Mad 46 Rooftop Lounge 45 East 45 St. NYC 212 885 6095

Latitude Bar & Grill 783 8th Ave. NYC 212.245.3034

Latitude Bar & Grill Latitude Bar & Grill takes you to both a new summer attitude and altitude this summer on their rooftop deck in Midtown West after work and at weekends. The Latitude rooftop space has become the ideal coordinates for its loyal clientele whilst continually attracting more gastronomic explorers. The casual dining menu is coordinated around the theme of American classics and notables include the Gruyere Caramelized Onion Burger and the Steakhouse Spring Rolls. The drinks selection includes thirteen carefully selected craft beers plus several inventive cocktails including their signature Caramel Chocolate Martini for you to navigate. For summer 2014, take enjoyment to new heights, get a drink and relax on Latitude’s roof deck.

Resident September 2014 • 115


Skylark 200 West 29 St. NYC 212.257.4577

Twin Pines On Trout Lake

Robert Wallace Real Estate

Three Brooks Farm, Pomfret, Vermont Only minutes from Lake George


family resort on pristine Trout Lake, high in the Adirondack Mountains. Vacation rentals, fishing, sailing, sandy beach and more. The perfect opportunity to escape from the bustle of everyday life!

Architect-designed colonial on 133.3+/- acres sited to capture southwest exposure looking over fields to distant mountain views. Active brooks, prolific gardens, attractive woodlands with trail system for recreation, several outbuildings and a cabin for overnight getaways complete the property. Located in a fine neighborhood in desirable Pomfret. $1,495,000. 5 Central Street / Box 630, Woodstock, VT 05091


Visit our website for accomodations and pricing: 7URXW/DNH5RDGÂ&#x2021;'LDPRQG3RLQW1< 7HO  Â&#x2021;7ROO)UHH  

(877) 227-0242


32 Old Boonton Rd, Denville, NJ, $1,375,000

Magnificent views

This magnificent one-of-a-kind home sits high on almost 2 acres of property, with sweeping views in the front and the privacy of the Tourne County Park at the back. Open first floor plan has radiant heat limestone flrs w/marble decorative tiles & gleaming Brazilian cherry hrdwd. Rich crown molding, wood details throut. Formal DR flows in the formal LR featuring stone w/b frpl & French doors to mahogany porch. Kit offers CI w/ professional grill & hood and high-end appls. Magnificent MBR & marble bath on 2nd fl and much more!

Anne Fisher

Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage Rt. 46 and Crane Road Mountain Lakes, NJ 07046 Cell phone. 201.602.1304

COCOA VILLAGE, FLORIDA. Direct Indian River/ICW location. Northeast corner condo with over $175K in upgrades to include hickory floors, central vacuum,ultra violet a/c filter system, custom crown and baseboards, custom cabinets, tile, granite counters, high end appliances, custom lighting and built in office. Versatile floor plan with wrap around tiled balcony. Private under building garage included. The complex has pool/spa,sauna, community center and exercise room. Located within walking distance of restaurants, shops and city park of Historic Cocoa Village. Offered at $595,000. MERRITT ISLAND, FLORIDA. Back up offers welcome. Located in sought after, and rarely available, Sandpiper Estates, this beautifully updated and maintained home has small islands, wetlands and the Banana River as its view. From the luxurious pool deck and dock you will see some of the most beautiful wildlife imaginable. On the inside of this meticulous home, you will find soaring ceilings, a large open floor plan and enough private space to suit multiple residents. Bring your boats because the dock is designed for two watercraft and has new motors for both boat lifts. The location is close to Port Canaveral and has easy access to the open ocean.The neighborhood shows pride of ownership evidenced by the attractive new entrance. Offered at $569,900. CAPE CANAVERAL, FLORIDA. Rarely available top floor corner luxury condo at desirable Solana on the River. This south corner condo with wrap around balcony has amazing views of sunsets and wildlife on the Banana River. Well designed kitchen with solid surface counters and walk-in pantry, split floor plan, separate laundry room, lots of closet space and a private under building enclosed garage all add up to a great condo home. Located close to shopping, dining, Cape Canaveral beach and easy access to Orlando and all it has to offer.. Offered at $359,900. COCOA BEACH, FLORIDA. Rare 4 bed/4 bath large (3,000+ SF)Magnolia Bay condo unit in famous, desirable Cocoa Beach. Nice view of both the river and ocean which are separated by less than 1,000 feet. 10-foot ceilings! Cherry wood floors, granite counters, crown molding, his/hers closets, jetted tub, hurricane resistant windows and sliders.Two spaces in secure garage on first floor plus a large private storage area for the toys. This unit was the builderâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s model and have fashionable upgrades. Call listing agent, John Bond, at 321-298-1118. Offered at $549,000.

Resident September 2014 â&#x20AC;˘ 117

PORT WASHINGTON – Incredible space in this sprawling contemporary home on an oversized property. Open floor plan with LR, DR and Granite EIK. 5 bedrooms 3.5 baths. Huge Master Suite w/luxury bath. Lower level Family Room plus 1000 sq ft Professional Suite/guest/extended family quarters. Must see! $949,000

PORT WASHINGTON BEACON HILL – Spacious open floor plan in this wonderful 4 bedroom 2.5 bath home on just under one third professionally landscaped acre. LR/fpl, FDR, huge new top of line EIK opening to Great Room. Huge Master Suite. Full basement. 2 car garage. Short distance to town and RR. $1,259,000

PORT WASHINGTON – Meticulously redone in 2000, this 3 bedroom 2 full bath home is adjacent to a beautiful recently renovated tranquil park. LR, DR, EIK. Full basement. Close to town, train, town dock and park! $649,000

MANHASSET STRATHMORE VILLAGE – Fabulous new brick construction! Over 4000 sq. feet of custom luxury plus additional 2000 sq. ft basement. Soaring 2 story entry foyer, stunning curved staircase, 9’ and 10’ ceilings. Incredible attention to detail. Still time for customizing! $2,988,000

PORT WASHINGTON – Eastern Crest beauty! Mint condition expanded ranch offering 4 bedrooms 3 full baths. Living Room w/ fpl, DR and state of the art kitchen totally open to main living area! Den. Full basement, attached garage. Beautiful level private yard. Close to town and RR! $899,000

PORT WASHINGTON – SALEM SPLIT – Move right in to this freshly painted inside and out home on large private property. LR/fpl, DR with door to large deck, kitchen. King Size Master Bedroom w/walk in closet and bath, 2 additional bedrooms and bath. Lower level laundry room plus separate playroom. Att. Garage. Andersen windows. Salem Elementary. $689,000

From cottages to castles, Long Island’s North Shore offers the best of both worlds! Top notch schools, beaches and parks, golf courses and marinas, incredible shopping and restaurants and, best of all, just a short 35 minute direct train to the heart of Manhattan. Come check us out! ACCENTS ON REAL ESTATE 917 PORT WASHINGTON BLVD. PORT WASHINGTON, N.Y. 11050 516-944-7171



BUCKS COUNTY PHILLIPS FARM It is rare to find an unspoiled stucco over stone farmhouse, sited down a long drive in the middle of 57 vista filled Tinicum acres. The home has a renovated eat-in kitchen, dining room with fireplace, plank flooring, walls of large stately windows and a full bath. The second level offers two full baths and 4 bedrooms. The freshly painted home has a proper Bucks County style. Renovated barn and in-ground pool. $2,195,000

Contact Art Mazzei Direct: 610.428.4885

CUTTALOSSA FARM This property holds an iconic position in Bucks County's history. This 18th century homestead was once the studio of famed Impressionist Painter Daniel Garber. Garber's fame coupled with the extraordinary beauty of Cuttalossa Farm,has created a living canvas that has been photographed, included in poetry and the site of many fashion shots ... more than any other property in the area. A manor home, the Garber Studio, full cottage, streams and sheep farm with waterwheel complete the package. $2,495,000

Contact Art Mazzei Direct: 610.428.4885

PAXSON MANOR Located on one of the prettiest roads in Solebury,this elegant yet casual Ferman Lex four bedroom home sits on 12 private acres. Spaces are light filled and open to beautiful views of the property. Main foyer has marble floors andVenetian plaster walls. Great room with massive fireplace adjoins the kitchen and breakfast area with fireplace. En suite main bedroom with fireplace and deck.Cherry paneled study. A large deck overlooks the pool, cabana and magnificent grounds. $2,295,000

Contact Margo Busund Direct: 215.801.2977

CUTTALOSSA FALLS Enjoy dramatic views of the Cuttalossa Creek with waterfall and pond. This four bedroom home located on 6.8 private acres was built by Jarret Vaughn Builders with additions in 2008 by Gemmi Contractors. This home has it all, kitchen and baths by William Draper, reclaimed barn beams, conservatory with 22’ ceiling,stone fireplace,cherry paneled library,curved walls of windows, slate patios, pergola, custom pool and gazebo. $2,495,000

Contact Margo Busund Direct: 215.801.2977

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Dromborg Castle

Fayetteville, Arkansas


he Dromborg. It’s an architectural tour de force. We say it that way because there is only one. Located in the verdant heart of the Ozark Mountains, this home is a unique legacy property. It was built to stand for centuries with four thousand tons of rock – hewn and fitted, stone by stone, as master masons have done since the second century, BC. The Dromborg is a dream made manifest, the realization of a lifetime of hard work – with a vision. In ancient Nordic, it translates as, “Dreams the size of mountains.” Inside, solid oak. Solid cherry. Solid walnut. Carved, sculpted and molded into 13,000 square feet of museum quality construction, each detail was built by one of the world’s great lumber barons for his own personal country estate. The Dromborg is a hundred acres worth of forested mountainside privacy, all within minutes of a major university and three Fortune 500 corporate campuses. Completed in 2008, the Dromborg’s design aesthetic. Completed in 2008, the Dromborg’s design aesthetic is inspired by Scottish castles of the 13th century. Classical motifs were also incorporated, as was often the case with historical European designs. The larger statement speaks to contemporary yet timeless values: vision, hard work and audacious dreams. The Dromborg overlooks the Ozark Mountains with a 300-degree panoramic view and is beautifully nested in Northwest Arkansas. Flying in? Have your pilot file a flight plan with KFYV. The Dromborg is located less than a country mile from the 6,100-foot runway at Fayetteville’s Drake Field. Luckily for you, this rare offering was just listed, and is offered at $15,000,000.

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ELEGANT EASTON WATERFRONT: Near the Talbot Country Club loaded with custom features, large rooms, 5 fireplaces, ownerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s suite with marble bath, library/pub room with full bath, screened porch, custom patio, waterside infinity pool and deep water pier with lift & 2 slips. $2,150,000

OXFORD WATERFRONT: Fabulous renovations through-out! Private Cape Cod overlooking Island Creek offers gourmet kitchen with granite counters, family room with stacked stone fireplace, sunroom, first floor master suite with luxury bath & separate sitting room, professional office, patio and pier. Sunset views. This a must see! $1,695,000

WYE RIVER WATERFRONT: Large solid brick home on private lot includes beautiful moldings and details throughout. Owners suite has wood stove and attached den loaded with storage. Custom bar; great for entertaining. Basement, sunroom, wrap around screened porch, pool, deep water pier has multiple slips w/lifts. Loaded with features. Located between Annapolis and Easton. $1,495,000

FABULOUS WATERFRONT CRAFTSMAN COTTAGE: Completely restored and updated 3 BR home offers spectacular views at the mouth of the Tred Avon and Choptank rivers. Top of the line kitchen, 1st floor bedroom and bath, waterside porch, pier and protected shoreline. Privately located on over 4 acres. $1,295,000

OXFORD WATERFRONT: Pristine 3 BR cape offers custom bluestone patio with waterside screened porch. Large great room with built ins, updated kitchen w/granite counters, first floor bedroom and bath. Bonus room above great room. Located on Boone Creek with floating dock. Within a mile of downtown Oxford. This is a must see home. $650,000

CUSTOM WATERFRONT: Custom built with bright & open floor plan. Cathedral ceiling and broad water views of Island Creek. Double waterside screened porch, patio and detached garage with bonus room above. Large boat shed with workshop and garden shed overlooking raised bed gardens. Great location convenient to Oxford, Trappe & Easton. $649,000

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Infinity on New Jersey’s Gold Coast I

By W.A. Muller

nfinity Apartments, a luxury rental community in Edgewater, N.J., is redefining high-end apartment living on the Gold Coast. The new construction multifamily mid-rise community with 100 oversized one- and two-bedroom apartments located at 340 Old River Road is already over 50 percent leased. Owned by Clal US and Waterton Associates, Infinity offers a full suite of amenities including a state-of-the-art fitness center, steam room and sauna, business center, outdoor pet bath, garden gazebos and resident lounge. Since move-ins began earlier this year, residents have been basking in the many benefits of living at Infinity, such as the generous closet and in-unit storage space, prompt service, plentiful amenities and comfort of returning to a beautiful home at the end of each and every day. “Infinity offers generous layouts and a phenomenal location at an attainable price point,” said Tamir Kazaz, CEO of Clal US. “The strength of leasing and immense interest in Infinity further proves that Edgewater is a place where more and more people want to live.”

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such as baklava yogurt, and an assortment of tasty organic, vegan and low-sugar varieties, including vegan red velvet cake and vegan coconut yogurt. Customers can look forward to a variety of seasonal flavors including pumpkin and crispy apple yogurt in the fall and egg nog yogurt in the winter. Yogart’s frozen yogurt has live active cultures and probiotics, but has the taste and consistency of rich and flavorful ice cream.

The six-story building also contains a twostory parking garage and 5,600-square-feet of commercial space. Infinity and area residents alike are quickly becoming fond of Yogart, a new sweet treats shop that moved into the retail space below Infinity and opened in August. Owned by longtime area resident Paul Turpanjian, Yogart has already received an enthusiastic response from the community.

Infinity is just a stone’s throw from the Gold Coast’s finest retailers, restaurants and entertainment while maintaining the tranquility of the Old River Road district in Edgewater. Steps away from the Hudson River, a bevy of outdoor activities are convenient for all to enjoy, including parks, walking trails, bike paths and one-of-a-kind New York City views. Infinity also provides convenient access to the George Washington Bridge, midtown ferry system and New Jersey Transit.

Serving 24 custom-made flavors, residents and visitors are enjoying unique yogurt creations,

For more information:

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22 Central Park South

Unprecedented Access to Legendary Department Store


By W.A. Muller style services. VIP reservations at Bergdorf’s popular eateries, BG Restaurant and Good Dish and in home beauty services or in store appointments with John Barrett Salon and Tom Ford beauty and makeup are all just a phone call away.

Central Park South, an exquisite collection of full floor condominium residences, developed by Elad Group, affords incredible luxury set against the stunning backdrop of Central Park. This intimate building touts expansive, unobstructed Central Park views from six luxurious full-floor apartments and is topped by a splendid duplex penthouse with three private outdoor terraces.

The six full-floor residences, designed by international architectural and interior design firm, GNA Architects, are elegant two-bedroom, two and-a-half bathroom apartments spanning 2,021 square feet with walnut herringbone wood flooring throughout the foyer, living room and dining room. An elegant great room overlooks Central Park and features a custom walnut millwork that surrounds a decorative fireplace.

Situated along one of Manhattan’s most wellknown corridors, neighboring the famed Plaza Hotel, 22 Central Park South is steps away from many of the city’s world-class restaurants, hotels, cultural institutions, and sought-after shopping destinations on illustrious Fifth Avenue. The building’s developer recently partnered with iconic retailer, Bergdorf Goodman to create a truly inspired model residence curated with distinctive accessories and art from the store’s Decorative Home floor. Bergdorf Goodman and 22 Central Park South will also offer buyers the opportunity to be a part of an exclusive personal shopping and consulting program. “Buyers not only walk into a model residence that looks like their dream home but they have the unique opportunity to work with Bergdorf Goodman’s top Decorative Home stylists and designers to actually create a dream home of their own at 22 Central Park South,” added Sax. “22 Central Park South provides buyers with the direct access to the world’s most exclusive department store.” The heart of each residence is the elegant great room, which overlooks Central Park and features a full wall, custom-built walnut millwork bookcase that surrounds a decorative fireplace. In Residence 7, the bookcase showcases a cov-

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eted collection of rare books personally selected by Bergdorf Goodman’s vintage book purveyor and biblio-decorator Thomas Cary.

“We chose to celebrate 22 Central Park South’s physical connection to The Plaza and proximity to Central Park by designing sophisticated apartments in a classic contemporary style,” said Gal Nauer, President of GNA Architects. “Using a fine selection of stately materials – marbles in unique geometric patterns, solid walnut flooring and millwork details, grand feature windows facing the park and elaborate library walls in every apartment – we crafted residences perfectly fitted for The Plaza’s little sibling.”

Exclusive services from Bergdorf include access to the Decorative Home floor’s elite staff of buyers and design specialists, who will assist residents in creating their perfect home. Residents also have the opportunity to preview new and limited edition items from upcoming collections prior to in-store debut.

The building’s top two floors house an expansive 2,872-square-foot duplex penthouse, offering three-bedrooms, three-and-a-half bathrooms, and three private outdoor terraces totaling 909 square feet. A private master bedroom suite features a separate terrace with panoramic Central Park views. The third private terrace, located off the library, offers an adjacent wet bar, creating a private oasis perfect for entertaining.

22 Central Park South’s concierge will be connected to Bergdorf via a 24-hour phone line and can arrange for access to the store’s fashion, beauty and

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We have earned an excellent reputation for 28 years among our globally diverse clientele as a full service boutique firm known for exceptional service, discretion and professionalism. Whether you are placing your home on the market, seeking real estate investment opportunities or buying a new home, please call for an appointment.

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Timeless Design at 53 Greene Street By W.A. Muller


53 Greene Street features five expansive full-floor residences, replete with private elevator access, oversized windows, soaring ceilings up to 13 feet, walnut flooring throughout, gas fireplaces and a building-wide water filtration system. The magnificent 3,510 square feet penthouse offers three bedrooms and four bathrooms, and features a private 2,067 square foot rooftop lounge accessed through massive sliding glass doors that frame the home’s kitchen and dining area with fireplace. The four full-floor residences include 2-bedrooms and 3-bathrooms across approximately 2,771 square feet.

ocated in the heart of New York’s highly desirable SoHo Cast Iron Historic District neighborhood, the well situated 53 Greene is a stunning landmarked property steeped with timeless architectural splendor. The classic landmarked Beaux-Arts exterior of the sixstory property faces a picturesque street, and retains the neighborhood’s unique charms with one of the few original granite cobblestone surfaces in the city. Originally built in 1867 as store and storehouse, 53 Greene Street first housed both Hess & Goldsmith Company, the country’s leading manufacturer of silk goods for its time, and then a plumbing manufacturing company. When Manhattan-based developers AORE purchased 53 Greene, they enlisted the design help of N+ Architecture and RSVP Architecture Studio to completely renovate the property to offer buyers the authentic sensibility of SoHo’s cast iron lofts combined with such modern elements as premium finishes, top-of-theline technology and a timeless contemporary design. The exterior of the 35-foot property has been fully returned to its original beauty with columns, capitals and cornices restored to match historical standards in the neighborhood, a classic façade of Tuckahoe marble, and a refurbished cast iron sidewalk vault lights with bullet glass. “The extensive renovation of 53 Greene was truly a passion project as our philosophy hinges on

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creating homes that present the highest quality through and through, while also adding value to a streetscape. Early buyer response has been overwhelmingly positive, and it’s fulfilling to see this property find new life,” said Yan Ouaknine, cofounder of AORE. The recent unveiling of the magnificent penthouse, available for $14.05 million, marked the official launch of sales at 53 Greene Street, with residences starting at $6.34 million. With exclusive sales and marketing by Brown Harris Stevens SELECT, three homes are already in contract following a limited pre-opening phase.

The modern kitchens create sleek focal points for each residence with 11foot high lacquered Alaskan white and ballistic grey cabinets and premium stainless steel appliances, including Gaggenau double ovens, gas cooktops, teppanyaki grills, wine coolers and dishwasher, as well as Miele refrigerators and freezers. Luxury is infused into the spacious master bathrooms which include a selection of rich materials such as slabs of Pietra Cardozo and Calacatta Michael Angelo marble on the walls, accented by Calacatta Michael Angelo marble slab flooring and stone countertops. For more information:



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Paint is over people! Well, not really, but Wallpaper is hot in design and there are so many stylish options available. Why is paper so popular all of the sudden? We are bored...we need to break up all of the grey and beige in which we have saturated our spaces. We want our homes to be warm, inviting, and reflective of our cool selves. Here’s a round-up of the chicest wallcoverings out there…

Bù Kƒã› B®—®Ä¦›Ù

Flavor Paper

Rorschach From the Flavor Paper x Andy Warhol Collection, inspired by Warhol’s 1984 ink blot paintings.


Lunaris Inspired by NASA photography of moonscapes and uninhabited space

Black Crow Studios

Lisbon Umbrellas Design by photographer Gray Malin, who takes aerial shots creating a whole new perspective of beaches all over the world. 132 • Resident September 2014 Alcyone Floral yet moody, a large scale print that make a soft and mysterious impression.

Anthropologie Lear Gaukur

Combining nature and color, this richly illustrated fantastical artwork makes a vibrant wall covering by Kristjana S. Williams


1. Don’t toss the scraps after installation. Use as drawer liners, bookcase backing, book covers, envelopes, and gift wrap. 2. Call a professional installer. This is not the time to risk ruining expensive papers, ending up with a botch job, because you watched an HGTV episode where it looked easy. 3. Use a wallpaper calculator to figure out how much you will need, then double check with your installer or interior designer. 4. Request a sample from the maker. Put the paper on the wall for a few days to make sure you can live with it and that you don’t tire of the print immediately. 5. Entryways and guest bathrooms are the best place to use a big bold pattern or color. You will get endless compliments and props for your decorating risk-taking abilities!


Crumbled Trees Painterly trees, by Chicago-based designer No l Ashby, take root in a modern forest where metallic gold branches grow.

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Selections by Dapper Homme’s founder Kate Bidinger. Dapper Homme is an interior design and concierge service for busy professionals. Accessible tiered packages for customized living solutions.


Inson Dubois Wood combines young local emerging artists such as the painting on right by local Brooklyn painter, Michael Dickey with a highly collectible vintage tapestry. Both artworks beautifully contrast a precious 350 year old natural edge table made by the classic zen traditionalist firm Miya Shoji paired with the affordable Philippe Starck Ghost Chair.

West Village Modern Bohemia By Kate Bidinger An assortment of antique artifacts and objects from Housing Works, including a turn of the century scale, find peace below a Rene Magritte tapestry from Jane Kahan Gallery. A 1940’s Hawaiian bamboo bench acts as a side table to a classic, but reinterpreted Corbusier club chair covered in a stain resistant material by Christopher Hyland. pon entering the West Village townhouse, architect and designer Inson Dubois Wood immediately envisioned how the space would come together. “I know what it has to be - the rest is a simple task of connecting the’s almost as if one were living life backwards.” Perhaps a ‘simple task’ for this design force as he also compares his work to matchmaking where “at least four designs have started relationships,” as he jokingly takes credit for the Jude Law and Sienna Miller 2009 reunion. He continues, “Yes I’m a matchmaker: bringing together the appropriate furniture designers, artisans and craftsmen” to develop a space based on each clients’ objectives. With his hands in many facets of the art and design world, there is no shortage of inspiration, passion and enthusiasm. He is one of those people that you wonder-- how does he do it all? A beautiful family, a successful business, a giving spirit; meanwhile, this savant has a remarkable pulse on the moment. His array of interiors, whether classical or modern, has an edge and perspective that is intellectual and thought provoking. His full service firm focuses on bespoke architecture and haute couture interiors both internationally and locally. The West Village townhouse is the hangout space for the ultraexclusive metal card carrying young elite of the Magnises community. He saw the space as a Royal Tenenbaums meets American Psycho, mixing high and low, new and old, with the juxtaposition elevating the importance of its companion pieces. While Wood gives mindful consideration to the way each client

134 • Resident September 2014

lives and entertains, his higher commitment is to the overall project which he approaches “As a piece of art. Coming from a family of artists, art collectors and art dealers, and my own background in architecture, each project must be conceived of as a holistic composition.” His parents had a significant impact on his design perspective and brilliant creativity, but he honed his skills at Harvard University where he earned a masters in architecture. Wood’s artistic approach utilizes culled local and natural materials, and he is committed to selecting pieces his clients will keep and use forever. With his higher spiritual devotion and environmental responsibility, each project’s ultimate goal is to create a livable interior where the owners recognize that the “objects and environments are so beautiful that they would never discard or destroy,” a philosophy that has served him well since Wood has “had the honor to work on the same home three times as the consecutive owners have hired me to ‘continue the project in the same vein,’ “ much like Frank Lloyd Wright and other leading architects of our time. The West Village for Magnises was a particularly exciting project for Wood. It was an opportunity to curate a number of highlighting and contrasting shapes, textures, eras and materials while incorporating punches of color and notable artwork all while considering the client’s use of space. He is opposed to enforcing any rules in a space, especially the ‘white wine only’ because “the only really good wine is red!” Ultimately, his compelling designs are meant to be freely enjoyed and truly lived in, even if he connected the dots before the project began. For more information:


A Leger tapestry from Jane Kahan Gallery sits above a Cassina complemented with Moroccan rug from Doris Leslie Blau. One of the most sought after pieces of the townhouse is the taupe silk mohair 1970’s original Eames club chair – a clever play against the faux silver leaf Venetian plaster.

A museum quality tapestry from Jane Kahan Gallery contrasts a slightly less precious yet gorgeous rug from ABC Carpet. The Corbusier cowhide chair Housing Works and a sofa bed that turns into a king size bed from Niedermaier. Christopher Hyland window treatments.

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Beyonce’, Halle Berry, Naomi Watts and Michelle Obama. This year marked the 9th Year Anniversary Party for the Women’s Mafia and as founder Marcy Clark noted: “We are so proud to be celebrating nine years of style, substance and philanthropy.”...

Splitzville for NYC Housewife After giving her husband, Mario Singer, “many chances,” Real Housewives of New York star Ramona Singer has decided to end her 22-year marriage. Although she kicked him to the curb back in July, Ramona only went public with the split last month, soon after Mario and his supposed new girlfriend, Kasey Dexter, were spotted eating at a NYC restaurant. Ramona told People Magazine, “I tried to make my marriage work. But I reached my breaking point.”…

The Consummate Actress Filming begins October 1 in the Big Apple for Meryl Streep’s next movie “Ricki and the Flash.” In it, Streep reportedly plays a struggling rocker who attempts to reconcile with her neglected children, one of whom is played by the Oscar winner’s real-life daughter Mamie Gummer. To prepare for the flick, Streep is learning to play guitar. Says screenwriter Diablo Cody, “Everything you hear, the band has to play and Meryl has to play.”...

Mob Rule On August 5, the Women’s Mafia hosted their signature Red Party benefitting the children’s charity Reach Within. The gala at the glamorous Gansevoort Park Avenue hotel featured a fashion presentation by celebrity couturier Maggie Norris, who has dressed icons such as Nicole Kidman,

Meryl Streep

September, last month at Penthouse 45 in midtown Manhattan. For every like, comment or share on the Active Family Project Facebook page through September 30, $1 will go toward soccer equipment and training in underserved communities, giving more families the opportunity to be active through soccer… High In The Sky According to Curbed NY, hip-hop mogul Sean “Puffy” Combs recently listed his Park Imperial condo on W. 58th Street for $7.99 million. The two-bedroom 2, 292 square foot condo offers gorgeous views of Central Park. The decor consists of 1970s’-style lucite furniture and deep shag carpeting throughout. The building’s amenities include a resident’s lounge, concierge, doorman, laundry facilities, on-site garage parking, and a live-in super... Freddie Jackson

Model in Maggie Norris Couture “Grenada Gown” with designer Maggie Norris and event host Marcy Clark

136 • Resident September 2014

Not So Devious Lifetime’s “Devious Maids” star Ana Ortiz, along with Active Family Project, officially kicked off the Play Soccer for a Change campaign helping encourage family playtime during Youth Soccer Month this

The Other Jackson Grammy nominated R&B crooner Freddie Jackson is turning up the heat this summer with his new single “Love & Satisfaction.” Freddie celebrated being the number 5 added record on radio in the country with friends and family at Ashford and Simpson’s Sugar Bar on the Upper West Side with an evening of music, food and cocktails...


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