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Just say to crisis


The economy crisis is taking hold‌ but let’s turn down the mass hysteria and get on with what we do best.

Gazelle pace… and status With seven years of REPUTATION tucked away, it seems fitting to mark the occasion with a reflection on some recent milestones and take a glance forward. As part of our long-term vision to stay ahead of an everchanging marketplace and continue to provide cutting-edge knowledge, REPUTATION’s expansion of specialist skills has reached a record pace in the last 12 months. It culminates in a growth rate in excess of 100% over the last four years. I am proud to report that our evolution ranks us in Børsen’s 2008 Gazelle company list, an accolade reserved for only 2078 of the 560k plus businesses in Denmark. In the last year we have also experienced record productivity growth with a segment of our long-standing client portfolio, including Lundbeck and P&G. This is as important to the business as the fantastic results we have yielded with the Storebæltsbroen campaign. Welcoming such heavyweights as Nycomed to the REPUTATION fold is a clear signal that commercial investment in our ability to cut through creativity and deliver measurable results will allow us to continue to build on the momentum and success of the last year – despite the volatile economic climate.

Kind regards

Alexander Peitersen Managing Director REPUTATION

Nycomed join the REPUTATION stable REPUTATION lead global branding and launches of OTC products

In order to boost its penetration in 27 international markets, the global pharmaceutical Nycomed has enlisted the help of REPUTATION to reposition and launch its high potential products within the OTC category. Our experience of consumer branding within healthcare solutions served us well in fending off stiff competition from Kunde & Co Denmark and Ogilvy Paris.

In the first instance, we will work intensively with Nycomed on developing brand frameworks through a series workshops and consultations at the company’s European headquarters in Zurich. In the second phase, we will create a full mix of campaign materials targeted at informing and motivating uptake of key Nycomed OTC products among pharmacists and consumers.

NO Just say NO to crisis The economy crisis is taking hold… but let’s turn down the mass hysteria and get on with what we do best.

Finanskrise – nej tak Finanskrise – nej tak

That is the message of our latest ‘financial crisis – no thanks’ window campaign, which is a play on Post Denmark’s iconic ‘adverts – no thanks’ signage. As reputation management specialists, we know that a can-do attitude and the right messaging can rejuvenate the national mindset, restore faith and bring home the bacon in such a challenging climate.

Det hele går ad Helvede til. Det hele går ad Helvede til. Russerne har købt Island for en slik.har købt Island Russerne for en slik. Antallet af tvangsauktioner stiger støt... Antallet af tvangsauktioner stiger støt... blablabla... blablabla...

In order to spread positivity, we’re offering free campaign stickers, a hug for Icelandic recession casualties and – of course – the strategic and creative know-how for clients to leapfrog the crisis.

Finanskrise – nej tak

Her er REPUTATIONs bud er påREPUTATIONs en hjælpepakke: Her bud på en hjælpepakke:

Stop hysteriet og gør Stop hysteriet og gør som du plejer!!!* som plejer!!!* En stor deldu af krisens omfang skyldes nemlig

massehysteri, der fører os ud i en ond spiral En stor del af krisens omfang skyldes nemlig af mistillid, økonomisk tilbageholdenhed og massehysteri, der fører os ud i en ond spiral grundløse bekymringer. af mistillid, økonomisk tilbageholdenhed og grundløse På samme bekymringer. måde kan omfanget af krisen minimeres, hvis vi alle slår lidt koldt vand i blodet og ikke På gårsamme i panik.måde kan omfanget af krisen minimeres, hvis vi alle slår lidt koldt vand i blodet og ikke går Somi panik. tak for din tillid til det omgivende samfund, kan du komme ind og få et klistermærke med Som tak”Finanskrise for din tillid til– det omgivende samfund, teksten nej tak” og sikkert også kan du komme indduogstadig få et klistermærke med en krammer, hvis ikke er overbevist... teksten ”Finanskrise – nej tak” og sikkert også en krammer, hvis du stadig ikke er overbevist...

Det hele går ad Helvede til. Russerne har købt Island for en slik.

* *

Gælder ikke for folk, der er teknisk insolvente grundet nyindkøbt flex-låns-villa, firehjulstrækker og aktier i Roskilde Bank eller for islændinge i det hele taget. Gælder ikke for folk, der er teknisk insolvente grundet nyindkøbt flex-låns-villa, firehjulstrækker og aktier i Roskilde Bank eller for islændinge i det hele taget.

A welcoming makeover REPUTATION’s design team has initiated the transformation of the agency’s reception area into a sleek and curvaceous space to welcome visitors and captivate passing traffic. Our reception window displays have always grabbed the attention of passing traffic and are a Copenhagen landmark in their own right. To take it to the next level, a new eye-catching white-on-white design scheme adds funky functionality and sculptural personality to the agency’s front-of-house.

Inspired by the listed decorative moulded ceiling that echoes the finesse of the Danish silversmith Georg Jensen when they occupied the premises more than 100 years ago, new curved walls conceal workstations and zone an illuminated circular receptionist pod. Over the coming months, wall projections will be integrated into the new design concept to provide a valuable additional platform to enhance both REPUTATION’s and clients’ visibility to the Copenhagen masses.

In for Outgames

REPUTATION to recruit the masses for key LGBT event, and raise the international profile of the Danish capital Copenhagen is set to stage the second World Outgames in July 2009, and REPUTATION is delighted to be the official strategic communications partner to raise awareness and drive global attendance for the event. ‘Serious sports, serious culture and seriously good fun’ is what the event promises the anticipated 20,000 international participants that will touch down in the Danish capital. “World Outgames is an opportunity to signal to the world that Copenhagen truly embraces diversity, and values gay sporting prowess as much as heterosexual sporting achievement. Copenhagen is a progressive, multicultural, colourful and vibrant city. The agency is proud to support an event like World Outgames in order to strengthen Copenhagen’s position as a true metropolis,” announced REPUTATION’s CEO Alexander Peitersen. The whole world is coming out to Copenhagen. Don’t get left behind – register at

Max Factor team scoop a gong In September, Max Factor distributors from all over the world assembled in Athens to share knowledge and compete for the Proctor and Gamble MUA Award that acknowledges the best local campaign initiative.

Factor’s new equity as a fashion brand and generate attention from invited media. The success of the concept has prompted Max Factor to tailor and implement the concept in all international markets.

REPUTATION and partner Sæther Cosmetics took home the coveted gong for our Backstage Award concept. The event concept was devised to find the new face and ambassador of Max Factor, and served as a high-visibility platform to boost Max

Ironically, we actually won an award for coming up with an award of our own. That doesn’t happen every day, not even in the award-crazed world of advertising!

BroBizz targets smashed by TVCs REPUTATION’s series of TVCs to increase sales of the Storebæltsbroen BroBizz ticketing product premiered on national stations on May 19th. Ambitious sales targets for the campaign were set at 80,000 units before the end of the third quarter – a number that was exceeded almost two months ahead of schedule. With sales closing 25% above target for the period, the success of the campaign has surpassed all expectations.

Global Awards finalist victory Lundbeck educational film for depression/Cipralex selected as a Global Awards 2008 finalist REPUTATION’s informative healthcare films for Lundbeck are no strangers to the Global Awards. In 2007, our schizophrenia/Serdolect movie took home a 1st prize, and this year our movie for depression/Cipralex has been shortlisted to scoop another award. The Global Awards honour the best in worldwide healthcare communications, and sets the benchmark for creative and marketing excellence around the world. REPUTATION is delighted to maintain its presence at this international industry event.

Like us We’re all slaves to fashion. We’re all fucking idiots. Sometimes. Mary had a little lamb, but like the rest of the flock it ended up at the slaughter house… only dead fish follow the stream… blah, blah, blah. But true. Mass uniformity will never get us noticed, admired or desired. Individuality is what turns heads… gets us laid… brings home the bacon… blah, blah, blah. But true. Let’s dare to go green when the rest go red. Let’s dare to use a different compass to navigate us to a different conclusion. Let’s dare to stand out. Let’s do it now!

La Fundación Cran is part orphanage, part local outreach service provider. It has a steadfast international adoption scheme, as well as a full range of services to assist challenged families in need of professional support to help maintain their family unit. A dedicated team of carers, psychologists, teachers and social workers make a huge difference to the lives of Cran children and families.

REPUTATION fashion aid ‘Fashion is for idiots’. Well, not literally. We happen to be very fond of the WHIITE design duo, Max Factor team, Diesel crew and annhagen folk – all of them valued and stylish clients. But when Paris Hilton headed into town for CFW, we decided to create a fashion-inspired window campaign to express our commitment to differentiation – something that clever Ms. Hilton knows all about, having turned dumb into a lucrative brand of her own.

Little did we know to what extend our windows would be snapped by the public, or just how many would want a ‘Fashion is for idiots’ t-shirt of their own. So we extended the campaign beyond the capital’s style convention, and did a hasty new run of t-shirts to sell and donate profits to La Fundación Cran, a Colombian children’s foundation. We would like to thank all of those that helped raise over 10,000 DKK for the charity.

“I don’t have an opinion about

global warming - it won’t happen to me anyway”

“Life’s too short to worry about

global warming - it won’t even happen in my lifetime”

Uncompromising eco campaign from REPUTATION talent REPUTATION’s Zoe Vogelius was recently required to develop a ‘newsworthy’ advertising campaign for a nature-friendly product as part of her studies. She selected building insulation to create a hard-hitting narrative about global warming that we think is truly inspired. With the help of REPUTATION Project Manager and keen photographer Seth Nicolas, Zoe and her five-strong project team developed a series of unconventional and evocative family portraits to express the impact a lack of personal environmental responsibility will have on those we love.

Positioning building insulation at the forefront of an issue that is top of the international political agenda with such a tangible emotional language is testament to both Zoe’s creativity and astute commercial sensibility. We are thrilled that Zoe decided to take up permanent residency with REPUTATION’s creative team as an Assistant Art Director on the completion of her studies.

A digital gem REPUTATION launches new cyber identity for Danish jewellery designer on the ascent Anna Moltke-Huitfeldt has been crafting precious treasures for the last seven years, but the time had come for her to focus her glittering product as a luxury brand.

Taking a cue from the purity and quiet beauty that defines Anna’s collections, we set about creating a brand universe that harmoniously reflects her creative spirit and energy.

Working primarily with ‘rough’ diamonds and keshi pearls, the designer has developed an elegant and sculptural design idiom around the key themes of nature, air, fluid organic forms, transparency and eternity.

Over the coming months we will continue to work closely with the designer to perfect her brand messaging and implement the new brand identity across a range of exhibition and marketing materials.

Further expansion of the REPUTATION talent pool The French duo

They didn’t come as a pair, but both hail from France and join us as International Account Managers – and both have beautiful accents. Charlotte Gautier is an IT and DM specialist with global campaigns for Dell under her belt. Nadia Maya has steered vehicle campaigns for Peugeot Citroen in Italy and Denmark, and led global oncology campaigns for Bristol Myers Squibb as an Account Manager for Ogilvy Healthworld in Paris.

DK digital prodigy

Belgian globetrotter

Alexander Bech is a Flash, Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver and programming language wizard. With campaigns for Hewlett-Packard, 3 and to his name, he joins our team of virtual maestros as a Web Developer to help drive the growing volume of digital projects we provide clients as part of our integrated communication solutions.

With the coolest name in the agency (porn stars would pay good money for a stage name like that), Jef Van der Avoort joins us a Junior Strategic Planner. Born in Belgium, educated at the Miami Ad School in Hamburg and having completed internships at Duval Guillaume and Publicis in New York – the boy’s been around. Experience with Coca Cola Light Plus, Nikon and Topps Candy has kicked started what will no doubt be a very promising career.

Connecting people

Yes, he’s been a Nokia brand man, as well as driving regional advertising for such megabrands as Sony Ericsson, Heineken and McDonald’s for Young & Rubicam, Leo Burnett and Bates. With a total of 14 years FMCG and IT industry experience, and eight years international experience in Singapore and Taiwan, Thomas Sonberg joins the agency as Client Services Director.

REPUTATION REPUTATION is a seven-year-young advertising agency on the roll, and the creative comet in Denmark for Publicis and Leo Burnett. It is part of Publicis Groupe, Europe’s largest advertising corporation and a stable that includes Saatchi & Saatchi, Fallon etc. Specialising in reputation management and corporate branding, the agency currently has a 37-strong team, including experts in PR, HR, web and film production. The REPUTATION portfolio spans a broad spectrum of sectors, including culture, health, education, IT, consultancy and fashion around the globe. Our international experience extends to being the global lead agency for four companies, and the Nordic agency for three others. REPUTATION · Bredgade 15 · DK-1260 København K · Tlf. 33 38 50 00

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