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GeoSlab gives you critical insight into your data With GeoSlab, data can be visualised from a global perspective through controlled layers down to brick and individual postcode / zip data. It is visually rich, user configurable and transforms your data into clear and insightful information. GeoSlab will provide your users with a compelling view of their internal and external market and customer data that is not possible with traditional business intelligence. With GeoSlab you can finally implement BI 2-0 – intelligence that is integrated into your current platform or as a standalone web application. GeoSlab – Donor, Sponsor and Stakeholder Intelligence for Charity Organisations Geographic Business Intelligence has a strong and growing role in the charity and non profit sector. GeoSlab in particular can help bridge the gaps between Donors, Projects and

Stakeholders by providing easy to interpret methods of analysing activity and project data. Information can be simply provided to both internal and external stakeholders. For example, flows of donations from donor countries to recipient projects and countries can be simply tracked and demonstrated by Point to Point mapping. In addition, GeoSlab can provide an excellent means of displaying summary to detailed information on projects, programmes and other activities by allowing internal and external users to access a wealth of information from a global, right through to an individual project or sponsor detail. GeoSlab also gives you the opportunity to integrate your data with demographic, income, health and other data, to provide information for targeted campaigns. Marketing becomes easier by allowing the >>

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Predict donations over time in response to appeals >> simple identification of geographic clusters of donors along with statistics on regularity of giving and amounts. As GeoSlab enables you to visually play your data, you can also track and predict donations over time in response to emergency and standard appeals, enabling you fundraise more effectively. And because GeoSlab is user configurable and intuitive, it enables the right people in the organisation to make the right decisions. Integrated or Stand Alone Insight GeoSlab is a pure Web 2-0 solution. It enables you to combine functionality within your existing Business Intelligence platform which means that it can sit alongside more traditional ways of viewing data. Purchasers do not need to reinvent the wheel and can leverage the progress they have made in BI to date which makes GeoSlab a cost

effective implementation. GeoSlab is also available as a stand-alone application which can take data from any major database or flat file provider. GeoSlab as a donor information source In addition to providing internal business intelligence, GeoSlab is ideally placed to provide your donors and other external stakeholders with geographically relevant information through your website or extranet. Project and Programme locations can be combined with bubble information which can be configured by the users to display detailed project information, access to healthcare and education or any relevant information.

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Research Analytics presents GeoSlab. Data can be visualised from a global perspective through controlled layers down to brick and individual...