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Artisitic Director - Susan Michaels

THE MUSICAL VOICE OF JEWISH YOUTH The Renanim Youth Singers was founded in the fall of 1999 by Susan Michaels in order to fill the need for providing music education in Toronto’s Jewish Day School System. Since that time, choristers aged 9 to 19, coming from pluralistic religious backgrounds, have united as one Jewish voice, musically representing their peers throughout Toronto. Choristers typically stay in the choir for a 10 year span where they acquire musicianship skills along with a positive sense of Jewish identity and culture, love of Israel and learn the importance of community service. As a result of their Renanim experience, many alumni have gone on to study music at a university level, conducted their own university choirs and have otherwise become engaged in community volunteerism. Known for developing talent at its highest level, Mrs. Michaels brings a world of experience to the task. As an award winning high school educator, Mrs. Michaels was the former conductor of The Scarborough Wind Ensemble, a group of handpicked elite high school musicians who performed throughout North America. She was also a member of the Toronto Mendelssohn Choir for 17 years. As Artistic Director of Renanim, she enjoys the added benefit of arranging some of the repertoire for the Choir. Referred to as “The Musical Voice of Jewish Youth,” The Renanim Youth Singers take pride in its many accomplishments as it approaches its thirteenth birthday. Renanim recently completed a five year globally sponsored educational recording project with Koltor Publishing of over one hundred songs selected by internationally partnered rabbis and cantors. The music is now available to teachers in Jewish Day School curriculums around the world to help teach Judaic material of prayers, songs and blessings to children in grades one through eight.


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