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Red brass: On the safe side with regard to the TVO

The ultimate fittings from TECE Dear reader, „Secondary drainage“ is currently a hotly discussed topic. It serves its purpose in outdoor areas to avoid frost damage when water runs under tiles. But in shower channels? Some time ago, the sealing in bath­ rooms changed from a bitumen layer to a composite seal - where there‘s no frost. In our laboratory, we investigated the myth of water leaking below tiles. Result: In shower channels, secondary drainage is often even a reason for complaints. If the level in the channel rises during showering, the dirty water sloshes into the secondary drainage openings. The capillary action sucks a mixture of hair, soap residue and flakes of skin below the tiles. That‘s the opposite of hygienic! And the odour that can arise may make the complete refurbishment of the bathroom floor necessary. … Read more on page 2. We hope you enjoy the read!

Thomas Fehlings

More stringent limits for lead in potable water will apply from 1 December 2013. For contractors, this means adjusting the material in good time in order to meet the German Ordinance on Potable Water. TECE offers two options for maximum safety.


2013 Red brass or PPSU: TECE offers two options for compliance with the new Ordinance on Potable Water.

The German Ordinance on Potable Water (TVO) will become law and the following applies from 1 December: Of the new lead limit of 0.01 mg per litre, a maximum of 0.005 mg can be introduced by the installation system. Action is needed: The DVGW (German Technical and Scientific Association for Gas and Water) does not exclude the possibility of the lead limit being exceeded with DR brass. The more stringent limit can only be reliably met with the metals recommended by the Federal Environment Agency for contact with potable water. But beware! The Federal Environment Agency‘s positive list only looks at the hygienic aspects. Corrosion is not taken into consideration. TECE has therefore already extended its range: For both the classic TECEflex composite pipe and the TECElogo push-fitting systems, there are fittings made of red brass – the ultimate material when it comes to potable water hygiene. “Not only is the material safe, the flow properties have been optimised thanks to the casting method,” explains Olaf Altepost, product manager at TECE.

CEO Red brass overcomes all hurdles Red brass has optimum corrosion properties, can be manufactured without joints

and has the best image among contractors. The Federal Environment Agency has confirmed the high hygienic quality; for potable water use, this classic material is also suitable for use in unfavourable conditions. Standardised red brass in accordance with DIN 50930-6/EN 1982 can be used without restriction for all potable water installations. TECE combines the “supermaterial” with the traditional qualities of TECEflex: The TECEflex fittings made of red brass are naturally O-ring free and approved for potable water, heating, compressed air and gas.

They are characterised by low pressure loss, low noise level and high energy efficiency. Everything else is best TECEflex quality: The axial pressing technique is error-tolerant and the maintenance state of the pressing tools does not affect the processing safety. The new all-round fitting is dimensionally stable and resistant to erosion as well as corrosion through dezincification and stress corrosion cracking – and available from the outset in dimensions 16 to 63 millimetres.


PPSU is good and low-cost

A real myth: Leakage water below tiles ...... Page 2

TECE consciously chose red brass for the new generation of fittings – but the material isn‘t cheap. The ideal economical alternative is PPSU.

Seal System: new online platform ............. Page 2

TECE was one of the first companies to develop a range of fittings made of poly­ phenylsulfone (PPSU). Even the most aggressive potable water and acids can‘t damage this modern high-performance plastic.

Seminars: in cooperation with Sopro ...... Page 2 Object: TECElux in the „Rheinvorlandspeicher“........... Page 3 Expert‘s tip: „ceramic-Air“extraction set ..... Page 3 Insights: TECEfloor universal panel ....... Page 4 Practical tip: assembly feet of the TECEdrainpoint S ......... ­ Page 4

Reduce costs by combining: PPSU fittings are an ideal supplement to red brass pipe connectors.

PPSU stands up to the test day-to-day on the construction site – thanks to its low weight, easy handling and transport and simple storage. PPSU is robust and durable, impact-resistant and corrosion-free. PPSU boasts high strength and stability even at higher temperatures, under pressure and in contact with chemicals. The material remains dimensionally stable and is flame-resistant and even self-extin-

guishing. A practically unbreakable material with diverse shaping options: PPSU can be injection moulded and extruded. And can be used in place of red brass in many cases – and even with a 50 percent cost saving. The TECE potable water range enables you to combine PPSU and red brass. „With the PPSU fittings, we are offering a low-cost alternative to metal fittings,“ says Olaf Altepost, TECE product manager. The TECE fittings in PPSU are equally suited for use in potable water and heating systems. They are available in dimensions 16 to 50 millimetres (TECElogo) and 16 to 25 millimetres (TECEflex).


October 2013 | issue 10

Film document from the TECE research laboratory provides clarification

Myth: Leakage water below tiles Let the water pour: In the TECE research laboratory in Emsdetten, the secondary or leakage water drainage was subject to a test. Under black light, it is clear that the additional sealing layer is unnecessary today, and can even be damaging.

Seal System logo on packaging Quality seals on packages stand for certified quality: The Seal System logo communicates exactly these properties; it stands for 100 % tightness. Products with the seal passed combination tests at a DiBT-certified institute. The TECEdrainline and TECE­drainpoint S packages already have the Seal System logo. Things are also moving in the area of construction chemicals: For example, RYWA GmbH has also marked its packages with the Seal System logo. The message is clear: Get certified! “If you want to be one step ahead of the competition, the product must have the best properties. And must also communicate this,” says Martin Krabbe, Technical Manager at TECE. Partners from the very beginning can use the Seal System logo without additional costs and for an unlimited time period. This includes use on the product packaging. Only products that have passed the combination tests can bear the seal. Mr Krabbe: “The Seal System logo on the product packaging simplifies communication. Plumbers, tilers and layers of natural stone can immediately see that mutual usability has been tested and certified for these products.“

The test was carried out with fluorescent water, transparent glass tiles and two different types of shower channels. Both a joint-free closed channel body and a product with secondary drainage at the height of the tile underside were used. After they were sealed, the tiles were laid with a standard joint using the thin-bed method and grouted to meet wet room

conditions The joint between the channel body and tiles was sealed with silicone. What happens when water seeps below the tiles? Does the flow of water need to be drained via a transverse joint in the upper part of the shower channel? How does the water manage to get below the tiles? These are the questions tilers, fitters as well as concerned clients are asking. Especially when building experts demand secondary drainage. The experiment was documented on camera. And this revealed that drainage water is a popular misconception. The principle of secondary drainage cannot be applied to modern composite seals. Using black light it is quite easy to see

An experiment confirms: sooner or later, shower channels with leakage water openings become a real problem.

that none of the fluorescent test water can seep through the joints or through the closed shower channel into the floor structure. There is no serious inflow of water even when the joints are cracked or deliberately destroyed. Thanks to improved grouting material only minute quantities of water are able to pass through – and even these minute amounts are able permeate up through the joints and dry.

No huge inflow of water There are problems with channels with leakage water openings: when the water builds up in the channel, it rises up to the tile level. That is where capillary action takes hold: waste shower water, including soap residue, hair and flakes of skin, is forced through the openings and under the tiles. Moisture and contamination penetrate several centimetres into the mortar bed, which can lead to real hygiene problems and distinctly unpleasant odours. Conclusion: If you install a shower channel, you should ensure there is professional sealing under the tile adhesive, and make sure that openings and cavities where the channel is installed are permanently sealed. To view the video of the TECE experiment go to:

New online platform for standardised certification system Compact information, photos from seminars and statements – these are just a few things to be found on the new Seal System blog. The online platform provides key information – and will make you want to know more. Seal System, the certification initiative of renowned composite seals with point and linear drainage in sanitary facilities, has increased the demand for information. In addition to a comprehensive internet site, the Seal System blog provides a

lot of insights, background information and materials relating to the crossstandard quality seal for tightness. Anyone who deals with Seal System can contribute to the blog. Quotes and snapshots, video clips and notes, information on events and experience reports can all be found here. The Seal System blog acts not only as a news portal and ideas exchange in the industry, it also provides a fun introduction to a somewhat complex topic.

Seal System seminars in cooperation with Sopro Bauchemie Seal System has closed an important gap in the standards. “But certification alone isn’t everything. The important thing now is to implement Seal System in practice,” says TECE Academy seminar manager Robert Schilling. Seal System is a relevant topic in retail and the trades as well as for architects and designer. To ensure the optimum transfer of knowledge closely related to practice, TECE and seal manufacturer Sopro have developed a joint seminar programme for drainage technology. The workshop entitled “Praxiswissen Verbundabdichtung in Sanitärräumen” [practical knowledge for composite seals in sanitary facilities] is proving very popular.


What’s special about this is that the construction chemical experts and the building service application specialists from TECE are joining forces to provide information on the topic – covering all aspects and from different perspectives. The focus here is on the interaction of the slurry seal coating with point and linear drains. Schilling: “This offering has been very well received by participants, because the focus is on practical knowledge relating to the installation of drainage components. And it is geared towards the particular target group.” The seminar has already been recognised as further training by various architecture associations. Further events will follow.

The cooperation seminars from TECE and Sopro look at the practical aspects of the latest drainage solutions.

Seven toilet terminals on floor number seven

“Speicher 7” contains TECElux for boss and guests In Mannheim’s harbour area, a prominent building is set to become a new architectural landmark: The “Rheinvorlandspeicher” warehouse has been renovated to create a modern “green building”. In the Schmucker und Partner architecture office – which was behind the idea for the project – TECElux is a demonstration object and provides higher day-to-day comfort. Millions of tons of grain used to be stored in the eye-catching concrete building on the bank of the Rhine. Today, “Speicher 7” is an exemplary renovation project in the city of Mannheim. Seven investors were involved in the huge project. The result: a restaurant, a hotel with yoga centre and spacious business premises. The architects Schmucker und Partner – initiators of the planned building work – have their sanctuary on the top floor. The

team worked for more than three years on the concept to revitalise the storage block. The objective was to reveal the authentic charm of the harbour warehouse and at the same time make it suitable for modern-day use. TECElux can be found in the sanitary facilities for executive management and visitors. The design of the toilet terminal immediately appealed to the architects, and made them curious as to what was hidden behind the extremely flat glass facing. That this covers both the large inspection opening, cistern, connections for water and power as well as the odour extraction and height adjustment mechanisms is a deft touch that only becomes apparent at second glance. All the mechanisms are concealed in the wall.

For presentation and demonstration

The architects use TECElux not only for their everyday comfort, but also as a demonstration object.

Simple aesthetics and good future prospects: With TECElux, all options are preinstalled – and it is therefore ready for future demands. A product that is not just suitable for cross-generational building, but that also scores points for room design. The Schmucker planning office works on technologically challenging buildings such as

Prestige project at Mannheim harbour: The “Rheinvorlandspeicher” warehouse has been successfully renovated and undergone a change in use.

hospitals – and can directly demonstrate the toilet terminal to its customers. From the basement to the very top floor: Building service applications from TECE were installed multiple times in the eightmillion euro prestige project. In addition to the TECEbasika Basic grease separator with a 200-litre sludge trap and duo lifting system, TECEprofil universal modules with preinstalled concealed cisterns were also used. The pre-wall system proved its worth for use in different installation situations in this building from 1957. The original stylistic elements of the warehouse were combined with the TECE design push plates: TECEsquare made of white glass and TECEplanus urinal electronics flush-mounted in the plaster. Numerous design options, the latest technology and sensible costings – all this won over the building client once again.

From football stadium to bathroom showpiece The TECE field service employees have been keeping their eyes peeled for TECElux, and reveal where the toilet terminal is currently being used. The focus here is always on the combination of design and functionality.

Before - a room with “nostalgic” charm (top), after - a design-optimised oasis of well-being including TECElux (bottom): The changes are popular in the Bernhard Klügge design office for building service applications (Harsewinkel).

In the heritage-protected area of the Grundig Stadium, home of football club 1. FC Nürnberg, the VIP and media area is currently undergoing renovation. TECElux is the ideal match for the tiles in the club’s colour – real premier league restrooms are being built here.

A bit rustic: What the TECElux functions would look like if they were put together in an “improvised” way. In the Hanse-Haus showroom in Oberleichtersbach, this installation is displayed next to TECElux (right).

Expert’s tip:

André Meiermann is product manager for flushing technology at TECE

TECElux cleans the air without heat loss The toilet terminal TECElux integrates new functions invisibly in the wall – including the odour trap and odour filter. The newly developed system from TECE is called ceramic-Air. Obtrusive room sprays and scented candles have had their day in sanitary facilities. With ceramic-Air, TECE is presenting a new generation of air fresheners. What’s special about this is that unpleasant odours are extracted directly from the toilet ceramics the cleaned air is then fed back into the room. There is no need for fresh air from out- side, which then needs to be heated. That saves energy. Thanks to a sensor control, ceramicAir starts as soon as someone approaches the toilet. The air purification system needs to be neither controlled nor stopped, and electricity is not used unnecessarily. The system is independent of the ventilation line and operates autonomously; interfaces are not required. The ceramic activated carbon filter at its heart works invisibly, quietly and without obtrusive perfumes. The filter has a long life and only has to be replaced after around five years. In short: a durable and low-maintenance technology. However, if there are good reasons to carry out maintenance, the large inspection opening behind the elegant glass facing gives the trade professional room to move. Incidentally: ceramic-Air is part of the TECElux 400 toilet terminal and can be retrofitted in the 100 and 200 models.


October 2013 | issue 10

Practical tip: During installation of floor drains, it is important to be able to flexibly adapt the height. This can be done easily and safely with the assembly feet of the TECEdrainpoint S point drain: The feet can be continuously adjusted between 64  and 165    millimetres via the adjusting screws – without the need for tools. The position of the drain remains secure during the construction process thanks to the mounting screws. If necessary, subsequent trades can further optimise the height of the drain body. How it’s done: First, clip the assembly feet into the universal flange of the Drainpoint S drain, then fix the drain at the required position using the screws provided and adjust the height as required using the adjusting wheel of the assembly feet. Finally, press the noise insulation caps onto the fixing screws. That’s it. The fitter can lay and connect the drain line and check it for tightness – and can leave the construction site without a worry, because the risk of the drain line slipping from the nozzle and springing a leak as a result of subsequent building work is minimal. For higher sound insulation, the just 6 millimetre thick sound-proofing mat TECEdrainbase can be laid. The noise insulation caps of the assembly feet ensure that no sound is transferred via the fixing screws. The construction therefore has optimum sound absorption. Christian Schmalzel, product manager

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Comfortabel, pragmatic and safe

Praise for the TECEfloor universal panel “ Not bad!“ is how Westphalians express the highest praise – it’s meant as a big pat on the shoulder. It was good to hear a “Not bad!“ for the new TECEfloor universal panel (UP) after a somewhat tricky assembly situation in a two-family house. When the floor heating was laid over 90

Tricky installation situations? The new TECEfloor universal panel proves a well-conceived solution.

Tips Systems laid with sheet aluminium over the complete area are more efficient and achieve full-area, fast heat distribution and higher performance with the same spacing distances. Full- area system elements do not have any hollow areas, they can be directly covered with tiles or laminate with special insulation mats. The 25 millimetre dry screed otherwise needed because of structural requirements can be omitted. In the dry - wall construction method, the minimum thermal resistance against adjacent heated rooms of 0.75 m² K/W must  also  be  met. During renovation, the existing structure often does not ensure this, and the system elements should therefore have the minimum value.

New practice seminars ensure knowledge advantage The TECE seminars deal with various sanitation, heating and air conditioning topics. The programme for participants from retail and the trades has now been extended. There are also recognised training options for architects and designers. Use, try out, get a feel for – that’s TECE’s motto, and it applies for all seminars. The aim: giving participants a knowledge advantage. TECE bases the programme on the latest topics: from product developments through to revised standards, from innovative technology through to known practical challenges. The seminars for retail and the trades are summarised in a new seminar brochure. “Renovation

Robert Schilling (TECE Academy seminar manager) shows numerous application examples from practice.

in the existing assets” and “TECE design in the bathroom” have been added to the diverse range of topics on offer. The following applies for all training events: from professionals for professionals – all training managers and trainers have practical experience and are certified. Architects and designers can also expand their knowledge in the TECE seminars. A few events have also been recognised as further training by the professional associations. For example: The drainage technology seminar is certified by the engineering association Bau in Nordrhein-Westfalen in accordance with the applicable training regulations (FuWO). Applications have also been submitted for similar recognition for other seminars.

Seminars for retail and the trades (in Germany)

Responsible in keeping with the German press laws: Norbert Thomas, TECE GmbH

Modern potable water installation – effects of the revised German Ordinance on Potable Water 16 / 09 / 2013 in Wuppertal 16 / 10 / 2013 in Diepersdorf-Leinburg 17 / 10 / 2013 in Neustetten 16 / 10 / 2013 in Wuppertal 24 / 10 / 2013 in Emsdetten 12 / 11 / 2013 in Diepersdorf-Leinburg 13 / 11 / 2013 in Neustetten 10 / 12 / 2013 in Emsdetten 16 / 01 / 2014 in Emsdetten

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Seminars for architects and designers (in Germany)

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POINT. LINIE. SEALED! Composite seals in sanitary facilities 03 / 09 / 2013 in Gelsenkirchen 10 / 09 / 2013 in Gelsenkirchen


square metres in the dry-wall construction method, the room geometry presented a problem. A test design was first carried out to position the system sheets between chimneys, jamb strengthening members and boxing. It quickly became clear that TECEfloor UP is easy to use; the inlet lines could be installed with a heat-cutting machine in compensating elements and heads. A sophisticated system that enables you to act quickly and easily in practice. The TECEfloor universal panel also has something to offer from a heating point of view: Together with a special load distribution and insulation mat with good thermal conduction properties, the heating elements can be directly covered with tiles or laminate without heavy storage masses. The result: a heating system that reacts quickly and enables requirementsdriven heating - particularly in transition periods - with low flow temperatures.

Building drainage – point and line with a system 19 / 09 / 2013 in Emsdetten 24 / 09 / 2013 in Diepersdorf-Leinburg 25 / 09 / 2013 in Neustetten 22 / 10 / 2013 in Diepersdorf-Leinburg 23 / 10 / 2013 in Neustetten 20 / 11 / 2013 in Wuppertal 05 / 12 / 2013 in Emsdetten 15 / 01 / 2014 in Diepersdorf-Leinburg 16 / 01 / 2014 in Neustetten

TGA expert forum, fire protection 01 / 10 / 2013 in Leverkusen 09 / 10 / 2013 in Nuremberg 17 / 10 / in Berlin 24 / 10 / 2013 in Hamburg

Renovation in the existing assets 22 / 10 / 2013 in Emsdetten 14 / 01 / 2014 in Wuppertal 28 / 01 / 2014 in Diepersdorf-Leinburg 29 / 01 / 2014 in Neustetten Comfort and design in the accessible bathroom – how demands can become solutions 05 / 11 / 2013 in Diepersdorf-Leinburg 06 / 11 / 2013 in Neustetten 19 / 11 / 2013 in Iserlohn 23 / 01 / 2014 in Iserlohn

Practical intensive seminar for TECE flushing and pre-wall systems 01 / 10 / 2013 in Diepersdorf-Leinburg 02 / 10 / 2013 in Neustetten 29 / 10 / 2013 in Wuppertal 03 / 12 / 2013 in Emsdetten 21 / 01 / 2014 in Emsdetten TECE design in the bathroom 11 / 12 / 2013 in Neustetten 12 / 12 / 2013 in Diepersdorf-Leinburg 28 / 01 / 2014 in Wuppertal

Barrier-free building 12 / 09 / 2013 in Iserlohn 26 / 11 / 2013 in Iserlohn

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