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Report: Radio Cabs Market in India 2013 Category: Services

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Report: Radio Cabs Market in India 2013 Report Details

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Publish date: 22nd Oct, 2013 Number of slides: 93 Geographic coverage: India Available format: PDF, CD, Hardcopy Price for Single User License: USD 850 Price for Site License: USD 1,275 Price for Global User License: USD 1,700 Delivery Time: Within 1 business day Payment Modes: Credit/Debit Card, RTGS/Wire Transfer, Google Wallet, PayPal

Report: Radio Cabs Market in India 2013 Report Insights

• Radio cabs are being hailed as one of the fastest growing business segments within the transport sector in India • Factors responsible in driving the growth in awareness about the concept of radio cabs include ease of booking, accurate meter readings, trained and polite staff, competitive rates and GPS tracking, aided by the huge demand-supply gap within the segment • Initial off-take was restricted only to corporate use owing to the myth of exceedingly high fares compared to ordinary cabs • However, recent trends suggest that individual users are gradually notching up the difference riding on increased disposable income and propensity towards safe and hassle-free communication

Report: Radio Cabs Market in India 2013 Report Insights (Continued)

• The business model deliberates on the varied forms prevalent, with the ‘franchise’ model being the newest entrant into the market • With recent price hikes in fuel, radio cabs have followed suit and hiked their fares as well • Although fares comprise a primary source of revenue for radio cabs, advertising and subscription fees also account for a significant share • With new players entering the segment, radio cabs as a proposition has come up with new technological add-ons and unique facilities that makes it more convenient and exclusive

Report: Radio Cabs Market in India 2013 Report Insights (Continued)

• As the country reels under deteriorated safety issues especially for women, features in radio cabs such as SMS trip trackers, vehicle trackers and associated mobile apps help in positioning the service as a more safe and convenient means of transport • Radio cabs, as a business concept, is poised for greater success not just in leading cities but also lesser known cities in India, as is evident from the expansion plans for tier II and tier III cities by leading operators

Report: Radio Cabs Market in India 2013 Report Coverage

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Overview of radio cabs market in India Business models adopted by different players in India Sources of revenue Cost Analysis Drivers and Challenges Government rules and regulations affecting the sector Trends Competitive Landscape Strategic Recommendations

Report: Radio Cabs Market in India 2013 Report Benefits

• Gain a complete picture of the concept of radio cabs and its advantages over ordinary cabs, its architecture and demand supply aggregation • Plan and develop marketing, market-entry, market expansion, and other business strategies by identifying the key growth prospects in the radio cabs sector in India • Attain knowledge on the varied Government requirements and guidelines that need to be adhered to before entering this sector • Gain insights into the radio cab market in India and gain an understanding of the revenue models adopted, along with an analysis of cost factorization

Report: Radio Cabs Market in India 2013 Report Benefits (Continued)

• Position yourself to gain maximum advantage by strategizing business models with a complete understanding of the business structures and strategies of competitors

Report: Radio Cabs Market in India 2013 Table of Contents

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Introduction Market Overview Business Model Revenue Model Cost Analysis Drivers & Challenges Government Participation Trends Competitive Landscape Strategic Recommendations Appendix

Report: Radio Cabs Market in India 2013 List of Figures and Tables

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GDP at Factor Cost: Quarterly (2009 - 2013) Inflation Rate: Monthly (Nov-Dec 2012 - Mar-Apr 2013) Gross Fiscal Deficit: Monthly (Sep 2011 - Feb 2012) Exchange Rate: Monthly (Dec 2012 - May 2013) Lending Rate: Annual (2009 - 2013) Trade Balance: Annual (2009 - 2013) FDI Annual (2009 - 2013) Radio Cab Market in India - Market Size (2012-2017e) Segmentation - Organized-unorganized Split (2012), Corporate-Individual Split (2012) Market Share (2012) Fleet Expansion for FY 2014 Revenue Break-up (2012) OOH Advertising Spend - Market Size & Growth (2010-2015e) Price Rise in AC Radio Cabs (Before Jun 2013-After Jun 2013)

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Price Rise in economy Radio Cabs (Before Jun 2013-After Jun 2013) Cost Break-up (2012) Indirect Costs - Break-up (2012) Aggregate Consumption (2005-2025e), Aggregate Disposable Income (2005-2025e) Foreign Tourist Arrivals (Feb 2010- Feb 2012) IT/BPO Exports (FY 2010-FY 2013) Indian BPO Market Share - Global Perspective (2009-2012) Competitive Benchmarking - Key Ratios of 3 Major Private Companies - Operational & Financial Basis (2012-13) Private Companies - Summary (2010 - 2013) Company profiles (All Companies) Ownership Structure (Private Companies) Financial Snapshot

Report: Radio Cabs Market in India 2013 List of Figures and Tables (Continued)

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Advertising in a Radio Cab in India Pricing Structure - Meru Cabs, Easy Cabs, Mega Cabs Company profiles (All Companies) Company Information Products and Services Key People (All Companies) Shareholders of the Company Key Ratios Business Highlights Appendix Sources of Information

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