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We need this project to be successful Critical projects often need a different approach. It might require the ‘A team’ or they might need to work around some aspects of the normal delivery model. Projects need an approach that quickly embrace the valuable aspects and create the level of insight into progress that instils confidence in stakeholders. Project teams need a way of building credibility and trust throughout the process by responding to customers, technologies and business models all while dealing with the uncertainty that often exists in projects themselves. Consider the projects in your organization and think about how many are running as they were meant to from the start. Are any of these projects late? Have any of the projects failed, been dropped or at risk due to performance challenges? History tells us that most enterprises face several challenges when it comes to executing well on projects. The challenge for most enterprises is that the standard way of working was designed for an average project. Critical projects are not average.

Solution Emergn’s value proposition focuses on the unique aspects of the project. The application of agile methods helps focus on the value, flow and quality to deliver solutions predictably. We do this by bringing key groups closer together while making the work and solution more understandable and transparent. We improve the collaboration and coordination between key stakeholders and teams in order to help them make decisive and correct decisions that deliver value quickly. These tight feedback loops helps build momentum. For many enterprises the most critical projects can be complex and have many stakeholders. The application of agile practices such as Scrum can help to develop a heartbeat and XP might help developers write higher quality software, but these frameworks can sometimes gloss over the end-toend flow of value. It is important to apply an end-to-end approach to increasing value, improving flow and advancing quality to deliver the right results. Emergn’s approach is to quickly build a project specific model that brings together effective working practices from agile and lean, and blend them together to fit the scale of the project and achieve the desired goal.

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Why we are different While the method and the model of project delivery is important, the main goal is to deliver the project. It is also about the whole project team understanding what success is, and what great looks like, and having a plan to get there. Emergn has delivered projects of all sizes using agile methods. We have done it at scale. We have done it with legacy systems and off-the-shelf software packages, and with hundreds of people involved. We believe that the best approach considers all the key stakeholders. Management, suppliers, team members, product leaders and leadership need the right level of support. Emergn people have delivered, many times, and in many circumstances. As experts in agile delivery, we accelerate the learning of key lessons in applying agile methods within your project and program, as well as ensuring that the project leadership and key roles achieve success. Emergn will advise, coach and teach your team and do what it is needed to deliver on our brand promise and your success. Emergn Ltd. 40 Bank St, Level 18 Canary Wharf, London E14 5NR UK/EMEA: +44 (0)20 8444 4503

Emergn Ltd. Fitzwilliam Hall Fitzwilliam Place, Dublin 2, Ireland

Emergn Inc. One International Place Suite 1400, Boston, MA 02110 North America Toll Free: +1 877 964 1981



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