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Publish date: June 2013 G Geographic coverage: hi Gl b l Global Available format: PDF, CD, Hardcopy Price for Single User License: USD 3,995 Price for Single User License: USD 3 995 Delivery Time: Within 1 business day Payment Modes: Credit/Debit Card, RTGS/Wire Transfer, Google  Payment Modes: Credit/Debit Card RTGS/Wire Transfer Google Wallet, PayPal

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• Advanced battery market comprises of nickel‐based varieties and  Lithi Lithium‐ion batteries, which are used in a variety of applications,  i b tt i hi h di i t f li ti including most electric car batteries • Global Global advanced battery market revenue is set to surge from USD  advanced battery market revenue is set to surge from USD 19.9 bn in 2012 to USD 60.5 bn by 2020, with batteries produced  specifically for electric vehicles accounting for 73% of the total specifically for electric vehicles accounting for 73% of the total • Reduced carbon emissions and lower fuel consumption have driven  impressive uptake of Hybrid Electric Vehicles (HEVs) in recent years, impressive uptake of Hybrid Electric Vehicles (HEVs) in recent years,  resulting in the electric vehicles battery sector expanding from a  value of USD 3.6 bn in 2008 to USD 10.3 bn in 2012

Report: Advanced Batteries Report Insights p g

• Technological advances aimed at increasing battery storage capacity  and reducing unit weight, combined with the growing public  d d i it i ht bi d ith th i bli acceptance of electric vehicles, is expected see the global market for  advanced batteries for electric vehicles soar to USD 44 3 bn by 2020 advanced batteries for electric vehicles soar to USD 44.3 bn by 2020 • The lithium‐ion sector looks to remain the more valuable portion of  the advanced battery market for the foreseeable future, claiming the advanced battery market for the foreseeable future, claiming  87% of total revenue in 2020 • Successful Successful commercialization and increased adoption of HEVs and  commercialization and increased adoption of HEVs and Battery Electric Vehicles (BEVs) will spark dramatic growth in the  global advanced battery market in the near future

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Advanced batteries  
Advanced batteries