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In 1937, Denino’s Tavern was opened in Staten Island by Sicilian immigrants and has remained in the family ever since reaching legendary status. Keeping it in the family, Carlo Denino, introduced pizza to the tavern in 1951 with his crisp thin crust pizza topped with light sauce that came to define the Staten Island style of pizza. It became such a hit, attracting politicians, celebrities, and locals, that officials later named the corner the pizzeria was on- Carlo Denino’s Way. To expand the family’s legacy, Joseph Castellano, a former employee for 27 years at the original location has partnered with Denino’s stepson Michael Burke to open the first Manhattan location in the heart of Greenwich Village. The signature dishes are of course the pizzas that achieve the perfect balance of a thin crispy crust loaded with flavor that doesn’t sag. The other key is the order of ingredient application: cheese first, followed by toppings, and then sauce last. This unique style ensures that the flavor of the sauce is not lost. Musttry signature pies straight from the original location include the 1951 (tomato sauce, mozzarella), M.O.R (meatball, onions, ricotta), Garbage (sausage, meatball, pepperoni, mushrooms, onions), and Clam (fresh garlic, parsley, olive oil, grated cheese, no sauce), which is purportedly the best in the city. Classic Italian-American dishes are also served such as the meatballs - a secret family recipe with fresh tomato sauce and a dollop of ricotta, and crispy rice balls (crisp outside, gooey inside with rice, grated cheese, ricotta and mozzarella). Other delicious entrees include Chicken Parmigiana, Veal Marsala, and Shrimp Arrabbiata. Tuesdays are pasta nights with $10 pastas to get your carb craving on. Try the mouthwatering Cacio e Pepe (imported pecorino, butter, cracked pepper) or Farfalle Crema (mushroom, peas, pancetta, light cream). Now you can enjoy some of the best flavors of Staten Island without leaving Manhattan.

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Located in the burgeoning area where the Lower East Side borders Chinatown, Brigitte embodies the warmth of Brazil mixed with Provencal chic and a downtown edge. Sitting on the corner of one of the last edgy neighborhoods in Manhattan, this Mediterranean hotspot exudes a lush interior with a light summery ambiance and a Brazilian inspired menu. A great spot for a rose fueled weekend brunch, start off with the fresh oysters topped with red wine vinegar and shallots or the shared charcuterie platter. For sweet options try the Instagram worthy healthy acai yogurt parfait or the pancakes with banana, spicy walnuts and maple syrup. Crowd pleasing favorties include Franco Brazilian inspired egg dishes such as La Cocotte with spinach and tomato confit, La Cassoulette with chorizo and yucca fries, or the grilled shrimp salad with mango and yucca chips drizzled with ginger dressing. For those with a hearty appetite opt for the generously sized cheeseburger or the elevated version of Chicken and waffles with a fried Butterfield Hen with chili maple syrup. Even though spring is just around the corner, you can still experience that carefree spirit of a Brazilian summer at Brigitte. 37 Canal St. NYC | 646.649.3378 |

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Resident Magazine April 2018 Issue - Romio's Tarik Sansal  
Resident Magazine April 2018 Issue - Romio's Tarik Sansal