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Report: Global Nectars Report 2013 Category: Food and Beverage

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Report: Global Nectars Report 2013 Report Insights

• Modest growth of 2% was seen for the category in 2012, with the global nectars market reaching 16.8 bn litres • However not all regions contributed in this positive performance • Australasia and Europe suffered slight declines in demand, but North America recovered a little of the ground it lost following the downward spiral it entered into in 2008 • Shrinking demand in East and West Europe has been driven by lost volume from the German and Russian markets • A lack of innovation in Germany and nectars brands transferring into still drinks in Russia drove this trend

Report: Global Nectars Report 2013 Report Insights (Continued)

• Pure juice continued to outsell competing nectars, but the gap tightened even further in 2012 • Lower prices, wider flavour range, less sugar content and reduced acidity levels all work in favour of nectars • Asia (+6%) finally overtook West Europe (+8%) to become the second largest centre of consumption in 2012 • Ambient nectars continued to outperform chilled in all regions • East Europe achieved the highest share score (over 99%) and Africa the lowest (60%) • Frozen nectars were only traced to Canada and remained in longterm decline

Report: Global Nectars Report 2013 Report Insights (Continued)

• Nectars have a high off-premise presence rising to in excess of 80% of volumes in all regions except Asia • Even in Asia its share is significant at 66% in 2012

Report: Global Nectars Report 2013 Report Coverage

• Data includes nectars consumption volumes (million litres and litres per capita)from 2007 to 2012, with forecasts to 2016 • Percentage markets shares are provided for segmentation data, packaging data and distribution (2011 and 2012 actuals, plus 2013 forecasts) • Leading companies' market shares for 2011 and 2012 • Market valuation for each country and, where applicable, new products in 2012 are identified by country • Supporting text includes commentary on current and emerging trends, segmentation, packaging, distribution, pricing or valuation and where applicable, functional products and private label

Report: Global Nectars Report 2013 Table of Contents

• Executive Summary • Global and Regional Summaries - Nectars Data Tables • Current and Emerging Trends • Data Tables • Methodology • Product Definitions • Packaging Definitions • Glossary

Report: Global Nectars Report 2013 Report Details

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Pure juice continues to outsell competing nectars in the global nectars soft drinks market  

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