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SHORT NEWS FISH AND CHIPS This month Fish & Chips will be on Fridays the 7th and 28th October.


Following the success of last years party, we will celebrate it th again this year on Wednesday, 5 of October at 7.30pm. in the Forum Mare Nostrum restaurant. The dinner will consist of a buffet of typical German products. During the night there will be live music and much fun! Dinner price: 15 €. Including water and beer. It will be offered a german beer for an extra cost.

END OF SUMMERTIME Summertime ends on Sunday 30th October. Move your clocks back one hour.



Anyone wishing to attend the next Spanish course should register on Wednesday the 5 October at 10. 30am. in the room opposite Jennifer's. The course, one hour a week, will cost 20€ a month.

EXCURSIONS OF BENICONNECT AND PAMELA DAWSON On many occasions we have organized excursions of different kinds, which we were obliged to cancel because of low acceptance of the offer. We assume that the main reason is the cost of the excursion. Unfortunately we cannot offer a lower price as usually we cannot fill a big coach which would considerably reduce the cost. However we will continue planning some excursions that do not involve high costs. Meanwhile please note the various excursions offered by the travel agency Beniconnect (with guides in English and Spanish) and Pamela Dawson Tasker (only English) shown on the information board and in the folder at Reception.

We have received several requests to provide a service that can take our residents to different supermarkets and shopping centres such as Carrefour, Lidl, Iceland, Mercadona and others. In order to organize routes and time tables for our van we would like anyone interested to tell Reception, giving your name, the supermarkets which you would like to visit and the times and days that are best for you (should be from Monday to Friday and in the morning). The price is 3€ both ways. The sooner we have details of the demand, the earlier can we make appropriate arrangements.


On 20 October at 20.30 pm a new piano recital will be given by the well known pianist Isaac István Székely who has been performing with great success in such important venues as the Palau of Valencia. Mr. Székely will interpret works of Puccini, Rossini, Liszt, Debussy and will be accompanied by the wonderful voice of Katalin Völgyi. Entrance price is 8€. Tickets are available at Reception.


During October the bank holidays are: Sunday 9th October (Comunidad Valenciana day) and Wednesday 12th October (National bank holiday in Spain)


October 2011

Halloween means “All hallow's eve”, which in Old English means “eve of the festival of all the saints”. The old Anglo-Saxon custom has been robbed of its strictly religious meaning and has become instead a night of terror, of witches and ghosts. Sadly Halloween marks a return to the old paganism, a tendency that has also developed in Hispanic towns. th On Monday, the 31 October we will hold a celebratory party. We shall have an excellent evening in the restaurant starting at 8pm. with live music (Rafa), a fancy dress competition and an exquisite dinner to enjoy in the company of friends and neighbours. It is not essential to come dressed up or in fancy dress. During the evening we shall vote on which in the best fancy dress. There will be a small prize for the winner. Fancy dresses can be rented from the Jockey Shop, Ave.Mediterráneo, 43, Edificio Ducados, local 12, Benidorm. Telephone No. 966811026. The menu of the dinner: the starters: Garlic Bread with Cheese; Endives with Goat´s Cheese and Serrano Ham; Eggs stuffed with smoked salmon; Chicken Fingers with Barbecue Sauce. Main Course: Chicken Breast with Mushroom Sauce and Vegetables. Dessert: Profiteroles with Vainilla Ice-Cream and Chocolate. The Menu includes water and ½ bottle of wine per person. Price: 18€. Please book before the wednesday, 26th of October.

HOW GET MORE ENERGY LECTURE ABOUT VITAMINS, EMOTIONS AND ENERGY. By Nel Louwman Come to the lecture and workshop on the 27th October at 12.00 hr. in Forum, that will be given in Dutch and English. Nel Louwman studied Orthomolecular Nutrition, NLP, EMDR trauma therapy, Timeline-therapy, Heartmath therapy and teaches and practices Neuron Emotional Integration, Magnetic field-radiation-therapy and Emotional Balance. Until 2008 she practiced as psychotherapist, in the last 10 years mainly with children. For many years she was chairperson of the RELIEF Foundation for which she gave lectures and workshops. The RELIEF Foundation gives aid to children with learning and behavioral problems who live in families that are financially less fortunate. She was in several TV and radio shows about medical issues and has written in many publications, national newspapers and magazines. Admission is free. A contribution towards buying presents for a Christmas party for the children from families that are suffering because of the economic crisis in Spain will be most welcome.

FORUM TELEPHONES It seems some residents do not know how to set up their answer phone service. TO ACTIVATE SERVICE. Dial *26 This will work when no one answers the phone after a few ring tones and will go to your answering machine. The phone will flash to indicate you have a message. TO LISTEN TO YOUR MESSAGES Dial * 89. You will be asked to enter your password which is1234. You will then be given a number of options with a relevant number. e.g “ Press 1 to listen to your messages.� TO DEACTIVATE THE ANSWER PHONE SERVICE Dial #20 The answer phone service is only available in Spanish and English. If you want to change the language of your answer machine, tell reception. Please note all internal calls throughout Forum are free. To call another resident just enter their apartment number. ( e.g. 7105 or 9103)


In the contracts that we sign with each of our residents, we promise to undertake free of charge repairs to blocks or apartments that are a consequence of a defect in construction. In practice we have been doing lots of maintenance for which we have no responsibility following reports of difficulties experienced by residents. We have done so without charging for the labour or the time involved. This has always been wrong. Frequently, far too frequently, a lot of residents request a maintenance service for matters absolutely unrelated to our contracts. We could mention many calls for our services that we are sure would seem to you incredible, but we shall not go into detail or comment further as to do so would let you know who are involved. In order to avoid the abuses that have been occurring we have taken the decision to make a nominal charge for a call-out unless the matter concerns a problem which falls under our contract. The price of a call-out will be five euros and the price for work done will at the rate of eight euros an hour.

PARKING SPACES BLOCK 6 In order to increase the number of parking spaces in block 6, we intend to change the position of the spaces, painting them vertically to the pavement. This will produce four extra spaces. This change will narrow the road by this block and necessitate it becoming one way only. So residents who park in block 6 MUST now exit via block 9.

THE SIDE DOORS OF THE BLOCKS It is obligatory under the laws of the Valencian Community that access corridors from the apartments to the stairs remain open at all times so the side doors of the second and third floors have no locks. The side doors of the corridors of the ground floor have to remain closed in order to avoid unauthorized persons having access to the corridors of the upper floors. The above measure aims to facilitate evacuation in case of fire or any other disaster requiring the evacuation of apartments.

REMINDER OF THE SPORTS ACTIVITIES FREE FOR RESIDENTS We would like to remind you that there are various free activities for Forum residents. Gymnastics: Tuesdays from 10.15 am. to 11.00 am. in Dance Hall II. Aquafitness: on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 11.00 am. to 11.45 am. in the indoor swimming-pool. Apart from gymnastics and aquafitness, we carry out a number of other sport activities such as; LEARN TO SWIM THERAPEUTIC SWIMMING CARDIOTRAINING INDIVIDUAL TRAINING PLAN

Those who want to learn how to work the apparatus in the gym must make an appointment with Bernd. Tell Reception if you are interested in any of the above-mentioned activities. Apart from these activities there are some others, for example: Nordic Walking, petanque, etc. They are more sporadic. Prior notice will be displayed on posters exhibited on the information boards.

GOOD-BYE LETTER Eight years ago I arrived at Forum. I enjoyed living here throughout these years and I am grateful for all the care and attention which I received from the management and the kind and helpful staff. The art classes with Carlos gave me great joy and were very inspiring. The monthly Dutch coffee-mornings, often followed by a lunch were always a pleasure. I would like to say thank you to all of you as well as to my dear friends and neighbours for all the kindness and friendship. As my children are now also living in Spain we planned to live closer together. Unfortunately due to severe eye-problems moving out of the Forum occurred rather suddenly. That is why I choose this way to greet you all. I hope and trust that my eye-problems will soon be cured, and so I would like to say with all my heart: SEE you soon. Estelle Rambi

THE TURKISCH BATH AND SAUNA- TIME TABLE We have been monitoring the rate of use of the sauna and Turkish bath for several months, discovering that its use by our residents is very low, especially in the case of the sauna, so we have decided to limit the hours of operation of these services. Starting October the time table will be as follows: Sauna/ Turkish Bath from: Mon-Sat 10 a.m. - 12 p.m. and 6 p.m. - 8 p.m. Sunday closed. If those who use these services think the new time table is inadequate please tell Reception so that, whilst avoiding the waste of energy, we can adapt it to suit the needs of residents.

This month our Magazine Info Forum is printed in Spanish, English, German and Dutch. If you have received it in a wrong language, please tell reception.