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Executive Board

President Kendra Anthony Vice President Nicole Little Secretary Catariena Leseberg General Treasurer Alana Lowry Welfare Treasurer Kaycee Livesay Parliamentarian Elizabeth Ferguson

June 2018

Upcoming Social Events Lunch Bunch Wednesday, June 13th, 1100 Join us at Vapiano’s for lunch! Social: Thursday, June 21st, 1800 Join us at Rockers at Woodlawn for a wine tasting. This will also be a Membership Drive! Family Game Night: Friday, June 22nd, 1800 Join us at the KMCC for games and prizes!

Publicity Jaclyn Culver Activities & Newsletter Nicole Logan Ways & Means Morgan Fraser Social Sarah Cornish-Ludlam Scholarship Kelly Lumpkin Membership Margie Shough Historian Renee Richardson Belle’s Boutique Roma Bagtas Thrift Shop Manager Rob Schuster Advisors Yolanda Easton Liliana Satchell Lora Cruz Munoz Courtney Tempel Honorary Advisor Kristin Moore

Meet and Greet Wednesday, June 6th 1400-1800 Ramstein Elementary June Bug Out Thursday, June 7th 0900-1430 Thrift Shop Night Crew Sunday, June 10th 1800-2100 Quarterly Airman Birthday Dinners Wednesday, June 20th 1700-1900 Thrift Shop Night Crew Thursday, June 26th 1900-2200

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2 Message from the President 3 June Social 4 RESA Announcements 5 Volunteer Corner 6 Volunteer Photo Collage

7 Spring Volunteer Trip in Photos 8-9 May Social in Photos 10 RESA Thrift Shop Information 10 May Welfare 11 Thrift Shop Food Pantry 12 Ways & Means 12 RESA Merchandise 13 RESA Charm Bracelet 14 RESA Membership 15 Calendar 16 Contact RESA

Message from the President Hello Members! Wow! What a whirlwind of a month RESA had! We had so many amazing things happening in May. Our amazing volunteers helped with the deployed families bowling event on Vogelweh this month, it is such an amazing program and we are so excited to help with this event. We also had our annual deployment buddies picnic for the children whose parents were deployed during the school year. A huge thank you to Nicole Little, Alana Lowry and Kaycee Livesay for all their hard work they put into making the picnic a success. We also had a Thrift Shop Saturday, meet and greet and USO breakfast, thank you to all the amazing volunteers who helped with every event! In May we also had the KMC Spouse and University Scholarship ceremony, we have three members who won scholarships! Congratulations Nicole Little, Michelle Arredondo, and Amanda Rummel! This month we will host the Quarterly Airman Birthday Dinners and help Ramstein Elementary School with their June Bug Out. We will also host our monthly meet and greet as well as thrift shop night crew. Please be on the lookout for the events to be posted in the RESA Facebook page and an email of upcoming events. Our June Social will be our annual membership drive and Wine Tasting event with Herr Arnold. I hope everyone is as excited as I am for this event! Be sure to RSVP and you can be entered to win a prize for bringing a guest! I hope to see you all there!! With the summer time just around the corner, I want to remind our members that thrift shop is always in need of volunteers to help during the busy summer months. You can earn $1 in thrift shop bucks for every hour you spend volunteering. Just a friendly reminder that volunteer opportunities are the heart of RESA and a wonderful way for us to show our love and support for our local community and just one of the many ways we give back. As RESA members volunteering is never expected but always appreciated! If you have any questions about upcoming volunteer opportunities, Nicole Little, our Vice President ( has a wealth of information and would be more than happy to answer questions you may have. Sincerely, Kendra


Hoot N’ Holler


Hoot N’ Holler

RESA Announcements Welcome our new Belle’s Chair Meet Roma Bagtas! She was born in the Philippines, She has also lived in Tokyo, which is where she met her husband. They were married in 2016. She has two boys, ages 10 and 15. When she isn’t volunteering with the USO, Red Cross, RESA, and the Key Spouse Program, she enjoys traveling, going out with friends, and karaoke. She is looking forward to continuing the work happening with Belle’s and is grateful to be a part of RESA and all of the wonderful ways they help out in the community.

KMC Scholarship Winners Congratulations to the RESA Members who were awarded KMC Scholarships: Michelle Arredondo. Nicole Little, and Amanda Rummel!


Hoot N’ Holler

Volunteer Corner We here at RESA have always valued our volunteers. Aside from the weekly, monthly, and quarterly events noted in the calendar, we would love to hear from our membership of any local organizations or events in which RESA can participate. Contact any member of the board at the next social or send an email to for further discussion.

May Volunteer Recognition Meet and Greet (May 5th) Kendra Anthony, Elizabeth Ferguson, Nicole Logan Cooking for the USO (May 24th) Kendra Anthony, Ashley Arleth, Roma Bagtas, Elizabeth Ferguson, Morgan Fraser, Nicole Little, Kaycee Livesay, Nicole Logan, Alana Lowry, Renee Richardson, Lori Schmidt, Nicole Wilcox, Jenn Wood Deployed Families Bowling Event (May 24th) Ashley Arleth, Nicole Little, Nicole Logan, Amber Mignosa, Margie Shough, Jenn Wood Meet and Greet (May 25th) Ashley Arleth, Morgan Fraser, Nicole Logan, Renee Richardson, Nicole Wilcox, Jenn Wood Deployment Buddies Picnic (May 30th) Margie Shough, Morgan Fraser, Tam Frese, Kaycee Livesay, Alana Lowry, Amber Mignosa, Renee Richardson, Jenn Wood Thrift Shop Brandon Anthony, Kendra Anthony, Jaclyn Culver, Sarah Cornish-Ludlam, Elizabeth Ferguson, Morgan Fraser, Catareina Leseberg, Nicole Little, Kaycee Livesay, Nicole Logan, Alana Lowry, Renee Richardson, Margie Shough, Emily Snyder

May Volunteer of the Month is:

Nicole Wilcox Since you first joined RESA, you have jumped right in with volunteering. We appreciate your dedication and volunteerism! Congratulations!

Volunteers receive quarterly recognition in the form of AAFES gift cards based on the amount of hours donated? Up to 10 hours = $5

Min 60 hours = $50

Min 15 hours = $10

Min 75 hours = $62.50

Min 30 hours = $25

Min 90 hours = $75

Min 45 hours = $37.50

*Max $150

• Childcare reimbursement is available to members while attending volunteer functions as outlined in the RESA Bylaws. For events such as Thrift Shop, designated Club Fundraisers, special committees and special projects. Reimbursements are based off the current childcare rates at the Ramstein CDC. • In lieu of being paid, another RESA member may elect to earn volunteer hours watching the children of a RESA member who is volunteering for an event that childcare would otherwise be reimbursable at the rate of one hour per child, per hour watched. • Committee chairs (lemonade stand, gift wrapping, etc.) receive gift cards in amounts specified in the By-Laws. 5

Hoot N’ Holler

USO Breakfast (May 24th)

Meet and Greet (May 25th)

Deployed Families Event (May 24th)

Your efforts supported many events in the KMC area during the month of May! RESA wouldn’t be what it is without our wonderful volunteers!


In the first quarter of 2018, RESA Members volunteered for over 1,100 hours right here in our community! Deployment Buddies Picnic (May 30th) 6

Hoot N’ Holler

Spring Volunteer Appreciation Trip RESA Goes to Reims, France! (May 12, 2018)


Hoot N’ Holler

Mad Hatter Tea Party Social


Hoot N’ Holler

Thursday, May 17, 2018 9

Hoot N’ Holler

Hours of Operation: Monday: 0900-1400 Wednesday: 1400-1900 Friday: 0900-1400 3rd Saturday of the Month: 0900-1400 *Closed Federal Holidays* Location: Ramstein AFB Building 2494 (Across from the Shopette)

Thrift Shop Manager Rob Schuster

RESA Thrift Shop Volunteer Opportunities Anytime during business hours & Thrift Shop Night Crews The RESA Thrift Shop is always in need of volunteers. Contact to find out how you can help.

For every hour you volunteer in the RESA Thrift Shop, you earn one Thrift Shop Buck that can be used toward your next RESA Thrift Shop purchase?

May Welfare Requests Granted    

86th Security Forces Squadron Woodlawn Women Golf Association KMC Dance Starz Booster Club Equal Opportunity Committee

   

KES Chess Club Ramstein Area Chief’s Group KMC Top 3 2100 Dorm Council

Total Granted: $3,550.00 10

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Hoot N’ Holler

June Ways & Means Baskets Buy your tickets for a chance to win these items at the next social!

$1 for ONE Ticket $5 for SIX Tickets

All proceeds benefit the Ramstein Enlisted Spouses’ Association.

RESA Merchandise RESA is clearing out its inventory to make way for new merchandise! Be on the lookout for some new styles available for purchase soon! For questions, contact the Ways & Means Chair, Morgan Fraser, at

NOW $5.00

NOW $3.50

NOW $7.50

NOW $4.50

NOW $2.50 NOW $4.50

NOW $2.00


Hoot N’ Holler

2018 RESA Charm Bracelet

Are you interested in RESA's new member charm bracelet? All RESA members will receive a bangle bracelet and owl charm. Members have the opportunity to earn additional bangles and charms (in the picture above) from certain volunteer events. Male members are given The option of receiving a key chain for collecting their charms. The bracelets and charms are given out at our monthly social. This is how you can earn them: 1. Executive Board Member: Chair with blue and white jewels 8. Club 7: Clover 2. General Board Member: Chair with pink jewels

9. Lemonade Stand: Lemon

3. Child Care or Mom2Mom: Bears

10. USO: Patriotic Star

4. Thrift Shop: keys

11. Deployed Families: Yellow Ribbon

5. Viking Challenge: Pirate Ship

12. Sweet Treats/ Baking: Cookie jar & Mixer

6. Meet n’ Greet: Puzzle Piece


13. Fisher House: Blessed

7. Quarterly Airman Birthday Dinners: Pink Gift Box

14. Belle’s Boutique: Rose


Hoot N’ Holler

With 2 teams and a total of 24

To Our New Members Jason Logan

Rob Schuster

Liz Davis

We’re so glad that you decided to join us!

RESA Membership RESA Membership is open to members assigned to an installation located in the KMC who are: 

Spouse of active duty enlisted military member

Active duty enlisted member serving in the U.S./NATO Forces

Civilian employee GS-7 and below

Spouses of retired enlisted U.S./NATO Forces and civilian personnel

Adult relatives or legal dependents residing with active duty or retired enlisted U.S./NATO Forces families

Spouses of geographically separated active duty enlisted military member

RESA membership dues are $42 for 6 months or $84 for 12 months. To request more information about RESA, please email our Membership Chair, Margie Shough, at If you’re ready to become a member today, download the application at, fill it out, and return it at the next RESA event or at the RESA Thrift Shop any time during their open hours. 14

Hoot N’ Holler

June 2018 Sunday






Saturday 1


Thrift Shop OPEN 0900-1400




Thrift Shop OPEN 0900 - 1400



Thrift Shop OPEN 1400-1900



Thrift Shop OPEN 0900-1400

Belle’s 1400-1600 Meet and Greet 1200-1600 10

Thrift Shop Night Crew 1800-2100



Thrift Shop OPEN 0900-1400





Thrift Shop OPEN 1400-1900

Thrift Shop OPEN Thrift Shop OPEN 0900-1400 0900-1400

Belle’s 1400-1600

Belle’s 1000-1200

Lunch Bunch 1100 17



Thrift Shop OPEN 0900-1400



Thrift Shop OPEN 1400-1900

Thrift Shop OPEN 0900-1400

Belle’s 1400-1600

Game Night 1800

Quarterly Airmen 1700-1900 24



Thrift Shop OPEN Thrift Shop 0900-1400 Night Crew




27 Thrift Shop OPEN 1400-1900


29 Thrift Shop OPEN 0900-1400

Belle’s 1400-1600

Happy Anniversary

Happy Birthday

Jaclyn Culver - June 4 Brandon Anthony - June 5 Kendra Anthony - June 5 Amanda Rummel - June 29 Jason Logan - June 30 Nicole Logan - June 30

Renee Richardson - June 27

Hoot N’ Holler



2018 RESA Board Members

Front Row: Kaycee Livesay (Welfare Treasurer), Alana Lowry (General Treasurer), Nicole Little (Vice President), Kendra Anthony (President), Elizabeth Ferguson (Parliamentarian), Catariena Leseberg (Secretary) Back Row: Sarah Cornish-Ludlam (Social Chair), Morgan Fraser (Ways & Means Chair), Nicole Logan (Activities Chair, Newsletter Editor), Margie Shough (Membership Chair), Roma Bagtas (Belle’s Boutique Chair), Kelly Lumpkin (Scholarship Chair), Renee Richardson (Historian), Jaclyn Culver (Publicity Chair)

Just contact the Newsletter Editor at for more details on how to advertise your business or other items in the RESA Hoot N’ Holler for a nominal fee.

Contact Information Ramstein Enlisted Spouses’ Association 86th SVS/SVYR Unit 3240 Box 535 RESA Box 63 APO, AE 09004 President: Social Chair: Membership Chair: 16

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