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Minutes of the General Board Meeting of the RESEDA NElGHBORHOOD COUNCIL Monday, April 15, 2013 American Legion, Reseda CA 91335

I. Meeting called to order at 7:07 p.m. by Kevin Taylor, Chair II. Pledge of Allegiance led by Jeffrey Gall III. Roll Call. In attendance, making a quorum: Mary Unto, Hank Truxillo, Phil Merlin, Robert Vogel, Spike Dolomite Ward, Kevin Taylor, Juan Guzman, Ashley Jones, Ashley Alavizadeh, John Mika, Ashley, Joe Phillips (arrived at 7:35 p.m.), Jeffrey Gall. Not in attendance: Timothy Mulholland, Monica Zepeda, Brandon Balderas IV. Minutes from 4/1/13 approved with one change – correct spelling of Scott Tinsey’s name. V. Crime report from Officer Oliveras, LAPD, Ron Rubine of Councilman Zine’s office VI. Public comment and announcements: Cyndy Pickel – Dept of Planning streamlining process, Crystal McGee started new neighborhood watch, Antonio Sanchez introduced himself. VII.Presentation: mural power point by Spike Dolomite Ward, Neighborhood Pride Day video by Hank Truxillo VIII.Sr Symposium, shade tree give away May 4, Citrus Sunday May 5, John Mika VENC update IX. Discussion and possible action: Phil Merlin moved to transfer $2,000 from Emergency to Unallocated column and then spend up to $3,000 from the Unallocated column to the Centennial account. Juan Guzman seconded. 11 voted yes, one abstention. X. Committee assignments a. Cary Iaccino to chair Emergency Services and Community Safety committee. Passed without objection. b. i. Hank Truxillo moved to create a new standing committee Environment and Recreation. Phil Merlin seconded. Passed by unanimous hand vote. b.ii Joe Phillips to chair the new Environment and Recreation committee. Passed without objection. XI. Officers Reports a. Chair, Kevin Taylor: New vision for next year, new website coming soon b. for a retreat afterwards. 1st week in May at ONE. c. Vice Chair, Hank Truxillo: no report d. Secretary, Spike Dolomite Ward: need ink and card stock for printer e. Treasurer, Phil Merlin: no report XII. Next meeting: May 6 at ONE Generation.. XIII.Upcoming Agenda Items: Possible future agenda items that board members would like to include should be directed to Kevin Taylor. XIV.Meeting adjourned at 8:58 p.m. Minutes respectfully submitted by Spike Dolomite Ward


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