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FREE CULTURAL TASTING OF TYPICAL ALICANTE PRODUCTS After have carring out with much success this activity in May, we decided to repeat it on Wednesday, the 19th June at 11,00 am. where you can taste and learn about the history and manufacture of different typical products from the Alicante area, such as the mistela of the Vall de Xaló, medlar honey from Callosa d´en Sarria, jams of the Montgó Dénia, nuts and dried fruits from the Vall de Gallinera, chocolates from Villajoyosa, etc. At the end of the explanation and tasting you can if you wish purchase any of the products. Approximate duration: 45 minutes in the Chaple. Languages: Spanish, English and German. The maximum number of a group is 50 persons. If you are interested please put your name on the list at Reception.

keys left in locks Over the last few weeks a couple of residents have left their key in the lock on the inside of their front door, have then left their apartment. The door has closed. This means that the door could no longer be opened even with a duplicate key. A locksmith has been necessary resulting in a significant expense. If you leave the key in the lock overnight and require assistance Forum staff will be unable to gain entry. Therefore the advice is NEVER leave the key in the inside of the lock.



Sunday, 2 June: 1. Pancakes with spinach and ham. 2. Roastbeef Sunday, 9th June: 1. Gabardina Prawns 2. Pork sirloin with Roquefort Sauce Sunday, 16th June: 1. Salad with smoked salmon 2. Roast Lamb Sunday, 23rd June: 1. Prawn Cocktail 2. Steak with Mushrooms´ Sauce Sunday, 30th June: 1. Seafood Delights. 2. Duck Confit with tomato marmalade *Now you have also available as your drink of the menu the tinto de verano or sangria

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On Wednesday, the 26th June at 7.30pm. there will be a San Juan Bonfire Party on the bar terrace. There will be a mixed salad and a delicious dish of two different paellas (vegetables & meat), accompanied by sangria and the dessert at the end. The “Falla” (a big figure that is going to be burnt) is being made by some of our residents in the painting workshop under the supervision of teacher Carlos Llorens. Those who wish to do so can participate in this fun workshop each Wednesday at 5 pm. in the Hall close to the library. At the end of the dinner we shall witness the bonfire of the “Falla” in the car wash. As you know, it is traditional to jump over San Juan's bonfire. We recommend that only our residents “under 40” do so. Dinner price: 10€ per person. Please make bookings at Reception before the 20th June.



Each year on the 15 May we have celebrated the "Andalusian party", having sometimes had more than 100 people attending. We enjoyed a typical Andalusian menu and finally were entertained by a great show. "Kati (Catalina de la Caridad), the flamenco ballet began with a dance by its Director Montse, who started with a classic flamenco dance, then the entire group of eight dancers performed. Among them was our friend and neighbor from Forum, Erika Schulte who with her elegance and personal style danced with her friends "precious sevillanas". Finally our special friend José Varela and his two fellow dancers offered us a spectacular show of cross-dressing art. Especially José Varela dazzled the audience with grace on stage and with the exuberance of very expensive dresses that many “Spanish Queens" would love to have. Thanks to all those who performed and provided us with this nice show. Thanks to all our employees for their hard work and to the residents for their assistance.

Starting the 13th of June the Doctor Maria will be coming every Thursday and Tuesday. Thursday 9.30am.-11.30am.

STUDENTS CONCERT A teacher of the particular classes of music Julia Tishenko is very sorry she had to cancel in the last minute the free concert (piano & voice) given by students of various ages that was going to be held in May. We invite you to come on Sunday, 16th June at 12,00 to the Multifunctional Hall to enjoy it and support the students in their musical progress.

Overview of the activities in June Wednesday, 5th June at 7.30pm. Evening with live music. Tickets: 5€ (to be bought from Joyce and Kevin Halliday, apartment 5209) Thursday, 13th June at 8pm. Opening of the exhibition “From pen to the brush”, Tribute to Miguel Hernández, Multifunctional Hall. Sunday, 16th June at 12,00am Students Concert. Multifunctional Hall. Wednesday, 19th June at 11am. Free cultural taste of the productos from Alicante. Wednesday, 26th June at 7.30pm. San Juan Bonfire Party. Price: 10€. Bookings at reception.


On Wednesday 5 June Joyce and Kevin Halliday will be organizing another musical evening. The act on this night will be the return of the Jam Buddies. Doors will open at 7.30 pm . Cost of ticket, available only from Joyce and Kevin (5209) and not from Reception, will be five euros which will include your first drink free (glass of wine, beer, coffee or soft drink) and a free raffle . Everyone is welcome. INAUGURATION OF EXHIBITION “FROM PEN TO THE BRUSH”,TRIBUTE TO MIGUEL HERNÁNDEZ On Thursday, 13th June at 8pm. the opening of this exhibition, a tribute to Miguel Hernández, will take place in the Multifunctional Hall.

EMERGENCY ASSISTANCE IN THE APARTMENT If you require emergency assistance in your apartment the following is the procedure to follow : You can either: a) Ring Forum Reception direct on extension 7000. b) Press any of the emergency switches situated throughout your apartment. Reception will immediately telephone you to ascertain the problem. If they receive no reply to their call they will go to your apartment. When you speak to Reception please be very clear as to what the problem is, do you require an ambulance, medical assistance or just help in lifting someone after a fall? As you know the reception service is available 24 hours. We would like to take this opportunity to remind residents that personal alarms are available. These alarms can be kept on your wrist or round your neck and are essential if you live alone as you could have a fall not in the vicinity of an alarm. Couples should also consider these alarms if one of them has health problems and could be on their own for a period. Alarms are available from Forum Reception, where you will be informed of its price.

THE NEW TRAFFIC SANCTIONS At the end of May the new regulations governing speeding are brought into effect. Whilst the intention of these regulations is to avoid traffic accidents there is no doubt that the legislation contains a clear fundraising element. We complain with some justification about the many taxes we have to pay every year, and now a slight distraction on the accelerator can cost us more than any tax and can add points leading to the withdrawal of our driving license.. The General Traffic Office has bought about 800 mobile radars which have been installed in Citroen cars, models C3, C4 and C5 so we must be careful when we see any car of these models stopped near the road. Civil Guard radars have been modified. Till now motorway radar would trap a car travelling at 141 km/hw – this has been reduced to 133 km/h. We attach the table of penalties and points now in force: THE TABLE OF SANCTIONS WHICH APPLY THE TRAFFIC OFFICE FOR THE SPEED EXCEED


minor infr.


serious infraction




very serious infraction




points more than 85 more than 95 more than 105 more than 120 more than 130 more than 144 more than 160 more than 176 more than 192 more than 210

NEW CURRENCY Please be aware that a new print of the five euro note is now in circulation.

DRIVING WHEN WE GET O Recent statistics indicate that drivers over the age of 65 are the ones who have the lowest rate of accidents compared with drivers in other age groups. However, given the fragility of our bodies as we get older the chances of serious injury or even death are higher for elderly people involved in a road accident. The current death rate among drivers over 75 years is more than five times higher than the average of drivers in general. In Spain the major cause of the death of pedestrians is having been run over in a traffic accident. In the year 2010 45% of those who died were older than 65. However, let's keep driving - driving after 65 stimulates our reflexes, streamlines parts of our body and provides us greater independence. But we must do so with extra care. Sometimes other motorists become short tempered with those in front of them who seem to be driving too slowly and a “beep-beep “ is not uncommon. What is the proverb? “Patience is a virtue” I think.

LOCATION OF OUR RESIDENTIAL COMPLEX In Spain when a person says something good about him or herself, particularly if excessively so, we say: “You don't have grandparents”. That saying obviously refers to grandparents who often see their grandchildren as being particularly good in all things even if they are not. But still, taking the risk of that saying being applied to me, I will set out some aspects that cause Forum to have advantages compared to other urbanizations and residential complexes in our area. Here we enjoy an incomparable microclimate. 22 years ago, when we bought the land where Forum is now situated, the mayor at that time, Antonio Fuster, made the comment: “Just notice, when the almond flowering season is upon us the almonds flower here in the Alfaz del Pi area ten days earlier than elsewhere. This is due to the south facing gentle slope of the land on one side, the higher land on the north side and the protection offered by the mountains. We are sheltered by Sierra Cortina, Puig Campana, Sierra de Bernia and also by Sierra Helada (which by the way has never frozen over)”. The old people used to tell me that the biggest problem with this land is that we could never get nice gardens because of the clay ground, which we all know is very difficult to work, but still with a big effort by our professionals and some of our residents we have managed to have nice and decent gardens. The distance that separates us from the sea is ideal for maintaining the temperatures we enjoy at Forum without suffering excessive moisture as happens in places closer to the sea. Although the distance to the village is certainly a bit of a barrier and annoying to some of us, this barrier keeps us away from the noise of fireworks, town celebrations, noisy motorbikes and bar terraces that sometimes don't close till late. I think that living in Forum is a privilege that unfortunately not everyone can enjoy. In all honesty I must say that I had the misfortune never to know any of my grandparents........

THANK YOU I would like to thank everyone who came along to the house clearance at my mother's apartment (1104) on Tuesday 12th March . From your donations we managed to raise 500 euros in memory of my mother Freda Fisher-Langridge in aid of the charity “Action On Hearing Loss”. Thank you all, Marilyn (Freda's daughter)

This month our Magazine Info Forum is printed in Spanish, English, German and Dutch. If you have received it in a wrong language, please tell reception.


A few days ago I was told that one of our residents whilst eating in the cafeteria covered her face with her hands and then raised her arms to the sky, muttering a prayer. Apparently she covered her face so as not to show her tears. Our good cafeteria staff were concerned and went to ask the cause of her tears. Between sobs our resident said “I weep for how happy I am to have found a place like this to live”. Although my opinion cannot be quite the same, (it would be to pretentious if it were), the truth is that these words are uplifting for anyone, and are perceived as a splendid reward for the efforts that ​all our workers make day to day. Our staff felt rewarded when they heard the comment of that affectionate lady. Anyway, I think we still have a lot work to do so that this residential community becomes the little Paradise that we all want for our residents and little by little we are going to make It so, especially because (with some exceptions, exceptions who confirm the rule ) all our residents are helping and supporting us in our efforts to make our complex a better place, considering that we live in the world that becomes day by day a bit worse.

ALICANTE AIRPORT I recently visited the new airport at Alicante. This was my first visit by car since the airport was altered. I thought I would share some of the problems I faced. The first thing is that most toll booths on the motorway are unmanned. You insert your ticket as normal, the cost of the journey will be displayed. You can then insert a note, coins (a box will drop down for coins) or even a credit car, change will be dispensed.(cost from Levante entrance to Alicante is currently three euros eighty five cents) When you arrive at the airport follow signs for parking. You can park on any floor, Make a note of the number of the parking space, however there are an “A”and “B” side. The “A” side has the lifts and payment machines. Take the lift to level “4”, cross the bridge, turn right up the escalator for departures, turn left down the escalator for arrivals. The paying machines are by the lifts. When leaving the airport follow the road to a roundabout, the first exit is for Alicante, Sao Paulo., DO NOT take this exit unless you wish to drive through Alicante. Keep on the roundabout, the next exit is a blue motorway exit for Valencia. Keep following signs for Valencia and you will be on the motorway.. Kevin Halliday (5209)

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JUNE 2013