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director and REPUTATION behind new StorebĂŚlt TVCs

Climate Changes Everything? When it comes to climate change, business is feeling the heat. International and national policy and growing stakeholder awareness has increased the pressure for companies. With ambitious targets for emissions reduction, technology innovation and reporting, ‘business-as-usual’ is not an option. But sticking your head above the parapet can put you in the line of fire from an increasingly-savvy and informed public. There has been an increase in greenwashing accusations and lawsuits over the past year while a ‘greenwash index’ invites visitors to rank green marketing campaigns. Name and shame is the game. So what’s a progressive company to do? Well, naturally we think it boils down to enlightened reputation management backed up by a sound, actionable and rate-able strategy. And we can help on both accounts. At the end of this year, the spotlight will be on Copenhagen as host of the United Nations Climate Change Conference, COP15. In the run up, the Copenhagen Climate Council is an online agenda-driving platform and network of leading experts, opinion-leaders, decision-makers and business innovators collaborating to ensure political and business success at the event. This transboundary hub is powered by technology developed by Reputation joint venture, Ethical Economy. Check it out and make your voice heard at Based on the same platform, our brother organisation, Ethical Economy is offering a tool kit that can turn your corporate values and ethics into tangible actions. These participatory platforms can be tailored to your organisation, connecting you directly to your stakeholders and enabling your organisation to live its values transparently. What it boils down to is good corporate housekeeping. We do ours, isn’t it time for you to do the same??

Kind regards

Alexander Peitersen Managing Director REPUTATION

Truly Global (Award) REPUTATION wins 1st prize at the prestigious New York Festivals annual competition

REPUTATION films are no strangers to the NYF Global Awards. In 2007, our Serdolect movie for Lundbeck took home a 1st prize, and this year our movie for Cipralex has proudly followed suit as the only Nordic winner in the entire competition.The film’s dramatic intensity, slick technical execution and precise storytelling captivated the judging panel and won best ‘Prof: Film/Video’. The NYF Global Awards attracts submissions from advertising heavyweights in 30 countries and across five continents, and sets the benchmark for creative and marketing excellence around the world. REPUTATION is delighted to maintain an ongoing presence and wave the Nordic flag at this international industry event dedicated to rewarding ‘The World’s Best Work’™.

See the film at

Does your heart burn for something different? FACT: One out of every four people suffers from repeated heartburn. FACT: No matter what they do or take, their heartburn just keeps coming back. Life’s too short to put up with that.

Until now, no suitable non-prescription drugs existed for repeated heartburn sufferers. But Nycomed has come to the rescue. Their formerly prescription-only drug for repeated heartburn will soon be launched globally as an OTC-drug called PANTOZOL Control. (OTC means OverThe-Counter). Reputation was chosen by Nycomed HQ in Zürich to develop the global launch campaign.

The internal presentation took place at an international event for 210 sales- and marketing people from 27 different markets. The event was arranged by Reputation and took place in Lisbon in the historic Convento do Beato – a hospice which dates back to the 15th century. It’s a little bit too early to show you the campaign. But we promise to let it loose in the August issue of Reputation Update.

The 15th Century Convento do Beato. Back then, they could only pray for an end to repeated heartburn . . .

REPUTATION and director Ole Bornedal create new Storebælt TVCs Last summer, the creative constellation of Sanne – an extremely service-minded and over-eager employee at Storebælt (The Great Belt Bridge) – and her very patient supervisor, was introduced to the Danes with considerable success (97.000 new users of BroBizz – an automated payment device – vs. a target of 80.000). This summer Sanne is back with new adventures and escapades that push her supervisor’s patience to the absolute limit. In the first TVC that aired late in May, Sanne went to new extremes in her efforts to let the Danes know that they can order BroBizz for free by creating her own home-made transmitting station that enabled her to break into the regular networks during prime time to broadcast her own message. The other films will feature the first advertising sign that can be seen from space; a young couple that are magically “beamed” around to various landmarks and a humorous look on how women pack a car.

The film crew at work on the beach near the bridge. For the final TVC, everything was painted green by using CGI (Computer Generated Imagery).

This year, the TVCs are also supported by outdoor media in the vicinity of the bridge, where the TVCs also take place. Another important aspect of the communication is the monthly, electronic newsletter, which also saw an increase of members during last years’ campaign. It now boasts roughly 230.000 members, making it one of the largest permission-marketing databases in Denmark. The newsletter serves as a source of inspiration and provides the recipients with discount offers from the numerous hotels, resorts, museums and amusement parks that are part of Storebælt’s partner programme. So far the sales have met this year’s projections; a slightly conservative figure of 80.000 new users in the shadow of the recession. Nonetheless, this concept proves that a very tactical and product-oriented drive-2-web communication can be used to both generate impressive sales figures as well as brand the Great Belt Bridge as a portal to new experiences in Denmark.

Tired of your bank…? - New online campaign from Eik Bank

With close to 100,000 clients, Eik Bank is one of the biggest online banks in Denmark. They asked REPUTATION to come up with an on-line campaign to create more awareness and attract new clients.

Eik Bank’s pay-off is “First and foremost fair”. Which is why the campaign’s tone-of-voice is straightforward and down-to-earth. No traditional, boring, cautious, clinical, impersonal, politically-oh-so-correct bank language here.

The campaign emphasises the growing disenchantment with banking institutions felt by many in these times of financial crisis.

Please note - The models in the campaign have all been recruited from the team here at Reputation. More proof that Reputation will do anything to help a client. Well, almost anything…

Good Sports - new Danish football channel On the July 19th, the world’s best football will finally be united on one superchannel – CANAL9. We are talking Superligaen, Premier League, La Liga and Serie A. This will be accompanied by other international sport events and topnotch sport films and programmes. CANAL9 will be hosted by Peter Møller – the former Danish national player and FCK, Brøndby

and PSV Eindhoven forward. (In fact, Peter has played for about 769 clubs around the world…) REPUTATION and Danish CANAL+ are the creators behind the massive pre-launch, launch and post-launch campaigns that will tackle outdoor, internet and print media.The pre-launch started out in May and will be followed by the launch campaign in July.

DEADLINE – a matter of life and death You may already know this – the original deadline was actually a circular line drawn in the dirt in US Civil War camps. The circle worked as a prison; if prisoners stepped out of the circle, they were shot. You met your fate when you met the deadline. At REPUTATION, deadlines are still a matter of life and death. That’s why we never cross them. Well, we had a colleague who did. If you come by our windows, you can see what happened to the bastard…

New arrivals Louise Bruun Pedersen

Marc Dominik Herr

– Account manager

- Trainee

Our global activities have continued to grow. So we went hunting for yet another account manager with an international background and years of advertising experience. We were lucky enough to find Louise who was formerly at Kunde & co and has spent many years living and studying in Germany. Louise will focus on Nycomed HQ in Zürich and Lundbeck HQ in Copenhagen.

Flying in from Germany is Marc who is our new account manager trainee. Marc did his Bachelors in Corporate Management & Economics at Zeppelin University and will do his Masters at Copenhagen Business School. Previously Marc worked for the publishing house Axel Springer Hamburg as well as Airport Friedrichshafe. Just to warn you – Marc is crazy about aviation. So when you meet him he will probably tell you a thing or two about flying certificates, planes and airports.

REPUTATION REPUTATION is a seven-year-young advertising agency on the roll, and the creative comet in Denmark for Publicis and Leo Burnett. It is part of Publicis Groupe, Europe’s largest advertising corporation and a stable that includes Saatchi & Saatchi, Fallon etc. Specialising in reputation management and corporate branding, the agency currently has a 37-strong team, including experts in PR, HR, web and film production. The REPUTATION portfolio spans a broad spectrum of sectors, including culture, health, education, IT, consultancy and fashion around the globe. Our international experience extends to being the global lead agency for four companies, and the Nordic agency for three others. REPUTATION · Bredgade 15 · DK-1260 København K · Tlf. 33 38 50 00

REPUTATION Update may 09  

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