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Minutes of the General Board Meeting of the RESEDA NElGHBORHOOD COUNCIL (RNC) Monday, September 20, 2010 American Legion Hall 7338 Canby Avenue, Reseda, CA 91335 1.

Call to Order Chair Cary Iaccino called the meeting to order at 7:03 p.m.


Pledge of Allegiance


The Pledge of Allegiance was led by Magdy Aballa Roll Call Roll Call was taken by Secretary Chaparyan. Board Members present: Cary Iaccino Daryt J. Frank (Arrived at 7:07 pm) Vahan Chaparyan Lee Smith Phil Merlin Juan Guzman Magdy Abdalla Armineh Chelebian Noelle Guzman Helen Hatat Timothy Mulholland Adna Shaked Board Members absent: Richard Dickerson, Alejandro Reyes, Wendy Salinas 12 of the 15 Board Members were present at the beginning of the Meeting, which is a quorum, so the Board could make Motions and take votes. Also attending were Stakeholders and Guests.


Introduction of City Employees and other visitors Megan Murray from Councilman Zine’s office and Megan Cottier from Councilman Smith’s office introduced themselves and gave a short update from each office. City Attorney William Larsen gave an update on some of the investigations going on in Reseda. Greg Bartz from the LA DWP Public Affairs Division introduced himself.


Public Comment and Announcements Larry Bowman spoke in favor of CERT Training.


Review and Approval of RNC Minutes from: General Meeting August 16, 2010, General Meeting September 7, 2010 The following motion was put forth by Mr. Mulholland with a second by Mr. Guzman: “The RNC shall approve the minutes from August 16, 2010.”

The motion was passed by 10 votes in favor and 2 abstentions. The approval of the September 7th, 2010 meeting minutes was tabled. 7.

RNC Board Administrative Matters Adna Shaked and Helen Hatat were selected to attend Budget Day representing the Reseda Neighborhood Council on October 16th.


RNC Officers – Action / General Reports (a) Cary Iacino, Chair: General Report – Time Yielded (b) Daryt J. Frank, Vice-Chair: General Report – Time Yielded (c) Vahan Chaparyan, Secretary: General Report – Time Yielded (d) Lee Smith, Treasurer: Treasury Report and Finance Committee General Report – Updated the Board on the balances of the budget. Announced the approval of request for funds by the Emergency Disaster and Community Safety Committee.


Presentation: Los Angles Department of Water and Power presentation on Sylmar Ground Return Replacement Project. The presentation will be followed with a question and answer session. Jinny Huang Jinny Huang presented to the board the facts and status of the Symar Ground Return System Replacement Project. The project spans from the Sylmar Converter Station to the Pacific Ocean near Pacific Palisades. The project is slated for construction in Fall of 2014.


New Business (a) RECCOMENDATION FROM COMMITTEE: The Emergency Disaster and Safety Committee ask the RNC Board for discussion and recommendation for fund raising for C.E.R.T. training. The funding would cover food for participants, C.E.R.T. helmets and vests, equipment, and diplomas. After some discussion and a presentation by Mr. Mulholland, the following motion was put forth by Mr. Mulholland with a second by Mr. Abdalla: “The RNC shall approve funding for C.E.R.T. Training not to exceed $2,000 to cover food for participants, C.E.R.T. helmets and vests, equipment, and diplomas. Subject to Finance Committee approval.” The motion was passed unanimously. (b) 2010 Banner/Holiday Decoration and Lighting update. (Page 2)

Mrs. Shaked gave an update on the on the Holiday Lights Donation drive. Funds will be raised until the end of September after which will be the start of the food and toy drive. (c) The American Legion Hall needs to have a PA system that can be used by the Board during meetings. This will allow discussions by the board to be heard by the attending stakeholders. This item was tabled. (d) The West Valley Library has been affected greatly by budget cuts. Discussion on some possible solutions. After some discussion and a presentation by Mrs. Nagasaka, the following motion was put forth by Mrs. Guzman with a second by Mr. Frank: “The RNC shall write a letter to Councilman Zine, Mayor Villaraigosa, and the City Council requesting reinstatement of funding, hours of operation, and level of resources of the Los Angeles City Libraries.� The motion was passed unanimously. (e) Rate Payers Advocate. The city council is proposing an office of Inspector General and Ratepayers advocacy. 11.

Upcoming Agenda Items (a) Candidate Forum. Invite candidates running for office during the upcoming November elections to speak during the October RNC general board meeting about their candidacies. The American Legion Hall shall donate the room. (b) In order to reduce absenteeism among the RNC board members, it has been proposed to find a way to make an awareness of lax attendance. (c) Projector system for American Legion Hall (d) Recording system for Outreach Committee so that the General Board Meetings can be recorded put on the website.


General Announcements and Upcoming Events (1 min each) (a) Revitalize Reseda Community Cleanup October 9. Flyers available with details. (b) November 13 Kingswood Aptartments Luau


Adjournment Meeting was adjourned at 9:02 by Mr. Iaccino

Minutes submitted by Vahan Chaparyan

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