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We would like to remind you that the Info Forum magazine is not published in August due to holidays.


Wednesday, the 15 August is a holiday in Spain - that day the assumption of the Virgin Mary is celebrated. It is also known as a day of the Virgin of August.

JULY AND AUGUST SALES!!! Please take into account that from the 1st July until the 31st August you can enjoy the sales in the shops. Are we going shopping?


During the months of July, August and September Carrefour of Finestrat will open from 9am until 12 midnight every day of the week including Sundays.

CAR WASH To avoid disturbing residents in the vicinity of the car wash we request that nobody uses this facility between 2pm and 4pm. As you have noticed, we bought a few sunshades and new sun loungers for the outdoor swimming pools. Please respect the following rules of use: 1. Please close the sun shades if you are the last to leave the pool. 2. Please use a towel when using the sun loungers.

JULY OFFER EVI Summer has begun and it´s time to take our short pants, skirts and open shoes out of the closet.... so soft and smooth legs and feet are required!! This month you can enjoy a Provencal foot and (under) leg scrub/ peeling followed by a massage with a hydrating lavender body butter. Your legs and feet will be soft and smooth with a delicious feeling of wellbeing. This offer is available in July for only 15€ (treatment takes aprox. 30 min.) by appointment. I recommend this treatment after a complete (medical) foot care (22€) but you can also enjoy this offer separately! EVI- chiropodist , tel: 609.742.761

FOR SALE AT FORUM For sale: two lamps for 7€ each. A trolley 10 €. Two headboards, 12€ each. Terrace set at 75€. Magazine & DVDs cupboard for 12€. Glass top coffee table for 20€. Please contact 5305.

POSTCARDS FROM FORUM Having been asked by some of our residents to provide postcards showing photographs of Forum Mare Nostrum we have obtained some from a specialized company. They can be purchased from Reception at 0.30€. each.

JULY 2012


We remember that on Wednesday, the 11thJuly at 8pm. we will celebrate on the terrace, as we do every year, the San Fermin party. The price is 15€ and includes a buffet of salads and varied tapas, sangria, water and beer. If you are interested please book at reception before the 4th July. We recommend wearing trousers and white shirt, red bellhop and handkerchief.

SUMMER PARTY On Wednesday, the 8th August at 7.30pm. we will have a Summer Party on the cafeteria terrace. For the price of 15€ you can enjoy a delicious menu which we shall announce later by posters; sangria, water and beer; lots of fun in a friendly environment with a beautiful sunset. Please book your tickets before the 1st August.


THOSE FROM THE TECHNICAL INSPECTION (Copyright Gisela Corty) It was one of those incredible sunny days of February. The sun burnt so much that everybody who could went off to the seaside. So did I. But having a look in the letterbox I found a note from the <Inspección Técnica de Vehiculos>, the I.T.V. in Spain. Only two days were left for the car to be inspected. It couldn’t spoil my splendid mood. Sometimes the sunshine seems to get right into your brain so having nothing to worry about I decided to go there right away as it was on the way to the beach. When I arrived cars were queuing. One car in particular took my attention. It was a Mercedes Coupé, so clean and brilliant that it could cause envy in anyone on such a sunny day, but thanks to my humour, envy does not play a big part in my thinking, I was happy to see that the Spanish economy seems to go well for at least a few people. The driver of this luxurious car with the open roof allowed his long, white hair to fly in the wind while he tried to overtake a few cars in front of him; but the men from the ITV. didn’t allow it. After each try they sent him back to his row. Finally it was his turn and already mine as well. What a difference in image between the two cars! How on earth could I have imagined passing through the ITV with a 19 year old car, dusty with lots of spots from our lovely sweet birdies in Forum, with hair from doggies and a crumbled cover in the back seats, myself in beachwear! And this elegant gentleman in his brilliant car: himself immaculate and certainly his car as well. I wondered why he was there because of the appearance of his Mercedes - it was much younger than mine. But while I was pondering the mechanic called me:”Come on, Señora, open the bonnet!” Opening the bonnet I felt ashamed again. There was more dust on the engine than on the road. I got out of my beloved old car ready to defend it. I asked the ITV specialist ”Whenever I take the car to a garage to have the engine washed they advise me not to do so. Do you think that’s right?” “Exactly, Señora-“he answered. “This motor has many electrical parts around it, very sensitive ones and its better not to touch them.” Relieved, I crawled back to the driver’s seat and followed his instructions. Then I noticed that the owner of the most precious car had already finished and parked it right in the middle of the way out (salida), not bothering about how the following cars might pass him, while he was outside waiting for his new license. When I found I could not pass I asked him, smiling: ”Would you like me to give your wonderful car a little bang? Just a little bump, a tiny little one?” Just the same I could have yelled at him: “Listen Mister, it must be quite nice driving one of the most expensive cars in the world, but it doesn’t give you any right to park wherever you like, right in the middle of this way out!” I thought I had turned to him still showing him my humorous way of thinking…but without effect. No smile, not the least attention from his side, just the way he sneered at me showed me his complete disrespect for my car, so old and even dirty, but certainly loved by me. After 19 years it still took me anywhere. Even today when we had decided to pay a surprise visit to the men of the ITV it had not protested that it would have preferred to see a garage first. I watched the mechanics talking with each other and suddenly my name was mentioned. One of the specialists approached me: “Here you are, your license for another year! Don’t think your car would be completely alright, but whatever it’s got it’s almost nothing, slight damage, just slight. You should have the exhaust silenced, it’s a bit loose, but that’s it. Add some oil and your car is generally looking in a good condition, almost perfect, like new. One notices you took care of it all these years. Congratulations, Señora!” He gave me the plaquette smiling politely. In return I asked him: “There is something I´d like to ask you, why do you actually control a wonderful car like the one in front of me? It does not even seem to be used. It´s so shining, so well treated. Surely it is eleven years younger than mine. Why don’t you let yourself be paid the 50 Euros and not even look at it? It seems to me like wasting one’s time to check such a new car as elegant and smart as this one.. The mechanic commented: “But Señora, this Mercedes has not passed the revision. We couldn’t give it the permit for more years. That car is not at all as well taken care of - nothing like yours.” He grinned. I couldn’t believe it. In the mirror I saw how the gentleman was protesting with hands and feet. Apparently he didn’t know much Spanish. I carried on going to the beach. If the plaquette from the ITV. had not been at the right hand side of the window screen surely I wouldn’t have believed what had happened to me and my faithful, beloved old car.

MORE ABOUT I.T.V. (TECHNICAL INSPECTION OF VEHICLES) Everybody knows about the obligation to have a car tested four years after it is first registered and subsequently every year or two years according to its age. If the Civil Guard stop you and you cannot produce the appropriate ITV certificate they will impose a fine of 200 €, (reduced by 50% if it is paid within twenty days). The most dangerous aspect of not having had your car passed at the ITV is that in the case of any accident no insurance company is responsible for any injury or any damage caused to anybody or anything. Just think how expensive that could be. You can make an appointment for the inspection by telephone or internet.

VERTEBRAL COLUMN INSTITUTE Director: MOGENS JØRGENSEN "THE SLIPPED DISCS THAT WE TREAT DO NOT COME TO SURGERY" ØWhat steps do you follow when a patient arrives for the first time at the Institute of Vertebral column? First we make a valuation and diagnosis, and once having analyzed the patient's problems we do a combination of manual treatment and physiotherapy, using all kinds of modern technologies, for example laser treatment for sports injuries. What conditions do you most frequently prevent and treat? Cervical problems and joints, lumbago, herniated discs, etc. These are some of the pains experienced by patients requiring our services. Ø Which is the worst enemy of the vertebral column? The sofa, the car, the office chairs... We spend too much time sitting. In addition when the weekend comes we want to reactivate the body, sometimes with activities for which we are not physically prepared. For example: a person who plays football one day a week with friends but does not train on a regular basis is performing an activity which might harm in some way the body and the vertebrae. Ø What is active therapy? Let's say that therapy is active when each day the patient must perform different tasks, such as stretching so as to learn how to balance the body. Ø What percentage of your work is effective? What guarantee do you offer? Only 5% of people suffering from disc hernias come to us for treatment. It seems that surgery is the last measure most sufferers think about.. Ø What is the difference between the treatments of the Institute of the Vertebral column and other centres? We have more than 25 years experience with the spine and with all the problems arising from it. Throughout our long history we have examined more than 20,000 spinal columns. We have also transferred our experience through training doctors and physiotherapists in Seville, Madrid, Valencia, Granada, etc. Ø What are the main advantages and main disadvantages of your location? Since we moved to the present location more than 80 percent of our patients come by car. Here they can park without problems and without entering the town.

NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE A couple of years ago Adrian Vernon, a residents from block 1, had to have his one good leg amputated, (he lost one leg some years ago). From day one Adrian insisted that he would one day walk again. I am sure that most people were very sceptical as to whether this would be possible bearing in mind his age. However after two years of determination, persistence and I am sure a lot of pain, Adrian is now walking with the aid of his artificial legs and crutches. Those of us in the restaurant when he walked in were very impressed. Well done Adrian. You have proved that the impossible can be achieved.

This month our Magazine Info Forum is printed in Spanish, English, German and Dutch. If you have received it in a wrong language, please tell reception.

JULY 2012