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Minutes of the General Board Meeting of the RESEDA NElGHBORHOOD COUNCIL Monday, January 7, 2013 Reseda NC Office, 18341 Shermay Way #102, Reseda CA 91335 1. Meeting called to order by Kevin Taylor at 7:05 p.m. 2. Pledge of allegiance led by Monica Zepeda 3. Roll call. In attendance, making a quorum: Kevin Taylor, Phil Merlin, John Mika, Brandon Balderas, Ashley Alavizadeh, Monica Zepeda, Juan Guzman, Mary Unto, Spike Dolomite Ward. Not in attendance: Aura Estrada, Daniel Porter, Hank Truxillo, Ashley Jones, Timothy Mulholland, Robert Vogel 4. Approval of minutes from Dec 17, 2012.Passed without objection. 5. Report from Bob Blumenfield’s office. Report from Dennis Zine’s office: $500,000 is being committed for the median project. Surveillance cameras up. Volunteers needed to watch monitors at West Valley LAPD. Report from LAPD. 6. Public comment and announcements: Lee Smith transferred possession of the Reseda Neighborhood Council laptop and printer to the office. Garth Carlson reported that the new mailing address for the Reseda Neighborhood Council is 7449 Reseda Blvd #118.. 7. Officers General Reports: Kevin Taylor, Chair: Coalition of Gangs. Attended LANCC meeting. Reseda NC hosting forum for Measure A mid February. Hank Truxillo, Vice Chair: No report (not present) Spike Dolomite Ward, Secretary: Mailboxes and email lists done. Phil Merlin, Treasurer: waived time to make report during finance committee report 8. a. Presentations and New Business – must vacate office space by Jan 31. Storage at CD3 office. John Mika moved to move the location of our first Monday of each month to the ONE Generation and store our supplies at the CD3 storage center. Brandon Balderas seconded. Motioned passed unanimously by hand vote. 9. Committee Chair Reports a. Economic Development: Have met once so far. Wants to partner more with other committees, start a blog, create networking events, welcome packets for new businesses. Next meeting is Jan 16 at 6 p.m. Looking for new members. b. Finance: i.Phil Merlin moved that the Reseda Neighborhood Council Board approve the US Bank Statement ending in number 9232 dated 11-21-2012 in the amount of $130.20. Monica Zepeda seconded. Hand vote: 8 yes, 1 no. ii. Phil Merlin moved that the Reseda Neighborhood Council Board approve the US Bank statement ending in number 9232 dated 12-21-2012 in the amount of $207.63. Juan Guzman seconded. Hand vote: 9 yes. iii. Phil Merlin moved to remove open allocations older than six months amounting to $600 from the Outreach budget (Reseda HS Police Academy $100, Beyond the Bell $500). Brandon Balderas seconded. Hand vote: 9 yes. c. Outreach: will be partnering on Relay for Life, working on a jobs fair for the fall at Cleveland HS with Woodland Hills/Tarzana Chamber. Plans to create an annual event for the Spanish speaking community. Updating website. d. Planning and Land Use Management (PLUM): Looking for new place to meet. Continuing committee. No new members. Listening to new proposed projects and outreach to inform community. e. Council Liaison, Beautification & Infrastructure: In communication with government officials. Looking for volunteers to help with improvements for ONE. Haven’t held a meeting yet.

f. Disaster and Emergency Services/Community Safety: Meeting tomorrow night at American Legion. g. Youth Advocacy: No report (Ashley Jones not present). h. Senior Advocacy: No members on committee. No meetings. Sr. Symposium at ONE. i. By-laws and Standing Rules: No report j. Newsletter: Spanish edition for January almost finished printing. Ready to deliver. k. Transportation: No report (Hank Truxillo not present) l. Reseda Vision: No members or meetings yet. Met with CSUN to recruit interns to work on projects. 10. Upcoming meetings: Change of date for next meeting to January 28 in observance of Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday at the American Legion Hall. Discussion about moving third Monday meetings to the fourth Monday on holidays. February meeting will be on February 25 at American Legion. 11. Upcoming Agenda Items for next meeting to be brought to Kevin Taylor’s attention. 12. Meeting adjourned at 9:05 p.m. Meeting minutes respectfully submitted by Spike Dolomite Ward and Mary Unto


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