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Low Gang Wee Diploma in Media Production and Design School of Technology for the Arts

Edwin Tan Jun Wu Diploma in Restaurant and Culinary Operations School of Hospitality

Ganeshkumar S/O Mahalingam Diploma in Aerospace Avionics School of Engineering

Medallion for Excellence

Medallion for Excellence

Medallion for Excellence

Cyndi Tay Kai Xin Diploma in Restaurant and Culinary Operations School of Hospitality




Muhammad Danial Bin Suboh Diploma in Restaurant and Culinary Operations School of Hospitality

Jody Ang Diploma in Restaurant and Culinary Operations School of Hospitality

Max Lee Moon Yuan Diploma in Information Technology School of Infocomm

WorldSkills Singapore is a nation-wide competition for Singaporean youths to showcase their technical skills. The finals, which took place on 7 to 9 July 2016, saw our dedicated students testing their mettle in seven skill areas, namely Graphic Design Technology, Mobile Robotics, Restaurant Service, Cooking, IT Network Systems Administration, Information Network Cabling and Web Design. Join us in honouring the seven of them who have done RP proud!


Welcome to the latest edition of #DiscoverRP! Have you started to map out your next academic journey? To help you along with the first step towards your tertiary education, we’ve lined up a series of articles and mustknows about Republic Polytechnic (RP) that will guide you.

Wondering what are some of the exciting Co-Curricular Activities (CCA) we offer? Let our student models inspire you with their campus style and CCA choices on pages 6 to 9. Next, discover our Special Award Winners' journey to the top (p.10 to 11) before turning to pages 12 to 14 to read all about our students’ overseas trips! Find out how RP can bring out your talent through our SkillsFuture Programme on page 15. Also, discover how our students managed to snag spots in RP through the Early Admissions Exercise or Polytechnic Foundation Programme from pages 16 to 18. Our graduates have always made us proud, and this is why we enjoy sharing their success stories with you (p.19 to 21). RP has many recognition programmes for our students. Get all the details about the RP Freshmen Scholarship on pages 22 to 23. Oh yes, RP is not just about academic studies – we have our fair share of fun and enrichment activities too! Mark your calendars for the slew of events coming your way soon (p.24 to 26), while movie vouchers are up for grabs. Take part in our crossword puzzle now on page 27! Last but not least, check out what each of our diploma programmes have in store for you from pages 28 to 56. We are certain it will help you make an informed choice. We hope you enjoy reading this issue as much as we have in creating it just for you.

Ronald Wong Director, Office of Corporate Communications Republic Polytechnic

A Day In The Life Find out what a typical school day is like for RP students!


Rising Stars Be inspired by our awesome student models who are making waves in the classroom and in their CCAs.


Follow our group of School of Infocomm students to get a glimpse of what happens in a typical school day on pages 2 to 5.

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High-5! Say hello to our Special Award Winners!


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Shaaron Tan Stephanie Ng Stephanie Tan Syahidah Ibrahim Wong Li Wern Yeo May Lee



of A Day in the Life

Infocomm Security t n e m e g a n a M students

hizz? We ersecurity w b y c rhaliza to a e b Jie and Nu r them! Want to n e W , ra a fo ,C follow Alan at a typical day is like h w t u o find


Nothing starts the day off better than walking to school with friends!

9:30am Our Operating Systems Security class with Mr Low usually starts with him going through the previous day’s quiz.


Mr Low helps us build a strong foundation on our basic concepts. Time to really put on our thinking caps! This problem will give us an insight into Linux process management.

11:30am 12:00pm

Did you know that there’s so much more you can gain from collaborative learning? We love that RP allows us to learn together on a daily basis!


It’s lunchtime! Working hard in class always makes us really hungry! Moreover, RP has a great variety of food spread across three food courts!


It’s the last class before the end of the day and we’re working really hard to complete the problem!

Uh oh! We’re faced with an unexpected roadblock while attempting to create a secure File Transfer Protocol (FTP) connection for this task. Thankfully, Mr Low is here to guide us!


Eating yummy dessert, accompanied by great company, is always a good way to destress. Lessons can be pretty intense, so make sure to enjoy your break thoroughly!


Now that we’re done with lessons, time for us to meet our Mortals! SOI’s Angels and Mortals programme pairs Year 1s up with seniors to smoothen the transition between secondary school and poly life! Meetings are usually pretty fun, as these are when our Mortals get to share their issues with us.

Discover 03

Our RP Experience RP’s unique learning approach has been a huge draw to the polytechnic, and it also provides other opportunities for students to grow and shine! Let’s see what these SOI students have to say about their experiences thus far.

Wen Jie

Alan Cara

What do you enjoy most about Problembased Learning (PBL)? Alan: I get to do my own research to identify and understand the root cause of a problem before structuring the most appropriate solution to effectively and efficiently resolve the problem. This hones my problem-solving process skills, which are essential attributes in life! Nurhaliza: When I first entered RP, I was worried that I would not be able to cope with the system. But I actually found myself learning better this way! Cara: I agree! There are always opportunities for us to learn and the lecturer always engages us in class. This makes learning much more exciting. Wen Jie: Not forgetting the chance to work together with our peers, tackling and solving the problems together! That sense of achievement from gaining knowledge is what I enjoy the most.

Discover 04

How have the opportunities provided by RP enhanced your learning as an SOI student? Nurhaliza: RP has provided us with all kinds of workshops from networking, JAVA, PHP, animations to building websites using WordPress! There are even competitions, internal and external, which we were invited to participate. Alan: That’s right! I took part in the Cyber Defenders Discovery Camp (CDDC) 2016 in June this year. Through this camp, my team and I learned cybersecurity concepts and tools to scan for system vulnerabilities, set up intrusion software to detect security breaches, and counters to neutralise cyberattacks. Wen Jie: I took part in the CDDC, too! At the end of the camp, we were given the chance to apply what we learned in a simulated Cyber War, to get a taste of what it would be like in a real-life situation. These opportunities have enhanced my learning to develop my interest and passion for IT. Cara: We have been given opportunities to go on Student Overseas Trips (SOT)! Going for SOT have allowed me to understand and experience not only how advanced our modern technologies are, but also how it is like working in the IT sector.


What is one advice you would give potential SOI/RP students? Nurhaliza: Once you are in RP, do not be shy to make friends and never miss any opportunities given! Plus, you can sign up with your friends for any kind of activities to learn and have fun together. After all, you are in charge of your own learning! Alan: If you are a potential RP SOI student, look no further! Our school has the necessary hardware and systems to equip you with the hands-on skills that you will need in the real world. In fact, for my diploma, we will soon have our own Security Operations Centre (SOC) and firewall equipment to give us a taste of what our future careers will be like. Cara: Take the chance to grab any opportunities that come by, so that you can grow and learn! Wen Jie: Always be ready and steadfast in upgrading yourself together with the growth of technology, because you are one of the cyber soldiers who will be protecting our cyber world!

Low Ee Mien Senior Lecturer School of Infocomm Having served in the IT and cyber security industry in Singapore supporting defence and the government for over a decade, Mr Low Ee Mien took the leap and joined RP as a teaching staff to train students for eventual placement in industry. Mr Low shared that he found many of the RP students to be keen learners and interested in the IT and cyber security area, especially after they have completed their internships in various real-world IT positions in companies such as CrimsonLogic, ST Electronics and NCS.

What are some defining characteristics of RP students and graduates that make them stand out from others? As attested by some of our industry partners, especially our Year 3 students whom we send out for internships every semester, the strong focus on selfdirected learning and problem-solving, as well as the regular presentations that they have to make in front of others during class, put them in good stead in the working world, in which these skills have proven to be useful and applicable.

How does PBL benefit students in their learning? The way it is taught in RP, the PBL approach encourages both teamwork and individual problem-solving, and finding new information and resources, so as to arrive at the best solution to the problem. This is also the processs of what we do out there in the industry, whether in a small research project, a software programme, or a complex, large-scale system that consists of a lot of little problems waiting to be solved.

What is PBL?

PBL Workshops for Secondary School Students

RP offers a holistic educational experience through various innovative teaching approaches, leveraging the fundamentals of Problem-based Learning (PBL). Guided by trained lecturers, students work in teams to solve problems and present viable solutions to the class. With class sizes kept small, RP lecturers guide you to solve problems, overcome challenges, and enable you to experience working in a team. Such PBL sessions provide immense value as you would be well-prepared to take on the real working world.

Led by RP’s own student facilitators, the two-hour workshops held at RP will give secondary school students a taste of RP’s unique learning process. These exciting workshops are absolutely free, so come and experience RP today! To find out more, visit

About the C228 Operating Systems Security module This module covers the fundamental concepts of operating systems administration and security through a practical approach. Students will explore key components in computing devices such as memory, processor and storage. Basic shell scripting will also be covered in this module. Through hands-on exercises, students learn to perform installation and configuration of Windows and Linux systems, including user management, network administration and service management. Students will also be taught Operating System (OS) hardening techniques, such as the configuration of host-based firewalls, disabling of unnecessary services and the application of security patches.

Discover 05

Rising Stars


Describing himself as one who is friendly and approachable, Darren gives full credit to RP’s Problem-based Learning (PBL) system for transforming him into a more confident person who isn’t shy to speak in front of people. Besides having a lot of friends, the freshie says that he enjoys the school’s fun culture and is grateful to have lecturers who are always ready to help when students are in need.

Be inspired by our stylish student models who take pride in being a part of RP!

Darren Lam Kang Jun Diploma in Arts and Theatre  Management School of Technology for the Arts Year 1

CCA Spotlight: Photo IG

“What I enjoy most about Photo IG is the way we are taught how to take photos. Photos capture memories and through this club, I’ve honed many skills that will always be useful to me!”

Jia Wei

Lim Jia Wei Diploma in Business Information Systems School of Infocomm Year 1

“RP has a different culture that brings out the inner you. Here, you are able to voice out your own opinions and it encourages you to step out of your comfort zone,” says Jia Wei. An avid sports fan, the Year 1 student is beyond pleased with RP’s facilities that include a sports complex that comes with an Olympic-sized swimming pool and rock climbing walls. CCA Spotlight: Ultimate Frisbee

“I enjoy the challenge that this sport brings! Through this CCA, I have built a strong and lasting friendship with my team.”

Discover 06


Swarna Saha Diploma in Pharmaceutical Sciences School of Applied Science Year 2

Norsuziana Bte Samsaimon Diploma in Hotel and Hospitality Management School of Hospitality Year 1

As someone who is fully relishing the perks of being an RP student, Swarna states that RP has provided her with endless opportunities to help her bring out her best. Her advice for potential RP students? “Step back, think creatively, reflect, re-invent and get ready to experience school life from a whole new perspective!” CCA Spotlight: Student Council

“As a student councillor, organising various school events, taking up new responsibilities and meeting new people are things I enjoy. Student Council has always given me the opportunity to step out of my comfort zone and unleash my inner potential.”


“RP prepares you for the working world right from the start and that is something awesome about it," says Norsuziana. Clinching a spot in RP was one of the best things that has happened to her as she found a sense of belonging here. “No matter which secondary school you come from or which CCA you were in back then, once you are in RP, everyone here is family. We treat each other like family and no one gets left behind.” CCA Spotlight: Hip Hop IG

“I grew up dancing so this CCA was the best choice for me! RP Hip Hop IG is a place where I get to express my artistic side and enjoy the art of dancing.”

Discover 07


“The three best things I like about RP are the unique PBL teaching method, excellent lecturers and exciting events that we have,” expresses Pranjal. When asked why he made RP his choice, the lad says, “Choosing RP as the next chapter in my life is without a doubt the best decision I have made in my academic life! RP has allowed me to find out my strengths and bring the best out of me. Even though I am just in my second year, I am already extremely grateful to RP for providing me with the opportunities to realise the potential I hold as a student.”

Pranjal Vats Diploma in Sports and Leisure Management School of Sports, Health and Leisure Year 2

CCA Spotlight: Hockey

“RP Hockey has helped me improve my interpersonal skills as we are taught to communicate and work together as a team all the time.”


A firm believer in change, Nathalie lives by the rule of moving forward and improving herself every day. When asked how her journey as an RP student has been thus far, she says, “RP has really opened me up as a person. I’ve been able to feel more confident in groups of people!” Nathalie is also a fan of the wide variety of mouthwatering food the school offers. According to her, you’ll never go hungry in RP! CCA Spotlight: Muay Thai

“I’m so glad I chose Muay Thai as my CCA because it keeps me active while growing my passion for the sport.”

Discover 08

Nathalie Mae Najera Burmer Diploma in Human Resource Management with Psychology School of Management and Communication Year 1

Chan Yan Yi Diploma in Green Building Energy Management School of Engineering Year 2

Yan Yi

With the aim of helping as many people as she can, Yan Yi sees herself as someone who is fun, outgoing, and always keeping things in order. When asked how RP has added value to her life, the sophomore student says, “My journey here has nurtured me to apply what I have learnt to find solutions to issues, and to work better in groups. Through interaction in classes and activities, I have also been able to get to know people from different walks of life." CCA Spotlight: Cyriva Club

“In Cyriva Club, we plan events for SEG students and what I enjoy most is being able to make new friends through the events.”

Discover 09

High 5! We caught up with the Special Award Winners 2016 to uncover their remarkable journey to success. Raziq Ikhmal B Abdul Latif

Raziq Ikhmal B Abdul Latif Diploma in Biomedical Sciences School of Applied Science 2016 Graduate Lee Kuan Yew Award for Mathematics and Science

What are your career aspirations and how has RP helped you achieve them? I hope to become a clinician scientist someday, that is, a medical doctor with research commitments, and RP has helped me by providing relevant modules and internship.

How has receiving the award motivated you? I’m using the award as an indication that I’m capable of great things, which has made me hopeful of achieving even greater heights when I head on to university.

Ahmad Firdaus Mustafa Bin Zainuddin

What was your reaction when you found out about the Lee Kuan Yew Award? I was surprised when I got the congratulatory call from my school informing me that I had obtained the Lee Kuan Yew award, as I felt that there were many better candidates during the interview session. I feel grateful and thankful to my lecturers, friends and family who have helped me throughout my polytechnic life, leading me to achieve such a prestigious award.

How has RP transformed you as a person? Before entering RP, I was not confident with my academics nor with my interaction skills with others. However, at the end of my final year, I felt that I have achieved something that I thought was beyond my reach. With the help of my lecturers, friends and family, I was able to excel academically and am now confident enough to interact with people from all walks of life.

Arvind Kumar Pillai

How would you describe the lecturers in RP? The term ‘supportive’ would be an understatement to describe the kind of encouragement that the lecturers in RP provided me. They recognised my efforts and ability which spurred my confidence! RP lecturers were one of the strongest and most important driving forces to light up the fire in me to pursue greatness!

Share with us your best experience of being an RP student. If I had to pinpoint the best experience, it would be my Final Year Project (FYP) as my team managed to overcome all the challenges and created better than expected deliverables to the company, which also garnered their good feedback and appreciation.

Discover 10

Ahmad Firdaus Mustafa Bin Zainuddin Diploma in Biomedical Sciences School of Applied Science 2016 Graduate Lee Kuan Yew Award for Mathematics and Science

Arvind Kumar Pillai Diploma in Industrial and Operations Management School of Engineering 2016 Graduate Lee Kuan Yew Award for Mathematics and Science

Jacob Toh Diploma in Customer Relationship and Service Management* School of Hospitality 2016 Graduate Tay Eng Soon Gold Medal


How was your learning experience at SAS? It was fun as I particularly loved the practical sessions. Our voices were always heard and our concerns always addressed. Besides doing experiments in the laboratory, we also had various learning tools for us to explore. The interactions we had with our kind and helpful lecturers also made my learning experience an enriching one.

Share with us your tips in managing your time well for your studies. During exam periods, I made use of break time at work or when I'm commuting to study. I also made it a point to revise previous lessons and do up notes before going for the next lesson. I tried to research and absorb as much information in class too.

Jacob Toh

Tell us more about your internship with Singtel! Susanti Diploma in Biotechnology School of Applied Science 2016 Graduate The Ngee Ann Kongsi Award

During my last semester, I had the good fortune of having my internship with Singtel as a contact centre officer. I could effectively apply what I have learnt about customer experience in a professional environment. I was glad that the school had prepared me well to meet the high expectations from industry partners.

How handy was PBL in your learning journey? I must say that this approach was effective when it came to meeting my learning needs. Instead of attending lectures, we worked in teams on problem triggers that simulate real world issues. We tackled them using our problemsolving skills and presented the solutions to our lecturers. It was through these experiences that I learnt to become more confident in tackling problems and more creative in working with people with different innovative ideas. *Now known as Diploma in Customer Experience Management with Business

Discover 11



RP students get the marvellous chance to travel overseas for internships, student overseas trips and service-learning projects. Here are some experiences from a recent travel diary.

Vietnam Each RP student has to go through a 20-week Industry Immersion Programme (IIP), an important criterion before we graduate. For my IIP, I was attached to the Vietnam Singapore Industrial Park (VSIP) in Binh Duong, a province in southern Vietnam. It was my first time working in a foreign land. I learned many new things about the industrial park and the Vietnamese culture. I was given mainly editorial tasks including writing, editing and proofreading marketing collaterals, and online advertisements. My internship honed my skills as an aspiring media practitioner and also taught me to be an independent and responsible young adult. I will never forget the valuable experience I gained in Vietnam.

Every day was a new discovery for me!

Muhammad Sufi B Salam Diploma in Mass Communication School of Management and Communication Year 3

Taiwan During my four-month internship at Outward Bound Taiwan (OBT), my OBT instructors and I went on several expeditions. These expeditions range from hiking up a mountain to long distance trekking. Throughout all these expeditions, I grew to understand myself better, learning my strengths and weaknesses but above all, I learnt to be more understanding towards others and to be compassionate.

My lecturers have always been so supportive.

Discover 12

Melvin Lam Ji Bang Diploma in Outdoor and Adventure Learning School of Sports, Health and Leisure Year 3

Each expedition that I went through was very unique because the trips allowed me to meet different learning objectives. Learning from all these also taught me to work better as a team player, not just in a school setting but at work as well; to know when to accommodate, listen and make the right decision.

Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.

Shanghai My internship with Wilmar Biotechnology Research and Development Centre in Shanghai was truly an eye-opener. I received training from senior colleagues at the catering oil department. The research facilities are well-equipped and I was fascinated by the abundance of advanced technologies. What’s more, I even got the chance to experience operating specialised machines. One of my assigned projects by my mentor was to consolidate data readings, specifically, the laboratory readings of formulated oil samples under the HunterLab Colorimetric measurement device. Overall, my experience there was fruitful and I am thankful to RP for this wonderful opportunity!

Be sure to seize every opportunity you get in RP !

Crystal Chai Wen Xi Diploma in Biotechnology School of Applied Science 2016 Graduate

Thailand I am so glad that I had chosen to undergo an overseas internship because it widened my horizon and gave me a chance to experience hospitality from another culture. It was a real pleasure being an intern at Hard Rock Hotel Pattaya, Thailand, as I had a rocking good time serving my guests.

The six-month internship at Hard Rock Hotel has strengthened my cognitive thinking and communication skills greatly.

Jasmine Soh Qian Hui Diploma in Hotel and Hospitality Management School of Hospitality Year 3

My job scope as a Guest Service Agent was to assist my colleagues during the process of checking in and out. I helped by processing the guest's travel documents serving welcome drinks, administering key cards and providing information of the hotel facilities to guests. I feel really thankful as the concepts taught to us in RP are indeed very useful, especially when they can be used in real-life scenarios to solve problems.

Discover 13

Cambodia I thought my International Service Learning Programme (ISLP) in Siem Reap, Cambodia was just a one-off experience in a rural area. It turned out to be so much more fulfilling than that. The condition of the school overwhelmed me and made me realise how lucky Singaporean students are. Despite how old and dirty their stationery are, the children used them happily. It hit me that I could do more than just paint their school; I could be improving their lives through the small things I did. I am truly thankful to have been given this opportunity to make a difference.

This trip has made me see things from a different perspective.

Hishamuddin B Koming Diploma in Design for Interactivity* School of Technology for the Arts Year 3

Now known as Diploma in Design for User Experience

Hong Kong

I am lucky to be an RP student because of the opportunities we get!

Siti Qasiyah Bte Ahmad Diploma in Industrial and Operations Management School of Engineering Year 3

Our seven-day trip was divided into parts four days in Hong Kong and three days in Guangzhou. There, I visited the South China University of Technology to take a look at their facilities and to interact with the teachers. The best part of the trip was being able to catch the laser light show on one of the nights – that was pretty cool! What makes me proud to be an RP student is that we are able to tackle every problem we encounter with ease as we are taught to do that in our lessons. This strength is something that sets us apart from the rest.

Australia I thoroughly enjoyed myself during the Student Overseas Trip (SOT) to Australia. We had the opportunity to not just visit places of interests, but we also visited companies and universities related to interactive and digital media. Exploring the city of Sydney was an eye-opener for me, and I enjoyed immersing in the rich culture of the city and its people. This trip taught me the importance of venturing out of my comfort zone and as an aspiring designer, trips like these open horizons and serve as good sources of inspiration!

Discover 14

Travelling the world with RP was certainly inspiring and motivating.

Ahmad Jazli Diploma in Interactive and Digital Media School of Infocomm Year 3

Starting Right Do you know that you can build your future based on skills mastery with RP’s SkillsFuture? Let’s take a deeper look at the four key initiatives that RP is supporting.

Education and Career Guidance (ECG) Want to realise your aspirations and embrace learning throughout life? With ECG, you can…

Enhanced Internship (EI) Looking for a more meaningful internship experience? This programme allows you to…

Explore career options based on interests and abilities

Have a more structured workplace learning

Make informed decisions about education and career plans

Be guided through insightful supervision and mentorship

Develop workplace readiness skills

Deepen your skills and enhance your employability

Experience the ECG journey throughout your three years of study

Experience the Enhanced Internship during your third year of study


r w.

p. ed




4 key SkillsFuture initiatives at RP u . s g / s kil

Young Talent Programme (YTP) Gain international exposure for global careers with YTP! You can look forward to... Having valuable market immersion experience through overseas exchanges and internships Gaining overseas working experience Being better prepared to take on global careers Coming on board the YTP during your third year of study


Earn and Learn Programme (ELP) How awesome would it be to have a smooth transition into the workforce and head-start into a career? Be ahead of the game with the ELP that provides… Clearer career advancement pathways and skills-based increments Structured training and mentorship programmes Industry-recognised certifications Opportunities upon your graduation

Discover 15


Confused on how the Early Admissions Exercise (EAE) and Polytechnic Foundation Programme (PFP) work? Don’t fret; we’ve got it covered.

Zenn Goh Jun Xian Diploma in Social Enterprise Management School of Management and Communication Year 2

Nur Amalina Aini Diploma in Supply Chain Management School of Engineering Year 2

EAE The EAE allows you to apply for a place in the course of your choice based on your aptitude and interest even before your O-Levels.


Why EAE?


Applying through EAE allows you to secure a spot in your preferred polytechnic course before sitting for your O-Levels. You will be considered for poly admission based on a broader measure of criteria other than academic grades.

EAE Zenn

How would you describe the RP EAE programme? RP EAE consists of a lot of helpful programmes during the two months’ duration! What’s great is that within the two months, we already have programmes that would prepare us for how we will work with the Problem-based Learning (PBL) method in the next three years. The special bonding moments during those periods also brought back fond memories.

What do you like best about your lecturers? Our dedicated lecturers and mentors are very approachable and helpful! They are always sharing with us valuable knowledge and experiences on how we can improve and do better.

Transform 16

Share with us your RP PFP experience. PFP was a fruitful and memorable journey for me. I learnt many things throughout my PFP and this is something that you can never get anywhere else, as it’s a once-in-alifetime experience. If you get the opportunity to join RP PFP, go for it. I can ensure you that you will not regret your decision! Your life will be different, and you will transform into someone who is more outgoing and always engaging in discussions.

What is the best thing about being an RP student? The best thing about being an RP student is being able to socialise with students from other schools and make many new friends!

Raudhahtul Jannah Bte Radwan Diploma in Business Applications School of Infocomm Year 2

Sng Jian Hao Diploma in Outdoor and Adventure Learning School of Sports, Health and Leisure Year 1

PFP Instead of moving on to Secondary 5, the PFP enables you to embark on a one-year practice-oriented foundation curriculum conducted by RP lecturers. You’ll take up modules related to your chosen diploma and at the end of the programme, you will be assessed to confirm your progression to the diploma course.

Why PFP?


PFP allows you to: • Bypass the O-Level exams and nab a spot in your preferred polytechnic course • Be better prepared for your selected diploma course • Get a head-start in your polytechnic education before your peers


Why did you decide to join RP PFP? Let me start by saying that my choice to join RP PFP has turned out to be the one of the best decisions I have ever made. It has contributed to my smooth transition to the first year and has taught me not to be afraid to voice out my opinions even though they are different.

PFP Jian Hao

Why did you choose the Diploma in Outdoor and Adventure Learning? I chose this course because I have always wanted to be a Physical Education teacher! RP’s PBL also brings out the critical thinking aspect in all of us. These are just some of the reasons why RP is for me!

What makes your diploma programme unique?

Why should potential students join RP PFP?

I like that my diploma programme is a mix of IT and business, so I actually get to expose myself to both of them at the same time. I find it enjoyable to learn something new and challenge myself to learn new things all the time.

Being in this programme gives you the opportunity to meet people from different places. You will get to blend into the vibrant school culture, take part in unique inter-class games and have the opportunity to understand RP as a whole.

Transform 17

Stanton Soh Churn Hock Diploma in Biomedical Sciences School of Applied Science Year 3

PFP Stella

How was your RP PFP journey? My RP PFP journey was a really fulfilling one! Going through PFP was the best experience of my life, with a fun learning environment and close friends. Overall, RP PFP has helped to groom me to be who I am today.

What do you like most about your diploma programme? The thing that I like most about my diploma programme is the fact that we get to learn almost every part of media and design. In terms of media, we are taught the technical, as well as the theory side of how media works. In terms of design, we are taught to conceptualise industry standard design for our practice.


Describe your RP PFP journey! My RP PFP journey was a true blessing. I enjoyed the programme as it wasn't just learning from a book and putting it on paper. We had projects every now and then, which allowed us to put theories into practice and practice into integrated memory.

What do you like about RP’s facilities?

Chua Sok Hui, Stella Diploma in Media Production and Design School of Technology for the Arts Year 2

Valerie Lee Xin Tian Diploma in Customer Relationship and Service Management* School of Hospitality Year 2

The ability to enjoy an air-conditioned environment almost everywhere is fantastic! I'm grateful to study in a conducive and lovely campus. Every building is easy to get to as they are all connected to our main library, which provides an excellent environment to study in! The great thing really is the ability to just enjoy the facilities and use them to our best advantage.


Tell us more about your RP PFP journey! The RP PFP curriculum was what gave us the edge over our peers when we officially commenced our studies as Year 1 students. It has been extremely memorable.

What is the best thing about being an RP student?

*Now known as Diploma in Customer Experience Management with Business

Transform 18

We gain lots of exposure – both internally and externally. I am always thankful to RP for giving me multiple platforms to showcase myself, as well as to gain a deeper understanding of our society.

Top Of The Game They say that tertiary life is one of the best times of your life, and these successful RP alumni are testament to that! A current Registered Nurse at National University Cancer Institute, Darryl was part of the pioneer batch of the Diploma in Pharmaceutical Sciences not only in RP but also in Singapore.

Ang Wei How Darryl Diploma in Pharmaceutical Sciences School of Applied Science 2009 Graduate

“I must say that the curriculum was well thought out and delivered perfectly by experienced clinical pharmacists and scientists both local and international!”

How has SAS prepared you for your career? My diploma programme provided me with sufficient depth in pharmacy, providing me an edge in pharmacology when I entered NUS Nursing. Subsequently, as a Registered Nurse, I have a better insight into the type of medications that I am administering, therefore easing my transition from being a student to a healthcare provider.

Are you able to utilise Problem-based Learning (PBL) in your daily work? As a nurse, I take care of different patients of various presentations and stages of their diseases. PBL allows me to critically make sense of the information that I have about the patient and how it corroborates with what they are experiencing. In a way, every patient is a ‘PBL scenario’, each is presented with their unique challenges and issues, as well as solutions that I need to provide in collaboration with the multi-disciplinary team.

Lee Jian Long Diploma in Supply Chain Management School of Engineering 2010 Graduate

Accrediting RP for fueling his passion in logistics and supply chain, Jian Long has many things to thank RP for. “My three successful years in RP were amazing under the tutelage of RP lecturers, who were professional, dedicated and passionate. RP also played a big role in providing me with a strong foundation to pursue my Bachelor's Degree in Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.” The Regional Operations Manager at Hock Teoh Huat Transport also enjoyed the Industry Immersion Programme and Final Year Project, which gave him the opportunity to explore real-world settings and to put theory into practice.

What are three things you miss most about RP? 1 Daily PBL lessons where I get to openly discuss module topics with peers and lecturers 2 RP's comprehensive library 3 The multi-cuisine canteens!

Why should other students make RP their choice of poly? Through its well-structured education programmes, RP provides a good platform for students to unleash their potential to the fullest. Together with hard work, perseverance and a positive attitude, it is a channel to greater opportunities in one's career and life.

Transform 19

Arif is the pride of RP. At a young age, he took an entrepreneurial path to start his own videography and photography service company called Predix Productions. “The idea to start a company came from a casual conversation among my friends which I had taken seriously. Before I knew it, I was out running projects for clients. While it has been a long journey building my business from scratch, I enjoyed every moment of it.”

What is your most memorable RP moment?

Muhammad Nur Arif Bin Suaini Diploma in Mass Communication School of Management and Communication 2015 Graduate

If I can remember RP for one thing, it would be the IGNITE! Music Festival. My whole journey in RP revolved around it; I grew because of it and I am what I am today because of IGNITE!. I held various leadership positions in RP, from my Interest Group, Jammerz Arena as a VP Operations to being a Marketing Operations Manager for IGNITE! Music Festival and an Executive Committee Member of RP’s Student Council. Bearing all these positions in RP made my journey all the more thrilling, with so much at stake, with people to lead and expectations to accomplish.

What was the best thing about being an SMC student? The most valuable part of SMC was the internship. I spent six months with MediaCorp’s Channel 5 On-air Promotions department. I wouldn’t have been able to do well without going through the modules SMC prepared. We dealt with real companies and real clients in SMC. The professionalism and ownership we were expected in class have contributed to the success of my career.

Siti Nasyihin Binte Gazali Diploma in Game Design School of Technology for the Arts 2015 Graduate

Nasyihin’s academic and professional journey is a tale of victory against all odds. Her decision to go for a design course after graduating from Macpherson Secondary School was at odds with her family, who were sceptical of the prospects of a career in design. Initially entering the Diploma in Game Design with no prior knowledge or certainty of the future, Nasyihin decided to make good with what she had. Her positive attitude and drive landed herself an opportunity with Wizlearn Technologies, where she was challenged to go beyond the scope of game design and learn animation as well. She even secured a full-time position after her internship ended. Recently, she was also headhunted to AsiaSoft as a game product specialist to market their games.

Share with us how your journey was as an RP student! My journey as an RP student was indeed an enriching one. I had awesome lecturers who never stopped guiding and supporting me, stretching my limits to show what I was capable of. I am thankful for all the opportunities given to express myself during the interactive lessons in school by exploring different ways to present my projects, and tackling the daily assignments.

Why should secondary school students make RP their choice of poly? RP has charismatic lecturers who have knowledge at their fingertips. The lecturers’ care for each and every student's education and well-being makes us feel like we are situated in an ideal place where we are then developed into skillful professionals ready to join the industry.

Transform 20

Joel Wei Maojie Diploma in Sports and Exercise Sciences School of Sports, Health and Leisure 2015 Graduate

“My journey in RP was a very eventful one. RP provided me with various fresh experiences and a nurturing environment to develop and make great friends. I'm happy to have been a part of RP!� says Joel, the NIE Teaching Scholarship recipient.

Tell us why you made the right choice by joining RP! I would say RP's PBL approach to learning was a better fit for me as compared to the usual approach of studying. In my opinion, the way teaching and studying was conducted here is of more practical use for the working world.

How has SHL prepared you for your career? I would say SHL provided me with the content knowledge which I can apply in the future when I become a PE teacher. It has given me a very solid foundation to further my studies in sports and exercise science. Parameswaran S/O Nadaraja Diploma in Customer Relationship and Service Management* School of Hospitality 2013 Graduate

Having clinched Marina Bay Sands' (MBS) Best of Best Award for Concierge and Guest Services, there is no denying that Parameswaran is a true hospitality star! In fact, he was even the Marina Bay Sands Scholar when he was in RP.

Tell us more about your job at MBS! I am a Concierge Supervisor in MBS Hotel. I started out as an intern at MBS during my IIP stint at RP and have been working with the hotel ever since. As part of the concierge team, I am required to assist and be there for our guests and to offer as much help as possible to ensure that their stay in Singapore and in MBS is an unforgettable one.

Why should other students make RP their choice of poly? RP is the place where passions are nurtured and good opportunities are given to succeed in life. By making it your choice of polytechnic, your abilities and talents will have the chance to shine under the guidance of the brilliant lecturers here! *Now known as Diploma in Customer Experience Management with Business

An active IT professional, Eric graduated from RP with a Diploma in Business Applications and enjoys mentoring polytechnic students who interned at his company. Currently working as a Business Development (Cyber Solutions) for MEDs Technologies Pte Ltd, the alumni is also keen and willing to contribute back to RP in which ever way he can.

Eric Wong Diploma in Business Applications School of Infocomm 2011 Graduate

Share with us how your journey was as an RP student! My journey in RP was a valuable one as I enjoyed my three years of tertiary journey with fellow friends and classmates from the different diplomas, and lecturers with various fields of expertise and experiences. The interesting PBL learning system trained us to think out of the box as our lessons were similiar to the real working environment.

How has SOI prepared you for your career? SOI provided me with the knowledge and hands-on learning experience. I gained knowledge from technology skill set to business strategy learning. SOI also helped me to hone my cognitive thinking skills and to see things from different perspectives.

Transform 21

FORGING AHEAD Take cue from these four RP Freshmen Scholarship Recipients who are making a mark for themselves.

Russell James Foo Junhao Diploma in Sports and Exercise Sciences School of Sports, Health and Leisure Year 1 Hong Leong Foundation Scholarship Recipient

Radhika D/O Subramaniam Diploma in Human Resource Management with Psychology School of Management and Communication Year 1 Ngee Ann Kongsi Scholarship Recipient

The Best Sporting Scene With a keen interest in all things sports, Russell knew that RP was the perfect institute to kick-start his journey towards a career in sports.

I knew RP would be the best place for me to pursue my interests in sports, health and leisure. There are so many courses for me to choose from, so I thought it is the best place for me to achieve my goals.

The Right Vibe

When asked how handy the Hong Leong Foundation Scholarship has been for him, he said, “The scholarship has allowed me to focus on my education and school. It is also an extra boost for me to achieve one of my goals, which is to get a degree related to health and leisure in future!”

Describing her study journey as one that has been inspiring with friendly and approachable lecturers and classmates, the human resource student takes great pride in being a scholar.

Transform 22

I love the vibe that I get here! RP is not an ordinary institution; it does not just focus on students’ academics but also pays attention to students’ aesthetics. The natural liveliness in this institute keeps me going,

“The Ngee Ann Kongsi Scholarship has helped me in many ways. I don’t come from a financially strong background, hence this scholarship is of great help to me and my family. Secondly, receiving this scholarship boosts my confidence and pushes me to work harder and get better results.”

Izzuddin Bin Zulkiflee Diploma in Aviation Management School of Engineering Year 1 LKY Step Award Scholarship Recipient

One Step Closer My course will bring me one step closer to becoming a pilot! Natalie On Kei-Yan Diploma in Marine Science and Aquaculture School of Applied Science Year 1 Far East Organization Scholarship Recipient

Fuel Your Passion An aspiring marine biologist, Natalie could not have been happier when she realised that her passion for marine science matched RP’s Diploma in Marine Science and Aquaculture to a T! Terming the Problembased Learning (PBL) learning style as one that is preferred and applicable to real-life situations, the freshie is grateful for all the handson experience she has received. However, PBL isn’t the only thing she’s enjoying Natalie is also appreciative of the facilities in RP that make learning conducive, and is grateful for the scholarship she has received.

This scholarship has made me want to achieve more and push myself to my fullest capabilities in both my CCA (canoeing) and studies.

A fan of PBL, the aspiring pilot who was also a former graduate from the Institute of Technical Education (ITE), is thankful for the scholarship he has received. “The scholarship has helped me in a lot of ways. It has helped me financially – coming from a single parent family, I have to support my mother and my grandmother. The scholarship has given me a sense of financial security. Also, with the scholarship, I am able to focus more on my studies instead of having to juggle between working part-time and studying.”

Be The Next RP Scholarship Recipient! What is the RP Freshmen Scholarship? Offered by RP in partnership with industry partners and organisations, the RP Freshmen Scholarship is a bond-free scholarship programme awarded to Freshmen who are enrolled in any full-time diploma programme in RP.

You should apply because… You will have the opportunity to participate in 1 Student Leadership Programme 2 It is bond-free A scholarship value of $3,000 per academic year 3 means you can focus on your studies without having to fret over your tuition fees

RP Freshmen Scholarships are ideal for you if you are/have: • A Singapore Citizen • Achieved outstanding O-Level, Higher Nitec, or Singapore Sports Schools Exam results • Excellent CCA achievements • Strong leadership qualities • Not a recipient of another scholarship Visit today!

Transform 23

Happenings@RP Keep a lookout for these not-to-be-missed events coming your way!

6 Sept

School of Technology for the Arts (STA) Workshop This event is a series of specialised workshops organised by the five diplomas in STA. Students will have fun exploring their interests in the creative arts as they learn in dedicated studios and laboratories. The workshops are designed to reach out to secondary school students to expose them explicitly to STA’s state-of-the-art production facilities and industry grade equipment used for creative productions. Students will be given the opportunity to learn about what goes on behind the scenes of a TV and stage production, and what it takes to become a game, product or sound designer, all in one day! Email:

Transform 24

8 Sept

Hospitality Race Join RP School of Hospitality (SOH) at the Education and Career Guidance (ECG) challenge, named Hospitality Race, for secondary school students. In this inaugural Hospitality Race, participants will race around designated attractions, getting clues and accomplishing various challenges all while navigating the Singapore landscape via foot or on public transportation, in order to be the first to finish and win the Race. Website: Hospitality_Race_2016 Email:

9 Sept

Mobile Music Making (M3) Competition Finals Finalists of the M3 Competition will be competing for the championship at W1 Forum, RP! These finalists have been chosen from a list of participants and have gone through further training by professional musicians to present their music. Website: MobileMusicMaking Email:

12 Sept

Dollars and $ense Financial Literacy Competition RP School of Management and Communication (SMC), in collaboration with Citi-NIE, is organising the inaugural Financial Literacy Campaign to enable the participants to acquire knowledge on financial literacy concepts and then apply the concepts learnt by designing a game, poster or video with the purpose of imparting financial literacy to others. Students whose submitted projects are selected will get to showcase their projects at the roadshow where they can share their knowledge and raise the public awareness of Financial Literacy. Email:,

13 – 14 Oct

Science and Mathematics Pursuit Calling out to all secondary schools in the north and west zones, the Science and Mathematics Pursuit organised by RP School of Applied Science (SAS) is back with more excitement! For two days, your science and mathematics skills will be put to the test at the Science and Mathematics Amazing Race. Website: Email:

21 Oct – 5 Nov

Reflections Arts Festival Reflections Arts Festival is RP’s Community Arts Festival, organised by and featuring groups from CREATE Republic as well as external guest performers. Past collaborators include Caracal, Don Richmond, Riduan Zalani, and many more. This year, Reflections celebrates its 10th year with the theme, Layers, looking into multi-dimensions and perspectives in each art form. Featuring a myriad of events from performances to workshops and Arts Exhibitions, there’s definitely something for everyone. Website: Email:

Transform 25

26 - 28 Oct

DiscoverIT @RP

22 Oct

Financial Literacy for Youths Race (“FLY� Race) A competition specially catered for secondary school students, financial literacy learning is made more exciting through stations and activities modelled after the reality TV show "The Amazing Race". The combined efforts of RP School of Management and Communication (SMC), the Investment and Finance Interest Group, and Citi-NIE brings learning out of the confines of the classroom and into realworld applications.

A group photo to celebrate a successful event!



25 Oct

Marketing Innovation Challenge Brought to you by RP School of Management and Communication (SMC), this annual competition aims to promote consumer insights as the key to strategic business thinking and design creativity among secondary school students. Participants will learn about market research techniques, marketing skills and psychology and compete to see who can create the best carnival experience in IMM Garden Plaza. Website: Innovation_Challenge Email:

Transform 26

Join RP School of Infocomm (SOI) in discovering the endless possibilities in the IT industry! For three exciting days, explore career opportunities through interactive talks and attend company visits to learn first-hand about IT professionals and their jobs. This programme will also give students a taste of poly education by allowing them to join a real class session to try out some simple programming. There will also be a Network & Security Investigation Competition on 28 Oct, a biennial competition for students to test their wits and guile in IT security. Look out for attractive prizes to be won!

4 Nov 26 Oct

Drone Fiesta

An annual event organised by RP School of Engineering (SEG), Diploma in Aerospace Avionics whereby competitors are tasked to build an un-propelled glider made from balsa wood. Participants will be provided with three variants of glider design and will choose the design that they deem can provide the best performance in terms of distance and accuracy.

Organised by RP School of Infocomm (SOI) in collaboration with RP School of Engineering (SEG), the Drone Fiesta includes an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) flying competition to encourage students to put their skills to test. Besides the UAV flying competition, the Fiesta features many other fringe activities for you to take part in. This competition is open to all secondary school students. Look out for attractive prizes to be won!




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9 3 2


10 4

Guess ! n i W & 5

Test how much you know about RP! Try your hers! d to win movie vouc this puzzle and stan

hand at

Hint: Answers can be found within the magazine








What does ‘PB’ in PBL stand for? RP has many batches of are doing well in their careers!



RP School of kind in Singapore!


Aspire to be a scholar? Check out the RP Scholarship! [Hint: Page 22]

The Admissions Exercise (EAE) is one of the ways to clinch a spot in RP. [Hint: Page 16]


RP has a total of



With close to 100 CoActivities (CCA) in RP, you’ll be spoilt for choice.


(SOH) is the first of its

RP students are given the opportunity to be attached with companies in their final year through the Industry Programme (IIP). [Hint: Page 12] have the Upon graduation, RP chance to either start work or pursue their degrees in local and overseas universities. What does the ‘R’ in RP stand for?

How to Participate? Email your answers to with the subject heading [#DiscoverRP – I want to win movie tickets!] and the following details [Full name; NRIC; Age; Gender; Contact number; Email address; School]. Winners will be contacted via email. Closing date of submission is 30 November 2016.

Transform 27


offers six robust diplomas across all the major branches of science! Fuel your curiosity for scientific discovery right here and develop ground-breaking inventions that make a difference in daily life!


is the perfect place to learn about cutting-edge technologies, smart designs and working in the engineering sector. Exciting possibilities await you!


provides you with industryrelevant training in areas such as customer experience management, hotel and hospitality management, events management, restaurant and culinary operations, and business of health and wellness.


offers six diploma programmes spanning a variety of fields in Infocomm and is the perfect launchpad for you to build a strong foundation, and chart a dynamic career as a tech-savvy professional.


will show you how to build a successful career as a talented and business-savvy professional. Come discover your passion and potential right here!


allows you to take your pick from sports science, sports and leisure management, outdoor and adventure learning, health management and promotion, health services management, as well as sports coaching.


offers a synergistic combination of programmes, state-of-theart technology, and an interdisciplinary approach to transform creative talent into creative capital.

School of Applied Science

P.30-33 School of Engineering


School of Hospitality

P.38-41 School of Infocomm

P.42-45 School of Management and Communication


School of Sports, Health and Leisure


School of Technology for the Arts






AS f Applied S S o l ci oo Are you ready for a career in science? As one of the largest polytechnic science schools in Singapore, RP School of Applied Science is the place to be if you have a passion for scientific discovery. We offer six diploma programmes in diverse fields where there are high demand for young talents.

.e p r . w ww

g/s s . u d



Gerald Lim Yan Kai Diploma in Pharmaceutical Sciences 2016 Valedictorian

RP’s learning environment allows students to pursue their dreams freely. My three years here have been amazing and I am grateful to RP for recognising both our academic and non-academic achievements. There is no denying – RP makes your dreams come true!

R14 Diploma in Biomedical Sciences Specialisation Options: Biomedical Research, Medical Laboratory Technology Uncover the complexities of human diseases and understand the science behind modern healthcare here! With this diploma, you will learn about the human body, how they develop and how to treat them at their root. You can later choose to specialise in either Biomedical Research or Medical Laboratory Technology. Career Options: Biomedical research assistant, laboratory technologist, medical and laboratory equipment sales executive, medical technologist, or quality control / assurance officer.





Diploma in Biotechnology

Diploma in Materials Science

Specialisation Options: Biotechnology Research, Food and Nutrition

Specialisation Options: Advanced Materials, Biomedical Materials

Discover the fascinating world of biotechnology! Learn how to revolutionise food supplies, improve human health, and protect the environment. Here, you will learn to use biology and other life sciences to develop medicine and healthier food. During the programme, you can choose to specialise in either Biotechnology Research or Food and Nutrition.

Learn how the basic principles of chemistry and physics apply to everything around us and use that knowledge to create amazing innovations! Be inspired to develop biomaterials for various medical applications that are set to transform people’s lives by honing practical skills in 3D printing, advanced composites, nanotechnology, biosensor and biomaterials in our cutting-edge laboratories.

Career Options: Food industry and microbiology specialist, health education officer, quality control or quality analyst in pharmaceutical, biotechnology, biomedical or food companies, research and development laboratory technician, or sales and marketing representative in the biomedical industry.

Career Options: Aerospace industrial specialist, assistant engineer, assistant manufacturing engineer, laboratory technologist, quality assurance specialist, or semiconductor industrial specialist.

Achieve 31





Diploma in Pharmaceutical Sciences

Diploma in Environmental Science

Specialisation Options: Industrial Pharmacy and Marketing, Pharmacy Practice

Specialisation Options: Environmental Technology and Management, Environmental Biotechnology

Take the first step into your journey to improve people’s health and save lives with this diploma! You can look forward to learning how to develop new drugs and therapies as you gain critical knowledge in areas such as drug discovery and development, clinical pharmacy, medication review, patient counselling, and pharmaceutical sales and marketing. Career Options: Clinic supervisor, clinic research coordinator, medical representative, pharmacy technician, quality control technologist, research assistant, or sales / product executive.

Achieve 32

Arm yourself with the necessary skills and knowledge to tackle the world’s environmental issues and play a leading role in shaping a more sustainable future with this course. You will study an extensive range of topics which include waste and water management to regulatory issues and biotechnology solutions before specialising in either of the options available. Career Options: Conservation and outreach officer, environmental health and safety technician, environmental officer, research laboratory technician or water laboratory technician.


R53 Diploma in Marine Science and Aquaculture Dive into the fascinating world of marine life and play a key role in protecting one of the world’s most precious ecosystems. As the only marine science-related course in Singapore, this diploma offers a comprehensive programme and fully prepares you for a career in marine conservation and aquaculture management. Career Options: Aquaculture laboratory assistant, aquarist, marine conservation executive, marine facility manager, production technologist, or regulatory officer.

Guess What? SAS boasts a plethora of facilities such as the Analytical Chemistry Labs, Anatomy Museum, Aquaria, Biologics Labs, Clinical Diagnostics Labs, Cell Culture Labs, Chemical Synthesis Lab, Diagnostic Imaging Labs, Eco Remediation Facility, Food Formulation Lab, Genomic Analysis Lab, Materials Characterisation Lab, Microbial and Cellular Analysis Lab, Pharmaceutical Technology Lab, Plant Tissue Culture Lab, Proteomics Analysis Lab, Renewable Energy Facility, RP/NTU Materials Processing Lab, RP-KTPH Teaching Dispensary, and Water Technology Lab.

Achieve 33

EG of Enginee S l o rin ho Sc


If you are a problem-solver with a passion for tinkering with gadgets or solving complex puzzles, then RP School of Engineering is the place for you. Its nine diploma programmes and the Common Engineering Programme is sure to ignite your passion in the engineering sciences.

.e www.rp

g/s s . u d



R11 Phang Yong Zhong Jody Diploma in Renewable Energy Engineering* 2016 Valedictorian

I received a holistic education that has enabled me to be an innovative problem solver for the work force. RP’s unique teaching pedagogy taught me to become a more independent person who is capable of being proficient in both teamwork and solitary work. *Now known as Diploma in Green Building Energy Management

Achieve 34

Diploma in Industrial and Operations Management Revolutionise smart business practices by driving efficient operations management in organisations. This programme arms you with the expertise to oversee, design, and improve companies’ business-operations and resource management by developing integrated solutions. Career Options: Business / Human Resource Executive, Business Process Analyst, Industrial Engineering Specialist, Logistics / Facilities / Safety Officer, Operations Executive, Productivity Team Lead, Project Manager or Quality Technologist.


R20 Diploma in Aerospace Avionics Take flight on a soaring career on the runway with this diploma! Featuring a combination of skills training with valuable hands-on experience, be ready to delve into the high-tech world of aircraft electrical systems, instruments, and avionics. You can look forward to receiving extensive hands-on training in the A320 Aircraft Cockpit Simulator Lab. Career Options: Aircraft electrical / avionics system specialist, assistant engineer, associate engineer, avionics equipment test engineer, licensed aircraft engineer, or technical support personnel.





Diploma in Supply Chain Management

Diploma in Aviation Management

Enter the fast-paced world of global trade and logistics and become an expert in managing the flow of goods, information and finances. This diploma takes you behind the scenes and reveals how everything from a small box of candy to a gigantic aeroplane engine is produced and transported to all corners of the world.

Be part of the dynamic aviation industry and take to the skies! This course will equip you with the specialist and management skills that will make you a prime addition to international airlines and airports worldwide. You can look forward to receiving extensive handson training in the A320 Aircraft Cockpit Simulator Lab, Virtual Aerodrome Laboratory, and our hangar facility.

Career Options: Distribution officer, freight forwarding specialist, inventory controller, logistics planner / officer / analyst, project manager, purchasing officer, or supply chain executive.

Career Options: Air operations centre coordinator, air traffic control officer, aircraft dispatcher, airline executive / manager, airline station manager, airport terminal duty manager, cabin crew, or pilot.

Achieve 35





Diploma in Aerospace Engineering

Diploma in Green Building Energy Management

Discover a multitude of career pathways in the booming aerospace industry. This course will give you a solid grounding in aircraft structural maintenance, and engine maintenance and repair. You will also learn about the strict aviation regulations that govern the global industry and gain access to our first-rate laboratories, which include a hanger facility with actual aircrafts.

Be part of the green building movement by joining the growing ranks of green building technologies, and be at the frontier of change in designing and maintaining energy-efficient buildings. Besides acquiring in-depth knowledge of how energy efficiency can be applied in the design of buildings and industrial process, you will also receive hands-on training using specialised equipment.

Career Options: Airframe and engine inspector, licensed aircraft engineer, material / production planner, nondestructive testing specialist, process engineer, technical production support personnel, or workshop engineer.

Achieve 36

Career Options: Assistant engineer, building and energy auditor, energy specialist, facilities management engineer, green technologist, or research assistant.


R50 Diploma in Electrical and Electronic Engineering Specialisation Options: Biomedical Electronics, Microelectronics, Digital Media and Communications Get ready for a range of electrifying prospects in the dynamic world of electronics! As a Diploma in Electrical and Electronic Engineering student, you will enjoy a broad and flexible education in key growth areas such as digital media and communications, biomedical electronics, and microelectronics. Career Options: Associate electronics engineer, associate engineer, engineering assistant, or research assistant.


R54 Diploma in Engineering Systems and Management Specialisation Options: Urban Transport Solutions, Intelligent Systems Be a dynamic multi-disciplinary engineer and spearhead large-scale projects that require an array of project management skills. With the Diploma in Engineering Systems and Management, you will be trained not only in engineering disciplines, but also in systems thinking and project management. Career Options: Graduates can look forward to excellent career prospects in automation, defence, manufacturing and engineering services, and transport.





Diploma in Engineering Design with Business

Common Engineering Programme

Integrate your love for engineering, entrepreneurship and innovation to experience an out-of-the-box learning journey with this diploma. Through practical training and exercises, you will be able to design, develop and implement engineering solutions that are focused on business processes.

Not sure which field of engineering is best suited for your skills and talents? Build your foundational knowledge and skills during your first semester of study through the Common Engineering Programme. Here, you will be given a clearer understanding of the different programmes offered by SEG to help you make the right choice.

Career Options: Business development and planning, electrical and electronics engineering, entrepreneurial start-ups, product design and development, or project planning and management.

Achieve 37

H O S ol of Hospital o i h ty


Are you ready for a career in the service sector? RP School of Hospitality has rapidly built a reputation for excellence with its state-of-the-art facilities and industry-relevant training.

.e www.rp

g/s s . u d



R28 Tan Rui Qi Sophie Diploma in Integrated Events Management 2016 Valedictorian

SOH has provided me with an abundance of opportunities to participate, learn and grow. The entire SOH team always goes the extra mile to ensure each student's needs are well taken care of, and that we are wellequipped with technical skills for the future ahead of us.

Diploma in Integrated Events Management Dream of being the brains behind highprofile conferences, exhilarating sports events, and exciting concerts featuring international stars? This course will equip you with everything you need to know about event management including conceptualisation, marketing and sales, coordination and execution. Career Options: Attractions executive / manager, event coordinator / executive / planner, event entrepreneur, or project manager.


R34 Diploma in Customer Experience Management with Business Do you like being a part of creating and managing customer experiences? Are you results-driven and do you think out of the box? The Diploma in Customer Experience Management with Business equips you with multiple customer management and business skills needed to make a difference in the customer experience industry. Career Options: Account and relationship officer / executive / manager, customer experience specialist / manager, or sales and marketing officer / executive / manager.

Did You Know? SOH's newest training restaurant, 9th ave., is named after the polytechnic's address, 9 Woodlands Ave 9. It features a rustic, cosy and relaxed urban atmosphere and is located at level 3, SIT building. Currently, SOH has a total of three training restaurants: Oliva, waters edge, and 9th ave.

Achieve 39





Diploma in Hotel and Hospitality Management

Diploma in Wellness, Lifestyle and Spa Management

With this diploma, you can embark on a rewarding career in the hospitality industry. You will learn skills to manage operations in key areas such as front office, housekeeping, and food and beverage. You can also look forward to extensive hands-on training at our oncampus hotel training facilities.

Enter the business of health and wellness with this diploma! The health and wellness industry is booming to meet the growing consumer demand driven by the global ageing population and growing awareness of healthy and well living.

Career Options: Concierge services executive / manager, guest relations officer / executive / manager, food and beverage executive / manager, or sales and marketing executive / assistant manager.

Achieve 40

Career Options: Administrative services, business development executive / manager, customer service officer / executive / manager, health and fitness consultant, health services operations, management trainee for hotel spas or wellness marketing executive.


R46 Diploma in Restaurant and Culinary Operations


Discover a new recipe for success in food and beverage (F&B)! Here, you can look forward to exploring the world of gastronomy while unleashing your passion in this line. Gain core knowledge and technical skills ranging from culinary science to restaurant operations from a talented team of instructors.

Outstanding SOH students have various opportunities to secure prestigious scholarships from organisations like Fairmont Singapore, SwissĂ´tel The Stamford, Marina Bay Sands, Resorts World Sentosa, Teleperformance Singapore, and many more!

Career Options: Baker, barista, bartender, crew leader, F&B executive / supervisor, guest relations officer, lead cook / chef, pastry cook / chef, restaurant assistant manager / manager / restaurateur, wine server / sommelier.

For more information on SOH scholarships, please visit

Achieve 41

OI S of Infocom ool h Sc


If you are a problem-solver with a passion for emerging technologies, RP School of Infocomm is the place for you. We offer six diploma programmes covering a variety of fields related to infocomm.

.e p r . w ww

g/s s . u d



Mark Ignatius Teo Jianhao Diploma in Information Technology 2016 Valedictorian

My goal is to work in the IT Industry as a programmer and RP has provided the necessary training and foundation for me to easily take the first step ahead. The best memory of being an SOI student was realising that it is possible to get good grades and, at the same time, have a lot of fun!

R12 Diploma in Information Technology From networking and cloud computing to enterprise infrastructure and service management, IT professionals play a critical role in organisations across all industries. This diploma will provide you with a solid foundation of IT fundamentals that will open the door to endless opportunities. Learn how IT systems are designed and developed, while understanding the issues faced by industries. Career Options: Cloud operation engineer, IT analyst, system and network administrator, or technical support engineer.


R13 Diploma in Business Information Systems Bridge the gap between business and IT with the Diploma in Business Information Systems! Here, you will learn core business fundamentals and data analysis techniques that enable you to translate business information into valuable insights. You will also master the use of world-class business softwares, using them to support a company’s sales and marketing efforts. Career Options: Application programmer, information systems specialist, junior business / system analyst, junior IT consultant, or software / web developer.


R18 Diploma in Business Applications A bright and challenging future awaits you in the business of infocomm! The Diploma in Business Applications is an IT-business hybrid course, designed to give you a firm understanding of business functions and processes across industries, and equip you with skills to add value to any organisation. Career Options: Application developer, business development executive, IT support executive, junior business analyst, or junior consultant.

Achieve 43





Diploma in Interactive and Digital Media

Diploma in Mobile Software Development

Let your creativity and IT talent shine as you take the first step down an exciting career path. Through this diploma, you can develop a mastery of both traditional IT and digital media skills, enabling you to showcase your artistic flair through content programming.

Want to be the creator of the next big smart-phone app? This diploma is designed to equip you with the capabilities to build an app from scratch – from coming up with a creative idea to designing and programming the end product. You can look forward to extensive hands-on training in programming with different industry endorsed software tools, giving you the expertise to create smart mobile solutions.

Career Options: Audio-visual editor, computer animator, digital media designer, game and web application developer, or technology specialist.

Career Options: Mobile app designer, mobile app developer, mobile and web developer, or software engineer.

Achieve 44


R55 Diploma in Infocomm Security Management With cyber-attacks on the rise, IT skills in protecting the systems of organisations have never been more in demand. You will learn key IT security technologies, use state-of-the-art IT security systems, and apply strategies and best practices to protect digital assets in an organisation. Career Options: Computer forensic examiner, IT security analyst, IT security engineer, IT security officer / network security administrator.

Further Studies Graduates have the option to pursue exciting degrees, with advanced standing, in institutions of higher learning, both locally and overseas.



If you have a nose for news or a passion for business, then the RP School of Management and Communication is the place for you!

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Ng Kwan Tuck Alastair Diploma in Social Enterprise Management 2016 Valedictorian

SMC provides a lot of platforms and opportunities for each student to grow and develop themselves out of the classroom. Also, SMC has some of the most dedicated lecturers and staff that are genuinely committed to make the journey an enriching and memorable one for each student.

R32 Diploma in Mass Communication Specialisation Options: Journalism, PR and Marketing Communication If you have a story to tell, love interacting with people or enjoy being in a dynamic environment that thrives on big ideas and constant change, then this diploma is apt for you! You will be given the opportunity to build a strong foundation of knowledge across all media platforms including digital, print and broadcast, while learning how to tailor messages to specific audiences for maximum impact. Career Options: Advertising executive, assistant producer, corporate communications executive, journalist / writer, marketing communications executive, PR executive, or social media executive.





Diploma in Consumer Behaviour and Research

Diploma in Social Enterprise Management

Combine your love for business and psychology and transform incisive consumer insights into business success. Through this programme, you will understand what drives consumers and decipher why, where, when, and how they make purchasing decisions.

Looking for a business and sociology programme to prepare you to do business with a heart? The Diploma in Social Enterprise Management (DSEM) empowers you to be at the forefront of social innovation to initiate businesses and programmes that will positively impact the communities we live in.

Career Options: Advertising and promotions executive, assistant brand manager, assistant marketing manager, business analyst, business intelligence executive, consumer insights researcher, marketing research executive, marketing executive, or social research executive.

Career Options: Administration executive, assistant community manager, business development executive, community engagement executive, corporate social responsibility executive, finance and admin executive, fundraising executive, management support officer, manpower development executive, marketing executive, programme executive, public education executive, social entrepreneur, social policy executive, social research executive, or social services executive.

Achieve 47


R52 Diploma in Human Resource Management with Psychology Do you have a passion for people and a head for business? This diploma allows you to combine these aptitudes into a meaningful career. Here, you will gain sound knowledge of human resources and psychology, and develop an understanding of employment law, labour relations, people development, performance management, talent management, and industrial organisational psychology within the business landscape. Career Options: Career development counsellor, employee relations specialist, human resource executive / partner / generalist, learning and development executive, recruiter, remuneration and benefits analyst, resourcing analyst / talent acquisition specialist, training officer / analyst or well-being specialist.

Achieve 48

Global Exposure

Further Studies

SMC students have had the opportunity to travel to countries such as Australia, Korea, China, Hong Kong, and Cambodia for overseas study trips.

SMC graduates have the option to pursue mass communication, social sciences, and business degree programmes in local and overseas universities.


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HL S ts, Health an r o p Being the only polytechnic school in Singapore that focuses on a wide spectrum of sports skills, RP School of Sports, Health and Leisure offers six diploma programmes that prepare you for an exciting and fulfilling career.

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g/s s . u d



R26 Diploma in Sports and Exercise Sciences Do you enjoy training promising athletes to perform at their peak? Do you have a keen interest in helping Singapore grow its dynamic sports industry? If your answer is yes, then this diploma is perfect for you! Featuring a scientific approach to sports, exercise and physical activity, the programme enables you to gain a strong understanding of human physiology, psychology, anatomy, biomechanics, and exercise prescription. Career Options: Allied educator with the Ministry of Education, competitive sports coach, fitness instructor, health and wellness consultant, or personal trainer.

Kor Wei Ting Vivian Diploma in Sports Coaching 2016 Valedictorian

I aspire to work in the sports industry in Singapore and contribute to the growing sporting scene here. RP's unique Problem-based Learning (PBL) pedagogy has guided me to discover my passion and dreams. I am now able to step out of my comfort zone and be more proactive in learning.





Diploma in Sports and Leisure Management

Diploma in Outdoor and Adventure Learning

Uncover the secrets behind organising world-class events such as Formula 1, Barclays Singapore Open, and Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore through this diploma. Develop extensive knowledge in diverse domains such as sports law, sports business, facilities management, sports policies and volunteer management to play an effective role in supporting our sports associations, businesses and our government.

Combine your love for the great outdoors with relevant hands-on experience and skills that will empower you to develop and conduct your own quality outdoor learning programmes.

Career Options: Allied educator with the Ministry of Education, country / fitness club executive, sports and recreation event organiser, sports and recreation marketing executive, or sports retail and merchandising executive.

Achieve 50

Career Options: Adventure tourism executive, camp facilitator, outdoor facilities supervisor, outdoor specialist, or trainer and instructor.





Diploma in Health Management and Promotion

Diploma in Health Services Management

Do you enjoy helping people achieve a happy and healthy lifestyle? Does the prospect of being a practitioner of health and wellness excite you? This diploma allows you to do that and more! Through this programme, you will develop the required skill set to actively practise and promote holistic well-being to the Singapore population.

Make a difference at the heart of the healthcare system – become a healthcare administrator and play a vital role in the healthcare system by keeping medical centres, hospitals, and clinics running smoothly and efficiently.

Career Options: Health and wellness educator, health promotion executive, health research assistant, physical activity and fitness leader, public health programme executive.

Career Options: Business office executive / assistant, case management assistant, corporate services executive / assistant, operations executive / assistant, patient service associate, or quality management executive / assistant.

Achieve 51


R49 Diploma in Sports Coaching Play a leading role in producing the next generation of elite athletes. Designed in consultation with Sport Singapore, this diploma will drill you in the art and science of coaching. You will learn the basics of sports science while picking up soft skills in communication, athlete and team management, and professional ethics. Career Options: Allied educator with the Ministry of Education, fitness trainer / instructor, PE teacher, sports administrator, sports coach, sports instructor, or sports official.

Achieve 52

How Cool! SHL students get the opportunity to have their lessons outside the classroom in places like the Adventure Learning Centre, Biomechanics Lab, and Sports Injury Management Lab.

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Are you ready for a career in the creative industry? If you enjoy expressing your artistic talents through art, music and storytelling, then RP School of Technology for the Arts is the place for you.

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A T S hnology fo c e T r



R19 Diploma in Media Production and Design Bring your creativity to life by crafting unforgettable visual stories to wow audiences of various media platforms. Through this diploma, you will gain knowledge and skills to produce effective content on conventional print-based media, as well as digital and internet-based experiences. Career Options: Assistant producer, graphic designer, media manager, TV director / producer, video editor, or web designer.

Warren Sng Chong Wei Diploma in Sonic Arts 2016 Valedictorian

I would like to thank RP and STA for giving us the fundamental skills to be whatever we aspire to be, whether it’s as a film producer, director of photography, graphic designer, composer, sound engineer and more. The daily presentations and opportunities to participate in events have given me the confidence to take on the world.





Diploma in Sonic Arts

Diploma in Arts and Theatre Management

Create impactful aural experiences and inspire the world with the power of sound and music with this diploma! Hone the skills and knowledge needed to record live sounds and create appropriate aural experiences for visual production, presentation, and performance.

Unleash your creativity and develop your passion for the arts and theatre! A unique programme, this diploma combines the creative, technical, and aesthetic aspects to provide training in both arts management and technical theatre. You can also gain hands-on experience through practical training at our purpose-built centre, The Republic Cultural Centre (TRCC).

Career Options: Arranger, audio postproduction editor, composer, dialogue editor, live sound engineer, or sound / audio designer.

Achieve 54

Career Options: Arts administrator, artist liaison officer, arts programmer, front-of-house manager, lighting designer, production coordinator, set and costume designer, or stage manager.


R35 Diploma in Game Design Want to craft and design compelling virtual worlds through games? Enter the dynamic world of game design and production with this course. Through hands-on training and practical sessions, you gain the skills to master 2D and 3D design software to create a stunning portfolio of games of different genres.

Further Studies Graduates have the option to pursue exciting degrees, with advanced standing, in instituitions of higher learning locally and overseas.

Career Options: 2D artist, game designer, game producer, game quality assurance tester, game studio founder, or level designer.

Achieve 55


R36 Diploma in Design for User Experience Discover the power of good design and find out how design impacts everyday living. In this diploma, you will learn how to apply human-centred design to create intuitive user interfaces that are sophisticated and a pleasure to use. Through handson training, you will also develop your design thinking capabilities. Career Options: Assistant designer, creative consultant, information architect, usability consultant, user experience consultant, user experience designer, or web designer.

Achieve 56

State-of-the-art Facilities Besides their courses, STA is also known for their outstanding facilities! Some of the places you can look forward to learn at include the Audio Control and Mix Room, Audio Synthesis Lab, Games Study Space, Multi-track Recording Teaching Studio, Play Design Studio, Rapid Prototyping and Modelling Lab, Theatre and Costume Production Lab, Vision Control Room and, Video and Audio Post Production Suites.



∞ Diploma in Biomedical Sciences ∞ Diploma in Biotechnology ∞ Diploma in Environmental Science ∞ Diploma in Marine Science and Aquaculture ∞ Diploma in Materials Science ∞ Diploma in Pharmaceutical Sciences







[R14] [R16] [R29] [R53] [R17] [R22]


∞ Common Engineering Programme [R42] ∞ Diploma in Aerospace Avionics [R20] ∞ Diploma in Aerospace Engineering [R40] ∞ Diploma in Aviation Management [R39] ∞ Diploma in Electrical and Electronic Engineering [R50] ∞ Diploma in Engineering Design with Business [R56] ∞ Diploma in Engineering Systems and Management [R54] ∞ Diploma in Green Building Energy Management [R41] ∞ Diploma in Industrial and Operations Management [R11] ∞ Diploma in Supply Chain Management [R21]


∞ Diploma in Consumer Behaviour and Research ∞ Diploma in Human Resource Management with Psychology ∞ Diploma in Mass Communication ∞ Diploma in Social Enterprise Management


∞ Diploma in Health Management and Promotion ∞ Diploma in Health Services Management ∞ Diploma in Outdoor and Adventure Learning ∞ Diploma in Sports and Exercise Sciences ∞ Diploma in Sports and Leisure Management ∞ Diploma in Sports Coaching


∞ Diploma in Customer Experience Management with Business ∞ Diploma in Hotel and Hospitality Management ∞ Diploma in Integrated Events Management ∞ Diploma in Restaurant and Culinary Operations ∞ Diploma in Wellness, Lifestyle and Spa Management

[R34] [R37] [R28] [R46] [R44]

∞ Diploma in Arts and Theatre Management ∞ Diploma in Design for User Experience ∞ Diploma in Game Design ∞ Diploma in Media Production and Design ∞ Diploma in Sonic Arts




∞ Diploma in Business Applications ∞ Diploma in Business Information Systems ∞ Diploma in Infocomm Security Management ∞ Diploma in Information Technology ∞ Diploma in Interactive and Digital Media ∞ Diploma in Mobile Software Development

[R18] [R13] [R55] [R12] [R31] [R47]

[R48] [R52] [R32] [R51]

[R43] [R45] [R33] [R26] [R27] [R49]

[R25] [R36] [R35] [R19] [R24]


School of Applied Science School of Engineering School of Hospitality School of Infocomm School of Management and Communication School of Sports, Health and Leisure School of Technology for the Arts


#DiscoverRP - August 2016  

EAE & PFP - What's the scoop? A Day in the Life of RP Students SkillsFuture - To infinity & Beyond

#DiscoverRP - August 2016  

EAE & PFP - What's the scoop? A Day in the Life of RP Students SkillsFuture - To infinity & Beyond