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Creating Tomorrow’s Communities



Introduction We deliver valued and tailored solutions to your project.




Introdu c t i on


Co m pany


Di rec tor St atement


Our Growth


Our Services


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OUR MINDSET We generate value for our stakeholders through a fusion of strategic thinking, innovation and expertise. We thrive on challenge, delivering services and advice that doesn’t just solve today’s problems but looks to the future. Our leaders draw on their extensive knowledge and expertise to deliver tailored solutions to your project.




We are a well respected and reputable firm providing multi-disciplinary services in project management, surveying, town planning, engineering and environmental management. We aim to support the growth of regional Australia through the delivery of timely and responsive consultancy services to bring about trusted solutions for our clients. Through ongoing improvement, upskilling and investment in both staff and technology, we strive to remain at the leading edge in an ever-changing and evolving market. We work closely with our clients to understand their challenges and tailor our services to meet their needs.

Our company has grown with a single vision of being a vibrant, growing and dynamic company of choice to our clients and employees, which is positioned at the leading edge in the services we offer. We do this by securing great clients with great projects that want great results.

OUR SUCCESS Our success within the industry comes from our experience and ability to work with a broad range of outstanding clients who continue to put their trust in us. That trust is built on our core business values and focussed determination to achieve successful outcomes for our clients.


WE LISTEN Our role is to listen, understand, evaluate and provide straight forward advice and


solutions to our clients. RDM works with an emphasis on teamwork and co-operation in a positive environment wh e r e i n d i v i d u a l t r u s t , r e s p e c t a n d confidence is paramount. We listen to our clients; we appreciate their opinions. We understand their personal investment in our services.

WE ARE RESULTS DRIVEN 5 Our staff are goal orientated. We look to deliver our services with the end game in our sight. We recognise and embrace

Our talented team are all wanting to achieve continuing success on the projects they are involved in. They take

creative, strategic and innovative solutions to achieve successful outcomes for our clients.

pride in the work they do and want to be the best they can be. They understand the importance of their contribution to the success of the project. Our team

We continually strive to exceed our client’s expectations.

are encouraged and supported to think outside the box in delivering solutions which are not only ‘fit for


purpose’ but which also create lasting benefits to the clients and their projects. The company has a proven track record of quality and cost-effective service in the areas of project management, engineering, town planning, surveying and environmental management projects. It is the

We are committed to continually improving and enhancing our services. We invest time a n d e n e rgy i nto t a ki n g a dva ntage of emerging technology; implementing quality control systems and providing staff training and development with the aim of

fusion and integration of these disciplines which leads

developing long lasting relationships with

to better outcomes. Our repeat clients recognise the

our clients.

value we bring to their projects.

Director Statement MICHAEL LAMONT

I believe a good business works hard to give greater value to its clients. That value comes from being at the leading edge in the services it offers. To maintain that edge the business needs to keep abreast of developing trends and technology. Through continual improvement the business can create effective, innovative and sustainable solutions. Could I have imagined the world we live in today when I first started on my journey as a junior surveyor and clearly, I would have to say no. The technological advances in the last forty or so years have been astonishing and we can’t imagine what the future holds.


Although, we can be assured that change is inevitable and constant; standing still is not an option. As Charles Darwin stated, it is the “Survival of the Fittest”. It is important in life to remain agile, to be resilient and to relish the challenges that present themselves to us, whether that is personally or collectively. From my perspective, we are moving rapidly into an era where s p at i a l d at a a n d d i g i t a l i s at i o n w i l l b e c r i t i c a l l y i m p o r t a nt i n constructing a digital earth. The integrity, the accuracy and the currency of the data will become increasingly more important as we become more and more reliant on spatial data for our day to day decision making needs. As a company, we recognise the growing importance of spatial information and digitalisation. The team is already heavily involved in the collection, management and utilisation of 3D data sets in all aspects of the business. Our surveyors, our town planners and our engineers are not only using the data for their own purposes, they are continually looking at better and more meaningful ways to present the data so that our clients and other stakeholders gain a deeper understanding of the projects we undertake. The company pursues this aim through ongoing improvement, upskilling and investment in both staff and technology, we strive to remain at the leading edge in an ever-changing and evolving market.

Trust is built on our core business values and focused determination to achieve sucessful outcomes for our clients. Although the company has been well recognised through numerous awards from both a business and professional perspective, we don’t rest on our laurels. We continually strive to offer and deliver practical, balanced and sustainable solutions that meet the specific needs of the project, the client and the community. Pa r t of o u r s u c c e s s c o m e s f ro m o u r experience and ability to work with a broad range of outstanding clients who continue to put their trust in us.


trust is built on our core business values and focussed determination to achieve successful outcomes for our clients.

Space is everything around us, the roads we drive on, the homes we live in and the infrastructure we use every day. The world around us has been given a data point or attribute, that shapes the way we design and develop our communities. Our clients challenge us to change the way we use and occupy space, whether it be the creation of a new subdivision, changes to underground services or the construction of infrastructure to enhance and enrich our community. From the initial data collection and mapping, feasibility studies and environmental reports to earthworks and construction, we work as an experienced, cohesive team to provide an integrated and seamless service to our clients from vision to completion.


Our Growth RDM has steadily grown over the years to now support over 16 staff comprising of professional surveyors, town planners, engineers and support staff. The company offers services in the areas of project management, surveying, town planning, engineering and environmental management. Our company has grown with a single vision of being a vibrant, growing and dynamic company of choice to our clients and employees, which is positioned at the leading edge in the services we offer. We do this by securing great clients with great projects that want great results, employing like-minded individuals and being proactive rather than reactive. With the continuing growth of the company and the call for our services from the broader region, we have now established a regional presence in Ballina and Port Macquarie, as well as our head office in Coffs Harbour; enabling us to better serve our clients from Newcastle to the Queensland border and beyond, including western NSW. We look forward to the challenges ahead and the opportunity to demonstrate our capabilities to our existing and future clients.


LEADERSHIP TEAM Our professional team offers creative solutions to your development issues. We provide practical answers to complex challenges through combining technical expertise and innovative thinking. Our team comprises of experienced and qualified project managers, surveyors, engineers and town planners.

Michael Lamont

Josh Eagleton

Chris Simpson

Managing Director

Town Planning Manager - South

Survey Manager

Michael is a Registered Surveyor and Town Planner with a wealth of experience gained from nearly 4 0 ye a r s a s a c o n s u l t a n t practising throughout New South Wales.

Josh holds a Bachelor of Urban and Environmental Planning and has extensive experience in all types of strategic and statutory planning.

Chris is a Registered Surveyor with over 15 years’ experience in private practice. He has considerable experience in a range of surveys including railways and UAV mapping.

Clyde Treadwell

Wayne Cooper

Donna Middleton

Town Planning Manager - North

Engineering Manager

Administration Manager

Clyde is a senior town planner with over 30 years’ experience in both the private and public sectors, including Coffs Harbour City and Byron Shire Council as well as the NSW Office of Environment & Heritage.

Wayne is a senior civil engineer with over 20 years’ experience in both the private and public sectors, delivering infrastrucutre and land development projects.

Donna holds an Advanced Diploma in Management and has extensive experience in managing the operations of a busy and successful business gained over the past 30 years.


Our Services Our combined skills and expertise in project management, surveying, town planning, engineering and environmental management assures our clients that their projects are in good hands under one roof.




We offer a broad range of planning services

The company’s service offerings in surveying

Our engineers offer a comprehensive range

within RDM. Our team of planners has built

and spatial services are comprehensive

of civil engineering and infrastructure

an enviable reputation for effective and

and backed up by our team of qualified

design services within RDM.

innovative development solutions. We are



has demonstrated ability and expertise

there beside you with our knowledge and

continually pushing the boundaries in an

in all aspects of urban development and

expertise to form great partnerships that

ever-changing world. The team is dedicated

infrastructure design and continues to build

truly build better environments and create

providing services which are tailored to

an enviable reputation through effective

liveable communities.

the needs and purpose of the project.

and innovative solutions.

Our planners are supported by the

Our surveying and spatial solutions deliver

The team is dedicated to offering solutions

combined expertise and knowledge of our

successful development outcomes to our

which provide cost effective and fit for

s u r veyo r s a n d e n g i n e e r s t o p rov i d e


purpose outcomes leading to the success




essentially a one-s to p s h o p fo r la n d


The team

of the project.

development and management consultancy

We have specialist expertise in subdivision


and project surveying where we utilise

The team comprises of qualified and skilled

leading edge technology and software

engineers and design personnel who are

to meet the demands of the project.

continually expanding their knowledge to better service the needs of our clients.

Our wide breadth of knowledge allows us to think outside the

We are committed to using leading edge technology and

square to source alternative solutions which best deliver a

management tools to assist in building strong, vibrant and

successful development outcome.

sustainable communities. We have the expertise, experience and resources to bring about successful outcomes for your

The RDM team is committed to offering high quality and responsive services to the development industry. We continually strive for excellence in all that we do.

development, no matter what size.

We create tomorrow’s communities.



RDM is dedicated to making your project

We offer a comprehensive range of

a success.


We want to help take your



project to where it needs to go in the

which are supported by our talented

most cost effective and efficient manner.


We understand that time is money.


We offer specialised management services from site investigations, due diligence, feasibilities, project co-ordination through to contract administration, construction management




The team comprises of highly skilled and experienced town planners, surveyors, engineers and support systems whose combined expertise offers a one-stop shop




services. Our combined skills ensure we are recognised leaders in the management of land and infrastructure development.





The team is cognisant of

their environmental responsibilities and the need to provide well researched and sustainable solutions which are tailored to the needs and purpose of the project. RDM




environmental management services for a range of private and public sector clients including


Environmental Stormwater



Management Management,




Management, Flood Evacuation Plans and the like. Our team embraces a strong culture of innovation, communications and teamwork.


Our Clients We take pride in the services we offer our clients. Our vision for the company recognises and embraces the need to provide creative, strategic and innovative solutions and services. We strive to exceed our client’s expectations. We listen to our clients. We provide a personal and trusted service. We build relationships. Over the years we have successfully undertaken a broad range of projects for both the public and private sector including Transport for NSW, Australian Rail Track Corporation, TransGrid, National Parks & Wildlife Service, Department of Commerce, Land and Property Information, State Forests, Lands Department, State Property Authority, NSW TAFE and various local government authorities such as Coffs Harbour, Clarence Valley, Nambucca, Bellingen, Kempsey, Armidale, Moree Plains and Richmond Valley Councils. In addition, we have provided our services to the likes of Aurecon, Arup, GHD, Jeremy Benn Pacific, Watpac, SMEC, Jacobs, WBM Oceanics, Coffey Geotechnics, Lymarn Holdings, Winten Property Group, Village Building


Company, The Gull Group, HA Bacharach Nominees and numerous other private enterprises and individuals. The practice has adopted a policy of undertaking detailed assessments as a prerequisite for the optimal design of development and planning projects to ensure a successful development outcome. The company strives to consistently maintain a high level of service and product to its clients and prides itself on its professional integrity and reputation for completing projects both on time and within budget.


Design & Management completed this project within the agreed time frames and on budget. RDM provided excellent service to Council and strong community communications and consultation techniques on a very controversial project. Their broad skills, knowledge and experience ensured that they considered all aspects of urban design,environmental management, engineering outcomes and most importantly, community concern and cultural awareness in this project.” Gre g Meye rs Di re c to r of Env iro nme nt and Pl anning , Nam b ucca Shire Council

QUALITY Quality leads to better outcomes for our clients. We measure to manage.

INNOVATION Provide creative and innovative expertise and knowledge across all dimensions of our industry.

LEADERSHIP Courage for living a vision that inspires and motivates others.

PASSION We celebrate the successes and appreciate there’s strength in diversity.

INTEGRITY By providing trusted and respected service to stakeholders, we continue to seek excellence.



PO Box 4430, Coffs Harbour NSW 2450 PO Box 171, Wardell NSW 2477

(02) 6651 2688



Creating Tomorrow’s Communities

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