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BODEGA BOCOPA & VILLENA CASTLE 16 of April - Join us for an amazing day out to Villena which is famous for its vines and the wonderful wines produced in the area.There will be time for a visit to the BOCOPA wine bodega which you are sure to find very interesting and where you will be able to try some of their wonderful produce and buy it at wholesale prices.With a guided tour and a video to help, you will learn about the process by which this wonderful wine is produced. We will also take you to an ancient castle in Villena where the views of the area are truly amazing. Take your cameras there will be some wonderful scenery to capture en route and during the visit.Included in the trip is lunch at a restaurant very close to the bodega and, of course, along with the meal you will be served the wine which by then you will know all about. You will have the pleasure of enjoying it with your meal.There will be some free time for you to unwind, take a stroll and enjoy the countryside in this wonderful part of Spain.During the day you will be accompanied by one of our staff who will ensure you all have a lovely day out, a day to remember. Book early to avoid disappointment as this tour has been requested by numerous residents. PRICE: 39.00 €

BENICONNECT - TEL: 96 681 18 47 E-MAIL:

After a stay in hospital I was sitting in my chair when I needed to get up. I slipped sideways hitting the telephone table and landed on the floor with the telephone in my hand.

APRIL 2014


I called for my husband who because of his own bad health was unable to lift me. We called for security and within minutes two tall handsome men arrived andcarefully lifted me to my feet. Both stayed for a while ensuring we were both alright . This proves that in our case Forum is better than anywhere else . I would also like to thank all the staff for concern and contact during my stay in hospital.

Every year when the I.B.I. bill arrives doubts about its legality arise and there is always someone who claims that the tax should be paid by the owners and not the tenants.

We only wish that we did not have to collect this tax because, as we have said before, its collection always arouses suspicion and malaise among our people.


THANKS I am Pilar, I want to thank my friends and neighbours who have been concerned about my health and recovery after the operation I had to suffer on my hip. Thank you, thank you very much to all, I love you. Pilar. apartment 5-208

KNIVES SHARPENING If there are residents who have knives to be sharpened, they can make an appointment at the bar.

BALLROOM Mondyas from 17:00 to 19:00 in the Forum restaurant, price 20 € per month, You can come and try one hour for free.

DRIVERS-A REMINDER Please keep your speed down to Forum's limit of 20 kph. Going faster will save you only a few seconds but could cause a disaster.

For our part we must enforce what is stated in the contracts we sign with each of our residents. We want to assure you that we would be more than pleased if we could avoid doing so but there is no way we can evade paying I.B.I. as we do now. The laws and rulings concerning our obligation to pay this tax are too numerous to mention here. However we will be pleased to provide anyone with all the information we have and will gladly do our best to clarify this matter and any other causing the problems of any resident. Be assured that we welcome a visit from anyone with doubts and difficulties. Administration has available to anyone details of what we pay to the collection agency ( SUMA) Alfaz del Pi. Contained in the annual amount paid is the levy on the square footage of our entire residential complex. We have to take the SqM of each dwelling adding 10 % more to take account of the common areas ( hallways , stairs , halls , etc.)


On the 20th of April from 11.00 to 15.00 h. Easter brunch at Forum, with live music. Booking’s at the cafeteria.

WHAT TO DO IF YOU GET LOCKED IN THE ELEVATOR All lifts have a button that contains a telephone line that connects directly with the elevator technical service which has orders to call our reception whenever a distress call is received so that our technicians can assist the person locked in the elevator even before the official service arrives. If the lift is locked you must press the alarm button and hold it for at least 5 seconds for the alarm call to reach the elevator service centre. If they don´t answer you immediately keep repeating the same action, pressing the alarm button for at least 5 seconds.

INMA CASTELLOTE PRESENTS HER BOOK On the 27th February Don Francesc Sempere, manager of the La Nucia auditorium , conducted the presentation of the book " TRANSEUNTES " written by Inma Castellote , a Forum resident. Previously the book had been presented at the culture centre (casa de cultura) Alfaz del Pi and the University of Alicante. The book of stories, TRANSEUNTES , was published in the collection"EL PEZ VOLADOR" and can be acquired (signed and numbered ) in the Scala library in Alfaz del Pi or directly at block 5-309 the home of the author Mrs. Inma Castellote. LETTER TO A FRIEND

If you have a mobile phone available you should call Forum reception immediatly. To be locked in an elevator for some considerable time is unpleasant but there is no danger of a physical nature as all lifts have ventilation systems. The important thing is to be as calm as you can, knowing that everything is being done to get you out as soon as possible.

BOOKS PRESENTATION OF MR. BERNARD FILLAYSON On the 15th May at 11.30 am, Mr. Bernard Fillayson, a Forum resident in apartment 6109 – 6110, will present his books in Forum's chapel. You will be able to buy any of them if you wish to do so. All profits from the sale of the books will be given to the alzheimer foundation in memory of his wife Jilly. At the end of the presentation a glass of wine will be offered to those present. BIOGRAPHY: The author, Bernard Fillayson, was born in 1921 and has been writing these books during the last 40 years. He spent many years of his early adult life in India, Malaya and Singapore. After returning to the UK he pursued a career in advertising and public relations, changing later to work in the emerging vending industry. He pioneered children's sticker books in the late 1980's. Then he and his wife moved to Spain. Soon afterwards he began to write this series of esoteric books. BOOK CONTENTS: Apart from stories related to him by others about events in their own lives, the rest of the books directly concern the life of the author who assures the reader that nothing has been “invented”. Quotations from items centuries old still have meaning for us today. Likewise the contents of each book in the series will provide help and guidance for readers in the years to come. CONTACTS: Facebook: Bernard Fillayson E-mail: To find the books go to and just type Bernard Fillayson. .

Dear Inma, As you know, I went to the magnificent presentation of your book " TRANSEUNTES " made by our mutual friend Maribel Torres in the Casa de Cultura Alfaz del Pi . It was a great satisfaction for me to see the room full of people eager to hear something about your book. At that time I was unaware of the experiences, be they fact or fiction, so masterfully described in each of the stories which awaken the reader's feelings of fondness, compassion, sympathy and remembrance. Dear Inma , your short stories remind me that life itself becomes short now that I've aged . Thanks dear friend for delighting us once more with your inspiration, and thanks also for the delicacy of mentioning Jennifer , Emma and me among the acknowledgments of your book.

RISE IN ELECTRICITY PRICES We are used to the frequent rises in electricity prices, normally every 3 months, but prices were revised in January and February this year, revisions that we apply in the invoices sent to our residents. We remind you that any resident can access their electricity meter if they wish to check the readings we bill monthly. The B.O.E. ( Official Gazette ) which is published quarterly shows variations in prices. We always have all the Bulletins with the new published prices. People who are interested can ask to see or copy these newsletters. The newspaper THE CONFIDENTIAL, on the 5th of March 2014, reported in one of its articles that Iberdrola chairman Ignacio Sanchez Galan said that the main problem in Europe is that energy is expensive and that the electricity bill is twice than in the USA. Hopefully Mr. Sanchez Galán will soon have reason to reduce the current energy prices.

Abril 2014 ing  


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