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Publish date: June 2013 G Geographic coverage: hi Gl b l Global Available format: PDF, CD, Hardcopy Price for Single User License: USD 3,500 Price for Single User License: USD 3 500 Delivery Time: Within 1 business day Payment Modes: Credit/Debit Card, RTGS/Wire Transfer, Google  Payment Modes: Credit/Debit Card RTGS/Wire Transfer Google Wallet, PayPal

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• Plastic packaging is expected to boost the polypropylene market by  20 20 mn tons over the next decade, from 12.8 tons in 2011 to around  t th td d f 12 8 t i 2011 t d 20.1 mn tons in 2020, with the call for food and flexible packaging  fuelling this increase fuelling this increase • Overall polypropylene consumption is expected to rise from 42.3 mn  tons in 2011 to 62.4 mn tons by 2020 at a CAGR of 4.5% tons in 2011 to 62.4 mn tons by 2020 at a CAGR of 4.5% • During the forecast period, polypropylene demand in North America  is also expected to recover from the negative market growth is also expected to recover from the negative market growth  observed in 2010‐2011, while the Eurozone crisis is expected to  restrict the future growth of the European market

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• The electrical industry, equipment and facilities industry are each  expected to demand over 3 mn tons of polypropylene by 2020, due  t dt d d 3 t f l l b 2020 d to economic growth, improving lifestyles and developing  industrialization • Changing petrochemical feedstock dynamics is adversely affecting  the polypropylene market the polypropylene market • Expanding populations and economic growth in developing Asian  markets have caused a boom in polypropylene demand, compared markets have caused a boom in polypropylene demand, compared  to production and demand being historically dominated by  developed countries

Report: Plastic Packaging Report Insights (Continued) p g ( )

• China has emerged as a global leader, while South Korea, Japan and  I di l India also account for major market shares tf j k t h • Heavy fluctuations in crude oil prices have contributed to substantial  price hikes in the polypropylene market over the last two years price hikes in the polypropylene market over the last two years,  which cannot be easily transferred to consumers or end‐use markets • Prices are expected to come down on market stabilization Prices are expected to come down on market stabilization • Organic plastic polypropylene is predicted to become more popular  in the future as increasingly affluent lifestyles and ambitious in the future, as increasingly affluent lifestyles and ambitious  industrialization drum up global demand for the multipurpose  material

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• Drivers, restraints and challenges affecting the growth of the  polypropylene market for all the major regions covering Asia‐Pacific,  l l k tf ll th j i i A i P ifi Europe, North America, the Middle East and Africa, and South and  Central America Central America • Demand and production volume forecasts for the polypropylene  markets of all major countries in the US, the UK, Germany, France, markets of all major countries in the US, the UK, Germany, France,  Russia, Italy, Poland, Spain, Belgium, China, Japan, South Korea,  India, Thailand, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia and Brazil

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• An understanding of regional polypropylene market dynamics,  th through detailed demand and production forecasts, end‐use data  h d t il d d d d d ti f t d d t and competitive landscape analysis  • A A detailed understanding of the factors that are expected to affect  detailed understanding of the factors that are expected to affect the growth of the polypropylene market in different regions of the  world • An identification of the most attractive geographical locations,  product segments and end‐user product segments and end user applications, in order to increase  applications, in order to increase business revenue

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