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“More please!”

ECE is clear in its intention as the sponsor of this year’s SHK-Handwerk (German trade association for sanitation, heating and air conditioning) marketing prize. The prize rewards customer-friendly and providers who are active in the market and has been a statement for professional and committed trade for over fifteen years. This is exactly what we need more of. Our company stands for sophisticated product design. The basic question: “Can it be faster, better and easier?” belongs to our standard working method and in front of the wall we are increasingly faced with the question: “Can it look better or more aesthetic?” Our standard working method involves making things faster, better and easier. We increasingly find that selling a product also requires us to improve its aesthetics, putting specific demands on the installer in terms of quality. Our shower channels, wall-mounted flush buttons and the TECElux WC-Terminal are sound, simple and easy to install. And they have something else in common: The high quality of the product can only be appreciated by the end user if the quality chain is not interrupted anywhere and by anyone. Only qualified installer can ensure that! Without enthusiastic installers, who are in a position to communicate our company’s higher quality and more intelligent solutions to their customer, we will not succeed at all in penetrating the market with our products. Without an installer who looks beyond their fee for the day and into the future, we don’t even make it beyond the quotation stage. We are not the cheapest, nor could we be; we simply offer too much. It is not only our installers that save time and add to the quality of their work as a result of our secure, simple and well-thought-out solutions. We also offer their direct customers more than the cheaper options on the market, and sometimes more than even the more expensive options. Allow me to demonstrate by taking one of our products as an example. It, in my opinion demonstrates this approach perfectly and it is future-oriented. Our TECElux WC-Terminal is on offer as a basic model at a reasonable price because it holds the key for creating a new standard. Its price is slightly higher than a toilet concealed module with a good push plate and it offers a toilet which will serve changing user demands over the next thirty years. Today it is a reasonably-priced and good basic model, tomorrow and beyond it will have everything a toilet owner can think of. From a shower toilet without connecting parts which get in the way to added integrated odour filtration. From the option of upgrading to a contact-free flush to the option of installing integrated toilet height adjustment, because in twenty years your back may not be what it used to be. What makes the TECElux special is that all optional extras could already be integrated without causing caulking and damage to tiles or requiring connecting cables today or in ten years. We offer our installers the closing deal advantage of future planning. We offer a story along with our products, allowing them to demonstrate that they think like a pro and that what they have to offer their customers cannot be found at the DIY store or on the internet. This professional can do more and also offers more using these solutions. We proudly sponsor the current marketing prize campaign. We are looking forward to meeting the winners who will lead as examples in advancing the industry. Here’s to intelligent providers, who are a good fit for TECE intelligent housing technology.

Kind regards,

Thomas Fehlings | CEO

German trade association for sanitation, heating and air conditioning


TECEflex + TECElogo New fittings for the TECE pipe systems

We are ready for the future:

Fittings range extended TECEflex does justice to its name for the International Sanitary and Heating (ISH) trade fair – and is becoming even more flexible. TECE is expanding the range of fittings available for the classic composite pipe, thereby allowing the installer to find smart installation solutions while meeting the stricter limits for lead in potable water coming into force on 1 December 2013 and also to remain cost conscious in his installations thanks to an optimum mix of materials. There are also new options for TECElogo: red bronze fittings are also to be used in the future in the TECE push-fitting system for drinking water installation systems. TECEflex and TECElogo fittings in the new range already meet the reduced limits for lead in the German Ordinance of Potable Water. The regulation states: a maximum of 0.0005 mg of lead per litre of the threshold value of 0.01 mg per litre may be introduced into the drinking water installation system. Compliance with this limit is assured with the new PPSU and red bronze fittings in the TECEflex system. At the same time, the potable water range offers the capability of combining PPSU and red bronze to optimise costs.

Red bronze – the first choice for potable water Red bronze is a classical material: it has been used in the drinking water installation system for centuries. Its good hygienic qualities have also been confirmed by the German Federal Environmental Agency and this material has been included in the positive list for metals in contact with potable water. At the same time, casting as the manufacturing process permits flow-optimized red bronze fittings – from a single casting: low pressure losses and high claims for potable water cleanliness. The new fitting hence also stands for energy efficiency and low-noise water transport. The new all-round fitting is dimensionally stable and resistant to erosion, zinc leaching and stress-cracking corrosion. TECE is consistently expanding the PPSU range for TECEflex. PPSU is a high-performance polymer that boasts a number of other properties in ad-

dition to the requirements on potable water hygiene. It is durable, resistant to chemicals, impact resistant and naturally corrosion proof. It can be used everywhere, not only for drinking water installation systems complying with DIN 1988 / EN 806, but also for heating and compressed air installations. The sole restriction: PPSU fittings are not approved for gas installation. Both materials have internalized the virtues of the TECEflex system: The new pipe connectors are also naturally based on the tried-and-tested axial push-fitting system that needs no O-rings and is hence suitable for every conceivable medium – one pipe for potable water, gas, heating and even compressed air in all pipe dimensions between 14 and 63 millimetres. Many millions of pipe connectors have been joined in TECEflex around the world over the last 20 years or more, all using the tried-and-tested axial pressure technique: The pipe is opened out and pushed over the fitting, a pressure sleeve secures the connection. Nothing has changed in this basic technology since TECEflex was launched. The classic brass fitting continues to hold its own and is approved as a special fitting for heating, compressed air and gas applications. However, the fitter will have to demonstrate compliance with the lead limit value in the individual case if the TECE brass fittings are used in a drinking water installation system after 1 December 2013.


TECEflex + TECElogo New fittings for the TECE pipe systems

Expert’s tip Insulate potable water pipes too!

Universal wall disks for TECElogo A modular system with savvy: With TECElogo, you can now attach the suitable fitting yourself. The three different red bronze wall disks have a universal nozzle on the component, which fits every 20 mm TECElogo plastic fitting. So the fitter on-site can simply attach any fitting – also T-piece and elbow – to the wall disk. Universal. Versatile. Flexible.

Pipes have to be insulated against thermal losses – everyone knows that. In Germany, the Energy Savings Ordinance (EnEV) regulates which pipes must be insulated at what points and to what thickness. But take care: the Energy Savings Ordinance only takes energy losses into consideration. The hygiene requirements for a drinking water installation system are not taken into consideration in this context. An important principle applies here: hygiene comes before energy efficiency. The specifications of the Energy Saving Ordinance represent a minimum standard that must be complied with. From the point of view of hygiene, the requirement is: hot water must stay hot, and cold water must stay cold. In laymen’s terms, this means: the hot water temperature must never fall below 55 degrees Celsius and the cold water temperature must never rise above 25 degrees Celsius. But the requirements on cold water pipes cannot always be reliably kept to if only the Energy Saving Ordinance insulation standard is observed. And so we recommend: Always insulate cold water pipes – even if the Energy Saving Ordinance does not require insulation. The TECE systems offer a comprehensive range of pre-insulated pipes. This means not only that fitters can work considerably faster on the construction site, but also meet the hygiene requirements at an accurately calculated price.

Soundproofing elements for TECElogo and TECEflex The new soundproofing elements for TECElogo and TECEflex are not only highly flexible, they also have a significantly elongated insertion nozzle. This means that the corrugated protective pipe or optionally the pipe insulation can be attached directly to the soundproofing element. The new soundproofing elements are also available for single as well as for double wall disks. And they fit the same for red bronze and brass wall disks.

Olaf Altepost, TECE Product Manager for Pipe Systems

The most suitable material for every occasion. In red bronze, PPSU and brass, TECE has new options to offer for drinking water installation systems using TECEflex and TECElogo. The pipe connectors are made from tried and tested materials:

Tried and tested and reliable: Red bronze Red bronze – typically cast: the new pipe connectors’ key feature is the even better flow values. The fittings and installation material standardized in DIN 50930-6 and DIN EN 1982 can be used without restriction for all potable water and complies with the requirements of the German Ordinance of Potable Water.

A special fitting for the future: Brass Brass is a classic in sanitary installation. Although fittings made from brass that is resistant to zinc leaching have a better resistance to corrosion than standard brass, they can leach lead into the water in some water qualities. The reduction of the stricter limits for lead from 1.12.2013 can lead to the permissible concentration of lead being exceeded. The brass alloys concerned will therefore no longer be approved for use in the drinking water installation system in Germany. They remain highly suited to heating, gas and compressed air installations.

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Good and inexpensive: PPSU – polyarylsulfones The PPSU (polyarylsulfone) plastic fitting is food safe and may be used practically universally as a pipe connector. The modern high-performance polymer has high strength and stability, even at higher temperatures. PPSU is a tried and tested material for potable water fittings.

TECElux + TECEfloor New designs, new colours

Design-optimised functional elements made of real glass: The new TECEfloor room thermostat and the new black glass cover of the TECElux WC-Terminal.

Successful symbiosis of design and function A little more design for you? TECE has raised the bar in terms of design. The functional elements in front of the wall acting as the interface to the housing technology behind the wall should meet current aesthetic demands. Both the new, round TECEfloor room thermostat with optionally black or white designer covers and the TECElux WC-Terminal in the additional colour variant of black demonstrate that the functional design elements have been significantly advanced by TECE. Meets architects’ demands. Sophisticated. And an additional highlight in the room.

TECElux WC glass plate for Duravit SensoWash C The TECElux terminal always consists of an upper glass facing with operator unit, a lower glass facing with recesses for connecting a toilet and, of course, the flushing system behind it. Prospective there is a suitable lower WC glass facing for the “Duravit SensoWash C” shower toilet. A sound insulation set and two reinforced pipes for connection are included.

A Duravit shower toilet is to be installed? For the Sensowash C model there is now the right WC glass plate for the TECElux WC-Terminal.

TECElux WC-Terminal

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12 March 2013 3 May 2013

28 September 2015 15 August 2020

8 Januar y 2026

26 November 2038

at: about TECElux Find out more inal rm te c-w lux ce /te

To be continued … 2000



1.3.2012: This is me. And I am prepared for come what may…






28.9.2015: Easily connected: From now on, I am a High-Tech toilet.

15.8.2020: Good air – the filter module fits perfectly.

smart-Connect 4

m-Lift 8.1.2026: The shower toilet arrives. Thanks to a new glass facing, the connection hoses and cable disappear!


26.11.2038: Height-adjustable – one simple action for a satisfied user.

TECElux adapts to the requirements of its user.



2040 7

Martin Krabbe (Dipl. Ing (FH)) is technical manager at German domestic engineering specialist TECE and co-initiator of Seal System.

Interview with Martin Krabbe

„If Seal System didn‘t already exist, we would have to invent it.“

All TECEdrainline shower channels are now Seal System certified and are now delivered with Seal System sealing tape.


The TECEdrainpoint S drains have been specially developed for the Seal System. The drains, including the Seal System universal flange, are supplied for reliable sealing on-site. The appropriate seal sleeve is available as an accessory.

Martin Krabbe is technical manager at German domestic engineering specialist TECE and co-initiator of Seal System. Together with Reinhold Bäder, the engineer has written the book “Punkt. Linie. Dicht!” [Point. Line. Sealed!], which documents the combination checks of a DIBt-recognised institute. Why Seal System? Why is TECE concerned with a cross-standard test certificate between the tiling and building services trades? Martin Krabbe: First of all, renowned market research companies regard us as the market leader for shower channels. It is therefore our obligation to provide our SHK-Handwerk (German trade association for sanitation, heating and air conditioning) trade with certainty when there are no normative rules. Seal System is a certificate that helps to keep the peace on construction sites. You can lay it on the table and provided the appropriate materials are used and installed correctly, compliance is ensured for all concerned. How did you select the construction chemicals companies that participated, and how was the initiative received? Martin Krabbe: We first contacted all the larger manufacturers to gauge interest. From the outset, it was extremely positive. We then practically tested all the common composite seals and the response was somewhere between thrilled and very positive. Apart from one provider, which itself has a rival shower channel, all composite seal manufacturers were convinced that we were tackling an important topic. The first mortar packets already boast the Seal System logo. As a general rule, gaps in standards not only create uncertainty on the market, they also lead to the spread of rumours and a negative attitude to certain products – in this case: tiled floor-level showers. We are working to resist this. Seal System-certified means: Point. Line. Sealed! Why did you call this series combination check Seal System, instead of relating it directly to TECE? Martin Krabbe: In terms of building services, it is not only TECE brand products that have been certified. We also certified a whole series of brand products. The customers that buy shower channels or point drains from us and then market them as their own brands don’t want a TECE seal. Neither the fitter nor the end customer would understand that. In addition, Seal System is in principle open to other building services providers. How many products exactly have now been certified? Martin Krabbe: In total, there are 92 different drainage products and 51 composite sealing systems with the Seal System certificate. There is a wide variety of designs – from extremely flat through to a rimless natural stone channel – among the stainless steel channels. Point drains are available with the Seal System flange from DN 50 to DN 100. Here, too, there are countless variants – from a fire protection drain through to floor drains with two-stage membrane odour trap. The composite seals include polymer dispersions, one- and two-component plastic-cement-mortar combinations, sealing strips and liquid plastics. At the moment, we have around 600 certificates. But Seal System is a living system. The next certificate analyses are already under way. How do you think the standards will develop? Martin Krabbe: There is a lot of lobbying at the moment, and, unfortunately some meddling. As a result of the Central Association of German Construction Companies (ZDB) guideline “Hinweise für die Planung und Ausführung von Abläufen und Rinnen in Verbindung mit Abdichtungen im Verbund (AIV)” [information on the planning and fitting of drains and channels in connection with composite sealing], which was presented in January at BAU in Munich, Seal System is a very current topic. If Seal System didn’t already exist, we would have to invent it. The information sheet expressly states that plastic-mortar combinations and polymer dispersions can only be used if their suitability can be proved. In the case of one-component composite seals, the information sheet even demands a tested combination with drain flange and seal sleeve. However, these sealing systems represent an estimated 80 percent of liquid seals in areas with moderate loads. As we know, these include the domestic shower or hotel bathroom. The good news is that Seal System offers the certificates required here.

A case for Seal System The new ZDB guideline specifies the use of sealing tape, seal sleeves or woven mats between the floor drain and composite seal. When the sealing tape is glued in the factory, reaction resins and two-component plastic-cement-mortar combinations are permitted. The conventional one-component plastic-cement-mortar combinations and polymer dispersions must first be tested and approved. Seal System already provides these approvals. The 600 or more certified combinations of composite seals and drainage products include 2C and 1C mineral waterproof coatings, polymer dispersions and sealing strips. The manual provides information about exactly these. The guideline also recommends avoiding “self-adhesive sleeves” – this expressly does not apply to the new Seal System sealing tape, which does not have an applied adhesive layer. Instead it completely consists of an alkali-resistant butyl sealing material and a fleece surface. The butyl rubber optimally bonds with the screed and stainless steel flange.

Extensive combination tests: Shower channels and point drains in standard container under water.

What will change for shower channels and point drains? Martin Krabbe: Nothing will change for the TECEdrainpoint S drains. They have been developed for Seal System from the very beginning. For the TECEdrainline shower channel, we have replaced the blue seal sleeve with the new Seal System sealing tape. This is an extremely non-ageing butyl sealing material that bonds excellently with stainless steel and screed. The right Seal System sealing tape is included as a separate package with every shower channel.


TECEdrainline Shower channel

Pre-assembled upturn saves time A special channel now supplements the TECEdrainline range for installation on the wall: The new stainless steel channel is already fitted at the factory with an upturned wall flange and can be supplied in all standard lengths from 700 to 1500 mm. All design covers, base fixings and drains can be used without limitation. The result: especially when there are a lot of channels installed, time is saved and the effort on-site is minimized. Nothing changes with the universal standard channels on the other hand. They can still be upturned on the construction site.

Elegant, svelte and polished Model upgrading at TECEdrainline: More precisely channel corners, narrower channel edges and an enlarged sealing flange – this is the look of the new smoothed and polished shower channel. The thin, 3 mm top edges are less conspicuous and the sealing flange on the facing side has been enlarged to 30 mm. Even the tileable channel has been optimized: Plate I comes with bases on the channels which are lower and more discrete. The base geometry has also been improved. To add to, Plate II will then be available from summer 2013: fitted with stable metal feet and in a new design, where only two transverse slots remain visible.

Obtrusive smell? No chance! Is there a stench in rarely used sanitary facilities because the siphon has dried up? The two-stage TECEdrainline membrane odour trap innovatively counters this problem: The immersion pipe of the odour trap has an internal sealing lip membrane. This membrane minimizes evaporation of the water sealant – unpleasant smells have no chance. The system can be retrofitted to TECEdrainlines at any time and also serves as a bug and foam block.

Showering is quieter with TECEdrainline TECE now has a sound insulation certificate from the Fraunhofer Institute for TECEdrainline shower channels. Straight channels and those with wall upturns were tested. The requirements of DIN 4109 and VDI 4100 were thereby met and in some cases even considerably exceeded. The optimized sound insulation equipment, comprising the assembly base, the sound-insulation cap and the drainbase sound-proofing mat all contributed to the good performance of the TECE shower channels. The superior impact sound insulation of the shower channels on the floor level was proven during the tests in Stuttgart.

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TECEdrainpoint S Point drainage

The small but fine differences Plastic outlet family TECEdrainpoint S is receiving an update: Now with assembly feet for easy fixing and height alignment of the TECEdrainpoint S drains. One set of assembly feet is comprised of four feet including the sound-proofing element and the mounting material. The feet can either be attached directly to the universal flange of the floor drains or at the stacking element. A plastic hair sieve, the FireStop (DIN EN 13501 and EI 120) fire-protection set and the screw-on stainless steel grate frame for public facilities (100 and 150 mm) are also part of the update.

TECEfloor Heat distributor: Plug-on instead of screw-on

Floor heating

TECE introduces its Logo heat distributor with technical improvements. Thanks to the TECElogo plug technology, installation is even simpler and more comfortable. Preassembled plug connections (size 16) and visualized plug-in depths guarantee twist-free connection of the heating pipes – especially at narrow locations and even up to three times faster than before.

Universal Panel: One system for a wide range of applications Whether in dry-wall or brick-wall construction, for the floor, wall or ceiling: Due to its full covering with aluminum baffle plates, not only is assembly of the new Universal Panel easy and uncomplicated, but it provides excellent heating power at moderate inlet temperatures. Additionally, tiles or laminate can be laid directly on top of the panel when using the load distribution and decoupling mats included with the system. In addition to low construction heights, this results in excellent reaction times and a very high level of energy efficiency.

TECEprofil Pre-wall system

Module now also available for shower toilets TECE now provides toilet modules that have been prepared for the connection of Duravit “SensoWash C” shower toilets.

Plug-on instead of screw-on Away with the screw and here with the clip lock: In the TECEprofile system, the module base has now been optimized for all dry-wall construction modules. The new assembly method is easy and permits work to be done fast and reliably – even without tools, thanks to the concealed eccentric lever. To fix the universal module along the length of the profile pipe, the installer no longer needs a monkey wrench; he simply fixes the clamping lock by hand.

TECE seminar offers

Michael Brinkschmidt

Erich Pfeiffer

Detlev Lienig

From pros for pros:

Practice-oriented further education Apply, try, feel – that is the maxim of TECE seminar events. Whether in TECE’s factory or in the various seminar rooms: competent knowledge transfer is what matters. And intelligent building services solutions. Seminars have a long tradition at TECE. Where do the familiar problems lie for planners, architects, craftsmen and wholesalers? The TECE specialists address these with key topics and specifically tailored seminar contents. In the seminars, the participants not only get to know the TECE products in theory, but also in their practical application. With the aid of helpful tips and tricks, the customers can gain a real advantage in knowledge – to also cope with increasing future demands in the sanitary, heating and air-conditioning industry. Certified trainers in touch with modern practice and with many years of experience determine the quality of the seminar offerings: Michael Brinkschmidt, Detlev Lienig, Erich Pfeiffer and Robert Schilling instruct on the TECE product range and its practical implementation in planning and on the building site. In unconventional and exciting presentations, they concentrate on the respective key topics. And as always: Questions about industrial standards or technical challenges. Besides the seminars listed here, individually configured schedules on-site are also possible on request. Do you require further information? Would you like to register? | email: Phone: 02572 / 928-0 | Fax: 02572 / 928-207

Much more information on our products is available for you at

TECE GmbH International Business Hollefeldstraße 57 48282 Emsdetten Germany Phone +49 (0)2572/928-999 Fax +49 (0)2572/928-204

Seminars for commerce and trade TECElux – integrated functions in the new WC-Terminal 09.04.2013 in Wuppertal 14.05.2013 in Emsdetten Practice-based intensive seminars on TECE flushing and curtain wall systems 18.04.2013 in Neustetten 23.05.2013 in Emsdetten 06.06.2013 in Diepersdorf-Leinburg 27.06.2013 in Wuppertal 11.07.2013 in Wuppertal Modern potable water installation – consequences of the revised German Ordinance on Potable Water 25.04.2013 in Wuppertal 16.05.2013 in Emsdetten 20.06.2013 in Emsdetten Building drainage – system of single outlet and line 17.04.2013 in Diepersdorf-Leinburg 18.04.2013 in Wuppertal 28.05.2013 in Emsdetten 18.06.2013 in Wuppertal Convenience and design in the barrier-free bathroom – how demands become solutions 07.06.2013 in Neustettenw 13.06.2013 in Emsdetten 09.07.2013 in Wuppertal 11.07.2013 in Diepersdorf-Leinburg

Seminars for architects and planners POINT. LINE. SEALED! Practical knowledge composite seal in sanitary facilities 24.04.2013 in Mönchengladbach 28.05.2013 in Frankfurt/Main The bathroom in times of change 18.06.2013 at the Mercedes Benz Museum in Stuttgart 19.06.2013 at the Zeppelin Museum in Friedrichshafen

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Robert Schilling

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