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BEAUTY Photo Credit: Broth by Design

BROTH BY DESIGN Recreating a Superfood By w. a. muller


one broth is one of the most ancient superfoods present in most of cultures. For Dr. Luiza Petre and Irina Peterson, broth has been a staple of their lifestyles since childhood. Both originally from Romania, which has a strong “broth culture,” Dr. Petre and Peterson sought to create a delicious and nutritious option that replicated the traditional version of “Grandma’s cooking,” which they remember fondly. While Dr. Petre and Peterson only met five years ago, the connection they felt seemed like they had known each other since childhood! Not only did they share mutual friends and connections from Romania, but their love of their culture consolidated their friendship. As the popularity of bone broth soups began to flourish in the U.S. in the past few years, the trend piqued their interest. As a certified Cardiologist and nutrition expert who manages weight loss clinics, Dr. Petre has always been on the lookout for alternative protein sources to whey-based products. She likes how bone broth is more easily tolerated, as well as that it has high collagen content and other benefits towards a healthy gut. Her health and nutritional expertise combined

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with Peterson’s financial background and business acumen made the perfect pairing to team up and create a new business. Realizing that they could combine this traditional food concept stemming from their cultural heritage to fit into a protein supplement market, the concept of Broth by Design was born! When compared to other bone broth products on the market, Broth by Design is unique as it comes in powder form that is available in a 14 oz, 21 portion jar as well as in individual sachet packets, which makes the healthy broth perfect for the busy onthe-go mentality of today’s society. “We wanted to create a ‘broth lifestyle’ that is dedicated to ‘delicious wellbeing,’” says Broth by Design cofounder Irina Peterson. “In addition to making a product that is easily accessible, our slogan ‘Taste Matters’ stems from our commitment to not settle for less than delicious. This includes not only tasting good but smelling good too.” Proteins are recognized as the “building blocks of life,” but it is important to choose a protein that is

easily absorbable but also great quality. Because of this, Broth by Design uses the best quality protein base available and adds delicious natural flavors, as well as functional add-ons such as MCT oil, adaptogens, minerals and electrolytes, with no artificial ingredients! And – unlike other brands, offers a completely plant-based protein broth that’s 100% vegan. “Peas are a Rockstar when it comes to plant-based proteins and because many are following a plantbased or vegan diet today, we wanted to create a product that addresses this growing trend,” says Broth by Design co-founder Dr. Luiza Petre. “Additionally, we wanted to make sure everyone can enjoy our product, so having the plant-based protein option allows us to reach consumers who may otherwise not be able to benefit from this ancient known superfood.” The broths are offered in three delicious flavors including Grandma’s Chicken Soup, Vegetable Bouillon, and Pea Protein Vegetable Bouillon.