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Time flies and we are already halfway through 2018! Thinking of how to map out your next step in your academic journey? Look no further! An education with Republic Polytechnic (RP) is thoroughly fulfilling as you can look forward to explore your passions, learn meaningfully and develop a well-rounded skillset. Our students are empowered with the ability to write their own narratives and spark positive change in society, regardless of their field of work. Or as we call them: everyday heroes. This issue, we highlight RP’s very own heroes. Read about our inspiring students and lecturers who are tackling real-world problems with their innovations on page 28. And on page 20, check out how RP’s overseas internship opportunities are putting our students on the map! Wonder what else is in store? Check out page 26, where three scholarship recipients reveal their secrets to academic success. On page 50, you’ll find out how our alumni have benefitted from lifelong learning at RP. Hint: they’ve gained a fast track to successful employment and career advancement! Last but certainly not least, for those of you who’d like to join our squad, look no further than page 16, where we share the stories of students who scored a place in RP via the Early Admissions Exercise. Don’t worry, all you’ll need is thirst for learning, a sense of adventure and the discipline to succeed, no superhero powers or cape needed.





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SUPERSIZE YOUR RP is the first and only school to offer the Diploma in Sports Coaching as well as the

Diploma in Marine Science & Aquaculture!

RP has

42 100% COURSES across



of RP’s final year students gain internship opportunities through our network of over


industry partners.

Beating cyber attack simulations, whipping up complex 3D prints, conducting aquatic bioresearch and more – tinker around to your heart’s content at the cool facilities on our campus! With new additions like Supply Chain Innovation Lab and Foley Arts Studio, these state-of-the-art hangouts are specially designed to give students practical hands-on experience!

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over 180 students

In 2017, embarked on overseas internships across

17 countries!

RP is buzzing with exciting art-centric events all year round! Events such as Momentum Dance Festival, IGNITE! Music Festival and REFLECTIONS highlight students’ multifaceted talents, and reflect our diverse and vibrant campus life.

Student Overseas Trips Pack your bags and head off on the adventure of a lifetime. At RP, students are offered enriching and dynamic learning experiences that go beyond the classroom and straight into countries like Japan, South Korea,

New Zealand, India and more!

Mentor-Mentee Engagement Much like a real-life fairy godparent, all full-time students are assigned a staff mentor throughout their education journey at RP. Be it imparting academic advice, sharing learning strategies or lending valuable support, your mentor will always have your back!

Uniting dance enthusiasts of all ages, the Momentum Dance Festival inspires youths to broaden their dance horizons through eye-opening showcases, exciting competitions and fringe performances!

IGNITE! Music Festival is an annual student-led musical extravaganza that culminates in a vibrant showcase of the best of local music – think familiar acts such as ShiGGa Shay, The Sam Willows, Gentle Bones and more!

A month-long celebration of music, dance, theatre, and visual arts, Reflections Community Arts Festival provides budding youth talents and creative veterans an inspiring platform for diverse artistic expression.

The first polytechnic to adopt the

Problem-based Learning (PBL) approach, students learn by solving real problems that mirror current industry trends and issues. Through PBL, students are transformed into ‘workplace superheroes’, ready to tackle challenges, even before graduation!

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9:00am We’re kick-starting our day with a field trip to the DHL Advance Regional Centre, to learn all about warehouse safety!

Of e f i L e h T A Day In

erstand Want to und ies of the intricac t? Managemen in a h C ly p Sup r 2 students a e Y h it w g Tag alon and Tammy i, e W n u J , ah John, Syahir glimpse! g in n e p -o e y for an e

11:10am To ensure their safety while working at height, employees have to strap on fall protection harnesses before accessing items stored on upper-level racks. Watching the staff being lifted to dizzying heights really drives home the importance of observing proper safety measures!

Discover 4



Before breaking into small groups to begin our tour of the warehouse, DHL’s Operations Manager, Mr Lester Chim, gives us a rundown of the safety rules we should observe.

From barrier rails to floor marking tape to proper pallet storage and more, we learn how to spot basic safety hazards and discover the preventive measures that are put in place.

So this is what a spill kit looks like!

I wonder how many packages are stored here...



While touring the premise, we came across a spill kit. Mr Chim explained that these kits allow employees to safely contain and clean up hazardous chemicals.

Venturing into the dense aisles of storage, we observe important safety protocols such as following safe working loads and installing suitable racking systems.

Say cheese!

11:30am At the end of the tour, we thanked our DHL guides for the valuable insights on warehouse operations and safety. Thereafter, we took the opportunity to commemorate this trip with a group photo!

Discover 5

Thinkinng! Caps O

1:30pm 1:40pm We’re back in the Supply Chain Innovation Lab! Our lecturer, Mr Nicholas Chiang, runs through the industry safety protocols we witnessed during our field trip to reinforce our learning.

Mr Nicholas challenges the class to an interactive game of “Spot The Safety Hazard”.

Why is it important to wear PPE?

Presentation Time

2:30pm As a team, we present our Problem-based Learning scenario and share our findings with the class.

2:00pm As Mr Nicholas guides us through the process of generating an industry-standard Risk Assessment Checklist, we realise that field trip has definitely made it easier for us to identify, evaluate and manage safety hazards.

3:30pm Our lesson concludes with an observational tour around the Supply Chain Innovation Lab. What we’ve learned today brings new meaning to the existing warehouse safety measures in the lab. What a fruitful day!

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Mr Nicholas Chiang

Lecturer School of Engineering (SEG) The Diploma in Supply Chain Management (DSCM) offered by SEG develops students into highly sought after professionals by equipping them with the knowledge, skills and competencies needed to excel. A distinguishing feature that sets RP apart is Problem-based Learning, which exposes students to practical problem-solving. Apart from gaining a better understanding of the topic, students develop the skills needed to tackle industry challenges even before stepping into the field.

John Foo Dun Shen Diploma in Supply Chain Management School of Engineering Year 2

Tan Kai Zhen Tammy Diploma in Supply Chain Management School of Engineering Year 2

RP SEG students are groomed to be industry-ready. With on-campus facilities such as the Republic Polytechnic Industry Centre, as well as resources and opportunities to visit established logistics companies, my learning experience has been enriched. This prepares me for the next step: entering the industry after graduation.

What I enjoy most about being in DSCM are the insights I have gained into the industry. Prior to joining DSCM, I paid little attention to how the supply chain industry is integrated into different business sectors such as e-commerce and our everyday lives. I aspire to work in the supply chain sector after graduation and this diploma has equipped me with the skillsets to excel in the industry.

Nur Syahirah Bte Samsuddin Diploma in Supply Chain Management School of Engineering Year 2

Goh Jun Wei Diploma in Supply Chain Management School of Engineering Year 2

Being an RP student has given me learning opportunities through meaningful experiences. I had the opportunity to visit Vietnam as part of RP’s Student Overseas Trip programme. It was an eye-opening trip as we gained firsthand knowledge about how different segments of the supply chain operate overseas. But it wasn’t all work and no play; in our spare time, we had fun visiting local places of interest and learning about Vietnamese culture.

My journey at RP has been a unique experience supported by passionate lecturers and fun classmates. Not only have I gained practical knowledge through the curriculum and the industry-standard resources given, RP’s Problem-based Learning approach has given me strong presentation and problem-solving skills.

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RYAN HENG BOON CHOON Diploma in Biotechnology School of Applied Science Year 2

I love being able to solve complex problems! Since I’m studying biotechnology, I have the opportunity to conduct in-depth Biology research and study ways to effectively counter diseases. I aim to

help people lead healthier lifestyles by sharing what I’ve learned, such as the influence of genetics and the importance of a good diet!

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NIKHITA GANESH Diploma in Mass Communication School of Management and Communication Year 3

In mass communications, we have the opportunity to cover stories of people from all walks of life. We are able to share their perspectives and experiences, and also

spread positive and progressive messages.

ing RP These inspir e e paving th students ar future, way for the ! er at a time one semest

In turn, I hope that our society will be inspired to be more open-minded and accepting of others.

Discover 9

Never underestimate the power of technological knowledge. As IT forms an integral part of our world today, I aspire to apply what I’ve learned so that we can

accelerate and advance our society. This is especially

important for industries such as healthcare – being able to have new tech breakthroughs in robotics or artificial intelligence can revolutionise how healthcare is delivered.

JESSICA PANG SHI HUI Diploma in Business Applications School of Infocomm Year 3

Discover 10

As a hospitality student, I have gained the

powers to mediate and manage conflict. There are many challenges in the hospitality line, like dealing with difficult customers. However, thanks to this course, I’ve learned how to interact with people confidently and make them feel at ease.

ERFAN AMEERUDY B RAMLEE Diploma in Hotel & Hospitality Management School of Hospitality Year 2

SASITHON SIRIKULTAWAT Diploma in Media Production & Design School of Technology for the Arts Year 2

Equipped with a creative mind, I have the ability to create mesmerising visuals that effectively capture the audience’s

CHUA HAO EN Diploma in Engineering Design with Business School of Engineering Year 3

Having a good engineering foundation gets me closer to my dream of inventing

technology that could help reduce the

effects of global warming!

attention to raise awareness

for important causes!

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LIOW JIAN CHENG, JAVIER Diploma in Outdoor & Adventure Learning School of Sports, Health and Leisure Year 2

I’ve had many educational and meaningful lessons, such as conducting outdoor activities for the less fortunate and experiencing what it’s like to live with disability. The experiences have

helped me to better understand and adapt to

each individual’s unique needs.

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with to pus is abuzz m a c P R e h my! T round! etitions, oh p m o c , nts all year s e e v c e ra d , n ls a a s v ti ie Fes activit of exciting

23 June 2018 Orienteering Workshop

Thinking of entering the tourism and hospitality scene? Join RP School of Hospitality’s annual Hospitality Race to score a preview! In teams, race around the RP campus to complete seven Business and Hospitality-themed challenges, while gaining eye-opening insights into the sectors and opportunities this dynamic industry has to offer. During the finals on 18 June 2018, teams will pit their skills to develop a themed-event showcase and cook a wellness cuisine. Ready, get set, go!

Calling all adventure lovers – it’s time to go orienteering! Organised by RP School of Sports, Health and Leisure, this half-day workshop helps you develop orienteering skills, using the latest technology to push through outdoor challenges that require both brains and brawn! Are you game?



18 June 2018 Hospitality Race 2018 (Finals)

Discover 13

27 to 28 July 2018 19 July 2018 BizWellness Competition 2018

(Team Presentation, Judging and Award Ceremony) Budding wellness entrepreneurs go head to head in the exciting finals of BizWellness Challenge Competition 2018! Organised by RP’s Diploma in Wellness & Hospitality Business, come show your support and witness the finalists’ entrepreneurial mettle as they showcase their innovative business ideas in a bid to snag the grand prize!

IGNITE! Music Festival 2018 What do Gentle Bones, The Sam Willows, ShiGGa Shay, and THELIONCITYBOY have in common? These past performers have all earned their spot on the IGNITE! Music Festival alumni roster! In its 11th year, RP’s annual student-led music fest provides a platform for the best of local talent – 2017 saw a whopping 14,000 fans and attendees across two days! Apart from epic music showcases, there’ll be fun fringe activities and booths at the Festival Village to keep you thoroughly entertained. The best news? It’s free of charge! Email:


July to August 2018 Get “High” With Us On An Adventure It’s time to get real “high”. In this half-day session conducted by RP School of Sports, Health and Leisure, you’ll be braving height-related elements such as Sport Climbing and Abseiling alongside RP students from the Diploma in Outdoor & Adventure Learning! Adrenaline junkies, are you ready? Email:

Discover 14

September 2018 Digital Business Challenge Harness your potential for the challenging worlds of Business and Marketing through RP School of Management and Communication’s Digital Business Challenge! Through this nationwide inter-secondary school competition, you will be equipped with design thinking, digital marketing and e-commerce tools, to showcase your best marketing and business ideas on a digital retail platform. Email: /

October 2018 DiscoverIT From IT-related workshops to RP campus facility tours and company visits to prestigious organisations such as Singtel Cyber Security Institute and Carousell, take part in RP School of Infocomm’s DiscoverIT and learn more about the buzzing IT industry and the many career opportunities available! Email: /

Science and Mathematics Pursuit 2018 Put your thinking caps on ‘cause it’s time for the ninth edition of the Science and Mathematics Pursuit! Jointly organised by RP School of Applied Science for secondary schools in the north and west zones, embark on a competitive, two-day learning journey to put your mathematics and science skills to the test! Email:

25 October to 10 November 2018 Reflection Arts Festival 2018 In its 12th edition, Reflection Arts Festival is a celebration of music, dance, theatre, and visual arts. Organised by CREATE Club for artists and art lovers alike, expect a myriad of showcases, art exhibitions and workshops aiming to illustrate the dynamic and

diverse range across performance genres. Past collaborators include Don Richmond, Riduan Zalani, Hossan Leong, and many more – there’s definitely something for everyone at this annual festival! Email:

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RP? ights set on s r u o y e v a gh H ith us throu w t o p s a Score dmissions the Early A E) for Exercise (EA ents! l stud GCE O-Leve

EAE is an aptitude-based admission exercise that allows graduating secondary school students to apply and receive conditional offers into their preferred diploma course prior to taking the GCE O-Level exams.

EAE FAQ Why should I apply for EAE?

Look out for triedand-tested interview tips from our RP EAE students!

Have a dream diploma course in mind? Applying for EAE gives you an opportunity to get ahead by snagging a spot in your desired course even before sitting for the GCE O-Levels.

When does EAE start? GCE O-Level students can submit their EAE application in June 2018. Log on to for more details.

What is a conditional offer? Candidates who receive a conditional offer for EAE will have to obtain a net ELR2B2 aggregate score of 26 points or better for the GCE O-Levels exams, and meet the Minimum Entry Requirements for their selected course to fully qualify for polytechnic admission.

What can I expect? Applicants should show strong aptitude and interest in a specific course or field of study. Non-academic talents and achievements will be recognised. Shortlisted candidates may be required to attend an aptitude test or interview. Need more details?

Head over to to find out more!

Discover 16

WHY EAE? HEAR IT STRAIGHT FROM OUR EAE STUDENTS WHO SNAGGED A PLACE IN RP BEFORE ANYONE ELSE! Why did you aspire to join RP? I knew that RP’s Diploma in Outdoor & Adventure Learning (DOAL) would provide me with the knowledge and opportunities to be a positive influence on the youths, just like how my CCA instructors were my role models back in secondary school.

Why choose to apply via EAE? Participating in EAE allowed me to secure my spot in DOAL before my results were released, instead of having to apply via JAE like everyone else. Through attending EAE workshops and talks, I gained a clear picture of what the course entailed.



If you’re feeling nervous, try some breathing exercises to calm your nerves. Visualise your goal of getting into EAE. With that in mind, you will feel less anxious while appearing more driven and confident.

How has your education journey at RP been thus far? RP’s Problem-based Learning (PBL) method allows me to actively participate in the learning process, which helps me absorb information better, and improve my concentration during classes. Additionally, PBL gives me the opportunity to learn and interact with my peers. The lecturers have also been very beneficial to my learning and development as a student.

LIM YU HUNG BENNETT Diploma in Outdoor & Adventure Learning School of Sports, Health and Leisure Year 2



Knowing the importance of self-presentation, I made the effort to dress smartly. I also ensured that my portfolio had all the documents, awards and certifications I needed, arranged in order of relevance.

Why did you enrol in RP’s Diploma in Aviation Management (DAVM) ?

MUHAMMAD NURHAKIM B NURAMIN Diploma in Aviation Management School of Engineering Year 2

I joined the course as I have a tenacious passion for aviation, and hope to achieve my ultimate goal of being a pilot!

What are your best moments as an RP student so far? When our class attended an immersion programme organised by DAVM, I got the unique chance to visit the Boeing Training

Facility. There, I gained first-hand experience of the equipment and facilities, including a Boeing 747 flight simulator! This opportunity further motivated me to do well, so I can turn my goals into reality.

Why should prospective students join RP through EAE? An education in RP is a good stepping stone, especially since the school has provided me with ample resources to prep me for my future career. If you have an idea of what you’d like to pursue, then EAE is definitely right for you!

Discover 17



To stand out, do extensive research on the diploma and note down interesting pointers about the course structure and modules. This highlights your interest and will come in useful when answering interview questions.

Share with us your EAE experience at RP I was already determined to take up events management, but my interest in RP’s Diploma in Integrated Events Management (DIEM) was piqued after hearing about my senior’s interesting experiences. I am glad I made the decision to apply via EAE as I was able to secure a spot in my desired course ahead of everyone else! Furthermore, I have been given plenty of fun learning opportunities that allow me to grow as an individual and develop my skills. IHSAN RIDZWAN B AZMAN Diploma in Biomedical Sciences School of Applied Science Year 2

How has Problem-based Learning (PBL) enhanced your learning experience? With PBL, we are able to apply the key concepts learned in class onto real-world situations. The practical hands-on activities create an enjoyable learning environment that keeps me engaged! As part of a course module, our class organised a school-wide charity drive where we facilitated the collection and donation of goods to the Singapore Red Cross. To pull off this project, we had the opportunity to put our knowledge into practice. It was a fruitful learning experience!

CHEYENNE TAN JIE WEN Diploma in Integrated Events Management School of Hospitality Year 2



Create a list of potential questions and rehearse your answers so you can be mentally prepared. During the interview, speak confidently and elaborate on your answers before the interviewer has to prompt you for more information.

KERINE TEO CUI LING Diploma in Consumer Behaviour & Research School of Management and Communication Year 2

Discover 18

What is the best thing about being an RP student? As RP students, we are able to attend many interesting workshops and entrepreneurial talks after school.

This has helped me gain soft skills that are beneficial to my future career. And apart from honing my aptitude for critical thinking and problem-solving, the team presentations that come with RP’s PBL method has helped boost my confidence in public speaking, and improved my communication skills.

Why should potential students join RP’s EAE? If you are clear on your passion and interests in a particular course like I was, sign up for EAE. It is a great opportunity for you to secure a place in your dream course!

PBL is definitely beneficial as we do not simply learn textbook theories. Instead, we develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills that will be crucial in the working field.

After being accepted into RP through EAE, I could concentrate on passing my GCE O-Level without having to worry about competing with other students for a spot in the course!

How has your education journey in RP been so far?

Why did you choose to enrol into RP’s Diploma in Biomedical Sciences (DBMS)?

My experiences so far have been great! RP’s PBL approach allows students to apply what they’ve learned during the day onto problems based on real-world contexts. This enhances our learning. When school first started, everyone was shy but we started to bond and finally learned how to work well together.

I chose to join DBMS because I love science. My passion began after I started out watching science-related fitness videos. From there, I ventured out into nutrition and anatomical science – I knew there was so much more for me to learn, thus I decided to join DBMS to boost my knowledge.

How has your DBMS experience been so far? I have enjoyed my Year 1 journey as I am learning alongside friends who share the same interest. After joining DBMS, I’m certain that I would like to pursue a future career as a physiologist. RP has given me the necessary knowledge and skills to help me get closer to achieving my dreams.

What do you enjoy about being in RP’s Diploma in Sonic Arts (DSA)? I am able to learn different aspects of music through my course, and go beyond it. For example, I get the opportunity to learn about Foley recording (the reproduction of everyday sound effects which are added to film). Through DSA, I also grasped the intricacies of creating interesting storylines, designing user-friendly websites and presenting concepts through graphic design.

What do you enjoy most about PBL? Before entering RP, I thought that my social anxiety would hinder me from making friends. However, the PBL approach – which requires us to interact with different teams

How has RP brought you closer to your dream career? BRYAN KOH KAI XUAN Diploma in Infocomm Security Management School of Infocomm Year 2

RP’s facilities and equipment such as the data centre and labs provide me with hands-on experience and opportunities to apply what I’ve learned. This reinforces my understanding of the modules, and prepares me for a future career in cyber security.

My friends were worried about getting into their preferred diplomas, but I did not have to worry because I had secured a place in my favourite course through EAE.

and conduct daily presentations – has improved my confidence and communication skills. I now feel more at ease when speaking with others, and I am constantly motivated to step out of my comfort zone.

NUR MASTURINA HADIRAH BTE M R Diploma in Sonic Arts School of Technology for the Arts Year 2

Discover 19

rseas venture ove to y it n u rt ppo xciting l have the o students’ e r u o t u o At RP, you’l b a ith RP. ip! Read all the world w l e v for internsh a tr y e as th experiences

DIGIPEN INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY REDMOND, USA Spending a semester at DigiPen Institute was a wish come true! During the 15-week study-internship programme, I had the chance to put my technical knowledge to practise through various classes like programming, pre-calculus and of course, game design. Each assignment gave me further insight into the inner workings of the gaming industry, and I learned the importance of having a well-rounded skillset. Although it was stressful at times, I’m grateful that the professors were always willing to guide me through each challenge. As an aspiring game designer, I especially enjoyed the field trip we took to Kubota Garden in Seattle. Filled with intricate Japanese elements and symbolism, the expansive 20-acre garden was cleverly designed for visitors to explore and discover hidden areas. I I’m filled with so much inspiration for my NUR AIN IN D AM future game designs! BINTE M me Design in Ga y g lo Diploma o This trip has definitely broadened my of Techn School creative horizons and perspectives. Arts for the Year 3

Discover 20

OCEANUS GROUP XIAMEN, CHINA I was working at Oceanus Group for my overseas Industry Immersion Programme (IIP). There, I gained first-hand experience of working in an aquaculture farm. Although I didn’t speak Mandarin, I managed to pick up conversational skills with the help of my fellow intern!

M SOBANA in Marine Science ma Diplo & Aquaculture ce of Applied Scien ol ho Sc Year 3

At the farm, my job scope included animal husbandry, helping with the spawning and maintaining of abalone brood stock, and feed preparation. I was able to perform well as my course equipped me with the technical knowledge needed to carry out tasks such as analysing and spotting anomalies in water test results. Although much of my IIP experience involved physically-demanding work, I enjoyed learning the ins-and-outs of farm operations and management – so much hard work goes into aquaculture farming! Having witnessed the impact that aquaculture has on natural resources and the ecosystem, I realised the importance of sustainable aquaculture development to protect the marine environment.

WILLIAM ROBERT BERNARD Diploma in Sports & Leisure Managament School of Sports, Health and Leisure Year 3

OUTWARD BOUND HANOI, VIETNAM It was a refreshing experience at Outward Bound Vietnam (OBV) as I was pushed out of my comfort zone. At OBV, I was heavily involved in the marketing function of the organisation. My duties included conducting target audience and competitor research to identify potential market advantages for the company. It was challenging in the beginning because I wasn’t familiar with the Vietnamese culture, their social media habits and the available marketing platforms. However, I leveraged the sports management knowledge gained from my

course to craft attractive marketing messages and strategies. I also effectively understood how to focus on emerging markets to grow their audience. During my three months at OBV, I worked on two major projects where I developed website content and successfully launched a social media campaign. It was an amazing opportunity where I could apply my classroom knowledge. I’m thankful that I was given the chance to go on an overseas internship and gain useful exposure and experience in Vietnam!

Discover 21

GILI LANKANFUSHI MALE, MALDIVES Travelling to Maldives on internship was what I’ve been looking forward to since Year 1! As a top travel destina­tion, Maldives is the perfect platform to learn the ropes and explore the hospitality industry. At Gili Lankanfushi, I was assigned to provide round-the-clock butler services. My duties included planning guests’ itineraries, prepping rooms for check-in and administrative duties. Fortunately, there was a buddy training system in place so I had an experienced colleague to guide me. Despite the hectic schedule and long hours (our day ended only when guests called it a night!), work was enjoyable and enriching. We even had the chance to guide guests on fun excursions like dolphin cruis­es, snorkelling and sandbank picnics!

I WEI Y ANG el & E N t N Ho VIE ma in agement Diplo an M y t li ality ita Hosp l of Hospit o o Sch Year 3

Discover 22

s friendship g n ro t s d rge ”I have fo y colleagues!” with m

Meeting people from all walks of life has reminded me that the best way to learn is to keep an open mind. By doing so, I’ve been able to learn from my vastly qualified colleagues, who guided me to adopt different perspectives and approaches when it comes to tailoring unique solutions for each guest. It was definitely an eye-opening trip that I wouldn’t be able to experience anywhere else!

LEE LIN YUAN Diploma in Industrial & Operations Management School of Engineering Year 3

PHEE GROUP OF COMPANIES YANGON, MYANMAR My internship in Myanmar was truly amazing. As it was my first time in the country, I didn’t know what to expect. Despite my initial apprehension of being in a foreign environment, the warm welcome I received from my colleagues helped me feel at ease! I was happy to be able to apply textbook knowledge to reallife situations. Although communication was a challenge at times, we overcame the language barrier through through the use of Google Translate and image searches, as well as having lots of patience! The insights my colleagues shared enabled me to learn about the local logistics and shipping industry, and understand the Myanmar culture and environment. I am thankful to RP for giving me these opportunities, as the experiences and knowledge I’ve gained will definitely be beneficial to my career in the future.

Discover 23

HNG JOWETT C NG E H C I A K Business Diploma in Applications focomm School of In Year 3

FIDOR BANK MUNICH, GERMANY Travelling around the globe to Munich, Germany for an internship was something I’d never imagined possible! These six months were filled with unexpected learning opportunities, and I gained valuable insights from my time at Fidor Bank. At the Bank’s IT department, I honed my programming skills while branching out into project documentation and testing, and API structure development. I was concerned about adapting to the culture and rigorous workload, but my colleagues were more than willing to help – watching how they managed a project from start to finish taught me how to effectively lead my own team in the future. Of course, it wasn’t all work and no play. I spent Christmas break exploring gorgeous Italian cities and discovering European culture. It was an incredible opportunity that I’m truly grateful for!

LAU KIN KUN Diploma in ication s Mas Commun ement ag an M School of tion and Communica Year 3

compiling monthly client reports. While my course had equipped me with the foundational skills I needed, I had to adapt quickly to the challenges of the fast-paced environment, which included everything from juggling heavy workloads to dealing with members of the media. At my busiest, I was managing close to 20 client accounts! Thankfully, I had one of the best PR practitioners around as my direct supervisor – I’ve gained valuable knowledge and skills from working with her and my colleagues.

PRIME ASIA HONG KONG Jetting off for a 20-week internship with Prime Asia gave me my first real taste of Hong Kong’s dynamic public relations (PR) industry, and I’m hooked! Hitting the ground running from my very first day on the job, I was assigned key duties such as handling media engagement and pitches, managing press coverage and

Discover 24

I was involved in many projects throughout my internship. But my biggest highlight was organising an eco-awareness event, where we hosted a private screening of the documentary, A Plastic Ocean, followed by an open panel discussion with over 100 attendees! The event aimed to help end the use of single-use plastic, and encourage recycling in Hong Kong. While there was a crazy amount of planning and coordination involved, I definitely appreciate the opportunity to work on such a meaningful assignment.

unities rable opport e m u n in e holars old of th dustrious sc Grabbing h in e s e th r, e ff ss. RP has to o ay to succe w th a p ir e th are charting

The IT Factor Armed with a keen interest in IT security, Nurhaliza was ecstatic when her Internet search led her to RP’s Diploma in Infocomm Security Management. “The Digital Forensic module sealed the deal for me, but the course truly equips us with the skills we need to thrive in the field,” the IT enthusiast confessed. “Plus, the platforms, software and resources available at RP are definitely on par with industry standards!” Diving into her education journey with RP, Nurhaliza excelled academically and was thrilled when she got to be a recipient of the prestigious Far East Organization Scholarship.

” Having this scholarship eases my financial burden and lets me pursue ”

an education that can help to make a difference in the community.

The aspiring Security Analyst cites RP’s Problem-based Learning methodology as a key factor to her success. “Overcoming each academic challenge has become easier because I’ve NURHALIZA been trained to be independant and resourceful when BINTE SAPARI finding solutions! ” Diploma in Infocomm Security Management School of Infocomm Year 3 Far East Organization Scholarship

GET YOUR RP SCHOLARSHIP HERE! Awarded by RP in partnership with industry partners and organisations such as Ngee Ann Kongsi and Far East Organization, the RP Freshman Scholarship is a bond-free scholarship programme for all freshmen enrolled into any full-time diploma programme in RP.

Transform 26

Making A Difference Having nurtured his passion for helping others since a young age, Keefe aspired to step foot in the healthcare industry. Recognising that RP’s Diploma in Health Services Management (DHSM) would provide him with the skills and resources needed, Keefe kick-started his journey towards his dream career.

SHANTHI MOHAN Diploma in Human Resource Management with Psychology School of Management and Communication Year 3 Rose Marie Khoo Foundation Scholarship

”At DHSM, we are equipped

with the necessary managementoriented training in health

services and administration.

Achieving The "Impossible" Shining with scholastic success, it’s hard to imagine Shanthi’s academic struggles before stepping foot in RP. The Rose Marie Khoo Foundation Scholarship recipient was unsure of her education options after getting subpar GCE O-Level results, but her decision to pursue a growing interest in behavioural studies with RP’s Diploma in Human Resource Management with Psychology, was a game changer.

It ensures that students are KEEFE LAU Diploma in Health Services Management School of Sports, Health and Leisure Year 3 Institute of Mental Health Scholarship

Placed in RP’s unique learning environment where hands-on activities and peer collaborations are encouraged, Shanthi flourished. By her first year, Shanthi’s transformation from underachieving student to promising scholar was complete – the result of pushing out of her comfort zone and grabbing every opportunity RP had to offer.

failures aren’t definitions of your future. ”TheyYourarepast instead stepping stones to success! By setting your mind to it, your efforts will eventually

come to fruition.

WHY YOU SHOULD APPLY: • It is bond-free! • The scholarship value of $3,000 per academic year will allow you to focus on your studies without worrying about tuition fees

taught key elements such as the latest policies, practices and processes, to groom us as holistic healthcare professionals.

Barely two years into his journey with RP, Keefe is a proud recipient of the Institute of Mental Health Scholarship. He shares, “This scholarship has allowed me to focus entirely on my academics and school commitments – I have even more motivation to strive for excellence.” Next in the pipeline for the compassionate scholar is the Industry Immersion Programme (IIP) with the Institute of Mental Health. Keefe concludes, “I’m grateful to have a valuable platform to learn and effectively contribute to society. I hope to help raise awareness and shine a positive light on mental health issues in Singapore.”

YOU QUALIFY TO APPLY FOR AN RP FRESHMAN SCHOLARSHIP IF YOU ARE/HAVE: • A Singapore Citizen • Achieved outstanding GCE O-Level, Higher Nitec, or Singapore Sports Schools Exam results

• Excellent CCA achievements • Strong leadership qualities • Not a recipient of another scholarship

To find out more about RP Scholarships, visit now! Transform 27

Photo Credit: Shell

arting a obility to st m le b a in a hs, RP has g sust breakthroug re From tacklin ca h lt a e h ring change in ve positive t to enginee ri n e d m to e v e o lik m a l rs socia out for! and lecture cts to look je its students ro d p re e e v w ti o a p nov em are seven in society. Here

Racing to the future School of Engineering

Take a spin down the eco-friendly route with RP’s Diploma in Engineering Systems & Management (DESM) students as they join the quest for sustainable mobility! Embarking on their maiden voyage in the Shell Eco-marathon Asia competition back in 2017 with the Endeavour 1, these RP representatives are a familiar presence in the annual eco-fest. Stepping up their game for this year’s edition, the RP team deviated from conventional gasoline-fuelled vehicles, opting to compete in the Urban Concept – Battery Electric category. This decision sparked a complete overhaul of their original prototype; where the old RP Endeavour 1 had a motorbike engine and bicycle wheels, 2018’s

Transform 28

model had an innovative design that featured a lighter yet stronger aluminium chassis strengthened with a honeycomb structure.

This competition challenges student teams from around Asia to design and build energyefficient cars according to two main categories, Prototype or Urban Concept. Each vehicle then competes to see which can go the furthest on the least amount of fuel.

To help bring their vision to fruition, the team – which comprised Year 2 and 3 DESM students – had access to cutting-edge facilities, fabrication resources and design workshops at RP. The result? The RP Mark 1, a sleek aerodynamic vehicle that definitely held its own against the whopping 122 teams that participated. “Through this project, I was able to challenge my limits and take my capabilities to greater heights,” shares team member, Iman Zulhakeem, “This has been a priceless experience that I would not trade for the world!”

Rain rain, go away!

School of Technology for the Arts

Come rain or shine, sHarella’s got you covered! The brainchild of four final-year students from RP’s Diploma in Design for User Experience and developed with Land Transport Authority, sHarella is an umbrellasharing scheme that allows commuters to stay dry in the rain while crossing unsheltered paths by borrowing a brolly (for free!). A fuss-free fix to an everyday inconvenience, users can then easily return the umbrellas to kiosks placed on both sides of the road. Making rounds on social media since its 10-day trial back in January 2017, sHarella has been lauded for fostering the “kampung” spirit, and its simple ingenuity. The initiative was officially launched on 30 December 2017 in the presence of Sembawang Group Representation Constituency’s Members of Parliament Mr Khaw Boon Wan, Dr Lim Wee Kiak and Mr Ong Ye Kung, no less! And it has garnered support from residents, who have also started contributing to the initiative by donating their umbrellas. The next time you’re in Gambas, Sembawang or King Albert Park MRT on a rainy day, look out for these handy kiosks to help you stay dry!

Eat your way to great health! School of Hospitality School of Sports, Health and Leisure

Cookbook, nutrition guide and fitness coach rolled into one aesthetically-pleasing package – RP’s Great Food, Great Health: 25 Recipes for Healthy Living is definitely more than your average coffee-table read! Within the pages of this inter-school collaboration, you’ll find 25 award-winning recipes painstakingly created by talented RP chef lecturers and students. Each recipe was subjected to detailed analysis from final-year students from RP School of Sports, Health and Leisure, and adheres to strict criteria such as having a low calorie count and using healthy ingredients. And while each dish looks pretty complicated, whipping up delectable meals such as the Butternut Zucchini with Cranberries Loaf and 8 Grains Claypot Rice would be a breeze for even newbies. The cookbook even includes detailed nutritional facts and recommended exercises to further encourage a healthy lifestyle!

Transform 29

Taking a load off

School of Engineering School of Hospitality School of Infocomm School of Sports, Health and Leisure

Sparkling clean hotel rooms, well-maintained common areas and surroundings – housekeeping is an undeniably vital part of hospitality. But with strenuous workloads contributing to high staff turnover and labour crunches, the recruitment and retention of housekeepers has quickly become an industry concern. With RP’s strong industry collaboration and research culture, it’s unsurprising that a team of lecturers from various schools came together to tackle the issue, starting with cumbersome housekeeping carts. When fully stocked, these unassuming carts could easily weigh over 100kg each, posing a major ergonomic hazard to staff – especially older workers who have difficulties keeping up with physically-demanding tasks.

Never lost in translation School of Infocomm

Students aren’t the only ones who reach their full potential at RP! Educators by day and innovators by “night”, RP’s dynamic roster of lecturers are given the opportunity and resources they need to bring their innovations to life. Case in point? The nifty Multi-linguistic Speech-to-Text Translator for the Hearing Impaired project, led by Mr David Leong, Principal Lecturer (Industry) and Senior Manager of the Cognitive Systems Technology Centre, at RP School of Infocomm. Recognising the limitations of existing transcribing and translation programmes, the RP team set about building a low-cost assistive software to combat these technical shortcomings. And innovate they did! The end product packs powerful features such as being able to recognise 81 different languages, including Singlish and other localised accents, allows real-time transcribing even in noisy environments, specific language translation capabilities and more. Plus, it can be used easily on mobile and wearable computing devices – simply pull the app up and speak away! While the software is currently still undergoing clinical trials, it promises great mass market potential, especially in the patient and elderly care sector. More convincingly, it has already beaten close to 20 teams to score Bronze in the annual MOE Innergy and Outstanding Innovator Awards, adding yet another accolade under RP’s belt!

Transform 30

Their solution? Modifying the hotel’s existing carts onto motorised platforms that enable housekeepers to easily manoeuvre each unit at the click of a button. While the concept of a motorised housekeeping cart isn’t new, their efforts resulted in a costefficient innovation that would ease the physical burden on staff, and thus encourage them to stay on longer in the workforce. Recognising their efforts, the team was awarded part of a $3 million fund from the Ministry of Health under its Ageless Workplaces Innovation Grant to develop their project!

Photo Credit: Lianhe Zaobao © Singapore Press Holdings Limited. Permission required for reproduction.

Chronicles of strength School of Management and Communication

Nine students from RP’s Diploma in Mass Communication, two lecturers and one trip of a lifetime. Armed with their cameras and notebooks, these RP representatives ventured into tsunami-torn areas in the northeast coast of Japan to document survivors’ stories five years after the huge waves devastated the region. The special collaboration between Singapore Red Cross (SRC) and RP School of Management and Communication, gave students the opportunity to speak with the tsunami victims, as well as visit facilities and other rebuilding efforts funded by Singapore donors.

Photo Credit: The Straits Times © Singapore Press Holdings Limited. Permission required for reproduction.

The eye-opening trip culminated in an award-winning photo book and exhibition, aptly titled ‘The Strength of the Human Spirit’. Lending their youthful perspectives to this meaningful project, their commemorative efforts showcased a collection of videos and photos that chronicled the raw stories of triumph through adversity.

Byebye mosquito! School of Applied Science

With rates of mosquito-borne diseases such as dengue, malaria and Zika soaring, and no vaccines in sight, four students from RP School of Applied Science have joined the war against mosquitos with their novel sunlight-activated larvicide. Unlike the current larvicides used in the market, this new-gen product is highly lethal to Aedes larvae without being toxic to other aquatic organisms or causing environmental pollution. This makes it an effective addition to existing mosquito-control programmes. Recognised with the Polytechnic Student Research Programme Award back in 2017, this promising project received support from RP and the National Environment Agency (NEA) throughout its six-month duration. Moving forward, the team is in discussions to develop the larvicide further for commercialisation – let’s bid adios to Aedes!

Transform 31

his fear! Take t o n e v a H ? hat to study chool would s h ic h Unsure of w w t u o quiz to find tial. personality nique poten u r u o y it u s best You’re showing the new kid around. Where’s your first stop?

A. The canteen! There’s nothing like bonding over a good meal. B. The computer lab – your school has impressive tech! C. The basketball court – your usual hangout D. The D&T Lab – to show him your latest project E. The most Insta-worthy spot in school!

What’s your role in your friend group?

Your friends describe you as:

A. The social butterfly B. The agony aunt C. The muscle power D. The overachiever E. The leader

A. Empathic B. Analytical C. Adventurous D. Practical E. Creative

Who would be your arch nemesis? A. The Communication Disrupter B. The Great Tech Malfunction C. The Major Lazer D. The Emotional Manipulator E. The Concentration Stunner

What do you do when you have a problem?

Choose your superpower! A. Telepathy B. Flight C. Bulletproof skin D. Laser vision E. Shape-shifting

Pick a superhero: A. Batman B. The Hulk C. Black Panther D. Iron Man E. Superman

Achieve 32

How did you acquire your power?

A. You drank a magic potion B. You were bitten by a radioactive spider C. You were born with the superpower D. You came into contact with a mysterious material E. You were struck by lightning

Your ideal sidekick is: A. A charismatic tiger B. A super spy C. A top martial artist D. A high-tech robot E. A resourceful journalist

A. Talk about it with a friend B. Figure out your best option C. Face it head on! D. Go with the flow and see what happens E. Think of an out-of-thebox solution

Which RP Co-Curricular Activity would you excel at?

A. Service Learning Club B. Art.titude C. Adventure Learning Club D. Campus Arts Production E. Republic Polytechnic Student Council




School of Hospitality

Charismatic and persuasive, your powerful interpersonal skills enable you to easily influence and put people at ease. You are also highly perceptive, which allows you to understand and tackle others’ needs. Put your influential power to good use by managing customers and clients – the School of Hospitality will help you realise your true potential.



School of Sports, Health and Leisure

School of Infocomm / School of Applied Science


No stranger to smart revolutions, you stay updated on the latest tech and science trends. Combining your innovative mind and analytical nature, you show great potential for the fields of science and IT. Start your journey by checking out what the School of Applied Science or School of Infocomm has to offer!

Flip over to discover your potential careers after graduation!

Fitness junkie, adventure lover and exceptional athlete – you’re at the top of your physical game and proud of it. Channel your discipline into sharing your passion for wellness and the great outdoors at the School of Sports, Health and Leisure.

School of Engineering

Like many self-made superheroes, you love tackling complex puzzles and tinkering around with nifty gadgets. Harness your tech wizardry and turn your dreams of engineering the next technological breakthrough into reality at the School of Engineering.





School of Management and Communication / School of Technology for the Arts

As a highly creative individual with dynamic skillsets, your digital savviness and resourceful nature are tools to drive conversations and positive changes in society. Spread your wings at the School of Management and Communication or School of Technology for the Arts.

Achieve 33

areer c m a e r d r u Land yo ation – u d a r g r e t f a aits! w a g in ll a c your true

SMC SCHOOL OF MANAGEMENT AND COMMUNICATION YOUR POWER Influence the masses with your ability to make words come alive and knack for nosing out the latest trends! At the forefront of social innovation, you will bring positive impact and change to society.


SHL SCHOOL OF SPORTS, HEALTH AND LEISURE YOUR POWER Make a difference to your community as an advocate of holistic health and wellness. Help people achieve their optimal state of well-being through a dynamic blend of knowledge and skills in sports science, outdoor and adventure learning, health management and promotion, and sports management.

WHO YOU CAN BE Camp Facilitator, Health and Wellness Educator, Outdoor Specialist, Personal Trainer, Sports Administrator, Sports and Recreation Event Organiser, Sports Coach or Senior Patient Care Associate!

STA SCHOOL OF TECHNOLOGY FOR THE ARTS YOUR POWER Integral to the ever-evolving media landscape, interweave your artistic talents and digital prowess to bring extraordinary perspectives and designs to life.

WHO YOU CAN BE Arts Programmer, Composer, Experience Designer, Game Designer, Game Producer, Live Sound Engineer, Media Manager, Stage Manager, TV Director or User Web Designer!

Achieve 34

Advertising Executive, Assistant Brand Manager, Assistant Marketing Manager, Business Analyst, Career Development Coach, Consumer Insights Researcher, Human Resource Executive, Journalist, Market Research Executive, PR Executive, Social Media Executive or Social Entrepreneur!

SAS SCHOOL OF APPLIED SCIENCE YOUR POWER Armed with a fierce passion to revolutionise the way society lives and communicates, you bridge the gap between abstract scientific discoveries and practical inventions. From inventing technology to improving medical treatments and exploring new materials, Applied Science paves the way for innovative breakthroughs!

WHO YOU CAN BE Assistant Engineer, Aquarist, Biomedical Research Assistant, Clinic Supervisor, Health Education Officer, Laboratory Technologist, Marine Facility Manager, Medical Technologist, Pharmacy Technician or Research Laboratory Technician!

SEG SCHOOL OF ENGINEERING YOUR POWER No stranger to devising revolutionary solutions, you are equipped with the skills and know-how to invent cuttingedge technologies and implement smart designs that will improve everyday lives.

WHO YOU CAN BE Airframe and Engine Inspector, Associate Engineer, Airline Station Manager, Air Traffic Control Officer, Green Technologist, Industrial Engineering Specialist, Licensed Aircraft Engineer, Pilot, Supply Chain Executive or Safety Officer!

SOI SCHOOL OF INFOCOMM YOUR POWER The backbone of globally-competitive organisations, you harness infocomm technology to increase the efficiency of operations and drive economic growth beyond the digital world.

WHO YOU CAN BE Application Developer, Computer Forensic Examiner, Cloud Operation Engineer, Digital Media Designer, IT Analyst, IT Support Executive, Mobile App Developer, Mobile and Web Developer, System Analyst or Software Engineer!

SOH SCHOOL OF HOSPITALITY YOUR POWER The face (and heart) of the billion-dollar tourism sector, you are a vital factor in creating the perfect customer experience. Gifted with strong leadership and interpersonal skills, you navigate the challenges of the industry while delivering high quality results.

WHO YOU CAN BE Attractions Executive, Chef, Conference Producer, Concierge Services Executive, Customer Experience Specialist, Event Coordinator, Food & Beverage Executive, Sales and Marketing Executive, Restaurant Assistant Manager or Wellness Marketing Executive!

Achieve 35

WWW.RP.EDU.SG/SAS Think you’ve got what it takes to dive into a career in Science? Sharpen your mind, develop your passion and immerse yourself in scientific inquisition with RP School of Applied Science. We offer six diploma programmes in diverse fields where there is high demand for budding talents.

RP’s Problem-based Learning approach challenges me to solve complex problems in innovative ways, and equips me with the essential skillsets needed to excel in the working world. Ryan Heng Boon Choon Diploma in Biotechnology Year 2




Specialisation Options: Biomedical Research, Medical Laboratory Technology Uncover the complexities of human diseases and understand the science behind modern healthcare in this course! You will learn about the human body, how diseases develop and how to treat them at their root. You can later choose to specialise in either Biomedical Research or Medical Laboratory Technology.

Achieve 36



Specialisation Options: Biotechnology Research, Food and Nutrition Discover the fascinating world of biotechnology! Learn how to revolutionise food supplies, improve human health and protect the environment. This course will enable you to use biology and other life sciences to discover new medicines and formulate healthier food options. During the programme, you can choose to specialise in either Biotechnology Research or Food and Nutrition.

A 200 square metre purposebuilt facility for teaching and research, the Aquaria comprises an indoor temperature-controlled room and an outdoor grow-out area that supports freshwater, saltwater and marine aquaculture research. It also comes complete with outdoor circular tanks, indoor experimental tanks, coral tanks, and a food preparation lab for studies of feed formulation.


d Lab Functional Foo The Nu3lab provides a hands-on learning experience for Diploma in Biotechnology students who are on the Food and Nutrition track. The lab has three specialised units – Food Formulation unit, Sensory Testing unit and Food Processing unit. What’s more, SAS also works closely with the Health Promotion Board to ensure that the formulations meet the guidelines and achieve the Healthier Choice Symbol requirement.

MORE FACILITIES • Analytical Chemistry Labs • Anatomy Learning Centre • Biologics Labs • Cell Culture Labs • Chemical Synthesis Lab • Clinical Diagnostics Labs

• Diagnostic Imaging Labs • Eco Remediation Facility • Genomic Analysis Lab • Materials Characterisation Lab • Microbial and Cellular Analysis Labs







Specialisation Options: Advanced Materials, Biomedical Materials Learn how the basic principles of chemistry and physics apply to everything around us and spur your innovative juices! Be inspired to develop biomaterials for various lifechanging medical applications by honing practical skills in 3D printing, advanced composites, nanotechnology, biosensor, and biomaterials at our cutting-edge laboratories.

Specialisation Options: Industrial Pharmacy and Marketing, Pharmacy Practice Take the first step in your journey to improve people’s health and save lives with this diploma! Look forward to learning how to develop new drugs and therapies as you gain critical knowledge in areas such as drug discovery and development, clinical pharmacy, medication review, patient counselling, and pharmaceutical sales and marketing.

• Nu3lab • Pharmaceutical Technology Lab • Plant Tissue Culture Lab • Proteomic Analysis Lab • Renewable Energy Facility


• RP-NTU Materials Processing Lab • RP-KTPH Teaching Dispensary • RP-Unity Teaching Retail Pharmacy • RP-Wilmar Innovation Centre • Water Technology Lab



Specialisation Options: Environmental Biotechnology, Environmental Technology and Management Arm yourself with skills and knowledge to tackle the world’s environmental issues and play a pivotal role in shaping a more sustainable future with this diploma. An extensive range of topics including water and waste management, ecology and conservation, and how to use biotechnological tools to solve global environmental problems will be covered.




Dive into the fascinating world of marine life and play a key role in protecting one of the world’s most precious ecosystems. As the only marine science-related course in Singapore, this diploma offers a comprehensive programme and fully prepares you for a career in marine conservation and aquaculture management.

Achieve 37

WWW.RP.EDU.SG/SEG If you love complex puzzles or tinkering with gadgets, then RP School of Engineering is for you! With nine diploma programmes and a Common Engineering Programme, enhance your mind and develop the skills to tackle modern-day problems.

At RP, I am able to explore beyond traditional boundaries. My learning experience is enriched with engaging lecturers, industry exposure and top-notch facilities! Chua Hao En Diploma in Engineering Design with Business Year 3





Revolutionise smart business practices by driving efficient operations management in organisations. This programme arms you with the expertise to oversee, design and improve companies’ business-operations and resources management by developing integrated solutions.




Take flight with a soaring career! Through this diploma, you will be able to carve out a successful career in the aerospace industry. Featuring a combination of skills training with valuable hands-on experience, you will be ready to delve into the high-tech world of aircraft electrical systems, instruments and avionics.

Achieve 38




Enter the fast-paced world of global trade and logistics and become an expert in managing the flow of goods, information and finances. This diploma gives you a deeper perspective of how everything, from a small box of candy to a gigantic aeroplane engine, is produced and transported.




Be part of the dynamic aviation industry and take to the skies! This diploma will equip you with the specialist and management skills that will make you a prime addition to international airlines and airports worldwide. You can look forward to receiving extensive handson training in the A320 Aircraft Cockpit Simulator Lab, Virtual Aerodrome Laboratory and our hangar facility.

ockpit A320-Aircraft C Simulator Lab The A320 Aircraft Cockpit Simulator Lab provides RP’s Diploma in Aerospace Avionics’ students with a first-hand experience of the operation and maintenance of avionics systems in the cockpit of modern commercial airliners. MORE FACILITIES • ErgoSCAPE Lab • NEXTspace • The ARCH (Aerospace Hub) • Virtual Aerodrome Laboratory




Discover a multitude of career pathways in the booming aerospace industry. This diploma will give you a solid grounding in aircraft structural maintenance, engine maintenance and repair, and learn about the strict aviation regulations that govern the global industry at the same time. Experience hands-on learning at our firstrate laboratories which include a hangar facility with actual aircrafts.





Be part of the green building movement by joining the growing ranks of green building technologies, and be at the frontier of change in designing and maintaining energyefficient buildings. Besides acquiring in-depth knowledge of how energy efficiency can be applied in the design of buildings and industrial processes, you will also receive hands-on training using specialised equipment.




Specialisation Options: Biomedical Electronics, Digital Media and Communications, Microelectronics Get ready for a range of electrifying prospects in the dynamic world of electronics! As a Diploma in Electrical & Electronic Engineering student, you will enjoy a broad and flexible education in key growth areas such as biomedical electronics, digital media and communications, and microelectronics.




Specialisation Options: Intelligent Systems, Urban Transport Solutions Be a dynamic multi-disciplinary engineer and spearhead large-scale projects that require an array of project management skills. You will be trained in engineering disciplines, systems thinking, and project management in this course.




Integrate your love for engineering, entrepreneurship and innovation to experience an out-of-the-box learning journey with this diploma. Through practical training and exercises, you will be able to design, develop and implement engineering solutions that are focused on business processes.



Unsure which field of engineering is suitable for you? Build your foundation during your first semester of study through the Common Engineering Programme. Here, you will be given a clearer understanding of the different programmes offered by SEG to help you make the right choice.

Achieve 39

WWW.RP.EDU.SG/SOH The only dedicated, full-fledged hospitality school amongst local polytechnics, RP School of Hospitality offers comprehensive diploma courses in industry-relevant areas such as hotel management, events management, restaurant and culinary operations, wellness, and customer experience. Boost your hospitality career with the skills, knowledge and international internship placements available!

The teaching practices and facilities at RP allow us to experience and connect with real-world situations, right on campus. I am fully prepared for the challenges and opportunities of the hospitality industry! Erfan Ameerudy B Ramlee Diploma in Hotel & Hospitality Management Year 2




Have you wondered about what goes into organising high-profile conferences, exhilarating sports events and exciting concerts featuring international stars? This diploma will equip you with everything you need to know about event management from start to finish, including conceptualisation, marketing and sales, coordination, execution, and more.

Achieve 40




Do you like being part of creating and managing customer experiences? Are you results-driven and able to think out of the box? This diploma equips you with multiple customer management and business skills needed to make a difference in the customer experience industry.

Hotel Training Laboratories Learn how to execute front office duties, handle guest enquiries and manage housekeeping operations at our hotel training facilities, which are designed to industry standards. These excellent facilities provide a realistic platform for students to learn and to hone their interpersonal skills.

Barista Lab The Barista Lab features state-of-the-art coffee machines, gadgets and apparatus to bring out the best in the coffee beans through unique brewing techniques. Students can study and understand the art of coffee making through hands-on sessions beyond classroom theory. MORE FACILITIES • Beverage Lab • Culinary Demo Lab • Exhibition Gallery

• Exhibition Training Lab • Spa and Wellness Lab • Wine Lab






With this diploma, you can embark on a rewarding career in the hospitality industry. Along the way, you will learn skills to manage operations in key areas such as front office, housekeeping, and food and beverage.


If you have dreamt of a career in the hospitality and wellness industry, this is the course for you. Health and fitness are more prevalent than ever and the wellness industry is booming globally. It is the ideal time to be part of this dynamic industry that has high growth potential.

Customer Experience Laboratories The industry-standard facility comprises Contact Centre Learning Laboratory, Customer Relationship Management Laboratory and shop-in-shop concept Retail Unlimited. The laboratories are designed to enhance authentic learning experiences for students, and nurture a retail and customer experience-focused workforce for the future.




Discover a new recipe for success in food and beverage! Here, you can look forward to exploring the world of gastronomy while unleashing your passion. Gain core knowledge and technical skills ranging from culinary science to restaurant operations from an experienced team of lecturers.

Did You Know? SOH’s newest training restaurant, 9th ave., is named after the polytechnic’s address, 9 Woodlands Ave 9. It features a rustic, cosy and relaxed urban atmosphere and is located at SIT@RP Building. Currently, SOH has a total of three training restaurants: Oliva, 9th ave., and waters edge.

Achieve 41

WWW.RP.EDU.SG/SOI If information processing and content handling are right up your alley, RP School of Infocomm is the ideal place for you. We offer six robust diploma programmes covering a variety of fields related to infocomm.

SOI has equipped me with useful technical skills and industry insights. Coupled with RP’s dynamic approach to learning, I have built a solid foundation that gives me a competitive edge in the workforce. Jessica Pang Shi Hui Diploma in Business Applications Year 3




From designing software and computer networks to managing cloud computing, IT professionals play a critical role in organisations across all industries. This diploma will provide you with a solid foundation of IT fundamentals and open the door to endless opportunities. Learn how IT systems are designed and developed, while understanding the issues faced by industries.

Achieve 42




Bridge the gap between business and IT with the Diploma in Business Information Systems! Here, you will learn a combination of technology skills, core business knowledge, and business and data analysis techniques that will enable you to understand business requirements, propose and implement solutions using IT.

Digital Imaging Lab

ty RP-RSA Securi tre Operations Cen

This lab is set up with top-notch equipment similar to those in the graphics industry. Students taking the Digital Illustration and Imaging module will be trained to produce compelling graphics elements.

RP’s RSA Security Operations Centre (RP-RSA SOC) lab is a collaborative effort between RP School of Infocomm and RSA to provide a real-life learning experience for students from Diploma in Infocomm Security Management. The RP-RSA SOC lab will let students have hands-on practical experience in operating the various software and run the SOC on a simulated setting. MORE FACILITIES • Cloud Computing Capabilities Lab • RP-IXIA Cyber Defense Lab • RP-Microsoft Lab for Smart Technology Exploration


• RP-Palo Alto Networks Lab • RP-Samsung Mobile Lab • RP-Trend Micro Cloud Security Lab • RP UAV Centre

• Technology Development Labs in the areas of open source, mobile applications, and data analytics







Be in demand as a savvy professional in the fields of IT and business with a Diploma in Business Applications. This IT business hybrid diploma is designed to give you a firm understanding of IT fundamentals and business processes in key industries such as manufacturing, logistics, banking, hospitality, retail, and healthcare.


Push your creativity to its limits as you take the first step towards an exciting career as a digital media producer. Through this diploma, you can develop a mastery of both traditional IT and digital media skills, enabling you to showcase your artistic flair through content programming. Look forward to taking up modules such as Game Design and Development, and Digital Illustration and Imaging.




Join the league of app developers and ride the waves in mobile commerce with this diploma. You can look forward to receiving extensive hands-on training in programming with different industryendorsed software tools to give you the expertise to create smart mobile solutions.




With cyber-attacks on the rise, your IT skills in protecting the systems of organisations have never been more in demand. You will learn about key IT security technologies, use state-of-the-art IT security systems, and apply strategies and best practises to protect digital assets in an organisation.

Achieve 43

WWW.RP.EDU.SG/SMC If you’re a budding entrepreneur, social media master or natural wordsmith, harness your potential at RP School of Management and Communication!

RP’s holistic approach towards learning encourages us to focus on more than the academics. I am thankful for the unconventional learning opportunities which helped me hone my craft and develop industry-relevant skills! Nikhita Ganesh Diploma in Mass Communication Year 3





Specialisation Options: Journalism, PR and Marketing Communication If you have a story to tell, love interacting with people or enjoy being in a dynamic environment that thrives on big ideas and constant change, then this is the diploma for you! You will familiarise yourself with all media platforms across print, broadcast and digital, while learning how to tailor specific messages to target audiences for maximum impact.

Achieve 44




Combine your love for psychology and business and transform rich consumer insights into business success. Through this programme, you will understand what drives consumers and decipher the factors that influence their shopping behaviours.

Media Lab SMC's Media Lab is a student-run facility that offers communications services related to journalism, public relations (PR), and marketing communication. It is a newsroom for student journalists to write breaking news stories and page-turning features. It is also a strategy hub for budding PR and marketing communication specialists to brainstorm media and publicity plans with companies.

OUR LABORATORIES • Business Incubation Centre • Ideation Space

hts Lab

Consumer Insig

The Consumer Insights Lab at SMC is decked out with an array of the most advanced market research technology. Students use these psychology and business-centred technologies to analyse human behaviour and understand consumer behaviour for commercial businesses.

Further Studies JAE CODE:





Inspired to do more for the community? This diploma will equip you to achieve social change through business. Learn about business management, social innovation and social sciences, and hone your entrepreneurial skills by starting businesses and programmes that will positively impact the communities worldwide.


Do you have a passion for people and a head for business? This diploma allows you to combine these aptitudes into a meaningful and future-proof career. Here, you will gain a sound knowledge of HR and psychology, and develop an understanding of employment law, labour relations, people development, performance management, industrial organisational psychology and more, to grow people and businesses.

SMC graduates have the option to pursue mass communication, social sciences, and business degree programmes in local and overseas universities.

Achieve 45

WWW.RP.EDU.SG/SHL Whether you dream of working in the great outdoors, leading teams to victory on the football pitch or helping other Singaporeans become fitter and healthier, RP School of Sports, Health and Leisure offers six diploma programmes that will prepare you for an exciting and fulfilling career in the burgeoning sports, health and leisure industries.

In RP, we are exposed to a wealth of learning experiences such as practical training and outdoor lessons. I enjoy the collaborative aspects of Problem-based Learning as it allows me to interact with diverse personalities and understand their unique perspectives! Liow Jian Cheng, Javier Diploma in Outdoor & Adventure Learning Year 2




Do you enjoy training athletes to perform at their peak? Do you have a keen interest in helping Singapore grow its dynamic sports industry? If your answer is yes, then this diploma is perfect for you! Featuring a scientific approach to sports, exercise and physical activity, the programme enables you to gain a strong understanding of human physiology, sports psychology, anatomy, biomechanics, and exercise prescription.

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Uncover the secrets behind organising world-class events such as Singapore Grand Prix, Barclays Singapore Open and Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore through this diploma. Develop extensive knowledge in diverse domains such as sports law and sports business to play an effective role in supporting our government and businesses!

ance Lab Human Perform This lab is equipped with tools to analyse human movement and athletic performance. Using cutting-edge sports technology such as the environmental chamber, metabolic cart and ergometers, students will be able to study human oxygen consumption, heart rate, respiratory rate and other physiological parameters vital for enhancing human performance.

ription Lab

Exercise Presc


Focusing on fitness and sports, the Exercise Prescription Lab hold state-of-the-art equipment such as Pilates apparatus, weights and resistance machines for strength and conditioning.

• Abseil Wall • Experiential Learning Centre @ Ubin • High Ropes Team Elements • Indoor / Outdoor Sports Climbing Wall • Swimming Pool

OUR LABORATORIES • Anatomy and Kinesiology Lab • Exercise Prescription Lab • Functional Training Lab

• Fundamental Movement Lab • Health Services Simulation Lab • Human Performance Lab





If your passion is in the great outdoors, combine your love for adventure with relevant hands-on experience and skills that will empower you to develop and conduct your own quality outdoor learning programmes.



Do you advocate a happy and healthy lifestyle? Does being a practitioner of health and wellness give you a buzz? This diploma will enable you to do that and more! You will acquire the required skillsets to actively practise and promote holistic well-being to the Singapore population.

• Motor Control and Development Lab • RP-HPB Innovation Lab • Sports Engineering Lab

• Sports Injury Management Lab • Sports Kitchen • Sports Simulation Lab





Make a difference at the heart of the healthcare system – become a healthcare administrator and play a vital role in keeping medical centres, hospitals and clinics running smoothly and efficiently.



Play a leading role in producing the next generation of elite athletes. Designed in consultation with Sport Singapore, this diploma will drill you in the art and science of coaching. You will learn the basics of sports science while picking up soft skills in communication, athlete and team management, and professional ethics.

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WWW.RP.EDU.SG/STA Nurture your creative side and artistic talents at RP School of Technology for the Arts. Harness your boundless imagination and hone your craft to prepare for an exciting career in the creative industry!

RP provides an engaging learning environment where I can explore my creativity and equip myself with the fundamentals to pursue my passion. In addition, the daily presentations and group collaborations have challenged me to venture out of my comfort zone and improve my communication skills! Sasithon Sirikultawat Diploma in Media Production & Design Year 2




Bring your creativity to life by crafting unforgettable visual stories and wow audiences using various media platforms. Through this diploma, you will gain knowledge and skills to produce effective content for conventional print-based, digital and internet-based media.

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Create impactful aural experiences and inspire the world with the power of sound and music with this diploma! Hone the skills and knowledge needed to record live sounds and create appropriate aural experiences for visual production, presentation and performance.

io Television Stud Tailored for broadcast and television productions, our Television Studio has been used professionally to produce animations and video shows for local and regional broadcasts. The state-of-the-art production studio is comparable to any commercial studio in production companies.

Audio Synthesis

MORE FACILITIES • Black Box • Creative Studio • Foley Arts Studio • Game Production Studio

• Post Production Suites • Set Construction Studio • Sound Recording Suites • Technical Demo Studio

• The Atelier • Theatre Production Stage • Usability Room • UX Studio




Unleash your creativity and fuel your passion for the arts! A unique programme, this diploma combines the creative, technical and aesthetic aspects to provide training in both arts management and technical theatre. You can also gain hands-on experience through practical training at our purpose-built centre, The Republic Cultural Centre (TRCC).



Enter the dynamic world of game design and production with this diploma. Through hands-on training and practical sessions, you master the skills in 2D and 3D design software to create a stunning portfolio of games from different genres.



The Audio Synthesis Studio supports teaching and research activities related to the sonic arts. It features an extensive collection of analogue synthesisers, musical instruments, control interfaces, and advanced music production workstations.




Discover the power of good design and find out how design impacts everyday living. In this diploma, you will learn how to apply humancentred design to create intuitive user interfaces that are sophisticated and a pleasure to use. Through hands-on training, you will also develop your design thinking capabilities.

Further Studies Graduates have the option to pursue exciting degrees with advanced standing in the institutions of higher learning locally and overseas.

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ELIGIBILITY All Singaporeans and Singapore Permanent Residents within five years of graduation from ITE or Polytechnic, or the Operationally Ready Date (ORD) for National Servicemen.


(ELP) Programme rn a e L d n es a ture Earn me that giv m ra g ro p rn The SkillsFu -lea rt in -month work s a head sta te a u d ra g is a 12 to 18 E dy. chnic and IT ipline of stu c is d fresh polyte ir e th ted to careers rela

• Acquire relevant work experience and skills, and attain industry-recognised qualifications • Well-structured career advancement pathway • Competitive starting salary and full-time employment with participating companies • $5,000 sign-on incentives* *Terms and Conditions apply


Biomedical Sciences

Environmental Services / Management


Human Resource

ITE GRADUATES • ELP Leading to a Diploma in Applied Science (Environmental Services and Management) • ELP Leading to a Diploma in Applied Science (Pharmaceutical Sciences)

• ELP Leading to a Diploma in Business Practice (Hospitality Management)

• ELP Leading to a Diploma in Business Practice (Human Resource Management) • ELP Leading to a Diploma in Sports Wellness and Services


Infocomm Technology

POLYTECHNIC GRADUATES • Specialist Diploma in Cloud Architecting and Management • Specialist Diploma in Digital Business

• Specialist Diploma in Digital Content Creation for Business • Specialist Diploma in Hospitality Business Management • Specialist Diploma in Supply Chain Management

For more information on ELP, head to

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Sports & Wellness

Want to get a head start in your career? Follow in the footsteps of these SkillsFuture Earn and Learn Programme (ELP) graduates! PARAMESWARAN S/O NADARAJA Specialist Diploma in Hospitality Business Management (Earn and Learn Programme for Hotel Sector) 2017 Graduate School of Hospitality Concierge Supervisor at Marina Bay Sands Singapore

Heading back to school

Unlike conventional ELP graduates, Parameswaran’s ELP experience was a unique one. At 31 years of age, the Concierge Supervisor had started his career with Marina Bay Sands after landing an internship there during his diploma studies at RP. Having worked his way up the ladder, the RP alumnus was eager to secure more opportunities by furthering his education. Thus, when he learned of ELP, it seemed only natural that he took the plunge.

Expanding his horizons

Rising to the challenge of taking on school commitments along with his managerial responsibilities, Parameswaran had the advantage of capitalising on his five years at the integrated resort. He soon found out that ELP had plenty to offer. Through the course, he gained eyeopening experiences into the complex workings of the industry. “ELP gave me the opportunity to explore deeper into various aspects of day-to-day hotel operations,” Parameswaran shared, “My perspectives were broadened and I’m able to effectively understand how each role is critical in ensuring the success of the hotel. I’ll be able to incorporate what I’ve learned as I progress in my career.”

Paying it forward

With a versatile set of skills and knowledge at his disposal, Parameswaran has taken on more responsibilities at work, such as being placed in charge of training for various departments. He concludes, “A major takeaway from ELP was the importance of individual responsibility to keep the hotel safe and running smoothly. I am able to impart the knowledge I’ve learned and offer my trainees insights to help improve the service and productivity of each department.”

Inspiring Learners 51

Stepping into the industry

Back in 2016, when graduation was on the horizon, RP alumnus Feroz was on the hunt for the best progression route into the industry. “I was enticed by the opportunity to continue my studies, but what sealed the deal for me to embark on this ELP was being able to secure a full-time position in an established company!”

Value-added knowledge

Diving straight into ELP, Feroz flourished in his new role at Pan Asia Logistics. “Each ELP component has taught me valuable knowledge that I can apply in my daily tasks,” he continues, “I am able to add value to my work by increasing the efficiency of my team and improving warehouse operations. The skills I’ve learned will come in handy at every stage of my career!”

From student to teacher

FEROZ KHAN BIN AHMAD KHAN Specialist Diploma in Supply Chain Management (Earn and Learn Programme for Logistics Sector) 2018 Graduate School of Engineering Senior Executive – Operations, Contract Logistic at Pan Asia Logistics Singapore Pte Ltd

The best of both worlds

Fresh out of national service, Alan had opted to enter the workforce instead of pursuing further education. But an interesting conversation with his former lecturer at RP soon changed his mind. “When I heard about ELP, I was very interested because it gave me the option to study and secure my career pathway at the same time,” Alan shares.

Learning valuable lessons

Embarking on his ELP journey at Neovia, a logistics service provider, Alan was placed under a rigorous training schedule that involved facilitated learning, on-the-job training and work-based projects. Despite his concerns about juggling the commitments of his first full-time job and school, the RP alumnus had an assigned mentor to guide him along.“It’s like having a teacher in the workplace!” Alan laughs, “My mentor was a

Inspiring Learners 52

Recognising his potential, Feroz’s managers started entrusting him with key projects. By his first year, Feroz was overseeing daily operations and programme divisions, and his team of five had grown to include close to 25 members! “As a newcomer, being able to gain my team’s trust and lead them towards what I’ve envisioned, brings me great satisfaction. My next step would be to grow and groom my team, to help them become future leaders and contribute to the company.”

ALAN LAU JUN TENG Specialist Diploma in Supply Chain Management (Earn and Learn Programme for Logistics Sector) 2018 Graduate School of Engineering Planning Analyst at Neovia Logistics Service LLC

good role model who engaged me and taught me the soft skills needed to excel at work.”

Pathway to success

Alan was promoted at the end of the year-long programme. He credited ELP for providing him with the tools and opportunities needed to advance his career goals. “Through ELP, I was given a challenging but rewarding platform to deepen my skills and knowledge. I am now more prepared for future responsibilities and better armed with useful resources that can help me reach my full potential. For those who are looking for a good stepping stone into the industry of their choice, ELP is the way to go!”

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The Industry ______ Programme allows students to embark on overseas attachments with RP partners! [Hint: Page 21]


______ Music Festival is an annual RP event that showcases the best of local music.


The SkillsFuture ______ Programme (ELP) gives fresh polytechnic and ITE grads a head start into their career. [Hint: Page 50]


Snag a slot in RP through the Early ______ Exercise (EAE)


RP is the first and only school to offer the Diploma in ______ Coaching.

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RP’s education system uses a unique ______-______ Learning approach


RP lecturers and students have led societychanging initiatives such as the Motorised Housekeeping Cart and ______. [Hint: Page 29]


RP has cool indoor and outdoor facilities on campus, including the Supply Chain ______ Lab.


All RP students are given the opportunity to explore beyond the classroom by going on Student ______ Trips.


RP’s tagline is: “Discover. Transform. ______”.

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SCHOOL OF APPLIED SCIENCE • Diploma in Biomedical Sciences • Diploma in Biotechnology • Diploma in Environmental Science • Diploma in Marine Science & Aquaculture • Diploma in Materials Science • Diploma in Pharmaceutical Sciences

[R14] [R16] [R29] [R53] [R17] [R22]

SCHOOL OF ENGINEERING • Common Engineering Programme • Diploma in Aerospace Avionics • Diploma in Aerospace Engineering • Diploma in Aviation Management • Diploma in Electrical & Electronic Engineering • Diploma in Engineering Design with Business • Diploma in Engineering Systems & Management • Diploma in Green Building Energy Management • Diploma in Industrial & Operations Management • Diploma in Supply Chain Management

[R42] [R20] [R40] [R39] [R50] [R56] [R54] [R41] [R11] [R21]

[R34] [R37] [R28] [R46] [R44]

[R18] [R13] [R55] [R12] [R31] [R47]

SCHOOL OF MANAGEMENT AND COMMUNICATION • Diploma in Consumer Behaviour & Research • Diploma in Human Resource Management with Psychology • Diploma in Mass Communication • Diploma in Social Enterprise Management


7:30PM day ri F , 8 1 0 2 1 June Agora chnic, South te ly o P c li b Repu ow at Register n arents-talk www.rp.ed

• Diploma in Health Management & Promotion • Diploma in Health Services Management • Diploma in Outdoor & Adventure Learning • Diploma in Sports & Exercise Sciences • Diploma in Sports & Leisure Management • Diploma in Sports Coaching

[R43] [R45] [R33] [R26] [R27] [R49]


SCHOOL OF INFOCOMM • Diploma in Business Applications • Diploma in Business Information Systems • Diploma in Infocomm Security Management • Diploma in Information Technology • Diploma in Interactive & Digital Media • Diploma in Mobile Software Development



SCHOOL OF HOSPITALITY • Diploma in Customer Experience Management with Business • Diploma in Hotel & Hospitality Management • Diploma in Integrated Events Management • Diploma in Restaurant & Culinary Operations • Diploma in Wellness & Hospitality Business


[R48] [R52] [R32] [R51]

• Diploma in Arts & Theatre Management • Diploma in Design for User Experience • Diploma in Game Design • Diploma in Media Production & Design • Diploma in Sonic Arts


ACADEMIC SCHOOLS School of Applied Science School of Engineering School of Hospitality School of Infocomm School of Management and Communication School of Sports, Health and Leisure School of Technology for the Arts

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