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THE EDITOR What makes a showbiz icon? ACCORDING to Rachel Ward of Princeton University, the actual definition of an icon is: A person or thing regarded as a representative symbol or as worthy of veneration. In Philippine showbiz, we can name a few icons. For us, Eddie Garcia is one. He has endured the time, crossed different genres, played almost every role, truly worthy of veneration. In his league are Gloria Romero and Susan Roces who up to now are still active, making people happy. Susan, for one, is still considered a reliable endorser. But according to the OED definition, an icon can just be a person or thing regarded as a representative symbol. Adolf Hitler is possibly the most reviled man in the history of human existence, a universal symbol for evil. Yet his presence pervades our culture in film, in an endless stream of World War II literature and historical texts, and even in our own political rhetoric. Hitler’s fervent nationalism — which eventually led to the most horrific displays of inhumanity ever witnessed — initially stirred a tired and hungry German people who fell in line with his National Socialism party following their devastating loss of territory and prestige in World War I. Thus, by definition, all icons are not worthy of veneration and may just regarded as a representative symbol, and in Hitler’s case he represents evil. He was wicked, bad, wrong, immoral, sinful, foul, vile, dishonorable, corrupt, iniquitous, depraved, reprobate, villainous, nefarious, vicious, malicious; malevolent, sinister, demonic, devilish, diabolical, fiendish, dark; monstrous, despicable, atrocious, heinous, odious, contemptible, horrible, execrable, and yet, still a political icon. So could one like Nora Aunor in local showbiz be considered an icon worthy of veneration? To her fans, she is. While comparing her present life with her kumare and rival, Vilma Santos, may look unfair, Nora’s achievement as an actress may not be less that hers. Her personal life may be less rosy, including her lovelife, but it isn’t less colorful, as well. People who have been in touch with her here in the US years ago when she tried to lead a life in this Land of Milk and Honey may have horrible stories about her, but still her presence was a big story to tell. They loved her, they hated her, they adopted her, they wanted to drive her away at times, but still she is still called The Superstar. So who could argue with that? Now that The Superstar has chosen to be back in local showbiz, and has accepted so-called indie films as comeback vehicles, her local die-hard fans are still here. They may have diminished in number (some have gone to other countries, some to the Great Beyond) but they are still following her. Whatever some non-fans say, Nora Aunor is still an icon.



















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MARICEL Soriano was in a good mood when she attended the victory party hosted by Mother Lily Monteverde at Valencia Events Place for the big success of “My 2 Mommies” at the box office. And why not? The feedback on her is very positive and she can feel that everyone really missed her, so she is now so energized to act again before the camera. She’s quite excited to do another movie for Regal, the script of which is still being written by Jose Javier Reyes and again to be directed by Eric Quizon. “Nang malaman kong may gagawing movie si Eric kay Mother Lily, sabi ko, sali ako diyan, lalo na nang malaman kong pang-Mother’s Day ito,” says Maricel when she was asked to say a few words during the blowout. “Mahal ko ang mga nanay at marami rin akong nagawang movies na pang-Mother’s Day noon sa Regal, like ‘To Mama with Love’ and ‘Minsan May Isang Ina’. Gusto kong nagpapasaya ng mga nanay, e. Akala ko, guest lang ako rito sa ‘My 2 Mommies’, pero inabot din ng three days ang shooting ko at nag-enjoy ako. Ang saya namin ni Paolo Ballesteros sa mga eksena namin at parang matagal na talaga kaming magkakilala.” Another reason why she enjoyed the movie is because it’s with Mother Lily. “Original Regal baby ako, ‘no? At si Mother Lily, I really consider her my second mother. Basta siya ang may kailangan sa’kin, oo ako agad. Di ako puwedeng tumanggi.

At dahil kumita ang ‘My 2 Mommies’, Mother, where’s the envelope? Ang bonus namin,” she laughed and Mother Lily generously obliged. “Dahil kumita ang ‘My 2 Mommies’, ganado ang Regal to make more movies this year,” says Mother Lily. “May follow up na agad si Maricel na ‘Widow/Widower’, then next release namin is ‘So Connected’ with Janella Salvador and Jameson Blake. Then ‘Walwal’, a youth movie with Elmo Magalona, Jerome Ponce, Kiko Estrada and Donnie Pangilinan, then the fantasy comedy ‘Unli Life’ with Vhong Navarro, Joey Marquez and Winwyn Marquez. Panoorin nyo lahat yan para may victory party uli tayo ha.” For Maricel’s next movie, we suggested to Mother Lily and Direk Eric to get Maine Mendoza to play her daughter. This will be a great team up for the two of them as Maine has her own brand of comedy and we honestly believe she would have great on screen chemistry with Maricel if they’d play mother and daughter. Maine is managed by APT and we think Mr. Tony Tuviera would be generous enough to lend her to Regal for this project and, maybe, they can even coproduce it. With this movie, Maine wouldn’t need an Alden Richards by her side and the novelty of pairing her with an established actress like Maricel would do her career a lot of good and give it a very big boost.

by Antonette B. Ang GROWING up in a quaint little town South of Spain called Linares (Jaen), Leni Rico was grateful that while her friends were experimenting with alcohol and cigarettes, she was busy playing basketball professionally, and happily competing in the travel team, at a young age of 12. For several years, the team was the country’s First Division Champion, until they became the Honor Division Champion, the maximum category in basketball in Spain. Aside from being chosen as one of the best basketball players in Andalucia, she was the captain of their team for a couple of years as well. Her father wasn’t so keen on her playing basketball and traveling a lot, but her older brothers, all businessmen, though very busy, were her biggest support group. And, of course, there’s Uncle Pedro. ”He was my biggest fan. Uncle Pedro would always watched me play, and always supported me. He thought I was the best, obviously,” she quips with a laugh. She left her parents’ house at the age of 18 and have been forging the course of her life since then. Putting in so many hours working out during the day had tired her tremendously thereby affecting the results of her exams, and by sheer happenstance, a bike accident placed her back on track. She had to stay at home for days to recuperate, had the chance to study, passed her exams and finished college. Thinking about her future, Leni quit basketball despite the protests of her coach and moved to Granada to pursue a degree in Business and Tourist Activities which she finished within three years. She then moved to Marbella, handled a lot of other jobs one of which was selling luxury cars. It was while working in the Accounting department of an International investments company that she was given the opportunity to visit the New York Stock Exchange. With business-minded parents for role models who helped her focus on the positive, and have driven her to follow her dreams, she went into business and co-owned a clothing store with her sister. Her parents own an olive tree farm in Spain, and her dad owns a company that deals with slot machines called Recreativos Zahira. Now a full-fledged actress and a producer, Leni didn’t have an inkling that she will be in the ‘showbiz’ world at all. With an inquisitive mind, she once thought that she would be a reporter, and in college, while taking up Tourism, she thought that being a director of a big hotel was the life for her. As a young kid, Leni and her friends were earning money performing for their neighborhood, putting up plays and music videos in their little street called Calle Cazorla. They even had a private club and had created their own radio station, “Radio Palanganas que transmite cuando le da la gana.” She would always compete in the ‘Playbacks’ where she “normally won.” Growing up watching movies and TV shows, she’s always been fascinated by how the actors and actresses can easily memorize their lines, and how they can make their acting look so real. When her sister took her to ESAEM Escuela de Artes Escenicas, a light bulb turned on in her mind. It was then that she realized that acting was her passion. She took classes on acting, modeling, dancing, singing, even fencing, anything that can help her in utilizing her talent and fulfill her calling. Her career took off when she played the lead in “The Print,” “La Debutante,” and “6.09” –


though short films, had garnered awards and recognition. Being the hard-worker that she is, she held three jobs at one point in her life. That was when she decided to take a vacation for a month in Miami. So obsessed with acting at that time, she booked for a role in the soap opera “Eva Luna,” and after that got offered other roles which she declined, opting to go back home to Spain, having her mindset into coming to Los Angeles instead. According to Leni, “I fell in love with the idea of living in the USA.” Equipped with big ambitions and a great determination, she looks forward to working with the best directors, especially, with one of her favorites, Woody Allen. Leni dreams of working in big international movies and TV series as well. “And, why not, I would like to win an Oscar as the best actress one day,” she further stated. In the meantime, she has several projects lined up for production, one of which topic is very close to her heart as it will help bring help and awareness to a lot of people. She is happy with what she’s accomplished, including being awarded the Best Supporting Actress Honorable Mention Award at the South Film and Arts Academy Festival in Lima for her short film “Muerete, Mi Amor,” which she produced in Spain, snagging the Best LGBT Short Film Award as well. On her free time, Leni loves to workout, practice yoga, play pickeball, hike, and ride her bike to the beach. A focused person, she loves to read and learn new things as much as she can. She is happiest when she is surrounded by her good friends, fun, and positive people. She loves to laugh, enjoys jokes, and likes to take things lightly. She is most annoyed with people who complain all the time. ”They live in victimilandia. I get rid of them fast,” says Leni. “Being inspired by others artists, I feel like we all can do much more for the world with our messages. I love to see women that have created their own empire. They motivate me,” ends Leni.

If I Know

by: Aster Amoyo

An unforgettable US vacation GOOD friend and veteran entertainment writer Ronald Constantinio and I were in Anaheim, California, USA for a two-week vacation recently and stayed at the house of a relative, businessman and concert producer Alfonso Chu known to his showbiz friends and even in the US as Tito Al. Tito Al, as always, would gladly welcome us to his sprawling abode in Anaheim not as visitors but as `visiting family members’. Tito Al hosted a welcome dinner get-together for us in his house attended by some California-based Filipino celebrities like Anjanette Abayari (from L.A.) with her two young sons Aiden and Ashton in tow, singer Tootsie Guevarra and her family – Italian husband Mike Monaco, children Ethan (11) and matthew (4) and Tootsie’s mom Teresa, couple Lew Soratorio and his beautiful wife Amalia Braza (from Oxnard), former New Minstrels members Louie Reyes and husband Cesar de la Fuente (from Glendale), former sexy star star and mother of actorpolitician Richard Gomez, Stella Suarez together with her two good looking grandsons (who came all the way from San Diego), good friend and US Immigration lawyer Jemella Nettles (who drove all the way from L.A.), actor Edgar Mande and his friends, former Abante entertainment editor Roger Parajes (also from San Diego) along with a friend Nishi Ignacio and two close friends of Tito Al and one of them was Mark Pijuan. Others did not make it on Saturday but came by on another day tulad ng dating choreographer-dancer Chato SugayJimenez with her doctor husband Cesar Jimenez. The couple now based in West Covina fetched us and treated us to a sumptuous lunch at McCormick & Schmick’s Grille at the Garden Walk in Anaheim. A relative whom I did not see for almost three decades, Dr. Alvin Cadalin spent his two days with us driving us around up to L.A.. He also brought us to L.A.’s Arboretum & Botanic Garden, L.A.’s Cathedral of the Lady of Angeles and Orange County’s Chirst Cathedral (formerly Crystal Cathedral) where we heard our Easter Sunday mass. Two beautiful cathedrals in California. Alvin also treated us to lunch at Sen. Manny Pacquiao’s favorite Chinese restaurant, Mayflower Restaurant in L.A. and dinner in a Vietnamese restaurant. On another day, former ABS-CBN and GMA and now TV5’s PR lady Peachy Guioguio (who is currently in the US for a vacation) picked us up (with her best friend, Sta. Ana-based Marie Ramos) for lunch at the famous Portos in Buena Park where we were supposed to meet up with Ricky Lo’s L.A.-based nephew, Raymond Lo. Another friend of Peachy, Bert Jaurigue (who was still in his hospital uniform) took an extended lunch break and joined us. While Peachy and Marie were waiting for their order, they bumped into Sonny Lo and wife Gemini. Sonny is another nephew of Ricky Lo and cousin to Raymond Lo. It became an instant reunion. Ang saya! Kahit medyo bitin ang two-weeks, it was a fun-filled vacation full of good memories.

Anjanette talks about past and present life NAGKITA kami ng dating beauty queen-turned actress na si Anjanette Abayari sa welcome dinner na in-organize ng Anaheimbased businessman and concert producer na si Alfonso `Tito Al’ Chu sa kanyang bahay. Isinama ni Anjanette ang kanyang two sons (with different fathers)na sina Aiden at Ashton at isang pamangkin na babae. Anjanette was never married. At 47, maganda pa rin si Anjanette who now works as administrator ng isang facility in Los Angeles, California. Bago nag-showbiz, si Anjanette ay naging Bb. Pilipinas-Universe in 1991 but failed to grab the international crown pero namayagpag ang kanyang pangalan nang siya’y maging build-up star ng Viva Films kung saan siya nakagawa ng ilang pelikula at kasama na rito ang iconic role na “Darna” in 1994 at bilang leading-lady ng yumaong movie king na si Fernando Poe, Jr. sa pelikulang “Ang Syota Kong Balikbayan” in 1996 na dinirek ng yumaong director na si Pablo Santiago, ama ng magkakapatid na Randy, Rowell at Raymart Santiago. Nagtapos ang showbiz career ni Anjanette nang siya’y mahuli sa airport ng Guam, USA na may kinalaman sa drugs. For sometime ay nakulong sa Guam si Anjanette at nang siya’y makalabas ay bumalik ito sa kanyang pamilya sa Los Angeles, California. Naiwan naman niya sa kanyang condo (in Pasig) ang ka-live in niya noong Fil-Am decathlete na si David Bunevacz na mister na ngayon ng dating actress at talent manager na si Jessica Rodriguez. The couple and their kids are now based in L.A. Although sa L.A. rin naka-base ngayon ang ex-boyfriend ni Anjanette na si David Bunevacz at pamilya nito, never pa umano silang nagkitang muli at hindi umano niya alam ang kanyang magiging reaction kung muling magku-krus ang kanilang landas ng dating nobyo.


Dingdong and Anne

Cross paths when they’re both married DINGDONG Dantes and Anne Curtis both started with Viva Films. Dingdong was introduced in “TGIS” in 1997 when he was 17 years old and later starred in “Anna Karenina”. Both TGIS and Anna are youth-oriented afternoon TV shows on GMA-7 produced by Viva. He was then paired with Antoinette Taus and they also did several movies together. Anne was introduced as a child actress in Viva’s fantasy film, “Magic Kingdom”, in 1997. She then played supporting roles in “TGIS” and “Anna Karenina” and also in the films of Dingdong and Antoinette. Now, the two of them are paired with each other playing the title roles in Viva’s latest offering, “Sid & Aya, Not a Love Story”, which opens in theaters on May 30. Written and directed by Irene Villamor of the hit romantic films “Camp Sawi” and “Meet Me in St. Gallen”, the film is shot on location in Japan for some of its important scenes. In the story, Dingdong plays Sid, an insomniac, while Anne portrays the role of Aya, the mysterious woman Sid meets and asks to keep him company during those


long, sleepless and empty nights. “It’s great to finally get the chance to work with Anne,” says Dingdong. “She has accomplished so much through the years and it’s so delightful to be acting with her now before the camera.” “Working with Dong is a dream come true for me,” says Anne. “All these years, I kept on wondering kung kailan kami mabibigyan ng pagkatataong magkatrabaho and now, sa wakas, nagkatotoo na and it’s a memorable experience to work with one of the most reliable actors of our generation.” The trailer of the movie shows that Dingdong and Anne have such great chemistry when they’re together on screen. “Malakas ang kilig factor!” as the fans say. The film’s tagline about it not being a love story is as intriguing as Anne and Dingdong’s first major big screen pairing. The description that went with the full trailer of “Sid & Aya…” on YouTube, is indeed enough to tickle the imagination of moviegoers. But as Dingdong’s character Sid tells us, “Hindi naman lahat ng may ‘I love you,’ ay love story na, eh.”

MAYWEATHER enjoy’s Pacquiao’s Country Mayweather enjoys the weather in PH. ONE of Sen. Manny Pacquiao’s fiercest rivals in the boxing ring recently had the time of his life in the country. Here are some pictures of the surprise visit of retired boxing superstar Floyd Mayweather Jr. to beautiful places in the Philippines including El Nido, Palawan.


Cristine mum about rumored marital rift CRISTINE Reyes is still mum about it but social media observers are sure she has called it quits with her husband, Ali Kathibi, after they’ve dropped each from their respective accounts. In early January, Cristine posted a prayer asking the Lord to protect her marriage from temptation that might ruin their relationship. They were married in a simple wedding ceremony on January 26, 2016 in Balesin Island Resort. When they exchanged wedding vows, Ali declared: “As your husband, together we shall reach for the stars and make them come true. I promise to be your faithful lover, to work hard and fulfill our needs, and lastly, to never forget this moment. For in this moment, my life ends and ours begin. I love you so much.” Such sweet words of promise, right? Well, here’s hoping that they can still iron out their differences for the sake of their daughter Amarah. They can consult a marital counselor to help sort out their feelings for each other. Someone quipped that Ali should not have entered showbiz anymore. “Dapat kasi, hindi na pumayag si Cristine na pag-artistahin ‘yung husband niya,” says our source. “Mula noong magpelikula, ang dami ng ibang nakilala. Ayan tuloy….” Cristine is currently doing the romantic comedy, “Abay Babes”, for Viva Films, directed by Don Cuaresma. We’re sure that when the movie has its presscon, Cristine will have no choice but to tell truth about the real score between her and husband Ali.


Ara, tatakbo sa Philippine Arena para sa mga batang may down syndrome

Malapit si Ara Mina sa mga batang may down syndrome condition tulad ng bunsong kapatid niyang si Mina Princess Klenk o Batching kaya naisipan ulit niyang mag-fund-raising sa pamamagitan ng isang fun run. Tinawag ni Ara na “tAra Na Sa ARenaA 2018” ang kanyang fundraising event at gaganapin ito sa May 27 sa Philippine Arena. “May kapatid akong may down syndrome, so talagang gumagawa ako ng mga project, even before, lalo na para sa down syndrome awareness saka for the benefit ng mga may down syndrome. “My sister is a member of Down Syndrome Association of the Philippines. Actually, kaedad niya ’yung foundation,” kuwento ni

Ara nang makausap siya ng PUSH sa Philippine Arena nu’ng Thursday, May 17. First project ni Ara noon para sa mga may down syndrome ang concert sa Araneta Coliseum titled Loving Ara noong 2007. Eh, sinu-sino ba ang ini-expect niyang magpa-participate sa “tARA Na Sa ARenA 2018”? “Mostly mga kaibigan ko. Sina LJ Moreno at ang buong family niya, Sey Alonzo, Christine Bersola-Babao, Diana Zubiri, Jenny Miller, Jessa Zaragosa, Dingdong Avanzado. Ibinalita rin ni Ara na makakasama nilang tatakbo sa Philippine Arena ang 100 kabataan na merong down syndrome. After ng fun run ay may pa-concert din na magaganap sa labas ng Philippine Arena at isa si Martin Nievera sa magiging performers. “To be honest, medyo mahirap,” pag-amin ni Ara. “Mas hirap ’yung mommy ko. ’Pag nahihi-rapan na ’yung mommy ko, pinapasa niya sa akin si Batching. Kasi they have tantrums, as in talagang nagbabalibag sila, nananakit sila, ganyan. Tapos bumibigat sila ’pag nagta-tantrums, kahit ilan kayo hindi mo siya mabubuhat. “Kaya dapat dalasan natin ’yung activities na involve sila. I-treat sila as normal para maging normal din ’yung mga action nila. Pero malambing ’yan, sweet. ’Pag birthday ko kinakantahan niya ako, tapos yayakapin ako,” patuloy pa niya. Beneficiary ng “tARA Na Sa ARenA 2018” ang Down Syndrome Association of the Philippines.


Jessica Sanchez back in PH for Jake Zyrus MANILA -- Muling nagbalik sa bansa ang “American Idol” Season 11 finalist na si Jessica Sanchez matapos ang tatlong taon. Nitong Martes, bumisita si Jessica sa “Umagang Kay Ganda.” “It’s been a long time but I’m happy to back,” ani Jessica. Ayon kay Jessica, nagbalik siya sa bansa para mag-guest sa nalalapit na concert ni Jake Zyrus na “Music & Me” sa May 25 sa Skydome. Para naman sa mga manonood ng “UKG,” inawit ni Jessica ang OPM hit na “Ikaw.”

Fans assure Alex Gonzaga after public apology for being ‘annoying’ Alex Gonzaga, whose candid YouTube vlogs have endeared her more to her fans and have even widened her following, apologized on Twitter Monday for what she referred to as “annoying” behavior in her old videos online. The 30-year-old actress wrote: “I watched some of my old videos and yes, I also find myself annoying. Woops. So to everyone who found me annoying [especially] during the pre-vlog videos, I am sorry! I am with you also in this emotion.” I watched some of my old videos and yes, i also find myself annoying. Woops. So to everyone who found me annoying esp during the pre-vlog videos, i am sorry! I am with you also in this emotion. - Younger AG 3:09 PM - May 20, 2018 It is unclear which videos Gonzaga was referring to specifically, although “pre-vlog” would imply they were from before July 2017, when she launched her YouTube channel. That vlog channel has since grown into a trending favorite on YouTube, with a total of 51 million views across its 36 entries so far. With topics ranging from her travels, hygiene and makeup tutorials, goings-on behind the scenes, friendships, and family, the channel has shown different sides of Gonzaga often to hilarious results, at least according to regular viewers. Responding to her apology over being “annoying,” a number of her fans gave reassuring words, and praised her for being a breath of fresh air amid expectations from leading ladies to be prim and proper. Angel@anjellycaaa_ I love you always and forever!!!! As long as, madami kang taong napapasaya through your vlogs & just being yourself wala ka dapat ipag sorry! Mahal kita, mahal ka namin 2% lang ng almost a million subscribers mo ang nagsasabing annoying ka kaya don’t mind them ate!! Proud of u1:45 PM - May 21, 2018 M O N A N A@selberya ang ganda din kasi tingnan ng character development mo ate Cath. your genuineness is such an inspiration. Hindi ako annoyed kasi alam kong you’re honest with yourself na you’re still learning too. Luv you! 3:14 PM - May 20, 2018 Kam@CamilleGoGoGo Pls don’t apologize for who you are! Some of us find your annoying self funny hehe. Love your vlogs! 3:12 PM - May 20, 2018

Why Manilyn opts to be managed by husband MANILYN Reynes plays the mom of Barbie Forteza anew in “Inday Will Always Love You” They were just together in Barbie’s last soap, “Meant to Be”. “It’s always nice to work with Barbie dahil wala siyang attitude at all,” she says. “She’s well-grounded at totoong dapat siyang gayahin ng ibang young stars kasi kung anuman ang narating niya ngayon, nakita kong pinaghirapan niya ‘yun nang husto.” Manilyn’s own eldest son, Kyle, is almost as old as Barbie at 21. “Kaya puwedeng-puwede ko na talagang anak si Barbie and I’m very happy to be reunited with her after we did ‘Meant to Be’,” she adds. “Ang second son ko, si Kirk, is 15 at ang bunsong si Kael is 6 naman.” She’s personally managed by her own husband, former actor Aljon Jimenez. Why didn’t she get another manager? “Naku, mas okay na sa’king si Aljon ang manager ko kasi anumang project ang ino-offer sa’kin, pinag-uusapan muna naming mabuti. Kapag ayaw ko, at least, madali akong makakatanggi.” At the presscon on “Inday Will Always Love You”, Manilyn was asked to sing one of its theme songs, “Malay Mo Maging Tayo”, and she showed that she remains to be a very good singer. Her voice has not changed at all through the years. “Diyan naman ako talaga nagsimula. I was 9 years old when we left Cebu at dinala ako kay Mother Lily (Monteverde) sa Regal na pinakanta ako agad at kinuha na akong Regal baby.

I’m just happy to be here after all these years.” She’s the original Cebuana but in “Inday Will Always Love You”, which is shot on location in Cebu, her scenes so far are all shot in Manila. “Yes, sa start ng story, na-demolish ang bahay namin ni Barbie as Happylou as squatters’ area kaya napadpad siya sa Cebu while looking for a job. But eventually, susunod din ako sa kanya sa Cebu at magkakaroon din kami ng scenes na kinunan ko roon, so this will be a special homecoming for me to Cebu, which will always have a special place in my heart dahil nandiyan ang roots ko.”

Richard (Dad of the debutante), Ryan(youngest brother), Vynette-Faye, Venus (the Mom of the debutante), Russell (younger brother)

ABS-CBN TFC Store in Daly City marks

first anniversary; announces online TFC Store on Amazon ABS-CBN TFC Store in Daly City marks first anniversary; announces online TFC Store on Amazon DALY CITY, CA – The ABS-CBN TFC Store at the ground floor of 2001 DC Station in Daly City, California recently celebrated its first year of business with indoor festivities. For the past year, the TFC Store has lived up to its promise of bringing to life the TFC experience with a selection of officially licensed ABS-CBN TFC merchandise and apparel for men, women and kids, and of providing a safe, fun and learning hub for community activities. “We are excited to mark our first and we’re looking forward to many more milestones with our TFC Store,” said Kerwin Du, ABS-CBN North America head of operations. “This is made possible by our team, our employees and customers who have made the store a part of their lives. We are also very grateful to our community partners who add fresh layers of exciting and engaging offerings to our customers: from Warriors Filipino Heritage Night tickets to visiting TFC celebrity CD signings to Friday family night events. There’s always something to look forward to at the TFC Store.” Du also shared that the TFC Store now extends to an online experience via Amazon. “Aside from our physical store in Daly City, the TFC Store on Amazon is the only other site where you can get our officially licensed merchandise” he said. “We are adding on to our product list on Amazon to be able to serve those who can’t visit our brick-and-mortar store. But to protect our customers, just make sure you visit the TFC Store on Amazon for ABS-CBN TFC items like the highly popular Just Love t-shirts, CDs, DVDs, among others. That way, you’re sure you’re not buying fake ABS-CBN TFC products.” The TFC Store is located on 2001 DC Station, Junipero Serra Boulevard in Daly City. For more information, visit tfcstore/

JENNYLYN Mercado is every inch the happy and fulfilled woman in her social media posts showing her photos with Dennis Trillo when they jointly celebrated their birthdays. She turned 31 on May 15 and Dennis turned 37 on May 12. Their fans are all thrilled seeing them so sweet and romantic with each other. “Super kinikilig talaga kaming DenJen fans! You’re both super hot and sexy! Prenup pictures na ba yan? Sana kayo na talaga and you end up exchanging I do’s at the altar!” they said in their response to Jen’s posts. Jennylyn has really much to celebrate as both her love and career are currently doing very well. Her latest show, “The Cure”, is getting excellent feedback and always a trending topic in social media. It’s one of the Top 10 in the Social Wit List for April along with other interrnational shows. In World Screen, an interrnational publication that has beencovering international media business for over 30 years now, it was listed at number 4 in the list of “most talked about shows in social media” with the pilot episode getting 46,000 tweets. World Screen writes about the show: “The thriller telenovela follows Greg (Tom Rodriguez), who gets his hands on an experimental drug to help his mother, but his life takes a turn when the drug becomes the root of an infection that threatens to spread all over the city.” The next episodes of “The Cure” becomes even more exciting and suspenseful as the virus spreads throughtout the country. The whole cast and production staff are now very much inspired because of the international accolades they are getting on social media with the hashtags #WalkingDeadFeelings and #NotYourAverageLoveStory.



his job in a newspaper when his dad ran for senator. He then moves to their family’s home in Baguio to be a teacher and a blogger or citizen journalist. His dad is a former Marcos crony and when a student is killed, Jake is compelled to confront his relatives’s dark past and he comes into conflict with his political family. After this, will Atom be accepting more acting jobs in the future? “It’s not really a priority. I still intend to do more reportage and documentaries. But if the movie would open other doors for me, I will not turn it down right away, pero depende pa rin talaga sa project, sa material. At this point, I also acknowledged that both journalism and cinema have a huge influence in society as they can both inform and educate, though in different ways of orienting the audience.” Director Mike de Leon is asked if “Citizen Jake” is

Atom open to more movie roles ATOM Araullo is a journalist first, but he now forays into acting in “Citizen Jake”, the comeback film of highly esteemed filmmaker Mike de Leon whose last film was the 1999 “Bayaning Third World”. He himself co-wrote the screenplay with de Leon and Noel Pascual. So how is it being an actor? “I now have more respect for actors kasi mahirap pala maging aktor lalo para dun sa mga seryoso sa craft nila,” he says. “We have plenty of good actors who make it look so easy and I found out the hard way that it takes so much effort to be competent in acting as you really have to give part of your self to the viewers. At one point, naisip ko, kaya ko ba talaga gawin ito? Can I deliver? I’m just thankful that Direk Mike is there to guide me all the way and I have formidable cast members who help bring out the best in their co-stars. Some say my role will be easy for me since I’m really a journalist. But Jake is not Atom. Sobrang magkaiba sila. I hope when viewers watch it, they’d see Jake and not Atom.” In the movie, he plays Jake Herrera, a reporter who resigned from

Cesar hindi para sa public service?

based on a true story? “It’s dramatic fiction told in film about a dysfunctional family and touches on political corruption, continuing feudalism and paternalism,” he says. “But there are many elements of documentary truth and metacinema in it and sometimes the lines are blurred. It’s about the inner journey of a privileged young man who happens to be a journalist. It is also a metaphor of this young man’s country, unchanging, repeating the same mistakes generation after generation.” The film also stars Gabby Eigenmann as Roxie, the congressman brother of Jake; Dina Bonnevie as their beleaguered mom; Teroy Guzman as Jacobo, their dad who’s a corrupt senator; Max Collins as Mandy, a teacher who’s Jake’s girlfriend; plus Luis Alandy, Cherie Gil, Lou Veloso, Nonie Buencamino, Allan Paule, Richard Quan, Victor Neri, Anna Luna and Nanding Josef. The movie opens in theaters this Wednesday, May 23.

KIM ON BEING CONTRAVIDA: KAYSA NAMAN NGANGA KIM Rodriguez co-starred with Barbie Forteza in the movie “This Time I’ll Be Sweeter” as Ken Chan’s sister. Now, she plays contravida to Barbie in the new primetime romcom, “Inday Will Always Love You”, shot in Cebu. “Tiyak na maraming magagalit sa’king fans dito kasi sobrang taray at lupit ko kay Barbie,” she says. “Nai-insecure kasi ako sa kanya at ayokong maagaw niya ang atensiyon ni Derrick Monasterio sa akin so I will do everything to make her life miserable. May eksena ritong nilublob ko siya sa putikan at sinubsob ko talaga sa putik ang mukha niya. Hinahanda ko na ang sarili ko sa bashings that I’m sure I will get from the fans of Barbie na tiyak na magagalit sa akin dahil sa pang-aapi ko sa kanya.” She’s played lead roles before, how come she’s now relegated to contravida roles? “That’s just fine with me. Kaysa naman nganga lang ako sa bahay dahil sa paghihintay ng lead role. Ang importante, tuluy-tuloy ang trabaho ko sa GMA. Andaming walang ginagawa ngayon. Magiging choosy pa ba ako, e maganda naman ang role na napupunta sa’kin kahit contravida?”

TIYAK na babalikan ng actor-director-producer na si Cesar Montano ang showbiz matapos itong magbigay ng kanyang courtesy resignation sa tanggapan ni Pangulong Rodrigo Duterte sa pamamagitan ng Special Assistant to the President na si Christopher Lawrence `Bong’ Go last Monday, May 21 na may kinalaman sa P80-M (out of P320-M approved budget) ng Carinderia Project ng Promotions Tourism Board (PTB) kung saan si Cesar ang tumayong Chief Operations Officer (COO). Ang nasabing proyekto ay ipinatigil ng bagong Secretary of the Dept. of Tourism na si Bernadette Romulo-Puyat dahil hindi umano ito dumaan sa bidding. Tinanggap ni Pangulong Duterte ang courtesy resignation ni Cesar. Si Cesar ay isa sa mga tumulong kay Pangulong Duterte nang ito’y tumakbo sa pagka-pangulo in the 2016 Presidential elections. Nung December 7, 2016 ay in-appoint ni Pangulong Duterte si Cesar bilang head ng Tourism Promotions Board (TPB) na kanyang hinawakan hanggang sa araw ng kanyang pagsusumite ng kanyang courtesy resignation nung nakaraang Lunes, May 21 ng umaga. Maganda na rin ang ginawa ni Cesar na siya’y nag-submit ng courtesy resignation kesa inalis siya sa puwesto. Bago si Cesar ay unang nagsumite ng kanyang courtesy resignation ang dating Dept. of Tourism Secreary na si Wanda Tulfo-Teo na sinundan ng iba nitong under secretaries ng departamento. Si Cesar ay dalawang beses na ring sumubok sa pulitika nang siya’y tumakbo sa pagka-senador in 2007 at gubernatorial seat ng Bohol pero hindi siya pinalad na manalo. Maybe, Cesar is not cut for politics and public service.

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by: Bong De Leon

Regine malapit nang ma-annul ang kasal kay Lander

Alam ni Regine that she disappointed Mr. M. (Johnny Manahan) ng ABS-CBN Talent Center then (now Star Magic) dahil isa siya noon sa mga build-up talents ng talent management arm ng Kapamilya Network pero mas pinili pa niya noon ang love over her flourishing career. Ganunpaman, kahit may sarili nang pamilya si Regine at a young age ay hindi ito naging set back to spread her wings. She became the first Filipina VJ sa MTV Asia at nagpatuloy din siya sa pagiging actressdancer at pagiging TV host. She also opened her own boutique, ang Dress Me Up and her own dance studio kaya nang magkahiwalay sila ng kanyang ex-husband na si Lander ay kaya na niyang tumayo on her own at pagiging isang single parent. Hindi ikinakaila ni Regine naiinggit siya sa isang kumpletong pamilya but she’s happy now with her two daughters na sina Reigne at Reigene. When she gets her annulment papers next month, she’s free to love again.

CRISTINE AT MISTER DUMADAAN SA PAGSUBOK ANG PAGSASAMA HANGGA’T hindi nagsasalita ang mag-asawang Cristine Reyes at Ali Khatibi sa estado ng kanilang pagsasama bilang mag-asawa, patuloy na marami ang magi-speculate ang mga tao na `hiwalay’ na ang dalawa lalupa’t ina-unfollow na ni Cristine ang mister sa social media account nito. Wala ring recent photos ang mag-asawa na magkasama. Most of the time ay kasama ni Cristine ang anak nila ni Ali na si Amarah o di kaya ang mag-amang Ali at Amarah pero never na silang mag-asawa o silang tatlo na kasama ang kanilang. TATLONG taon nang hiwalay ang Dance Diva, fashion stylist and designer, dancer, dance instructress, actress at entrepreneur na si Regine Tolentino (37) sa kanyang ex-husband of 18 years, ang actor na si Lander Vera Perez. The couple has two teen-age daughters na sina Azucena Reign at Alyssandra Reigen. Unang nagkahiwalay sina Regine at Lander in 2001 pero muli silang nagkabalikan but in 2015 ay muling nagkahiwalay ang couple for good. Ito na rin ang naging hudyat kay Regine na mag-file ng annulment ng kanilang kasal at sa susunod na buwan ay makukuha na niya ang nullity ng kanyang marriage . When this happens, magiging malayang muli si Regine na magkaroon ng panibagong pagkakataon na muling umibig at magpakasal kung kinakailangan. Regine was only 18 when she and Lander got married in 1997. Ang dalawa ay nagkasama at nagkaibigan sa set ng dating youth-oriented drama anthology na “Flames” ng ABS-CBN. They got secretly wed in June 18, 1997 na sinundan ng church wedding on October 18 on same year. Lander was 24.

Ayaw naman naming intrigahin si Jenine Desiderio about her daughter Janella Salvador nang ito’y makita naming sa wake ni Cheng Muhlach sa Heritage Memorial Chapel last Monday afternoon. Sa kanyang Twitter ay inamin ni Jenine na hindi siya binati ni Janella last Mother’s Day, isang indikasyon na hindi pa rin okey ang mag-ina.


SHARON AT KC HALATANG MAY TAMPUHAN HINDI man magsalita ang Megastar na si Sharon Cuneta at ang panganay nitong si KC Concepcion, ramdam ng publiko na merong namamagitang tampuhan ngayon ang mag-ina. Hindi rin nakarating si KC sa book launching ng mister ni Shawie na si Sen. Kiko Pangilinan pero naroon naman ang mga anak ng couple na sina Frankie, Miel at Miguel. Walang response si Shawie sa Mother’s Day message para sa kanya ni KC sa kanyang social media account.

GUSTUHIN man ng celebrity couple na sina John Lloyd Cruz at Ellen Adarna na maging pribado ang kanilang relasyon ay mukhang malabo itong mangyari . Kamakailan lamang ay nagbakasyon sina John Lloyd at Ellen sa Amanpulo, Palawan pero hindi rin sila naka-escape sa ilang taong naroon. Katunayan, nakunan pa si Ellen ng litrato kung saan hindi maitatago ang kanyang pagdadalang-tao sa magiging first baby nila ni JLC. Mukhang nasa five to six months na ang ipinagbubuntis ngayon ni Ellen and she might be due to give birth sometime in August or September this year. Although magi-eight months nang parehong inactive sa showbiz ngayon sina John Lloyd at Ellen, mukhang wala sa immediate plans ng dalawa ang mag-balik-showbiz anyday soon. Bukod sa cash ay tumatanggap din sila ng mga toys, activity books at coloring materials. Si Saab ay anak ng namayapang Master Rapper na si Francis Magalona kay Pia Arroyo-Magalona at nakababatang kapatid ng singer-actress na si Maxene Magalona. Kapatid din nila ang young singer-actor na si Elmo Magalona.

James reaps major music awards with Nadine AFTER doing a commercial for a top soda brand, James Reid rules over the 13th MYX Music Awards with big wins —Song of the Year, Male Artist of the Year, Artist of the Year, and Music Video of the Year--held Tuesday night at the Araneta Coliseum. The heartthrob bagged five awards out of his five nominations including Music Video Guest Appearance of the Year for “The Life” featuring girlfriend Nadine Lustre. His MYX chart-topper “Cool Down” won Song of the Year while “The Life”, co-directed by Nadine and Petersen Vargas, was hailed as the winning music video. MEANWHILE, also at the 13th Myx Music Awards Night, Sarah Geronimo, KZ Tandingan, and IV of Spades also emerged victorious as they took home two awards each. Sarah won Female Artist of the Year and Collaboration of the Year with Yeng Constantino for “Kaibigan Mo.” KZ, meanwhile, got Urban Video of the Year for “Labo” and Media Soundtrack of the Year for “Two Less Lonely People in the World.” New Artist of the Year IV of Spades likewise received the MYX Bandarito Performance of the Year. Also bagging trophies were Moira dela Torre, Darren Espanto, BoybandPH, Brisom, Super Junior, and Edward Barber. The grand musical event also recognized Martin Nievera as the prestigious MYX Magna awardee. Angeline Quinto, Christian Bautista, Erik Santos, Jake Zyrus, Jed Madela, Karylle, Kyla, KZ Tandingan, Morissette, Robin Nievera, and Yael Yuzon gave a powerful performance as tribute to the OPM icon.

Nora Aunor signs

contract with GMA Network THE so-called Philippine superstar Nora Aunor has signed a contract last May 10 for GMA Network’s upcoming primetime drama series, Onanay. Present in the contract signing were GMA Entertainment Content Group Senior Vice President Lilybeth G. Rasonable, GMA Assistant Vice President for Drama Cheryl Ching-Sy and Senior Program Manager Helen Rose S. Sese. Onanay is a heart-warming and different kind of story of love and acceptance between a mother who suffers from Achondroplasia, a bone growth disorder that stunted her growth and her two daughters who grew up physically normal despite the mother’s condition. It shows the infinite and unconditional love that a mother has, and that there is nothing she won’t sacrifice for her children. Ms. Aunor plays a very special role in the series as Nelia, a loving and caring grandmother who is kind yet willing to fight for what is right and will do everything for her family. The Superstar is proud to be part of the Network’s first series that tackles this disorder that will affect the lives of the main characters. “Napakasaya ko po dahil binigyan ako ng pagkakataon ng GMA 7 na magkaroon ng bagong show. Gusto ko ‘yung teleserye at maganda ‘yung istorya. Tungkol ito sa kung paano magmahal ang isang ina sa isang anak, at kung paano ipagtanggol ang isang anak ng ina,” she says. Ms. Aunor is also very happy and excited to work with some of the Network’s sought-after and talented artists. “Dahil sa tagal na hindi ako gumawa ng mga ganitong serye, kabado po ako at dito sa bagong show, ‘yung mga bata na ang nakakasama ko. May kaba pero excited din dahil

maganda ang kwento.” She also adds that everyone is giving their very best in this project and the show will definitely tug the viewers’ hearts, “Sa aking palagay lamang, itong ginagawa namin, sabi nga nila, ‘pag puso ‘yung pinagsama sa isang proyekto, walang tatalo diyan, kasi andiyan ‘yung pagmamahalan, ‘yung tulungan, walang lamangan.” Under the helm of Ms. Gina Alajar, Ms. Aunor will be joined by Mikee Quintos, Kate Valdez and Ms. Cherie Gil. The series also introduces newest Kapuso, Jo Berry who auditioned for the role of Onay, the vertically challenged daughter of Nelia. Completing the cast are Gardo Versoza, Wendell Ramos, Rochelle Pangilinan, Vaness del Moral, Enrico Cuenca and special guest Adrian Alandy.

nanawagan siya sa kanyang misa. NAGPARAMDAM Pari : Anyone got a bird? Girl (sa Boy na nakilala pa Lahat ng mga lalaki tumayo. lang niya): Alam mo, may Pari : I mean, anyone seen a kamukha ka? bird? Boy: Sino? Lahat ng babae tumayo. Girl: ‘Yung pang-apat kong Pari : I mean anyone seen my boyfriend. Boy: Ha? Bakit, ilan na ba ang bird? Lahat ng madre napatayo. naging boyfgriend mo? Girl (nagpa-cute): Tatlo pa THERMOMETER lang.. Nars : Doc, bakit po may BAKIT NA-DEAD SI FPJ thermometer kayo sa tenga? Doktor : Naku! Kaninong Pagkatapos matalo sa pwet kaya ng pasyente naiwan eleksiyon, nagdasal si FPJ: ko ang ballpen ko? FPJ: Lord, bakit mo ako pinabayaan? YAYA AT ANG YATE Hindi sumagot si Lord. FPJ: Lord, ginawa ko po ang Alaga : Yaya look, boats! Yaya : Dows are not boats, lahat. Tapat po ako sa mga sinabi ko, pero hindi pa rin po dey’re yatchts. Alaga : Yaya, spell yatch ako nanalo. Yaya : Yor rayt, they are Tahimik pa rin si Lord. boats. FPJ: Lord, sagutin mo ako. Gusto kong malaman. Nagsalita na si Lord: Halika, pumunta ka rito sa langit. Sasagutin kita. At pumunta nga si FPJ. GUSTO PERO TAMAD Bakit may mga kabatan na kapag walang ginagawa sa bahay, gustung-gustong magaral, pero kapag nakapasok na sa eskuwelahan, tamad namang mag-aral? Sagutin mo ‘Yan.

BARBER SHOP RANT Barbero : Sir, anong klase gupit po? Lalaki : Yung uka-uka, masagwa at hindi pantay. Barbero : Sir anu po yun? Hindo ko alam yun. BIRD OF PRIEST Isang araw nawala ang alagang Lalaki : Anung hindi, ganun ang gupit mo sa akin last parrot bird ng pari, dahil time! sa sobrang mahal niya ito

ACROSS 2. Last Rajah of Manila 4. First Filipino President 6. Prince of Tagalog Poets 7. First Woman Fighter in Panay. Visayan Joan of Arc 9. Greatest and Famous


Filipino Painter

11. Chief of Tondo, Friendly to

10. Mythical heroic Princess

the Spaniards

who ruled a kingdom where

13. The Great Plebian and

Pangasinan is located

Father of the Katipunan

12. Weather in the Philippines

14. Brains of the Katipunan

15. Philippine’s National Hero

16. Chieftain of Mactan Who

18. A town in which the first

Killed Magellan

monument of Rizal is located

17. Philippine’s National Tree

IN the last Metro Manila Filmfest, the entries of Coco Martin and Vic Sotto, “Ang Panday” and “Meant to Be”, were both trounced at the box office by Vice Ganda’s entry, “The Revengers”. Now, Coco and Vic are joining forces to star together in their own entry in the coming 2018 Metro Filmfest. This will be a movie that will a formidable attraction at the box office since it’s the first time for the two top stars, who come from the top two competing networks, to be working together for the first time in one movie. The deadline for the submission of the screenplays of entries to the next filmfest is this coming May 31 and we just hope that the script of the Vic-Coco movie will pass the criteria set by the screening committee. Both Vic and Coco have their own legion of fans, mostly children, and if they combine their forces on the big screen, we’re sure the movie will be a force to reckon with at the box office. But we’re sure Vice Ganda will not take it sitting down. He’s already aware that Coco will be working in tandem with Bossing Vic and it’s just fine with him. He says he has worked with Coco before and it’s just normal for actors to work with diffferent co-actors. He says Coco remains to be one of his best friends.

Matthew 16:26-27 26 What good will it be for someone to gain the whole world, yet forfeit their soul? Or what can anyone give in exchange for their soul? 27 For the Son of Man is going to come in his Father’s glory with his angels, and then he will reward each person according to what they have done. Genesis 1:28-29 28 God blessed them and said to them, “Be fruitful and increase in number; fill the earth and subdue it. Rule over the fish in the sea and the birds in the sky and over every living creature that moves on the ground.” 29 Then God said, “I give you every seed-bearing plant on the face of the whole earth and every tree that has fruit with seed in it. They will be yours for food.

Bible Verses about Success THROUGH scripture we know that God wants us to succeed in life. By growing and using our faith & trust in the Lord we can be strengthened to fulfill His will for our lives- this is true success. Use these collection of Bible verses to gain a better understanding of how God defines success, and how we can truly succeed in life. Genesis 39:2-6 2 The LORD was with Joseph so that he prospered, and he lived in the house of his Egyptian master. 3 When his master saw that the LORD was with him and that the LORD gave him success in everything he did, 4 Joseph found favor in his eyes and became his attendant. Potiphar put him in charge of his household, and he entrusted to his care everything he owned. 5 From the time he put him in charge of his household and of all that he owned, the LORD blessed the household of the Egyptian because of Joseph. The blessing of the LORD was on everything Potiphar had, both in the house and in the field. 6 So Potiphar left everything he had in Joseph’s care; with Joseph in charge, he did not concern himself with anything except the food he ate. Now Joseph was well-built and handsome. Psalm 1:1-3 BOOK I Psalms 1–41 1 Blessed is the one who does not walk in step with the wicked or stand in the way that sinners take or sit in the company of mockers, 2 but whose delight is in the law of the LORD, and who meditates on his law day and night. 3 That person is like a tree planted by streams of water, which yields its fruit in season and whose leaf does not wither— whatever they do prospers.

Romans 12:2 2 Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will. Isaiah 41:10 10 So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand. Philippians 4:6 6 Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. Deuteronomy 8:18 18 But remember the LORD your God, for it is he who gives you the ability to produce wealth, and so confirms his covenant, which he swore to your ancestors, as it is today.

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