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Economic Development Committee Minutes April 20, 2011 at 7pm Committee Members in attendance: Noelle Guzman Elizabeth Valverde Kevin Taylor – waiting committee confirmation Other Stakeholders in attendance: 3 Item IV a: Discussion on conducing a series of small business workshops for Reseda business & possibly nearby communities focused on key small business topics & issues. • Committee members and stakeholders very receptive to the idea. Several topics brainstormed and will be further assessed/ planned for a topic o ShopLA/ ShopReseda – conduct a workshop to partly educate Reseda businesses of the ShopLA ongoing effort. Distribute banner & marketing materials provided by the city. Work together during the workshop to come up with actionable ideas that business can do to encourage locals to ShopReseda. One idea was having local business coupons on the RNC website and promoted through the newsletter/ eblast. Highlight a few each month. o Making the most out of Social Media – have a social media expert provide an overview of social media, tips/ tricks on how it can work to promote local businesses, and real life success stories. The workshop would servce as providing local Reseda business with the ‘tools’ to do this for their business.  Would need to pay a speaking fee for the Social Media, depending on cost, may partner up with other nearby local communities and council office o Website design – workshop to educate business owners of the basics of website design and how to make it accessible for those at every technology level. Educate on resources available to create a low cost, but effective website. o City taxes, accounting, payroll, year end sale discussion – 1 -2 workshops around basic accounting/ payroll and how it can help save $ during tax time. Partly educational around these topics, and partly tips/ tricks/ money savers. o CRA/ Council Office – workshop on CRA/ Council Office resources, plans for the upcoming year, how small business can work with these entities. Plan for later fall/ winter since many meet them during the February business mixer • Next steps – plan to conduct 1 workshop in early June around ShopLA/ ShopReseda. Work with Nani & Outreach committee for materials/ agenda • Electronically survey business owners on key topics/ issues in Reseda. Include question around what made them want to open a biz in Reseda, what makes them want to stay, what makes them want to leave. Item IVb – Create a network group for Reseda Businesses to meet periodically and discuss key business issues & promote local biz • Briefly discussed initial complication of developing a Reseda chamber – long term focus will be a chamber

In the meantime, create a networking group that holds workshops once a month and provide networking for Reseda businesses. Can start that immediately through this committee. • Long term – look into how to develop a chamber or similar group. Look into how to expedite biz permits (currently takes 1 year). • Medium term – post on RNC website key items for Reseda businesses (e.g. pros of having a business in Reseda) • Short term – create RNC budget for economic development given these potential initiatives Item IV c – Work with a Reseda non-profit on promoting used- professional clothes & items drive • Get in touch with the non-profit, potentially have them briefly speak at one of these workshops and conduct the drive from there. Have boxes in key Reseda locations for drop off. Discuss further at future meetings. Next Meeting: Wednesday May 18th 2011 at 6pm at the RNC office. For now, plan on committee meeting every 3rd Wednesday of the month •

Homework for each committee member (to discuss at May 18th meeting): 1) How to bring ShopLA into Shop Reseda- what can Reseda businesses do to drive more local business? 2) Name for a Reseda networking group e.g. Reseda Business Association, Reseda Networking Group, etc 3) 5 key questions to ask Reseda business owners about key issues in Reseda


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