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SUNDAYS MENUS Sunday 03/02: 1. Starter. 2. Gabardina Prawns and fresh King Prawns. 3. Entrecote with pepper sauce and grilled vegetable. Sunday 10/02: 1. Starter. 2. Prawn Cocktail. 3. Roast Lamb. Sunday 17/02: 1. Starter. 2. Puff Pastry with Salmon. 3. Pork Tenderloin with Roquefort Sauce. Sunday 27/02: 1. Starter. 2. Goat´s Cheese Salad.


CONCIERTO “VIOLÍN VIRTUOSO” JUEVES, 28 DE FEBRERO A LAS 20.00h. Sala Multiusos de Forum Mare Nostrum Dúo formado por Joaquín Palomares & Joaquín Palomares Jr. ( Dúo de violines ) con obras de Bach, Prokofiev , Wieniawski, etc. Precio: 6€

The population of wild cats in the complex is increasing at an alarming rate. This is aggravated by some residents who actively encourage cats to settle in Forum. We already have had several complaints reporting this problem, so if the number of feral cats continues to increase Forum may be forced to take action. All domestic cats are, of course, welcome here.

A BIG THANK YOU TO MY FORUM FAMILY I would like to express my sincere thanks to all who have supported myself and Spencer through these very difficult times. The care and support we have received has been heartfelt and greatly valued and has helped me find the strength to continue with business as normal . Thank you again to all of you .

EVE (SPARKLES ) Eve can be contacted on 646063551 or by E mail on

CHURCH of ENGLAND at FORUM Thanks to the hospitality of the Management of Forum Mare Nostrum. We are pleased to say that our Service of Holy Communion, held on 3 of January, welcomed with great pleasure. 3 Residents to our usual Thursday Group. This service will continue each Thursday at 11.00 am in the Chapel and we look forward to extending a warm welcome to more residents and friends in the Future. If you wish to speak to our Senior Chaplain, Canon Rev. Peter Edwards, you may call him on 630 103 378 and he will be pleased to hear from you, otherwise, just call by on a Thursday morning.

FOR SALE DIGITAL PIANO ROLAND ep 77 8 Tones, 3 piano Vibraphone, Harpsichord, Organ, Strings, Choir. Many interesting sounds can be achieved easily. To view: phone 1202. Price 200 € o.n.o

February 2013


BENEVOLENT GALA NIGHT OF THE ASSOCIATION AGAINST Once again a World Cancer Day comes round. No-one is alone in this fight and many of us contribute to the daily life of patients and their families seeking to make it a little easier. We would like your presence next Monday February 4th at 6 pm in Forum's multifunctional hall where there will be an exhibition of paintings with contributions from, among others, artists ART AVANT. There will be a musical interlude and the opportunity for refreshment. Entertainment by “swinging” Joanna James. Entrance is free, however small donation on entry would be appreciated. Spanish Association against the cancer. (AECC)


On Thursday the 14th February we will organize a St. Valentine's day party for which there will be a special menu. **A welcome Cocktail “Cupid “ ** Various starters **Special Salad “Amor” **Chicken Breast with Foie Sauce & caramelized apple, Panadera Potato & Vegetables **Special Valentine´s Cake. Including wine, water, beer or soft drink. Price 18€ per person. The lunch will start at 2 pm. This will be the only Menu served on this day. There will be live music performed by Rafa. This afternoon will be full of surprises and especially th Love….!!! Book your ticket at Reception before the 8 th February. **As was done other years, those who wish can bring a gift with a value of 2€. The gifts will be given among the participants after the meal.


On Friday February 22 from 8:00 p.m. to 23.30. don't miss the “VICARS & TARTS” theme night with a performance by Suzie Q. The concert will be organized by the Companions club. Tickets at Reception. Entry fee: 3 euros for Forum residents and 5 euros for the others (including the raffle). Snacks will be available all night.

RESUMPTION OF NORDIC WALKING On the 23rd January we started again with the healthy and “fun” activity Nordic Walking. The meeting and departure point every Wednesday will be at 10 am at the entrance of the complex (petanque track). The contents of this class will focus on reviewing NW ALFA 247 technique, exercises to improve mobility, strength and coordination, by adding games. The duration is 45 min and we shall train on the road round Forum. We have our sports monitor Bernd guiding this activity. Our healthy sports activities such as aquafitness, healthy gymnastics, personal training in gymnasium and introduction to the use of the machines in gymnasium are also available For more information please contact Bernd on the phone at 629616197 or every Tuesday at 12.00 in Forum Mare Nostrum.

SECURITY One of our residents when returning to his apartment met two men attempting to gain entry to the block. They told him they were from Iberdrola and one even had an I.D card . Fortunately he knew that there was no reason for Iberdrola to gain entry to the blocks which made him very suspicious and when he discovered that the other man had no I.D. card he refused them entry. As Reception had knowledge of the facts because of the call of two of our residents we immediately sent our maintenance staff, who only arrived in time to take the vehicle registration number which we passed on to the police. Unfortunately during this time of crisis there will be more attempts at robbery. Despite all the security systems nobody can be totally safe from this kind of incident which is why we insist once again how important it is that you react in the way that these two residents did – by calling Reception immediately (you have to dial 7000), or by just pushing one of the alarms. We each have a responsibility to ensure the safety of the complex so always ensure that the main doors of the block are kept locked and never allow access to anyone unless they are known to you.


At this time of the year the processional caterpillars make their nests in pine trees. These “worms” parade in large processions (from which comes their name) and from which come those precious white butterflies that brighten us up the spring days. The nests are easy to locate being the size of an orange with the texture and colour of a spider's web. While it is a delight to see the butterflies later, the caterpillars and their nests are very dangerous both for people and animals. Contact can cause severe skin irritation and even blindness if there is direct contact with the eye. Never shake a nest with a stick or other object because the dust that it gives off is extremely irritating to the eyes or any mucus. We should be extra cautious with our pets. The first step is to look at the tops of pine trees to check whether there are any pockets or silky nests. The second step is to see if there are any rows of caterpillars in the environment, both on trunks or branches or on the ground. The third step is to inspect the trees to see whether there are any dried leaves produced by the caterpillars after they have gnawed the leaves. Precautions: It is not necessary to be in direct contact with the caterpillars to develop hives. When the caterpillars feel threatened they can launch into the air their hairs which act as a harpoon and can stick in the skin releasing toxin. Since dogs have a strong sense of smell, are inquisitive and investigate with their tongue as well as their nose walks in areas of pine trees affected by the scourge must be avoided during springtime. Symptoms of trouble in dogs: To find out if your dog has been the victim of a caterpillar, the most characteristic symptoms are: Edematous swelling of lips, tongue and head in general; Excessive slobbering; Pain; Excitement. In some cases if the dog's tongue has been in contact with a caterpillar necrosis may develop in this area which can lead to the loss of this piece of the tongue. The greatest danger is when the larynx is affected. This is likely to produce oedema of the glottis, which may lead to the death of the animal if an emergency tracheotomy is not undertaken. Acting in an emergency: First it is essential to wash the dog's mouth and lips thoroughly with water. Then as a matter of extreme urgency take the dog to the nearest vet because prompt action minimizes the risks caterpillars can generate.

GOOD MORNING? NOT ALL THAT GOOD REALLY The old comedians would sometimes start their act with the phrase “A funny thing happened to me on my way here tonight”. In this case “A not very funny series of things happened to me when I got up this morning.” Nothing at all to do with advancing years, but... It was not quite light. I put on my specs and reached for my hearing aids only to find that both batteries had gone flat- again. Not much use trying to put in new ones until the sun came up. They are tiny and can be difficult to handle with fingers not as supple as they used to be. When the sun rose I took what I needed onto the balcony and into the light, only to drop a battery right away. That should have been easily sorted out but I am afraid it was the start of the trouble. My hips were never going to like what would happen next but bend down I must and bend I did. Both hips objected strongly and told me in no uncertain terms that they were not accustomed to that sort of treatment. It probably did the battery no good to be bounced on the tiles so having recovered it I stepped into the lounge and stood on the carpet still in the sunlight. That battery seemed to have a life of its own. It slipped through my fingers yet again as I tried to fit it in the little holder, always difficult as my sight is not too good these days. Because of the patterned carpet I could not see it on the floor as it had managed to finish up in the shade. I had to kneel down to feel for it. My knees creaked and groaned, made more noise than my hips had done and positively shrieked at me when I had to move them before I could pick up the battery. (Anybody got a cure for shrieking knees?). But now there was an even greater problem. How do I get to my feet? I had to shuffle to the sideboard, inevitably suffering more serious objections from my knees, use it as a lever and just heave..... but then, OH NO, there goes my back again!! And still no new batteries fitted... Now where did my dearly beloved put the paracetamol? Anonymous resident

FREE CLASSES OF SKIN CARE AND SELF MAKE UP Would you like to know which is the right way of looking after your skin, or know some tricks and tips of self make up? First class: SKIN CARE (because it is essential to have the skin properly treated and cared for before we can take full advantage to our makeup). It is the same for women and men, since we all have skin that need care, and nobody likes to find a new wrinkle….. Second class: SELF MAKE UP. A few bits of advice and simple tricks to show you how to make up yourself without any difficulty. Classes will be given individually or in groups (maximum 4 people) in Spanish or English by María Maltséva ( Forum's secretary) who is now also a Mary Kay beauty consultant. In each class you will receive free skin cleaning, with exfoliation of micro crystals of aluminium oxide- a treatment very often used in beauty salons. Book your class directly with María in Forum or on the telephone – 695 435 681.

This month our Magazine Info Forum is printed in Spanish, English, German and Dutch. If you have received it in a wrong language, please tell reception.



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