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Providing the most valid, robust and representative research panels across the UK

Who we are? ResearchBods manages online consumer research panels, providing sample as well as conducting polls and surveys for a wide range of clients. Our panel and our core strengths are in:

Kids & Young People

Families & Households

Experienced: Operating since 2003 we provide sample, scripting, DP and reporting services. Knowledgeable: Researchers manage projects throughout and all are based in the UK. Robust: Deliver over 500 projects a year working in the public and private sector. We are an independent agency providing the most robust, responsive and responsible consumer research panels in the UK. This is not an idle claim – our panellists are recruited through an invitation only process, motivated and rewarded appropriately to provide the most honest and valid responses for our clients. In putting our panels together we’ve considered why people respond to surveys online and approached this so many different types of people participate in our panels, not just respondents who want to ‘earn a few quid’ or have the chance to win a ‘prize’. 

General Population

Educational Sector

As a company, ResearchBods therefore believe strongly in doing things properly.   We also believe in delivering the highest standards for our clients: Operationally - all of our staff are researchers and will proactively assist in ensuring your project delivers your requirements.  Ethically – we believe in community, responsibility and big society – our panels are geared towards helping improve the way we live, not just the bottom line. Technologically – we use the latest technology available to make research more engaging for respondents and more cost effective for our clients. Innovatively – if it does not exist we will create it – the owners of ResearchBods created the first direct to youth research panels, the first 3d virtual viewing facilities and developed the concept of Community Rewarded Research with the EduVoice Panel.

Our panels


YoungBods is the largest direct to youth online research panel in the UK.

Most panel providers these days can help you to speak to young people through parents. YoungBods offers clients responsible and ethical access to the young people themselves, through our specialist youth panel of 37,000 young people throughout the UK. Panellists are aged between 11 – 24 years old and are recruited from a number of sources both on and offline, to ensure the panel is representative of young people in the UK. This method of recruitment ensures we have access to a number of hard to reach groups such as those in care homes, young offenders and NEETs. Reliable - All members of our panel receive payment for each survey they complete; we do not operate prize draws. This helps ensure the respondents answer accurately and honestly and removes the ‘competition’ element, which impacts respondents when they are offered a prize draw. 

Compliant - All panel members under the age of 16 have the express verbal and recorded consent of their parent or guardian to participate in surveys. ResearchBods adheres to stringent MRS, ESOMAR and Internet guidelines regarding the conducting of research with children.  Effective - Our Panel Managers ensure the members are not overused and they understand the importance of the surveys they complete. By only using our own panel we ensure that the respondents answer consistently and honestly, ensuring our clients obtain the knowledge to achieve their success.


FamilyBods gives you access to the diverse range of families and households currently living across the UK.

We retain family and household units from across the UK, covering all social grades and lifestyles.

• Technology in the home

Every family member on the panel is initially screened so a detailed profile is immediately generated with the children ranging from 0-24 years of age. 

• Levels of insurance

Across the panel we have: • Parents – Mums/ Dads (Married, divorced, separated) • Children • Aunties/Uncles • Grandparents FamilyBods can help you explore: • Weekly/Monthly purchasing habits • Media consumption as a family unit and also separately • The family dynamic and relationship between siblings or parent/child etc

• Major life events • Household pets

We continuously recruit into and micromanage the panel to provide current, relevant data. This in-depth information can be crossreferenced with a range of profiling statistics such as SEG, household income and marital status. The panel can also be used for joint completion questionnaires and targeted recruitment for qualitative projects. Whatever your objective is, we can help you understand what families are currently thinking across the UK.

Our panels


EduBods is an ‘invitation only’ panel giving you direct  access to everyone in the educational sphere

Our close relationship with nurseries, schools, colleges and universities helps us connect with a wide and diverse audience from students to teachers.  Learners, students and graduates throughout the UK  The panel offers you direct access to young people who are either in: • Mainstream education • Further education • Higher education • Vocational qualifications/Work based learning • Graduates We retain in-depth profiles ranging from current academic achievements and qualifications, up to employment aspirations and current perceptions towards higher education or vocational based learning. 

Educational workers, Nurseries workers, Classroom teachers, Head Teachers With access to over 20,000 education workers we can target a sample to fit the specific requirements of your brief.  This can range from the subject they teach to the number of years experience they have within the industry.   Key decision makers are also available for consultation, with assistant Head Teachers and Head Teachers sitting on the panel from every region throughout the UK.  If your remit is education, then the EduBods panel will provide you with everything you need to know. 


GeneralBods is an online panel that is motivated,  genuine and gives you access to people in the UK

The GeneralBods panel provides access to the general UK population The GeneralBods panel provides access to the general UK population. Clients wanting feedback or insight from a representative sample of the UK population quickly and with confidence, will be delighted with the broad spectrum of demographics this provides. Whether you need to research mums, students, singles or over 50’s, the GeneralBods panel has the respondents to deliver your research needs. Respondents are taken from the EduVoice panel, which verifies and checks respondents upon recruitment and with every survey they participate in.

Who we work with...

Research Agencies

We work with a wide array of research agencies across the UK providing ‘scripting/hosting’, ‘sample only’ and ‘data table’ services. We can help with a wide range of products or services that you offer your clients including: • Omnibus surveys • Sample for brand tracking • Product and concept testing • Scripting and hosting • Data tables and verbatim coding • Recruitment for qualitative projects Every project you commission will be allocated to a diligent project manger who will be with you from start to finish ensuring that all of your objectives are achieved. We are always keen to work with new and innovative research agencies so please get in contact if you would like to have a chat with us. 

PR, Marketing and Advertising Agencies

We can put agencies in direct contact with their target audience and provide the added value to help ensure you deliver for your clients. Insight, consumer knowledge, campaign tracking, news generation and the ability to test creative and concepts are just some of the ways we work with the best agencies in the UK.  ResearchBods is a trusted source for consumer polls and research. We maintain strong relationships with contacts from all forms of mass media including tabloids, broadsheets and newsrooms. Specifically, we can help generate news coverage and evaluate brands or campaigns through our range of research services: • The UKs largest ‘direct to youth’ monthly omnibus survey  • Quick 24 hour turnaround surveys • Bespoke surveys, any length delivered at any time  • In-depth large scale longitudinal studies Nothing is unachievable in our eyes so please get in contact if you would like to have a chat.

Charities, Third Sector Organisations

This is where our profiling information really benefits you… Currently we help a number of charities and government organisations throughout the UK who need to engage hard to reach audiences.  These include: • Not in Education, Employment or Training (NEETS)

Universities & Colleges

We retain in-depth profiles ranging from current academic achievements and qualifications, up to employment aspirations and current perceptions towards higher education or vocational based learning. • What do 16-17 years olds think about going to University? • Have their perceptions changed? • Are students debts worrying them?

• Vulnerable and diverse sample groups

• What do they think of your University?

• Low SEGs

• What are they being told in school?

• Varied ethnic groups

• What do 3rd year students think about Post Graduate courses?

• Localized samples (i.e. for specific LEAs, regions or councils) We can also help to achieve samples for longitudinal studies so please get in touch for more information.

If this is the type of information you would like to know then we can help you. EduBods offers you direct access to young people who are either in: • Mainstream education • Further education • Higher education • Vocational qualifications/Work based learning • Graduates If your remit is education, then EduBods will provide you with everything you need to know, so get in touch.

How we recruit... “We believe that to provide the most valid and robust research, you need to ensure your respondents are genuine and properly motivated.....”

How we recruit our panels Community Rewarded Research - The flagship recruitment programme within ResearchBods is EduVoice. This is unique and not only offers clients real benefits over other consumer research panels, but also enables research to support local communities. EduVoice is a programme that recruits panellists through educational establishments and community resources, which have a strong connection with the panellists. Establishments register with EduVoice and once verified, they are issued with a unique code with which they invite parents, pupils and young people, teachers and extended family members to join the panel. Incentives are split between the respondents and the establishment on a sliding scale determined by the respondent. A minimum of 50% has to go back to the organisation or school but this may be increased to 100%. This allows all panellists to support their local community and put money into areas that will benefit themselves and the people around them. This is Community Rewarded Research. 

Why it provides better sample and respondents? More reliable: The panellists relationship with EduVoice is through their community and they are involved because of their community. This provides for very genuine, honest and responsive panellists. Most panel companies retain a fairly distant relationship with their respondents, most of who will have been recruited from across the web by third party recruitment companies or affiliates. This lack of relationship and purely financial incentive provides little compulsion or reason for the respondent to answer honestly.  More robust: The registration process eradicates duplication and the ability of professional respondents to sign up to the panel. Professional respondents are a key problem for panel suppliers as they sign up under different profiles. The rewards system for the panel attracts many different types of people – not just your usual survey respondents who are participating for a few extra pounds or to enter a prize draw.  More responsive: Due to the local connection and altruistic motives for participating, respondents are much more willing to give their time in answering questions, providing clients with much more detailed and richer responses. 

Additional services...

Scripting Surveys ResearchBods can quickly and efficiently script, translate and host online surveys of any level or complexity, quickly and professionally. Our surveys are always engaging and highly interactive to ensure response rates are kept high with quality checks in place at every stage. Anonymous test links are provided so you and your client can ensure questionnaire flow. A wide range of scripting services are also available including flash technologies, stimulus based concept testing and adaptive conjoint analysis. Data Processing and Tabulation We provide a full data processing service based on specifications as simple or complex as you need them to be. All tables are clearly laid out and placed through an integrated quality control process to eliminate the possibility of anomalies. 

Services include: • Data cleaning and validation • Open end coding • Basic tabbing, bivariate & multivariate analysis • Tabulation using any tabulation packages like SPSS, WinCross, Quantum, Uncle etc Analysis and reporting If you need us, we’ll be there. As researchers we can help you with the analysis and reporting using the data from your survey. We know that our clients often have to work with tight deadlines and resource is always an issue.   ResearchBods retain and work with analysts who can interpret your data and provide you with either a summary or full report, ready and available for you to use straight away.

We are always interested in hearing from people in the research industry so please get in touch...

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