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Bank holidays in December are the 6tn) December (Spanish Constitution Day), the 8th December (The Immaculate Conception) and, of course, Christmas Day.

Are the prophecies of the Maya, of Nostradamus and other renowned astrologers going to come true in 2012? As they predicted, is the world going to come to an end on the 21st December next year?

DECEMBER OFFER December is a "special month" so your feet and hands have to look special too! After a complete medical and caring foot treatment you can enjoy with this December offer a professional manicure using Peggy Sage products. This manicure consists of: cutting and/or filing nails, treating cuticles and nurturing them with cuticle oil, applying a hydrating handcream, varnishing and, where necessary, strengthening fragile nails. You can enjoy this offer for only 8€ more than the normal price (22€), so you´ll have a complete hand and foot treatment for only 30€! This offer is available during December and January by appointment. Chiropodist EVI- tel. 609 742 761.

THANK YOU I have no words to express my gratitude to all friends from Forum who came to say farewell to me. I will never forget this moment . It was very touching. Thank you so much – Jane Schoder

Petanca & mini-golf We inform you about the Petanca & Mini-Golf time-tables. Petanca & Mini-Golf International (Organized by Martha Rockstedt): Mondays 12.00h. Petanca (Organized by Kevin Halliday): Wednesdays 10.30h. - 12.30h.


On Friday the 23rd December at 12 o´clock we will repeat the meeting which has been so successful in the past. As you will recall it consists of singing in different languages a series of Christmas carols ending with an interpretation of the magnificent carol "Silent night". Forum Mare Nostrum invites you to an aperitif. Drinks should be bought in the bar.

Let us hope that these predictions will not become a reality but let us all wish fervently that this year might see the end of the present crisis which affects us all. We would also like to see the end of all wars, of poverty, of hunger and all the illnesses and miseries that affect mankind. We are convinced that the catastrophic predictions of the end of the world will not occur, but what they have done is to make us think about our own future. How do we propose to live next year and the rest of our lives? Let us try to live each day as if it were our last. Let us think of others more often. Let us be the first to help where help is needed. Let us be true to ourselves. Why not do the things we would like to have done but have hitherto put off for “another day”? Now is the time to give the kiss that once stayed frozen on our lips. We wish health, happiness and well being to all our residents. We wish that, as far as possible, dreams and desires come true. We will continue to do our best to help whenever we can.

ECUMENICAL FORUM: PEOPLE FOR JESUS CHRIST The Oekumenische forum „People for Jesus Christ“ was founded 4 years ago by the protestant Prädikantin, Renate Schwarzer. With her happy music services she welcomes all Christians, no matter whether Protestant or Catholic, but also those who have turned their back on the Church because the services gave them nothing in their faith or their everyday life. Every 3rd Sunday of the month the friends of Oekumenisches Forum celebrate at 12 o'clock an interesting service with modern, rhythmical songs, accompanied by the keyboard and with a topical sermon. Our visitors say that these services are curative of mind and soul. A steady circle of Forum residents has been formed. We would be glad if even more residents could come to enjoy the music and Words of God. Visit us on the following occasions in December: Wednesday, the 14th at 5pm.: Advent celebration of the Oekumenisches Forum “People for Jesus Christ”. Everybody who knows us or wants to know is invited. (see also posters in the entrances) Sunday, the 18th at 12 o'clock: Music service for the 4th Sunday of Advent; afterwards lunch in the cafeteria for those who want it. Christmas Eve, the 24th at 7pm.: Ceremonial Christmas night; afterwards a cold buffet in the restaurant. Price 15€ including wine and water. Please book some days before at Reception. All activities are held in the chapel at Forum Mare Nostrum. We would be delighted to welcome many new visitors. Renate and Eike Schwarzer (App. 5201) wish all neighbours a sincerely happy time in Advent.

Felices Fiestas! Feliz Año Nuevo!

Happy New Year!

Happy Christmas!

Frohe Weihnachten und ein Glückliches neues Jahr!

Het beste voor 2012!

THE GREENHOUSE We would like to make the greenhouse into a gardening workshop where anyone can learn how to take care of their own plants and can meet other like minded people, help to care for the greenhouse plants, raise plants for our gardens and enjoy their leisure time. We count on the invaluable collaboration of Olga Niemel and Alicia Sanchez, real experts in everything that concerns gardening. If you are interested tell Reception so that we can arrange a meeting to agree how and when activities can be undertaken.

Exhibition of artists from Altea th

On Tuesday 13 December at 8pm. in the multifunctional hall an of exhibition from 32 artists from Altea will take place. Among the works you will find many styles of paintings, some sculptures and even jewellery. th The exhibition will be in Forum until 10 January and you may visit it from 10.00am. to 6pm. from Monday to Friday.

LETTER FROM A RESIDENT On behalf of the twelve residents who shared our table I would like tell you how much we enjoyed last night´s Halloween party. The quality of the dinner, the manner in which it was presented and served, the entertainment provided were all of the highest quality. I would like you to pass on to all who contributed to our enjoyment our appreciation of the efforts they made to ensure the success of the occasion. I feel sure I speak also for everyone who was there. Geoff Stafford.


On Sunday the 25th December at 2pm. there will be a special Christmas Day Lunch in the restaurant. The menu will consist of: th and varied canapés Welcome glass of10 cava On Thursday December at 8.30pm. in the multifunctional hall an of First course: from Smoked salmonfrom and king prawns exhibition 32dill artists Altea will take place. Among the works you Lemon sorbet with a mint aroma will find many styles of paintings, some sculptures and even jewellery. During the exhibition there be a film which & will be Main course: Roast turkey with stuffing, roastwill potatoes, vegetables accompanied by the pianist Coby Wagemans. The exhibition will be in Forum cranberry sauce. (It will be cooked English & Spanish ways, say the way until th 10 January and visit it book.) from 10.00am. to 2pm. and from 5pm. to 8pm. you you wantmay it when you from Monday to Friday. Wiener apple warm cake with vanilla ice-cream The price is 25 euro per person including wine, beer and water. Those interested in attending please book at Reception before the 14th December.

Exhibition of artists from Altea

This year Forum residents will have the opportunity of celebrating a great New Year's Eve party at a laughable price. Entertainment will be organized by the Companions club which has surprised us every time they hold their famous thematic parties here. The dinner will consist of a magnificent buffet which includes: - Eggs stuffed with Smoked Salmon - Crab Salad - Pork Loin with different sauces and apple purée - Cured Cheese wedges with Quince jelly - Fried delights (rosada fish bits, marinated fish, cod fritters, mini ham croquettes, onion rings, squid rings) - Sausage Rolls - Chips - Roast potatoes with cheese & butter - Variety of cakes Buffet price: 25€ per person, including half bottle of wine and water during the dinner. Other drinks may be acquired at the bar which will remain open. You will also be able to buy lucky grapes and a special New Years Eve bag. Dinner & Entertainment start at 8pm. Doors open at 7.30pm. Please book before the 23rd December.


Today, the 28th November we have had a meeting with the Alfaz del Pi Mayor who told us that on the 23rd December they will suspend the bus service which has been running since the 17th March last. We list below the number of passengers using the service since its introduction. Month Number of passengers The daily average of passengers Monthly income March (15 days) 50 3,33 43, 70 (without VAT). April 72 2,40 66,20 “ May 47 1.50 38,10 “ June 38 1,26 26,39 “ July 49 1,58 48,89 “ August 38 1,22 31,20 “ September 43 1,43 41,10 “ st rd October (1 to the 23 ) 3 0,13 3,90 “ In the258 days in which the service has been in operation it has been used on only 340 occasions, an average of 1,31 passengers a day. The total takings have been 299,58 euros, or 1,16 euros a day. According to the Mayor the monthly cost of the service is 6,000 euros, so in the month with the most passengers it still lost 5.933,80. It seems unnecessary to explain why the Municipal Transport's concessionary company refuses to continue the service. Neither is it necessary to remind anyone of the pressure that we exerted on the Town Hall in demanding a bus service. The details shown above demonstrate very clearly why the company are cancelling the service. Fortunately we have a very understanding and friendly Mayor who has not at any time blamed us for what is now shown to be the unfounded pressure we exerted on him - and to think that some of our residents demanded that the buses should make a trip every hour, or at least two trips in the morning and two trips in the afternoon!

SHOPPING WITH FORUM Wednesday, 14th December. Mercadona and Lidl (Albir). Departure from Forum - 10. 30am. Pick up in supermarkets: 11. 45am. (Mercadona), 11. 50 am. (Lidl). Wednesday, 28th December. Carrefour and Iceland. Departure from Forum - 10. 30am. Pick up in supermarkets: 11. 30am. (Iceland), 12. 45pm. (Carrefour). This way those who attend the Iceland also can go shopping in Carrefour for a shorter period of time. The required minimum of people: 6, maximum 8 (for the first 8 bookings) Price: € 3 return.Please book the trip you want at Reception no later than one day beforehand. Time-tables and dates might be changed once we see the real need of the residents. (such as the time required in each supermarket).

This Magazine Info Forum is printed in Spanish, English, German and Dutch. If you have received it in a wrong language, please tell reception.



December is een feestmaand dus uw voeten en handen moeten er ook feestelijk uitzien!! Na de complete medische & verzorgende voetverzorging kunt met de de "december- aanbieding" genieten van een manicure (handverzorging) met de professionele producten van Peggy Sage. Deze manicure omvat: knippen en/of vijlen van de nagels, behandelen nagelriemen en verzorgen met nagelriemolie, aanbrengen hydraterende handcreme en lakken van de nagels of nagelversterker bij broze nagels. Met een meerprijs van 8 € geniet u met deze feest- aanbieding van een complete hand- en voetverzorging voor slechts 30€ !! Deze aanbieding is geldig in de "feestmaanden" dus ook in januari, enkel op afspraak. Medische pedicure EVI- tel. 609 742 761.


DECEMBER OFFER December is a "special month"(?) so your feets and hands have to look special also!! After the complete medical and caring foot treatment you can enjoy with "this december-offer" a manicuretreatment with the professional product line of Peggy Sage. This manicure consists of: cutting and/or filing nails, treating cuticles and nurture them with cuticle oil, applying a hydrating handcreme and varnish or nail strenghtener for fragile nails. You can enjoy this offer for only 8€ more on the normal price (22€), so you´ll have a complete hand and foot treatment for only 30€!! This offer is available in December and January by appointment. Chiropodist EVI- tel. 609 742 761.


We appreciate that people who don't speak Spanish often have difficulty in understanding long texts. More and more residents are asking us not only to give an outline of a document's content but also a full written translation of the text. In many cases such as contracts, residence permits special requirements &c translation is essential but quite often a written translation is not really necessary, for instance in the case of press articles, commercial offers &c. We intend to continue making verbal translations free of charge but will make a small charge per word, infinitely less than that charged by any translator, for written translations. As always we wish to help our residents in every possible way, but written translations take a lot of time and we don't really have either enough time or enough staff to devote to this service. .