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The Top 8 Social Networking Web Sites Nowadays almost everyone has an account of Facebook, MySpace, Hi5,etc. Every site has it´s different characteristics but in all of them you can share whatever you feel. In this Word document you will see a top 10 social networking sites. I hope with this you´ll start making more accounts in social networks!



Number 8: Orkut Orkut is a social networking site created by Google but specifically Google Brazil.

The page doesn´t have many users (the 48,0 percent is from Brazil and the 39,2 percent is from India) but it seems to be the future Facebook here in South America.

Bad Things The page need to change the profile from the user because is completely unattractive with a combination of blue and purple where the information isn´t clear and the sidebar have a bad presentation. And there is a subpage where Orkut shows you who has visited your profile and that’s annoying because you could not see the page of others indiscreet

Good Things The page have some applications seemed to ones from Facebook so you can see your friends photos. Also you can be in a community where many people of your same interests or job are. You can chat with friends so that is a good aspect.


Number 7: Fotolog Fotolog is a social networking site where the principal objective is to publish photos and to look at them. Chile is the country where there is the mayor number of users, but there are lot more in all America while in Europe there aren´t many users.

Bad Things Fotolog isn´t recommended for young kids because there is a huge amount of photos with pornographic content. There are some users who say that he is a girl but really he is a guy that wants to see photos. (This is why kids shouldn´t be allowed to use Fotolog) Good Things For older people this page is very funny because you can find friends. You can put YouTube videos and people could comment it.


Number 6: Badoo Badoo is a page from a business in Cyprus where you can exchange information in a profile, this page helps people to meet new friends and find old. The page is very good but there is a serious problem with security. It´s in number 8 because it’s safer than Fotolog

Bad Things: The problem with this is it´s insecurity Cambridge test 45 sites for it and Badoo had the worst punctuation and also there are Golden accounts where you need to pay for having it.

Good Things Badoo is solving the insecurity problems and today 7 June 2011 the page doesn´t have that problem as huge as it was 2 or 3 years ago. The page helps to find new people mostly in Europe. It has a good profile view and it´s easy to find new people.


Number 5: Technorati Technorati is a social networking site which works different as others; it´s purpose is to find Blogs for you so you can know new people by looking at his/her blog. Is very common in the United States.

Bad Things Technorati is very new so it doesn´t have lots of applications so it is kind of boring in that aspect, you can´t talk directly to a Blog owner you will need to send him messages by mail.

Good things Has lots of good things you can find any blog you want of any topic at any time, there is a favorite sidebar where you put the blogs you like the most and recommended in a profile you are given. Technorati is a bit more secure that the 3 web sites that are mentioned here.

Number 4: Hi5

Hi5 is one of the most visited pages in Colombia, Portugal and Ecuador. It is a very good page were you could chat with friends and post things just like photos and videos

Bad Things Hi5 isn´t a page with lots of problems but sometimes it´s a bit slow

Good Things Hi5 it’s a very secure site you could find friends easily and find new ones with a few risk, the page is attractive and easy to handle. Hi5 has groups and you can join them, the photos are classified by albums. And you can publish whatever you want.


Number 3: MySpace.

Is one of the most visited social networking webpages in almost every country there is a MySpace, the page appearance is more attractive than any other social networking.

Bad Things Almost every artist or actor has a MySpace account but there are many so it´s difficult to know which is the real MySpace account of your actor/artist but this is the only problem you can find. It is a bit slow and its difficul

Good Things It´s very good, you can publish everything you want videos, photos and comments, you can see your idol profile and see his official MySpace.


Number 2: Twitter

Twitter is really one of the best social networking sites, it has a good presentation almost every team, actor, music group has a Twitter and they publish evry concert, new game, etc.

Bad Things The only problem that I can find to Twitter is the lack of applications

Good Things Twitter has everything a social networking site needs there are video chats, photos, and status of all your friends and famous you know, has a good presentation and you can take twitter with you in your IPhone, Blackberry, IPod , pad and see whatever you want to see.


Number 1: Facebook Facebook is the best social networking page it has all you need and its very comfortable for the user.

Bad Things The lack of insecurity is notable because if you put your name in Google images your photo will appear so it’s kind of insecure. Also every 5 or 6 months Facebook changes its system and put a new home page, new profile, etc.

Good Things Almost everyone in this world has Facebook so you can find any friend, the Facebook chat is very good and there is a lot of applications including games, photos, and questions. You can see photos with a good quality and also as Twitter you can carry Facebook in an IPod, Blackberry, etc.

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The top 8 Social networking web sites  

This is a good recopliation about the best social networking websites.

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