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Report: Nutraceuticals Market in India 2014 Category: Healthcare

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Report: Nutraceuticals Market in India 2014 Report Insights

• The increasing shift towards preventive medication, backed by the growing purchasing power of Indian consumers, is fueling growth in the market • The nutraceutical sector can be categorized into three broad segments:  Dietary supplements  Functional food  Functional beverages

• Dietary supplements have witnessed a consistent rise in demand owing to the increasing health consciousness prevalent among individuals, particularly the growing Indian middle class population

Report: Nutraceuticals Market in India 2014 Report Insights (Continued)

• Probiotics market is at a nascent stage but it is one of the most promising categories under the functional food segment and has huge growth potential in the near future, driven by the growing interests of consumers as well as market players • Modern day on-the-go lifestyles of Indian consumers have also promoted the growing use of functional beverages such as energy drinks and fortified juices • People today are becoming more prone to consuming immunityenhancing food supplements and wellness related products which is promoting the growth of the nutraceuticals market with players diversifying into production of various new categories of products

Report: Nutraceuticals Market in India 2014 Report Insights (Continued)

• Ayurvedic nutraceuticals, cosmeceuticals and nanoceuticals are some of the emerging products in the market • Currently, there is a good mix of pharmaceutical and food companies present in the market • With time, consumers have emerged as being more conscious about their health and how they look and feel, thus providing tremendous growth prospects for the market, which players can capitalize upon

Report: Nutraceuticals Market in India 2014 Report Coverage

• Types of nutraceuticals - Dietary supplement, functional food and beverage with special focus on probiotics • Overview of nutraceuticals market in India and market size data over FY 2012 to FY 2018 • Overview of probiotics market in India and market size data over 2011 to 2018 • Nutraceuticals market and probiotics market segment data for 2012 • Value chain analysis of nutraceuticals market and share of ex-factory cost • Qualitative analysis of market drivers, challenges, government associations and key trends

Report: Nutraceuticals Market in India 2014 Report Coverage (Continued)

• Analysis of the competitive landscape and detailed profiles of major players

Report: Nutraceuticals Market in India 2014 Report Benefits

• Gain a complete picture of the development, current market situation and future growth potential of the nutraceuticals market in India till 2018 • Identify the segments with growth potential, and develop marketing, market-entry, market expansion, and other business strategies • Attain knowledge on the comprehensive value chain and contribution to the ex-factory cost • Strategize business models with a holistic understanding of the trends and developments driving the nutraceutical market • Strategize business models with a complete understanding of the business structures and strategies of competitors

Report: Nutraceuticals Market in India 2014 Table of Contents

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Executive Summary Macroeconomic Indicators Introduction Market Overview Drivers & Challenges Value Chain Analysis Government Regulations Competitive Landscape Strategic Recommendation Appendix

Report: Nutraceuticals Market in India 2014 Report Details

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Increasing shift towards preventive medication drives the nutraceutical market in India  

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