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rench Polynesia is an essential destination for a truly bucket list vacation. While Tahiti and Bora Bora are perhaps the most wellknown in the region, there are over 100 islands in total, many still untouched and unspoiled, and all are a result of Mother Nature’s often volcanic personality. Those who visit have the opportunity to enjoy spectacular mountain vistas, pristine beaches, lush tropical landscapes, and stunning coral reefs. Visitors arrive by sea or air, with flights from Los Angeles that are just a little over eight hours.

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Major airlines serving the Faa’a International Airport include Air Tahiti Nui, Air France, Hawaiian Airlines, American Airlines, and Delta. Other islands and atolls can be reached through the domestic airline, Air Tahiti, as well as local ferries or helicopter. Temperatures average 80 degrees, with cooling trade winds. Summer is December-March, with temperatures ranging between 77-95 degrees. It is also the rainy season, averaging about 13 inches of rain in January. The dry season is AprilOctober, with plentiful sunshine and temperatures

ranging from 70-80 degrees. Humidity can be high, so travelers are advised to pack light-weight, breathable clothing. With so many islands to explore, visitors to the region might consider a mix of barefoot luxury that includes some of the more well-known islands, along with the inclusion of some of the more remote and relaxed settings, each with a unique charm capturing the mystique and majestry of this remarkable culture.

Resident Magazine April 2018 Issue - Romio's Tarik Sansal  
Resident Magazine April 2018 Issue - Romio's Tarik Sansal