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Financial Research 

One of the most effective ways to be get ahead is through targeted research and understanding the market as a whole.

The core of our Financial Research Services include: 

Equity Research

Investment Banking Research

Credit Research

Retail Brokerage Research

Derivative Offshoring

Commodities Research

Financial Technology

Quantitative Analytics

Private Wealth Management

Insurance Actuarial Services

Fundamental Analysis

Financial Research Services We Offer

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Credit Research

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Financial Research Services We Offer

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Business Valuation

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Business Research 

Our Business Research Services include: 

Online business research

Business competitor analysis

Industry profiling/analysis

Company profiling

Competitor intelligence

Commodities research

County analysis

Business environment analysis

Country risk analysis

Target screening

Market sizing studies

Business reports writing

Database creation services

Business research surveys

Insight generation

Secondary research

SWOT/PESTEL analysis

Investment Research 

Investment research improves your ROI.

Our Investment Research Services include: 

Fundamental analysis

Technical analysis


Financial ratio

Cash flow

DCF valuation







Credit Research 

Credit research is vital for companies looking to pay back or borrow company loans.

The basics of our Credit Research Services include: 

Credit sourcing

Economic/sector assessments

Financial modeling

Credit risk assessments

Legal due diligence

Credit risk monitoring

Portfolio monitoring

Value drivers

Business risk

Market risk

Equity Research 

Equity research is the “act of researching stocks and equities.” Performing proper research is essential then; one bad investment decision can ruin your portfolio.

Research Optimus provides quality Equity Research Services including: 

Initiation support

MIS reporting

Equity IT development

Monitoring and synthesizing broker research

Research solutions for brokerages

Preparing company and sector reports

Tracking and analyzing news and events

Financial Analysis 

Our goal is to discover whether your company is efficient with their finances and the most profitable.

Our impressive Financial Analysis methodologies include: 

Income statement



Liquidity, efficiency, profitability, and net working capital ratios



Assets turnover ratio

Turnover ratio

Market to book ratio

Dividend yield

Business Valuation 

Business valuation has a myriad of uses. Whatever your need, our Business Valuation Services include: 

Price/sales ratio

Intangible assets


Control premium


Triple accounting

Mergers and acquisitions

Market value added

Residual income valuation

Asset-based, earning value, and market value approaches

Due diligence services

In addition to Financial Research services, Research Optimus offers services in Market Research, Pharma Research, Scientific Research, Media Research, Dial-a-Report, and Business Analytics. See how we can be of service to you by visiting us at

Financial research services  
Financial research services  

Outsource financial research services to develop effective strategies for managing the financial markets and understanding the economics of...