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June 2011

FISH & CHIPS This month you can enjoy this delicious dish only on Friday, the 24thJune. There will be no Fish & Chips during the months of July and August, so taste it for the last time until September!


SECURITY SYSTEM Thieves usually get into a home through a window. A safety device specially designed for windows and sliding doors is available and is recommended for windows without bars. The price of this security system is 25€ per window or door, including installation. If you want to have this device installed in your apartment please tell Reception.



The good humor of "Maria" (our Secretary), who wanted to immortalize the wedding of Mario (one of our night receptionists) and Patricia (our reception manager), and she did it the way that at least on paper, their wedding has nothing to envy to any of the highest royalties of Europe. In my view, she has put to some of us too many medals, and to the others instead of medals, she has removed many years or at least reduced their height. In any case, and apart of the good mood with which Maria has captured to all the staff of Forum, what is really important is that Mario and Patricia have all long happiness we all wish them.


talk about security measures On Wednesday, the15th June at 11.30 am. a talk about security will be given by the Guardia Civil. The talk will be given in English and Spanish in the Aulario II Hall. At the end of the talk a summary will be available in Spanish, English, German and Dutch.

the forum library We are improving our library facilities, increasing the number of shelves in the library and the computer room. However to do this properly, we need volunteers to organize and classify every nationality’s books. There is already a Committee which organizes English and Dutch books. It would be helpful if some Spanish, German and Scandinavian resident would volunteer to help so that we can have all books well organized. Please contact Maria at Reception.

FREE PILATES CLASSES Carlos Sancho, instructor of Pilates methods, invites you to attend free classes. He will explain how you could learn and practice this physical discipline which is suitable for any age with neither risks nor great effort, just concentration and good breathing.The method assures considerable physical improvement for those who practice it regularly. You now have the opportunity to test and feel its effects. I encourage you to participate! Please bring comfortable clothing. Free classes will be on Saturdays the 18th and 25th J June from 11 to 12 o´clock in the dance hall.

NEW JACUZZI After many efforts we have finally got our new jacuzzi. It is of the original brand "Jacuzzi", so we should avoid the problems we had with the other one. That supplier disappeared so were unable to obtain spare parts for repairs.

THEME NIGHT “ELVIS & ROY ORBISON” Don't miss our next theme night “Elvis & Roy Orbison” on Friday the 17th June from 8pm. to 11.30pm. which will be organized by the Companions – fancy dress optional. Snacks will be offered during the night. Tickets will be available at Reception, price: 2 euros for Forum residents and 3 euros for others. Here are some pictures of the last events - "Magic of the Movies" and “60´s night”.

COCOA AND HEALTH Cocoa and dark chocolate are "functional foods" providing the body with nourishment and contributing to good health and longevity. Cocoa is good for the prevention of cardiovascular disease. It regulates blood pressure, prevents the oxidisation of bad colesterol, protects the endothelium in the artery walls of smokers, reduces colesterol, triglycerides and platelet activity. It produces vasodilatation, improves the circulation in diabetics, protects from cerebral stroke, has anti-stress effects, diminishes chronic fatigue and protects against cognitive deterioration. Chocolate can be considered a complete food since it contains hydrates of carbon, fats, proteins, and also many vitamins and minerals. It also provides tryptophan which is an important amino acid, the precursor of serotonin which in turn is a brain neurotransmitter that regulates mood (that is why chocolate has an antidepressant effect). Eating chocolate can be a delight similar to tasting a good wine or a steaming cup of coffee. It stimulates the production of endorphins (hormones of pleasure or happiness) but when consumed abusively it can cause addiction. The more cocoa there is in the chocolate the more beneficial it is from the therapeutic point of view but it also has the disadvantage of being too bitter a taste for some people. We must remember that chocolate is quite a caloric food, especially if it contains refined sugars, fats, milk, almonds, hazelnuts, and so on. The presence of some of these ingredients spoils the curative action of the cocoa in dark chocolate and increases the caloric intake, although it is also true that the extra nuts added to the dark chocolate may increase its protein, vitamin, mineral and antioxidant contribution. According the nutritionists dark chocolate should have a cocoa content of 70%. An intake of one or two ounces a day is recommended.

CURIOSITIES OF LIFE 1. The average time before going to sleep is 7 minutes. 2. CD´s were designed to give 74 minutes music because that is the length of Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony. 3. Before 1800, shoes for both left and right feet were the same. 4. The cigarette lighter was invented before matches. 5. Walt Disney was afraid of mice. 6. Humans eat in a lifetime an average of eight spiders during the night. You can have my share! 7. Donald Duck comics were once banned in Finland because he was not wearing trousers. 8. Women blink almost twice as often as men. 9. Taking students into account there are more English speakers in China than there are in the United States. 10. Did you know that you share your birthday with at least another 9 million people in the world? 11. Leonardo Da Vinci invented scissors. 12. Only one of every two billion people lives as long as 116 years. 13. The peanut is one of the ingredients of dynamite. 14. There are more chickens than people in the world. 15. Mosquito repellents do not repel. They hide you. The spray blocks the mosquito’s censors so it doesn't know you're there. 16. No piece of paper that can be folded in half more than 7 times. Just try it! 17. Donkeys kill more people each year than air accidents do. 18. You burn more calories sleeping than watching television. 19. The oak does not produce acorns until it is at least 50 years old.

FORUM SWIMMING POOLS Now is the time that residents’ young relatives and friends will be visiting us and we would like to remind everyone of some of the rules governing children using the swimming pools. Children can use both the outside swimming pools between 8.00 to 21.00. However they should avoid using them between 14.00 and 17.00 in order to respect the siesta hours of residents living in the vicinity of the pools. Children under fourteen years of age must always be accompanied by a responsible adult. Children may swim well , but accidents happen – all sorts of accidents both in and out of the water. Dogs are not allowed in the vicinity of the pools. Mattresses, floats or other items that may disturb our residents are not allowed. We are aware that some people resent children being allowed to use swimming pools so we conducted a survey of residents in order to know the majority wish on the subject. The majority believe that children, families and friends should be allowed to use the pools. We shall do our best to ensure that these rules are obeyed but if a resident sees non-compliance Reception should be told at once. Visitors can cause inconvenience but we trust that we can all enjoy the company of family and friends without troubling others.

INSIDE SWIMMING-POOL The inside swimming-pool will be closed for cleaning and repairs from the 1st June. We will let you know the date of reopening. However, all the activities available outside the swimming pool will remain in full operation.


Every Thursday in our restaurant a salad buffet will be available. The ingredients will vary regularly. On days when the buffet is available residents may opt for just eating from the buffet for 6€, or have it as the main dish in the menu of the day.

SAN FERMIN PARTY On Thursday, the 7thJuly at 8pm. we will celebrate on the terrace, as we do every year, the San Fermin party. The price is 15€ and includes a buffet of salads and varied tapas, sangria, water and beer. If you are interested please book at reception before the 4th July. We recommend wearing trousers and white shirt, red bellhop and handkerchief.

This month our Magazine Info Forum is printed in Spanish, English, German and Dutch. If you have received it in a wrong language, please tell reception.

TRUCOS PARA LA SALUD OJERAS DEMASIADO OSCURAS En este caso, utiliza un corrector de color verde, que neutraliza el enrojecimiento o los tonos marrones de tus ojeras. Notarás la diferencia. HIPO: Ponte un terrón de azúcar debajo de la lengua. En unos minutos desaparecerá el hipo. GARGANTA IRRITADA Parte una cebolla en rodajas, déjalas en un recipiente con el zumo de un limón y añade agua hasta cubrirlo. Después de macerarlo durante unas horas, fíltralo y bébete el zumo. Sentirás una gran mejoría. DUREZAS Lo único que tienes que hacer para quitar las molestas durezas es frotar tus pies a diario con el interior de la piel de un plátano. Después de aclarártelos no olvides aplicarte una buena crema hidratante. DOLOR DE CABEZA Puedes colocar una bolsa de hielo en la zona afectada y masajéala con las yemas de los dedos. Te sentirás mejor. ACIDEZ DE ESTÓMAGO Mastica unas avellanas sin sal y no tragues hasta que se haya formado una papilla. Te aliviará. CODOS SUAVES Corta un limón por la mitad, pon sal fina y frota tos codos durante uno o dos minutos. Después, puedes aplicarte una crema hidratante. Tu piel lo agradecerá.

TRUCOS PARA EL HOGAR ALFOMBRA DESINFECTADA Si quieres que tu alfombra esté absolutamente limpia, espolvorea sobra ella abundante bicarbonato sódico y déjalo actuar durante 20 minutos. TIJERAS OXIDADAS Si tienes las tijeras algo oxidadas prueba a frotarlas con media cebolla. MANCHAS DE MANTEQUILLA Si los restos de mantequilla quedan impregnados en tejidos de lana o seda, espolvorea un poco de talco para que absorba. Sobre un material sintético, lo mejor es el agua caliente con detergente. ESTANTES DE MADERA Resulta conveniente pasar una vez cada quince días un paño humedecido con cera o vaselina. De esta forma la madera estará nutrida y parecerá nueva durante más tiempo. TOALLAS ESPONJOSAS Puedes recuperar el tacto suave de tus toallas sumergiéndolas durante un par de horas en agua caliente con bicarbonato. ESPEJOS DE BAÑO SIN VAPOR La fórmula para los espejos no se empañen consiste en frotarlos con un poco de champú para el cabello.

TIPS FOR YOUR HEALTH DARK BAGS UNDER THE EYES Use a green corrector that neutralizes the red or brown tones of dark bags under the eyes. You will notice the difference. HICCUPS Put a lump of sugar under the tongue. Hiccups will disappear in a few minutes. IRRITATED THROAT Cut an onion in slices, put it in a container with lemon juice and add water, covering it. Marinate it for a few hours, filter it, and drink the juice. You will feel a great improvement. CALLOUSES All you need to do in order to remove an annoying callous is rub your feet daily with the inside of a banana skin. After washing, do not forget to apply a good moisturizer. HEADACHE Place a bag of ice on the affected area and massage it with your fingertips. You will feel better. HEARTBURN Chew a few salt-free hazelnuts but do not swallow until a “porridge” is formed in your mouth. You´ll feel better. SOFT ELBOWS Cut a lemon in half, add salt and rub your elbows with it for one or two minutes. You can then apply a moisturizer. Your skin will thank you for that. TIPS FOR YOUR HOME DISINFECT A CARPET If you want your carpet to be absolutely clean, sprinkle it with plenty of sodium bicarbonate and leave it for 20 minutes before sweeping or vacuuming.

RUSTY SCISSORS If you have rusty scissors try rubbing them with an onion.

JUNE 2011  
JUNE 2011