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A HEALTHY MIND IN A HEALTHY BODY Quit smoking, take more exercise, walk more, lose weight, practice hobbies, read, use the mind as much as possible. These are some of the practices we should adopt to help improve our overall fitness and therefore our health. Certain lifestyle habits contribute to a healthier condition but unfortunately good intentions often never get beyond the planning stage. A balanced varied diet rich in fresh produce such as fruit and vegetables provides necessary vitamins and amino acids. Physical fitness exercises our heart and avoids, or at least delays, the onset of several diseases linked to a sedentary lifestyle. The use of our minds through reading, computer management or other brain activity is essential if we are to prevent or delay diseases so prevalent in old age such as Alzheimer's or dementia. We can all improve or worsen our quality of life. We can adopt habits that help us to enjoy a much healthier old age. It is as we grow older that we need to take more care so that we feel fitter and much better about ourselves. Ageing and old age are not synonymous with disease. Ageing is a natural process common to all living things. However, it is clear that as we age there will be a progressive deterioration in our physical and intellectual capacities so it is desirable that we encourage our predisposition to healthy activities. One of the evils that attacks us over the years is osteoarthritis. Many people start with acute rheumatic disease even before they reach fifty. Obesity and lack of exercise worsens this condition. Moderate exercise and a balanced diet will decrease pain. According to experts the two key factors if we are to reduce osteoarthritis problems are food and sports. In older people the practice of regular physical activity is a priority for good health because it prevents the development of chronic degenerative diseases, reduces heart risk and increases flexibility , bone density and muscle mass. Equally important are psychological improvements, playing sports, even moderately, frequent contact with others, increasing one's social circle so reducing the possibility of falling into a depressive state, a condition so characteristic of this age .



MUNICIPAL TAX REGULARISATION - I.B.I. BLOCKS FROM 1 TO 9, FOR YEARS: 2009 TO 2013 We have received and paid the bill for the property tax (IBI ) for all blocks in our Residential Complex , which includes the previous years. The good news is , that corrections have been made by the tax collecting TAX MANAGEMENT SUMA , to all of the blocks resulting in a decrease in the price charged for each square meter of housing , this means a reduction in the amounts payable by our residents for all of the previous years. So in the coming days ,we will issue the property tax bill , which shows the difference in the price already paid for the years that we have been charged by SUMA and the corresponding charge for the present year , 2013 .The status of each of the blocks is as follows: BLOCKS 1, 2, 3 , 4 , 5 and 6 There is a reduction in the price per m2 paid for the years 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012 . In the invoices we take into account the amount previously paid , and the new reduced price of IBI for the years 2009, 2010 , 2011 and 2012 . We also show amount due for the current year , 2013. BLOCK 7 SUMA have not charged us for the year 2008 . We have paid the bills for that year 2008. We willshow the payment of the amount invoiced for the years 2009, 2010 , 2011 and 2012 , including the new reduced price those years , as well as the the charge for the year 2013 , at the correct charge. Less any amount already paid for those years. BLOCKS 8, 9 SUMA have not charged us . for the years 2008 and 2009. We have already paid amounts for these years. We will charge for the years 2010, 2011 and 2012 2013 at the new reduced charge. Less any amount already paid. Along with the payment-bill of IBI you will receive an explanatory letter with the final amount payable or receivable, depending on the situation of the previous payment of invoices, indicating the limits provided. For any clarification, you can come to our administration department, where we will be happy to provide any information or documentation that justifies the announced billing .

COMPANIANS PARTY The Companians presents their popular night of variety in Forum Mare Nostrum, on Friday 29th November 2013, which includes a party disco night with our own Pete Crane. Come and see the amazing talent of our members. Doors open at 07:15 pm. Members companians price is € 5.00 and € 3.00 for Forum residents which (includes a free raffle ticket). Bar snacks are available.

PUBLIC HOLIDAYS NOVEMBER 2013 - On the 1th: All saints day - On the 8th & 9th: Local festivity’s of Alfaz del Pi

“THE FAILURE OF HIS LIFE” (copyright Gisela Corty B.6 Apart.107)

One day, at the Friday market I met a man I had known for twenty years. In those days he owned a leather shop where he sold Spanish shoes and materials from his own factory. His type of business did not allow enough free time for him to spend much time at a flea market. " What are you doing here ?” I asked surprised to see him, "you're not busy with your business in Benidorm? " " We haven´t got it anymore, not for a long time” he confessed with a sad look. " What happened to you? Was it the fierce competition of the Chinese?" He smiled, “No. That was the reason many of my neighbours' businesses closed, but that is not what happened to me. I simply made a mistake - the failure of my life " he replied thoughtfully. I did not ask more. If he wanted to tell me, he would do so happily showing trust in me. Failure to do so, I thought next minute , he could consider it was none of my business and that I was just being curious. He looked at me for a while, fighting his own emotions. “Let's have a drink and I'll tell you.” He had finally decided to speak and certainly spent a long time telling me almost everything about his life. “When the business was going well, I thought, it wasn´t enough and still wanted more, a larger mansion, a farm in the mountains and even a private yacht 15 metres long. All this cost a pretty penny . But I was convinced to be able to pay everything,also all the expenses that I would have in the future ... But times changed suddenly . First we had to let the staff go , and my family and I worked in it ourselves until we needed to sell the store. The situation was getting worse , so we were forced to sell our mansion losing money . The ship we had to sell for less than half of what it had cost . As if that were not enough, my wife left me and took the kids . Today on the farm I live alone and I'm thinking about the possibility of selling fruit of the farm at the market here , but I see so many people doing the same, now I do not think it´s worth it ... and that's why you see me here today" , he muttered embarrassed. I tried to comfort him , listing up a long list of human errors to show that similar things had happened to one million people. I knew it was not going to help . How many millions of euros were lost in the stock market or in construction in Spain ..., he knew it himself … "Think of the poor in other countries who lost everything by earthquakes or tsunamis. Think about the people who are hungry and thirsty, and the millions of human beings who live in abject poverty under dictatorial regimes "- I said - . But he had already thought about it himself, all this could not comfort him. " Everything you say is part of people´s fate, but mine was just my own fault , it was my greed that has produced this: " greed was the failure of my life " . “We all make decisions in our life! And committ errors” - I told him - " No, you do not convince me , I understand everything you say. " He shook his head. “I see you've dissected everything that 's happened , but think one thing: How many people over a drink caused an accident and killed someoneor even themselves? That was also the failure of their life , but they are dead and you aren´t. You live . Look around you , look how much life there is at this small market, how it developed during the crisis . For you there is hope . Make plans , you can still achieve your dreams . You're not sick, you still have much to live for , now you know your weakness and the worst of your personality and that you can fight to change the part of your character that has caused " the failure of your life." You still have many possibilities to start and feel alive again , many others are left with nothing , not even life. " He bowed his head and said no more ....



The Alfaz Spiritual foundation holds an inter-denominational service once a week on Thursday at 6.30 p.m in Forum's chapel which is downstairs sandwiched between the art room and the computer room. We have an ordinary church service with hymns, prayers and an address. Each week there is a different medium who brings you messages from your loved ones who have passed on. It is a friendly, happy, informal gathering and everyone is welcome. Come along and make some new friends. For further details phone Mrs. Jackie Troughton on 4110

We have been informed that on a number of occasions the monthly Forum magazine have been removed from residents post boxes presumably by other residents. Spare copies of this magazine are available at reception. Also official letters from one of Forums representative have also been removed on several occasions. I am sure that everyone knows that this is a very serious offence. Also official notices have been removed from notice boards in the blocks. If a resident has a problem with a particular notice we would request that they notify reception.



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